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Export offers

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New export offers available to BizEurope members:

Last update 21 Oct 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We are an exporter in Brazil. We are looking for importers of frozen shrimps. We can offer first grade Penaeus vanamei with very competitive prices. Please don't hesitate to call up for any of your inquiry.
50/60 === US$ 4.90 -- 60/70 === US$ 4.45 -- 70/80 === US$ 3.90 -- 80/100 == US$ 3.50 -- 100/120 = US$ 3.10 -- 120/150 = US$ 2.75.

Description: Our enterprise is established in 1998. The main field of the company is fishing and freezing of fish for storing.
Our final production is high quality freezed sprats and pilchards, which are caught in the water of the Baltic sea.
Our manufacturing equipment is of high quality. We produce 120- 250 tons of production per month.
Today all our product is exported to Russia, but after joining EU in May 2004 we would like to export to Europe.

Description: Leading manufacturer of spunlace non-woven products in Taiwan. We have been designing and manufacturing many kinds of non-woven products such as wet tissues, baby wipes, beauty puff, make-up removal wet tissues...etc.

Description: Our main business is in the field of Aquaculture Equipment. Our staffs possess solid professional backgrounds, including aquacultural, mechanical engineering and geo-technical specialists with over 12 years experiences.

Description: *Beautiful Surface.
*Long life.
*Suitable to environment protection.
*High efficiency.
*Small dimension.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Color of neon tube inserted into the clock face.
W/nickel black plating & gold plating & chrome finishing.
W/neon tube.
Electrical: Switch on/off in blinking and W/O blink.
As you are interested, please contact us.

(1) Size: 870 x 330 x 195mm
(2) Plastic Material
(3) Packing: Mail Box Packed, 2pcs/3.5'
(4) 40ft container can load 1, 000pcs
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: This is an extended line which includes: skin scrubbers, multi-functional machine, more than 50 items can accommodate your requests. Features: removes black marks, removes pimples, removes acnes, removes wrinkles by massage, removes stratum corneum.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Please be advised that we are not a trading house, but an experienced manufacturer of wire and cable. This means we can offer direct customer service and direct pricing without the middlemen.

Description: Product ID: A13S403-1001
Product Name: connector (switch membrance)
The connector used to The key board Switch membrance. As micoware, cold machine etc...
*Male Terminal: Reel 30K
*Housing: 2pin to 25Pin
*Female Terminal: Reel 30K.

Description: We have been a professional pneumatic tools specialist for more than 30 years. Our products have obtained more than 30 kinds of patent certification and are all easy to operate, safety, durability. We are continuous developing new models to increase the productivity & raise the quality for the all industry.

Description: We are the sole exporter of Purelogicol's 100% Pure Collagen cosmetics. These products are new to the market and are selling many units within the UK. We are looking for sole distributors in any worldwide country interested in reselling these amazing products. We have the benefit of having celebrities on board who back the products. Purelogicol collagen is the only product developed in close harmony with laboratories and has had scientific studies completed on its effectiveness. We offer a food supplement, a face mask and a serum. Minimum order is 1000 units. We can discuss further qty's.

Description: Since 1989, our company products are good sale at home and abroad include industrial casters, wheels and tires. Our products have high quality. Our products are sale to Europe, America, etc. Our company have power advanced technic equipments. Our products main include wheel on cast iron, polyurethane on cast iron, v-groove steel wheel, light duty steel wheel, rubber tread on cast iron, etc.

Description: We are the largest manufacturer of TYLOSIN in china and Asia, also we are a cGMP certified in China. The COS certificate and FDA certificate now are in trasacting, maybe we can get it at the end of 2004.our main products is; Tylosin tartrate powder and/or granular; Tylosin phosphate powder and/or granular; Tylosin phosphate 10% and/or 25% premix., Flavomycin 4% premix. Especially in Tylosin, the quality of ours come to the international level, even over it. The output of Tylosin is 1000mt annually, welcome you to feel free to contact us if you are interesting.

Description: We produce and export various body piercing jewelry and tattoo tools at competitive price. Have inventory for regular items. Any serious inquiry will be welcomed.

Description: We are a company into saffron exports and can provide the world's best saffron at a reasonable price. The saffron is grown in the Valley of Kashmir.

Description: Our products mainly include Industrial and apparel fabric of polyester & nylon such as oxford fabric, Taffeta, Satin, Taslan, PA and PU coating, silver coating, gold coating, pearl coating and color coating, breathable fabric; also such relating sizing, weaving, dyeing, ciring, polyester processing, flame-resistance, etc.

Description: Export clothes, fabric, textile etc.

Description: We would like to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer in high-performance auto parts, specialized in air intake system & air filter. We are founded in 1991, for over ten-year experience. We have been trying our best to develop both unique and fashionable design products; certainly, to improve the Hose Power is our main target.
We know that you are buying the intake system from K&N, but we believe that their prices are very expensive. Our SIMOTA products are much more reasonable than K&N; AEM. We also guarantee our quality. Please check the attached comparison of air flow. Our quality is as good as those famous brands in U.S.A.
If you are interested in our High-performance products, please feel free to contact us.

