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Export offers

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New export offers available to BizEurope members:

Last update 28 june 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: 3-Acetylsulfur-2-Methylpropionic Acid Appearance: light
yellow liquid or white crystal Assay: 98-102% MW:162.21 FP:25
package: 200kg/drum usage: pharmaceutical intermediate.

Description: 4, 4'-biphenyldicarboxylic acid CAS# 787-70-2 Purity:
97% M.P.: 300-303. Appearance: white crystal powder Packing: 25kg

Description: We are one of the leading manufacturers & exporter of
all sorts of surgical & dental instruments and medical equipments.
especially deals in: surgical instruments all sorts, dental
instruments all sort, medical equipments, e.n.t diagnostic sets,
laryngo-scopes & oto-scopes, hollowware items, scissors all sorts,
manicure & pedicure instruments please feel free to ask any
information from our organization.

Description: Oxandrolone USP25 Appearance: white crystal powder
Assay: 99.6% M.P.: 218-220'C loss on drying: 0.16% specific
rotation: -21'c residue on ignition: 0.2% heavy metals: 50ppm
impurities (TLC): 1.5% organic volatile impurities: 600ppm package:
1000gm/tin special recommending: oxandrolone nandrolone (19-

Description: Boc Anhydride CAS Number: 24424-99-5 Synonyms: BOC-
Acidanhydride, di-tert-Butyl dicarbonate (Di-BOC), Di-t-Butyl
Dicarbonate (Boc anhydride) Appearance: white crystal powder M.P.:
22-23??C Assay: 99.5% Package:25kgs Drum Specail Recommending: 3, 5-
Dimethylisoxazonle Trans-1, 4-Dichloro-2-Butene 3-Mercaptopropionic
Acid N.O-Dimethyl Hydroxyl Amine Hydrochloride Boc Anhydride
Carbonyl Diimidazole Thiodipropionic Acid P-Cyanophenol 3-
Acetylsulfur-2-Methylpropionic Acid 3-Acetylsulfur-2-Methylpropionyl
Chloride 2 Methyl Resorcinol P-Tert-butylcatechol(TBC) Magnesium-L-
Ascorbic Acid Phospate Sulfopotassium Acetate Thioacetic acid P-
Cyanophenol Sulfopotassium Acetate Methyl 4'-bromomethylbi.

Description: We supply various types of nail care products at very
reasonable price, such as nail files, nail buffers, color emery
boards, wooden emery boards, key chain files, emery pads, folding
buffers, deluxe foot files, callous files.

Description: 4-Hydroxybenzenesulfonamide CAS No.: 1576-43-8
Molecular Weight: 173.19 Molecular Formula: C6H7O3NS Appearance:
light yellow powder Assay: 98.5%(HPLC) Moisture: 0.3% Ash: 0.5%
Package: 25kgs Plastic Drum Special Recommending: Ultraviolet Light
Absorber UV-214 Ultraviolet Light Absorber UV-234 Ultraviolet Light
Absorber UV-326 Ultraviolet Light Absorber UV-327 Ultraviolet Light
Absorber UV-328 Ultraviolet Light Absorber UV-329 Ultraviolet Light
Absorber UV-531 Ultraviolet Light Absorber UV-9 2, 3, 4, 4'-
Tetrahydroxybenzophenone 4-Hydroxybenzenesulfonamide 3, 5, 3'5'-
Tetramethlbiphenyl-4, 4'-diol o, o'-dimethyl-o-p-sulfamoylphenyl

Description: Manufacturers and exporters of paper bags (shopping
bag, wine bag, gift bag etc) as well handicrafts made of palm,
paper, terracotta, mud, soapstone etc. Enquiries solicited.

Description: Est. 1966. And from then we provide quality bentonite
powder, foundry grade bentonite, oil well drilling betonite powder,
I.O.P grade, we are glade to inform you that we are ISO certified
company for more information please contact us.

Description: Manufacturer of the electronic products, Such as
electronic IC/ID card locks, electronic hotel locks, electronic
strike, electronic magnetic lock, electronic safe, time and
recorder, underwater lights.

Description: C.S (ortho-Chlorobenzalmalononitrile,
Orthochlorobenzylidenemalononitrile?© Appearance: white crystal
powder Purity: 97% M.P.92-93.6 'C Ash: 0.01% moisture: 0.5% package:
35kg CTN usage: parma. intermediates.

Description: Supply 7-AVCA, 3-OH, 7-ANCA (HSI), 7-ACCA, CAV, VIMCSO,
Azithromycin, Terbinafine, CHCBT, QUINOLINONE, Tetrazole, TT, MT,
MTAA, NPT, ATr, TrAA, AMT, PMT, PT teda, triethylenediamine, 2-
cyanopyrazin, anhydrous piperazinepg, propionitrile, n-2-ethoxyl
piperazinepgn, b-ethoxylethylenediamine, 2-methylpyrazine, edta
anhydrous piperazine, edta-2na triethylene diamine, edta-4na·2h2o
hydroxyethyl ethlylene diamineh, edta-4na·4h2o low molecular weight,
polyamide resin, edta-fena·3h2o dmp-30 accelerant, edta-fenh4·2h2o,
t31 epoxy resin curing agent Adhering the concept of "technology
first priority", we are specialized in developing new pharmaceutical
raw materials and their intermediates, forming three product series:
cephalosporin nucleus series?cephalosporin side chain series and
antibiotic raw material series.

Description: 1) 100% polyester kind: poly pongee, micro fibre, peach
skin, taffeta, koshibo, poly faille, chiffon, satin, georgette, moss
crepe, wash velvet. 2) 100% nylon kind: nylon taffeta (plain/check:
190t-300t), nylon taslan 3) Velvet-like kind: micro suade, aloba,
chino velvet, velvet-plain, velvet, velvet brushed, corduroy. 4)
Others: nylon/cotton fabric, cotton/nylon fabric, poly/cotton
fabric. 5) The processing as P/D, W/R, Printing, Bonding, PVC/PA/PU
coating, milky, silver, peach, embossing, cire, anti-static, etc.

Korea (South)
Description: We are well-established trading company in Korea. We
have over five years of experience in the field of all kind of DVD
and mp3player. In this line of business we have been enjoying a good
reputation. We could supply you with the high quality products at
the lowest price possible. Any information with which you may favor
us will be much appreciated and we await your early reply.

Description: We are a leading company which specialized in
processing and exporting all kinds of frozen-fresh vegetables and
fruits. And our main products are IQF strawberry/yellow peach
diced/pear diced/apple strips, frozen ginger/onion/garlic/carrot and
so on. Such as in pieces/strips and cubes.

Description: We are one of the most vital rivet manufacturer in
China. Our major products are: open type blind rivet, sealed type
blind rivet, multi-grip type rivet, grooved type rivet, peel type
rivet, drive rivet, color plated rivet maolock, insert nut, plastic
rivets etc.

Description: We are a professional manufacturer of scooters and
electric bicycles, ready to supply you with fashionable products in
good quality and at the most competitive price.

