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Export offers

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New export offers available to BizEurope members:

Last update 08 june 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We are specialized in cutting tools, end mills, oil stone,
polishing tools, air grinder.

Description: We are specialized in automatic punching machine
equipment, mold manufacture and design, professional manufacture of
punching machines, mechanic arms and peripheral, NC feeders, complete
plant equipment development and design.

Description: We are specialized in circular, knitting machine.

Description: We are specialized in plastic mold, plastic injection
mold, manual manufacturing of sample products, paint coating,
assembling, printing, gilding, hot melt inlay, ultrasound wave pressing
and other processing.

Description: We are specialized in cylindrical grinding machine,
external grinding machine, rubber rollers grinding machine.

Description: We are specialized in supply laboratory fittings,
laboratory equipment, fume extraction system.

Description: We are specialized in rapid table press, hydraulic table
press, press.

Description: We are specialized in oil adsorption filter bag, bag
filter, cartridge filter, metal candle, filter mesh, gas filter, liquid
filter bag, absolute cartridge, depth cartridge.

Description: We are specialized in brass, flat plate, self-lubricating
sleeve, self-lubricating washer, ball bearing, sleeve, gasket, self-
lubricating bearing, oil bearing, sintering, mechanical parts, copper

Description: Our company was established in 1995 as a private company.
Earlier we were known as famous Polish manufacturer of snow ski-lifts.
After a few years being on world markets we worked out many new
products and technologies. In spite of competition on our markets we
established many strong cooperation with our suppliers and clients. Our
company have a good stand and is still looking for new contacts. Today
we can offer you following tools for wood and metal cutting:
hand hacksaw blades HCS (High Carbon Steel) and HSS (High Speed Steel),
power hacksaw blades HSS, band saw blades for wood cutting,
planner knives (made from HSS and tool steel), masonry saws,
masonry drills, saw blades for miterboxes, planes, metal slitting saws,
garden saws (cross cutting saws, 'fox tail' saws) other tools on
request (metal tool boxes, jigsaw blades). All our goods can be
prepared for your demand with our registered in Polish Patent Office
brand name “***”, with your own signs or as neutral.
We are interested in establishing co-operation with your company
because we are looking for new markets for our high quality products.
In some countries we have exclusive agents responsible for selling and
advertising our products. We have information from Polish Embassy that
your position on market is very strong and you are able to sell our
products with profits for both sides.
We can guarantee you the highest quality of our products and very
attractive price conditions. You should know that our goods are very
popular in 26 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. For example
nowadays we produce about 3 - 4 million pieces blades per month. Our
blades have very good opinion confirmed by our customers. If you need
any other products from Poland – we can help you to find it.

Description: We are specialized in printing machine, flexo, print
slotter, die cutter.

Description: We are specialized in PE coated kraft paper for packing,
cardboard stackers, angle paper, angle shell, and various attachments,
wooden stacker, ayers corrugated cardboard, various sizes of carton.

Description: We are specialized in plastic molding, plastic mould,
injection mold.

Description: We are specialized in foundry, casting, precision casting,
valve casting.

Description: We are specialized in twist bunching machine, wire feeding
machine, tension wire unreeling machine, wire cutting machine, wire

Description: We are specialized in plastic injection mold, computer
peripherals, optical instruments, electronics, cold chamber, low
pressure casting, telecommunications, hot chamber.

Description: We are specialized in chemical engineering, reactor,
equipment of gum plant.

Description: We are specialized in tungsten carbide, forming &
grinding, prats, spring tool, mold.

Description: We are specialized in lock, cam lock, switch lock, handle,
hardware, diecast parts, world lock.

Description: We are specialized in plastic injection mold, plastic

Description: We are specialized in mold, mould, molding, moulding.

Description: We have been selling solar water heater system with
evacuated vacuum tubes.
Our prices is very competitive.

Description: We are selling difference glassware with competitive
prices. Established in 1999, is an industrial trading company, located
in Qingdao as one most important port of china, own one factory, sales
department and design department, have stuff more than 50 people,
office and show room more than 600 square meters, workshop more than
1800 square meters. We have a lifeful stuff, though some people have
been in the business more than 10years, the average age is only 26years
old, creative, and responsible are the style of us to work. We mainly
deal with various kinds of glassware. Such as glass jars, glass vases,
candle holders, glass beads. Our products are 100% export, annual
export amount is more than us $1, 000, 000. Our items have been
exported to most parts of the world, like north America, Europe,
Oceania, Japan. We have very good reputation among our clients. We
always think innovation is the lifeblood; quality and sincerity are the
foot stones of a company. so we always try to provide the best prices
and quality to our customers, try to make our customers satisfied with
our products and service. We sincere hope to start and develop business
with your esteemed company together. We will always do our best to
cooperate with you.

Description: We can supply: blankets, towels, bedsheets, cushion
covers, carpets, cotton rugs, imported from India, at Indian factory

Description: Exporters of LPG (liqufied petroleum gas) stoves/
regulators/ rubber tubes/ low pressure hoses for all applications/
industrial cotton hand gloves.

Description: Lucky bamboo direct from China
We are exporting good quality lucky bamboo - straight / curly / spiral
/ layered and other plants like pachira, cycas revoluta bulbs.
If you are already in this business and would like to find a reliable
supplier who can compete in term of quality and pricing, please do
contact me by email.

Description: We are imp. & exp. co. in Qingdao, China. We can supply
quality glassware, knitted gifts for X'mas, Easter and Hallomas, straw
& willow products. Our products are popular in the U.S. and Euromarket.

Description: We are an Italian manufacturer and we are looking for a
distributor of our sanitary and othopedic range in the following
countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Norway, Sweden, Finland
and Australia.
We manufacture a wide assortment of post partum elastic belts,
orthopedic corsets, elastic hosiery, antithrombosis stockings, slimming
girdles and others.

Description: We are exporter for high quality toner cartridges and ink
cartridges. We invite genuine buyer to be our distributor in their
country. As a distributor, we offer at a very special export prices in
order to keep long term business relationship.

Description: Wanted sesame and walnut.
Sesame: gold, sun dried, having a shell, produced in 2003, city Mersin
Walnut: half 1/2-bright colored, skinned(without shell), moisture less
than 14.5% ratio.

Description: Tuna yellow finn + 10 kgs Price: 1.018 Euros/Ton
Availability: 10 Tons
Tuna skipjack + 3, 4 kgs price: 788 Euros/ton availability: 120 tons
Tuna skipjack + 1, 8 kgs price: 724 Euros/ton availability: 20 tons
Tuna bigeye + 15 kgs price: 788 Euros/ton availability: 40 tons
Tuna bigeye - 15 kgs price: 756 Euros/tons availability: 10 tons
Horse mackerel 2-4 units/kg: 900 Euros/tons availability: unlimited
Mackerel 2-4 units/kg: 900 Euros/tons availability: unlimited
Sardinella 6-8 units/kg: 900 Euros/tons availability: unlimited.

Description: Offer N?- 93/2003 ?uros/kg
Iberic pork fat rind on- exw (Extremadura), + 3-4cms. Package in naked
blocks/pallets. Available 1 truck for loading.
0, 59?/KG
Pork back fat rindless- exw (Barcelona), Available 2 trucks ready to
load week 50.
0, 51 ?/KG
Pork back fat rind defatted- exw (Gerona), Available 1 truck ready to
0, 39 ?/KG

Description: Exporters of agro food products from India.
Products - sesame seeds, rice, mango pulp, fresh fruits, pulses,
spices, papads etc. We believe in good quality at competitive prices.

Description: United is exporting the Carrico's locking bridge pin which
fits all acoustic guitars that have a bridge pin. United is owned by
the son to the owners, patent right holders and the manufacture of this
product. We have the best deal to give for this hot product and we are
serious, this product is doing well in united states and would like to
have distr in all of Europe, China, Asia, for more info contact.

Description: I am looking for manufacturers of replica bags and other
garments. Please send information to the above email.