Description: Our company is ready to supply and present petrochemical products and oil derivations produced by oil company of islamic republic of iran according to the rate of demanded product and its
existence, we can provide you, these two types of categories:
1) petrochemical products.
2) oil derivations.
The first one includes these types:
A) different types of chemical fertilizers such as: sulphur, sodium-
Bicarbonate, potassium-
Bicarbonate, sodium-sulphate, potassium-
Sulphate, phosphate, nitrate&etc......
B) different types of light or heavy propylens.
C) different types of alkanes or aldehydes.
D) different types of gas-liquids such as: carbon dioxide, amonia&etc.....
E) different types of chemical or polymeral products.
F) different types of glues.
G) different types of necessary materials for producing of
Building water pipe (green-pipe) .
H) different types of plastic or melamine powders.
Our oil derivations products are:
A) different types of contained tar inthe form of slack or solid which
Are produced by
Different refineries in iran.
B) bitumen.
C) chemical or industrial gases.
D) industrial basic oils (heavy&light) such as:
1) hydrolic oils industrial gear oils, different types of motor
Oils, r&co.
2) extracted oil to be used in factories producing industrial soot.
3) slack wax in the form of contained or bulk, as a necessary material in producing paraffin for most important factory &according to order sheet and with highest international standards.
Some important notes:
1) it is worth to mention that, purchasing of all petrochemical products (except choices e&g in first category) in less than 5000 (ton), should be only paid in cash, and There is no possibility to open l/c for buying them. Packages are in the form of 50 (kg) bags emblemrd with neurochemistry company of Iran.
2) selling the petrochemical products which are less than 5000 (ton) or
Those oil derivations which are 2000 (ton), is not possible.
3) by buying of each product with amount of 10000 (ton) or more, you will be provided some facilities such as possibility of opening l/c for that
product & filling those sacks which are given by your company associated with your company's name & emblem.
4) all African firms or companies from middle Asia or Cavcasia, should
Pay in cash if they tend to buy petrochemical products or oil derivations.
5) according to discretion of oil company of Islamic republic of
Iran, selling of all petrochemical products & oil derivations should be merely in the form of FOB and they will be delivered in one of the southern ports in Iran.
6) after acceptance of our company for delivering the demanded goods, the total price should be paid cash & then that material will be delivered to customer in the FOB form during at least one month.
7) please send your request as soon as possible, since we can be at your service due to appropriate time.
8) the buyer company should enjoy some appropriate operational and
financial possibilities to apply for the materials. After acceptance of
petrochemistry for delivering of your demanded goods, the total price will be announce by the company.
9) in order to delivering of products after examination, you should send your bank profile for us, in the following order.
10) honorarily, this company announces that it is provided by
experienced, qualified and expert personnel & it is ready to enjoy some authoritative & international agents in Iran, to deliver materials to those companies we have contract with them, during the shortest period of time.
11) this company as a wholesale dealer activate only in domain of export affairs related to petrochemical products substances and oil
12) we announce our readiness for sending all of demanded products in
the form of FOB to the farthest points of world during the shortest time.

Description: We are a manufacturer/exporter specialized in chemicals. we supply methylene chloride (dichloromethane) origin china, acetyl chloride 98%min on stable basis. supply PVP K30 (usp and technical grade, Cosmetic grade), PVPI, piracetam, diclofenac sodium and potassium. Food additives, and PVC garden hoses and otehr reingorced hoses.

Description: Offer stainless steel wire mesh
Material (AISI): 304, 304L, 316, 316L
Weaving method: plain, twill, dutch
Specification: 1-500mesh, 12*642800mesh, wire dia: 0.025-1.8mm, others on request.
Stainless steel is wear-resisting, heat-resisting, acid-resisting.
With these characteristics, the wire mesh made of stainlee steel is extensively used in many industries such as mining, chemical, food, petroleum, environmental protection, electronic, metallurgy and pharmaceutical, etc. We are capable of producing stainless steel wire mesh from 1to 500mesh for square mesh, and from12*64 mesh to 400*2800 mesh for Dutch weave mesh.

Description: We offer diphenyl oxide of Indian origin:
Physical property: Appearance:
I) colourless liquid/crystal
II) Boiling point- (degree census) -257
III) Freezing point-27 degree Celsius
IV) Solubility-Miscible with all proportion in Acetone ether, benzene and methanol, very slightly soluble in water
V) Special gravity-1.070@27 degree Celsius.

Description: We are manufacturer & exporter of dyestuffs. Our main &
strong products as under:
Re. Black 8
Re. Red Brown 9
Re, Violet 1
Acid Green 1
Acid Violet 90
Acid Blue 193
Acid Black 52
Acid Brown 14 / 75 / 83 / 97 / 98 / 106 / 161 / 165 / 214
282 / 348 / 349 / 355 / 365 / 402 / 420 / 425 /
432 / 434 / 452.

Description: Top-grade poly-acrylic wool blankets.

Description: I'm a manufacturer from China. as a manufacturer of sports shoes, and we can develop and produce many styles of shoes. just as Nike shoes, Air Force one, Jordan series, Air Max 95, 97, 2003 and Nike Shox series.Also, we are welcome customer style, we have great developping ability to do any kinds of shoes! We can transfer the samples if you interests my produce, or I can e-mail some shoes pitures to you.

Description: We are specialized in making plastic injection mold, plastic injection.

Description: We are manufacturers of both woven and knitted garments of all types. Our head office is based in Luton, United Kingdom, with our branch office at Colombo, Sri Lanka, and at Tirupur, India. Our manufacturing unit based at Tirupur, India has a capacity of 3000 pieces per day. We can also source garments from India, and Sri Lanka based on your requirements. We would be pleased to cater your needs round the clock.

Description: We want buyers for lemon grass oil which is raw product for soap from USA and Europe.

Description: V export natural bee honey, fresh flowers, stationary products, t-shirts to Saudi Arabia, so if any buyers interested from Saudi Arabia to import any kind of trading items then contact us for further clarification.

Description: To import and distribute electronics, from foreign countries companies, in our own local markets. So we a looking for companies that needs distributors worldwide and mostly in Africa.

Description: We are manufacturer and exporter from China for gifts and premiums. Our products include transparent liquid mouse, mini optical mouse, USB reading light and USB fan, etc.

Description: We are leading Malaysian Friction Materials Manufacturer, competence in supply High Performance semi metallic, and NAO disc brake pads for all Japanese, CONTINETAL vehicles models.
We are currently sourcing Import agent at your country.

Description: We are a textile sourcing and agency office in Nothern Greece. We deal with confection companies that they have left-overs of contracts of any kind of knitted garments on very low prices.

Description: 1-Pilavlik Bulgur (Coarse Bulgur)
2-Midyat Pilavlik Bulgur (Medium Bulgur)
3-Koftelik Bulgur (Fine Bulgur)
4-Icli Koftelik Bulgur (Sefel kitel) (Fine-not boiled- Bulgur)
5-Asurelik Bulgur (Pounded-Pearled Bulgur)
6-Yarma (Sis) Bulgur (Coarse-not pounded- Bulgur) bulgur=boiled and pounded wheat.

