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Export offers

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New export offers available to BizEurope members:

Last update 26 july 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We has been manufacturing first-rate car antennas in
Taiwan for over 24 years. Our main products are all kinds of car
antennas for AM/FM Radios, TVs and CBs. The factory occupies a land
of 33, 325 sq. ft. in Taoyuan County and employs over 110 production
staff. As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: We export jute tape. E-mail if you fill interest to
import from us.

Description: Wholesale pricing on continuity merchandise, closeouts,
and inventory liquidations.

Description: We are a large and successful company in China, which
manufacturers of various water pumps, motors and generators.
Nowadays, we supply to South American, Middle East, Africa and other
courtiers and area. Due to our success working on these markets, we
would like to introduce our machineries worldwide. Besides our high
level quality our products are well known by the more competitive
prices, which we practice on.

Description: We are wall and ceiling materials manufacturer and
exporter from China. Our products include magnesium oxide boards,
gypsum boards, mineral fiber boards, calsium silicate boards,
aluminium ceiling, aluminium plastical panel, wooden acoustical
panel, steel framing system. For more information, feel free to
contact us.

Description: The silk fabric producer: handmade 100% pure-silk
fabric, silk for fashion & apparel, home-decorator, garment, haute
couture or general dress-maker, elegant bag, sofa, household
designers. Exporting worldwide.

Description: 1. Qualified for big parts and assemblies. 2. Different
materials: copper, CRS, HRS, stainless steel, Al, al-mag alloy, etc
3. Different surface treatment: zinc, copper, chrome, nickel plated,
powder coated, etc. 4. Parts or assemblies used for many
applications: auto parts, marine parts, office equipment, department
store equipment. 5. Strictest test for each parts and assembly.

Description: We are an innovative and creative jewelry exporting
company. We export a wide range of product categories worldwide
along with the excellent services. We provide a design service,
moulding service, and we also take the jewelry order. We focus on
the high quality and the reasonable price. Please contact us for
more information.

Description: We are a general trading company. We have not any
limitation in Iranian products export. Our city is located in area
that there are biggest chocolate and biscuit manufactures in there.
We can provide you best quality various chocolate, wafers, soft &
hard candies, sandwiches, biscuits, snacks, gums. If you are
interested in, most welcome. Await for your prompt reply.

Description: We are a general trading company. We have not any
limitation in Iranian products export. We can provide you best
quality all kind of nuts & dried fruits. Also the price of various
pistachios in Iran as follows: Kind size FOB price per kilo Fandoghi
28-30 US 2.85 $ Fandoghi 30-32 US 2.80 $ Fandoghi 32-34 US 2.70 $
Kalleh goochi 20-21 US 3.30 $ Kalleh goochi 21-22 US 3.20 $ Kalleh
goochi 22-24 US 3.05 $ Ahmad Akaei 24-25 US 3.05 $ Ahmad Akaei 26-27
US 2.90 $ Akbari 20- 22 US 3.40 $ Akbari 22- 24 US 3.20 $ 45%
pistachios are shell and 55% are kernel Iran pistachio in this
season has not moisture. All edible foods usually if stay, are worn-
eaten. so, if pistachio stay, are worn eaten too. But Iran pistachio
in this season has not insect appearly. And every three month we put
vermifuge in pistachio to prevent decay. Unopened percentage of
pistachio under 5% is usual. Above 5% on base of market rate, price
will decreased. However we give you under 5%. Package is in 50kg
bags. We gave you competitive price and our price is reasonable. If
you are interested in, kindly send us more details about your
inquiry. Await for your prompt reply.

Description: We are a general trading company. We have not any
limitation in Iranian products export. We can provide you fresh red
onions, garlic, potatoes. Onion price: 450 US$ per mt. If you are
interested in, kindly send us more details about your inquiry.

Description: We are specialized in mold, mould, die, plastic,
injection, bi-injection, computer, electronics, sporting goods,
shoe, telephone.

South Africa
Description: I have lots of contacts and different suppliers of
anything in South Africa. Let me know what you need and I can find
out what it will cost. Computer stuff, best quality good wines,
Books even baby powders etc. anything just ask.

Description: Embroidered towels with satin ribbon interlaced (guest
hand size, hand size and face size), an unique and luxury towel.
Baby tricot shoes and booties with pearl or lace ornaments Crochet
bath rugs and crochet table center all handcraft products. We have
pictures of all our products.

Description: We are the manufacturer and exporters of all kinds
wooden and wrought iron handicrafts items since thirty years. Such
as wooden boxes, iron and wooden furniture, wind chimes, iron bells,
walking sticks, lamps, candle holders, pillars, photo frames. Etc
and all other possible products. If u r interested in buying our
products pls. contact us.

Description: I want to buy Kit Kat chocolate from Germany.

Description: Now you can set up an on-line shopping site instantly
for free! So you can start making money right away. No software, no
inventory, no customer service, all you need to do is market your
own Website and collect money! New feature: 2-Tier program that
allows your store to recruit new stores where you can make 25%
commission of their earning. At our website click on "Franchise
opportunity available" for your free website.

Description: Water purity tester. Now checking water purity is as
simple as the stroke of a pen! Pour water into a clean glass and
three seconds later you have an accurate reading on the LCD display.
◢Test for bacteria, pathogenic viruses, cyanide, mercury,
lead, toxins and ion pen-style water purity tester is a necessary
measuring tool for water both household and travels outside, and a
good gift for friends and relatives as well.

Description: Specializes in manufacturing rapier shuttleless weaving
machine. It also has the sales of different brand's parts and refit

Description: Manufacturers in machinery & tools industry to provide
the best quality complete range products in this field and offer
most competitive price to our customers.

Description: Since its establishment in 1992, we has been
manufacturing, marketing and exporting quality scented candles and
candle accessories.

Description: We are manufacturers and exporters of soldering irons,
spare elements and tips, soldering stands, sponges, desoldering
tools and soldering stations based in India and are dealing in the
above mentioned items for the past 40 years. We are looking for new
companies to do business with and want to export our products in all
parts of the globe. Visit our website for more information on the
products and interested parties can feel free to contact us.