Description: Manufactures & Exporters and specialized in sourcing a
wide range of textile items from worldwide. We are a team of
qualified professionals with more than two decades of experience in
all aspects of international marketing. We are currently focusing
our efforts to offer you following products on a competitive basis
as we have tied up for exports with reputed manufacturers in each
product group: fibres: polyester, acrylic, polypropylene. Yarns:
Polyester POY S.D.R.W. & dope dyed black, white for final 150D &
75D, PTY: Polyester textured yarns 300D, 150D, 100D, 75D, 50D raw
white & dyed. Micro polyester textured yarns, non intermingled &
intermingled 150D/144F, 150D/188F, 75D/144F etc. Polypropylene
filament yarn textured, flat, air textured in different colours and
deniers.100% cotton yarns, carded / combed both for weaving &
knitting from NE 10 to 60. Polyester / viscose, polyester / cotton
blended yarn 65/35, 52/48 for weaving and knitting counts NE 10 to
40. Polyester / viscose, polyester / cotton blended yarns for
weaving & knitting NE 10 to 40. Polyester spun yarns, viscose spun
yarns for weaving & knitting NE 10 to 40. Embroidery yarns in rayon
150D / 2PLY, 120D/2PLY in different colours & packing. Fabrics: 100%
Cotton fabrics, P/C Blends and P/V blends. Weave: jacquard, dobby,
pique dobby, oxford, warp satin, weft satin, twill, drill,
gaberdine, half panama, crepes, hair cords, herringbone, tubular,
poplin, percale, honeycomb, cambric, tanalawn, voile, bedford cord
etc. WIDTH: From 39" to 140". TYPE OF LOOMS: Air Jet, Parojectile,
rapier, automatic plus jaquard looms combination with electronic
system. Made-ups 100% cotton bleached bed linen - flat sheets,
bleached and dyed fitted sheets, satin quilt sets, pillow cases,
bolsters, ready curtains in grey with side embroidery also in dyed
and printed, bleached brushed mattress covers, 100% cotton grey dust
sheets in plain weave or twill weave in standard us and EEC sizes,
knitted fitted sheets, knitted quilt covers. The above articles can
also be arranged in p/c blends. 100% cotton kitchen linen, table
linen, cabinet towels, terry towels in bleached, dyed, jacquard,
printed and sheared {if required} in various standard sizes. acrylic
Mink Blankets / Baby Blankets [ 1 PLY & 2 PLY]. Garment workwear,
hospital suits, chef' coats, aprons etc. Knitted garments- single
jersey- white, dyed and printed in 100% cotton or blends.

Description: One of the largest confectionery producers in
Lithuania. During many years expanding assortment and improving
quality of production it offers a very large assortment of fine
taste products: hard caramel, caramel with fruity or with milky
fillings, flaky caramel, chewing caramel, dragee, grilijage, sweets
in boxes, sweets with liqueur and other different fillings, wafery
sweets, jelly sweets, marshmallows. Only the highest raw materials
are used seeking to support top quality of products in production
process. Company has work experience of many years with well known
in Lithuania nad Baltic states trade nets "VP Market", "Rimi", "IKI"
and it can take additional liability working with a new trade nets,
because it has free producing capacity and financial reserves.
Company introduces ISO 9001.

Description: Offer readymade garment’s-t-shirt, shirt, pullover,
ladies shorts ladies cotton bra, gents underwear swimming costume
both ladies and gents and other garments item which buyer are
required. Handicrafts: bed sheet, bedcover, pottery, wood curving,
wood musk, wood-curving showpiece, wall hanging hand paint t-shirt,
hand paint with hand sewing with hand stitch ladies cloth.
Bangladeshi nokshikatha, hand made gift item, hand made doll
(cloth), candle and candle stand, candle statue, candle flower and
other thing which buyer are required. N.B: we are specially offer
new design for the customer.

Description: Acid dyestuff and basic dyestuff products- acid orange
II, acid golder yellow, acid black 10B, acid fuchsin 6B, basic brown
Gacid dyestuff and basic dyestuff products- acid orange II, acid
golder yellow, acid black 10B, acid fuchsin 6B, basic brown Gacid
dyestuff and basic dyestuff products- acid orange II, acid golder
yellow, acid black 10B, acid fuchsin 6B, basic brown Gacid dyestuff
and basic dyestuff products- acid orange II, acid golder yellow,
acid black 10B, acid fuchsin 6B, basic brown Gacid dyestuff and
basic dyestuff products.

Description: We are a producer of Polish trampolines 4 in 1 and 1 in
1. Our customers all over the world (eg. Englad, Katar, Scotland,
Slovakia) are the best confirmation of our quality. Also the best
price in the world help us to meet all customers needs. We are
searching for new customers and sales representatives

Description: International telecom carrier based in LA also as IP
phone producer and manufactory. Produces the best and the most
affordable IP phones which apply to any internet access model, we
also offer very competitive rate.

Description: We are manufacturer and exporter a company in Turkey.
We produce solvent based polyurethane adhesive(glue) and PUR hotmelt
glue for profile wrapping machines. We also produce hard PVC
adhesives and post forming adhesives for lamination operation and
D3-D4 PVA based glues, and parquet glues, membrane press glues,
general purpose adhesive for shoes industry and leather industries.

Description: We are exporters of all kind of products located in
Pakistan and Iran.especially we deal in cotton, polyester, silk
ties, stitched and unstitched jeans, dry fruits, swords, daggers,
carpets, cleansers, detergents, leather jackets n etc or detailed
information do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are waiting
for your reply hoping to start a good business relation.

Description: We are Registered producers of veterinary
pharmaceuticals in oral form (antibacterials, vitamins, amino acids,
dewormers ). We are looking for Distributors in some Arab
Countries, Africa & South America.

Description: We sell Indian products on very interesting credit
terms. We deal mainly in the following commodities: ceramic wares &
sanitary wares; Grains, spices, food items, pulses, dal etc; plant &
machinery, equipment for various industries; agricultural equipment,
plants, chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers; frozen foods; furniture
fittings; paint and polish; pharmaceutical products; paper &
stationery; building materials and hardware; textiles and garments;
electrical; plumbing pipes and fittings; steel products; industrial
chemicals; raw materials for any type of industry; ornamental,
fashion jewelry; leather goods. All products made in India at very
competitive prices. Export direct from India to your country.

Description: Our company produces and offers cosmetic and
parapharmaceutical natural products, made of plants extracts,
harvested from unpolluted areas and manually processed. Our products
are approved by Romanian Ministry of Health and dermatological

Description: We are the leading manufacturer adn exporter of
Nepalese handicraft and garments Items specializing in felt bags,
felt hats, felt shoes, hemp/ silk hats, hemp/silk bags, woolen

Description: The company is specializing in PU injection of safety
shoes making. Supplies safety shoes of good quality with competitive
prices and outstanding customer service, the products have been sold
well in EU, U.S. and Australia etc. This safety shoes comply with
the standards of EC directive for personal protective equipment
(directive 89/686 EEC), and have meet the requirements of the
European Harmonized Standard S3 EN345-1:1993. It is certified by the

Description: Offer in euro per kilo, FOB Spain, sow tenderloin, head
on, iwp, carton, ? 4 pork collar boneless, polyblocks, ? 1.8 pork
loin ribs, carton, ? 2.05 pork sternum bone, carton, ? 0.2 pork neck
bone, carton, ? 0.21 pork femur bone, carton, ? 0.22 pork ham
boneless 4d, polyblocks, ? 2.1 pork ham bone in, box, ? 1.47 pork
back rind, polyblocks, ? 0.22.

Description: Outstanding from other cable & connector manufacturers
in recent decades being it not only extrudes high quality copper
wire for production purpose but also produces PVC resin (PVC
Fabrication) for its cables & connectors thus it could offer a more
competitive factory price. Factories (ISO9001 certified +
UL/CSA/VDE) located at Ping Wu, Shenzhen, China:- Hui Yi Electronic
Factory I & II (I) Making all kinds of Cable, Harness, Assembly such
as Power Cord, Cables for A/V, Computer, Network, Tel/Telcom,
Security, Toys, PDA, Auto, Toys, OEM (II) Making all Wiring/Board-
to-Board/PCB connectors, Housing, Plug, Jack, Socket, Wafer, Pin
Header, RCA, Phone, Mini Din, USB, Modular, 1394, BNC.

Description: We are one leading exporter for Chinese white pumpkin
seed and other pumpkin seeds. Our products are as follows: 1.snow
white pumpkin seeds grade a (10.5cm and up/ten pieces) grade AA(12cm
and up/ten pieces) grade A.A.A (13cm and up/ten pieces) packing:
50kg per plastic woven bag. 2. Pumpkin seed kernels packing: 25kg
vacuum packing in carton. 3. Shine skin pumpkin seeds packing: 50kg
per plastic woven bag, 25mt/40'fcl. 4. Pumpkin seeds grown without
shell packing: 25kg/plastic woven bag. 18.5mt/20'fcl if you
interested in, pls let us know. We will give you our best offers
after upon receipt of your relevant detailed requirements.