Description: We wish to promote the use of a specialized pump into Europe. The pump is used to collect floating hydrocarbon from a contaminated water table, typically in a site where a client has had a leaking product tank for some time. The pump will take up only product and not water to avoid ancillary water treatment problems. It is air driven and as such is intrinsically safe. We seek existing suppliers to the Environment Industry to add this to their portfolio of solutions to consultants and market the device across Europe.

Description: We have a complete of line of gifts for the home.
Special on water filtration systems.

Description: We are looking for printed circuit manufacturer and manufacturer of small plastic cases.

Description: Sub standard MDF sheet all sizes and quality, laminate flooring weatherproof, loft flooring weatherproof available for export
at vastly discounted prices sub standard only slightly and nearly perfect.

France, Metropolitan
Description: Licensing opportunity for a dermo-cosmetic balm containing phytotherapeutic actives. The product has been developed by French medico-pharmaceutical professionals to the highest and most modern standards, has a pleasant-to-use, non-sticky, hydrating texture, and contains a plant extract, at an active concentration, with scientifically and clinically demonstrated antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and healing activities.
These different and complementary activities generate many possible marketing applications in dermatology, gynecology, podology, superficial infections and burns. Skin and ocular tolerance tests have been performed with success according to the latest European recommendations (not tested on animals). Stability tests are perfectly satisfactory.
Pharmacological and clinical trials are due to be implemented to support marketing allegations. Sample products are available The balm can be delivered bulk or packed to specific requirements.

Description: Main products: light pen, light ice cube, flash light necklace, flash beer cup, 7 color light coaster, flashing light stick, light stirrer, flashing light cup, flash key chain, flash bracelet, radio pen, plastic namecase, metal namecase, jump rope, cartoon cup and so on.

Description: I want to export casave pellet or palm kernel cake to your company.

Description: Neodymium magnet.
Kevlar diaphragm.
Dia.25m/m Aluminum former.
Angle, flush, surface mountings.
Specifications: Impedance: 4 Ohms, Freq. Range: 1k ~ 20k Hz, Sensitivity: 89dB (1M/1W), Normal power: 30Watts, Max. power: 50Watts, Music Power: 120watts.
Features: Kevlar diaphragm, Neodymium magnet,
Angle, Flush, Surface 3 Kinds Mountin.

Description: Specifications:
*Available Material: Stainless Steel/Carbon Steel
*Standard: ANSI DIN, JIS, BS SPEC etc.
*Pan Head, Flat Head, Wafer Head, IND HEX Head, IND HEX Washer Head
*With different drilling point
*With NIBS under head
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Features:
*Electromagnetic noise has no effect on the transmission line.
*The transmission line does not radiate any electromagnetic noise.
*Conforming to EIAJ (Electronic Industries *Association of Japan) RC-5720A standard.
*Conforming to JIS F05 type single-core optical fiber connector (C5974).
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: We are a Algerian company imports plywood DBB/CC 1.20x2.440 thickness 3.6 mm to 18 mm.

Description: We are always looking to form new business partnerships with people like yourself within the networking field. Please review the list below as an example of what is available from our company. Our rates are negotiable with quantity orders, and we always welcome 'good deals' from other suppliers.
Cisco product:
All are new in box original Cisco boxes w/ 90-120 day warranty.
1. WIC-1T $51
2. WIC-1BS/T $48
3. WIC-2T $75
4. WIC-2A/S $80
5. WIC-1DSUT1 $135
6. NM-1E $109
7. NM-1CE1U $425
8. NM-1FE2W $355
9. NM-2FE2W $399
10. WS-G5484 $45
11. WS-G5483 $75
12. WS-G5486 $79
13. WS-G5487 $499
14. NM 2w $395
15. NM-1ce1b $280
16. NM-4e $350
17. NM-8a/s $385
18. NM-4T $345
19. WS-C2950-24 $525
20. WS-C3524-XL-EN $890
21. WS-c3550-24EMI $2650
22. WS-C3550-48-EMI $3900
23. Wic-1-ent $85.

Description: 0650, 0673, 0695, 0613 Tact Switches Vertical Dip Type, 6 x 6mm.
*Rating: DV 12V 50mA
*Insulation resistance: less than 100M ohm DC 250V
*Withstanding voltage: AC 250V 1 minute
*Contact resistance: less than 100m ohm
*Soldering temperature: less than 255oC max. 5 sec
*Mechanical life: 1, 000, 000 cycles
*Electrical life: 300, 000 cycles
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: We are innovative electronical products developer, manufacturer & exporter supporting for reseller in their native marketplace. The headquarter of Le Young Group was established in 1993 with the goal on excellent lifestyle of people.

Description: Specifications:
*Size: 20" x 20" (51 x 51cm)
*Material: 100% soft vinyl
*Made of 100% soft vinyl.
*Anti-slip protection in bath.
*Cushioned comfort.
*Hundreds of suction cups grip surface and hold mat securely in place.
*Machine washable.
*Mold and mildew-free.
*Won't peel or fade.
*Permanently pliable.
*Requires no special care.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Last update 20 Oct 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: Hand painted ceramic mugs with animal/cartoon motifs,
dishwasher safe, microwave safe, three designs: classic - fancy
(with procuring animal heads) - animal handle. From FOB/US$ 1.20,
minimum order 900 pieces.

Description: I would like to serve being country representative.
This is my pleasure to inform you that I have well command and
relation with business group, politicians, administrator and other
academic figure of Nepal. Moreover this, I can establish here branch
office of your company if needed. More over many people are going
from Nepal to abroad (foreign countries) for job through manpower
agencies. I can send the well qualified workers like, office staffs,
nurse, teachers, ex bankers, insurance staff, security guard,
selsman, hotel staff, construction and other technical workers.

Description: Mainly make and export all kinds of bag and luggage.
All of our goods are exported to worldwide.

