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Export offers

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New export offers available to BizEurope members:

Update - 30.05.2003

Click here for full details of these export offers

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are one of the leading exporters of green moong beans,
moth beans, basmati rice, long grain white rice, chilli powder,
corriander powder from Pakistan. We pay special attention towards the
quality not the price only. If you are interested to get better
quality at lower price, please contact us right now.

Country: Pakistan
Description: Exporters of pharmaceutical, medicine, garments,
handicraft, furniture, products.

Country: India
Description: We are the leading exporter of gifts and handicrafts

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are manufacturers of aerosol sprays we deals in
insecticide sprays, air freshener, silicon sprays and other we also
deals in chemical powders we want to export our goods All over the

Country: India
Description: We are exporters of all kinds of garments, silk ties,
perfumes, costume jewelry, candles, kids garments, handicrafts and
agro based products.

Country: Greece
Description: Our company produces quality packaging materials for the
food industry, cosmetics industry. Plastic thermoformed trays and
inserts for food (sweets with syrup, cakes, croissants, chalva,
candied fruits, chocolates, biscuits, grissini, pasta, puffed pastry,
ice-cream chocolates, sweets) and anything to do with food in general.
Also produce papercups for sweets in various sizes, in brown or white
color. Currently we export to Fyrom, Albania, Cyprus, Australia.

Country: China
Description: specializing on the sales and marketing of the
advanced chemicals, especially Peptide and Amino Acid. Compounds with
large scale and high quality are the main products in most of the
configuration, the main products include: octreotide, sermorelin,
goserelin, leuprorelin, calcitonin, eptifibatide, thymopenin, ghrp,
lypressin, oxytocin and etc.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are the leading exporters of Bed Sheets with Pillows
etc. Best Quality, 25 years experience.

Country: Egypt
Description: company offers fantastic Hand-Made Carved Brassy
Tableaus, (as Souvenirs or Gifts). We sculpture the copper, and
Paint on it using water colors. 100% Egyptian Hand-Made. Pharaohs-
workshop is registered at "The Commercial Chamber of Alexandria-Egypt
", and at "The Minister of Economics and Abroad Commerce of
Alexandria-Egypt". We are manufacturers and exporters of Handicrafts.

Country: USA
Description: We manufacture and sell orthopedic implants. Most
commonly the small, basic, and mini frag sets. Our product is
virtually identical to Synthes at 75%of the cost. We are looking for a
group to purchase our product in bulk or to distribute inside or
outside the United States. This is an excellent opportunity for a
company to make 100% of their investment in buying and selling

Country: China
Description: Potassium zirconium hexafluoride
Ammonium zirconoium hexafluoride
Sodium zirconium hexafluoride
Hexafluozirconat acid
Zirconium oxychloride
Zirconium carbonate
Zirconium acetate
Zirconium sulfate
Zirconium hydroxide
Zirconium oxide.

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturing natural grass mats used for sun
bath at beaches.

Country: Taiwan
Description: We are a professional manufacturer & exporter of high
quality alum-made trekking/hiking poles/sticks for many years in

Country: China
Description: We are one of the exporters in China which specifies in
supplying marine equipment. We can supply: 1)lifeboat, life jacket,
life raft, life jacket lights, life buoy, boat davit, winch; 2)anchor,
anchor chain and accessories, shackles, platform chain, long/short
link chains; 3)marine window, door, pilot ladder, wire rope, rope
clip, thimble, turnbuckles, cargo blocks, slings, lifting tackles,
gangway net, lashing equipment; 4) bollard, fairlead, cast steeling,
pipes, valves etc. 5) Deck equipment: steering gear, anchor machine,
winch, windlass; 6) EEBD (Emergency Escape Breathing Device).

Country: Nepal
Description: We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of Fel bags/
Felt hats, Felt Shoes and Dress. We also manufacture and Export Hemp
and silk bags which are most saleable items at the moment.

Country: UAE
Description: Select your interested used car from different auction of
Japan and import easily, please visit
for details.

Country: India
Description: We offer generic medicines, bulk drugs, pharmaceuticals,
and viagra (sildenafil citrate). We offer viagra 100mg at 1.75 CNF per
blister pack of four tablets to any part of the world. They are blue
colored, diamond shaped with 100 embossed on the pills. It is
manufactured under GMP rules and conditions and under license from the
government of India. We also offer insulin for diabetics and
heppetaities vaccine and HIV vaccine.

Country: China
Description: Our company is a multiple enterprise with science and
technology, industry and commerce. And our products, such as
maltodextrin, isomaltooligosaccharide900/500, isomaltose, isomatitol,
dextrose, high fructose syrup, high maltose syrup, l-glutamine etc
have been exported to Malaysia, Nepal, Japan, Korea more than 20
countries and regions with a good market. So I think our products can
coincide with you both in quantity and in price. If you are interested
in any one of them, pls feel free to contact us.

Country: India
Description: We are a leading buying house in India representing
foreign importers/buyers for all type of textiles products, home
furnishings items and handicraft items etc. We work as a Laison office
for importers of Indian products. we offer best quality services
ensuring importer to get best quality product at competitive prices
and with in the time frame.

Country: Turkey
Description: We are having two spinning units & we are producing all
kinds of 100% & blended open-end yarns which meets to the lavel of 5%
uster norm. We want to export our yarn.

Country: India
Description: We exports from India Natural stones like granites,
blocks, slabs, tiles (finished or semifinished) marbles, blocks,
slabs, tiles (finished or semifinished). Slates, Sandstones
Limestone, Pebbles, Chips, Etc.

Country: China
Description: Offer LED products: LED numeric display, LED dot matrix,
LED lamp, LED outdoor cluster, LED lightbar, etc. Payment by T/T,
other terms and conditions depend your enquiry.

Country: China
Description: Sports eqpt; such as shoes, surf clothing, body boards,
skateboards, swimming trunks, surf trunks, kiteflying eqpt. to name a
few of our items; all made in China, and also shipped from China; we
also can have your own logo/Brand name fixed to any of our items.
Wholesale enquires welcome, and all prices are negotiable.
We can provide photo's of all products. All merchandise is of
Excellent quality, and has been certified by one of the leading
Chinese Quality Certification Laboratories.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are exporters of cotton wastes. We can supply you with
100% cotton thread waste, cotton knit clips in white, black, yellow,
royal, navy, red, greeen and other colors. We assure goods "Free of
any contamination".

Country: India
Description: We are promoting quality Indian made textiles like yarns,
fabrics, garments, towels, made-ups etc to overseas market.

Country: India
Description: We are the bulk Exporters of Indian dried flowers and
Potpourri ingredients. We are able to export good quality in
competitive price. Because direct purchase from farmers. Our prices
are very low. Perfumed potpourri consumer packs MT US$1600 only. This
price is FOB at Chennai port. Minimum order 20ft container.
Expecting your favorable orders.

Country: Hong Kong
Description: We are specialized in gemstone beads, ornaments and
silver gemstone jewelry. We offer latest cutting and designs in a very
competitive price. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Country: Ethiopia
Description: For your information we owned various colors of marbles
and we have just started selling snow white marble blocks.

Country: Taiwan
Description: As a manufacturer of complete bicycle for children, also
including some of parts and accessories. We also as a manufacture of
sporting goods such as inline skate, roller skate, skateboard &
protection gear Etc., also parts and accessories.

Country: Thailand
Description: Products/services: shallot, garlic, ginger, galanga,
lemon grass, other vegetables, etc. Message: we serve only good

Country: China
Description: Chinese leading manufacturer who can supply
various castings.

Country: Germany
Description: We offer the complete line of used tire carcasses for
retreating from Germany! Please specify the sizes and quantities you

Country: Usa
Description: We have Intel Pentium III CPU in stock which we are about
to move. Last call
Intel Pentium III 450 / 512 / PC 100 - MIX - 200 Pieces -$ 35.00
Intel Pentium III 500 / 512 / PC 100 - SL35E - 110 Pieces - $ 46.00
Intel Pentium III 550 / 512/ PC 100 - SL3FJ - 140 Pieces - $ 65.00
Intel Pentium III 650 /256 / PC 100 - MIX - 35 Pieces - $ 79.00
We have Intel Celeron
400 PPGA SOC 370 - 150 Piece - $ 15.95
566 FCPGA SOC 370 - 100 Pieces - $ 22.50
Also have big qty of Intel Pentium II 233 /266 /300 /333 /350/ 400 -
512 /PC100 In stock.
All clean Pull - 90 Day warranty.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Genuine & OEM parts' supplier for the following
industries: I) Heavy Engine & Equipment; II) Construction/Engineering
(incl. road trenching/cold asphalt milling/tunnelling tools); III)
Marine Engine; IV) Environmental rehabilitation/maintenance
(street/highway/airport sweeper brushes).

