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Export offers

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New export offers available to BizEurope members:

Last update 13 Oct 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We have 500 tons of cashew nuts at usd 900/ton, non
assorted at the farmers in packs of 100 kgs. FOB delivery Africa.

Description: We supply all kinds of candle and the relevant products
in China. Could you please kindly let us know your e-mail address,
so that we can send our updated photos of new products for your kind
reference. If you have some other special request, pls feel free to
contact us and it is always our pleasure to service at your
honorable company.

Description: We deal industry natural health drinks, herbal soft
drink concentrates, personal, beauty care products (all herbal or
natural), bio ceramic products specially formulated spiced tea and
coffee, kerala specialties like dried jack fruit, personal care,
home care, laundry care, beauty care products.

Description: We are producing and selling acrylic yarns,
polypropylene yarns, fancy yarns and machine made carpets from
acrylic and polypropylene yarns. We are waiting your interests.

Description: We are manufacturer of water-proofing sheet for roof.
Our waterproofing sheets are manufactured from a type of rubber
consisting primarily of ethylene, propylene and a monomer with a few
double bonds on their side chain. These are joined with an
appropriate amount of reinforcing agents, anti-aging agents,
plasticizers, and cross-linking agents. They are compounded, bended,
filtered, subjected to "L" cold-feed extrusion forming processes and
continuously canized. The finished products are tested and then
OUR products may be applied cold in single layers and is
characterized by its good resistance to aging, tensile strength,
flexibility, and wide working temperature.
Our product is highly suitable for roofing, building foundations and
other work requiring waterproofing.

Description: I am an international consultant, and right now I have
a client, who is seriously interest in investing a substantial
amount of money into your country's private sector, particularly in
your medium and small scale industrial sectors. But this is
subjected to the availability of by-laws allowing for foreign
investment and unhindeed after tax repatriation of profits. My
client needs an honest and prudent manager, who will for a
commission, based on a binding agreement undertakes to manage and
invest this fund on a chosen sector. My client is willing to invest
the sum of 45 million USD into this project, and he also agreed to
give you a 15 %commission, if you accept to undertake this project
you will be required to advise and suggest other lucrative project
were we can also invest. We are seriously intends working with you,
if our proposal is acceptable to you, please contact us immediately
for further details.

Description: We make from decorative and artistic mosaics.
Our products are created from natural stones. They are all hand made
and high qualified. We can work on any special design. If you pay
attention contact us.

Description: We feel happy to introduce ourselves as manufacturers
of bulk-drugs, intermediates, fine chemicals, custom-synthesis and
contract manufacturing.
We are offering the following products regularly. We are waiting for
marketing support for our products, feel free to contact us for
other products also which you require.
List of products
1. Phenyl boronicacid cas no. 96-80-6.
2. Tri methyl borate cas no. 121-43-7.
3. Methyl megnesium bromide cas no. 100-58-3.
4. 3, 4 dichloro benzophenone
5. 4- iodo anisole cas no. 696-62-8.
6. 3, 4 dihydroxy benzoic acid cas no. 99-50-3.
7. 5- nitro furfuraldehyde cas no. 698-63-5.
8. 5- nitro furfuraldehyde diacetate
9. 2, 6 lutidine n-oxide.
10. nifurpirinol / furpirinol cas no. [ 13411 – 16 – 0]
n-o- 00651
c12 h10 n2 o4 m.w: 246.2
6- [2- (5-nitro-2-furanyl) ethenyl]-2- pyridine methanol
antibacterial agent. yellow needles (me2 co or meoh)
melting point: 170 – 171.
11. 3-chloropropeonitrile cas no. 542-76-7.
(or) b-mercapto propionitrile
(or) 2- cyano ethane thiol
uses: combines the reactions of the nitrile and
an alkyl halide.

Description: We invite buyers inquires on table top, white shell
poultry eggs.

Description: We are interested in seeking to create beneficial
business opportunities with potential companies. We welcome your
inquiries and questions you may have. Your valuable comments and
suggestions would help us to improve to serve you better. Drop in
our website or email us anytime for newer products update.
Experience brings about confidence, with time comes trust. Diversity
is our strength.

Description: Handmade natural soap for private label wide variety of
standard formulations including;
Aromatherapy shea butter soaps
Green tea body polisher soaps
Olive oil baby soaps
Exotic spa beauty soaps
African black soaps
Natural children's soaps
Shaving soaps
Shampoo bar soaps
Sportsman soaps
Bulk soap logs
Custom formulation services available. You can choose from our large
inventory of essential oils, carrier oils and herbal extracts or
suggest your own.
All crafted from food/cosmetic grade flower and plant essences using
our unique Cold Process method of luxury soap crafting.
100% natural biodegradable soaps with no added synthetic fragrances,
colors or preservatives. No animal products used!
All soaps come hand colored in a magical array of exquisite designs
and patterns. Standard and custom packaging options available.
No minimum order requirement allows you maximum flexibility in your

Description: We sell fabric remnant stock lots of several kind of
materials like denim, cotton/polyester, satin, lot of
colors. They are used for making clothes. The quality of them is
excellent and according the price you can have them since 0.60
euro/kg FOB Bilbaos port.

Description: Plastic scrap/preform such as PET LDPE HDPE PVC PMMA
and other in bales regrind flakes and textile pet waste looking for
serious buyers/agents worldwide.

Description: We are specialized in filters, chemical plant, heat
exchanger, kneaders.

Description: Taiwan based company and established in 1987. We
design, manufacture and supply ergonomic computer accessories and
office products, such as keyboard drawer, keyboard support
mechanism, organizer drawer, LCD arm, monitor arm, telephone stand,
mouse stage, foot rest, gel filled mouse pad and wrist rest, green
anti-static dust cover and copy holder etc.

Description: Long established manufacturer & exporter of a series of
blood pressure monitor and gauge as of the year 1975 with strong
circulation over 30 countries worldwide.

Description: We are a manufacturer of health instruments in Taiwan.
For the past 30 years, we have been supplying all kinds of health
instruments to our domestic market and also to various markets
abroad and enjoying a good reputation. We always emphasize
manufacturing, and designing high quality products for our clients.