Description: 1.Miniature Size
2.High Temperature 105?XC
3.Low E.S.R.
4.Low Leakage Current
5.Non Polarity
6.Axial Type
8.High Ripple
Voltage range: 6.3v to 450v
Capacitance: 0.47uf to 15, 000uf
Temperature: -40 to 105?XC
Torrance: ??20%, ??10%
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Size: 119 x 119 x 38mm (4.69" x 4.69" x 1.50").
*Die-cost aluminum housing.
*Metal impeller or Glass fiber reinforced plastic: Impeller are UL 94V-
0 rating.
*Shaded pole motor.
*Impedance protected.
*Leader wire or terminal is ovailable.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Member of the Trans-Link Group engages principally in
exhibition freight forwarding and related business.

Description: We are an imports and exports company who are specialized
in promotional t-shirts and caps. We undertake bulk orders and would
provide the best deals as far as promotional t-shirts and caps are
concerned. Our label is "Supertex" and it has been registered. We
assure you of fast processing and immediate business on the verge of
proper dealings.

Description: We are professional terminal blocks manufacture and
produce a complete series of high quality terminal blocks, under the
ISO 9002 quality standards, all products have UL and CSA approved. Our
main products are "PCB Terminal Blocks", "Mini Terminal Blocks", "Two
Rows PCB Terminal Blocks", "Fixed Terminal Blocks", "Din Rail Type
Terminal Blocks", "Single Bakelite Base", "Fuse Holders", "European
Type Terminal Blocks", "Bus Bar Insulator" and "Copper Contact".
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Supports Max. 115.2 kbps, Dedicated low-cost model for
Asynchronous is possible to be monitored up to a max 115.2 kbps in
PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol), which can be monitored, is frequently
used for the internet connection between PC and modem.
High-performance communications analyzer capable of monitoring,
simulation and BERT.

Description: Hydraulic workstand for repairing motorcycles, bikes and
*Hydraulic workstand.
*Ideal for motorcycles, scooters, bikes and others.
*Can support a load of 880lbs/400kg.
*Makes repairing easy and quick.
*A safety locking pin is provided to locked the workstand.
*With an automatic valve to prevent from overloading.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Established in 1973 as a manufacturer and exporter of PCB,
audio parts and electronic products, as a ISO 9001, 9002 qualified
manufacturer and exporter, all of our products are made under the most
strict quality control. Our strong sales and customer service support
worldwide. You will enjoy our competitive price, best quality and
punctual delivery.

Description: Established in July 1986. The Company is an international
freight forwarder for both sea and air engaged in transporting goods
for customers fast and safely from Taiwan to world-wide, and from
overseas to Taiwan with reasonable freight.

Description: Memory card connector as (SD) secure Digital Card
connector push/push type (SD card connector push/stand off 2.0 & SD
connector push/push type stand off 0) (CF) compact flash card connector
top mount & reverse right ejector CF card connector & CF card connector
stand off 2.0, 1.45 stand off 0 and SMC, MS, Connectors & more...

Description: MPG-4/8/12 is a MSDL (multi-rate digital subscriber line)
digital pair gain system, conveying uncompressed PCM voice channels in
it. This system provides 4/8/12 voice channels over a single twisted
pair subscriber line. Without digging ground or placing cable, it
immediately solves subscriber line shortage problem.

Description: L-603 / L-608 / L-610 2V Screw Type LED Indicator Lamps
without resistor:
LED indicator: Without resistor: 2V (below 5V available).
LED colors: Red, orange, green (blue, purple are available for special
Materials: Housing: bronze; Nut: bronze; Washer: iron hoop; Holder:
Lamp: 3mm (dia.) LED for N-603; 5mm (dia.) LED for N-608, N-610.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Our company was established in 1988 and is specialized in
making industrial pneumatic tools, pneumatic screw drivers, pneumatic
impact wrenches. Now, our main market is in Asia and the customers are
the assembly & machinery plants.

Description: Funded in 1992, Our are specializing in high quality,
cost-effective CCTV products. With expertise in electronics,
communications and all aspects of computer technology, we provide
digital camera, quad, multiplexer, system, CCTV system and other
related products for the CCTV industry.

Description: Agricultural equipment: disc harrows, laser land
levellers, cultivators, fertilizer spreaders, etc.
Spare parts: discs, tines, points etc
Spare parts for tractors: for case IH, Massey etc.

Last update 07 june 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We are a Thailand's leading exporter of personal care and
cosmetic products under IRENE brand. IRENE, for example, includes soap
bar, liquid soap, perfumed talcum, cooling talcum, hand & body lotion,
shampoo, conditioner, deodorant roll-on and so on.
Our IRENE has been well accepted in international markets. However, we
are still looking forward to working with serious distributor in some
more countries on an exclusive distributorship basis. Those who are
seriously interested in carrying our IRENE brand, please kindly feel
free to contact us.

Description: We supply electric shavers for women at completely
competitive price, and our products are certificated by CE. So if you
are interested in electric shavers for women or any others personal
care products, feel free to contact us at any time.

Description: We are professional supplier of mobile phone accessories.
Charger, battery, leather case, housing, handsfree, flashing items,
decorative items, etc are main items for export.
We are exporting to U.K., Australia, U.S., Italy, Turkey, Mid-east,
South-east Asia, Eastern Europe, etc. Sincerely hoping to co-operation
with friends from all over the world.

Description: Processional manufacturer of energy saving lamp, ballast,
transformer. It is established in 1994, has a technical engineer team
with more than 10years experience. Our products are popular in
American, mid-east, European and south-east for it cheaper cost and
high quality. we also could customize the specification according to
your requirement and meet your schedule. If you have any enquiry and
comments pls do not hesitate to contact us.

Description: We are a rich experienced exporter(Since 1984) of various
computer tools.
Please visit our webpage for various computer tools, because we have
show all kinds of tools in there.
If those goods are of your interest, please do not hesitate let me know
which items of your request, our latest prices will be send to you

Description: Offers hospital furniture with latest technology. We
produce single and three adjusted luxury beds, height adjusted beds,
child and baby beds, surgery transfer couchs, wheeled stretchers,
double door medicine cupboards, wheeled chairs, over couched patient
dining tables, folding examination beds and couchs, gynecological
examination tables & chairs, gynecological operation tables & couchs
and gynecological tables or chairs with place adjustment with best

Description: Products are being exported to many Asian, African, and
European Countries. We would like to have the pleasure of doing
business with you. You may view our product line on our web site.
We are able to offer a wide variety of specialized services to meet
your needs. A few examples are:
We will work with our customers to meet their individual
We are able to modify size, logos, names, colours, etc.
We will adapt our equipment to meet any all electrical standards.
Samples of our products and our brochures are available upon request.

Description: Founded in 1984, is the leading manufacturer and exporter
of leather and fur products. Our product lines consist of shearling,
double-face leather skins, and finished consumer products made out of
these materials. We specialized in Merino, Spanish Entrefino,
Australian, French, and American origin skins. Company's estimated
turnover for the year 2003 is $12 Million, two third of which accrued
from the sale of finished goods in the domestic market. Currently we
are doing business with importers from Germany, Netherlands, Japan, US,
and Russia.

Description: Asus 4X dual DVD burner.
Minimum order= 100pcs with 1% RMA
Price= $127.50 USD
Payment= TT in advance
FOB= Taiwan
FYI= Original retail packaging
NU 8X DVD+RW burner
Minimum order= 100pcs. with 1% RMA
Price=$128.50 USD
Payment= TT in advance
FOB= Taiwan
FYI= original retail packaging.