Description: We are professional maker of air freshener, car care
chemical and novelty gift item. And would be export from our China
and Taiwan factory. Welcome OEM/ODM orders. You can get more
information from our website. 1. Popular item, fashion style 2. Fit
for chain store, gift, and promotion. 3. Novelty gift items. 4.
Nodding dogs air freshener. 5. Export over 15 x 40'container per
month. 5. Welcome OEM/ODM order!!

Description: I offer high quality lucuma flour for ice cream and
human food applications. High solubility, high characteristics aroma
and taste.

Description: We are a buying office located in Taiwan and offer
sourcing services according to customer requirements to
international buyers. With the Sars and increased terrorist threat,
we have added a new service, For a fee, we will attend the trade
shows in Taipei and collect information according to the customers
requirements. We can only accept a certain number of requests per
trade show, therefore we will accept on a first come first serve

Description: •Firm seeks a partner in Europe in the first instance
with a view to being able to respond to trade inquiries resulting
from participation in European trade fairs. •Firm seeks a list of
potential partners with which it could make direct contact. (As a
recipient of new exporter services, firm would be able to take up a
program of appointments and be accompanied to appointments by
bilingual Austrade staff in the market of first preference). •Firm
is keen to undertake product marketing, such as trade show
participation in Europe, and would benefit from advice about
appropriate trade shows and participation requirements, including
for example, Cosmoprof in Bologna. Firm may attend Cosmoprof in
order to develop contacts and knowledge of the European market. It
may be appropriate to arrange a program of appointments for the
client at this time (2-4 April 2004). •Firm’s ideal partner would be
a distributor or agent able to take significant quantities of stock,
with contacts in the beauty salon industry or handling similar
cosmetics products. •Firm would prefer non-exclusive distributor
arrangement. It may consider offering exclusivity in particular
territories (Germany is a Federal Republic and is therefore, quite
regional – some companies may have strength in particular regions
and therefore represent good partners in one location but not have
coverage in others). •Firm would be interested to receive company
profile information about suggested partners, including information
about nature and size of business, financial bona fides, territorial
coverage, turnover, industry reputation, number of sales agents,
products represented, key customers etc. •Firm has promotional
literature which can be sent to post for information and
distribution to potential partners. Also refer to website.

Description: Joint venture prise produce daily fine ceramics
chiefly, and it is a big export enterprise with authorization to
handle export business by itself, also it is a big enterprise gather
with research, produce and trading. Now there are more than 2000
kinds of production, such as dinner set, tea set, coffee set and
micorwaveware, there are many composition and the decoration way is
various in sorts.

Description: We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of
eco-friendly natural fiber products such as hemp (help end marijuana
prohibition) Himalayan stinging nettle, cotton, wool and jute. We
are devoted to the socio-economic growth of the least privileged
group of poor community from the far western hill side of Nepal
where people use the century old tradition to process the plant and
make it useful for weaving the fabrics in the traditional pit-loom
almost all job are done manually without using any power tools and
they also do not use any chemicals during the entire process. We do
both azo-free chemical dyes as well as eco-friendly natural dyes. We
do macrame, crochet to produce hats, caps bags, shawls and
decorative gift items. We also do manufacture traditional and ethic
dresses as well as casual dresses. We are exporting most of our
Natural Fiber products to USA, Canada Europe and Japan. We also use
some of the recycled material to produce certain items but we do
carefully process it so as not to pollute the environment. We do
recycle some of our products and the raw material and also do use
recycled Silk to produce some of the nice products. We are receiving
good support from our valued customers and the comment as well as
valuable advice from them is making us to satisfy them with the
quality products since the establishment in 1991.

Hong Kong
Description: Description product introduction· The deadbolt will
lock and unlock your door using a high-security infrared remote
system (similar to Luxury Automobile system). It provides the
convenience of a keyless access to your door. This stand alone,
battery powered deadbolts, is in a lifetime tarnish-free (P.V.D.)
brass finished housing. It is easily installed on virtually any door
and does not require any additional drilling. Product information·
audible tones for lock, unlock, jam, and low battery · recognize up
to 30 different remote control codes, and remote control can be
duplicated for unlimited users. · additional keys included for
conventional operation. · two remote controls included. · 6 pin
cylinder with universal keying system · receiver and Remote control
each incorporates an 8 bits CPU with EEROM memory, it provides up to
1.6 billion different codes and it will not lose programming code
during batteries changes or power failure. · single push button
programming procedure, very user friendly. · use 4 conventional AA
batteries. · low battery consumption, last up to 18, 000 times of
usage per set of batteries. · standard installation, no additional
drilling required. · P.V.D. life-time non-tarnish brass finish. ·
protective inner shroud resists prying or wrenching. · free spinning
cylinder guard.

Hong Kong
Description: EA012: message clock description user can program
personal messages (up to 190 characters ) Quartz-accurate clock and
calendar Automatic DST and battery back-up Built-in daily greetings
and holiday messages Captivating special effects Variable message
settings - Toggle your messages on/off, or have them display
continuously, like a scrolling digital billboard!

Hong Kong
Description: EA003: Full Wireless Handfree Car Kit Description
Features: ~ Using expediently, no installation, can be used for most
vehicles, equipped with Wireless earphone and Wireless pick-up clip,
n tangle with any cable. ~ Universal Wireless pick-up clip design,
it can be used for all kinds of the mobile phones. ~ To effectively
prevent the damage of electronic wave to user¡¦s brain.
~ Freely switch between the Wireless earphone and Speaker, ensure
your private talk. ~ To effectively control the noise caused by EMI.
~ Standard cigarette plug for power can be adjusted angle, plug and
play. ~ Extendable power socket: you can choose expansion
accessories of the cigarette socket, convenient to be used for other
equipment of the car kit.

Hong Kong
Description: EA002: Forever blue light torch description · it never
needs batteries or bulbs. · the forever blue light torch uses the
faraday principle of electromagnetic energy that guarantees
replacement parts will never be needed! · super bright blue led ·
waterproof · floats in water · visible for over a mile · great for
cars, boats and campers and all emergency kits. · 15-30 seconds of
shaking provides up to 5 minutes of continuous bright light!