Description: We are a big manufactury in China, we can supply the
laminate floor and melamine faced mdf and chipboards, decorative
paper is can available.

Description: Our products are mainly including belt filter cloth,
case filter cloth, trunk filter cloth, disk filter cloth etc, we can
process especial spec products and filter bag according inquirment
of customer we had empoldered 95 series horizontal belt typed filter
cloth had filled in a gap in this line in China. Weave filter cloth
minimum porn is 0.5 microns, non-weave filter cloth minimum porn is
0.1 micron.

Hong Kong
Description: Our company with head office in Singapore and branch
offices in HK, Malaysia, Germany and USA. We are integrated
ODM/OEM/CM manufacturer with 2 factories in China.
Current products include: Current products like ADSL wired &
wireless modem, router, sound card, full range of DECT Phone, PMR
(walkie talkie) etc.
Other new products coming soon:
1. A-DECT, full range includes clock radio & weather station & with
blue tooth enable.
2. PMR
3. Blue tooth head set.
4. Blue tooth hand free car kit.
5. Power line home plug.
6. USB DECT modem.

Description: One of the leading manufacturer of fruit juice, canned
food, soft drink and drinking water in China. Our company has an
occupation of land of more than 800, 000 square meters and building
area of 300, 000 square meters, now more than 4000 employees are
serving in it. It has over 30 world-class advanced production lines.
In 2003, our group invested RMB0.3 billion (USD 36 million) to
introduce the PET Asepsis Cooling Beverage Filler Production Lines
from more than 10 countries including USA, Italy, France etc. Now
the annual production capacity of beverage and canned food can reach
0.60 million tons.

Description: We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of scooter
and wheelchair in China. We professionally manufactures electric
three wheel scooter, electric four wheel scooter, electric
wheelchair etc. Series including manual wheelchair and accessories.
Our products have passed CE certification, and have obtained six
design patents, been sold in over 10 countries and regions.
Meanwhile we research and develop continuously new products. We will
reply you as soon as we received your E-mail.

Description: NdFeB permanent Magnets series:
NdFeB magnets for motor, generator, driver
Tile-shaped and special-shaped magnet.
Blocks in various specification.
Products painted with epoxy resin.
Circles in various specification.
Cylinders in various specification.

Description: Manufacturer of baby wipes, wet tissue and air
freshener. We are one of the largest manufacturer of baby wipes, wet
tissue and air freshener in Malaysia. We have five different packing
for baby wipes and wet tissue.
Freshmore Baby Wipes (Tub) - content 200 pcs of wipes and size of
each wipe is 130mm x 200mm.
Freshmore Baby Wipes (New Tub) (Pop-up) - content 80 pcs of wipes
and size of each wipe is 200mm x 150mm.
Freshmore Wet Tissue (Travel pack) - content 30 pcs of wipes and
size of each wipe is 200mm x 150mm.
Freshmore Wet Tissue (Pop-up) - content 100 pcs of wipes and size of
each wipe is 200mm x 150mm
Flushable Wet Tissue (Travel pack) - content 10 pcs of wipes and
size of each wipe is 200mm x 150mm.
The Freshmore brand baby wipes and wet tissue is a total baby care
product, no alcohol, no artificial content, rich of Vitamin E, it's
soft and gentle on the skin, a perfect companion for your baby.
We also custom OEM applications for air freshener and baby wipes.
We guarantee you our products quality with attractive price. Any
enquiry, suggestion or comment will be highly appreciated.

Description: We buy non-working laptop batteries and hard disk. We
sell refurbished laptop batteries and hard disks. We refurbish your
laptop batteries and hard disks. Our sales office is in Malaysia but
production in China therefore our cost is very low. A guide line of
our service charge as below (in the condition that you will send me
the dead battery)
4 cells battery: US$19, 6 cells battery: US$22, 8 cells battery:
9 cells battery: US$28
This is for the condition of one hour running of DVD non-stop, (so
normal usage about 2 hours). Yet we consider it as grade B quality.
Some customers want only grade C while some wants grade A.

Description: We are professional manufacturer and exporter of
lighting products, and also gare excellent member of Shanghai
Foreign Trade Commission.
Our main products include energy saving desk lamp series, outdoor
lam series, halogen desk lamp series, electronic wall lamp series,
electronic energy saving lamp series, ceiling lamp series,
rechargeable spotlight and so on. All of them have gained CE.UL. and
GS. international security certificate.

Description: Our company founded in 1970, is the largest clocks
manufacturer in Taiwan, exporting fine timepieces all over the
world. Recognized as a leader in quality control and noted for fast
designing, we have received government honors and awards for
outstanding patent brands and designs such. Now we are making effort
on fast new model designing and producing.
Using CAD and CAM to add our velocity of designing and
manufacturing. We also produce Radio-Control Atom clocks last year.
Using Mg-casting shell to the clocks. Excepting for clocks OEM
business, we also offering other product design and manufacture this
year, such like TFT monitor.

Description: Supply 100% natural human hair/synthetic hair products
& wigs in china, silk straight weaving/bulk, yaki weaving & braids,
body, water, new deep, super weft, elysee, Africa curl, spring curl,
hairpieces, pony, jamboo, dread lock, dome...etc.
Mannequin with hair, without hair, practice head & head skin
facestyle: European, Japan, Korea, SouthAsia, LatinAmerican, size:
12"-24". Various Wigs from 100% human hair/synthetic (Kanecalon)
wigs by hand-tied, mixed, free size, patches & replacements hair
wigs from men' toupee, lady wigs.
Available Size/Length: 8" 10" 12" 14" 16" 18" 20" 22" 24" 26" 28"
All color available.

Description: Surgical drape, transparent dressing, I.V. dressing,
surgical tape, surgical gown, bandage, dust mask, coverall etc.

Description: Hotel Hippodrome, with a view of the blue mosque and
marmara sea, was a former ottoman house.

Description: Our co. specialize in produce: silk, wool, acrylic,
fur, various scarf, Hijab, magic scarf, muffler, shawl, stole,
oblong, etc.