Description: Exporter of herbs and medicinal plants.
We wish to introduce ourselves, we are one of the well-renowned groups
of organizations dealing with and exporting excellent and genuine
Indian originated species of herbs, spices, & medicinal plants,
ayurvedic medicines, castor oil, neem oil and essential oils since 1940
Our range of products:
1. Medicinal herbs.
2. All kinds of gums indian gum arabic, gum olibanum, frankincense, and
resins for making incense etc
3. All kinds of essential oils.
4. Neem oil ec, neem oil, neem cake, neem seeds, neem bark, neem
leaves, and neem products.
5. Castor oil Industrial grade, FSG grade, Commercial grade, Cold
pressed etc.
6. Mustard oil for cooking purpose, and Mustard oil cake.
7. All kinds of spices, seeds etc
8. Aloevera, aloevera gel, aloevera liquid and cactus products.
9. Herbal products
10. Herbal massage oils.
11. Bees wax, rock salt, green salt, gall stones etc
12. Indian tea
13. Flax seeds, Anatto seed etc
14. Herbs in powder forms.
15. Cotton seed & cotton seed cake.
16. Betel nut, wall nut, gall nut etc
Our quality will be the best with competitive prices.
We can able to supply in small or bulk quantities.
"We are also interested injoint ventures with buy-back arrangements"
Interested persons kindly let us know your earliest response.

Description: We are interested in exporting our Chinese tea, green tea,
herb tea etc to other countries. Thus we are looking for sales agents &
export agents in other countries for tea products.
“Ease” enrich & cleanse tea
Price: FOB Hong Kong PRICE USD1.65/box (10 bags)
Min Qty: 6000 boxes
“Ease” sore throat tea
Price: FOB Hong Kong PRICE USD1.65/box (10 bags)
Min Qty: 6000 boxes
“Ease” ashitaba tea
Price: FOB Hong Kong PRICE USD4.3/box (10 bags)
Min Qty: 6000 boxes
Our Mission: Enjoy EASE life in health, natural & original.
We are manufacturer and exporter of high quality tea products. There
are wide range of tea including health tea and various kind of
traditional Chinese tea like green tea, black tea, organic teas in form
of tea leaf and tea bags. All of our teas are well prepared by
experience experts. We very concentrate the quality control as that's
our believe. There many fresh tea every year.

Description: International company providing any finished
pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical product commercialized and
approved by the Spanish ministry of health into the international
commerce with the best possible condition in price and service.

Description: Offers BPO/IT outsourcing operations, CRM solutions,
offshore mobile software development center based at Hyderabad, India.

Description: Vibrating sieving mesh
Aperture sizes (mm): 2.000---0.075 wire diameter(mm) 0.450-0.045
Mesh/inch: 10.36---211.70
Fabrication Material: stainless steel wire
Characteristics: resistance to acid, alkali, high temperature and
Application: oil vibrating sieving mesh.

Description: We are in to the business of exclusive fabrics for ladies
and have latest design of unstitched “Salwar Kameez”, “Ladies Tops”
(stiched ), “Badhani Dresses” in a variety of fabrics like cotton,
synthetic, georgette, chiffon etc.
Our team includes fashion and textile designers who help us to design
our requirements and they come out with verity of patterns. We have a
set up based in Vadodara – Gujarat – India under the banner name of
We are interested in exporting material to various part of the globe.
We provide quality fabrics and prompt service so that our customer
remains with us for the long time leading to satisfied customers.

Description: Company is one of the leading manufacturer & exporter of
women, men, baby and children leather shoes and is interested in
expanding its exports of these items. We would like to make our company
and its products known to you. We are planning to have our products
distributed by a well-known importer. Special order is acceptable. Our
company is member of Izmir Chamber of Commerce. If you are interested,
we will be happy to send you password. Please let us know if there is
any other way in which we can be of help.

Description: Manufacturers and exporters of microbiocide actives like
dazomet, ziram, chloramine t, methylene-bis-thiocyanate, quaternaries,
carbamates and formulated products based upon many other actives. We
produce to the international Standards and with a control on toxicity.
Our products are used as preservatives or as treatment chemicals in
various fields such as water treatment, paints and coatings, inks,
sugar industry, paper industry, cosmetics, adhesives, starches and
gums, oils, petroleum, plastics, etc., We also produce quality bulk
sanitizers and disinfectants for healthcare, dairy, poultry, food and
beverage industry, etc., We have specialized range of products for
aquaculture industry.

Description: We are a manufacturer and exporter of various types of
cleaning and hygiene products in Turkey. Our production range includes:
Detergents (liquid-creme) for dishwashing
Rubbing powder
Liquid hand soaps
Fat dissolvents
Lime dissolvents
Stain cleaners,
Softeners for washing machines
Glass and surface cleaners
Sodium hypochloride
Hydrochloric acid
Being one of the major suppliers of famous supermarket chains in our
local market we offer our clients good quality with very competitive
prices. Currently we look for new markets especially Russia and CIS. We
would be glad to know if you are interested in establishing cooperation
with our company in this respect. Please note that we also accept
orders for production under the required brand name(s). If you are
interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Description: We are specialized in making mockup, RT, mold, rapid-
tooling, surfacial design.

Description: We are specialized in tungsten carbide screw drawing
tubing dies, extraordinary inner & outer drawing tubing dies,
extraordinary hot extrusion dies, variety of extraordinary cold drawing
dies, variety of extraordinary drawing dies.

Description: We are specialized in 3D design, mold designing, product
development, specialized in R&D.

Description: We are specialized in injection molds & MFG, mold, mould,
plastic mold.

Description: We are specialized in precision mold design &
manufacturing plastic injection product assembly.

Description: We are specialized in filling machine, vacuum machine,
blister machine, shrink membrane, vacuum bag.

Description: We are specialized in printing ink, solution-type ink
board, blasting ink, environment-friendly solvent ink, blasting ink.

Description: We are specialized in bag making machine, sewing machine,
printing machine, seal machine.

Description: We are specialized in submersible pumps.

Description: We are specialized in bakery roast food, food machinery,
oven, automatic computer hot air rotary oven, tunnel oven, computer
electric oven.

Description: We are specialized in centrifugal separator.

Description: We are specialized in marking, handle machine, tapping,

Description: We are specialized in NC brush, hairbrush, toothbrush,
whole plant equipment, round-head toilet brush NC making machine, NC
brush hole punching and flock adhering machine.

Description: We are specialized in embossing rollers for toilet paper,
aluminum foil, paper production machinery, embossing, mould.

Description: We are specialized in medical treatment, rehabilitation
equipment, hospital facilities stainless steel engineering

Description: We are specialized in Copper heat sink, copper cooler,
skive heat sink.

Description: We are specialized in non-woven fabric machine, whole
plant facility, drying, carding.

Description: We are specialized in copper heat sink, copper cooler,
skive heat sink.

Description: We are specialized in professional manufacture auto
single-purpose machine, auto threading and single-purpose machine, HD
high-speed automatic threading machine, hydraulic slid.

Description: We are specialized in plastic covers for toys. Motorcar,
sporting equipment, plastic covers for household items

Description: We are specialized in hot springs, restaurants, banquets,
conferences, accommodations.

Description: We are specialized in products design, reverce
engineering, mock-up (working sample), steel mold, plastic injection,
specialize in development USB flash disk, PC CAM, LCD monitor product
design, reverse engineering, Mock-up, flash disk, card reader, LCD

Description: We are specialized in professional manufacturer of mold,
large size plastic molds, motorcars and motorcycles.

Description: We are specialized in whole plant for polypropylene woven
bag, PP/kraft paper bag, jumbo bag (500kgs, 1000kgs), onion bag,
polythene tarpaulin making M/C, PP/PE woven bag, PP/HDPE sack, PP/paper
cement bag, PE tarpaulin, and container bag (big bag) turnkey plant

Description: We are specialized in cross die casting, CSP, MHR, screw

Description: We are specialized in lamp, mold design, molding, plastics
mold design.

Description: We are specialized in film making machine, embossed film
making machine-peva, film/sheet making machine, 3-layer extruder Sheet
making machine, leatherette fit snug machine.

Description: We are specialized in cast resin transformers, series
reactors, compensators for motor starting, potential transformers,

Description: We are specialized in propane car LPG gas tank,
environmental engineering, boilers, tank, gass car.

Description: We are specialized in forging mold, forging mould,
injection mold, injection mould, pree mold.

Description: We are specialized in power component, ITL series, ITK
series, RS series triode, disc thyristor, welding diode.