Description: Leading company of manufacturing powered and manual
operated material handling equipments in Taiwan since 1990. Company
supplies all series of those models and also manufacture products to
customers' special requirement specifications.

Description: The manufacture in the company is characterized by its
automation system. The entire manufacturing process are planned to
apply the FMSFA system with an attempt to created the maximum
production capacity and effectively lower the cost and human power,
thus enhancing the quality and efficiency of our manufacturing.

Description: Specifications:
*2.4GHz Operating Frequency Technology.
*Digital Spread Spectrum. (This new technology offers you the
clarity, superior voice communication security and protection
against interference.)
*Single line cordless phone with multi-handsets.
*Two-way intercom between handsets without base.
*3-Line LCD display with Calendar and Real Time Clock on handset.
*LCD Panel on handset with Caller ID type I or type II (optional).
*Max. 99 Caller ID records.
*Phone book editing / Name Tagging function.
*Cyclic up / down review calls.
*Review All / New / VIP caller ID records.
*Delete One or Delete All Caller ID Memory.
*Call transfer function.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Supplying good quality products at reasonable prices
with the best services.
Fiber optical connectors, cellular phone accessories, wireless
audio, video / transceiver, receiver series, LAN cables, networking
products, digital cameras & PDA accessories & optical cables.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Leading manufacturer of sanitary stainless steel
fittings in Taiwan. Our mission is provide our valued customers with
the highest quality product available with a fast delivery, all the
competitive price.

Description: Professional spring manufacturer with excellent R&D
ability. Because company always adheres to the principle of "doing
for the best", its products are widely affirmed by all circles, and
this makes it become the spring suppliers of all major car

Description: Features:
*Portable & lightweight.
*Maintenance free.
*Thermally protected.
*Low noise.
*Auto stop.

Description: Our rapidly growing organization was founded in 1981 to
offer clients like you, a unique combination of innovative trade/DIY
products with a quality service. Company is striving to be the
leader in design and manufacture of high quality hand tools,
hardware & auto accessories.

Description: Our company was established in 1987. We are
manufacturer of golf club head which specialize in forged titanium
wood and iron head, stainless wood and iron head. We are small
company, so the best quality products and services is the only
weapon we have.

Description: Established in Taipei, Taiwan in 1985 specializing in
the manufacturing of wooden and plastic storage racks, carrying
cases and multimedia audio/video compact discs organizer, computer
tables, handbags, sports bags, and luggage in different series.

Description: Our main products are screwed end ball valve, flanged
end valve and fittings.

Description: Features:
*Multi function W-shape electrostatic filter.
*Charcoal filter.
*Micon touch control panel.
*3 speed air flow.
*8 hours timer.
*Auto shut-off when front cover opened.
*Desk-top portable type and wall mounting.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Our company has been established since 1982, We are one
of the leading manufacturers and exporters of various auto parts &
accessories in Taiwan. Our products are suitable for Japanese,
European, American, Korean, and Russian cars. While making your
inquiry, please be sure to state car/engine models, name of parts &
O. E. No. you want.

Description: Specifically making high quality wide range bits and
accessories for all kind of screws, power tools, machines, hand
tools. "GFB" bit at Taiwan price, meet DIN Standard, match any screw
heads perfectly is long life bits.

Description: Product ID: CHT-013-A-300
Standard silver portable/wired handsfree kit with extendible
*Fashionable design.
*With extendible microphone.
*Clear sound performance.
*On/off switch available.
*Adjustable earhook fitted for left or right ear.
*Silver or customers' specified color available.
*Cable: 1.2 meters
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Company endeavor to be perfect on quality, service,
competition, and responsibly was founded in 1989.
Our main products are plastic injection molds, investment casting
parts, die casting parts...etc.

Description: Our company is specialized in the production of various
magnetic products, available from parts to finished products which
including support belt, man's auto belt, insoles, wraps and plaster,
magnet message ball, pillow, mattress, cushion, bracelet, hand ring,
necklace, finger ring, ear clips, hand chain, watch chain, earrings

Description: Product ID: SG-34M, 32M, 31M / SG-39M, 35M
B/W Camera, Budget Type B/W Camera
1. B/W Camera
SG-34M: 1/3" CCD, 470K Pixels, 600 TVL, 0.15 Lux at F1.2.
SG-32M: 1/3" CCD, 320K Pixels, 480 TVL, 0.01 Lux at F1.2.
SG-31M: 1/3" CCD, 320K Pixels, 450 TVL, 0.05 Lux at F1.2.
2. Budget Type B/W Camera
SG-39M: 1/3" CCD, 320K Pixels, 420 TVL, 0.1 Lux at F1.2.
SG-35M: 1/3" CCD, 320K Pixels, 420 TVL, 0.1 Lux at F1.2.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Founded in 1993, we are one of the leading
manufacturers of car seat covers in Taiwan. We have been working on
the improvement of car seating for 10 years and have received very
good reputation from supplying high quality seat covers to the local
market. Recently, we started to promote our products to foreign
markets, and have proven to be affirmative by customers over the

Description: The major products of the company are starter motor for
both motorcycle and automobile, electric parts & power system for

Description: We are the manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of
badges and uniform accessories. Just drop a line and we will contact
u promptly.

Description: We are an import & export trading company in Iran. We
like to see your "hot pots" catalogue to send our orders and buy
these products.

Description: Wanted - pomegranate juice concentrate (conventional
and certified organic) for the USA marketplace. 65 brix, bright red
color, fresh aroma and no additives of any kind.

Description: Established in 1973 and it is recognized in many
countries for its seriousness both in Brazil and overseas as well.
We produce a large line of hand tools such as hand saws, hacksaws,
bow saws, saw blades for power tools, very fine high precision wood
levels, single and double function plomb bobs. We also produce wood
shovel handles, wood hole digger handles, wood crusher handles, wood
broom handles, wood pruner handles, wood file handles, and different
styles of handles for hand saws. We also produce hand garden tools
such as shovels etc.

Description: We have available for sale 100 mt of gold bars in Swiss
with certificate of Gold Ownership. Please send the LOI and in less
than 24 hours we will send the FCO.

