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Export offers

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New export offers available to BizEurope members:

Last update 23 sept 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We are specialized in die casting, mold, mould.

Description: We are specialized in plastic mold, mould, glove
compartment, felly lid, lampstand, trumpet lid, running-board, side
lid, mudguard.

Description: We are specialized in rear-view mirror.

Description: We are specialized in die casting, molding, moulding,
car parts, plastic, barometric valve, automobile motorcycle

Description: We are specialized in CD box, CD holder, monitor arm,
container stationery, OEM mould. Plastic mold.

Description: We are specialized in mixer, bead mill machine, paint,
ink, tank.

Description: We are interested in seeking to create beneficial
business opportunities with potential companies. We welcome your
inquiries and questions you may have. Your valuable comments and
suggestions would help us to improve to serve you better. Drop in
our website or email us anytime for newer products update.

Description: We are a foreign trade corporation in Taiwan, dealing in
various kinds of commodities. Light industry products, arts and
crafts, medicines and health products, metals and minerals.
Such as garments, Taiwan, stationery, pet, etc.
Especially, we have some factories to produce all kinds of caps.
Like sports caps, visor caps, baby & children caps, gob hats,
knitted hats and sun hats etc. And we will accept to include any of
your special specification request.

Description: Candle lamps.

Description: We offer potatoes Bintjes and Nicola on verry good
prices for example Nicola on 0.2 euro/kg exwork.

Description: We are agree to sell alluvial gold dust of Ghana
origin. Its 22 karat & plus. Prices are reasonable and we are ready
to sell over 200kg every month as roll on.

Description: We offer Asian handicrafts and fine gift items from
Vietnam and Thailand. We carry the following products in our range:
Vietnamese lacquer ware (bowls, vases and trays), Thai celadon
ceramics (dinnerware/tableware), silk products (scarves, cushion
covers) and bamboo vases and trays.

Description: We are specialized in machine tool designer, computer
hardware & software engineer, machining expert and international
marketing engineer.

Description: We are specialized in Opto-Electronics product, CNC
grinding, mirror steel treatment.

Description: We are specialized in injection mold.

Description: We are specialized in pens, medical appliances, mold,

Description: We are specialized in front / rear bumpers, front
dashboard, instrument board, front fender, large/medium skirt,
splashboard, baggage compartment, glove compartment, running boards,
mold, automotive plastic parts, molding.

Description: We are specialized in mold, mould, die, plastic,
injection, bi-injection, computer, electronics, sporting goods,
shoe, telephone.

Description: We are specialized in plastic, plastic injection mold,
injection mold, mold, CAD, CAM, CAD/CAM.

Description: We are specialized in injection, molds, auto, parts,
mold, injection.

Description: We are specialized in machinery, accessories, machinery
parts, transmission parts, mechanical working rollers.

Description: We are specialized in plastic blow mold die casting
sheet metal die manufacture estimation design exported.

Description: We are specialized in gear, reducers, ac/dc, motors,
speed, controllers, inverters, linear, turbine, transmission, axis,
torque, limiter.

Description: We are specialized in plastics, injection, mold, mould,
design, manufacture, motor, car.

Description: We are specialized in plastic mold, injection, tooling,
molding, mold, mold design, injection mold.

Description: We are specialized in automatic loble, automatic
sprayer, automatic extractor, machine, automatic mold waxing liquid
feeder, industry.

Description: We are specialized in computer sensor electronic mould
tooling plastic communication.

Description: We are specialized in 3D design, old designing, product
development, specialized in R&D.

Description: We are specialized in 3D design, RP, rapid prototyping.

Description: We are specialized in precision plastic injection
molds, radio, tap recorder, telephone set, video, television,
computer monitor, OA equipment, sewing machine.

Description: We are specialized in hoist, rails, cable, push button,
chain chist.

Description: We are specialized in bandsaw, cutting, tool, machine,
thread, rolling, sawing.

Description: We are specialized in high precision steel mold,
plastic injection.

Description: We are specialized in plastic, injection, mold, design.

Description: We are specialized in notebook, translator, computer
monitor, fax machine, calculator, stereo, clock.

Description: We are specialized in ironing machine, packing machine,
washing machine, tumble dryer, tailoring machine and automated
processing machine.

Description: We are pleased to provide our Inquiry with your company
for the products as following:
Please supply and provide your offer for STEEL BILLETS
Commodity: prime hot rolled square steel billets
Quality: GOST380-94
Grade: 3 Sp/Ps
Size: 100 x 100 x 11700mm
Quantity: 60, 000MT/month
Commodity: prime hot rolled square steel billets
Quality: GOST380-94
Grade: 3 Sp/Ps
Size: 120 x 120 x 11700mm
Quantity: 60, 000MT/month
Commodity: prime hot rolled square steel billets
Quality: GOST380-94
Grade: 5 Sp/Ps
Size: 120 x 120 x 11700mm
Quantity: 60, 000MT/month
Commodity: prime hot rolled square steel billets
Quality: GOST380-94
Grade: 3 Sp/Ps
Size: 125 x 125 x 11700mm
Quantity: 60, 000MT/month
Commodity: prime hot rolled square steel billets
Quality: GOST380-94
Grade: 5 Sp/Ps
Size: 125 x 125 x 11700mm
Quantity: 60, 000MT/month
Commodity: prime hot rolled square steel billets
Quality: GOST380-94
Grade: 3 Sp/Ps
Size: 150 x 150 x 11700mm
Quantity: 60, 000MT/month
Commodity: prime hot rolled square steel billets
Quality: GOST380-94
Grade: 5 Sp/Ps
SIZE: 150 x 150 x 11700mm
Quantity: 60, 000MT/month
Payment term: 100% confirmed sight RLC
Proof of products: POP is required after signing the final contract
and before PBG issuing.
Performance Bond: 3% of the LC value to be provided by the supplier.
Thank you very much for your kind attention and support, and
expecting a mutual benefic business partnership will be

Description: All the must delicious rational Italian food product.
Click on my web catalogue and then contact me directly for any
request and a special offer about large quantity.