Country: China
Description: We know you want to import the diesel engines by the
internet and contact you for this business. Our company is a
specialized in manufacturer and exporter of DEK brand low noised air-
cooled diesel engine, water pumps, generators, power sprayer, gasoline
engine series and so on. If you need, please contact us for more
details. Our products have been exported to more than 50 countries and
areas with good quality and most competitive prices.
Air-cooled diesel engine series
1. Air-cooled diesel engine
output ( hp ): 4.2 ~ 10.0 hp
2. Air-cooled diesel water pump
suc. & discharge diam: 2” ~ 4”
3. Air-cooled diesel generator
Continue output(kw): 2.2 ~ 4.5kw
4. Air-cooled diesel power sprayer
contiune ouput (hp): 3.4 ~ 5.5hp
5. Air-cooled diesel miniature tiller
working efficiency: 330 ~ 820 m2 / h
gasoline engine series:
1.Gasoline engine
max. out power(h.p.): 5.0 ~ 12.0h.p.
2.Gasoline water pump
suc. & discarge dia: 2” ~ 4”
3.Gasoline generator
rated output(kw): 0.45 ~ 6.50kw
4.Mist- duster series
discharging capacity: 41. 5 cc
range: 10 –12 m
5.Brush cutter series
discharging capacity: 30. 5 cc ~ 41.5 cc
blade length: 230 mm / 306mm
more details are showing in our web site. should you are in need,
lease contact us. more details, if required, we are too glad to finish

Country: Russian Federation
Description: Cenospheres, sodium lignosulfonates, superplasticizer for
concrete, silica fume, concrete admixtures, piesoelectric crystals
from Russia.

Country: China
Description: We are based in China, and we have a great number of
items made of Excellent silk; such as men and women's silk pajamas,
scarves, shirts, trousers and a variety of rolls of silk material
plus numerous other items.

Country: Malaysia
Description: We are looking for importers for our quality products as
1. Foot pedal sealing machine 18" & 24"
2. Blister case sealer
3. Plastic bag cap sealer
4. Pneumatic auto sealer
5. Nylon and foam cutter.

Country: India
Description: We are the largest manufacturer and exporters of PVC and
PE pipes as per ASTM, DIN, BIS and IS standards. We are pioneers in
drip irrigation systems and sprinkler irrigation in India. We also
manufacture PVC and PC sheet. We also take turnkey projects of
constructing Green Houses, shade houses. Waste land reclamation, turf
irrigation, landscape irrigation, tissue culture, vermiculture,
organic farming is also our cup of tea. We make optical fibre cable
ducts, gas pipes, casing and screen pipes. We are an ISO 9001 company.

Country: China
Description: It is our catalogues:
(1). Resin Bond Powder:
Available mesh size: 50/60 - 400/500.
(2). Resin Bond Powder With Nickel:
Available mesh size: 50/60 - 400/500.
(3). Metal Bond Powder:
Three different qualities: MBD4, MBD6, MBD8
Available mesh size: 40/45 -70/80 and 100/120 - 325/400.
(4). SMD series: includes: SMD, SMD25, SMD35+ (equal to MBS GE)
Available mesh size: 40/45 - 60/70.
(5). Metal Bond Micron: available mesh size: 0/1 - 36/54.
(6). CBN powder: includes: CBN500+, ABN300+, ABN600+, ABN800+.
Available mesh size: 60/70 - 325/400.
The quality is very close to GE or DEBEER products.
If you are interested in our products, please contact with me as soon
as possible. And you will meet excellent supplier in China, like us.

Country: China
Description: We can supply: indole-2-carboxylic acid; indole-2-
carboxylic acid ethyl ester; indole-2-carboxylic acid methyl ester etc.

Country: China
Description: We are one of the biggest of manufacturer and exporter of
bamboo flooring, bamboo veneer, bamboo furniture etc. Our machines are
imported from Germany, Italy and Taiwan.
We use all the bamboo materials from our local area which is one of
the biggest bamboo hometown in China. Our products have been widely
recognized by Germany, USA, England, Japan etc.
Due to location of our factory, we have enough bamboo materials for
production. Our monthly output is more than 10x20'FCL and now we are
building another assembly line to enlarge the output into reaching
18x20' containers per month.

Country: India
Description: We are a manufacturer cum agent for wider width fabrics,
woven in sulzer looms. We can arrange 50 inches to 130 inches grey.
Please let us know your requirements.

Country: China
Description: We specialized in developing and producing digital
thermometer and hygrometer, micro-computer temperature controller,
halogen leak detector for many years. High quality and low price will
meet your need.

Country: China
Description: Offer toroidal power transformer from 30VA to 3000VA with
UL and CE markings. Primary: 115V+115V (or 120V+120V), 50/60Hz;
Secondary: 9V+9V;12V+12V;15V+15V;18V+18V;22V+22V;24V+24V
VA rating: 30VA to 3000VA
Custom design is available.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We take this great opportunity to introduce ourselves as
one of the best Importers & exporters. we have a very combined field
of trade. We import copra, DC, spices, bamboo, cocoa powder alkalized
and chemicals (caustic soda flakes, hydrogen, sulphonic acid, citric
acid, oxalic acid, PVA etc.)

Country: India
Description: We introduce ourselves as one of the leading
manufacturers &exporters of synthetic food colours, lake colours,
cosmetic colours, toiletry colours, pharmaceutical colours, colours
for flavors.

Country: China
Description: IQF vegetables: soy beans, green beans, snap peas,
asparagus, broccoli, white cauliflower, water chestnut, mushrooms,
asparagus beans, carrots, potatoes, onions, bamboo shoots, black
fungus, lotus root, lychees, arbutus longan, pineapple etc.
Dehydrated vegetables: mushroom slices, Chinese hibiscus flowers,
garlic flakes, Horse radish flakes, green bell pepper, carrots,
0leeks, onions, chili ect. Please enquire to us for any items that you
are interested in, then we will give your best price and details.

Country: Turkey
Description: producer and exporter of agricultural machines and
equipment. The fact that our company has produced high quality
machines but with reasonable prices has made our company leading in
the sector and its products desirable both nationally and
internationally since 1962. Exporting to many countries especially
of North Africa and Middle East, our company is now expanding
its market to include Russia and we very much would like
to do business with your esteemed company.

Country: Usa
Description: Manufacturers of modular store display fixtures.

Country: China
Description: We are looking for buyer who need a large quantity of
artificial stone/marble used in construction projects.

Country: China
Description: one of biggest electronic door lock in the world. Our
products including: Keypad locks, IC card locks, Magnetic locks,
TM card locks, RF card locks, Fingerprint & RF card locks,
Fingerprint locks, Digital Patrol System.

Country: India
Description: ISO 9002 certified manufacturer and exporter of
electronic goods. We are based in India. We manufacture
the following products: plastic moulded components, transformers,
power cords, connectors, balun transformers, plastic locks
for refrigerators, plastic products, switches, plastic
injection moulds, plastic injection molders etc.

Update - 29.05.2003

Click here for full details of these export offers

Country: Bangladesh
Description: We would like to export all kinds of ready made garments
as shirts, trousers, jackets, pajama set, doctor's coat, bed sheet, t-
shirts, polo shirts etc.

Country: Thailand
Description: Sell handicraft souvenir gift and accessory made of
mulberry paper from Chiang Mai Thailand. We have photo album greeting
card and string made of saa paper (mulberry paper).

Country: Croatia (Hrvatska)
Description: We are traditionally engaged in agriculture, and we
decided to go for in cultivation of fruit (blackberries), because of
its profitability.
At the moment, we dispose of 400 hectares ( m2) of high
quality soil, which is situated in the eastern part of Croatia,
Baranja, commune Dra?, village Topolje. It is rather easy to set up
irrigation system on the whole ground from the ditches that surround
it, or by drilling wells that will provide water already on the depth
of 20 metres.
At the first stage, we decided to plant blackberries on the area of 10
hectares (100 000 m2) with the sorts «Thornfree» and «Black saten»,
from which we expect yield in the quantity of 200 000 kg of high
quality blackberries in the third year already. We would also like to
mention that we ensured enough gatherers, who will enable good
blackberry-gathering, as well as a refrigerator truck with a
satisfactory capacity nearby; and finally we point out the closeness of
the Osijek airport (50 km), which should enable fast shipment of the
fresh blackberries, if it is requested.
We also emphasize the possibility and our intention to expand
plantationof blackberries or some similar fruit, because neither plot
of ground nor gatherers are the limiting factor.
In that sense we refer to you as your potential supplier of fresh or
frozen blackberries.