Description: As a leading basic manufacturer and exporter of
agrochemicals in China, We offer a wide range of agrochemicals in
both TC and formulation grade, in different formulations and packing
to meet customer’s needs: acetamiprid 95TC, 20SP, 3EC, 20SL
carbendazim 98TC, 50WP imidacloprid 95TC, 70WS, 70WP, 20SLomethoate
95TC, 40EC, 50SL Paraquat 42TC, 20Liquid Glyphosate 95Tech, 62,
41IPA, 10WSC Carbofuran 97Tech, 20EC Methomyl 97Tech, 20EC BPMC
97TC, 95TC, 50EC.

Description: The products supplied by the center have won the
product quality prize in International Finest Quality Products Fair.
Especially, the Man Shaped Hat obtained the national patent, whose
unique technology and excellent material earns favorable comment by
hat-making experts at home and abroad and is in customers` good
graces. Our aim of service is to perform strictly "On the basis of
Quality, to make innovations and give fine quality products", We
will provide continually the best products for the market and hope
sincerely that we could be given an opportunity to cooperate with
merchants of all over the world and develop together.

Description: We are one of the exporters in China which specifies in
supplying marine equipment. Our main products are as follows:
1) Lifeboat, rescue boat, high speed rescue boat, lifeboat davit,
life jacket, life raft, life raft davit, life jacket lights, life
2) Anchor, anchor chain and accessories, shackles, platform chain,
long/short link chains;
3) Spare parts for diesel engine, turbocharger, cylinder liner,
cylinder cover, piston head;
4) Marine window, door, pilot ladder, wire rope, rope clip, thimble,
turnbuckles, cargo blocks, slings, lifting tackles, gangway net,
lashing equipment;
5) Bollard, fairlead, chain stopper, chock, cast steeling, pipes,
6) Deck equipment: steering gear, anchor machine, winch, windlass;
7) Air vent head, zinc anode, aluminum anode, rudder system, shaft
system, propeller;
In one word, almost all of the products related to marine are all in
our business scope.
What's more, we now have established a factory of our own which
manufactures lifeboat: totally enclosed lifeboat, semi-enclosed
lifeboat, rescue boat, fast rescue boat, and suitable davit for
these lifeboats/rescue boats.
Would you be interested in any of our products, please always feel
free to contact with us for quotation or further information. You
are promised any of your inquiry send to us will receive our prompt
attention and reply with competitive prices at good quality.
We sincerely hope to have opportunities to cooperate with you!

Description: We are a Hong Kong based manufacturer established in
1982 and specialized in the following products.
Electronics in-door/out-door thermometers & hygrometers.
Electronics timers, clocks & gadgets.
Gifts & premium items.
We make O.E.M. items & licensed products for our customers. Our aim
is to look after customer's need.

Description: Our corporation is appointed manufacturer of Swiss
sunrise watch., watch type have: amatory watch, lady watch, sport
watch, gift watch, Price is favorable, guarantee quality and offer
promptly delivery.

Description: Our factory was built in 1978 and won the ISO9000
certification in 1994. Total 156 workers here. Main products are
steel shot/grit, iron shot/grit. Our technology was introduced from
Japan with superior technique. 50% of our products are exporting
back to Japan and 30% are exporting to Europe and other developed
countries. 10% is for our domestic market selling.

Description: We are a professional supplier of canned fruit/
vegetable with our own factory, we can supply canned pineapple,
mushroom, peaches, mandarine orange, strawberry, straw mushroom,
lychee etc of different packing, we are ready to do our best to
cooperate with you, please don't hesitate to contact us with your
details inquiry and company's information.

Description: Specializes in labels and transfer printing. With
factories in Mainland China, Taiwan and Thailand, we are armed with
more than 22 years of experience in our business. We offer a wide
range of products, and constantly striving to refine our techniques
and quality to meet our clients’ needs. We are able to support the
packaging needs of various industries; or to produce finish
products. We are certified supplier of MH14780, MH26367, MH19545,
UL588 and LS98461.

Last update 12 Oct 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: Our company producing pharmaceutical intermediates,
agrochemicals, laboratory chemicals and dyes, such as janus green b,
tetrazolium red, 3, 4-diaminobenzoic acid, bisphenol fluorene, 1, 2-
dibromoethane and etc.

Description: We sell 150 000 pieces of women stock (summer)
Minimum order: 30 000 pieces
Price: 1, 5 euro/piece
Brand: Kiabi
We are overstock wholesaler and we have more than 1 500 000 pieces
in permanent stock.

Description: We are a manufacturer and exporter dealing with
agriculture products, such bee products, raw material (spices, peas
& beans), if you are interested in honey, royal jelly, chilli,
fennel seeds etc, welcome to contact with us at any time.

Description: We can supply chain hoist, lever block in high quality
with CE/GS certificates. Chain hoist is of excellent quality, we
have VITAL type and round Type, with 0.5T~20T capacity, and plain,
geared trolley.
Lever block is 0.75T~6T, we also have small sizes like 0.25T, 0.5T,
which is very popular in North American and European markets. Our
hoists have been exported to many countries. Also we can supply
Steel wire rope pulling hoist, 0.8/1.6/3.2Tx 20M. We warmly welcome
all friends to contact us for above products.

Description: We are interested in white metal imitation. Pl send us
full details and best quote.

Description: Hong Kong sole capital enterprise, which is combined
with production, innovation, development & sale, and which accounts
for over 4, 000 square meters, owns a load of skilled workers and is
of ability of developing new products Our company is specializing in
manufacturing professional sound boxes, amplifiers, sound adjuster &
other fittings. We are aiming at building famous brand & quality and
now we have acquired ISO9001, CCC and CE certificates in the past
2003. Since China joined WTO, our company has developed lots of
middle-prise products in order to fit into nationwide market. The
everlasting and reliable qualities have made the sale-web spread all
over the world. Finally, we have set up the reliable bridge between
us and consumers.
In the new century, our engineers have developed the extremely
perfect audio amplifiers after over ten year's efforts. The brand-
new product is sure to compete all present famous brands in the
world in any aspects. Its circuit technology and parts is the top at
home, what's more, it is of patent-design, small-size, light weight,
strong power, low energy-output and stunning stability. Welcome to
establish good & long-term relationship with us.