Description: We are manufacturers and exporters of beaded dresses
for ladies. I have a stock lot of 15000 dresses manufactured for
Spain, but was unable to sell them because of some reason. Please
contact if interested.

Description: We are pleased to introduce ourselves as an well-
experienced manufacturer and exporter for the computerized
embroidery machine and other related devices in Korea since 1992.
We can supply the multi-head computerized embroidery machine (from
1head to 24heads) and sequin device/cording device/boring device for
the embroidery machine /shifling machine (it calls as 15yards m/c)
including sequin press making machine in Korea. We can fix it on to
the new or used embroidery machine for any brands of m/c. i.e.,
Tajima, Zsk, SWF, Barudan or China's.
If needed, we can extend the table size from 550mm up to 1000mm to
produce 44" width fabrics.

Description: Trading company whose main aim is to package premium
products from Ghana into the UK/EU. Our lines of sales is mainly
agro-produce i.e. Fresh fruits, Fresh cut fruits, fresh vegetables.
We are currently supplying into the UK market fresh pineapples,
papaya, mangos. Our affiliation with first catering an airline
caterer and presently with a new Fruit processing plant to do all
the fresh cut fruits in Pineapple Chunks, slices, papaya chunks,
watermelon chunks, fruit salad etc. We will be happy to supply the
EU as we employ HACCP in our production services to give our
customers very tasty products. Please do visit our website for full
view of our products.

Description: Manufacturer and exporters of hand stitch footballs,
promotional balls, gloves, manicure, items.

Description: We Kenyan base manufacturer n exporter of FCL base
jambo brand milking jelly, petroleum jelly 50g, 100g, 200g. Upto 175
kg barrel, Scenton brand air freshner blocks, urinal ball, moth
ball. 50g, 100g, 170g.

Description: Manufacturer of men’s clothing, search for customers
interested in purchasing of it’s products: men’s suits, coats,
trousers, waistcoats, jackets and overcoats. Products with our
trade-mark are perfectly made, functional, after latest fashion, in
wide range of colors and at the same time at low price.
We are private company, employing 50 persons and having
professional, specialized machines, which guarantee high quality of

Description: Features:
In-line filters contain media and housing in each unit.
Effectively remove chlorine, VOC and organic chemicals.
Application: residential, commercial, or industries.
Longer service cycle.
High removal rate.

Description: We are one of the leading and professional
manufacturers & exporters and specialized in making high tech parts,
automotive repair tools & equipment and industrial safety equipment.
Our head office located in Banchiau City. Taipei County, Northern

Description: The available sizes are 95mm, 75mm, 65mm, 55mm, 45mm.
The size indicates the diameter of the electrode. We also supply
45mm by 45mm square electrode that usually comes with a 40mm by 40mm
adhesive conductive gel pad.
*Highly durable and flexible
*Negative of Cytoxicity, Skin Sensitization, Acute Cutaneous
*Water and Conductive gel can be applied to increase conductivity.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Palm Pilot Acessories:
Palm Modem Connectivity Kit for the III Series (1200)
Palm Portable Keyboard for the V/Vx (1598)
Palm m100 Hotsync Cradle (1152)
ALl items are new and factory sealed. They are on 6 pallets ready to
be shipped! $3.oo USD plus shipping per item if take all.

Description: Full function computer table, with metal frame and
wooden top.
*W 60 x D 51 x H 73cm
*Packing: 1pc/1.12'
*G.W.: 10kg
*Saving place.
*Available color, silver frame w/cherry top.

Description: With new partners join our team, we are not only
manufacturer and export recumbent bike and bicycle parts but also
supply healthful fitness equipments and exercise goods with
sincerely after service.

Description: The products is a anti - vibration device in all kind
of machinery and vehicle. Our product quality can meet the standard
of Japan, Germany. Our export market are Europe, American and Japan.
Please contact us.

Description: Product ID: 971060--Long Ear Puppy
I'm 7.5 inch tall. I'm setting on the door and waiting my mom.
OEM welcome.
Custom-Made orders are welcome.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Manufacturer/exporter of refrigeration equipment which
has devoted years of experience to improving the quality of our
products through technological advancements.

Description: The company covers 33710 square meters. There are 800
employees. Main products are industry ventilator, heavy-duty fan,
antique fan. Floor fan, high velocity fan, air curtain, and heater
etc, total more than 200 varieties of fans in 12 series.

Description: Corporation which Integrating manufacture and export
high quality daily-use porcelain. It has more than 300 varieties
products, the famous products brand including: western style
dinnerware; oriental style dinnerware; tea set; hotel & restaurant
ware; gift ware and family microware.

Description: Company mainly produces casting stainless steel handles
of cookware and the related appurtenances by may of wax-lost
casting. The factory is located in ushan, Jiaobei, Jianghai
District, Jiangmen City and covers an area of 160 thousand square
feet. Our products include long handle series, loop handle series,
lock series, lever handle series, hardware series, golf series.

Description: We are a professional manufacturer and exporter in
garden series. We have all kinds of pruning shears and something
tools about garden series. Some of them we made from drop forged,
and the quality is the best in China. At the moment, we have not a
good business partner in USA, we hope to establish business
relations with your company in a long-term cooperation.

Description: Our corporation is appointed manufacturer of Swiss
sunrise watch. Watch type have: amatory watch, lady watch, sport
watch, gift watch, Price is favorable, guarantee quality and offer
promptly delivery.

Description: We are a leading manufacturer in China specializing in
the AR (alkali-resistant) fiberglass mesh. With four factories and
subsidiary companies, we have about 10 years’ experience in the
production of AR coated fiberglass mesh fabrics, and more than 800
Our products include reinforced wall mesh fabrics, GRC reinforced
mesh fabrics, mesh used for mosaics, backing mesh for stonework,
fireproof reinforced mesh fabrics, EIFS reinforced mesh fabrics,
self-adhesive fiberglass mesh fabrics, self-adhesive fiberglass mesh
tape (Joint Tape), and so on. The annual output exceeds 65, 000, 000
Advanced equipment, strict quality control and the well- trained
team of employees all contribute to the high quality of our
products. Our "Shanquan" brand is well known not only in China, but
also in the international market. We got the exportation rights in
1998 and more than ninety percent of our products are currently
exported to Europe, North America and South-East Asia, etc. They are
well accepted for the competitive price and the excellent quality.
Welcome to visit our display room for further information. We
sincerely wish to set up business relationship with friends both at
home and abroad.