Description: Our company are located in the main origin (Shandong
Origin, China) for Chinese peanuts. We are one of the biggest
suppliers for Chinese peanuts in China. Our products are as follows:
1.Peanuts kernels long Type 20/24, 24/28, 28/32, 34/38, 38/42,
45/55. Peanuts Kernels Round Type 35/40, 40/50, 50/60, 60/70.Packed
in 25 kgs vacuum bags. 2.Blanched peanuts 25/29, 29/33, 35/39,
39/43, 36/41, 41/51, 51/61.Packed in 25 kgs Vacuum bags.2x12.5/CTN.
3.Peanuts in shell 7/9, 8/10, 9/11, 11/13, 9/13.Packed in PP Woven
Bags of 30kgs. 4.Roasted peanuts with red skin 28/32, 34/38,
38/42.Packed in 3.75kg x 4pp bag/carton. 5.Roasted & Salted Peanuts
185g/tin, 227g/tin, 50g/pp bag, 100g/pp bag, 150g/pp bag, 200g/pp
bag. 12.5kg X 2 PP bag/ctn. 6.Roasted Peanuts Inshell 9/11,
11/13.Packed in 10kg x 2 PP bag/carton, oxygen absorbent packing.
7.Chopped Peanuts 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16.Packed in 2 x12.5/CTN. 8.Pure
peanut butter, creamy peanut butter. Packed in 340g plastic bottle,
510g plastic bottle If you are in a position to import Chinese
peanuts currently. Pls let us know your detailed requirements. We
will give you our best offers after receiving your enquiry.

Description: Produces hologram stickers, hologram machines, hologram
masters, hologram cards, including all kinds of temper evident
holograpghic stickers, holographic film, transparent holographic
cards, 2D/3D and dot-matrix masters, photopolymer, hologram embosser
(1200mm soft hologram embosser and hard hologram embosser),
electronic forming machine, hologram mastering lab, laminator and
die-cutting punch, etc.

Description: Our company is specialized in tires for auto and trucks
we sell 8.25R20/9.00R20/10.00R20/11.00R20/12.00R20 for new and
11/22.5-12/22.5-13/22.5-315/80/22.5-295/80/22.5-385/65/22.5 for
used. You are welcome to send us your enquiry.

Description: We are the biggest supplier and exporter of Turkish
chickpeas and red lentils in Mersin; Turkey. If you are interested
in our products please let us know. One of the leading trader which
has come to stage in 1998 has been importing and exporting pulse &
cereals, seeds, spices all over the world. Company services with the
professional team who aiming the customer happiness with customer
driven and service mindedness policies. We ensure that every
shipment deliveries the right quantity of the right products at the
right time. We producing, marketing Chickpeas, lentils, all king of
beans, rice, corn. With its dedication to high standards and
providing first class products, we ensure that products are entirely
machine produced and packaged using the latest technology. Our
commodity market operations concerned merchandise, store and
transport large quantities of rice, pulse, cereals, seeds, spices.

Description: We are specialized in measuring tape, fiberglass tape,
cutters, utility knife, blades, steel.

Description: We are specialized in automatic pleating machine,
rotary screen printing machine, pleat.

Description: We are specialized in high speed dyeing machine,
automatic weight reduction machine.

Description: We are specialized in filter facility, blower,
combustion equipment, chemical machine, ironware tube.

Description: We are specialized in UV ray, infra-red transportation
dryer equipment, UV tube, dryer.

Description: We are specialized in supersonic, cleaning, surface
process, washing, spraying, printing screen, welding, RO, RO water
facility, ultrasonic.

Description: We are specialized in CNC, tooling machine, traditional
workstation, milling machine, EDM electrical discharge machine,
machine center.

Description: We are specialized in glasses lenses, camera lenses,
watch lenses, etc. machine needed for every lenses.

Description: We are specialized in precision oven, vacuum, dryer,
heating, curing, drying, UV, IR, LED, exposure.

Description: We are specialized in roller, mirror surface, axis, oil
pressure, pressing mold, mechanical components, plating, grinding,
sand spraying, hard chromium.

Description: We are specialized in mold, lamp, model, car lamp.

Description: We are specialized in knitting machine, yarn stand,
mold, yarn wheel, guiding hook, yarn compressor, hardware.

Description: We are specialized in graphite, carbon, carbon brush,
pressure joint, semiconductor graphite, EDM, continuous casting,
pump, mechanical, electronic.

Last update 25 june 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We would like to introduce ourselves as suppliers of
premium quality dehydrated vegetables like onions, potatoes, bitter
gourd and carrots and spices such as ginger, garlic, coriander and
chillies, at highly competitive prices. The quality-consciousness
and hygiene with which our products are produced ensure their
durability, high quality and popularity with our clients, which
include some of India’s biggest corporate organizations. We would
like to offer our products to your esteemed organization.

Description: Hand crafted baby cloths hand crafted quilted pillow
slip covers hand painted wooden items hand painted glass etc.

Description: Estoy interesado en productos de electronica sobre todo

Description: *Moving the upper body. *Singing the X'mas song. *With
fibre optic. Packing: *1 pc/color box. *6 pcs/ctn/5.0'. As you are
interested, please contact us.

Description: Our silicone rubber fashion strap not only provides
flexibility and comfort, but also various styles according to each
personality. With our special designed fashion clip, our fashion
strap has the advantage of staying on shoulders. Thanks to that
special design, woman now has one less thing to worry about. Custom
designs and styles are available upon request. As you are
interested, please contact us for details.

Description: Packaging machinery exporting and manufacturing
company, which includes vertical packing, horizontal packing,
cartoners, case-packs, liquid filing machines for bottled products,
multi-packs, shrinking machines, and filling devices such as
cupdosers, angerdosers, and weighing devices.

Description: Romantic candle with natural shell. It's amazing
Christmas gift for family, friends. Attracting all the eye sights at
any seasons!! Features: variety of shapes, variety of shells. As you
are interested, please contact us.

Description: For professional purpose. Sprays on virtually all
enamel, stain, primer, metallic, etc. Precise gun head provides
HP305 with high quality spraying. High quality components made and
controlled by CNC technology and inspection. As you are interested,
please contact us.

Description: We have specialized in manufacturing a full series of
professional pneumatic tools for over 20 years. We would like to
provide "One-Stop shopping & Total Solution" services. If there are
any pneumatic tools or related products you are looking for, then
you need look any further. We offer purchasing, inspection and
shipment for you, in order to save you time and money. As you are
interested, please contact us.

Description: Real cylinder we designed can provide 260 million
possible key combinations, and one real master key can open 20, 000
different locks. Real cylinder can be combined with all kinds of

Description: Die struck-hard enamel (cloisonne), Poly-hard enamel
(imitation cloisonne), soft-enamel with/without epoxy coating.
Etching-soft enamel with/without epoxy coating. Logos, designs shown
are for reference only. As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Company was established in 1985. During the first 10
years we was specialized in designing and manufacturing hair
accessories. In 1993, we change our focus to producing cosmetic
bags, children's bags, and all kinds of ladies' bags. Sales Contact:
Manager Marina Huang

Description: We are grower of more than 50hec of kiwi fruit (hyward)
in Caspian sea/Iran. Our crop is ready for export. If you are
interested, Pls contact us.


Description: Chrome oxide green/chromium oxide green supplier,
including chrome oxide green chrome oxide green common grade chrome
oxide green grinding grade chrome oxide green ceramics grade chrome
oxide green low hexavanlent chrome grade chrome oxide green high
purity grade chrome oxide green metallurgical grade.

Description: The company is a exclusive venture, established by
Korean. We are majer producing all kinds of purifier water softener
air Purifier. We are inviting agents of the country.

Description: We offer chicken breast fillets, boneless, skinless, 2
kg bags for 1350 USD EU Stantard Origin from Germany or Netherlands.
We can give you price on any Chicken parts or whole Chicken prices
also. That no one will bit.