Hong Kong
Description: EA001: Voice remote control, a voice-activated remote
control, allows users to give voice commands to most home
appliances, such as TV, air conditioners, Hi-Fi stereos and set top
box. Each voice me is equipped with the capacity of 30 voice
commands. The user needs to name the device as he likes before
launching out the voice command function. The device is always alert
to the owner's voice. Whenever named, he is immediately ready for
the execution of voice commands. Features: · Voice control remotely
The powerful recognition performance allows users to stand far away
from Voice Me when giving voice commands to operate appliances. No
need to talk to it closely ! Neither press on buttons is required
when you want to operate home electronics, just give voice commands
to activate TV, VCD/DVD player, air conditioner, set top box, Hi-Fi
stereo, etc. It's absolutely hands-free activation ! · Plug & Play
No modification on existing appliances is required to have them
voice-activated. · Infrared learning capability With the infrared
learning capability, your home electronics can easily be upgraded as
voice-activated by copying the corresponding infrared signals into
Voice Me under the user-defined voice command. · Always alert to
voice 24-hour power-on. · Color: Yellow / Grey Specifications: Power
consumption: DC IN: 9V Rate current: 300mA IR reception distance: 1m
Linear ultimate distance of IR emission: 10m Ultimate speech input
distance: 5m IR reception angle: ±45degree Cover range per IR
emission: ±60degree; Power rating of speaker: 0.1W Dimension: 147mm
(diameter) x 30mm (height) Weight: 130g Pakage includes: Voice
Remote Control AC/DC power adapter Quick Guide User's Manual
Approval: CE and FCC.

Description: We are manufactures/exporters. We export dyestuffs of
all types, such acid, basic, direct, disperse, reactive, vat,
naphthols, fast bases etc. Please contact us for your requirements.

Description: We can supply the paper bag, shopping bag, paper cup,
paper box and other paper packing/printing products. Technical Data
for the Paper Bags: Size: Max. 470*440*150mm; Min.180*140*40mm
Printed color: up to 5 colors paper material: kraft paper; art paper
paper quality: thin 35g/m2; thick 450g/m2 handle: flat paper strip,
round paper string, nylon string, cotton string we can supply the
paper bags according to the Buyers requirement. Any enquires shall
get the answer immediately.

Description: International wholesale distributors wanted. Looking
for international distributors for all lines of nutritional
supplements we carry.

Description: We are exporters of top quality organic bee's wax from
Tanzania. We are looking for potential buyers.

Description: We Specialize tools like series hammers, axes, shovels,
forks, picks, bars, pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, drills(set),
chisels, etc. Products with our world wide brand skyer/everest/new
leaf or yours. And also we have the ability to provide you, our
potential clients, quality tools according to your samples. We are
confident of our tools and the firm. Never give up innovation &
improvement, sincerity and credit, more and better services,
products quality warranty welcome your inquiry at any time of your

Description: We are manufacturers and exporter in natural product
eg. buffalo horn button blank, horn plate, horn toggle, horn

Description: Plastic toy, novelty products- (1) toy manufacturer,
baby/ child/ kid bath toy, bath tub toy, bath duck toy manufacturer.
(2) bathroom set & accessory/ accessories- bath brushes, sponges,
scrubbers, toilet brush. (3) office supply/ supplies, stationery-
cassette & CD holder, name/ business card holders & cases, paper
binder & clips. (4) houseware & kitchenware- door stop, drinking
water bottle, garbage dispensers, ice cube maker & tray, plastic
mugs, cups, tumbler, coaster & placemat, tissue box holder & cover,
wall hanger organizers, bar wine set & accessory. (5) gifts,
giftware, giveaway, imprinted promotional product- promotion/
premium/ advertising item, computer accessory- mouse pad/ mat,
custom printed/ customizable/ personalized (personalized)/ photo /
picture/ blank/ ergonomic/ white/ funny/ game/ designer/ animal/
sports/ thin mouse pads. (6) door hardware- door stops.

Description: We can able to supply all kinds of herbs, long pepper,
pepper, garlic, dry ginger, spices, medicinal plants, senna leaves,
licorice root, dandelion, spirulina powder, frankincense, herbs
seeds, cooking oil, mustard oil, castor oil, neem oil, neem cake,
neem bark, neem leaves, neem seeds, dill seed, sesame seeds, rape
seed, anantto seed, celery seeds, essential oils etc. if you
interested the same, kindly inform us. Our quality is best with
competitive prices.

Description: Trading company affiliated to Shanghai Foreign Economic
& Trade Commissions, known for its highly-qualified and efficient
service with the right to import and export. Our corp. Deals in
exporting horse shoe nails etc. We can make E type, ASV type and so
on. At one time, we also produce the nails according to customer
samples. Our nails’ quality is fine than other products. Our prices
is most competitive.

Description: If you are interested in jeans products, i'd like to do
for you following. A: Design work, including fabric sourcing/washing
effect/technique etc. B: Show you what we have by computer picture,
show you all what we have. C: New style development for you and make
an offer then you can see my price. D: Supply all information you
urge in China, introduction to you different suppliers, explanation
to you their different service in order to reduce some confusion or
headache. Please contact us or make a record of this information for
potential biz opportunity! I hope you're enjoying in China and thank

Description: We are exporting our auto parts to the world for the
past 5 years and we are seeking the opportunity to work with you
this year. We will make our maximum effort to support you. We
supply: clutch disc/cover, brake pad, brake shoe, brake lining,
belt. Contact point, spark plug, abrasive paper, CVJ boot, universal
steering rack boot, bulb etc. We packed our own brand Niponparts and
OEM. We hope to have your positive reply to start business with you
this year.

Description: Coffee mugs- ceramic - height 94 mm, outside dia 80 mm,
weight 270 gm printed in different designs. Packing 36pcs per master
carton quantity per 20 feet container - 36000 pcs payment L/C at
sight. Minimum orders for 3 container at least. Ideal item for Large
Retail outlets selling less then usd 1 value item. Ideal gifts
/promotional items.