Description: We are specialized in die casting mold, casting mould,
aluminum process, automotive parts, illumination, fanner, automotive

Last update 04 june 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We are specialized in special-purpose machines, single-
purpose machines, multi-spindle drilling machines, tapping machines,
and NC special-purpose machines.

Description: We are specialized in cup making plant, pulp forming
molds, paper recycle machine.

Description: We are specialized in inverters, mobile phone accessory,
battery checker, auto-parts, electronic products.

Description: We are specialized in food machine, baking, bakery, oven,
furnace, stove, mixer, ferment, bread, NCT, punching, sheet metal,
laser cutting.

Description: We are specialized in mold, molding, injection molding,
precise molding, painting.

Description: We are specialized in riveting machine, hydraulic punching
machine, copper sheet slitting machine, automatic pin insertion
machine, steel stamping equipment, multi-layer PCB.

Description: We are specialized in IR, UV, ink mixer.

Description: We are specialized in automatic empty bottle rinser/
cleaner, stainless steel barrel, the pallet empty can discharge

Description: We are specialized in plastic mold, injection mold, mold
design, plastic injection steel mold, jig, fixture, computer
peripherals, telecommunications, office machinery.

Description: We are specialized in expanded metal, machine, mesh.

Description: We are specialized in wires, cables, plug and extension

Description: We are specialized in powder brakes, electromagnetic

Description: We are specialized in automatic assembler, vibration
conveyor, placer.

Description: We are specialized in sc-mill, cartridges, cauldrons,
grinding machine, grinding pot.

Description: We are specialized in mold, plastic injection mold, die
casting mold, mold design, mold construction.

Description: We are specialized in screws, rivets, eyelets, screw,
sets, rivet nuts, pin, split rivets.

Description: We are specialized in fishing tackle, anti-knot products,
key ring, jiff gum water, rippable velamen, washable paper napery.

Description: We are specialized in bean curd, bean sprouts, soybean
milk, hard bean curd, food product machine, soybean processing,
packaging machine, bear curd mold.

Description: We are specialized in pen mold, plastic mold, core pin,
ejector pin, sprue bushing, slide lock, spring, bore hole bevel polish
(above 5.5?below 140m/m).

Description: We are specialized in pipe expander, bending machine,
welding machine, freezing, air-conditioning, freezing and air-
conditioning equipment.

Description: We want to export (pynus sylvestris) scotch pine - known
as yellow pine, either- from the Romanian exporters. please contact us

Description: We are one of the leading manufacturer of eel skin in
Pusan, Korea. Really, we are looking for real buyer & importer now.
** Eel skin :: non-sewn type ( each piece )//piece by piece.
** For wallets, purses, shoes upper, handbags, leather case.
Please feel free contact to us immediately.

Description: We are actually manufacture of quality and research
oriented products backed by professionals and craftsmanship at very
competitive and economical prices to meet the need and specifications
of international market.
We are mainly busy in the fabrication of:
1:- Sports balls (soccer ball, foot ball, etc....)
2:- Goal keeping gloves.
3:- Sport wear (soccer uniforms, warm up suits, mesh vests, etc..)
4: - Soccer accessories.
It is a great honor for us to mention that many international clubs are
playing with our products.
We possess a well - organized manufacturing unit equipped with the
latest manufacturing facilities.
We recognize that each of our customers requires personalized customer
care, and our company works exclusively according to there individual
market needs.

Description: We are manufacturing tin chloride, zinc chloride, fast

Description: We have developed a unique film which works as a mirror
when the back light of your cellular phone is off.
It also protects LCD display from scratching.
It is a great item for promotional purpose by printing your logo on the

Description: We are glad to introduce ourselves as a producer and
exporter company in furniture sector; dealing with "home furniture".
Our company is located in Izmir-Turkey and would like introduce our
products known to you.
We can produce and provide all kind of home furniture with flexible
packing options. Below is our quotation for your kind consideration.
Please do not hesitate for any of your inquires and interests. Awaiting
for your kind considerations, we remain.

Description: We are an Egyptian Co., our mane scope of business is to
supply most of the local market and hotel chains with linens, towels,
table clothes, bath robs and using a 100% Egyptian cotton also we
supply most of hotel chains in Egypt the upholstery & decorative
fabrics, flatware, chainaware, banquets equip. Housekeeping equipment
and trolleys.
Our other field is the FF&E items like furniture and upholstery from
all over the world.
Also we are dealing with most of the OS&E and FF&E items with some Four
Seasons Hotels in Egypt like " Four Seasons Sharm El Shiekh, Four
Seasons First Residence and Now we are in Negotiations with Four
Seasons Nile Plaza at Cairo, Expected Opining Early 2004.
We would like to expand our database of customers world wide and we
have the ability to meet your requirements.

Description: We are the exporter of crushed bone, bone grist, bone
meal, crushed horn hooves.

Description: We have just started out export business. Experts in
carpets... any one interested in importing carpets please don't
hesitate to discuss things on the number mentioned above and get your
self an free non obligatory quote. We can get the worlds exclusive
carpets available in India.

Description: Wood furniture - top quality hard wood home furniture,
high quality finish and classical and contemporary styles. Beds -
closets - dinning sets - home theater shelves - living room central and
side tables.
Couches - top quality couches in a great variety of fabrics and in
leather. Several different models to choose from.
Home office furniture - economic line home office furniture, including
shelves, computer shelves, desks and book shelves.

Description: IIS 800 series Computers produce by high quality
Taiwan made/Asia made components, with good quality & looking case plus
power units with reasonable low prices to assure that all users can
have very reliable performance.

Description: Made of wicker with sponge hidden design (sponge hidden
under the seat.) So it does not need cushion and as soft as leather
Features double colors mixed with spraying process. We have 9 colors
for your choice.
Cross-weaving & interwoven pattern, create a feeling of elasticity,
lightness but sturdiness and has massage effort.

Description: Glass fuses for Japanese car & American car
Ceramic fuses for European car
Plug in fuses for new all type car
Fire extinguisher for automobile, kitchen
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Founded in 1973, we are specialist in design and
manufacture of high quality rubber, plastic processing equipment. Each
machine represents the company's outstanding research and development

Description: Spray dryer converts liquid feed into a uniform powder in
a continuous operation.
Spray drying start with atomization of liquid into spray of fine
droplets as it is fed into drying chamber.
The fine droplets sprayed into the chamber become suspended in heated
gas stream. Then droplets are evaporated and dried to spherical powder.
Dried powder is separated from the gas stream and connected in the base
of the drying chamber of cyclone.

Description: To continually raising technique, operating serious
business, we are pleased to provide more contribution and service for
our customer.
Our main products: PVC compounding palletizing machine, PS/ABS sheet
extrusion lines PMMA/PC sheet, corrugated board extrusion lines,
Plastic coloring pelletizer...etc.

Description: Apart from this benefit, we does have the capability of
working with our customer from the conceptual phase to enable you to
attain the optimum cost not only in its design but also the product
This facility has a built-up capacity of up to an estimated 6 million
pieces of assemblies! We are both UL and CUL recognized and will be
ISO-certified by the end of Year 2000.
With such capability and capacity, we invite you today to call, fax or
e-mail us for a comparison.

Description: Trade company. At this moment we're exporting. Raw granite
and tiles (grey and absolute black), wine, leather shoes and clothes,
canned and bagged food.

Description: We are a professional manufacturer of alkaline-resistant
fiberglass mesh in China. Our main products are: coated alkali-
resistant (AR)fiberglass mesh, glass-fiber reinforcement component
(GRC)Mesh, mesh used for mosaic and stone, and self-adhesive fiberglass
joint tape.
Our specifications available are: (4x4 or 4x5)5x5x145g/130g/110g/80g.
Special specifications can also be done if requested.