Description: We produce a women shawel with best design and price.

Description: We are the leading exporters based in Dubai [UAE] of
computers/IT products and consumables, office automation products
and a wide range of products. We can provide you with low prices on
a wide range of products.

Description: We are manufacturers and exporters of knitted and woven
garments for men, women and children. Our specialty is sequin
garments as party wear and evening wear for women who are highly
conscious in the present trendy styles of clothing. We market the
merchandise of 70 hi quality company’s merchandise consisting of
home textile products such as duvets, pillow shams, bed covers and
valence sheets, curtains, cushion covers, table linen, place mats,
table mats, aprons, mittens, pot holders, runners, cotton, chennyl,
kilm jacquard, rag rugs with bath mat sets and terry, non terry
beach, bath, kitchen, hand and face towels in plain solids, floral
jacquard designs with honey comb, herring bone, plain, dobby weaves
aesthetics. We are meant for cost economy as we produce and deal in
bulk quantities. We are notable for prompt shipments and buyers
ultimate peace yielder.

Description: * Main & External Color LCD / Built -in Camera CDMA
- SANYO SCP-8100 (Foleder): Built-In Camera & Color LCD(65, 000
color) Dual Band Mobile Phone
* R-UIM Card CDMA Mobile Phone (for Aisan countries)
- HanHwa C-8000 (Folder): R-UIM Card attached on back side
* 65, 000 STN Color LCD CDMA Triband Mobile Phone
- Samsung SCH-N400 (Folder): Camera Available
Rerfurbished CDMA Mobile phone Price (With New Housing)
*Model: Samsung (Anycall)
SCH-900 (Flip)
SCH-A100 (Folder).

Description: We are specialized in mold.

Description: We are the Serbian-based company which produces ready-
made clothing. Our activity covers choosing materials, creation,
cutting out and sewing, as well as printing design. We offer You
quality-made products, like T-shirts and undershirts for both sexes.
According to Your needs, we sew other clothing pieces. The quality
is under permanent and strict control.
We can offer you: ready-made product: T-shirts - our price is 1.5
euro per one.
Sewing service
Design, modelling and cutting out services
Printing design service
Ready-made product. You can order ready-made product from our
collection: T- shirts, shirts, training suits. According to Your
needs we can produce a vestment regarding Your request.
Sewing service. Thanks to favorable conditions, including low
production costs, we can offer You quality sewing service- a
complete process, or a part of it.
Design, modeling and cutting out services. Our team of young and
enthusiastic designers and modelmakers can offer You creating
collections and cutting outs. Our artistic workshop can contribute
in making Your brand.
Printing design service. We offer You printing design service for
clothing. Also to offer support in advertising campaign for your

Description: High performance biologic fire retardant called burn-x.
Burn-X is an effective, natural, non-toxic, ecologic and economic
water based fire retardant. It renders cellulose based materials
like wood, paper or cotton incapable of being set on fire.
Burn-X slows substantially the flame spread and greatly reduces
smoke developed and afterglow in fire situations.
Burn-x products are applied as penetrant, lack or composite in the
wood industry and also contain natural additives that act as very
effective biological insecticide and fungicide.
Burn-x extinguisher on the other hand is an economic solution for
fire safety. It is used by fire fighter organizations, in water
tanks of buildings and factories.
When sprinkled on fire it is 20 times more effective than water and
therefore substantially reduces or eliminates flashover and the
result in fire-destruction.

Description: We offer fully automatic form fill and seal machines
(sachet machines) for powders, pastes and liquids equipped with
volumetric fillers, auger fillers or weigh fillers as per demand of
the product, for various applications like food, chemicals, alcohol,
dairy, and pharmaceutical industries.
Semi automatic filling and sealing machines also offered for above
products and industries. Seriously interested parties contact us
with your requirement.

Description: Searching for a steady buyer of fresh vegetables and
fruits for EU market such as: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lattice,
cabbage, watermelons, melones, grapes etc. Please contact for
further details of products and season offers.

Description: We are leading manufacturers and exporter/suppliers of
Salt crystal Lamps and candle holders of various kind and design. We
are capable to ship 3x20ft container per week. Our prices are
competitive besides high standard of quality. We provide salt
crystal lamps both with wooden and marble base. We use imported
electric fittings. We use the bulb according to the buyers
requirements. We do not sell our products in retail. We welcome
wholesalers and importers of bulk quantum. We normally export
against confirmed LC or advance payment but option of deffered
payment or credit sales can also be considered from reputed buyers.
Quotation with brochure available on request.

Description: We manufacture carbon molecular sieve and have pilot
plant for testing
Absorption pressure (MPa) 0.8 (PSA method)
N2 concentration (%) 99.5
Type cms-200
N2 production capacity (M3/h.t) 200
air/N2 2.5-2.75
N2 production capacity (M3/h.t) 220
air/N2 2.5-2.75
Our price for selling the carbon molecular sieve with the above
technical specifications is about 7.50 USD/kg FOB Shanghai?.

Description: We supply the cheapest stock lot quartz analogue
watches from US$1.98 to US$2.98 per pc FOB Hong Kong Prices x One
carton (500 mixed models) + Freight/ Handling US$300/Ctn from Hong
Kong to USA/UK via EMS Speedpost door to door delivery. Delivery
within 5-7 working days after receipt of bank wire transfer payment.
Flea marketers, street hawkers, stockists, wagon jobbers, bargain
hunters, swapmeets, garages salers, closeout/surplus dealers,
liquidators, auctioneers, dropshippers, mailorderers, wholesalers,
traders. Making fortunes through selling our watches in the markets.

Description: Manufacturer and exporter of garments for many years,
has rich experiences in garment producing and exporting process. Our
mission is to be a reliable partner with competitive price, fine
quality and timely delivery.

Description: Professional manufactory group of martial arts. We can
provide our customers various kinds of martial arts products. And
get very nice reaction from them.

Description: Professional producer in manufacturing regenerative
blowers (side channel blowers). Turbo blowers and multistage
blowers. We also produce dust collector for industrial used which
was equipped which chuan fan blower.