Description: As a major distribution channels, trading company &
export agent in consumer goods, food & beverages; we could offer you
any kind of int'l brand products from: soap, shampoo, coffee, tea,
palm oil, candy, canned tuna, canned fruits & also special request
for private packing/label.

Description: We are very enjoy to introduce you our company. We are
specialised in silk scarf and shawls. We are very enjoy to establish
a business with your company. We export to many country, Meadle East
western Europe, north Africa, silk scarf and silk shawl, plain dyed,
printed, embroidered, georgett, chiffon, CDC, satin, JQD, twill,
many size.
Size: 105cm/105cm and 70cm/180cm.
2) Polyester scarf, polyester shawl, plain dyed, printed,
embroidered, JQD, twill, georgette, chiffon, crepe de chine, all
Size: 105cm/105cm and 70cm/180cm.
3) Viscose (Pashmina) shawl plain dyed, animal printed (tigre,
leopard, zebra). Size: 70cm/180cm. We wait your earlier reply.

Description: We are a professional tank truck/container trading
company who registered in Guangzhou city of China. We could supply
most qualified tank container according to IMDG and ISO standard,
and our price could be very preference comparing with European
Sample Specification:
Testing Pressure: 2.4Mpa
Design Pressure: 1.8Mpa
Maximum Working Pressure: 1.8Mpa
Design Temp. 60℃
Total weight: 37300Kg
Tare weight: 15500kg
Maximum loading weight: 21800Kg
Tank Inner Volume: 51.8M?
Material: 16MnR
Thickness: 16mm
Container outer dimension: 12192?2438?2591mm.

Description: Company specialize in waving, knitting, dyeing &
printing of various silk products. Our company has 8 filial with a
registered capital up to usd 4 millions. We have more than 2
thousand employees, 1000 high-speed sewing and 900 knitting
machines. Above enables us an annual capacity of 3 million woven
garments&3 million knitted garments. Also 7 million meters of raw
fabric can be refined and, 4 million meters of our products are
exported to America, Canada & Europe, and are very popular in these
Our buyers: Chaus, Jones Newyork, Macy, Ann Taylor, Lizcliborne,
Casualcorner, and WEC, etc.

Description: We offer traditional self certified organic brown rice
and groundnuts and various kind of pulses.
Description: acetone, hydrogen peroxide, carbon tetrachloride,
caustic, chloroform, methylene chloride, formalin, urotropine,
pentaerythritol, monoethylamine, diethylamine, triethyamine,
fluoroplastics, aniline and other chemicals from Russia.

Description: We offer the wholesale gold jewelry include gold body
jewelry 9k gold jewelry, 14k gold jewelry, 18k gold jewelry, 22k
gold jewelry, 24k gold jewelry, white gold jewelry (platinum), white
gold body jewelry, rose gold jewelry, and antique gold jewelry.
Gold jewelry design, such as gold jewelry rings, gold jewelry
chains, gold jewelry earrings, gold jewelry pendant, gold jewelry
plummet, are all manufactured with novelty and in the style of
classic, elegant, and fashion.

Description: We are manufacturers and exporters of fine quality of
handcrafted wooden and iron artifacts, furniture and decorative.

Description: Producing coco fiber & coco dust. Our capacity/month
for now: 20 ton coco fiber and 60 ton coco dust.

Description: We are in the field of home-textiles exports since last
fifteen years and has been serving the global markets with its high
quality consciousness and timely deliveries.
We are basically involved in the manufacturing and exporting of
home-textiles including Bed linen, Table linen and Kitchen linen
made-ups in fabrics like 100% cotton, silk, polyester and all other
We are specialized in all types of machine quilting and other
handwork jobs making articles like quilt covers, pillow covers,
flat/fitted sheets, cushions covers, curtains etc.
In short, our core competencies are:
Valuable Bulk/Short quantity at short lead-time.
Quality Control as per OKO Tex standards.
Product guarantees and complete customer satisfaction.
Competitive prices.
State-Of-Art technology.
Growing long-term customer relationships.
To know more about us please go through our Company Profile which is
attached to this mail.
Give us a chance to serve you, we guarantee that you won't be
disappointed. Also let us know if you need any samples like
Seersucker, Cotton Satin and Sheeting - 2 pcs or 3 pcs bed sheets,
Curtains, etc.

Description: I would like to offer you Brasilia products. They are
very welcome in other countries like South Africa, and all Europe.
There is a beverage here that doesn’t exist in any other country.
It’s called Cacha?a. Its alcohol, and it’s made only here in Brazil.
It’s very good, the taste is strong and powerful. Very alcohol, it’s
good to warm up hard winter in Europe and North Europe as well as
Russia and others. It’s cheap, very cheap, in some it’s wonderful
business I can assure you.

Description: We would like to export our dental equipment. Our
product have high quality and good price. We interesting export to

Description: We are manufacturers and exporters of rock salt lamps
from 2 kg to 25 kg and rock salt candle holders rough rock shape and
geometrical shapes i.e., sphere shape, water drop shape, cylinder
shape, pyramid shape, leaf shape and other shapes for lamps as well
as for candle holders, tiles or bricks, bath salt, salt massage
stones, de-icing powder salt, industrial salt and other salt
products. All these goods are made of natural rock salt taken from
the oldest mines of rock salt in Pakistan.
Salt lamps are natural generators of the healthful negative air ions
that improve air quality.
We offer best prices and good quality as we have skilful labour and
good machinery. We are looking for the importers who are importing
on bulk bases.