Description: We manufacture carbon molecular sieve Absorption
pressure (MPa) 0.8 (PSA method) N2 concentration (%) 99.5 Type cms-
200 N2 production capacity (M3/h.t) 200 air/N2 2.5-2.75 Typecms-220
N2 production capacity (M3/h.t) 220 air/N2 2.5-2.75 Our price for
selling the carbon molecular sieve with the above technical
specifications is about 7.50 USD/kg.

Description: Computer speakers are available at the lowest prices in
the whole market. With 25, 000 pcs daily production capacity &
ISO9001, CE & UL certificates, we have 180 models (2.0, 2.1, 4.1,
5.1 channels) various choices for you. Reliable quality, elegant
designs & eyecatching color packing, our products are best applied
to any audio sources like PC, Notebook, DVD/VCD/MP3 Player. As a
leading professional manufacturer of hi-end AV products, we produce
150 other models of MPEG4 DVD players (DivX DVD players compatible
with all DivX TM versions), portable DVD player and DVD Recorders.
Accept OEM/ODM orders. Incredible discounts to our regular

Description: Our company has produced and fallen in business of all
kinds of linen, ramie, hemp fabrics for many years. We are able to
produce and specialize in pure ramie cloth, pure linen cloth, pure
hemp cloth and blended, mixed, dyed, printed, jacquard fabrics.
Furthermore we can spin and are in the line of ramie and flax
knitting yarn, such as pure ramie yarn, pure linen yarn, pure hemp
yarn and blended yarn dyed yarn, colored spun yarn, cotton yarn and
pure cotton slub yarn.

Description: Manufacturer that produces blanket, bedding articles,
curtain, pillowcase, trousers, etc. And in bedding articles, our
advantage is embroidery.

Description: Specializing in 46 specialized in polyester webbing
slings, polyester round slings, polyester cargo lashings, super
sings, flat slings, flat webbing slings, flat we slings, polyester
web sling, tree straps, webbing strap, recovery strap, recovery tow
strap, lashing systems, polyester sling, polyester belt sling,
synthetic webbing, endless slings, nylon slings, synthetic web
slings, synthetic sling, webbing sling, round sling, cargo lashing,
ratchet tie down, ratchet lashing, nylon webbing, nylon strap,
tubular round ropes, braided rope, starter rope, safety net, safety
belt, cargo net, safety rope, climbing rope, rope ladders, building
net, nylon net.

Description: Established in 1992, devoting to the search of the high
quality material and the carving technology of the perfect products.
With the professional and experienced technicians and workers and
advanced technology, we have been able to produce and export all the
products that meet our customers' demands. And have been as a number
of importers and wholesalers' long-term supplier. Our products
include marble and granite monument, building column, fireplace
surrounds, sculpture, fountain and statues.

Description: Sell DivX DVD Player (Compatible With Divx, Mp4, Xivd,
DVD, VCD, Wma, MP3 etc.) Newest chip, newest software enable our
products has the best stability, best compatibility, and the best
cost performance. Since May2003, We launched our newest product AN-
DivX400, we are now have four models of DivX DVD player AN-DivX300,
mini size:360mm*270mm*38mm(special design for air-ferry) AN-DivX400,
one of the earliest DivX dvd player available in the world. AN-
DivX500, aluminium panel, classic appearance. AN-DivX600, 38mm
thick, featuring the best performance of our products. Price list is
available upon request. FOB Shenzhen Quantity: min500 Packaging: In
color gift box.

Description: Shaolin robes weapons books videos wholesale directory
Shaolin temple monks Martial arts books, Martial arts apparatus,
martial arts clothes, martial arts enrollment, martial arts
communication, food cure, folk secrect prescription to cure hard
disease, Shaolin Temple Monk Performance Training School, martial
art demonstate group, Henan yu arts, qu arts, and local trad
VCD.handcraft embroidery. Handcraft embroidery shoes. Handcraft
cloth shoes.

Description: High-tech enterprise specializing in producing
thermosol spraying equipments and has a group of specialized
personnel engaged inresearch, design and development of thermosol
spraying equipments. After more than ten years' efforts, we has
developed and manufactured RT series thermosol coating machine, rzt
series thermosol extruding and coating machine, h188 series
thermosol spraying machine and new century 2000 series thermosol
spraying machine, which have been widely used in the industries of
producing various adhesive products, disposable women and children's
goods, shoe material, filter and packed products, etc.

Description: Exquisite handcrafted decorative mirrors. Have you ever
think of a mirror could actually shines up your life? Yes! Check out
our special ranges of exquisite handcrafted designer mirrors called
"the Kingdom" and "Ultimate Sensation" by visiting our homepage.
In "the Kingdom", we have 10 unique characteristics and in the
"Ultimate Sensation", we have 15 masterpieces that you don’t want to
miss a single of them! We have got the most high quality mercury in
house for these mirrors and a secret in the process of hand crafting
them to last you many years of enjoyment!

Description: We are a trading company locating in Shenzhen china
since 1998, we aim at to be a perfect worldwide wholesaler and
supplier with over 30, 000 items. Wholesale gifts online, (main
item: gift, wholesale promotional gift, advertising gift, cup,
ashtray, pen, key chain, watch, toy, opener, TV game, consumer
electronics, gift, crafts, health, beauty, home supplies, office
supplies, sports entertainment, toys etc.).

Description: Aloe vera based series products. We export high purity
of aloe vera based products: - whole leaf aloe vera powder - diced
aloe gel - 1:1 whole leaf aloe vera juice - 10:1 whole leaf aloe
vera concentrate - 10:1 aloe vera gel concentrate - 100:1 freeze
dried whole leaf aloe powder - 200:1 freeze dried aloe gel powder -
aloe tablets (for laxatives) - aloe capsule (for lubricating
intestines, laxatives) - aloe beauty soft capsule (for dispels the
spot) aloe vera series products are extensively used in food
additives, health, toiletries, otc pharmaceuticals, and many other

Description: Acesulfame Potassium (55589-62-3) we manufacture and
exports high quality of Acesulfame K. It has no calorie and is
suitable for diabetics. The main advantages are natural taste, no
calorie, high solubility, no side effect, and excellent synergistic
effect when using in combination with other sweet additives.

Description: Manufactures and exports high purity of citric acid
mono. It passed BP/DAB/EP/FCC/JP/USP tests, high quality and timely
delivery is assured.

Description: Manufactures and exports environmental friendly the
photo/biodegradation food boxes. The basic material is
Polypropylene. Degradation of the Polymer is triggered by UV light
and assisted by the presence of UV sensitizers. In this process the
Polymer is converted to low molecular weight material and in a
second phase converted to carbon dioxide and water by bacteria

Description: Offers high purity of pharmaceutical raw material with
China origin. Please visit our website.

Description: Offers high quality of copper sulphate, gelatin,
lysine, oxytetracycline HCL, manganese sulphate, and zinc sulphate
monohydrate for animal feed additives.

Description: Manufacturers and exports high quality of copper
sulphate covering agricultural grade, electroplating grade, and feed

Description: As a fact, we've got big market in Europe & South
America, Spain, Greece, UK, Argentina. We've got SEMKO CE CB.for
many years. Please click our web site, and let me know what products
you interested in at present.

Description: As a leading manufacturer of vinyl / nitrile
examination gloves and PE products, we have been exporting our
products to all over the world and earned a good reputation for our
business activities. Presently we can supply approximately 220 x 20’
containers/per month of powdered and powder-free vinyl/nitrile
gloves and hereby assure you of punctual delivery, excellent quality
and competitive prices. Should you need any further information on
our company or products, please feel free to contact us by returned
Fax, E-mail or Tel. to our head office in Taiwan. We assure you that
any of your inquiries will be served with excellent efficiency &
effectiveness for your successful business with us.