Description: Y-type hi ten steel suspension frame w/suspension fork,
steel head set, alloy handlebar & stem, forged alloy f/r v-brakes
alloy rims, alloy f/r hubs, 14g spokes, 26 x 2.1" black tires w/red
lines, two tone vinyl top saddle, 25.4 x 300mm alloy seat post, q/r
alloy seat post clamp, 28/38/48t x 170mm, cn-ug50 chain, alloy
pedals, shimano rd-ty30/fd-ty30 w/st-ef20 shifter.

Description: Taiwan's largest plastic pail manufacturer, often
referred to as the "Pail King". We are also into plastic injection
molding, experienced in the used of various engineering plastics for
molding products with stringent requirements.

Description: 1.Popular item, fashion style
2.Fit for chain store, gift, and promotion.
3.Long-lasting, easy install.
4.Export over 15 x 40'container per month.
5.Welcome OEM/ODM order!!

Description: Noiseless acoustic wave earphone utilizes acoustic
vibration to pass messages when it touches your skin; therefore all
background noise will be eliminated completely when you are on
phone. Wherever you are (in KTV or noisy street), the friend whom
you are talking to just can hear your voice, without the song or the
loudspeaker around you.

Description: At the outset, we take the opportunity of introducing
ourselves as the manufacturers of violin spares (all sizes & types)
and various type of metal/rubber accessories. We have specialization
on some of the accessories.
We feel certain that you would like to enlist our name with you and
provide us with your valued enquiries in the days to come, and thus
enable us to serve you to your fullest satisfaction.
Please feel free to mail us without any hesitation and also if you
need any further information and clarification about ourselves or
about any materials.

New Zealand
Description: I have available from this season which starts May 1st,
Canadian Lobsters, sizes 350 to 650 grams cooked and co2 frozen or
cooked and frozen in brine, also fresh frozen tails, photo's
For more info please do not hesitate to contact.

Description: We are the manufacturer and exporter of artificial
flowers in China, main products cover paper flower, latex flower,
fabric flower, etc.

Description: Consultants in conjunction with major office furniture
manufacturer has large quantity of Excess stock student type desks.
Approximately 4 feet long, standard width. All in good condition
These desks are ideal for export ?10 to ?25 depending on quantity.
Can deliver if required.

Description: Our products includes leather palm working gloves
(grain leather palm; split leather palm; patched leather palm;
double leather palm; furniture leather; etc), welder gloves,
driver's and gardening gloves, cotton gloves (cotton gloves with PVC
dots, etc), synthetic gloves (nitrile coated cotton gloves; nitrile
impregnated gloves; latex coated cotton gloves; disposable latex
glove; disposable nitrile glove; disposable vinyl glove; etc),
safety products (dust mask; goggle; chemical respirator; helmet),
working cotton clothes; rain suit fire resistant suit, etc.

Description: For the chemical solution of CaCo3 scales deposition in
the geothermal wells, spas, and geothermal power plants, scale
inhibitor made by polyacrylate, is the best selection for
maintaining facilities.
Well studied from long terms of experiences and developped
performance as
1) High efficiency to inhibit CaCO3 crystallization.
2) Low corrosive action to metal pipes.
3) Thermo-stability over 260 C for a long time.
4) Low running costs.
Japanese technology could solve this problems.

Description: Our company is a major manufacturer of silica (quartz)
products such as high purity silica sand, silica powder, micro-
silica powder, (crystal) powder and fused silica lump and powder,
etc. These products are widely used as materials for (optic) glass,
optical fiber, electrical, electronic, semiconductor, Epoxy Molding
Compound (EMC), paint, coating, ceramic, chemical, building,
foundry, precision casting, refractory and abrasives industries etc.

Description: We are manufacturer in Ningbo, China. Our products is
mop, dust brush, broom, paint brush and so on, if you have interest
to our products, please contact.

Description: With years of experience, high precision CNC equipment
and CAD/CAM system, we are one of the leading plastic injection mold
makers, plastic products manufacturers and exporters in China. We
supply quality mold and plastic products at very competitive prices.

Sri Lanka
Description: Importer & wholesale distributor of motor spare parts.

Description: We are an industry and trade group. We manufacture the
machinery and electronic products, such as power tools, air tools,
garden tools, high pressure washer and so on. For example:
mower, high pressure washer, air tools, radial arm saw, solar garden
light, cut-off machine, bench planer, surface planer, sander,
trimmer, blower, grinder.

Description: Company is specializes in manufacturing sheet gasket
material, non-asbestos jointing sheet and reinforced composite sheet
sealing material. And we have won good reputation in domestic and
foreign market by excellent employees, superior equipment and first-
class technology.
Reinforced composite sheet made of expanded graphite and non-
asbestos has excellent performance in temperature resisting sealing,
tensile strength and sealing equality, which has provided various
types of sealing gasket materials and products for domestic
manufacturer in industries of automobile, motorcycle, power machine
and sealing products.
Our main products: flexible (expanded) graphite sheet (rolls).
Reinforced graphite composite sheet, reinforced asbestos sheet,
reinforced non-asbestos sheet, asbestos rubber sheet, non-asbestos
rubber sheet, flexible graphite packing ring. Reinforced graphite
gasket. Spiral wound gasket, gland packing etc.. The all products
are extensively applied in petroleum, chemical industry, electrical
power, metallurgy, automobiles, ship building, food, paper, mining,
steel and pharmacy etc.
Our product have been sold far to Europe. America and Southeast,
Japan, Singapore, Germany, Taiwan etc.

Sri Lanka
Description: Garments sourcing company that specializes in producing
and out sourcing casual and industrial garments besides re-
presenting buyers to their country of interest.
We are set up specifically to service manufacturers / distributors
who traditionally have made garments in the U.S. from materials
designed and produced in USA and are known for maintaining high
standard of quality.

Description: We are one of the leading manufacturers of bakery
yeast. We produce and export very high quality instant dry yeast and
fresh yeast with excellent prices to 111 countries in the world.
If you are interested in distribution, wholesale, import of this
product please kindly contact us.

Description: We are a leading salon products supply in china such as
haircutting cape, chemical apron, beauty apparel, beauty case, tool
pouch, trolley, towel etc. All kind accessories.