Description: We are a professional company, manufacturers cum direct
exporters to Latin American Countries, Parts of Asia like Singapore,
Hong Kong, Israel, etc. We are members of Federation of Indian
Exports Organisation (FIEO) the apex body of Indian Govt. We
manufacture & export the following items: We are a competent and
professional company engaged in manufacture & export of the
following items: 1. Shawl, stole, scarf, mufflers & jackets in
pashmina, silk-pashmina, jama hand embroidery, jamavar waeving (more
than 50 ethnic & beautiful varieties) 2. Home furnishings (bed
spreads, table covers, cushion/pillow covers) 3. Semi-precious
stones, precious stones & healing stones 4. Bags (like wine bottle
carriers, gift bags, shopping bags, ladies hand bags, etc.) in Jute,
Cotton, Silk - Organza with zardosi embroidery 5. Decorative items
like lampshades & strings of sea shell, strings of stuffed birds,
papier machie items, etc. 6. Ladies jackets in jama kashmiri
embroidery, beach wear, etc.

Description: The largest bicycle manufacturer in Romania. I would
like to present you our bike range for 2004.

Description: Maruyama Japanese power sprayer-triplex piston pump
model - ms 160 coupled with Mitsubishi GM 82 gasoline engine. Very
attractive prices.

Description: Various pure metal nano-powder. For example, Fe, Co,
Ni, Cu, Al, Mg, Au, Ag, Pt, W, Mo, Ti, Mn, Pd, Bi, Cr, V, Zn, Fe-Ni
alloy, Fe-Co alloy 1Cr18Ni9Ti (Stainless steel), W-Ni-Fe alloy and
W-Cu alloy etc. The average particle size is 30-70nm, and the purity
is more than 97%-99.9%. Metal oxide nano-powder with high purity.

Description: We are a basic manufacturer and exporter of acetamiprid
( 95tc, 20sp, 3ec, 20sl) carbendazim (98tc, 50wp)
imidacloprid (95tc 70ws 70wp 20sl) omethoate (tc, 40 ec, 50sl).

Last update 23 july 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: Our company specializes in the production and trading
of household electric appliances. We locate in Guangzhou, the
electrical appliances center of China and own two electric
appliances factories in Shunde City. In addition, we have good
connections with many factories of the same industry, which make us
be your strong and reliable supplier. Our main products are as
follows: convection and rotisserie ovens, roasters, grills, BBQ,
electric frying pan sets, electric kettles, coffee makers, iron pans
and baby electric products etc.

Description: Haricot bean which is produced at farmers level
collected from large central markets. The amount to be exported
instantly is 10 tones.

Description: Automotive SLI MF Batteries as per JIS D 5301. We are a
manufacturer in JV with Johnson Controls Inc. USA Looking for
nationwide distributors with good established network.

Description: Wall Type 9, 12, 18, 21, 24KBTU with heat pump and
window type 24000 BTU cooling only and with heat pump also split
wall-mounted type 24000 cooling and with heat pump. We can give you
best prices in market. Please send us your request with quantity

Description: We are offering plastic accessories for the textile
industry. We deal with complete range of plastic goods, as buttons,
buckles, sliders, retainers, fasteners, zipper pullers, snap
fasteners, soft PVC labels, cord lockers and etc. With our 20 year
experience as a manufacturer, we have contacts in Asia, Europe, and
North America. The competitive prices and the good quality that we
offer are our priority. For further details, please do not hesitate
to contact us, we shall be glad to serve your inquiries.

Description: ***Silicone bra (nubra) made in China*** ***Nubra, nudy
bra, silicone bra, nudey bra**. We has been specializing in the
silicon gel product for many years. Bearing "honesty, innovation,
efficiency, quality" in mind, and with "for the people, production
in accordance with green audit" as motto, it has produced many kinds
of silicon products in the demand of the society, such as:
brassiere, swimming cap, diving glasses, nipple, and signboard.

Description: As a experience bearing exporter in China, I am well up
in most types of bearings, especial to deep groove bearings. Contact
me please!

Description: We can offer Indian sea foods like srimps scampy silver
pomfret king fish ribbon fish hammour fillet fresh water fish Indian
mackerel squid cuttle fish sardine all products are of excellent
quality and from EU approved factory.

Description: We offer virgin coconut oil as food supplement and skin
care product as well from the Philippines. Its pure and fresh and
reasonably priced. As well as Spanish Style sardines that has HACCP
and GMP accreditation.

Description: Pine nuts (500-550grain/100g).

Description: 1.) CM-9A stretch blow-molding machine 2.) Kintl-5G
bottle blow-moulding machine for 5 gallon pet bottle. 3.) Xp2500
automatic bottle blow-moulding machine with 4 cavities mould. 4.)
Various moulds for preforms and bottles 5.) Bottling lines for
washing, filling and capping plastic bottles.

Description: We are a Romanian wooden toys manufacturer company. We
offer quality wooden toys.

Description: We are trading division, we are selling Indonesian art
crafts, handy crafts, shoes, natural fiber products, thong, pot,
etc. Please visit our website, and check out our export products

Description: Our company is the producer of high quality marble and
travertine. For further information, please do not hesitate to
contact us.

Description: Leading manufacturer of spunlace non-woven products in
Taiwan. We have been designing and manufacturing many kinds of non-
woven products such as wet tissues, baby wipes, beauty puff, make-up
removal wet tissues etc.

Description: Our operations are structured into two business
segments: ball and sporting products. Equipped professionally with
both manufacturing and trade service. The company offers more
service than ever to our esteemed international customers. Sales
Contact: Sales Dept.

Description: As a switch manufacturer for over 22 years, we know
what you are looking for: large production capacity, quality
products you can rely on, hassle free deliveries and the most
competitive price.

Description: Color of neon tube inserted into the clock face.
W/nickel black plating & gold plating & chrome finishing. W/neon
tube. Electrical: Switch on/off in blinking and W/O blink. As you
are interested, please contact us.

Description: *Beautiful Surface. *Long life. *Suitable to
environment protection. *High efficiency. *Small dimension. As you
are interested, please contact us.

Description: When our first needling loom was released to the market
in 1977, we had decided to play a constructive role in the non-woven
fabric industries. Our machines are installed in over half of the
world including Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Mainland China, Hong Kong,
Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Nepal, the
U.S., Egypt, the U.K., Holland, Germany, etc.