Description: Thioctic acid (alpha-lipoic acid) appearance: yellowish
crystalline powder solubility(in NaOH): clear and pale yellow Assay:
99.90% Melting Point: 61.2'C Heavy Metals: 10ppm Loss on drying:
0.20% Residue on Ignition: 0.01% 6, 8-epigrithlooctanolic acid:0.27%
Single impurity: 0.17% Total impurities: 0.46%Cyclohexane:500ppm
Toluene: 5ppm 1, 2-Dichloroethane:5ppm Total areobes counts:
100cfu/g Package:25kg CTN.

Description: We are a leading manufacturer & exporting Company in
Tianjin, China, specializing in all kinds of garment products, such
as: (weft knitting) children and babies clothing, T-shirt, polo-
shirt, Lycra-shirt, underwear, (woven) children's wear, jacket,
ladies and men's fashionable dress, coat, cotton padded clothing,
sleepwear, pants, etc. Our existing clients are mainly from Europe
and South America and Japan. We are now exploring our business, and
sincerely hope to take this opportunity to establish a business
relationship with you to our mutual benefit. We have a well-
experienced technician team in garment making and we could make an
offer according to your instructions within two days and make
samples within a few days. We could accept small orders such as
300pcs per style in 3 colors & 3-4 sizes. Of course we have the
ability to accept large orders too. And we have some quota with
Europe, if there is anything we can do to help you, we shall be
pleased to do so. Therefore, You are always welcome to contact us
via Email, phone or by fax for any inquiries in garment. We assure
you of our best service and high quality goods at competitive price
at any time! If you are interested in getting a new reliable
supplier in North China, pls to contact with us, We would appreciate
it very much if you let us have your reply.

Description: We are a footwear manufacturer and exporter. We have
experience in footwear and been trusted by our customers to export
worldwide for more than 40 years. With 60, 000 pairs monthly
capacity, we can supply various products for men's and woman's and
kid's in fashioned shoes, comfort shoes, bio sandals, trekking
sandals and slipper, as well as for infant booties, If you are
looking for footwear exporter from Thailand, please consider us to
be your business partner for shoes supply.

Description: We offer to sell our product to you with competitive
price and quality, the prices are FOB Semarang (included),
unfinished and unpolished for garden furniture.

Description: Fluorescent Brightener OB-1 (O.B.393) Chemical name:
2.2'-(4.4'-diphenol vinyl) dibenzoxazol Molecular formula:
C28H18N2O2 Molecular weight: 414 Properties: Fluorescent brightener
is yellow crystals. Its melting point is 351-353, and it is not-
water-soluble, and odorless, enjoying stable performance and strong
fluorescence. Its maximum wavelength of absorption spectrum is 374
and its emitting wavelength of fluorescence is 434 nm. Appearance:
Yellow crystal powder Melting point: 351-353 Solid Content 99.5%
volatile: 0.5% Abroad main products name 120 meshes Package: 10kgs
drum fluorescent brightener OB-1 (O.B.393) is used in increasing
whiteness of original polyester.

Description: We are suppliers of automobile parts in china, include
the supports for automobile engines, the supports for speed changing
boxes, shock-absorbing parts, bolsters, oil-sealing parts, sealing
parts, lorry-carrying tools, caging devices of automobile doors,
polyurethane bushes and so on.

Description: We are suppliers of hot melt glue and glue stick in

Description: 3-Mercaptopropionic Acid CAS Number:107-96-0 Synonyms:
beta-Mercaptopropionic acid, beta-Thiopropionic acid Molecular
Weight:106.14 Appearance: clear or slight yellow liquid Assay:99%
Iron:0.2ppm ColorAPHA:100 Acid:525-530 Package:200kg Drum Specail
Recommending: 3, 5-Dimethylisoxazonle Trans-1, 4-Dichloro-2-Butene
3-Mercaptopropionic Acid N.O-Dimethyl Hydroxyl Amine Hydrochloride
Boc Anhydride Carbonyl Diimidazole Thiodipropionic Acid P-
Cyanophenol 3-Acetylsulfur-2-Methylpropionic Acid 3-Acetylsulfur-2-
Methylpropionyl Chloride 2 Methyl Resorcinol P-Tert-
butylcatechol(TBC) Magnesium-L-Ascorbic Acid Phospate Sulfopotassium
Acetate Thioacetic acid P-Cyanophenol Sulfopotassium Aceta.

Description: We are suppliers of diamond polishing products and
abrasive products in China. Diamond polishing products include
diamond blades, diamond wheels and drills and so on. Abrasive
products include cut-off wheels, flap wheels, flexible grinding
wheels and so on.

Description: If you are an importer/distributor/bulk buyer of cakes,
cookies, biscuits or any other bakery items, we at Sweethearts can
romance your taste buds! We are HACCP certified and member of
Australian Institute of Exports. 100% Quality guaranteed. All
products have long-life storage. We can make you anything you like
and at your target cost! - please email your specifications and we
will respond to you.

Description: Spiramycin CAS Number:8025-81-8 Appearance: white or
slightly yellow powder Assay: 4494u/mg Loss on Drying: 1.4%
Sulphated Ash: 0.04% Heavy Metals: 20ppm PH:9.8 Specific Rotation:-
81.8 Composition: spiramycin I not less than 80%:90.01% spiramycin
II not less than 5.0%:0.6% spiramycin III not less than 10.0%:1.2%
total Spiramycin I, II, III, not less than 90.0%:92% Package: 25kg
CTN Complete according with EP2002.

Description: One of top hardware exporters in China with more than
10 years export experiences, We are specialized in door locks,
mortise locks, padlocks, drawer locks, handles, hinges, pliers, and
other door & window accessories. We can offer competitive prices,
good quality, best after-services. Price range: By discussion CIF,
C&F, FOB port: any packaging: color box, double blister, insert
card, standard export package Quantity: no limit product.
Specification: ISO9000.

Description: Trans-1, 4-Dichloro-2-Butene CAS Number:110-57-6
Synonyms:trans-1, 4-Dichloro-2-butene, trans-1, 4-Dichloro-2-
butylene Molecular Weight:124.95 Appearance: colorless liquid
Assay:93.37% B.P.:154-158'C Refractive Index:1.4881 Cis-1, 4-
Dichloro-2-butent:5.03% 3, 4-Dichloro-1-ButenE:1.02% Package:40kg
Drum Specail Recommending: 3, 5-Dimethylisoxazonle Trans-1, 4-
Dichloro-2-Butene 3-Mercaptopropionic Acid N.O-Dimethyl Hydroxyl
Amine Hydrochloride Boc Anhydride Carbonyl Diimidazole
Thiodipropionic Acid P-Cyanophenol 3-Acetylsulfur-2-Methylpropionic
Acid 3-Acetylsulfur-2-Methylpropionyl Chloride 2 Methyl Resorcinol
P-Tert-butylcatechol(TBC) Magnesium-L-Ascorbic Acid Phospate

Last update 24 june 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We're the professional supplier specialize in varieties
of machines and accessories in Taiwan since 1967. We would like to
invite you to glance at our web site and you'll find over thousands of
machines that we can provide. Our products are sold to all over the
world and have the good reputation from our customers. We believe that
our efficient service and reasonable price will help you make big
Our main product ranges are as following:
- Metal cutting machine tools
- Metal forming processing machinery
- Wood working machinery
- Machine accessories/ tools/ cutters.
We have CD-ROM & catalogue, which has completed information and
details for our products. If you need further information on our
products or you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

Description: We are manufacturer's of "cocoa" products in Indonesia,
if manufacture the following range of products:
1) Natural Cocoa Powder 10 - 12% Fat
2) Alkalized Cocoa Powder 10-12% Fat
3) Natural & Alkalized Cocoa Cake 10-12%
4) Cocoa Liquor
5) Cocoa Butter
We are eager to receive prospective inquiries from clients dealing in
cocoa business line.

Description: We are importers of ceramics marble/tiles, textiles/
garment food and related product from any part of the world and good

Description: We are leading manufacturer and exporter of all kind of
cotton working gloves, terry, jersey, hotmill, mitten and P.V.C gloves
plus cotton shopping bags, arm selves and cotton aprons in all these
gloves we have lot of varieties. Gloves colors, size, weight and
design can be change on customer demand.