Last update 19 Oct 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: Printing consumables series:
Compatible for Epson, Canon, Hp and Lexmark
Inkjet cartridges
Laser toners
Toner powder
Refill kits
Import Ink unadulterated colorful fine grain
Water proof prevent discoloring recycled unpolluted
Approved and certified by ISO-9001: 2000(SGS).

Description: We are specializing in energy efficient long life
lighting products. Featuring compact fluorescent technology. Our
products, such energy saving bulbs, electronic ballasts and lighting
fixtures and so on are all of top quality but at competitive prices.

Description: Civil operate technical corporation. It is a special
firm which produces enameled round winding wires, insulated plastic
electric wires (cables) and two poles non-rewirable plug. Our
company has developed new products including Electron-luminescent
paint, electron-luminescent plate, fire protection lamp, electron-
luminescent wire, etc.

Description: We are selling and developing new cylinder head
project. Looking for companies casting and machining automotive and
diesel cylinder heads. Diesel head currently has some project in
china exporting 2 container a week. Looking option in other

Description: Manufacturers of dental unit, stools, air turbines, air
compressors, laboratory and clinical tables, laboratory equipments,

Description: Professional branded shoes offer who has wide and good
business relations with many shoes factories here; our main
advantage is for retails sellers from all the world, and we can
offer five pairs per style and even small orders, also dropshipping
business is welcome here; we have good business relations with
express company here, so we can get a good price even for your small
order here, and all those shoes listed in our website are available
in our warehouse, we can send them once we got the money from your
sides; retail seller in the world are welcome to contact us, and
looking forward to establishing long and reliable business relations
with those serious buyers.

Description: We supply nearly full range of Chinese tyres,
especially take advantage in OTR, AGR, ID tyres. For more details,
pls refer to website.

Description: We introduce our selves as exporters of engineering
items, such as pipe & pipe fitting, flanges, nuts & bolts, gear &
gear box, wire mesh, rubber molded parts, nylon parts, items as per
customers size, specification, drawing, and samples, and many more

Description: We deal in spare parts for willys jeep, land rover etc.
Also deals in all types of clutch plates and pressure assemblies for
all the vehicles as per sample. If interested do contact us on our
e.mail or through fax no.s. We already are exporting to Iran in our
known trade mark "Unisco".

Description: I have beautiful African shirts, blouses, summer
dresses for both women and men - in cotton fabric from all over
Africa at excellent prices! Wholesalers are also welcome.

Description: We are regular exporter of cotton waste specially 100%
cotton comber noil in Pakistan and are supplying to many other
countries. Interested importers can send us the inquiry and we would
be happy to serve them.

Description: Cast iron powder, magnesium powder, carbonyl iron, zinc
sulphate and any metal filling in packing from 100gm onwards.

Description: We are a trading co in Pakistan, Mainly engage in
imports 7 distribution business of automotive products. We are
planning to start our New department for Import & distribution of
"Building Materials".

Description: We offer:
Cottonized flax fiber;
Linen yarn;

Czech Republic
Description: Handmade Paper
The assortment of the products from handmade paper was extended of
calendars, diaries, note books binding in leather, graphic and
aquarelle blocks etc. Thanks to their unique and typical character
are required by individuals, firms, banks, profession societies,
state and cultural institution. They belong to the elements that
make the inevitable part of image of significant social and cultural
events, anniversaries - suitably complete, form and emphasize their
inimitable and unique importance.

Description: Cheers is a rarely wild natural herb based concoction,
which have been used in Orient for over a thousand years to inhibit
and/or alleviate the after effects of drinking alcoholic beverages.
Now this prime remedy of mother nature becomes available to
international consumers worldwide through our newly biologically
engineered Cheers, a health drink developed to protect drinkers by
decreasing alcohol absorption, while encouraging hepatic metabolism,
inhibiting post alcoholic consumption symptoms and effects and
practically freeing people who drink Cheers from hangovers.
Such Cheers is seeking for collaborations with overseas distributors
in order to promote this brand new to the world of alcohol lovers
but health conscious.
USAGES: Drink before & after drink, chaser or mixer with alcohols,
refreshing beverage as quencher or dietary health drink, sports
All kinds of alcoholic hangover symptoms: Consuming alcohol daily /
Losing controls easily when consuming alcohol / Becoming enervated
the next day / Having foul breath and unquenchable thirst / Rising
body temperature / Hastening heartbeats and heartthrobs /
Experiencing headaches, stuffy chest, stomachaches, diarrhea, etc. /
Feeling nausea or vomiting / Repeating Black Out / Thirst and dried
lips and mouth.
World first wild herb energy drink, hangover preventive.

Description: As a manufacturer of complete bicycle for children,
also including some of parts and accessories. We also as a
manufacture of sporting goods such as inline skate, roller skate,
skateboard & protection gear Etc., also parts and accessories.

Description: Universal Brand, 12cm CD-R Disc with Capacity: 80
Brand: Universal
Capacity: 80 minutes/700MB
Color: silver/silver or diamond
Speed: 24X
A grade quality.
12cm diameter.
Write once only.
High standard of data integrity and reliability.
Broad compatibility.
Easy data retrieval.
Great value cost per megabyte.

Description: Specifications:
Type: 26" MTB suspension frame.
Material: #7005 seamless aluminum.
Size: 17", 18", 20" (C-T).
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: We are an exporting company located in the United
States, specializing in exhausts, air intakes, and engine
components. We can supply any brand at wholesale price for any
vehicle. For more information, please respond to email. We will be
able to fax or email a specific catalogue for your needs.

Description: It is our pleasure to introduce to you our product
which is "Steel Wool". We are a steel wool factory in Egypt; we work
in steel wool manufacturing since 1962. We produce it from the best
materials. It is used in many things and different fields:
1- For washing pans, and all kinds of dishes & plates.
2- It is used in a finishing of marble manufacturing.
3- Abrasion of wood for fine finishing of furniture and wooden
We are qualified and ready to produce the product in any shape, size
or weight as it fit your needs.