Description: (1)Size: 870 x 330 x 195mm (2)Plastic material
(3)Packing: mail box packed, 2pcs/3.5' (4)40ft container can load 1,
000pcs As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: This is an extended line which includes: skin
scrubbers, multi-functional machine, more than 50 items can
accommodate your requests. Features: removes black marks, removes
pimples, removes acnes, removes wrinkles by massage, removes stratum
corneum. As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Product ID: A13S403-1001 Product Name: connector
(switch membrane) The connector used to The key board Switch
membrane. As microware, cold machine etc. Specifications: *Male
Terminal: Reel 30K *Housing: 2pin to 25Pin *Female Terminal: Reel

Description: Please be advised that we are not a trading house, but
an experienced manufacturer of wire and cable. This means we can
offer direct customer service and direct pricing without the

Description: We have been a professional pneumatic tools specialist
for more than 30 years. Our products have obtained more than 30
kinds of patent certification and are all easy to operate, safety,
durability. We are continuous developing new models to increase the
productivity & raise the quality for the all industry.

Description: Manufacturer/exporter of refrigeration equipment which
has devoted years of experience to improving the quality of our
products through technological advancements.

Description: We are a professional manufacturer of all kinds of
timing belts for small home appliances, office equipment and
industry use. We have an advanced set of assembly line and equipment
which were totally introduced from Germany. At the same time, the
main raw material of the products, such as the fiber-glass cord,
elastic nylon cloth, are all imported from France, Japan or Great
Britain. The quality is guaranteed to meet the international
standard, meanwhile, we deeply believe the prior factor is quality.
The company owns the rights of import and export. Moreover, we have
the certification of iso9001: 2000 management system. Looking
forward to your early inquiries.

Description: Our factory was established in 1995. It' s a
manufacturing which produce LED series, energy saving lamp, ceiling
lamp, pendant lamp and electronic ballast. The products are best-
sold at home and to Europe, England. We stick to our policy of"
Quality first", Perfect devices and equipment, with excellent
quality and perfect design to meet the demand of all circles and
public house decorative. Our aim is to provide products with
technology at the most competitive price to all customers with
courteous and responsive service at all time.

Description: We are a manufacturer of a variety of products that we
make for others. We are seeking anyone with any size and quantity
needed for almost any product you may have, either new or currently
being manufactured by someone else. Please allow us to submit to you
a bid for your product you have and create a new relationship with a
new manufacturer which will do all that is possible to make your
product better and lesser expensive.

Description: From its establishment in 1970, our factory has been
engaged in producing high quality MSG. It has gotten remarkable
development from years of innovation. To develop biologic
engineering with high technology, combines with modern management,
factory has extended its scale year after year, now it has a staff
of 1000 people, capacity of 45000.-mt MSG, annual sales volume has
reached US$37, 000, 000.-. Its product has been exported to more
than thirty countries in the world, including North America, South
America, Europe, South-East Asia and Africa, and trends to increase.
In year 2003 factory has past ISO9001 certification by CQC, MSG is
appraised as “Famous Brand Food in China”, “Famous Brand in Jiangsu
province”, and it is OU Kosher certified. While keeping offering
high quality product, factory is working hard to make its brand well
know to more and more customer. Main products: MSG (including 80%,
90%, 99% assay): 45000Mt/year Seasoning: 20000Mt/year D-Aspartic
acid(D-ASP) & DL-Aspartic acid(DL-ASP): 2000Mt/year DL-Glutamic
Acid: 1000Mt/year factory will constantly perfect and improve
quality guarantee system, provide its clients both at home and
abroad with high quality products at competitive price.

Description: In technical collaboration with Indian Institute of
Technology (Guwahati), the inventors of the processes and the
products we are manufacturing the following specialty and fine
chemicals which are highly stable and of very high purity grade.
Metal acetylacetonates (Fe, Co. Ni, Zn, Al, Cu, Ca, Mg, Mo, Ru, Re,
U, Th, Ce, Na, Kb, Rb & Cs etc.), pyridinium fluorochromate (PFC),
quaternary ammonium tribromides (QATBS) (tetramethyl, tetraethyl,
tetrabutyl, benzyltrimethyl, cetyltrimethyl etc.), quaternary
ammonium bromides (QABS), perborates, percarbonates, titanium

Description: FM Handsfree for car radio, system One touch power
switch Battery: CR2032 Launch distance: >8m Launch power: 5mW Two
groups of working frequencies: FM 88.7/106.5 MHz, FM 88.9/106.7MHz
Continuous work time for batteries: >15H Portable handsfree kits
with FM radio Batteries: CR2032 Frequency range: FM87.5M-108M
Earphone resistance: 150Ω Continuous using time for batteries:

Description: We're the original suppliers of fashion accessories in
china: socks scarf neckties & pin hair ornaments imitation jewelry
artificial flowers caps belts gifts for we have the largest Chinese
novelties export purchase market, and over 30000 shop from the
factory insist of us. Welcome the interested overseas buyers feel
free contacting us.

Description: We export ceramic floor and wall tiles and ceramic
sanitaryware we offer our export of ceramic floor and wall tiles in
size 12x12 adn16x16 and wall tiles in 12x8 and 8x8 and 8x6 ceramic
sanitaryware like EWC LLC and wash basin and pedestal sir we want to
export to countries of rep of Yemen and Nigeria Zambia Morocco and
Malayasia please process our offer to importer of ceramic wall and
floor tiles and importers of ceramic sanitaryware in countries of
Yemen Nigerria South Africa Zambia Morocco and Malayasia.

Description: We wish to supply cobble stones, paving slabs, polars,
steps, kerbstones. Landscaping products like benches, Bird baths,
animal shapes, balls, mushrooms, chinese bridges wall caps, coping
stones, quoins, window sills, pool plates, plant troughs, water
troughs, fountains, lions, ducks, frogs, elephants, gate posts, etc
slabs and tiles monuments.

Description: We are manufactory and specialize producing diamond
tools and abrasive tools (diamond segment, blade, polishing pad and
cup wheel) for cutting and polishing stones such as granite, marble
and so on. If you are interested, pls feel free to contact with us.