Description: One of the leader companies in Egypt as producers,
exporters and distributors for foods [fresh, frozen and processed]
since 23 years ago for Europe, Far east of Asia and Arab Gulf area.
We want inform you that we have a good experience in producing and
exporting high quality frozen Strawberries and others. We are looking
for new markets and customers for our new production from new crop of
strawberries Fresh and Frozen[6000 mt], with very competitive prices.
We will be pleasure to supply you with any items of row materials. In
the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us for any further

Hong Kong
Description: We are a fashion watch and mini clock manufacturing
company based in Hong Kong with manufacturing facilities in China. Our
worldwide exporting strategy is very different than any other watch
company that exists today. It is not only our unbeatable price,
quality, service and guarantee make us different but it is because we
only allow one company to import our watches per country, there are no
exceptions. Our company also does not exhibit or advertise our name,
products or prices anywhere. We do this because our loyalty to our
distributors and our discretion to them ensures their success as it
does ours. We are now seeking additional companies in Europe that have
the vision, drive and ambition to dominate the fashion watch and clock
business in their country.

Description: Supply Pop-up game and play tent
We are serious and well reputed manufacturer and exporter of Pop-up
game and play tents is elastic wire rim inside, foldaway frame, product
sizes are: pop up tent, pop up soccer goal, mini cube, tunnel &
children’s pop-up game, pop-up house, pop-up bus. Material is colored
190/210 T nylon, polyester and PVC etc. The price is very competitive.
We assure you that all your inquiry will receive our prompt attention.

Description: We are glad to take this opportunity to introduce our
company as leading manufacturer and exporter for circuit breaker,
thermal relays, push button and AC contactor etc. Top quality and
suitable price. Perfect service.

Description: We specialize in producing and managing high quality deep
groove ball bearings (ID:3mm to 40mm) and various non-standard bearings
widely used in automotive, motors, household appliances, office
automations and machines.
We have professional engineers and well-trained staff, so we shall meet
our customers' requirements.
Hope to get your any inquiry, we'd like to serve you with our
attractive products quality and competitive price and excellent

Description: We wish to introduce ourselves as the professional
manufacturer of bonded NdFeB and Ferrite magnets in China. Our capacity
is over 400 tons per year with the world class technology accumulated
from American and Japanese experts. Today, our products has included
both bonded compression NdFeB magnets and injection bonded NdFeB
magnets and are widely applied in various micro motors. We are the most
competitive with the quality and price in the world. Hope to have the
chance of cooperating with you in the future.

Description: We would like to inform you that our company was
established about 40 years ago in Iran, and has managed to position
itself as one of the preferred suppliers of food ingredients to a wide
variety of customers primarily due to our unabated commitment to
providing the highest Quality products and services at competitive
We have much experience in producing and exporting of dry fruits such
as small and normal berried sultanas, golden bleached and some kinds of
dates like: Selected pitted sayer dates, B.grade pitted sayer dates,
G.A.Q pitted sayer dates, F.A.Q pitted sayer dates and Industrial
pitted sayer dates.
We should mention that we prepared our products from Uromieh /Maragha/
Gotchan and Takestan and these are manufactured in our factory in
Uromieh, We packed and sort them ourselves, also we have a factory in
Abadan that dates are prepared and packed there.
If you are interested in please let us know to send you the prices and
some other details.

Description: We are the Thai leading energy drink manufacturers in
Wrangyer brand for Thailand's market and neighbor countries. Wrangyer
energy drink, a non-carbonated mixed fruit energy drink plus vitamin C
with aromatic and pleasant taste. It's contained energy boosting
ingredients to increase alertness and reduce fatigue, boost metabolism
and improve physical performance. Packing are in both 250 ml. aluminum
cans and 150 ml. glass bottles. Private brand productions are welcome!!
Contact us now!!!

Description: We mainly manufacture TFT-LCD TV/Monitor products, which
have obtained the certificates of safety compliance for Europe, USA and
Australian markets.
Should, by chance, your company not deal with the products mentioned
above, we would be most grateful if this letter could be forwarded to
the correct import party.
For details of quotation and catalogue, please feel free to contact us
or visit our website. We are looking forward to hearing from your
earlier response.
*Compound function of TV, Computer Monitor and Video Playback;
*TFT-LCD Screen, high contrast of 300:1; High luminance of 300 cd/sq
*Wide view angle of 160 degree';
*Multi-system TV receiver: PAL D/K, I, B/G, SECAM, BG/DK/L/L';
*Image distinguishes ability: 800x600
*Response time: 16ms;
*Multi input jacks of VGA 15pins, TV antenna, S-Video, Video, SCART,
Stereo Audio.
*Multi output jacks of headphone, stereo audio.
*Power supply range: AC90-264V, 50/60Hz.

Description: We are pleased to introduce our company as one of
professional groundnuts processor and exporter in Hebei China. The main
origin of groundnuts. We can offer you all ranges of HPS groundnut
kernels and HPS groundnuts in shell.
We solicit your support and cooperation.

Description: Here I recommend the Chinese auto parts to you, including
timing belt, racing engine parts, multi-piece wheel/rim for
construction machinery, these products are from the leading Chinese
manufacturers who have got the approval of ISO9000 certification, and
these products are sold to USA, Europe countries and other overseas
markets for a long time.
If you are interested in this message please contact me for more

Last update 03 june 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We are a leading manufacturer company for garage equipment
in Turkey since 1978.
Since we are looking for an exclusive distributor of our product range
MESS-MATIC, we would like to know your opinion about co-operation in
your market.
You can also visit our web page. Please choose your products and get in
touch with us, we will be pleased to make you an offer.

Description: Celestial gemstone globe, absolutely amazing, handcrafted
with mother of pearl stars and finely gilded wire. Presented in a
picture box and authenticated and verified by the Guildford
Astronomical Society. We are looking for companies who are willing to
take these globes by the container. All countries except UK.

Description: Honey, honeycomb, bee keeping equipment.

Description: Leading suppliers of Taj Mahal replicas, marble and brass
handicrafts. Please check for a detailed catalog.
For availability, pricing and other details, please contact.

Description: We are offering a draining channel made of recycled
plastic for the private area and serves the draining of occurring
surface water. The channel is resistant to most diluted acids and lyes
as well as to de-icing salt and micro-organisms.
We are looking for well introduced whole salers in Europe and abroad
Europe for DIY and builders merchants.

Description: We are offering organic fruit, especially frozen
strawberry, sour cherry and also dried fig, grape, apricot and apple.

Description: Extra virgin olive oil, black olives, green olives, sun
dried tomato.

Description: As a trading company we import art craft-gifts, bamboo,
ceramic and porcelain etc. We would like to increase our capacity to
foreign countries please contact us.

Description: We are a foreign trade company located in Izmir Turkey, we
are partnerships with large shopping malls all around Turkey.

Description: As a trade company, we are located in Izmir/Turkey. We
sell eco- agricultural products wood, wicker and bamboo furniture. If
you are interested in pls contact us.

Description: As a trading company, we produce qualified, hand made
and/or hand painted, artistically designed, unique art supplies mainly
jewelry, pottery, hand made painted wooden objects, gifts and we would
like to increase our selling capacity to foreign countries. Please
contact us.

Description: We are located in Izmir and intend to enlarge our textile
business via trading. Awaiting your orders.

Description: Trading company located in Izmir, which is on the west
coast of Turkey. We trade gifts, jewelry, wood, wicker and bamboo as
well as decorative and household items and toys. We are known as a
reliable and prompt firm and would like to increase our selling
capacity to the whole world. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Description: We are pleased to introduce ourselves as manufacturer
exporters of unique machine embroidered and hand embroidered fabrics
for women wear, home furnishing and accessories. We also have an
enchanting collection of Scarves, Stoles and Cushion covers. Our
specialty is the usage of laces, ribbons, appliques and chords for
embroideries on grounds of Silk dupion, organza, georgette, tulle,
nets, cotton etc. Our combination of machine and hand embroidery are
unique and most flexible in application and attractive.
We look forward for your kind response at the earliest in order to
establish a long term business relationship.
We accept customer designs too.

Description: Turkish shearling manufacturing company offers good
quality shearlings in English Domestic, Turkish Domestic, Spanish,
French, German and American origins with different finishing and
colors. We also produce shearling garments for ladies and men's. Please
contact for further info.