Description: We are a comprehensive import and export corporation and
mainly deal in machinery light industry textile, chemicals, hardware
and industry measurement equipment etc. Especially in machine tools
and industrial measurement equipment such as metal processing
equipment, forging and stamping equipment, casting equipment,
carpenter machinery plastic machinery spare parts of machine tools,
electric belt scales, samplers, feeders and so on. We can provide
excellent machinery and chemicals in china at most competitive
prices(various catalogues and technology parameters of machinery are
available for your reference)and meet your special requirement.

Description: We are a leading manufacturer of car audio & video
products such as car DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/Cassette player, etc.
Kindly visit our website and take a review.

Description: We are a manufacturer of optical components such as
attenuator, couplers, optical patch-cord, connector, etc. in Shanghai.

Description: We are exporters of "rice bran" and are in position to
supply approx. 200-300mt/monthly basis.
Delivery: Indonesian Sea port.
We would like to receive prospective inquiries from clients dealing in
rice bran products.

Description: Our company's manufacturing high quality garments
including men's wear which include dress pants, shirts of
international specification. We are exporting to many European
countries. The fabric, packaging, dress material, stitching everything
is maintained from customer specification point of view in order to
keeplong-term relationship with the potential customers. Hoping for a
good response.

Description: Condoms
A tempting assortment of flavors and colors for extra fun and
excitement! Varieties of flavors are available, strawberry,
peppermint, banana, and mango just to mention a few. Lubricated for a
natural feeling. Reservoir tip for added comfort and safety. Come &
buy from us!

Description: We specialize in researching and manufacturing security
door, wood door, steel door, fire-proof security door and full
automatic garage door. We also can meet the customer's special needs.
We can make sure the price is competitive and the quality is high.

Description: Manufacturer of neolite (resin rubber) sheets and TPR
granules for shoe soles production with different colors, designs and
hardness. Also we deal with trading of raw materials for rubber

Description: Our company would like to offer you our top quality
tropical fruit preserves, condiments, fruit juices and other traded
items, wherein each category have different variants which caters to
the taste of food lovers through out the world. We also adapt to the
changes of different food laws of many countries. These are but a few
essentials we provide to our clientele so as to guarantee its entry
and acceptance to the said country or region. As an authorized
exporter, we guarantee that the said products undergone natural
processing fit for consumption.

Description: We wish to offer glass hydrometers, thermometers, vials,
culture tubes, etc and invite your orders.

Description: We can supply following materials as follows Ex. -Mumbai
Material quantity/month price
1)Benzoyl Chloride 200MT Rs.45/Kg.+16% excise + tax as applicable
2)Propionyl Chloride 100MT Rs.165/Kg.+16%excise + tax as applicable
3)Chloro Acetyl Chloride 100MT Rs.80/Kg.+16%excise + tax as applicable
4)N-Chloro Succinimide 50MT Rs.450/kg.+16% excise + tax as applicable
5)Propiophenone 50MT Rs.240/Kg.+16% excise + tax as applicable
6)Acetyl Chloride 200MT Rs.75/Kg.+ 16% Excise + tax as applicable.

Description: We are specialized in precision plastic injection molds,
radio, tap recorder, telephone set, video, television, computer
monitor, oa equipment, sewing machine.

Description: We are leading manufacturer and exporter specializing in
the field of high/low voltage electrical products in China. Locates in
"the Capital City of Chinese Electrical Industry". Our products cover
full ranges of fuses, drop out fuses (totally 700 specs of 19 series),
circuit breakers, contactors, control relays, starters, switches,
electrical instruments & meters, cable & wire, cable accessories,
lamps etc. They are all made according to IEC standards. We are
ISO9002 Quality Guarantee System certified company.
Please feel free to contact us for your specific inquiry by e-mail for
to send you more information of our products.

Description: We exporters of Indian quality onions, potatoes, suran
(yam) and other fresh vegetables & fruits like alfanso mangoes,
chickoos, oranges, grapes etc, gunny bags, paper products, kids wear

Description: We supply the following types of yarns,
A) 100 % cotton yarns
B) Polyester viscose yarns
C) 100% viscose yarns
D) Open end yarns
For knitting and weaving in single as well as two fold.
We also export Indian garments like salwar kameez & textile machinery
spares like textile bobbins etc.

New Zealand
Description: We make to order/children's from size 0yrs/adults leather
garments, excellent top quality bike vests heavy duty/tasseled
bags/saddle bags for the bike/tobacco pouches, lined and holds lighter
and papers +50grms tobacco/wholesale or retail, we make all to
order/always creating new designs.

Description: I have a tomato the kind is: super rid - USA.
I am in Egypt.
I can send it to any place.
The price: .5 $= 1Kilogram (In Egypt)
1.5 -2 $= 1Kilogram (In yor Country).

Description: Manufacturer of equipment for peeling and forming
vegetables and fruits. The equipment is suitable for food processors,
large hotels, in-flight caterers and vegetable processors.
We are searching for distributors in the Baltic States and new

Description: With years of experience on extensive relationship with
local factories, you can be assured that you will get best supplying
resources: timely delivery, flexible supply, competitive price, high
quality, perfect service. I'll let you know the direct factories and
take you to visit them if you come to China for checking. I'm good at
electronic and IT industry, of course, if what you need is not
involved in the following product lines, also welcome to contact me up
for further assistance.

Description: We have the pleasure to send you our offers about soft
drink Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Fanta etc. If you want many information don't
hesitate to contact us.

Description: We have the pleasure to send you our offers about
sunglasses Armani, Jantzen, Rayban, Oakley etc. If you want many
information don't hesitate to contact us.

Description: Please find enclosed our offer concerning monitors TFT
LCD 15 " and 17" monitor 15" multimedia Grade A tube: Samsung, NEC or
Phillips guaranteed 3 years marks in choice:200? HT CIF France T2
delivery period 4 in 5 weeks.
Monitor 17" multimedia Grade A tube: Samsung, NEC or Phillips
guaranteed 3 years marks in choice: 300? HT CIF France T2 delivery
period 4 in 5 weeks.
Monitor 15" multimedia Grade A Oem guaranteed 1 year mark in choice:
185 ?
CIF France T2 delivery period 10 days.

Description: We are exporters of jute and jute goods from Bangladesh.
Our products cover: jute & jute products: jute tape, jute rope, raw
jute bangla white, bangla tossa, bangla white cuttings, bangla tossa
cuttings finished jute products: jute hessian cloth, hessian bags,
jute hessian sheets, jute gunny bags; std b'twills bags, b'twills
binola bags, a'twills bag, l'twills bag, sugar twills bag, std
cornsacks, light cornsacks, heavycees, lightcees, coffee bags, jute
carpet backing cloth (cbc), jute twines, yarns etc.

Description: We are trading company offering wide range of different
products. Our main areas of trade are as follow:
Machine building: sale of MAZ and KAMAZ trucks, electric and motor
forklift trucks, accumulators, ferroalloy inserts for metal cutting
machines and tools, electric motors.
Trade with mass goods: wheat, maize, burley, etc.
Trade with industrial goods: chemicals, different kinds of metals.
Trade with food products: canned and frozen foods (fruits and
vegetables), meat5 and fish products.
Wines: we offer white and red dry and semi dry wines with controlled
appellation of origin.
Cosmetics: we offer a whole gamut of products.

Description: We have a Chilean Exporter that can offer the following:
Chilean wine: high quality
1.- Varietals: Carmen?re, Chardonnay, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc,
Cabernet Sauvignon.
Price FOB: From USD 25/box (with 12 bottles of 0.75 lt. each bottle).
2.- Reserves: Cabernet Sauvignon (wine awards), Chardonnay, Merlot,
Price FOB: From USD 41/box (with 12 bottles of 0.75 lt. each bottle).
3.- Gran Reserve: Cabernet Franc (USD 82/box), Cabernet Sauvignon (USd
71/box), Chardonnay (USD 62/box).
Price FOB: Boxes (with 12 bottles of 0.75 lt. each bottle).
If you are really interested in buy our Wine, don't hesitate in
contact us.
Please consider that our wine is of high quality.