Description: We are biggest mfrs. of henna (mehandi) in world in
terms of quality, quantity & product range. We are producing henna
since 1969.Our daily production is 8 M/tons. Our most popular henna
sold in India and exported where they need no introduction. Our
product is pure & natural, can be safely used for dyeing &
conditioning hair. We can assure you that our product has the best
dyeing power you can get.

Description: We can offer the best of Indian origin dry flowers of
exotic nature. Our products include: roman candle, broom grass,
luffa, bell cup, mahogani on stem, and such others. Our products are
collected and processed and shipped directly from the natural

Description: We are one of the leading manufacturer of herbal
products in India. At present we are manufacturing export
competitive herbal products e. 10-DAB-III, reserpine, hyoscine,
colchicine and colchicosides. We are looking forward to sell the
same in Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Description: Our company is producing olive oil, olive and natural
olives - soaps. If you are in please contact us.

Description: We introduce ourselves as well established and one of
the prominent manufacturer exporters of Indian henna, henna powder,
henna paste, and herbal henna., ayurvedic & beauty products. We are
also merchant exporters of basic organic and inorganic chemicals,
machines related to chemical production, pharmaceutical raw
material, dyes and dyes intermediates, plastic products, food
products. We are interested in initiating business relationship wit
your company. We solicit specific inquiries for the above product
from your side and request you to provide us an opportunity to serve
you. It has been our endeavors to constantly upgrade and maintain
our quality standards that too, at competitive prices. We certainly
hope to cherish long term and mutually beneficial business
relationship with your esteemed organization.

Description: We are one of the leading manufacturers of (A) potash
feldspor (B) industrial and edible salt. We are also exporters of
wheat, rice & sugar.

Description: Welcome, we have an extensive range of designer
clothing to offer at discounted prices, along with the relevant
paperwork to prove its authenticity. Our selection of latest
designer fashion is constantly updated with new styles, we offer you
all the top designer labels such as Armani, Versace, Moschino,
Levis, Burberry, Diesel, etc. Men’s wear & women’s wear plus
accessories. Currently inviting wholesalers and you are welcome to
visit our showroom in UK to see the products for yourself.

Description: We are a firm of business consultants from Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia. Currently, we have unique Malaysian F&B franchises
as well as IT licensing programs available to serious and interested

Description: We are a enterprise which produce and export Peruvian
handicrafts with quality. We are focus in the relationship with our
clients. We wish that you know the Peruvian culture beauty
translated on ours products quality. Our products: crafts of
ceramics (chulucanas) and craft of embossed leather.

Description: The organic food has a higher standard than the green
food. It is a real unpolluted, nutritious and environmental food
with high qualities. Now the consumption of it in international
market is enlarged by 30% per year. Product name: seasoned seaweed
(spicy or no spicy according to your request) ingredients: dried
seaweed, sugar, soy sauce, salt, spices package: 48gx50pkt(48packs
each 4 pieces).

Description: Specifications: *Available Material: Stainless
Steel/Carbon Steel *Standard: ANSI DIN, JIS, BS SPEC etc. *Pan Head,
Flat Head, Wafer Head, IND HEX Head, IND HEX Washer Head *With
different drilling point *With NIBS under head, as you are
interested, please contact us.

Description: Features: *Electromagnetic noise has no effect on the
transmission line. *The transmission line does not radiate any
electromagnetic noise. *Conforming to EIAJ(Electronic Industries
*Association of Japan) RC-5720A standard. *Conforming to JIS F05
type single-core optical fiber connector(C5974). As you are
interested, please contact us.

Description: Neodymium magnet. Kevlar diaphragm. Dia.25m/m Aluminum
former. Angle, flush, surface mountings. Specifications: Impedance:
4 Ohms, Freq. Range: 1k ~ 20k Hz, Sensitivity: 89dB(1M/1W), Normal
power: 30Watts, Max. power: 50Watts, Music Power: 120watts.
Features: kevlar diaphragm, neodymium magnet, angle, flush, surface
3 kinds mountin.

Description: Leading company of manufacturing powered and manual
operated material handling equipments in Taiwan since 1990. Supplies
all series of those models and also manufacture products to
customers' special requirement specifications.

Last update 22 july 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: Producers of ethno furniture & other hard wood
furniture, please invite us.

Description: One of the specialist & dedicated processors of guar
gum powder, having completely pneumatic controlled processing unit
to offer excellent consistency in the quality. We offers the powder
in different mesh sizes form 40/60 to 300 mesh with a viscosity up
to 5000 CPS in cold after 24 hrs Our quality system has duly been
certified by TUV, and we are an ISO-9001: 2000 certified

Description: We are pleased to offer you a clearance stock of 35.000
assorted liquors bottles: vodka, gin, whisky, rhum, fernet, creams,
sambucca, amaretto, punch, grappa. Bottles of 50cl, 70cl, 100cl &
150 cl. Unit price: euro 0.65 / bottle good quality products solded
out of taxes, for export out of CEE. Minimum Quantity is 12.000
ASSORTED bottles, (6 euro palets) for an amount of 7.800 euros,
price FOB Verona or Venice (Italy). Detailed Listing and pics on
request. Impossible to send samples, the whole stock is examinable
at Verona (Italy) disponibles. - immediate delivery - paiment by
swift tranfer or cash at the loading - All certificates available -
Origin of goods: Italy.

Description: We are a company specializing in production of
dunaliella salina, a marine algae rich in beta-carotene. Our product
specifications are bulk density-1.2599gram/cc essential fatty acid
level-1.25%w/w beta carotene content-500mcg/100grams. We are looking
for overseas buyers as well as indian buyers plz send us your

Description: Manufacturing firm producing soccer balls, volley
balls, basket balls, beach balls, biking gloves, boxing and martial
arts equipment. We have experience over 20 years. Companies having
any enquires plz contact us.

Description: Shampoo Dove 250ml. - 12 units / per box - 1 FCL 20" =
4.500 Boxes.