Description: We are a reliable consultants and distributor in Benin
Republic for years now, with good reputation through all business
We are contacting you through a reliable source to know if you can
supply your products food stuff on contract bases to a non-governmental
organization known as; africa refugee foundation.
Your products is needed for Refugees Camped in West Africa.
If you can supply your products on contract base, kindly forward to us
your products lists, your price quotation together with your business
terms and condition to enable us submit same to the tender board
committee of the organization who needed your products for their

Description: Leading manufacturers of plastic sheets in Pakistan.
Rigid PVC sheet/film: for blister packing, food packing, vacuum
GPPS-pattern sheet: for windows, doors, shower cabin etc.
Hips sheet: inner linning of deep freezer and refrigerator industry.
Polypropylene sheet
ABS sheet
Cast acrylic sheet.

Description: We are exporter of natural building stones from India
since 1995. We are exporting various stones like
Slate stone
Sand stone
Green marble
All these stones are available in almost all the sizes. Kindly contact
us for further details.

Description: We are interested to supply our associated gardens tea to
the tea importers company. Hope you have tea importers buying inquiry
that please send us the inquiry details by our e-mail address.

Description: We are specialized in screw machine, screw headers
machine, bolt former.

Description: We are specialized in automatic washing machine, automatic
tumbler dryer, auto dry clean machine, centrifugal separator, iron
table, fully automatic washer.

Description: We are specialized in Continuous press mold, press head,
wire lead frame, plastic mold, connector components, tungsten steel,
ceramic material, grinding forming processing, etc.

Description: We are specialized in cam, cam design, cam manufacturing.

Description: We are specialized in melting, drying, electric heating,
heating, warmth keep stove, ceramics, electric stove, process stove.

Description: We are specialized in production of whole factory machine
equipment, painting, gluing, pasting machine and heating drier, can
offer the total solution of machine research, development and whole
site plan for customers.

Description: We are specialized in machines, engravers, CAD/CAM, high-

Description: We are specialized in copper censer, copper bell,
candlestick, Buddhist lamp and religious appliance.

Description: We are specialized in vibratory grinding machines,
horizontal grinding machine, grindstone polishing compound, centrifugal
grinder, dry dehydrating machines, 3-dimension vibratory grinding
machines, automatic rollfow finsher machines, horizontal grinding
machines, steel boll grindst.

Description: We are specialized in various safety helmets.

Description: We are specialized in drying oven, full-auto continuos
drying oven, auto-incinerator, tinplate printed drying oven.

Description: We are specialized in sand blasting machine, sand blast,
blast media.

Description: We are specialized in food machine. The whole packing
facilities of drinks beverage, filling capping machine.

Description: We are specialized in epoxy resin (modified), epoxy resin
(emulsion), polyamide (hardener), polyamine (modified hardener),
leather chemical finish agent.

Description: We are specialized in plastic, injection, mold, design,
R&D, bobbin, winder, optiolerss, stamping, machining, tooling, medical,
lace grinding, progressive, die, CNC, turning mold.

Description: We are specialized in plastic mold components, ejector
pin, dual-head eject pin, rectangular eject pin, guide bushings, mold
spring, leader pin.

Description: We are specialized in mold, plastic, mold, molding, tool,
steel tool, injection tool.

Description: We are specialized in diecast, diecasting, diecasting
mold, zinc alloys, aluminum alloys, fiber optic part, parts, connector,

Description: We are specialized in shrinking packing machine, heated
shrinking packing machine, PVC, PP, PE, POF.

Description: We are specialized in accelerator, quick-power, furnace
implement, fuel gas furnace, brass die-casting, aluminum die-casting,
reduce contamination machinery device, hot water utensil.

Description: We are specialized in OPP, PVC, PE, shrink, packing
machine, anti-strip, label, packing bag, industry safety appliance,
high frequency.

Description: We are specialized in carton making machine, flexo printer
sloter, corrugate, cardboard, paper board, folder gluer, ceramic roll,
printing machine.

Description: We are specialized in health food, health care medicines,
slim food, respiratory system medicine, circulatoy system medicine,
urinary system medicine.

Description: We are specialized in motoring hotel, a guest house,
travel & pleasure.

Description: We are specialized in label printing, label, printing
machine, printing press, gear, flexo plate macking, slitting machine,
hot stamping, laminating, UV drying machine.

Description: We are specialized in woven bag, jumbo bag, container bag,
flexible intermediate bulk containers, FIBC, container bag, laminated
bag, woven sack, tarpaulin, tent, garden cover, truck cover, timber
hood, tarps, canvas, pipe, oil, gas, water, cable, plastic pipe main

Description: We are specialized in knitting, knitting machine, circular
knitting, parts for knitting, interlock, P.K, RIB, fleece, terry.

Description: We are specialized in photomask, anti-static, CAD/CAM,

Description: We are specialized in packing machine, transporting
machine, beverage packing, automatic packing, beverage facility.

Description: We are specialized in filters, chemical plant, heat
exchanger, kneaders.

Description: We are specialized in tire mold professional, segmented
mold, two-piece mold, bladder mold, all steel mold.

Last update 02 june 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: Professional spring manufacturer with excellent R&D
ability. Because we always adhere to the principle of "doing for the
best", its products are widely affirmed by all circles, and this makes
it become the spring suppliers of all major car factories.

Description: Our rapidly growing organization was founded in 1981 to
offer clients like you, a unique combination of innovative trade/DIY
products with a quality service. We are striving to be the leader in
design and manufacture of high quality hand tools, hardware & Auto

Description: We was established in 1987. We are manufacturer of Golf
Club Head which specialize in forged titanium wood and iron head,
stainless wood and iron head. We are small company, so the best quality
products and services is the only weapon we have.

Description: Specializing in the manufacturing of wooden and plastic
storage racks, carrying cases and multimedia audio/video compact discs
organizer, computer tables, handbags, sports bags, and luggage in
different series.

Description: Our main products are screwed end ball valve, flanged end
valve and fittings.

Description: Features:
*Multi function W-shape electrostatic filter.
*Charcoal filter.
*Micon touch control panel.
*3 speed air flow.
*8 hours timer.
*Auto shut-off when front cover opened.
*Desk-top portable type and wall mounting.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Our company has been established since 1982, we are one of
the leading manufacturers and exporters of various auto parts &
accessories in Taiwan. Our products are suitable for Japanese,
European, American, Korean, and Russian cars. While making your
inquiry, please be sure to state car/engine models, name of parts & O.
E. No. you want.

Description: Isotropic rubber magnet can be made by sheet, roll, strip
etc. Anisotropic rubber magnet can be made by sheet, strip only.
One side glossy coated.
Easy to cut.
Clean surface.
Printing allowance.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Pakistan is a growing market for signage industry. Below
the line advertising have increased and there is a huge demand of the
following products
Flexible substrates for back lit applications
Flexible substrates for front lit applications
Printable large format banner material for billboards
Printable opaque vinyl
Colored translucent vinyl
Inks for piezo ink jet printers
All the above mentioned products are also produced in china and there
is a huge demand if the products are good in quality and the prices are
Can you please help in finding out some reliable sources for the above
mentioned products and advise if they are interested in selling there
products in Pakistan market and appoint us as sole agents in Pakistan.

Description: Specifically making high quality wide range bits and
accessories for all kind of screws, power tools, machines, hand tools.
"GFB" bit at Taiwan price, meet DIN Standard, match any screw heads
perfectly is long life bits.

Description: Company endeavor to be perfect on quality, service,
competition, and responsibly was founded in 1989.
Our main products are plastic injection molds, investment casting
parts, die casting parts...etc.

Description: Specialized in the production of various magnetic
products, available from parts to finished products which including
support belt, man's auto belt, insoles, wraps and plaster, magnet
message ball, pillow, mattress, cushion, bracelet, hand ring, necklace,
finger ring, ear clips, hand chain, watch chain, earrings etc.

Description: Product ID: CHT-013-A-300
Standard silver portable/wired handsfree kit with extendible microphone
*Fashionable design.
*With extendible microphone.
*Clear sound performance.
*On/off switch available.
*Adjustable earhook fitted for left or right ear.
*Silver or customers' specified color available.
*Cable: 1.2 meters
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Founded in 1973. It has over 25 years of experience. In
the earlier stages, we specialized in production carriage bolts,
special fasteners and fasteners for the auto & bike industry.