Country: Argentina
Description: Argentine enterprise which dedicate their technology and all
their ships to the seafood industry. Actually we hace 60 ships, and the
capacity to apply any process the client want. Our main purpose
nowadays is to establish relations with Canadian importers. Our idea is
to export shrimps, e.g. canned, frozen, nor frozen.

Country: France
Description: We are stainless steel traders since 1985, and offer for
export customers in Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Europe,
a vast range of stainless steel products, both prime and secondary

We offer coils, sheets, disks, tubes in 304.309.316.410.420.430 etc
from our various stocks in Paris, Antwerpen, Milano and Duisburg.
For all our new customers in above mentionned countries, pls contact us
for prices, delivery details etc.

Country: China
Description: White and yellow gold of various fineness (9karat
~18karat) set with diamond, gem stone or semi-precious color stone,
products covers ring, earring, pendant, bracelet, bangle, necklace etc.
silver items are also our main series.

Country: China
Description: We would like to introduce us as a big mineral factory in
China, our main mineral goods is talc, talcum, caustic calcined
magnesite, dead burnt magnesite, etc.

Country: China
Description: We are manufacturers of Dehydrated Vegetables in Shandong
province. We produced dried ginger peeled whole block/dried ginger
powder/dried ginger slices. We can supply the best quality and the

Country: China
Description: We are one leading manufacturer and exporter of pumpkin
seeds in our city, we can supply new crop sizes of 9.5cm, 10cm, 10.5cm,
11cm, 11.5cm, 12cm, 12.5cm and 13cm, shinny skin pumpkin seeds and
grown pumpkin seeds without shell. Packed in 25 or 50kgs p.p bags.
We can supply the best quality and the prices.

Country: China
Description: We are manufacturers of spices and seasonings in Shandong
province. We produced garlic flakes/powder/granules/ginger
powder/chilli powder/red chilli/Star aniseeds/dired ginger slices and
whole pelled block. We can supply the best quality and the prices.

Country: China
Description: We are a leading manufacturer of dehydrated vegetables in
Shandong, we can supply garlic powder(100-120mesh), garlic granules(8-
16, 16-26, 26-40, 40-60, 40-80, 60-80mesh), garlic flakes, ginger
flakes/powder, onion flakes and powder small red chilli, long dried
YIDU chilli, slightness dried chillis without stem, long fat dried
chillis without stem. Slightness dried chillis without stem hot smell.
and red chilli powder. Also we can supply 5cm, 5.5cm, or 6cm and Up
both pure white garlic and red-white garlic. And fresh ginger 15gup,
200g up, 250g up 300g up 350g up.

Country: China
Description: We can supply the groundnut kernels 02 crop as follows:
Groundnut kernels
20-24, 24/26, 24/28, 28/32, 34/38, 38/42 45/55
25/35, 35/40, 40/50, 50/60, 60/70
Blanched kernels
25/29, 29/33, 39/43
36/41, 41/51
Peanuts inshell
7/9, 8/10, 9/11, 11/13
Roasted peanuts inshell
9/11 11/13
Pls contact us with full details.

Country: China
Description: One of the 500 giants in the plastic products industry.
The main products of DDN include hi-tech plastic films, plastic packing
bags & plastic hangers and steel cables & bunch wires.

Country: China
Description: Our company, based in Xiamen, China, offers all varieties
of quality natural stone products worldwide at extremely competitive
prices. Our own processing facilities, located right outside the city
of Xiamen, supply a wide range of standardized products as well as all
sorts of specialty items to customer specifications. Examples of our
products include but are not limited to, slabs and tiles of any
dimension, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, fireplace
mantels, columns, fountains, sculptures, ornamental trim and wall
panels, etc.

Country: USA
Description: Ordinary portland cement type 1 ( ASTM C 150 / BS-12 1991
Bulk: USD$25 / MT FOB Gresik / Tuban
Bags: USD$30 / MT FOB Gresik / Tuban ( 50 kgs PP or 5ply kraft paper)
Clinker in Bulk: USD$20 / MT FOB Gresik ( ASTM C 150 / BS-12 1991
Load rate: 2500mt pwwdshinc for bags, 4000mt pwwdshinc for bulk
Gresik Port Details: LOA: 160 m, Draft 10.6 m
Delivery: Within 10 working days of clean L/C.

Country: India
Description: We are a rapidly growing trade company settled in India,
and concerned with import and export. We would like to build together a
business relationship with mutual benefits for both side .We can supply
your company with various types of textiles made with the well known
high quality cotton, within a very good range of prices, with perfect
quality, and within the most reasonable lead time you may require.
Our list contains:
- Beach towels
- Kitchen towels (flat, and terry)
- Jacquard towels with different sizes.
- Bath towels
- Bath robes
- Hospital and hotel towels
- Floor sack towels
- Buffing towels
- Others
We will be glad to answer any inquiries about any of our products. your
prompt replay to our E-mail will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Country: China
Description: We are one of the top manufacturer of air-cooled engine in
China. Engine, generator, water pump, power sprayer, welder & generator
are all within the product range. Our products have been approved by
ISO9000&CE and exported to many countries and regions in the world. The
top quality and the good services have been widely acknowledged by our
clients. Our diesel engine is similar to "Yanmar" and gasoline engine
is similar to" Honda".

Country: China
Description: We are professional manufacturer who located in Zhongshan
and engage in producing air conditioner products for many years,
products including Window type, Wall mounted split type, Floor standing
type etc. Our factory has been CE, CCC, ISO9001 approval. Moreover, we
have established a strategic league with other air conditioner
professional manufacaturers, so we can supply you novel products with
excellent quality as well as competitive price and punctual delivery.
Hope it can make a big development in your business.

Country: Usa
Description: We are in a position to supply High quality Leather
Jackets, Lwaetger Pants and Shirts for a very competitive price. We
have ready samples and 26 new styles. Interested in high volume
of regular importers from USA /Europe.

Country: Pakistan
Description: our cast acrylic plastic sheet are manufactured by 100%
pure virgin grade monomer, pigments and other dyes which we imports
from Japan, France, Germany, UK & Taiwan with the range of thickness
1.5 mm to 20.0 mm. Our standard sizes are 1220 mm x 1830 mm( 6’
x4’) 1220 mm x 2440 mm ( 8’ x 4’ ) and 1 mtr x 2 mtr.
Our sheets can be widely used in making sign boards, publicity items,
sky-light, sanitary ware, modern furniture, interior design, industrial
usage and also used in the building as a substitution of glass.
We are situated in Karachi export processing zone where government of
Pakistan facilitate us no duty on import raw material for export
purpose which we can compete in the international market with high
quality standard.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are pleased to introduce ourselves and would like to
state that we are one of the dealing, experienced, and genuine
manufacturers and exporter of all kind of gloves and jackets. We are
very much interested to work with your reputed house and assure you
that you will find our quality and workmanship to your full
satisfaction in all respect.

Country: India
Description: offers call center and customer relation services like
Voice Calls, credit approval and recovery services, corporate support
services, customer relation management services and Business Process
Outsourcing(BPO) from India.

Country: India
Description: Fashion is the most sophisticated way to speak about
attitude elegance, personality, sensuality and beauty of the soul, the
soul is expressed by the body and body personified by its clothes. We
at Anuradha Expo inspire the innermost beauty of women by undying
creations of traditional Indian wear.

The Pioneers of Anuradha Expo MR. Saurin Shah and Mr. Ashok Shah today
are rated as one of the leading exporters for the ladies design wear
and has not only earned this distinction by putting in years of hard
labour but also has a great eye for the trade and the guarantee of
quality and delivery schedules being their forte. Quality consciousness
is their success. This is one of the reason they have never faced any
criticism for any of their customers till today.
Our main area of business operation:
Our areas of business operation are the countries as below: *USA *UK
*Dubai *Kuwait *Singapore *Malaysia *Sri Lanka.
We have been exporting regularly to the above countries and visiting at
least twice/thrice in a year and have personal contacts with all our
customers. Our designs have made its own way in the international
market also it has been appreciated widely by all our overseas buyers.

Country: India
Description: We want to export dry flowers, non scented botanicals and
other handmade decorative items. Presently we have stock of cane items,
sola items, lotus pods, curly ting ting various types of preserved
leaves, cider rose, cider base interested parties to contact us
immediately. We can arrange exports of other items from India.

Country: China
Description: We are manufacturer and exporter of porcelain tile and
ceramic tile in China, we are belong to Newzhongyuan enterprise, which
is the biggest manufacturer of porcelain tile. we can produce 300x300mm
to 1200x1800mm porcelain tile and 200x300mm, 250x330mm, 330x450mm,
330x600mm ceramic tile.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are manufacturers of cricket bats and hockey sticks
since 1934. We are exporting these products in different countries and
enjoying good repute.