Description: We are manufacturer of India's No.1 Bidi and we do
export variety of bidies for International Clientale. We do accept
orders for individuals and specific requirement and deals in the
following varieties and many more. 1. Export quality-cone shaped
pack bidi 2. Export quality flavored bidi 3. Export quality herbal

Description: Reliable and serious partner in wireless business from
China we supply mobile phone housing faceplate, data cable, unlock
cable, mobile phone LCD, LCD display, mobile phone battery, mobile
phone spare parts, speaker, PA, IC, mobile phone unlock clip, flash
clip, Ira usb adapter, SMD rework station, hands free kit, carbaby,
hands free kit, visit our website.

Description: UHT Milk Whole Milk 3% in tetrapack x 1 L 0.395
US$/liter FOB Buenos Aires.

Description: We manufacture for lycra cotton fabrics, regular
products in use quantity like garment as per require.

Description: Full corporate offer. We are ready, willing and able to
sell cement on the following conditions: Commodity: Port land cement
/ sulphate resisting cement. Origin: Port Land-Pakistan Origin.
Sulphate Resisting Cement- Omen. Quantity: As per requirement.
Price: Both on FOB. C&F. Payment: By an irrevocable, transferable,
fully funded L/C at sight 100% (FFDLC), confirmed by a prime world
bank acceptable to the seller. P-BOND: 2% Issued by seller’s bank.
Packing: 50 Kgs bags. Shipment: Within 30-45 days after L/C
confirmed at Seller’s bank. Inspection: By Importer’s decision at
the port of loading at seller’s cost.

Description: Deals in peculiar Indian garments like kurta-paijama;
salwar-suit; ladies tops; sarees all embroidered with cotton thread
an exclusive tough work takes many months to complete a single

Description: Sell: crude oil d2.

Description: We can offer soya bean meal from India. Please contact

Description: We manufacture automatic & semi-automatic screen
printers to print on CD, CDR, DVD, VCD, business card CD, mini disc,
shaped CD, optical disc, plastic card, CD tin lid cover & jewel
case. Should you require further clarification, please do not
hesitate to contact us directly at email.

Description: Origin argentina - versatile and quick action infrared
thermometer for use in the industry, target spot marked by laser
beam, non contact measurement, portable, simple handle and
operation, wide range of applications from food preparations to
plastic molding, asphalt, motor mantenaince, etc.

Description: We are specialized professional manufacturer and
exporter of dental floss picks, cotton buds, cotton ball, brush
picks, and wet tissue. Our products cover from personal hygiene,
baby use, dental care, cosmetics use to household use, export
globally wide, especially OEM orders.

Description: Dress belts (for men and big & tall) style no. #2209
Polo grain reversible belt features: *Leather Belts. *From genuine
leather to man made leather. *From boys to big & tall. *From fashion
to timeless. *From popular to alternative. *From 1 USD to 5 USD per

Description: One of the leading and professional manufacturers &
exporters and specialized in making high tech parts, automotive
repair tools & equipment and industrial safety equipment. Head
office located in Banchiau City. Taipei County, Northern Taiwan.

Description: The available sizes are 95mm, 75mm, 65mm, 55mm, 45mm.
The size indicates the diameter of the electrode. We also supply
45mm by 45mm square electrode that usually comes with a 40mm by 40mm
adhesive conductive gel pad. *Highly durable and flexible *Negative
of Cytoxicity, Skin Sensitization, Acute Cutaneous Irritation.
*Water and Conductive gel can be applied to increase conductivity.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Full function computer table, with metal frame and
wooden top. Specifications: *W 60 x D 51 x H 73cm *Packing:
1pc/1.12' *G.W.: 10kg Features: *Saving place. *Available color,
silver frame w/cherry top. As you are interested, please visit our
website and contact us.

Description: With new partners join our team, we are not only
manufacturer and export recumbent bike and bicycle parts but also
supply healthful fitness equipments and exercise goods with
sincerely after service.

Description: Product ID: 971060--Long Ear puppy I'm 7.5 inch tall.
I'm setting on the door and waiting my mom. Features: OEM welcome.
Custom-Made orders are welcome. As you are interested, please
contact us.

Description: The products is a anti - vibration device in all kind
of machinery and vehicle. Our product quality can meet the standard
of Japan, Germany. Our export market are Europe, American and Japan.
Please contact us.

Description: Only originals no single item is a copy of the other.
Hand painted glazed clay plates, coaters, trays over clay body
delicately worked to the most spectacular precolombian decoration
complemented by a hand carved wooden coater that serves as mold for
the clay body. Wooden body and clay handle serving spoons, forks and
napkin rings also available. Food safe glazes make this a decorative
or useable item for home. This very high quality items are only
available in small quantities.

Description: Our company specializes in production of high quality
pomegranate juice concentrate, olive and olive oil, apricots, herbs
and aloe vera (USA origin) products. We also manufacture goods for
five different sectors; cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, beverage, dried
fruits and nuts. Please feel free to contact with us and ask further
info on our products. We will be glad to serve you.

Description: We are one of largest Peruvian processor and exporter
in sea products. Actually we can offer good quality and better
prices: - mahi mahi (whole, hg, fillets skin on, skin off, portions)
- giant squid (fillets, tentacles, winds, daruma) - jack mackerel
(whole, hg). Other products as per season catches. If you need more
details please feel free contact us.

Description: As a enterprise specialized in production of
thiocyanate, company has advanced technology and equipment, complete
testing method, and sold its products around the country. The main
products cover ammonium thiocyanate sodium thiocyanate potassium
thiocyanate calcium thiocyanate.

Description: Offer: Ready immediately to supply buckwheat best
quality from Ukraine. Delivery min by containers 20 MT, CIF
destination, packed 1 kg, in boxes. Interested in purchase: 1)Food
Wheat - 150 000 - 500 000 MT CIF- ports of Ukraine(State order).
Shipment by 25-50 thd MT. 100 000 MT per month; Feed Wheat - 40 000
MT. 2)Urea - 46 CIF China, 30 000 MT.

Description: High technology non-government owned enterprise which
produces PC case and power supply. Our aim is to become the best in
the world of making PC case.