Description: Our silicone rubber fashion strap not only provides
flexibility and comfort, but also various styles according to each
personality. With our special designed fashion clip, our fashion
strap has the advantage of staying on shoulders. Thanks to that
special design, woman now has one less thing to worry about. Custom
designs and styles are available upon request.

Description: This new trendy purse size spray on & wash out
temporary hair highlight spray is guaranteed to rock your world with
8 exciting shades! You now have a choice not to be stocked with all
the troubles caused by permanent hair color products. Spray on for
your sexy hot date - after work that is. Spray on and dance away the
crazy nights.

Description: Function:
*Moving the upper body.
*Singing the X'mas song.
*With fibre optic.
*1 pc/color box.
*6 pcs/ctn/5.0'.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: For professional purpose. Sprays on virtually all
enamel, stain, primer, matellic, etc.
Precise gun head provides HP305 with high quality spraying.
High quality components made and controlled by CNC technology and

Description: Romantic candle with natural shell. It's amazing
Christmas gift for family, friends.
Attracting all the eye sights at any seasons!!
Features: Variety of shapes, Variety of shells.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: We have specialized in manufacturing a full series of
professional pneumatic tools for over 20 years. We would like to
provide "One-Stop shopping & Total Solution" services. If there are
any pneumatic tools or related products you are looking for, then
you need look any further. We offer purchasing, inspection and
shipment for you, in order to save you time and money.

Description: Established in 1985. During the first 10 years we was
specialized in designing and manufacturing hair accessories. In
1993, we change our focus to producing cosmetic bags, children's
bags, and all kinds of ladies' bags.

Description: Real cylinder we designed can provide 260 million
possible key combinations, and one Real Master Key can open 20, 000
different locks. Real cylinder can be combined with all kinds of

Description: Die struck-hard enamel (cloisonne), Poly-hard enamel
(imitation cloisonne), soft-enamel with/without epoxy coating.
Etching-soft enamel with/without epoxy coating. Logos, designs shown
are for reference only.

Description: We are a leading financial consultancy firm with links
all over the globe currently we have in our profile interested
corporate and individual project and investment financiers who has
consulted us to assist them source for genuine individuals companies
and organization that have genuine investment /project proposals or
idea that requires immediate funding either as a joint venture
participation or outright loan.
Any interested individual/company should reach us immediately for
details and discussion.

Description: We are one of the largest producers/processors of
Deglet Nour dates in Algeria.
We are interested in buying clear plastic cups with lids. The cups
and lids can be thermoformed (PETE) or injection molded (PP). PP
must be clear.
The dimensions of these items are as follows:
* 48 oz. clear plastic round cups: 6.875" Diameter X 3.125" (175 mm
Dia X 79.4 mm)
* 7" clear plastic flat lids: 6.9375" Dia (176.2 mm)
* Shrink band to fit the dimensions above (this band is only
required for thermoformed parts)
NOTE: For the injection molded cups, the lid may be designed to be
temper proof. In other words, once closed it will require breaking
the seal around the lid.
We require 20, 000 units per month (or 240, 000 per year) of each
item listed above. The first shipment of 80, 000 units is required
by early March 2004. Please note that these orders are intended for
If you need further information regarding this request please don’t
hesitate to send me an e-mail.

Description: The company specializes in various of sanitary wares.
Our products include faucets, shower, faucet pipe, kitchen faucets,
bathroom faucets, wash basin faucet, standing faucets, towel rail,
glass shelf, drainage pipe, faucet hand handle etc. The products are
sold well in Asia, Southeast Asia, North and South America and
Middle East. The company focus on high quality, makes determined and
dauntless reform, constantly renovates, gains the client's
recognition, develops and expands.

Last update 22 sept 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We are specialized in mold, plastic injection mold, die
casting mold, mold design, mold construction.

Description: We are specialized in fishing tackle, anti-knot
products, key ring, jiff gumwater, rippable velamen, washable paper

Description: We are specialized in screws, rivets, eyelets, screw,
sets, rivet nuts, pin, split rivets.

Description: We are specialized in bean curd, bean sprouts, soybean
milk, hard bean curd, food product machine, soybean processing,
packaging machine, bear curd mold.

Description: We are specialized in pen mold, plastic mold, core pin,
ejector pin, sprue bushing, slide lock, spring, bore hole bevel
polish (above 5.5?below 140m/m).

Description: We are specialized in Pipe expander, bending machine,
welding machine, freezing, air-conditioning, freezing and air-
conditioning equipment.

Description: We are specialized in filling machine, vacuum machine,
blister machine, shrink membrane, vacuum bag.

Description: We are specialized in printing ink, solution-type ink
board, blasting ink, environment-friendly solvent ink, blasting ink.

Description: We are specialized in bag making machine, sewing
machine, printing machine, seal machine.

Description: We are specialized in submersible pumps.

Description: We are specialized in bakery roast food, food
machinery, oven, automatic computer hot air rotary oven, tunnel
oven, computer electric oven.

Description: We are specialized in centrifugal separator.