Country: China
Description: mainly engages in researching, developing and producing
new type protective product for industry, agriculture, new-type
electronic plastics. After more than a decade's efforts, we have
developed a series of new products, such as dense-mesh upright
safety net, new-type building-material reinforcing steel bar
protective plastic block, working protective product(safety
cap/helmet), agricultural net, mesh bag, fishing net,
piscicultural net.

Country: Turkey
Description: Our company has a production range of laminated modern
bedroom, dining room, young room furniture, modern leather and fabric
covered sofa sets that are sold on appropriate prices. All our products
are under guaranty of our company for 2 years. Production capacity
is 14.000 sets for a year and we have 200 marketing points in domestic
market and export our products, more than 8 countries.

Country: Turkey
Description: We are one of the big producer of socks in Turkey since 23
years. We export in England, Belgium and France. We would like to
expand our activities in several countries. We are waiting for your

Country: India
Description: We are one of the manufactures of cotton and blended
garments exporters in all age group, pls feel free to contact for more
details/we are souring new agents and importers.

Country: Malaysia
Description: Our company offers the service of fabricating and
manufacturing of LPG cylinders, LPG cylinder valves and LPG regulators
in accordance to your requirements and specifications, at a very
competitive price.

Our ISO certified factories are able to supply in large quantities to
our clients. Our products are type tested and conforms to EN standards.
Our most popular product, the 20mm outlet self-closing cylinder valve
with safety pressure relief has been type tested at ITS Laboratory, UK.
The product conforms to EN 13152, BS 341, IS 8737 and MS 831:1986.

Country: Malaysia
Description: Due to SARS scare all around the world, people are advised
to protect themselves from contracting this disease by using facemasks.
We supply n95 protection level facemasks at a very affordable price of
USD 40.00 per box of 20-pieces. Availability: ex-stock subjected to
prior sales.

Country: Egypt
Description: company has started with polypropylene film for
the stationary industry and through extremely devoted relations with
our customers; has developed its product range to fulfill their demands
with finished stationary products.

Country: India
Description: Manufacturer of 11 KV, 25 KV & 33 KV polymer disc
insulators as per IEC 61109 standards. Supplied to various power
utilities & railways in India. the Products are tested at CPRI, in
India as per international standards. We look forward towards your
requirements to give our best offer.

Country: Sri Lanka
Description: We are exporters of caned foods, fresh fruits & vegetable.

Update - 28.05.2003

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Country: Italy
Description: We are buyers on a large scale of Duracell batteries and
razors Gillette. We would be interested in a serious and wholesale
distribution of Duracell in Italy. We could place substantial and
numerous orders, if Your prices are competitive and very cheap. We
would be obliged if You would let us have Your prospectus along with
Your lowest quotations (Duracell AA; AAA; D2; C2; MN21 and Razors
Gillette Blue and Mach3- No Turbo), terms of sale and delivery (already
FCA- Turin- Italy).

Country: China
Description: We are an exporter and manufacturer of Chinese Granite
Marble Slate Pebble and all kinds of building and decoration stone. The
business scale have tile, slab, countertop, vanity, countertop, sink,
tombstone, cobblstone, mosanic, tombstone material, pattern, border,
paving stone, stone-carving, garden desk, chair etc. As their highly
quality and best price, our goods are exported well in Europe, America,
Africa, etc.

Country: Mexico
Description: company is located in Ensenada, B.C. where
we offer a maritime services and we offer many products from Mexico to
worldwide. Our products are: sardines, mackerels, giant squid, blue
crab, rock crab, shark fin, lobster, tuna, etc.
We also make all the arrangement (land, air, sea logistics and follows)
through from the time that you request the product until the shipment
delivery in the final destination, from Mexico to everywhere.

Country: China
Description: We supply a comprehensive selection of 6 series and 100
categories such as windshield wipers, power window regulators, door
locks, electric fans etc. Ranking into the top 100 private enterprises
in Zhejiang province, we have already gained the accreditation of

Country: Taiwan
Description: We would like to demonstrate our innovative digital
binocular camera which has one of highest resolution yet at
1.A binoculars and a digital camera in one.
2.Not the tool for a professional photographer it creates a lot of fun.
3.BinoCam is a full-feature binoculara for closer views.
4.Integrated with a digital camera that lets users record sights at the
touch of button.
5.Image-download software is included.
6.Perfect for outdoor activities, such as watching sports games,
climbing mountains, obsreving wildlife and more.
7.To view and capture imagine at the same time.

Country: China
Description: Our company is one leading manufacturer of disperse dyes
in China. We manufacture over 50 items of disperse dyes and middle
products-Dyes presscake. We export them to about 40 countries. such as
Japan, Korea, India, Egypt, USA, South Africa, as well as west Europe.
If you have any interest in our products, please do not hesitate to
contact me, I will try my best for you.

Country: China
Description: We are specialized in the production of any kind of
footwear for ladies. All of the products are exported to European
countries and USA etc. We also develop the new product by ourselves.

Country: Philippines
Description: one of the leading and established exporter and importer
of frozen seafood products to various countries like the North America
including Puerto Rico and Canada as well as Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and
major markets in europe and countries in South America.
For local market, we do supply to major supermarkets here and we also
cater to those small and medium scale business for their everyday
seafoods requirements. We used "HUNDRED ISLAND BRAND" as our corporate

The company established processing centers in almost all of the major
marine products in the Philippines namely: Palawan, Zamboanga, Naga,
General Santos, Davao and Ilo-Ilo. AFI derives much strength from it's
relationship with the tens of thousands of people directly and
indirectly involved in catching, preservation, transportation and
handling and processing and packaging of the seafood. This includes the
thousand of fisherfolks found across the country's archipelago.

Country: China
Description: Latest quotation for the subjected jellypops:
US$0.14/PC on the basis of FOB Shenzhen, China
Lower price is available subject to substantial orders.

Country: China
Description: one of the leading mobile phone accessories manufacturer
and iso2000 certificate gainer in china, whose product includ Li-ion
and Mh-ion battery packs/charger/hand free kits/leather cases,
which gain high reputation for his high quality, competitive price,
prompt delivery.

Country: China
Description: We are engaged in toys and games exporting. Now we
would like to introduce you a nice products sells well in USA.
1.Football water yoyo 0.19$/pc 144pcs/0.039cbm/carton colour box
2.Basketball water yoyo 0.19$/pc 144pcs/0.039cbm/carton colour box
3.Smile face water yoyo 0.18$/pc 144pcs/0.039cbm/carton colour box
4.Water yoyo(star inside) 0.15$/pc 144pcs/0.039cbm/carton colour box
5.Water flash yoyo 0.30$/pc 144pcs/0.039cbm/carton colour box packing.
6.Water yoyo(animal inside) 0.18$/pc 144pcs/0.039cbm/carton colour box
Packing: colour box, 12pcs/box.

Country: China
Description: we are a professional manufacturer of Sealed Valve Regulated
lead-acid battery in China, which has established in 1992, covering
about 80040M2 and has more than 2000 employees including 90 technicians
on battery. Our batteries(2V series, 6V series 12V series) have obtained CE, UL,
ISO9001 and ISO 14001 certificate. We expect your cooperation.

Country: India
Description: We feel very glad to introduce ourselves as we are
manufacturer & exporter of ultramarine blue since 1949, we produce
ultramarine blue in industrial grade laundry grade, synthetic grade &
also we can produce quality as per buyers specification. Our packing
details are: loose 50-25kg HDPE bags, pouch pack 20gm to 1kg, box pack
30gm to 1kg, & also we can supply packing as per buyers demand.
Delivery terms: 30 days of confirmed order.
Payment terms: L/C at sight.

Country: USA
Description: We have the following mobile phones available
Nokia 8910i 100k Euro Spec, New
Nokia 8910 100k Euro Spec, New
Nokia 8310 50k Euro Spec, New
Going Fast, these quantities wont last.

Country: India
Description: leading manufacture and exporter of high fashion hand
embroidered & beaded and sequenced ladies evening/ social & cocktail
wears and accessories like bags, belts, scarf / shawls etc.
Due to its infrastructure & well-acquired skill of 20 years Jain
International is considered a top source for High quality hand beaded &
Sequenced Apparel, impeccable workmanship and expeditious services by
all its Clientele.
Ladies top of the line products which are distinctly Indian in origin.
Distinguishing ourselves with exclusivity and versatility,

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturer and exporter of ball bearing/roller
bearings/thrust bearings and adapter sleeve. We already exporting our
products from the last 15 years to several countries. Our
range….series 6200, 6300, 1200k, 2200k, 2300k, 1300k, 1200k+h,
1200k+he, 30200, 30300, 32200, 511, 512, 513, 514, 522 etc.
We can also manufacturing bearings as per customer specification.