Description: Product ID: SG-34M, 32M, 31M / SG-39M, 35M
B/W Camera, Budget Type B/W Camera
1. B/W Camera
SG-34M: 1/3" CCD, 470K Pixels, 600 TVL, 0.15 Lux at F1.2.
SG-32M: 1/3" CCD, 320K Pixels, 480 TVL, 0.01 Lux at F1.2.
SG-31M: 1/3" CCD, 320K Pixels, 450 TVL, 0.05 Lux at F1.2.
2. Budget Type B/W Camera
SG-39M: 1/3" CCD, 320K Pixels, 420 TVL, 0.1 Lux at F1.2.
SG-35M: 1/3" CCD, 320K Pixels, 420 TVL, 0.1 Lux at F1.2.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Founded in 1993, we are one of the leading manufacturers
of car seat covers in Taiwan. We have been working on the improvement
of car seating for 10 years and have received very good reputation from
supplying high quality seat covers to the local market. Recently, we
started to promote our products to foreign markets, and have proven to
be affirmative by customers over the world.

Description: Established in 1984. The major products of the company are
starter motor for both motorcycle and automobile, electric parts &
power system for motorcycles.

Description: -H.K. toys & games fair:
Jan.6~9, 2004 Booth No.7L30.

Bosnia And Herzegovina
Description: We can offer rainbow trout, white and red flesh, gutted,
any size, frozen or fresh.

Description: Produces and exports the best quality sun dried tomatoes.
The company has been a professional sun dried tomato supplier for
domestic and foreign markets. Being a first hand exporter makes us very
competitive in the world market.
Our facilities are located in Izmir, Turkey where it is known as the
motherland of tomato due to its climate and geographic advantage.

Description: Levis Type 1 & 500 Series.
Authentic full paper provide.
You can buy Levi's any style, any size with all paper for authentic.
But minimum quantity is 5, 000 & T/T base.
Minimum Order: 5, 000 Sell Price: FOB US$16 ~ US$21
Age + condition: all new & latest design.
Sizes: all size, color available (customer can pick size)
Pay by: only wire transfer, over 10, 000 open L/C
Restrictions: U.S.A

Description: We are a professional designer, manufacturer and exporter
of all kinds of baby garments including bibs and bath towels as well.
All the styles, which are available for immediate delivery, see to our
web site.
And we have extra capacity to produce for other brands by your own
design at moment.
If you are interesting in our collection or have more question please
let me know.

Description: DDR 266 memory module:
V-data 128MB 16*16 $15.50
V-data 256MB 32*8 $28.75
V-data 512MB 32*8 $57.50
DDR 333 memory module:
V-data 256MB 32*8 $28.75
V-data 512MB 32*8 $58.50
DDR 400 memory module:
V-data 256MB 32*8 $30.50.

Description: We are the trendsetters in best and match-less quality is
our Identification satisfaction of the client, in every condition is
our motto. For this is first principle of good business. We would gave
to the more information about our Company which was established in
1980. We are manufacturers & exporters since 1980 and exporting our
products to our clients in USA, Mexico, South America & Europe.
Having more than thirty years experience we are really “master” now.
Your little co-operation can be a starting huge business in the long
run. In the field of a manufacturing and exporting we have ability to
be a source of satisfaction for our dear client. For showing our
mastery, we are looking forward your first order of 100 to 200
football, (as a sample), but our production capacity 2, 50, 000
football per month. Which will ensure you that you are in the safe
hands now.
We are looking football importer, wholesalers, retailers, and buying
agents in all the world.
Our Products are as under follow please:-
1. Football. (soccer ball) 2. Volleyball. 3. Handball. 4. Rugbyball. 5.
Indoor ball. 6. Mini ball. (For advertisement) 7. Medicine ball. 8.
Basketball. 9. Football (Soccer ball) Goal Keeper Gloves. 10. Shin
Our prices are most competitive and deliveries are prompt.

Description: We are glad to take this change to introduce you about our
company. We design and manufacture advanced digital surveillance
systems. The product is ranging from the cost-effective 25 fps to the
industrial leading 480 fps models, choices from BNC to D-sub, built-in
to standalone I/O modules. The system is highly expandable; it is
capable to support POS, I/O devices, name-brand models of PTZ domes,
and Centrol Monitoring Station services. With more than 6 years of
highly successful experience in the security system field, we offer
most stable units to every application. E-mail us to know more about
significant sites!
DVR Cards (from 25 fps to 480 fps)
Please consider to make us as one of your excellent solution in
surveillance system. Visit our website for more information! Seeing is
believing, just contact me for a sample unit. Many thanks in advance!!

Description: We are a professional manufacturer & leading exporter
for PC products in Mainland China.Its main products are SCSI card, LAN
card, including 3Com, Intel, RTL, D-LINK.
As far as quality is concerned, our prices and quality can compare
favorably with those of other suppliers, and we provide best service,
Both large and small order are welcome.
If you interested in any of them, please do not hesitate to contact
with me.

Description: We are a leading custom manufacturer of furniture in
China. Our factories are located in the industrial cities of Guangzhou
and Guangxi.
Our capacity includes finished and unfinished furniture in traditional,
country and contemporary style using mostly wood, pine and birch, metal
(tubular, rod or flat etc) and cast iron with granite, marble or
decorative mosaic if desired. Our furniture can be distinguished by its
quality, finishing & natural appeal. As always, we ensure satisfaction
with every order.
Our manufacturing takes into account your budget, while seeking to
provide you quality products and on time delivery. We offer you the
capabilities of producing your furniture in our factories at down to
earth prices and have them flat or retail packed for export anywhere in
the world.

Description: Video stool
Each kit contains:
Circular wood seat – 1 – 9” in diameter
Circular leg assembly – 1
Leg locks – 3
Wood Legs – 3
Nails – 12
Sandpaper – 1
Assembly Instruction sheet – 1
When assembled the video stool is 9.5” tall
Can hold a maximum weight of 50 lbs. – It is meant for use by children
The legs are rubberwood / the circular tops are MDF
Color – natural, no stain or paint
Qty - 19, 000 kits are available – 1 x 40’ container
Packing – individual polybag
Carton – 17 kits packed per carton
Carton measurements – 18 7/8” x 9 5/8” x 17 ?” = 1.81 CFT
FOB Cost – USD$ 2.00.

Description: Knitted hat, gloves, scarf.
Color fleece products.

Description: We are leading exporter from Nashik, most beautiful city
of India where the weather is pleasant through out the year. We deals
in onions, pomerganates, grapes, potatos, drum sticks, garlic carrots,
capsicum, dry fenugreek, papad, pickle, rice, grain, etc. We have the
huge annual productivity for producing various fresh keeping and quick
frozen vegetables.
Other than the vegetables and fruits we have the full set up for best
quality condoms as per your required packing. rubber moulds, plastic
moulds, antique hand made copper and brass pots, building material,
hardware, steel wire nails, screws etc. We will be happy to have a
strong and healthy relations with you.

Description: We are most reputed manufacturers and exporters of
electrical brass components and brass hardware accessories, in
electrical brass parts LT/HT switchgear brass and copper parts,
domestic electrical brass and copper parts, earthing equipment,
lightning protection systems, copper and other ferrous & non ferrous
metals, in brass hardware door handle, door hinges, door stopper, door
aldrop, door tower bolt, window tower bolt, window stopper, window
handle. In pneumatics fittings like compressing fittings, brass rod and
pipe, copper tube and solid in different shape
'Electrical Brass Parts and Brass Hardware Item' is successfully
exporting products to all over the World.
Electrical brass parts LT/HT switchgear brass and copper parts,
domestic electrical brass parts, neutral links, earthing equipments,
lightning protection systems, copper and other ferrous & non ferrous
metals, in brass hardware door handle, door hinges, door stopper, door
aldrop, door tower bolt, window tower bolt, window stopper, window
handle bolts nuts screws fasteners turned parts, pneumatics fittings
' Brass and copper material ' products comply with International
Standards. All the products have good potential all over the world.
Quality assurance is of prime importance to us and therefore only high
quality products are manufactured in accordance with International
Standards and Specifications by adopting latest technology.
With our large production capacity, we can fulfill the requirements of
any of the items within short period. Customers requirements is
extremely important to us. Hence, great emphasis is put on the Standard
and quality for total satisfaction. As manufacturing of the products is
done with High skill and technique, hence our products have an air of
unmatched perfection to them.