Description: We are specialized in marking, handle machine, tapping,

Description: We are specialized in NC brush, hairbrush, toothbrush,
whole plant equipment, round-head toilet brush NC making machine, NC
brush hole punching and flock adhering machine.

Description: We are specialized in embossing rollers for toilet
paper, aluminum foil, paper production machinery, embossing, mould.

Description: We are specialized in medical treatment, rehabilitation
equipment, hospital facilities stainless steel engineering

Description: We are specialized in copper heat sink, copper cooler,
skive heat sink.

Description: We are specialized in non-woven fabric machine, whole
plant facility, drying, carding.

Description: We are specialized in copper heat sink, copper cooler,
skive heat sink.

Description: We are specialized in plastic covers for toys.
Motorcar, sporting equipments, plastic covers for household items.

Description: We are specialized in hot springs, restaurants,
banquets, conferences, accommodations.

Description: We are specialized in products design, reverce
engineering, mock-up (working sample), steel mold, plastic
injection, specialize in development USB Flash Disk, PC CAM, LCD

Description: We are specialized in professional manufacturer of
mold, large size plastic molds, motorcars and motorcycles.

Description: We are specialized in whole plant for polypropylene
woven bag, PP/kraft paper bag, jumbo bag (500kgs, 1000kgs), onion
Bag, Polythene Tarpaulin Making M/C, PP/PE woven bag, PP/HDPE sack,
pp/paper cement bag, PE tarpaulin, and container bag (big bag)
turnkey plant equipment.

Description: We are specialized in cross die casting, CSP, MHR,
screw mold.

Description: We are specialized in lamp, mold design, molding,
plastics mold design.

Description: We are specialized in golf club, putter, head.

Description: We are specialized in forging mold, forging mould,
injection mold, injection mould, pree mold.

Description: We are specialized in power component, ITL Series, ITK
Series, RS Series triode, Disc thyristor, welding diode.

Description: We are specialized in cutting tools, end mills, oil
stone, polishing tools, air grinder.

Description: We are specialized in automatic punching machine
equipment, mold manufacture and design, professional manufacture of
punching machines, mechanic arms and peripheral, NC feeders,
complete plant equipment development and design.

Description: We are specialized in circular, knitting machine.

Description: We are specialized in plastic mold, plastic injection
mold, manual manufacturing of sample products, paint coating,
assembling, printing, gilding, hot melt inlay, ultrasound wave
pressing and other processing.

Description: We are specialized in cylindrical grinding machine,
extyeranl grinding machine, rubber rollers grinding machine.

Description: We are specialized in supply laboratory fittings,
laboratory equipment, fume extraction system.

Description: We are specialized in rapid table press, hydraulic
table press, press.

Description: We are specialized in oil adsorption filter bag, bag
filter, cartridge filter, metal candle, filter mesh, gas filter,
liquid filter bag, absolute cartridge, depth cartridge.

Description: We are specialized in brass, flat plate, self-
lubricating sleeve, self-lubricating washer, ball bearing, sleeve,
gasket, self-lubricating bearing, oil bearing, sintering, mechanical
parts, copper alloy.

Description: We are specialized in printing machine, flexo, print
slotter, die cutter.

Description: We are specialized in PE coated kraft paper for
packing, cardboard stackers, angle paper, angle shell, and various
attachments, wooden stacker, ayers corrugated cardboard, various
sizes of carton.

Description: We are specialized in plastic molding, plastic mould,
injection mold.

Description: We are specialized in foundry, casting, precision
casting, valve casting.

Description: We are specialized in twist bunching machine, wire
feeding machine, tension wire unreeling machine, wire cutting
machine, wire extruder.

Description: We are specialized in plastic injection mold, computer
peripherals, optical instruments, electronics, cold chamber, low
pressure casting, telecommunications, hot chamber.

Description: We are specialized in chemical engineering, reactor,
equipment of gum plant.

Description: We are specialized in lock, cam lock, switch lock,
handle, hardware, diecast parts, world lock.

Description: We are specialized in plastic injection mold, plastic

Description: We are specialized in mold, mould, molding.

Description: We are specialized in grinding, polishing, mill, pin,

Description: We are specialized in electric chain hoist, lever hist,
winch, trolley, lifting.

Last update 21 sept 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

New Zealand
Description: Bio degradable supermarket shopping bags. Bio Bag green is
the exciting new concept in environmentally-friendly plastic bags. Bio
Bag Green plastic bags are biodegradable. Which means they will break
down into CO2, water and non-toxic bio-mass when they will discarded in
landfills. Not over decades or generations. But in two to five years!
The extraordinary property of this special plastic is dues to a
patented additive called EPI, which breaks the plastic down to non-
toxic residues, harmless to the environment.

Description: We are specialized in world wide investigation & business
advising services. These are the things we have to offer: dealing &
help with manufacturers (we can deal with manufacturers for you, or
help you find the honest/reliable/cheep companies/products),
tracing/background check-up on people/companies/e-mails, manufacturer
list (with honest/cheep/reliable/trustworthy companies/products), free
services and much more.

Description: Company has more than 300 varieties products, the famous
products brand including: western style dinnerware; oriental style
dinnerware; tea set; hotel & restaurant ware; gift ware and family
microware. It has the advance equipment and technical which support
annually output 80, 000, 000 pieces chinaware and has more than 50
million CNY fixed asset. Company own self export right and FDA quality
authentication. The choiceness material, unique modeling, novel decor,
and the superior quality of ZHONGLI?? products have been highly praised
and appreciated by the worldwide customers.

Description: We make quality beaded earrings & bracelets by the dozen.
High quality and very nice looking.