Country: Australia
Description: Beautiful children's books full of amazing photographs
taken by well-known Australian photographer. Books printed in
Australia, translated into German. Story books and educational books
available. Available so far - Dolphins, Koalas and Kangaroos. Extremely
reasonable prices.

Country: Australia
Description: Amazing 3-dimensional toilet seats featuring dolphins, sea
horses, sand and shells and many more. Extremely reasonable prices.
Excellent for use in hotels, resorts and homes.

Country: China
Description: We manufacture varieties of cast iron products for more
than ten years, and have professional foundary. Our products include:
cast iron cookware, cast iron garden items, cast iron toys, cast iron
crafts and other cast iron products. We sincerely look forward to
establish a long-term business relationship with your firm in near
future. If you are interested in our cast iron products, please don't
hesitate to contact us.

Country: China
Description: We are a 12years experienced manufacturer and exporter in
FuJian China. Our products includes marble and granite slabs, tiles,
pebbles, cobbles, raw blocks and natural stone sculptures in different
styles. Most our product were exported to Japan, European and America
etc all over the world. We own our factories and quarries in Fujian
where is full of rich stone source, which ensures our price and
delivery period quite reasonable.

Country: Indonesia
Description: We are exporter of agricultural products from Indonesia
such as: cacao, candlenut (aleurite molucana), pepper, etc.
Interested party will invited to contact us directly.

Country: China
Description: We have been engaging in research, development and
commercialization of a variety of biochip and diagnostic products,
including one-step rapid test and ELISA test products. The one-step
rapid test products includes HCG, LH, HBsAg, HCV, HIV, Syphilis,,
Methamphetamine, amphetamine, THC, Coc test strip and so on. Our
complete line of diagnostic tests are customerized in various formats
to meet the specific needs of our global clients. We produce and ship
millions of quality diagnostic test kits every year to supply our
international distribution network supplying hospitals, clinical
laboratories and all other users.

Country: Pakistan
Description: Manufacturer's & exporters all kinds of packaging
materials & quality made ups.

Country: China
Description: As a professional exporter, we specialize in all kinds of
Chinese bearings many years of experience ensure our clients of our
highest integrity and quality of product at lowest price, experienced
international trading staffs with professional knowledge are working
for customers with better service and advanced & rigorous inspection
measures handle all problems before shipment.

Country: China
Description: Sports shoes....6 styles. European & American sizes 5
through 13. Uppers; suede & PU; soles; TPR. Photo's available.
Retail cost: $25 Per Pair Includes Shipping to European & USA addresses.
Excellent quality. Wholesale purchases welcome & prices negotiable.
Made & shipped from China.

Country: Turkey
Description: We are manufacture sterilization reels and sterilization
pouches since 1997. We have got best quality and good prices and also
we have got ISO 9001 from TUV and CE. And also we can manufacture Tyvek
based sterilization reels and pouches.

Country: Turkey
Description: company is founded in Ankara, Turkey by a group of
free contractors in 1986. Since then, the company is specialized
in construction materials distribution, resale and import-
export activities. The goods and products we may provide you are:
sanitary fixtures & accessories / bathroom & kitchen armatures, sinks
etc. / steel & plastic pipes / steel & plastic fittings / water &
heat isolation materials / valves ( ball, check, butterfly valves &
strainers ) / floor & wall tiles / marble & granite blocks and tiles
/ electric, LPG & natural gas water heaters / central heating units
( radiators etc. )

Country: Turkey
Description: Web design, B2B solutions, B2C solutions, web hosting.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Stock T-shirt: We have good quality 100% cotton T-shirt,
160 gram roundkneck & plain, white color, blank no label except "size:
XL, Made in Vietnam" Size percentage: S:10%, M:35%, L: 35%, XL: 20%, 12
pcs per PE, 12PE in 5-layer carton, cover with sticking plaster. Carton
measurement: 55x39x43cm, total about 187, 000 pcs. FOB HoChiMinh,
Vietnam US$8.50/dozen. Payment by T/T or SLC.

Country: India
Description: company is manufacturer and supplier of wax
rolls, wax products for textile industries, autoconers and spinning
mills in India. We have been manufacturing and supplying the demand for
their specialty wax rolls for many years. The company was founded by
techno crates with special inclination to produce the quality products
for modern and sophisticated spinning mills for their yarn waxing
through various latest autoconers.

Country: China
Description: We have factory with 500 workers and engineers
manufacturing tents, camping chairs, sleeping bags, aluminum camp-cots,
all kind of bags.

Country: Malaysia
Description: We are one of the largest leather sofas manufacturer in
Malaysia, our company has been established more than 10 years, we have
around 500 workers producing good quality sofas everyday.
We have a lots of various design from low end products to high end
products, we are exporting 150 containers per month to Europe, USA,
Australia, Japan, Korea and Africa countries.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are the manufacturer and exporter of sports goods
specially footballs of every quality and in any quantity.

Country: Israel
Description: Superior solutions, stepper based motion control
manufacturer has recently announced the completion and launch of their
innovative line of products, the Series 5000, all of which are CE and
FCC approved. This package of building blocks integrates motors with
controllers, I/Os, drivers and cables, along with built-in user-
friendly connectors. Benefit their our customers with substantially
speed up production line development and getting to market rapidly.

Country: India
Description: Catering mainly to upmarket -Shipra has earned its
proficiency in high quality product range of Handicraft / Decorative
articles made of wood, iron, glass, brass, etc. Home furnishing /
fashion accessories in 100% cotton, (natural & dyed) etc. The range
includes bedspreads, c/covers, curtains, table cover, napkins and in
fashion accessories scarves, bags, fashion jewelry etc.
The company caters to large distributors, wholesalers, mail order
companies, departmental stores and retailers too. Being the
manufacturers, we can give you our most competitive prices.

Country: China
Description: Greige cloth, dyed fabric and printed fabric:
100% cotton 24x24 72x60 54" greige usd0.48/m
100% cotton 30x30 76x68 86" greige usd0.69/m
100% cotton 30x30 76x74 86" greige usd0.75/m
100% cotton 40x40 110x90 116" greige usd0.1.72/m
100% cotton 20x20 108x58 57/58" twill dyed fabric usd 0.98/m
100% cotton 40x40 100x80 102" printed fabric usd0.1.75/m
T65/35c 110x76 63" greige usd 0.45/m
T80/c20 30x30 76x56 90" usd0.59/m
T50/c50 30x30 78x54 92" printed fabric usd0.9/m
16 W 16X20 44X134 42/43" DYED USD 1.09/M
11 W 12X16 64X128 43"/44" DYED USD 1.2/M
We can supply the denim fabric from 7 oz to 15 oz.
And we can supply the denim jacket and pants.
Bedding articles.
They are made by 100% cotton 40x40 110x90 102” printed fabric.
They are all FOB Qingdao, China.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are doing garments and textile business. We are also
doing carpets business. our office is also in Indonesia Jakarta. We
know your time is important for u. if u need any information then u can
mail or fax us.

Country: Turkey
Description: We are a Leather-Garment manufacturing company based in
Izmir - Turkey, and would like to contact Leather garment importers.

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturer of hss cutting tools like drill bits,
slitting saws, reamer, end-mills etc in high precision.

Country: UK
Description: Our company is one of the leading company that deals in
the manufacturing of Nokia phone of all brand, we are seeking for
importers to import from our company here in UK. So we are willing to
build along lasting business with companies all over Europe and the

Country: Taiwan
Description: Item No:D-9730 9.6V 30pcs drill driver set.
The most selling model in Japan (we have agent).
1pcs 9.6V Drill Driver
1pcs 9.6V One Hour Charger
1pcs Battery Pack
1pcs Socket Adaptor
10pcs 50 L Bits (Phillips: No.1, 2, 2, 3)(Slotted:4, 5, 6mm)(Hex:2, 3,
8pcs Sockets (6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14mm)
6pcs Drill Bit (2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm)
1pcs Key Wrench
Packing: Blow case + color box, 6sets/Carton/(20kgs/2.2cuft).

Country: Bangladesh
Description: We are manufacturer of all kind o knitted garments in
Bangladesh. Our factory is fully composite ( knitting, dyeing, sewing )
and located in capital city-Dhaka. We are specialized in T-shirt,
polo shirt, tank top, shorts, pajama etc. We are able to provide GSP
to European buyers.Our T-shirt production is 15, 000 pcs per day.