Description: We have been the leading manufacturer and exporter of ink
cartridge and toner for many years in China. Our products are with
excellent quality, competitive price and good warranty.
If you have any interest, pls feel free to contact us. Your inquiry
shall be very appreciated.

Description: Chain link Fence
Hole mesh:12.7mm-50.8mm
Wire Diameter:1.63-4.06mm
Material: low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, Al-alloy wire.
Application: fence, building, safeguard.

Description: Expanded plate wire mesh
Plate thickness (mm):0. 5-8
Hole width (mm): 2.5-50
Hole length (mm): 4.5-100
Fabrication Material: aluminum plate, thin low carbon steel plate,
stainless steel plate, al-mg alloy plate and nickel plate.
Weaving and Characteristic: Can be woven into diamond, square, round
and triangle in terms of hole. Excellent quality in abrasion
resistance, intensity and artistically designed appearance.
Application: It can be widely used in highway, railway, building,
waterpower, machine protection, electrical equipment, window, etc.

Description: Conveyor belt mesh
Fabrication Material: stainless steel wire, stainless iron wire, middle
and low carbon steel wire, galvanized iron wire, nickel, chromium wire
iron, chromium, aluminum wire, polyester wire, etc.
Wire weaving: ordinary and reinforcement.
Application: can be utilized in connection with machines and equipment
in many industries including: oil, metallurgy, pharmacy, glass,
printing, etc.

Description: Dutch weaving wire mesh
Fabrication Material: low carbon steel wire, copper wire, nickel wire,
stainless steel wire, and polyester wire.
Weaving method: plain weaving, twill weaving, bamboo type weaving and
twist weaving.
Application: aviation, oil and chemical industry, etc.

Description: Barbed wire
We can offer galvanized barbed wire and PVC coated iron wire with
colors. Barbed wire can be utilized in industry, agriculture, animal
husbandry, dwelling house, plantation or fencing.
IOWA type.
2strands, 4points. Barbs' distance 3-6inches (Tolerance+_1/2``).

Description: Hexagonal Wire Mesh
Wire Gauge): 18#--25#
Mesh size: 1/2``, 3/4``, 1``, 5/8``, 1.25``, 1.5``, 2``
Means of weaving: electric galv, or hot dipped after weaving. galv.
Before weaving
Hexagonal wire netting is also known by the name of chicken mesh. Hex.
Wire netting is manufactured in galvanized iron (GI) and galvanized
iron drawn (GID) wire in width of 45-180cm. Hexagonal wire netting is
mostly used as light fencing for poultry farms, birds cages, tennis
couts and light reinforcement in splinter proof glass and cement
concrete, plastering and laying of roads. Also used for insulation in
cold storage and AC plans.

Description: Welded wire mesh
Specification: 1/4``, 1/2``, 3/4``, 1``, 1``x1/2``, 2``x1``, 2``
Wire gauge (BWG): 14-23
Other specifications are also available as required.
Application: hot dipped after welded, part of them cold galv. After
welded, for 1/2`` and 1``, width limit: 2M. Other item width limit:
Others: plastic-sprayed welded wire mesh PVC welded wire mesh and
special welded wire mesh.

Description: Black wire cloth
Specification: 10meshx10mesh-80meshx80mesh
Width: (0.6m-1.2m)
Wire Dia.(mm): 0.60mm-0.14mm
Other size as required
Material: low carbon steel
Characteristics: is excellent for the manufacture of industrial wire
cloth screen due to its tensile strength and impact resistance.

Description: Window screening
Wire Gauge: BWG31 BWG32 BWG33 BWG34 SWG35 SWG36 SWG37 SWG38
Mesh: 10x10, 14x14, 16x16, 18x18, 18x14, 22x22, 24x24, etc.
Materials: galv. iron wire netting, enameled iron wire netting,
aluminum coated iron wire netting, aluminum wire netting, fiber glass
wire netting, plastic wire netting, stainless steel wore netting, PVC
wire netting.
Color of window screen netting: Blue &green for enameled iron wire
netting. Blue, green dark green, white.
Optional specification according to client's requirement.
Application: Window screening is used for industrial purposes, window
doors and purchase's guards, sieves, filters and other numberless

Description: We are professional manufacturer for a wide range of air
conditioners in China with 12 years of export experience.
We supply high quality air conditioner with most competitive price, and
the highly efficient refrigeration by utilizing the world-famous

Description: Stainless steel wire mesh
Material (AISI): 304, 304L, 316, 316L
Weaving method: plain, twill, dutch
Specification: 1-500mesh, 12*642800mesh, wire dia:0.025-1.8mm, others
on request.
Stainless steel is wear-resisting, heat-resisting, acid-resisting. With
these characteristics, the wire mesh made of stainless steel is
extensively used in many industries such as mining, chemical, food,
petroleum, environmental protection, electronic, metallurgy and
pharmaceutical, etc.
We are capable of producing stainless steel wire mesh from 1to 500mesh
for square mesh, and from12*64 mesh to 400*2800 mesh for Dutch weave

Description: Mine sieving mesh
Round barrel-shaped Sieving Mesh: Thickness2.0-2.5mm, 2mm; aperture
(mm) 0.5, 0.5-3.0, above3
Sieving Basket: thickness2.0-2.5mm, 2mm; aperture (mm) 0.5, 0.5-3.0,
Strip Sieving Mesh: thickness2.0-2.5mm, 2mm; aperture (mm) 0.5, 0.5-
3.0, above3
Or other specification as required.
Fabrication Material: stainless steel wire
Weaving and Characteristics: Crimped before welding, including screen
piece, screen basket, tube-shape screen, etc.

Description: Filtering wire mesh
Class: standard, high efficiency, high peeenetrating
Specification: 40-100, 60-100, 80-100, 30-100, 200-400, 70-400, 30-150,
Wire size (mm): 0.1*0.4, 0.27, 0.25, 0.2, 0.1*0.3, 0.1-0.15, 0.12
Fabrication Material: stainless steel wire, red copper wire, galvanized
wire, polyamide fiber wire and F46#wire.
Weaving method: link weaving
Application: Wire mesh for filtering liquid and gas can be utilized in
an abroad spectrum of fields, such as petroleum, chemistry, metallurgy,
machinery, and medicine, automobile.

Description: Vibrating sieving mesh
Aperture sizes (mm): 2.000---0.075 wire diameter(mm) 0.450-0.045
Mesh/inch: 10.36---211.70
Fabrication Material: stainless steel wire
Characteristics: resistance to acid, alkali, high temperature and
Application: oil vibrating sieving mesh.

Description: We need polyethylene stretch film 23 microns 50 cm
strength 200 x 100, it is polyethylene for pallets covers.

Description: We are mfg. and suppliers of mineral talc, calcite,
barytes for plastics fillers, masterbatch, polymer, and also trading of
various type of masterbatch, LD, LDPE, PP fillers.

Description: We are a rich experienced exporter (Since 1984) of various
wood working machine. Please visit our webpage for various wood working
machine, because we have show all kinds of tools in there. If those
goods are of your interest, please do not hesitate let me know which
items of your request, our latest prices will be send to you soon.

Description: Sir, we are the exporters of hand embroidered wall
decorations, bags, cushion covers, sofa covers, small hanging purses,
denim shoulder bags, with mirror, beads, colourful threads, sequences,
with the motifs of parrot, flowers, elephant, etc. We do under take job
work for your products too.
Also deal in Indian based spices, condiments, curry powder, tea powder,
organic powders like turmeric, basil.

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