Description: Canned asparagus in jars and in tins:
212ml/12(7cm) all tips
212ml/12(11cm) spears
314ml/12 tips & cuts
314ml/12 spears
370ml/12(14cm) spears
370ml/12(17cm) spears
580ml/12 spears
720ml/12 spears
250g/24 spears, 430g/24 spears, 800g/12 spears, 2950g/6 t+c.

Description: We can buy and sell following items any time.
1. Virgin/prime plastic resins
PE, PP, PS,, POM, PMMA, TOTM, master batch etc.
2. Recycled and off grade plastic resins
PVC, PET, EVA, ABS, POM, nylon 6 or 66, etc
3. Films & sheets: PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PVC, PET films and others.
If you are in position to sell or buy any of above products please feel
free to contact us any time.

Sri Lanka
Description: We are looking for 8, 000 Mts of dark blue color 100%
Cotton 3/1 Twill, 21X16/130/60, 240 Minimum Mass per unit area
(g/sq.m), We have specification with more deatils and our bulk should
be according to it. We need at least 5 Yds of counter sample fabric for
lab testing. Once lab test approved only we will be able to go ahead
with production. Please advice us the price and we are mostly
considering quotations from China fabric manufacturers.

Description: Manufacturer of spinning yarn, weaving clothe, far-
infrared ray yarn, antibacterial yarn, flame resistance yarn, canvas,
polyester cable cord & kevlar for v- belt and other textile products.
All products are produced under audited is-9002 system strict standards
of quality control. Our constant research and development ensures that
you are getting the latest products produced with the most advanced and
cost effective technologies. If you are interested in our products or
have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Description: Simota air intake & exhaust system has been growing
rapidly as one of the industry leaders in the tuning world. Air
dynamics engineered top quality urethane filter in conjunction with CNC
mandrel bent aluminum alloy pipe ensures unmatched performance and cool
looks. The newly developed Cat Back Exhaust System features straight
through design in stainless steel or chrome-plated exhaust. Simota is
also backed by commitment to dynamic enthusiasm. Other auto accessories
available, too.

Description: No. 1 China bearing inquiry system and information service
for bearing users. We’ll release your special bearing demands on our
Chinese site. Our members (manufacturers or distributors) ensure your
demands/requirements met.
Please tell us the bearing types you want to demand, quantity, brands,
your contact ways (Email, fax, tel, add…).

Description: Our main spare parts are including:
1.Liner kit, including liners, pistons with pins+clips, piston rings,
bushings and liner o-rings where applicable.
2.Piston kit, including pistons with pin+clips, and piston rings.
3.Cyl.liner and sleeve.
4.Piston ring sets.
5.Piston set, including pistons with pin+clips.
6.Engine bearing, including con rod bearing and main bearing.
7.Engine gasket, including full set, head set and head gasket.
8.Engine valve, including exhaust & intake valve.
9.Engine guide.
Our main auto models are including Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Isuzu,
Hino, Mazda, Daihatsu.

Description: We are manufacturer and exporter of soaps/detergents
products in China. We export all kinds of toiletry soaps and detergent
powders to all of the world. For example, United Kingdom, Canada,
Singapore, UAE, Japan and South Africa and etc.
We want to cooperate with importers/distributors/wholesales from all of
the world. We are waiting for your inquiry. We welcomed customer come
to visit us for business negotiation.

Description: Company looking for the right people to carry on trade
with us. We provide all type of genuine spare parts for Toyota, Nissan,
Mercedes, and Mazda, Any model. We provide reasonable price for the
genuine buyer.

Description: I'm providing my services to several clients in USA and
Europe by finding good manufacturers. We have clients for uniforms,
men’s, ladies, children clothing, bed sheets, towels etc. Looking
forward for parties to join us and let us serve them with quality
services at reasonable price.

Description: It is very glade to meet you. Our company is a large-scale
apparel supplier focus on innovation, manufacturing, sales and trading.
Founded on 1955, It bought 5000 sets of advanced facilities from Japan,
Germany, Italy to ensure the highest efficiency. Moreover, it has been
so seriously implementing ISO9000 and ISO 14000 managing systems that
many well-know eco-friendly apparel such as natural bamboo fiber,
soybean albumen fiber and Ag+ fiber and chitin fiber etc. are born
As per the specification of your requirement Also we can provide OEM
and ODM service to maximize your satisfaction.

Description: We are specialized in motorcycle parts. And like to be
your business partner. Welcome to our website, and if you find the very
thing you are interested in, please contact us.

Description: Our company which is working in Turkish PVC plastic and
profile industry since 1992, produces and exports tile stripes,
profiles and baseboards, also our company is a leading producer of
pressed tile stripe that few firm can compensate in Turquoise
decoration and construction sector.

Description: We have many products made by hands. They are nice giffs
and handcraffs. Pls contact us for sample goods as well as your
request. We will offer the competitive rate.

Description: We sale high-quality man leather shoes manufactured with
natural materials. The shoes are stick and sew. For more information
contact us.

Description: We are specialized in glass lined, pressure casting,
sanitary ware, pump, crush, mixing, cutting, well mixed.

Description: We are an exporter company based in Turkey specializing
exportation of foodstuffs. All the products that we currently export
have the quality certifications such as HACCP, ISO and TSE. These
products are as below:
-Honey and jams: flower, creamhoney and others and extra traditional
-Dried fruits: these are special products; sultana raisins, dried
apricots, figs.
-Olives: black and green table olives pickled.
-Olive oils, oils: organic, extra virgin, virgin, refined olive oils
and sunflower
-Pickles: cucumber, pepper, tomato other vegetables mixed or only one
of them.
-Tomato paste: related with 2003 crops and in glass jars, tins and
-Cheeses and butter: 20 kinds of cheeses with various type of packaging
-Vinegars: Grape, apple and vinegar with lemon in special packaging.