Country: Turkey
Description: We are able to offering Turkish made machinery as follows:
* Agricultural machinery: * feed mixer & distributor * thick feed mixer
* Feed crushing machine * feed crushing machine
* Food processing machinery: * coffee roasting machine* coffee grinding
machine* coffee grinders knifes* powdered sugar mill
* Leather machinery: * leather mixer * band knife shearing machine *
wool shearing machine * carding machine * tipping paddle
* Ventilation machinery: * pittsburgh lock machine * lenght cutting
machine * hand operated folding machine * electrical roll former *
press * g-lock punch * punch fastener * decoiler
* Air compressors
* Water pumps.

Country: China
Description: Our company offers all varieties of quality natural
stone products worldwide at extremely competitive prices. Our own
processing facilities, located right outside the city of Xiamen,
supply a wide range of standardized products as well as all sorts
of specialty items to customer specifications. Examples of our
products include but are not limited to, slabs and tiles of any
dimension, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, fireplace
mantels, columns, fountains, sculptures, ornamental trim
and wall panels, etc.

Country: Indonesia
Description: We provide computerized embroidery and garment label.
We could also supply various garment products such as lace, strings,
and shoes.

Country: UK
Description: Fastest selling young ladies fashion garments from top to
bottom in jersey and in woven. Only the winners and current fastest
selling styles for Europe or for any where in the world. Low price
structures but fastest selling winners.

Country: Thailand
Description: We sell wheat flour, macaroni, semolina, pasta, etc. any
party wish to have more inquiry, please contact.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our company was established in 1988 and is specialized in
making industrial pneumatic tools, pneumatic screw drivers, pneumatic
impact wrenches. Now, our main market is in Asia and the customers are
the assembly & machinery plants.

Update - 26.05.2003

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Country: China
Description: We specialize in making casting iron products, and our
products have been exporting to Europe for many years. We make our
products strictly according to DIN standard and we have passed ISO9002
for quality certification.
We are desirous to find any possible buyers in USA market, if you have
any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can make
quotation to you and make our products in accordance with your

Country: Lithuania
Description: Our company over 50 years is producing 5 models of high
precision efficient milling machines, with CNC, NC ("Heidenhain") or
manual control, 3 models of universal grinding machines, domestic
woodworking machines for small workshops. We pursue assembly of vacuum
chamber units in Clean Room (Class 1000). For 10 years we have been
producing vacuum chamber parts for electronic industry.
We can provide machining of parts of different complexity.

Country: China
Description: professional manufacturer and exporter of surgical sutures
in China. The main products are full series of surgical sutures of
covering surgical gut, silk, polyester, prolene, PGA, nylon and surgical
needles. We hope to be your best suppliers in this field with best
price and stable quality.

Country: China
Description: Our company is located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province,
China. By means of the abundant sources and advantageous environment,
we have been specializing to produce all kinds of illuminated
magnifiers with the high quality. We have a long history of producing
the magnifier lamps and have topping technologies and equipment. Our
products, with a combination of light sources and magnifying lens, are
mainly used in wireless, microelectronics, computer and medical trement
and so on. And our products have been exported to many countries and
regions for their excellent quality and reasonable price. For example:
Japan, Korea, Singapore, HongKong, Malaysia and so on. The export
income achieves 5 million US dollars every year and we have become the
larger exporter in Zhejiang Province, China. To extend the market, we
hope to establish a friendly and widely business relationship with
business friends of all of the world.

Country: Romania
Description: Kindly note that we can offer you parquet flooring of a
very best quality as follows:
1. Triple layered hardwood flooring
Composition: -Upper layer: 4mm hardwood
-Middle layer: 7mm softwood
-Lower layer: 4mm softwood.
Finishing: -Varnished: 5 layers UV dried.
-Oiled: with ecological oils.
Dimensions: -1000-2400x190x15mm
Packaging: -bundles of 8 pieces, packed face to face, wrapped into
thermoretractable envelope.
Species: -ask, oak, beech, steamed beech, cherry.
Quality class: -select, classic, rustic.
2. Solid Wood Flooring
Composition: compact hardwood
Finishing: oiled with ecological oils.
Quality: A - no knots, no color-differences.
Dimensions: -Length between: 250-1000mm
-Width between:25-100mm
-Thickness between:19-22mm.
Packaging: packages/pallet
Wood species: beech, oak, ash, cherry, acacia, sycamore maple, hornbeam
Tongue and groove on the four sides of each piece.

Country: China
Description: We can supply wooden product, metal craft, picnic backpack
& basket, ceramic tiles, cloth hanger, Christmas decorations, etc.
Please visit our website to find some more products and information. We
also welcome your special requirements and purpose.

Country: China
Description: Our co. is a specialized factory which products super
glue. The product, cyanoacrylate adhesive, expoxy-dhesive, aluminium
tube packing, have an amazing new quick bonding power of multi-purpose
against wood, plastic, ceramic, rubber, metal, glass etc. They are
exported many countries such as America, Austrilia, Iran, France,
Germany, Thailand, Philippines, Russia and so on.

Country: China
Description: We are one of the biggest of manufacturer and exporter of
bamboo flooring, bamboo veneer, bamboo furniture etc. Our machines are
imported from Germany, Italy and Taiwan.
We use all the bamboo materials from our local area which is one of the
biggest bamboo hometown in China. Our products have been widely
recognized by Germany, USA, England, Japan etc.
Due to location of our factory, we have enough bamboo materials for
production. Our monthly output is more than 10x20'FCL and now we are
building another assembly line to enlarge the output into reaching
18x20' containers per month.

Country: China
Description: We are a serious and reliable manufacturer in the field of
mobile phone accessories, spare parts, repair equipments products in
South China. Our mission is growing with our customers together through
our high quality products, competitive price and best service.

Country: China
Description: We are one of eldest and biggest motorcycle and motor-
scooters manufacturer located near Shanghai china. our main export
products are 50cc gas scooters, 125cc and 150cc motorcycles .our brand
name "Fude". Business Type: Manufacturer Year Established: 1975.
Products/Services We Offer: motorcycle, motor scooter, electric bike.
Number of Employees: 500 People Annual Turnover: US$50 Million.
Certificate: IS09002.

Country: China
Description: Our corporation is one of the largest international trade
company in china. This department is famous for specially dealing with
the tire machinery and producing materials made in china (machinery
include: banbury, mixing mill, extruder, calender, tyre building
machine, curing press etc. ; materials like : n6 nylon cord, bead wire,
steel fabric). From last years, we work hard in the field of recycling
waste tyre. 10,000 metric tonnes fine rubber crumb powder producing
line has been set up in Canada and Australia. We also export rubber
powder to Singapore, Indonesia and so on.

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturers of knitted garments on computerized
knitting machines we are looking for buyers who may have their specific

Country: China
Description: We are manufacturer and exporter for years of hand tools
and power tools (TUV/GS, EMC, CE) of Chinese origin, which are produced
under strict standards of quality control, and constant research and
development ensures that you are getting the latest products produced
with the most advanced and cost effective technologies.

Country: Romania
Description: certified Distributor of Parker Hannifin products. Besides
these items we can provide a large scale of other Rubber, thermoplastic,
textile and steel braided hose products. We also offer many machines
for crimping fittings onto hoses for hydraulic purposes up to 4000 atm.
Further details on specific product groups you will receive on demand.
Adaptors-ball valves-bonded seals-cat hose & fittings-chemical hose-
clamps-compressor fittings-composite hose--couplings-delivery hose-
ducting hose-gate valves-gauges-jet wash hose & couplings-kamlok
couplings-Komatsu fittings-lay flat delivery hose-nitrile tubing-nylon
tubing & fittings-oil, hydraulic O ring kits-power steering hose-ptfe
hose assemblies-pumps-PVC tubing-refrigerant hose & couplings-
regulators & filters-rubber tube & hose-shot blast hose-silicon hose-
spray nozzles-stainless fittings, hose & tube strainers-thermoplastic
hose-thread seal tape & fluid-triplelok flare tube fittings-tube
manipulation & flaring-valves.

Country: China
Description: company is located in east China, Linqing City
shandong province. We manufacture, process and market all kinds of
bearings, and can supply all common purpose types, our man series
include deep groove ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, double row
self-aligning ball bearings cylindrical roller bearings, double row
spherical roller bearings, angular contact ball bearings and pillow
block ball bearings. All products are manufactured in conformance with
the relevant ISO standards.
By devoting ourselves to developing the international market. We have
been able to form cooperative relationships with friends and partners
all over the world, our products have enjoyed popular markets in Asia,
Africa, Mid-east, European countries.

Country: Ghana
Description: I want to introduce you to a successful supply business.
Do get back to me at the receipt of this message.