Last update 23 june 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We, as are settled in Izmir/Turkey and would like to
introduce ourselves as one of the most reliable and competent
foreign trade company in Turkey. Our biggest advantage is arising
because of having a rich portfolio of suppliers booth in Turkey and on
world basis. We are specialized supplying and exporting many products,
listed below:
Food products:
A-edible nuts (hazelnut, walnuts, pistachios, almonds, chestnuts)
B-dried fruits (dried figs, raisins, apricots, diced apricot, apples,
pears, cherries)
C-dried vegetables (sun dried tomatoes, dried morels, etc.)
D-pulses (lentils, chickpeas, dry beans)
E-spices and herbs (bay leaves, oregano-thyme, cumin seeds, linden
leaves, sage tea, rosemary, black cumin, and etc.)
F-olive oil
G-honey, apricot kernels, dried rose, rose oil, rose water, wheat
H-tomato paste
I-canned fruits and vegetables
J-wine, soft drinks and teas.
And organic vegetables and fruits. In every type.

Description: We offer the ceramic tiles, borders & moldings, beautiful
hand-painted sanitaryware, hand-painted ceramic wall paintings,
beautiful wall-hangings, unique collection of paintings, hand-painted
sets of ceramic tiles.
We have our own tiles/border printing factory and are confident to
supply you best border tiles in 8X3 inch size. Pls. have a visit on our
website and kindly advise us the products of your interest.

Description: We are Japanese used autos & machinery exporter basted in
Nagoya city, we are dealing in construction machines. If you have any
inquiry please feel free to contact us for quotation.

Description: We are ready to offer Ethiopian Civet/musk (1st grade-
certified) in bulk quantities at negotiable price.
Natural bee honey (price is negotiable)
We are ready to offer Ethiopian rough blue sapphire(F.O.B price for
sapphire=100USD/gram only!!!) & rough opals of varying specious.
Remember...our prices are almost at your make. We have no limitation in
supply. Our samples are ready.

Description: Our company is a bathroom radiator manufacturer located in
We have a large range of painted and chrome plated product. If you are
interested please contact with us.

Description: We are a licensed direct-exporter of Thai rice and Thai
cane sugar in various types with traceable trade records. As we are a
direct exporter so that we are in a strong position to supply you with
best quality at competitive price. We would be more than happy to quote
if you could provide us with detailed requirements via email or Fax.

Description: Pork meat group having our own slaughterhouse, cutting
plant, and coldstore. We have full range of fresh and frozen pork meat.
Feet free to request any cut you may need.

Description: We are an India based major manufacturing company of
sodium carboxy methyl cellulose (Sodium CMC) - detergent grades. We are
looking for consumers/agents/importers/distributors for CMC-detergent
grades. We are also looking for exclusive tie-ups.

Description: We are manufacturing all kinds of brass parts since last 2
decades. We can produce high quality components as follows.
Electrical parts, meter parts, gizer parts, heater parts, refrigerater
parts, a c parts, all kinds of brass, wooden, coconut (natural),
plastic buttons, napkin rings, hardware parts, brass bolts & nuts etc.
Kindly contact us if u have any kind of requirements related to any
kind of brass part and buttons.

Description: Our company offers young Siemmenthal bulls (200-250kg) for
slaughter. Quantity: 100-150 heads/month. Negotiable prices. Quality

Description: Our main sheepskin products are: car seat covers, wash
mitts, safety belt covers, slippers, boots, gloves, mittens, rugs,
cushions, mattress, paint rollers, dusters, coat, shoes lining & double
face skin for garment, shoes.
Please let me know if you are interested in the above items!

Description: We produce hologram stickers, hologram machines, hologram
masters, hologram cards, including all kinds of temper evident
holographic stickers, holographic film, transparent holographic cards,
2D/3D and dot-matrix masters, photopolymer, hologram embosser (1200mm
soft hologram embosser and hard hologram embosser), electronic forming
machine, hologram mastering lab, laminator and die-cutting punch, etc.

Description: We want purchase 2.5"HDD, AND CPU MB. We also have stock
used PII and PIII slot-1 CPU offer.

Description: International distributors needed.
The 1St Automatic tracking Webcam that pans, tilts and automatically
tracks the user’s movement 340° within a room.
As the distributor of SmileCam we are looking to setup up distributors
in the international marketplace.

Description: Continue to make history in the modern technology of bath
room sanitary fittings, fixture and accessories. It is a progressive
and constantly growing company. It is the only company in Pakistan
which is exporting its product to various countries like wise, Cyprus,
Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Saudi, UAE, Bahrain, Kenya, etc. In Cyprus we
work with PMS. Design and Quality are the first priority of the
companies. In addition to quality, these also pay particular attention
to the speed of its deliveries and customer's needs. A range of fine
bathrooms To complement your home.

Description: Standardized herbal dry extracts
1. Puncture Vine (Tribulus Terrestris) extract - minimum 50%
Furastanolic Saponins and minimum 15% Protodioscin (up to 25%)
2. St. John's Wort (Hypericum Perforatum) extract - minimum 0.3%
3. White Willow Bark (Salix Alba Cortex) extract - minimum 15 % Salicin
4. Horse Chestnut Seed (Aesculus Hippocastanum) extract - minimum 20 %
5. Wild Oat Seed (Avena Sativa L) extract - minimum 5% Amino-acids.

Description: Please allow us to introduce ourselves as manufacturers
and publishers of Krazy Clingers®, an educational and entertaining
literature for children from 3 to 8 years old, speakers of any
Krazy Clingers are said to be Magic because they can be clinged on and
off endlessly and without any glue, on their specific story board,
collection albuns or on any shiny and clean surfaces like metal, glass,
tiles, wood, book-covers and even photos, offering no mess! Children
have fun and make the best of their imagination and creativity moving
the clingers around to tell their own stories.
We export from Brazil and are looking for distributors worldwide.
Great Opportunity - Don't miss it!
- 8 different themes
- FOB Brazil from US$ 0, 95 per unit
- Counter Display Box with 215 units.

Description: National Palace Museum (Taipei) have collaborated to
introduce exactingly reproduced Ancient Chinese Scroll Paintings to the
world. These exquisite paintings, dating as far back as the Tang
Dynasty (618 - 906 A.D.) represent some of the finest and most
representative works from China’s heritage of renowned landscape and
still life Masters.
Today, these paintings are being exactingly reproduced through license
from the National Palace Museum, using traditional materials and
applying ancient production processes to reproduce authentic-quality,
full-color, grand-size format masterpieces.

Description: We are the manufacturer of medical disposable items, our
main production line are: PE disposable glove, Suction catheter kit,
Heated moisture exchanger (artificial nose).

Description: We are the manufacturer of metal pens and have been
engaging in the pen business for over 15 years. To develop, design and
manufacture high-quality products is the business that we are in.
Custom designs are also welcome.

Description: Offers shoe manufacture, OEM and trade services.
Our mission is to provide our customers medium-to-high quality shoes,
punctual deliveries and reasonable prices. You can be assured of good
quality and attention from detail to all conditions of shoes. This is
our responsibility to you.

Description: We was founded in June 1972. Having been engaged in
business for more than 25 years and gained practical experience, the
company specializes in producing automatic cold roll forming machines
and products such as roofing and wall cladding, auto parts, furniture,
corrugated sheets, stepped tile roofing, floor decking, C-Channel,
ceiling T-bars and partitions, rolling shutters and door frames.

Description: Following the management policy of "united, conscientious,
creative, efficient", attracts many talents of management and science
and technology all over the whole country after it founded. We are a
unique enterprise that carries the past and opens a way for future.

Description: Super premium tequila distributorship. Company established
+45 years.