Description: We are reliable manufacturer and exporter of various
fabric. If you could contact me, I will offer you competitive price
and high quality.

Description: First we have some men's socks we want sell it, it's
come in one size, 45cm, weight around 30 gram, it's suitable for
spring and autumn, it made of polycotton, we have 2 million pair
socks, the prize is more suitable, 0.93rmb socks with simple
packing, 0.96rmb socks with simple packing and invoice. This is our
last price. If you are interesting in it, please contact us.

Description: Manufacture and export RF paper labels, EAS system,
hard tag, lanyard, pin to distributor/importer from around the

Description: We sell all kinds of sisal products including sisal
yarn. Sisal rope. Sisal polishing cloth. Sisal polishing buffs.
Sisal carpet...with excellent quality and reasonable price.

Description: Biometric fingerprint based time attendance, access
control machines and scanners.

Description: We are manufacturers travertine tiles from our own
- Honed and filled
- Honed and unfilled
- Patinated with chiselled edges
- Tumbled tiles
And slabs and special products such as travertine pavers (honed and
chiselled edge), travertine tumbled tiles and naturel stone skins.

New Zealand
Description: Company based in China, New Zealand, UK and South
Africa. We offer DVD players, TV, PLASMA monitors, Home theatre
systems, LCD monitors with built in tuner if required, and any other
electronic products required.
Also, we deal in mobile phones, bluetooth headset, export New
Zealand and Australian Beef/ sheep/ offals, hides; and from China we
export Garlic, cumin seeds, Cassia, canned products, coal tar,
graphite, iron ore, etc. Please enquire within - only genuine

Description: We're maker/supplier for various kinds of gloves,
sportswear & goods. We can produce related products with your
instructions in any quantity.

Description: We are a manufacturer and exporter of cosmetics and
face-paints and beauty-accessories for teens and children in China.

Description: We are a manufacturer & exporter of cosmetics &
cosmetics-gifts-sets in Taiwan for over 35 years, and we like to
export our brand new cosmetics & cosmetics/sets to the worldwide

Last update 11 Oct 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We have the Samsung 4253 Plasma ready to be delivered,
the price is $2350 USD.
Contact our office by email and we will send by attachment all spec
and details. We have been allocated 25K on this model.
They are in stock now.
Please get in touch asp, since there is a lot of interest.
Payment terms: LC or Escrow.
PO: to be made to: -
Traqwist AB
All transportation through: -
Our Freight Forwarder:
Strait Air Transport AB
Box 148 S-190 45 Stockholm, Arlanda
(May we point out: This is a genuine offer through Samsung).

Description: We are one of the leading manufacturers of all types of
bare, tinned (HDP & ELET) coated or silvered platted copper wire,
braided strip, ropes, assembly and connectors, shielded tape for
Our products are approved by IS & ISO 9000, 9001 & 9002 by LTD
We are in this field of manufacturing of these types of products
from about last 30 years & have established excellent clients though
out India. Our clients include multinational companies, Corporate
giants and major Public sector undertakings.
Now, we are in the process of acquiring new customers like you, who
contribute to our business growth & provide new us challenge. Our
objective of web-marketing is to create loyal customers and to serve
them more efficiently and effectively.
Applications areas of our products are as follows:
Control panels, railways & locomotive, transformers, induction
furnish, switch gear, relay switch, earthlings tap, electronics
items – power meter connectors, electronics, turbine connectors.

Description: Isotropic ferrite magnet(barium): equip ceramic 1, dry
pressed. Anisotropic barium ferrite magnet, dry pressed: ceramic 6.
Anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet, dry pressed: ceramic 6.
Anisotropic barium ferrite magnet, wet pressed: ceramic 5, 7.
Anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet, wet pressed: ceramic 5, 7.

Description: We are main importer of used electronic equipment for
our country Pakistan. We are importing containers of computers from
USA and we are also importing used test & measurement equipment from
USA. If you help us we can give you good orders. If you can forward
our e-mail to concerns, we would be very thankful to you.
At the moment we are looking for used Equipment. If you can make it
possible to supply to us we can make deal with you.
We require the following:
1. Vector Network Analyzer
Make: Agillent
Model: AT-8720ES with full options.
Qty: 01
Target Price US$ 50, 000.00
If you able to find that we are interested to buy it from you.

Description: Yarn:
Yarn qualities that can be manufactured in our plant are, carded and
combed cotton yarn, ring and open end melange yarn (cotton,
polyester, acrylic, viscose, proviscose, polyamide and their blends)
and 100% cotton melange. Ring quality is manufactured in a range
between Ne 16 to Ne 50, where Open End is Ne 8 to Ne 36.
Our daily capacity is: ring yarn (carded and combed)= 25, 000 kgs
Open End Yarn = 8, 000 kgs
Dyed yarn:
Cotton, polyester, acrylic, viscose, proviscose, polyamide, wool and
their blends are manufactured as dyed yarn. Daily capacity for dyed
yarns is 6, 000 kgs.
Twisted yarn:
Our plant also has high quality yarn twisting facility which is able
to make Z and S twist with a 5, 000 kgs. daily capacity.
Our main concern is "Absolute customer satisfaction through perfect
production at reasonable price”.
Our company is an ISO – 9001-2000 and Oeko – tex standard 100
We have been exporting our products to the well known companies in
different countries for several years.

Description: We are pleased to introduce ourselves one of the
leading exporter from Thailand. Our head office is in Hong Kong and
branches are in Taiwan, China, Spain and London. We are exporting
all kind of general merchandise, furniture, food items, garments,
textiles to all over the globe.
Herewith please find details in our foods products we are exporting
to all over the world. Energy drink, coconut juice, coconut milk,
canned bamboo shoot tip, canned bamboo shoot slice strip, canned
mushroom, rice, chili sauce, tomato paste, fish sauce, seasoning
sauce, fish paste, dried mushroom, soya bean, canned fish, canned
tuna and flake.
Kindly please check and advice if any of above items you are
interested. Will check and revert to you with our lowest price and
best service.
We are very keen to establish business relationship with your
esteemed company.

Description: We are an Israeli exporter company of different kinds
of vegetable seeds and fresh cut flowers.

Description: We are the leading supplier of home product in India.