Country: India
Description: We introduce ourselves as a manufacturer and exporter of
plastic strainers from Mumbai, India.
We have been in the exports of strainers since the last ten years and
have established our business in countries viz. Malaysia, Sri Lanka,
USA, Chile, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Netherlands and Gulf
countries. We are looking for European market distributors for our products.
We also have a network of kitchen accessories manufacturers from India
who are looking to market their products in Europe.

Country: China
Description: Our factory has handled in natural feather line for over
ten years and keeps good cooperation with many customers. We hope that
we would be some help to you when you search for Chinese products. We
are dealing with all kinds of feather products, such as dream catcher,
marabou and marabou boa, ostrich and ostrich boa, feather duster,
marabou fan, mask, various kinds of cock feather trimming etc. There
are many designs available. I hope that our products would arouse your
interest. We will be glad to make samples according to your
requirement. You can count on the skill of our craftsman. Thanks for
your kind attention and expecting your response.

Country: UK
Description: Distribution is now in an era of change driven by the e-
commerce revolution, the advent of new levels in customer expectation
and ever present pressure to reduce costs. Lynx Express is at the
forefront of this change, respected for our commitment to service and
acknowledged as the market leader in the provision of progressive
distribution solutions. If you are exporting from the UK or Europe or
importing to the UK or Europe please contact Lynx today.

Country: Indonesia
Description: We are a company based in Indonesia deals on cocoa
products. We have been exporting our product worldwide, and we herewith
would like to offer you our product. We have three types from premium
to low grade for both natural and alkalize cocoa powder.

Country: UK
Description: We are looking for exporters and manufacturers for
national flags in 100% polyester.

Country: India
1. Specific Gravity at 15.6/15.6 Deg.C 0.7950
2. Alcohol Content as Ethanol 99.65% W/V
3. Alkalinity Nil
4. Acidity asacetic Acid 0.0012% W/W
5. Residue on evaporation 0.1010% W/W
6. Aldehvde Content as CH3 COOC H5 Nil
7. Copper as Cu Nil
6. Methyl Alcohol Content Passes the Test
8. Test for Fuel oil content Passes the Test
9. Ketones as Isopropyl alcohol and Tertiary
Butyl Alcohol Nil.

Country: Argentina
Description: We are an Argentinian company that export powerboats,
inflammables and sailboats to any country in the world. Very
competitive prices for dealers.
Low investment.
Ex: 21ft fisher boat at only U$S 3650 FOB.
14ft inflatable at only U$S 2800 FOB.

Country: China
Description: Sell electric scooter and gas scooter: Zhejiang Yongkang
Shinever Leisure Utensil Manufacturing CO., LTD. is a professional
manufacturer and exporter in Scooter series and other new sport
products. Now we had exported our products to Japan, Korea, Germany,
Italy, France, U.K., Norway, U.S.A, and other countires. Most of our
products had passed the CE, GS and UL. We can accept any trial order.
Please contact us immediately.

Country: Bangladesh
Description: Stock lot T-shirts for sell. 140-145 GSM single jersey 1/1
rib combed knitted T-shirts.
Colour: White
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Quantity: 10, 000 Dozen
Brand: None
Price: US$7.5 Per Dozen
Country of Origin: Bangladesh
Payment: LC
Shipment: Sea/Air.

Country: Ukraine
Description: The Poltava plant of Gas Discharge Lamps (GRL) was
established in 1963. Nowadays it is unique enterprise of Ukraine
specializing in manufacturing of gas-discharge light sources.
Now we are pleased to offer you following production:
High Pressure Mercury Vapour Lamps - 250W/400W;
Fluorescent tubes - 20W/40W. We are interested in establishing
business relations with traders and consumers in the market
of lighting products.

Country: UK
Description: We are a big textile trading company with worldwide
connections, acting as manufacturers, wholesalers, converters,
import/export and jobbers of Textiles piece goods (fabrics) in all
kinds of material (Cashmere, wool, polyester, cotton, linen, denim,
stretch, etc) at very attractive prices.

Country: Italy
Description: We are producers of Italian dry pasta since 1908.Last
October 2001 we start our production on our new plant ( 7000 square
meters, 100 tons of production capacity) with processes very modern.
We guarantee on product higher quality due to the severe selection on
durum wheat origin and for a long experience with our old recipe.
We have a large range of shapes, standard pasta, special pasta, and egg
pasta. Also, due to the modern plant our prices result competitive.

Country: India
Description: E-Marketing- Professional approach to market your product.
Email database. 60 lakh email address of Indians across the world.
Target Email Sorted emails State wise (Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta,
Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore). High-Net worth - Email database.
Database of Non-Resident Indians, Corporate Entities, Corporate Email
database (With Website Address). All India Mfg Exporter's database.
All India Chamber's of Commerce - Industry wise. Stock Exchanges -
database All India Stock(FREE) Exchange Members database.
Send your circulars to 16 Lakh Email Ids from any of above categories

Country: Taiwan
Description: LED information, image, message display computer ball.
Size - Diameter: 280mm, Height: 380mm.
Weight - 3Kg.
Animation Rate - 40 Frames / Second.
Display Resolution - 73 pixels by up to 850 pixelss round (62000
virtual pixels).
Display Colour Depth - 3 bits per pixel giving 7 colours and black per
pixel (red, green, blue, turquoise, mauve, yellow, black).
Memory - 64Mb onboard memory (can hold upto 128000 image columns)
Power Supply Unit - AC Input 100-240V, 50/60Hz.
DC Output - 24V DC 1.8A.
Clock Accuracy - 220ppm.
Interface - RS232 Computer Link.
Viewing Angle - 360 degree.
Mounting - Desk or Ceiling.
Software - ??Spacial Display Editor?¦ Windows software on CD Rom,
manual and sample animations.

Country: USA
Description: We offer letters of credit.

Country: Ukraine
Description: We can sell charcoal from Ukraine. Terms of shipment may
differ. Quantity unlimited.

Country: Nepal
Description: The hand-made paper is prepared in the traditional way
from the bark of Daphne Cannabina commonly known as LOKTA an under-
storey shrub which grows in the middle mountains of Nepal. Hand Made
Lokta Paper of Nepalese made by an ancient art that has remained
unchanged for over 2000 years. Lokta paper is acid free and extremely
durable and is environmental friendly. These beautiful papers are
used for picture framing, art supplies, book making, displays,
wall paper and many other wonderful and greeting purposes.

Country: Syria
Description: Available for immediate delivery: 1500 tons of tomato
paste, made in Syria, 10/2002 and 3/2003 production, in drums of about
150Kg each, viscosity 28 - 30.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Company is an export agent for a large number of
manufacturers in Taiwan and mainland China, focusing on general
merchandises and other competitive new products. We also have our own
factory; in fact, we are the supplier for mouse in Mainland China.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are manufacturers of quality soccerballs, voellyballs,
handballs, rugbyballs, and all kind of other inflatable balls, sports
wear, all kind of leather gloves, we are FIFA approved and also ILO and
ISO 9002 certified. we are looking of agent in whole world we can offer
him good commission we are working with Italy, Germany, Denmark at the

Country: Nepal
Description: We would like to introduce ourselves as leading exporter
and the oldest tannery in the kingdom of Nepal, with the experience in
this feild for 35 years and wanting to work with the best company
arround the globe. Our tannery was the first to introduce Neplease Wet
Blue to European Market. We have been exporting Wet Blue to European
and Asian Market. We can offer you wet blue buffalo (best for upholstery),
wet blue buff calf, wet blue goat lower selection and crust in cow
and buff calf.

Country: Italy
Description: We are an Italian firm working since 1965 in the ceramic
sector. Specialized in the production of ceramic flowers completely
hand-made and hand painted, we have a big experience in the creation of
centerpieces, basket, and branches of high quality, in many different
forms and sizes.

Country: Bangladesh
Description: We are export poultry meat, frozen fish, dry fish,
vegitable and jute bags. If you are interested this from Bangladesh,
please contact us.

Update - 23.05.2003

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Country: Denmark
Description: offering professional support in the often
complicated process manufacturing special designed textiles.
Our great experience in textile production combined with our in-house
designer, construction and sample sewer gives an unique possibility for
special designs. We offer special production from as low as 100 pcs.
per style and colour with short delivery time. A special design gives a
wide range of branding, profiling and functionality.