Description: We are specialized in mold, plastic injection mold, die
casting mold, mold design, mold construction.

Description: We are a branch of an Egyptian company situated in
Stockholm, we can Export all fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits
from Egypt which are class 1 in: quality, packing and competitive
prices in delivery.
Also, we export Egyptian spices & organic herbs.
Our profit is your trust, and our aim is to establish a good contact
with the Swedish companies.
Please note that our branch can grantee our products.

Description: We sell popular outdoor atvs from 50cc to 650cc and
Model 650EG
Engine water, 4stroke
Max.poewr 36(ps)
Starter electric
Shifting 4
Dimemsion 2070x1210x1125(mm)
Net weight 350 kgs
Fuel tank 13.5 l
Consumpition 4l/100 km
Max.speed 80 km.

Description: Injectors pipes for diesel engines
Hydraulic steering suction tubes
Hydraulic steering feed tubes,
Hydraulic brake tubing
Nylon 11/12 tubing (all measure) sae and din norms
Electric and air brake coils sae and din norms.

Description: We are a company that facilitates as the authorized
exporter of several automotive component manufacturers. Our major
product lines include the following: 1. HONDA Motorcycle Genuine Parts;
2. KAWASAKI Motorcycle Genuine Parts; 3. SUZUKI Motorcycle Genuine
Parts; 4. YAMAHA Motorcycle Genuine Parts; 5. YAMAHA Genuine Parts’ NGK
Spark Plugs; 6. YAMALUBE oils; 7. PERTAMINA automotive & industrial

Description: Available in Iranian Bandar Abbas Port 4000MT of steel
billets of dimensions 90x90x7mm, manufacturer Thyssen, 5-year old
production (sides slightly oxidized) for export. Please find below the
detailed specifications of the metal. If you are interested, please let
us know to provide you with our best quotation. Material: 42CrMo4,
Class: AISI 4140 / DIN 1.7225
Properties: construction parts with high strength and toughness. Users:
machine industry, automobile industry etc. Designations by standards:
1.7225 42CrMo4 42CrMo4 708A42
Chemical composition (weight %):
C Si Mn Cr Mo Ni V W Others
0.42 0.20 0.75 1.05 0.23.

Description: International telecom carrier based in LA also as IP phone
producer and manufactory. Company produces the best and the most
affordable IP phones which apply to any internet access model, we also
offer very competitive rate.

Description: We are one of the leading manufacturer & exporter in India
of 100 % cotton dhoti and looking for good importer or a buyer who
imports 100% cotton fabrics on regular basis from India on l/c basis.

Description: We are ply wood manufacturing unit in India we manufacture
plywood &block board of many grades with quality standards norms.

Description: We are specialized in food enclosure tailormade machine,
french-bread machine, bread-machine machinery, steamed pie machine,
bun-machine, crisp-skin bread machine, cutted-bun machine, moon-cake
machine. To welcome domestic and foreign trader, purchasing merchant
develop market together. We will develop, improve and manufacture our
product incessabtly for furnishing market's demand. To welcome domestic
and foreign trader, purchasing merchant develop market together.

Description: We are a small scale Mining company operating under the
umbrella of the National Mining Co-operation.
We will tus be in a position to supply your outfit with aluvial gold
Please accept these condition of ours for your perusal.
Commodity-Aluvial Gold Dust
Price-8, 125 euro per Kilo
Payment-By Cash or Swift Transfer in Euro or Dollar
Shipment-By Air
We count on your co-operation and hope to hear favourably from you.

Description: As a manufacturer of complete bicycle for children, also
including some of parts and accessories. We also as a manufacture of
sporting goods such as inline skate, roller skate, skateboard &
protection gear Etc., also parts and accessories.

Description: We are the manufacturer of metal pens and have been
engaging in the pen business for over 15 years. To develop, design and
manufacture high-quality products is the business that we are in.
Custom designs are also welcome.

Description: Company offers shoe manufacture, OEM and trade services.
Our mission is to provide our customers medium-to-high quality shoes,
punctual deliveries and reasonable prices. You can be assured of good
quality and attention from detail to all conditions of shoes. This is
our responsibility to you.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: API8108A/API8208A/API840N are high quality voice
synthesizer capable of varying playback duration A proprietary ADPCM
algorithm is used. API8108A/API8208A/API840N, the audio message are
stored in 256k/512k/1024k bits on-chip EPROM which can store up to
10/20/40 seconds of voice date at 6 KHz sample rate.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Founded in June 1972. Having been engaged in business for
more than 25 years and gained practical experience, the company
specializes in producing automatic cold roll forming machines and
products such as roofing and wall cladding, auto parts, furniture,
corrugated sheets, stepped tile roofing, floor decking, C-Channel,
ceiling T-bars and partitions, rolling shutters and door frames.

Hong Kong
Description: Our company establish since 1995. Our office/showroom
locates in Hong Kong. We have our own factory in Zhantau, China with
more than 300 skilful workers. One of our Christmas decoration has been
sold and display in White House at 2000. Every year, our designers will
design 200-300 new items for our buyer to choose.

Description: Following the management policy of "united, conscientious,
creative, efficient", attracts many talents of management and science
and technology all over the whole country after it founded. We are a
unique enterprise that carries the past and opens a way for future.