Description: High performance memory manufacturer. We currently have
very little representation in your area and are looking for resellers
and distributors. You should be able to see much higher margins selling
our products. Our memory is Lifetime Warranty, Direct Customer Support,
Choose from our PC2100 thru PC4200 DDR Memories. Dual Channel,
Performance ECC Server Memory, Notebook Memory and More!
Once you join our team send us a company logo and we will post you on
our websites where to buy section. We will also provide you with
complimentary marketing materials and support. We are looking to
advertise for you as well.

Description: Services offered to our customers worldwide are raging
from mainstream freight forwarding to complex freight management
operations and consulting.

Description: Do you want to buy authentic Nike, Puma, Adidas, Fila,
Timberland, Reebok, Diesel, Prada shoes and Levi, Calvin Klein, Ralph
Lauren Puma, Adidas, Nike, Miss Sixty, Gap, clothing?
All styles and sizes available.
w/ Full paperwork
Other branded goods available -- for made-to-order production & stock
Please e-mail for details.

Description: Computer speakers of 2.0, 2.1, 4.1, 5.1 channels are
available at the lowest prices in the whole market. With 25, 000 pcs
daily production capacity & ISO9001, CE & UL certificates, we have 180
models various choices for you. Reliable quality, elegant designs & eye
catching color packing, our products are best applied to any audio
sources like PC, Notebook, DVD/VCD/MP3 Player. As a leading
professional manufacturer of hi-end AV products, we produce 150 other
models of MPEG4 DVD players (DivX DVD players compatible with all DivX
TM versions), portable DVD player and DVD Recorders. Accept OEM/ODM
orders. Incredible discounts to our regular distributors.

Description: We are regular buyer of large numbers of scraps, residues,
grindings and spent catalysts containing molybdenum, cobalt, nickel,
vanadium and tungsten.

Description: Manufacturing company that integrates research and
development, production and distribution of computer peripheral
equipment. Located in Shenzhen city, China with more than 700 employees
and two modern factory buildings about 16, 000 square metes. We has
made rapid progress through more than 4 years' unremitting efforts
despite radical competition. We has passed the assessment of ISO9001
and obtained the certificates such as CE and FCC. We are the exclusive
supplier for several famous domestic IT Company and the products are
rewarded the appellation of "quality reliable products" by the national
quality test association.
Our products as follows:
1. Multimedia speaker system
2. Mouse(including all kind of wireless and optic-electro mouse,
USD3.20 for the optical mouse; USD 0.87for the 3D mouse)
3. Keyboard(including all kind of wireless and multimedia keyboard, USD
2.45 an d USD 3.00 for the multimedia Keyboards)
4. Computer case with switch power supply
5, digital camera for USD 5.50, MOQ 3000pcs.

Description: Biggest manufacturer of weighing indicator in China. Our
products have been warmly welcomed by the clients from all over the
world. We are in the process of applying OIML approval, and our
products have already passed the testing at present. We surely can get
the certificate at the early of next year. As the biggest manufacturer
of weighing indicator in China, however, our products includes not only
weighing indicator, but also the following items: 1. Price computing
scale 2. Digital Weighing scale 3. Counting scale 4. Platform scale 5.
Pocket scale 6. Mechanical scale 7. Pallet scale. 8. Body scale 9.
Kitchen scale 10.Balance 11.Load cell 12.Weight set.

Description: We are an exporter and manufacturer of Chinese granite
marble slate pebble and all kinds of building and decoration stone. The
business scale have tile, slab, countertop, vanity.
We are confident that we shall be able to give you the best service and
products. I will also appreciated of your more information of drawing
or samples you need.

Description: We are a professional supplier of foodstuff like canned
food (pineapple, mushroom straw mushroom, peach, pear, broad bean etc)
in China for years, we have exported worldwide, Please don't hesitate
to contact us with your detail inquiry and company information, we are
ready to do our best to cooperate with you.

Description: Offer: sunglasses, reading glasses, optical frame.

Description: We are a wholesaler and distributor of off-the-road tyres
located in Los Angeles. Our company is dedicated to provide you with
quality OTR tyres at competitive prices.

Description: White silica gel1-2, 2-5, blue silica gel2-5, 2-4.the
price on call or email.

Description: Specialized manufacture, merging Scientific research,
industry and trade into one organic whole, has devoted to research and
development of soldering gun, welding gun, soldering iron, absorbing
tin pump, gas torch, hot glue gun, caulking gun and recoil starter for
several decades.

Description: I am looking for plastic, acrylic or stainless steel ice
buckets with tongs.

Description: We are one of the biggest exporters from China specialized
in spare parts, we are exporting Tatra-815, Deutz FL912, Isuzu, Kamaz,
Cat, Cummins, to Poland, USA, Czech, etc.
We export cylinder liner, piston, ring, crankshaft, con-rod, bearing,
starter, compressor, pump, nozzle, valve, alternator, ball joint, etc.
Many others at large amount. The products have highest quality and
competition price, If you are interested with the products, Please
contact with us.

Description: We are one of the leading exporters of granite/marble and
ceramic series products in China. We have one goal in mind: Be the BEST
supplier to our customers. Currently, we are expanding our business to
a more global approach. We are looking to find importers, distributors
and agents of our products & services. We are also looking for all kind
of business opportunities.

Description: Located in Ningbo, China, specializing in knitted wear (T-
shirt, polo shirt, casual wear, pants etc.)we have over ten yeas of
experience in this line, and have a steady market in some Europe
countries. Our aims is to meet our customer's requirement on base of
excellent quality and competitive price.

Description: We are dealing in the following items:
Gift & handicraft items
Table covers
Brass items for interior decoration & gift items
Wood items for interior decoration & gift items
Toilet sets.

Description: We are a Japanese Bimetallic Thermostat manufacturer based
in Tokyo. Our customers all over the world benefit wide range of
bimetallic thermostat products from us, from mass to niche/ bulk to
small orders, to satisfy their needs and wants. Our motto is to provide
the best service to our customers to meet their needs in terms of
quality and precise order processing. We obtained ISO9001, VDE, UL and
CAS as quality assurance.
English web site is available and we also have some brochures written
in English.

Description: We're specializing in producing and exporting art decorate
wall glass, our products have achieved patent certificate, if you are
interested in our products, please don't hesitate to contact, I'll
supply some our products pics for your reference.

Description: We are the manufacturers and exporters of top quality hand
stitched balls such as footballs, volleyballs, rugby balls, medicine
balls etc.
We deliver the samples free of cost on freight collect basis. If any
good company are interested in our products contact us without
hesitation. We pleasure to give the reply.

Description: We are a professional manufacturer of lighting, especially
in incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tube, high pressure mercury lamp,
high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp and halogen lamp etc. As a
company with more than 10 years experience in exporting lighting, we
have got a good reputation on international markets for not only the
best quality but also the competitive price, and the knight services.
Please tell us what items you are interested in. If you require more
details, please feel free to contact us.

Description: We are the miners and suppliers of quartz, feldspar and
barytes minerals of different grades and sizes.
Kindly send detailed enquiry to enable us to send an offer.

Description: Established in 1987, we started manufacturing double sided
and multi-layer printed circuit boards, With many years accumulated
experience, cooperation of top-notch staffs and advanced management

Description: 1. Greenergy extra heavy duty battery PVC jacket with
metal top & Bottom. AA, AAA, C, D, 9V Size. Quality reference to Maxell
2. Greenergy super heavy duty battery metal jacket AA, AAA, C, D size.
Quality reference to Toshiba.
3. Greenergy long life carbon-zinc battery AA, AAA, C, D, N, 4R25 size.
4. Super alkaline battery AAA, AA, N, 6LR61, LR14, LR20.
Our quality can compete with Duracell, Toshiba, Maxell. Please feel
free to ask sample for evaluation. Just give us your DHL, UPS, FEDEX,
TNT account no, we will be able to send the sample to you in one day.

Description: Offer to buy Au gold dust, bullion, and gold nuggets of
22-24carat grade.
Also looking to buy crude oil Brent Light, Bonny Light oils. At min
2million BPM for long-term contracts. Please forward us your FCO's and
we will review your offers and get back to you with a LOI. Our company
is based in Canada.

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