Country: Thailand
Description: Handicrafts all categories we can produce.
Hand-woven, Wood carving, Aroma candle, Aroma incent
Gifts, Crafts, Souvenir

Description: Group is composed of three companies venturing in the
following field:
1. Industrial - we supply 5 or 6 jaw meter sockets for watthour meters
2. Services - we provide overseas manpower (Care Giver)
3. Export - native furnitures made from century old trees.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are manufacturers and exporters of textile garments,
all type of knitted garments, T-shirts, polo shirts, bloues and leges
school uniforms, hospital uniforms, instutional uniform, bedlinen, for
hospital and hotels and instutionas (bedsheet, towels, pillow covers,
thermal cellular blankets. We are also trader of many other items,
leather belts, gloves, handi crafts, salt lamps and stone items.

Country: India
Description: one of the leading manufacture of & Exporter of Gold
jewelry / Diamond Jewelry such as Rings, Bracelets, Necklace,
Bangles etc. These are available in 14k, 18k, 22k.
Our Products are being exported to USA, Germany, Spain & other Middle
East Countries for last 5 years. We have more than 1500 verieties of
unique chains & Plain bracelets. (Not included in the web site ask us
for designs). If you have any doubt or question please dont hasitate to
contact us.

Country: Taiwan
Description: has his first B/U-precision stamping, providing
varies of metal stamping parts for connectors in computer and motor
applications. After years, we succeed to integrate the completer
process as a connector manufacture that enables us to sever the biggest
PC market which is domestic area in Taiwan.

Country: Taiwan
Description: ISO 9002 certified & ISO13485 EN46001 applied, was founded
in 1989. Through stringent manufacturing standards & rigorous quality
control, company has earned excellent reputation from customers
worldwide and has become one of leading manufacturer & exporter of
medical device & accessory in Taiwan.

Country: Taiwan
Description: company has been producing the most reliable printed circuit
boards since its establishment in 1991 and been enjoying an
excellent reputation in the market.

Country: Taiwan
Description: company is a long established manufacturer & exporter
of a series of blood pressure monitor and gauge as of the year
1975 with strong circulation over 30 countries worldwide.

Country: Taiwan
Description: We are a manufacturer of health instruments in Taiwan. For
the past 30 years, we have been supplying all kinds of health
instruments to our domestic market and also to various markets abroad
and enjoying a good reputation. We always emphasize manufacturing, and
designing high quality products for our clients.

Country: Taiwan
Description: The manufacture in the company is characterized by its
automation system. The entire manufacturing process are planned to
apply the FMSFA system with an attempt to created the maximum
production capacity and effectively lower the cost and human power,
thus enhancing the quality and efficiency of our manufacturing.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our major export products are oil free mini air
compressors, magnetic diaphragm air pumps, blowers, jet aerator,
membrane diffusers, submersible vortex sewage pumps, magnetic drive
pump, coaxial vacuum acid / alkaline - resist pump, connecting and
self-priming chemical pump, vertical acid / alakline resistant pump,
deep well pumps.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our rapidly growing organization was founded in 1981
to offer clients like you, a unique combination of innovative
trade/DIY products with a quality service. Company is striving
to be the leader in design and manufacture of high
quality hand tools, hardware & Auto accessories.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Company is a Taiwan based manufacturer
of Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) and Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery cells.
The rechargeable battery cells can be assmebled in the battery packs of
mobile phones, notebook computers, electrical vehicles, and power hand
tools etc.

Country: Taiwan
Description: manufacturer of Golf Club Head which specialize in Forged
Titanium Wood and Iron Head, Stainless Wood and Iron Head. We are small
company, so the best quality products and services is the only weapon
we have.

Country: Taiwan
Description: specializing in the manufacturing of wooden and plastic
storage racks, carrying cases and multimedia audio/video compact discs
organizer, computer tables, handbags, sports bags, and luggage in
different series.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Founded in 1992, Our are specializing in high quality,
cost-effective CCTV products. With expertise in electronics,
communications and all aspects of computer technology, we provide
digital camera, quad, multiplexer, system, CCTV system and other
related products for the CCTV industry.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Solar wheel means bikes. For more than 15 years we have
been exporting all styles of BIKES all over the world from our
factories in Taiwan, China, Viet Nam and Thailand.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our company has been established since 1982, We are one of
the leading manufacturers and exporters of various Auto Parts &
Accessories in Taiwan. Our products are suitable for Japanese,
European, American, Korean, and Russian cars. While making your
inquiry, please be sure to state car/engine models, name of parts & O.
E. No. you want.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our high quality and competitive products are being
successfully promoted worldwide. There are clients from more than 45
countries which spread all over the world buying from jenxer. Quality,
on-time delivery and service are our most important concerns to

Country: Taiwan
Description: Company has become a leading company for Pair Gain
system, and is still trying every effort to keep advanced in this
market not only with existing product line but also potential
communication products.

Country: Taiwan
Description: company is an outstanding manufacturer & Exporter for
kinds of auto parts and accessories. Since years of experience, MAI
DING's professional staff had successfully open up to international
market in the field of auto ignition & electrical parts.

Country: Taiwan
Description: company was founded in 1973 by Mr. Rontai Hsieh. It has
over 25 years of experience. In the earlier stages, we specialized
in production carriage bolts, special fasteners and fasteners
for the auto & bike industry.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Company was established in 1984. The major products of
the company are starter motor for both motorcycle and automobile,
electric parts & power system for motorcycles.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Founded in 1993, we are one of the leading manufacturers
of car seat covers in Taiwan. We have been working on the improvement
of car seating for 10 years and have received very good reputation from
supplying high quality seat covers to the local market. Recently, we
started to promote our products to foreign markets, and have proven to
be affirmative by customers over the world.

Country: Taiwan
Description: company is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of
high quality, precision digital scales. Excell Pecision tries to
distinguish itself from the competition by producing scales with
high quality image and reasonable pricing. We have been improving
ourselves by constantly developing new products to satisfy
rapidly changing needs.

Country: Taiwan
Description: company's main products are made from steel and include:
(1) Frames: MTB suspension, ATB, Folding and BMX frames, etc. (2)
Forks: Two types are produced; suspension and traditional forks. (3)
Handlebars (4) Stems (5) Seat-posts & Bar-ends (6) Axle peg (7) Seat-

Country: Egypt
Description: Raw salt for de-icing, we have 50, 000 mt. Ready for
export from the biggest producer of marine salt in the mediterranean &
north African region having an annual production of about 1, 750, 000
mt through many salines located at the mediterranean.

Country: China
Description: We are a company based in China. We have plants in
China(thousand of workers) that engaged in manufacturing various shirt,
T-shirt, polo T-shirt, underwear, panty, boxer short and briefs. Most
of our product are exported to Europe, American and Asia countries.
Presently we are looking for buyer around the world. We can make
product according to your Design and requirement, if you interested in
our product, please contact us. We will send more information to you.

Country: China
Description: We are a professional massage chair manufacturer in China,
have over 20 years experience in producing and selling, our main
products are coin operated massage chair and household massage chair.
We are seeking the distributor all over the world, if you have interest
in our products or are interesting in adding a great revenue in your
business, please feel free to contact us.

Country: Papua New Guinea
Description: We are registered vanilla beans exporter with PNG Sprice
Board from Papua New Guinea, and are seeking for overseas market to
export our vanilla beans. If any market that is interested to do
business with us please contact us.

Country: Korea
Description: We are pleased to introduce ourselves as major
manufacturer of CATV converter in Korea. We manufacture CATV converters
and the related products. We are ranked as one of largest two companies
in company scale, sales volume and technical capability. We export our
products worldwide.
Our major products range is as follows.
l 860MHz Plain / Volume / Addressable converter.
l MMDS converter l Decoder l Headend system.
We process various options and special functions as well as basic
function for our products. If we required other different function, we
are willing to develop it.

Country: Malaysia
Description: We can supply the following canned items:
Sliced Peaches, 410 grams, US$ 0.24
Baked Beans, 420 grams, US$ 0.16
Spaghetti loops, 410 grams, US$ 0.13
All prices above are FOB.
Minimum order is per 40 FCL.

Country: Indonesia
Description: Our company located in Indonesia is a high grade
Detergent manufacturer. Our oversea market are Australia (merlbourne),
Papua New Guinea and Africa. Currently we have intensive negotiation
with some buyer from Philippines, Russia and Uzbekistan.

Country: Sri Lanka
Description: We are leading growers & exporters of spices. Therefore,
we could supply very good quality: Cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, mace,
ginger, black pepper, as bulk or, as consumer packs. Smaller quantities
may be supplied as the initial order.

Country: China
Description: We are professional supplier from China for mobile phone
accessories. Charger & battery are main items. We also do LCD, Leather
Case, Housing, Handsfree, Flashing items, Decorative items, etc.
We are exporting to U.K., Australia, U.S., Italy, Turkey, Mid-east,
South-east Asia, Eastern Europe, etc. Sincerely hoping to establish
friendly business relationship with friends from all over the world.

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