Description: Our major exporting products are automobile/motorcycle
parts, industrial components, all sorts of hardware and O.E.M. or
O.D.M. custom-made products, which includes stamping parts, forging
parts, machine parts, casting parts and plastic or rubber-molded items.

Description: Play our free online games.

Description: We are primarily devoted to the production and exporting
of gum copal (natural resin, copal spirit or manilla) and have its main
customers in USA and Europe (Germany).
Additionally, we offering top premium quality Indonesian cloves whole.

Last update 20 sept 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We are the manufacturers and exporters of baby products
like baby feeding bottles, nipples, soothers, pacifiers etc. All our
products are manufactured under hygeinic conditions with
international standards under strict control.

Description: It takes great honor in introducing our company as
producer and supplier of Quality Spices from Indonesia and we would
like to offer our products, i.e: cassia vera, cardamom, clove,
vanilla, nutmeg, betel nut, gambier, gingger, black and white
pepper, turmeric, candlenut, coriander, garlic, Bombay onion, chili,
caraway, etc. All of the products are free of chemicals and 100%
pure prime quality, with competitive prices. In case you need any
further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Description: We are the one of the best manufacturer companies on
our sector. We have been making all kind of steel door. Looking for
importer firms all over the world.

Description: Our company is one of the leading manufacturer and of
titanium Gr5 ELI, surgical steel (316L) and Bellys in Korea.
We are ready to supply you with our body piercing jewelry at
reliable services, the most competitive prices and best quality.
We, therefore, are confident that you will be surely build up a good
market if you let us have an opportunity to do business with you.
We will be very glad to send the samples and price list if you are
at all interested in the articles we produce. Also you can get the
our products photo and price list easily.

Description: Professional OEM/ODM un bra Welcome to our factory to
see that the model is ordered, we have a lot of serial un bra now.

Description: As a professional manufacturer, our main products are
ultrasonic thickness meter, coating thickness mter, miosture meter,
tachometer, tachometer, stroboscpe, anemometer, sound level meter,
lux meter, temperature meter, stroboscope etc.

Description: We have pleasure to introduce our company as exporter
of Turkish cummin seeds, poppy seeds white and blue, laurel leaves,
anis seeds, fenugrek, fenel seeds, sage.
If you are interest don’t hesitate to contact with us.

Description: We are import company from Serbia and Montenegro for
peanuts and other consumer products. We are very interested in
importing peanuts from your country. So please send us some contacts
and information’s of your exporters or brokers with witch you have
cooperation for Europe. In case that you can offer us directly
peanuts please send us your best offer of peanuts.

Description: We are a professional supplier of household textile,
embroidered products bed sheet set, table-cloth, and towel which has
produced and handled textiles for many years. We integrated system
of weaving bleaching dying printing and sewing. We can offer large
superior quality fabric at a competitive cost. We have established
supply to market in America, Europe, Africa, South-east Asia, and
Oceania etc. We dedicate to providing the best service and quality
to our customers and would like to work with those who interested to
bring our product to new market.

Description: We are producers and export distributors of a
superlative quality organic extra virgin olive oil called. All of
our products comply with and exceed the U.S. specifications
standards as well as other international standards. Private labeling
is always available.
Following is the list with our products. Extra virgin olive oil
collections of Sparta & Corinth
1. In glass or plastic bottles of: 250ml, 500ml, 750ml Classic
2. In 1 US gallon (3, 785Liter) aluminium tins (Any tin size over 5
Liters is no longer allowed to be sold or manufactured within the
European Union)
3. In 10Liter plastic containers
4. In 25Liter plastic containers
5. In 20 US Gallon plastic barrels
6. In 27 US Gallon plastic barrels
7. In 53 US Gallon plastic barrels
8. In 58 US Gallon plastic barrels
Extra virgin olive oil natural luxury soaps:
9. Olive Oil and: Honey, Chamomile, Lemon, Lavender Fresh Olive Tree
10. Shredded or whole. Sold in individual airtight packages of 1lb
11. Red, rose, white in glass bottles of 750ml each. Olive oil
dispenser: new - 5 year guarantee! Very durable! Will last a
12. 100% stainless steel olive oil dispenser with refillable package
olive oil dispenser olive oil refill.
Thank you very much for your valuable time. I will always be at your
disposal for any further inquiries. Feel free to contact me any

Description: We can source any book published in India on any
subject. We are dealers for more than 300 publishers. We specialize
on books on art, architecture, archaeology, history, philosophy,
regional, Indian culture and heritage. WE are also interested to
import books. We are also interested to undertake import and export
of any other items for mutual benefit.

Description: We are large-scale producer in iron and steel products.
And also provided companies with all kinds of iron & steel for
running their project successfully. We deals with almost all kinds
of iron & Steel items like MS Beams, Sleepers, MS Channel, MS Plate,
MS Angle, MS Round, BQ Plates 516 G60 etc. in almost all sizes and
quantity with respect to our customer. Please contact if in need of
any steel item.

Description: Leading manufacture of camellias seed oil, essential
oils and glycerine, glycolic acid and white mineral oil & petroleum
jelly, citric acid & the pine oils, gum rosin, tung oil etc pince
chemicals from China, we supply our quality cargo with competitive
price, also import heavy oil, base oils, stainless iron reel, if
feel interest pls. contact for more detail.

Description: Teak & timber.

Description: Our company is exporting new Toyota vehicles all over
the world. Both left and right hand drive cars can be delivered.

Description: Want to export frozen shrimps and fishes from
Product range includes:
1) Frozen Shrimps (IQF/Block, Raw/Cooked)
2) Dried Shark fins (Half/Full Moon Cut)
3) Sea food
4) Dried Fish Maws.