Hong Kong
Description: We are a computer trading company in Hong Kong. We are
dealing with computer related products and telecommunication
products mainly. Refurbished Mobile is our major product to export
to the Europe and Mid East. We carry all major brand name of mobiles
such as Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Siemens, Sony Ericsson.....etc. We
can supply you the latest models of mobiles at a very competitive
price with the best quality. We have sold more than 1 million
refurbished mobiles to the worldwide in the past 2 years. Our best
quality and service has been recognized by our customers. If you are
interested in our products, please feel free to send us your
enquiries or visit our web site for knowing more about us.

Description: We are manufacturing representative for PBI brand brass
compressor fittings, ANCHOR brand engineering Files, AJIT brand
drill chuck and arbors, FMC brand forgeg SS 304 needle valve of 5000
PSI, PRIME brand jigsaw machines, PRIYA brand lathe machines,
motorised blowers, welding machines, motors, air compressor.

Description: Globally recognizable generic, extremely memorable,
direct, very business orientated and therefore valuable domain

Description: We are one of the manufacturer of top grade water
faucet at Dongguan town, Guandong province. They are all made of
copper and we have our own artware department, hardware department,
plating department. We also can manufacture water faucet according
to your needs. Anyone who have the intention, please feel free to
contact with us.

Description: We are a manufacturer of silver jewelry, gemstone
necklaces, rings, and earrings.
Old pieces Bedouins & Afghani.
We have oriental brass lamps.
We are member of EICC Egypt with the name of BIJOUX BIJOUX our
modern jewelry brand name.
Looking to expand in Europe threw serious & trustable companies.

Description: We introduce ourselves as only one Company of
Bangladesh, who manufacturer the edible food colorant, a natural
food color which is non-toxic and quite free from harmful effects of
human bodies. It can be used for coloring of any processed food,
ice-cream, butter, ghee, curds, sweets etc.

Description: Bottled tequila at $2.59 exworks guadalajara tequila
for all kind of markets.

Description: We are in a position to offer best quality glitter
powder in all shapes, colour sizes at an attractive prices.
Serious inquiries are well come.

Sri Lanka
Description: For dried sea cucumber of all the varieties and yellow
fin tuna above 30 kgs size.

Description: We are looking for reinforcing steel bars monthly
delivering quantity not less than 50000 tons per month.

Description: Import of: chicken, beef and pork meat.

Description: We introduce ourselves as a manufacturer and exporter
of all kind of:
1) Dog collars (both leather and nylon)
2) Dog leashes (both leatherand nylon)
3) Dog muzzle (leather)
4) Dog harness
5) Dog coats (winter/summer collections)
6) Cat collars
7) Saddlery products.

Description: We are a professional company into the manufacturing of
high tensile components. Having valued customer's like Bajaj Auto
Limited, Yamaha Motors India Limited, Royal Enfield Motors etc. We
are looking forward to exports orders for similar items. Our current
range of products include axles for biwheelers, cylinder head bolts,
studs, fasteners etc.

Description: We wish to introduce ourselves as leading Manufacturers
and Exporters of the following items in 100% Handwoven &
Handcrocheted items.
-- Bedlinen sets in twin, full, queen and king
-- duvet covers, flat/fitted sheets and bed skirts
-- throws/bedspreads, table cloths/mats/centres
-- shams (pillows), cushion covers and terry towels
-- placemats in rounds, ovals, oblongs and squares in korai (sea
grass)--napkins, kitchen towels, gloves and aprons,
-- shopping/carry bags in cotton and jute
-- korai (sea grass) placemats/mats and grey
We expect good cooperation from you and hope to have continuous
business tie-ups with you for our mutual benefit. We shall be
grateful if you could let us know your on hand enquiries.

Description: Established in the May of 1984 has been proudly
manufacturing and exporting both glass fiber and carbon fiber
reinforced plastic tubes, solid rods and related products for the
following industries worldwide: kite, boat and yacht, camping,
chemical, farming and fishing, furniture, machinery, ski, umbrella,
wind surfing, hockey, etc.

Description: We are a professional manufacturer of polyurethane
finished products in Taiwan and we specialize in making all kinds of
Polyurethane items according to our customers' requirements.

Description: Patented human growth hormone secretaguage. clinically
proven to work-slows/reverses aging. A true life changing product.

Description: Brand new phones available for sale. Original package,
never sim locked T2 status European origin, manuals and warranty.
1000 Nokia 3210 @ $49
2000 Nokia 7250i @ $279
1000 Nokia 8310 @ $157
2500 Siemens S35 @ $90
1000 Siemens A60 @ $103
2000 Siemens C55 @ $87
1000 Motorola T191 @ $62
2000 Samsung P100 @ $326.

Description: Business proposal and offer!!!
Agricultural cooperative from Ukraine grow maize and sunflower,
because these plants have the large productivity in our region
(Ukraine occupies the third place in the world on grow of sunflower.
The last year volume of a crop in Ukraine has compile 2, 25 million
tons, in Argentina 3, 72; in Russia 2, 69; in the EC 3, 03). They
contain many proteins and vitamins, therefore have a great demand on
the markets of many countries. However we have not the equipments
for processing and packing it. Our firm is interested in the
investments for purchase of the modern equipment and new
technologies for manufacture and packing the sunflower oil and maize
oil of high quality (sunflower oil and maize oil is addition for
preservation of foods).
Also we search a partners, who will agree to create joint firm on
mutually advantageous conditions or will agree to give us for long-
term rents the similar equipment instead a particle of finished
foods. We agree to discuss variants of cooperation: joint firm,
creation a factory for manufacture of sunflower oil as branch or
section of your firm in Ukraine with your general manager, long-term
rent of the equipments in an exchange of final products.
The positive factors for cooperation:
+ we have privileges for taxation.
+ we have the raw material for processing.
+ our director had training in farms of USA and Canada. His
colleagues from these countries can confirm reliability of our
+ our cooperative society is near to the railway.
+ we have premises for warehouses and for installation of the
+ we want to manufacture the goods, which not are perishable.
+ we have business relations with farmers, who grow similar plants.
+ cheap labour.
If you really wish in expansion of your network in our country, we
are ready to discuss any your offers for cooperation.

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