Description: Brass wire mesh.
Specification: 8-160mesh, Wire Gauge (SWG): 24-46, aperture: 2.616-
Width: 0.6M-1.3M or others specified by clients.
High brass (70% copper, 30% zinc) wire and low brass (80% copper,
20%zinc) wire have much better abrasion resistance, better corrosion
and lower electrical conductivity when compared to copper wire.
Brass woven wire cloth is excellent for marine and out of door
applications because of its immunity to rust and salt solutions.
Brass wire mesh and cloth is an ideal mesh for fabricating gasoline
filters and baskets for electro polishing. It possesses greater
strength than copper or bronze.

Description: We are manufacturers and exporters of leather goods. We
are in a position to deliver American style wallets and trifolds
@1.65. We also have European style wallets, ladies bags, file
organizers and file cases in excess inventory for immediate
shipments at very reasonable prices. We can also supply as per
buyers specifications and packing.

Description: We require Soya bean and it's wastage in large quantity
for our local consumption and agricultural corps on exclusive
representation direct with Latin American or Chinese manufacturers.

Description: We serving the globe since 1987 with integrity and
pride. New, factory refurbished, off lease. Laptops, desktops,
servers, printers, accessories Toshiba, IBM, Compaq, Sony, Dell, HP,
Acer, Fujitsu.
HP Pavillion ZE5570US $933 DM767AR P4-2.66/512/60/15.0TFT/DVD-
HP Pavillion ZE5568 CL $1010 P4-2.66/512/80/DVD-
Presario 2570CL $929 P4-2.4/512/40/DVD-CDRW/15.0TFT/56K/10/100/WXP-
IBM TP A22M 2628-PTU RB $575 P3-800MHZ/128/12/DVD/15.0TFT/FDD/WIN2K-
Toshiba Tecra 8200 RC $595 P3-
850/20/128/CDRW/14.1TFT/56K/10/100/WIFI/NO OS
SONY PDA NX80V NEW $325 200Mhz/32MB/1.3MegaPixel Camera/Palm OS 5.
Averatec 3120V NEW $599 CEL-1.2GHZ/256/30/DVD-

Description: We are PCB designer & assembling. Master in FM circuit
board our production is 5000 PCS per day.

Description: We are couple private Bulgarian manufacturers of
garments. We would like to establish business relationships with EC
companies and I offer common business and mutual collaboration.
We are producing coats, overcoats, jackets, jogging suits, boxers,
T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts.
We are using traditional quality Bulgarian fabrics and we are
selling our garments in EC with Euro-1 Certificate. We could develop
your models or if you want we could work with your materials and

Description: We are in position to supply wheat flour, wheat bran,
sugar etc, we can send our offer for bulk quantities.

Description: We sell sugar international standard pls ask quality
and quantity.

Description: Bitumen, tile.

Description: We want to sell currant. We have 500t.

Description: We are manufacturer and exporter of sports goods (like,
soccer, base ball, rounder, cricket ball, soft ball, exercise ball
etc) many kinds of gloves, sports uniforms, karate suits, canvas
bags, canvas garments and mesh hosiery t-shirts.

Description: We are manufacturers of HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE T-shirt bags,
bags on roll and garbage bags. Both printed and non printed bags are
manufactured. Size and the thickness of bags can be made according
to the requirement of the customer.

Description: We are doing distribute organic and inorganic chemical
in UK and in Europe also is based on what customer need we take
order and supply on very reasonable price. (chemical distributor in

Sri Lanka
Description: 1. We manufacture molded rubber door mats industry
variuos sizes/shapes and colors for export.
2.We manufacture Door wdges, sink cleaners
3.We manufacture rubberized coir logs for children’s play areas.

Description: We are a well-experienced and major ladies'
knitted/woven wear of designer labels in Taiwan. Main products:
lady’s knitted/woven causal wear, jackets, blouses, t-shirts, pants,
dresses & skirts.

Description: Our lines include various mechanical rollers such as
the rollers for making plastic products, metallic products as well
as paper products. From pattern's design to finished roller, we can
totally meet the customers' requirements.

Description: Founded in 1949, our plant is located in San-chih
Hsiang professionally producing aluminum impact extrusion products
as well as top of the line metal press buckles.

Description: Bar transfer magazine is a ideal machine for chamfering
the double end of the tube. It allow for complete automatic
operation from the material bin, through the feeding slide and de-
burring process to unloading to raise the level of efficiency and
maximize your production capabilities.

Description: We specialized in manufacturing Nylon 6 & 66 staple
fiber for textile, non-woven, flocking & carpet usages.
Production range: diameter: 1 den ~ 70 den; length: 1" ~ 272";
luster: bright, semi-dull, full-dull, sparking.

Description: Established in 1992, we are one of the largest and
professional manufacturers of traverse rod and drapery hardware in
Asia, with headquarter in Taipei and factory in China. We are well
equipped with innovative facilities from the States, Japan and
Taiwan. Over the last few years we have been launching into first
class technology, workshops, engineering and managerial systems.

Description: Looks just like your mobile phone, allows you to carry
it anywhere without others aware: in class, in seminar, in shop,
place of worship, library, on train or bus during trip, etc.

Description: We would like to introduce our firm as a leading
Importer & Exporter from Pakistan. Our company mainly handle
agricultural products, specialize in processing & export of fresh
fruits & vegetables. We have post harvest faculties owned. We are
also doing business as a biggest wholesaler in Karachi Wholesale
Fruits & Vegetable Market since 45 years. The focus of our
operations is efficiency, price, competitiveness and Quality. We can
provide you quality Products at very competitive prices around the
year. IE Prime Products are: Onion, Potato, tomato, sugarcane and
other seasonal vegetables. If you are interested in any of above
mentioned item please contact us directly at our following given
addresses. We have good reputation in the Pakistani Market of
Dealing with lots of companies providing best quality goods. For
Further Details Please spare few precious moments You will find us
reliable, honor, transparent in all business manners. Dear sir, We
are export company in the field of fresh vegetables and We offer -
high quality of the products - the best price - professional service
- fulfill the orders on time - individual approach to customer In
order to receive detailed pricelist and conditions of cooperation
please feel free to contact us.