Description: It is quite honorable to approach your esteemed firm
offering its services and emphasizing the high quality & punctuality
that has proven a long time ago our cridibility at a wide range of
customers and engraving our name cridibly & successfully.
A list of those valuable Local & Multinational customers who did
trust us and relied proudly on its good services is attached to this
letter for your reference.
Our advantages are counted as follows:
- Punctuality.
- Speedy carrying-out due to the time value.
- Very high quality whether in the used materials or in the final
- Out of competition prices.
- Very creative designs & direction manner to the different

Description: We are a professional of making by hand the original
dried flowers with completed ceramic port and also the painting that
made from dried flower materials.
We are looking for distributor/importer in European for selling our
products which is recognized in Japan market.

Description: Our main business is in the field of Aquaculture
Equipment. Our staffs possess solid professional backgrounds,
including aquacultural, mechanical engineering and geo-technical
specialists with over 12 years experiences.

Description: This special lock screws is also a breakthrough of
traditional structure of screw teeth. After normal screws are
fastened, they tend to get loose or fall off through vibration,
safety of fastening machinery might be jeopardized if serious.
Therefore they are not ideal enough. This special lock screw of arch
and s shapes can make tighter fastening through wave screw teeth
against the fastened targets, so that loosening or falling off can
be prevented.

Description: Our company is the leader of Health-care appliances
manufacturer in Taiwan, especially expert in far infrared health-
care products and ionizer products.

Description: We want interested firms to contact us directly.

Description: Stitchline stainfree mobilon/TPU Tape first time
introduced in the world. Enquires and representation solicited world
over. Customized Tapes transparent or dull finish weldable or non-
weldable quality or medical grade silicon coating also available.

Description: The CGR-152 is a type II PC Card for GSM 900/1800/1900
enabling laptop users to have mobile access to the Internet or your
company network, assuring a wireless access "always on", with speed
comparable to those of the current analogical modems.
The CGR-152 supports GSM data services, including GPRS, HSCSD, CSD,
SMS and Fax. The included BVRP application is intuitive and easy to
use, which provides you easy and fast access to emails, SMS, and fax
as well as access to the Internet.
For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Description: Portable MP3 player / recorder is a USB flash memory
drive, SD MMC card reader, MP3/WMA player, and digital voice
This MP3 player features true plug & play; simply plug it into any
available USB port and the computer will automatically detect it as
two removable drives. With this MP3 player, you can load music from
your computer, you can use it as hard drive for data storage; you
can set it to repeat a section of a song, or you can record a phone
conversation. It does not need any software. It is compatible with
IBM PC / compatible desktop and laptop computers with a USB port.
For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Description: The CWG-500 wireless PnP subscriber gateway is a
compact intelligent gateway integrated with a 4-port port-based V-
LAN switch and 22Mbps 802.11b+ wireless connectivity. It acts as an
hotspot access controller and provides plug and play instant
Internet access, advanced security & network management.
With its IP Plug and Play technology, it accepts any client
configuration for log-on; The CWG-500 Wireless PnP Subscriber
Gateway immediately recognizes new end-users on the network,
remembers returning users and redirects their browser to customized
Web pages.
For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Description: CBU-2001A Bluetooth Dongle USB Adapter is specifically
designed to plug into any available Universal Serial Bus (USB) port
connecting to a desktop or laptop PC. It allows you to make short-
range wireless connections between Bluetooth? devices such as
cellular phones, personal digital assistants (PDA), desktop and
notebook computers.
CBU-2001A Bluetooth Dongle USB Adapter uses radio waves to transmit
voice and data almost immediately. Bluetooth? transmission ensures
both protection from interference and secure data transfers. It
helps people to share and access information that is important to
them more easily.
For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Description: Cell phones have become an integral part of our life
and no wonder they absorb all latest technologies. For example, the
Bluetooth technology allows using mobile connection more naturally.
Wireless connection is the most important advantage of Bluetooth
headsets. This is true freedom, true convenience.
Our product is currently one of the longest talk time(5.2hours) and
standby-time(7days) and can be use on most of electronic devices
(PDA, Notebook/Computer, mobile phone., etc., ) that is equipped
with Bluetooth technology.
For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Description: Oakley Gucci sunglasses $1.90/pc selling for 2004
1) I am a manufacturer of AAAAA replica designer sunglasses like
Oakley Gucci. Chanel. Rayban.
2) We offer all kind reading glasses and optical frame.
Please give me your email for sending sunglasses images.

Description: We are a leading exporter & manufacturer of: all types
of perfumes, veg. pickles, prayer items, scented oil, candles,
cotton garments, cotton, all types of Indian spices, glass items,
bangles, imitation jewellery etc.

Description: We are committed internationally as: China mobile
prepaid and postpaid Network SIM or chip wholesaler in GSM and CDMA.
Coordinator of China Mobile and China Unicom in international

Description: We are looking for Spanish importers/distributors for
our "Bana". A unique, patented, hand held, colour printed, polyester
self-rolling banner held between two handles.
A promotional and retail item whose applications are: major sports
leagues, college sports teams, sports manufacturers, beer/soft drink
manufacturers and distributors, visitor attractions, entertainment
Dimensions of bana open: 750 x 260 mm. (Bana closed dimensions: 260
x 60 mm).
The Bana is printed in colour on both sides to customer's own
Some of our customers in the UK are: Manchester United FC, The Sun
Newspaper, Budweiser, Sky Sports, News of the World Newspaper. We
are also official licensees of UEFA for Euro 2004 and can supply the
Bana with the approved Euro 2004 designs printed on one side and
customer's own design and logo printed on the other side.

Description: We are here to provide quality trolly wheels and castor
wheels for material handling purpose. We are manufacturing quality
castor wheels cast iron, rubber, nylon, polyurethene with bracket
and swivel and fix both. And secondly we are manufacturing quality
measuring pins for automobile industry for checking purpose. Any
size we can make for your requirement.
So we want to have long term relation with your organization. We
look forward your necessary reply.

Description: Our company mainly produce bamboo mats (machqiang mat),
SPEC 1950mmx1450mm (double persons)
1950mmx900mm (single person)
Or as the sample you supplied best quality, delivery on time,
favorite price is our business concept.
Welcome you visit our company and want to establish business
relationship with you.

Description: Brazilian sugar: we sell all the kinds of Brazilian
sugar: white refined sugar, cane, crystal, raw, brown sugar, packed
in 50kg export bags. Our products can be delivered in wide-scale
exactly in the state period, worldwide.
Soybeans (NGM): We supply all the kinds of soybeans: soybean
traditional (NGM), meal, oil (refined or crude), seed, crushed or
pellet. Our products are available to be delivered at once and in
wide-scale, through the Brazilian ports Paranagua or Santos,

Description: We are leading enterprise to produce sanitary wares,
faucets, shower rooms, bathtubs and tiles in China.
The qualified products with competitive price will meet your kind
demanding. We would like to cooperate with you for long-term
business relationship.

South Africa
Description: LGT Energy is a South African based company involved in
the procurement and supply of Welding, Cutting, and Gas products.
Through a strategic association with AFROX, we have access to a wide
range of high quality products, as well as technical skills and
The product profile- welding gases, cutting and heating gases,
welding electrodes, welding machines, welding accessories, gas and
plasma cutting machines, gas equipment, safety products.

Description: Reactive Green 19a
Yellow 145
Red 142
All reactive dyes.

Description: First of all, we would like to show you, that close to
Polish coast of the Baltic Sea live small ‘frutti di mare‘. However,
such fruits could be use as a component of the fertilizers, or bio
fuel and pendants too.
Firstly, we offer the »Mytilus edulis», called as „omułek
jadalny» in Polish translation. We can to sale you every number you

Description: Fashionable ladies accessories viz. scarves, bags,
belts, pareos etc.

Description: An expert on the manufacturing of non-wovens,
thermoplastic sheets (hot-melt) and chemical sheets for toe-puffs &
counters. We primarily supply to the shoe-making, garment, toy,
suitcase & handbag and other related industries, with a monthly
production of over one million yards of non-woven fabric, and 450
thousand yards of thermoplastic and chemical sheets.

Description: These series of reduction gear heads, have six
different models: 2GN, 3GN, 4GN, 5GN, 5GU, 5GX, the range of
reduction ratio are 1:3 to 1:1800. The maximum allowable torque is
250 kg/cm, and there are three types of workload:
(1) GN type is a light loading.
(2) GU type is a medium loading.
(3) GX type is a heavy loading.
You could choose the different type of torque depends on your

Description: Organic milling wheat available immediately for
worldwide shipping from Argentina. Certification by Argencert - also
USDA NOP if required.
Supply in bulk or bagged in 20' containers.
Please note that we offer ONLY organic products. Requests for
conventional items will not be answered.

Description: Organic soy products: prices are rising fast due to
worldwide shortage. We are now accepting orders for Brazilian new
crop April/May 2004 production of organic soybeans, soymeal and soy
oil (unrefined and non-degummed). Place your orders now before
prices really hit the ceiling.
Please note that we offer only organic products. Requests for
conventional products will not be answered.

Description: We became the first one folding bike manufacturer who
has ISO9002 approval. Maintaining the top quality, continuing R&D
and developing new products with its own design feature and market
are the goals that we will never stop to achieve.

Description: Our company is producing and supplying of black carrot
in turkey for the natural food coloring and beverage industry.
If you interested in, please do not hesitate to contact to us.

Description: Manufacturer and exporter of
1 Hand Tools
2 Garden Tools
3 Woodworking Tools
4 Leather Tool Bags and Kits
5 Working Gloves
6 Chiesels and Wrecking Bars
7 Cutters and Pincers
8 Hammers
9 Spanners
10 Wrenches and Pliers
11 Plumbing Tools
12 CNC Tooling
13 Material Handling Equipments
14 Machine Tools
Quality conforms to International Standard of relevant
Competitive price & Time bound shipments offered.
Correspondance from Importers and Indentors as well is desired.

Description: 2.8GHZ P4 533FSB (3yr ITL)
512MB PC2700 DDR
Black color Case
Black color Keyboard/mouse/Floppy
Black color 16X DVD/48X CDRW w/sw
80GB 7200RPM Hard Disk
VIA P4M266A Chipset
Shared Video to 32MB
10/100 Lan
56K AMR Modem
CIF Availible

Description: As a professional manufacturer, our main products are
humidity meter, dew point meter, ultrsonic thickness meter, coating
thickness anemometer, sound level meter, moisture meter, tachometer,

New Zealand
Description: Disposable baby bib in water-resistant materials
Key specifications/special features:
Front bib: water absorbent, back bib: water-resistant, pocket is
turned inside out, liner tape can be removed to form a loop around
baby's neck.
Easy to use- available in 6, 8 and 12 pcs in a bag
Comfortable baby bib with water-absorbent front and waterproof back
Front layer: air-laid material with water-absorbent function back
PE material with waterproof function, always keep baby clean and

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