Description: We are offering black walnut veneer, panel and
furniture grades A, A/B, and B. Large quantities available. We also
have highly figured western walnut, available in smaller quantities.
Please contact us with your interest.

Description: Main provide the computer device. Note book, wireless,
USB device, personal digital assitant, backplane, mobilerack,
external box.

Description: Our company offers complete spectrum 4-8 color ink
series, 156 kinds of dyed and pigment based ink, which are suitable
for all brand Epson, Canon, HP, Lexmark. Offers high quality
compatible ink cartridge for Epson Canon HP printer.
Offers toner cartridge for HP Lexmark too. Offers refill kits and
refill injection machine. Really manufacturer for above products.

Description: We wish to introduce ourselves as the professional
manufacturer of bonded NdFeB and Ferrite magnets in China. Our
capacity is over 400 tons per year with the world class technology
accumulated from American and Japanese experts. Today, our products
has included both bonded compression NdFeB magnets and injection
bonded NdFeB magnets and are widely applied in diverse industries.
Sincerely hope to have the chance of cooperating with you in the

Description: One of the key daily-use porcelain production bases and
exportation bases in China. Main products: daily-use porcelain ware,
Chinese style dinner set, western style dinner set, coffee set, tea
set, arts and supper fine white porcelain, etc.

Description: Exports kinds of electrical equipment. Illumination:
fluorescent lamp (straight); fluorescent lamp (round); fluorescent
lamp bracket; electronic energy-saving lamps; compact fluorescent
twin tube; general lighting service lamp (GLS); candle, round,
krypton opalescent lamp.

Description: Our group is one of biggest paper manufactory in China,
we could supply you many good quality papers. There fore, with the
strict quality management system-ISO9002, we can provide the first
class products in the world for customers.
Our company's main products are:
1. Teabag filter paper
2. Electrolytic capacitor paper
3. Special paper for mask
4. Filter paper for desiccating agent bag
5. Cotton paper for double-side adhesive Tape
6. Vacuum cleaner paper for vacuum cleaner bag
7. Carbon paper
8. Fluorite
9. Grey back white back paper for outside packing.

Description: Photoluminescent/luminous/phosphorescent/glowing
pigment and its applications.

Description: We are a leading professional manufacturer of all types
of low-voltage electrical equipments. Our major products are such as
miniature circuit breakers, residual current circuit breakers, RCBO,
AC contactors, transformers, modulus distribution boxes and other
electric relative equipments and accessories. Also, we can supply
mould opening high quality service and do OEM/ODM for buyer.
Our company was established in 1996 and our products have been
exported to all the world and enjoy high reputations.
If you need more information about us, welcome to visit our website
or send an e-mail to me. I will reply you as soon as possible.

Description: We are pleasure to introduce ourselves as manufacturer
and exporter of all kinds of wire mesh, we mainly produce galvanized
and PVC coated welded wire mesh, hex. wire mesh, glass fibre plain
mesh, square wire mesh, rhombus wire mesh; meanwhile, We also
produce stainless steel wire mesh and various of window screening
etc. Our products are sold well in the world market, you can see our
products are of good quality and our prices are most competitive.
One of our principle is that contract is honored, that commerical
integrity is maintained.

Description: Product: Reserpine
Standard: USP 24/ BP 2002
Quantity: 10-60 Kg
Packing: 500 g in alumimum foils with secondary packing being
aluminum can.
Delivery: 10 Kg Ex- stock, 10 Kg thereafter every 2 weeks
Price: US $ 4250/ Kg FOB
Validity: 30 days.

Description: Our company primary deals in all kinds of kidney beans,
such as, white kidney beans (size: small, middle, large), small red
kidney beans, light speckled kidney beans, black kidney beans, etc.
/ green beans / soybeans/small red beans/ peanuts / sesames /
sunflower seeds / rice /corn / broomcorn / bird foods, such as,
hempseeds, perillaseeds, etc.

Description: We are a professional manufacturer and exporter for
kinds of audio heads and card-reading heads, including mono, stereo,
auto-reverse, shift type, erasing type, special magnetic head.
Also, we supply adaptor, iron, oven, cloth dryer, and other consumer
electronics. OEM&ODM are welcome!

Description: NdFeB permanent Magnets series:
NdFeB magnets for motor, generator, driver etc.
Tile-shaped and special-shaped magnet.
Blocks in various specification.
Products painted with epoxy resin.
Circles in various specification.
Cylinders in various specification.

Description: We are one professional manufacturer and exporter of
computer monitor and color TV located in Shenzhen, China, we have
worked in this field for about 10 years, and we have two of our own
factory with ISO9001 certificate now.
Our main products range in:
CRT monitor: 14”, 15”, 17”, 19”
Color TV: 14”, 21”, 29”
We not only deal with our own brand, but also can accept OEM order.

Description: Our company as a manufacture mainly producing all kinds
of packing tape, the details as below:
Gummed kraft paper, Waterless kraft tape, BOPP packing tape,
Stationery tape, Printed tape, Double coated tape, Wrinkle coated
tape, Nylon tape for machine use and hand use, Shrink packing film,
PE protect film, Polypropylene plastic rope, paper roller and
packing equipment.

Russian Federation
Description: Our company offers you and your partners the following
1. Marketing researches in Russia.
2. Representation services: search of the buyers / sellers, promote
of your production, distribution and many other things.
3. Promotion your production by whole Russia – new offer!
(additional info in our site (option “NEWS”)).

Description: We are a professional company, which is specialized on
aluminium profile manufacturing. If your need is on aluminium
materials then pls. contact us. We are keen on supplying you with
best product with good prices. We are the distributor of the
Turkey's biggest aluminium manufacturer.

Description: Firewood. We produce quality firewood from Birch tree.

Description: Our company has vast experience in manufacturing and
exporting: Indian handicrafts (hard goods), home furnishings
(including soft goods), fashion accessories (ladies wears, shawls,
scarves, sandals, bags, belts, costume jewelry, etc.). We are
looking for genuine buyers for our quality products and also we are
interested to become their sourcing Agent in India for any
requirement of products to be sourced. As far as quality, price and
timely delivery are concerned, we assure you, our customers are more
than comfortable with us in this respect.

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