Description: We are a high-tech electronics enterprise specialized
in the development, producing and marketing of corded business
telephones. Our main products include: fixed net phone, VOIP phone,
wireless Lan USB stick, electronic toy, and plastic products for
telephone, computer, camera, game-machine, etc. We develop, design,
and manufacture all by ourselves. Our experienced engineers, strict
QC and advanced equipments are the reasons why we are able to make
our outstanding products with competitive prices. As you know the
long-term relationship is based on the good communication and well
understanding. If there’s any question, please feel free to advise.

Description: We are a manufacturer and exporter of wire mesh, we
could offer all kinds of wire, wire mesh and window screen, our main
products contain galv. PVC coated hexagonal wire mesh (chicken
mesh), welded mesh, chain link fence, SS wire cloth, brass wire
nettings, square wire mesh, window screen netting (iron wire
nettings, alnimium netting, fiber glass netting) galv. PVC coated
iron wire, barbed wire, iron nails (roofing nails, furniture nails,
concrete nails, common nails) in good quality. Our products have
been exported to South Africa, Egypt, America, Germany, Mexico,
Australia, middle east countries, and etc.

Description: The automatic edge lining is specially designed for the
manufacturing of paper files in the file-making industries. Main
Specifications: - 1) File types: paper or plastic covered files 2)
File sizes: length= 600 to 680mm, width= 175 to 400mm, thk= 1.8 to
3.0mm 3) Production rate = 900 files per hour 4) Performs two (2)
linings per file simultaneously 5) Adjustable lining length 6)
Machine can be upgrade to link up with automatic glueing machine and
creasing machine.

Description: We are the professional manufacturer and exporter of
various knitwear in China, we have been in this line for years, our
main products mainly include all kinds of pants, swimwear,
underwear, children and infant wear, and sportwear etc., we export a
lot to European market and USA market, our quality could reach the
standard of Europe and USA, but, our prices are very competitive.

Description: We are one of the leading manufactures and exporters of
fabrics in China, and we want to supply you with our best services
and prices for high-quality fabrics. Stick to the principle
"excellent quality, good reputation, perfect service, sincere
cooperation", we warmly welcome all customers to establish long-term
relationship with us. You can send your inquiries to us, we will be
glad to quote for you.

Description: I am from the export division of my company. Kindly
advise us if you are interested in any types of yarn / fibers. We
can supply you the following types: 1.polyester yarn [ textured,
filament, pre oriented yarn, monofilament & dope dyed ] 2.nylon yarn
[ textured, filament, pre oriented yarn ] 3.polyester & nylon
monofilament yarn 4.acrylic fiber, tow, tops and yarn 5.pp yarn:
flat, textured, BCF, & CF in all deniers and colours 6.metallic
yarn: M / X / MX / J / L types & other combinations 7.wool yarn
8.rubber yarn: for socks/ knitting / interlinings / sweaters etc
kindly advise us your interest with complete specifications to quote
you the prices. Once you will reply we will pass your enquiry to our
concerned department who will than directly reply to you also advise
if interested in any other type of yarn with complete
specifications. Kindly advise whether you are manufacture / trader /

Description: We are leading manufacturer of valves in China. With
ISO9002; CE0036 qualified. We specialized in wafer butterfly valve,
lug butterfly valve, flanged butterfly valve, wafer check valve,
DIN3352F4/F5&BS3464gate valve, resilient seal gate valve, Y-
strainer. Material: cast iron, ductile iron, carbon steel, CF8,
CF8M.We can make to standards: API, ANSI, DIN, ISO, JIS, BS, AS.
High quality, good prices, good service earn us good reputation in
the world.

Description: Exporto el famoso y tan solicitado tosty arepa,
contacteme para darle los precios mas bajos del mercado.

Description: We are a manufacturer of canned sardines, canned sea
coconut and fruit beverages in Thailand. We have met international
standards by obtaining both HACCP and GMP. We hope to expand our
markets with our competitive prices and good product quality. Any
interested long term buyer please feel free to contact us and we
will reply as soon as we can.

Description: We based in silicon valley of India are one of the best
web design company in globe. The design we give are too good and are
result oriented. We have people with best technical knowledge with
domain expertise who give your website the over view that you are
looking. We are capable of taking any challenges ane executing on
time and get appreciation from our clients for our work. We reduce
the burden of clients by taking care if their Online business, try
to give them new image and business inflow.

Description: We are proud to introduce our selves as manufacturer &
exporter of quality textile fabrics & made-up. As a grooming
organization since 1986 we have gained a worldwide repute for the
quality and sophistication in all of our fields of work. Our slogan
is « To be Practical « in every aspect of our trade ensuring the
acute customer satisfaction. Our main field of work is as bellow
home textiles: flat, fitted, & valance sheets, quilt covers, pillow
covers, curtains & curtain lining, table covers, napkins etc
cushions. Towels, bathrobes hospital & hotel textile items: bed
sheets (flat, fitted), pillow covers, staff uniform, doctor’s gown,
patient’s gown, etc. Fabrics: all kind of fabric in grey, white,
bleached and also printed fabric in 100% cotton & poly cotton for
any working dia and width. We believe on quality, customer
satisfaction and timely delivery. We are proud to say that we are
working with quality conscious customers who are totally satisfied
from us, hence we build a strong business relationships. It is our
heartily desire to work with your organization. Please send us your
inquiry regarding textiles items.

Description: Imitation jewelry, costume jewelry, fashion jewelry,
vintage jewelry, custom jewelry, body jewelry, custom made jewelry-
(1) necklaces- sterling silver/ cross/ heart/ star/ flower/ bridal/
wedding/ butterfly/ personalized necklace, the necklace, necklace
set. (2) pendants & necklace charm- custom pendant, bead pendant.
(3) earring. (4) rings & finger ring- engagement/ wedding/
anniversary ring. (5) bracelets- charm/ copper/ beaded/ stainless
steel bracelet. (6) brooches, bangle, chains. (7) gift, giftware,
gift away products.

Description: We manufacture various rubber products, such as: mat,
rubber sheet, crumb rubber, EPDM, rubber mudguard, rubber tile,
bathmat, rubber fender etc. All in excellent quality and competitive
price. We have many customers in USA, Europe, Australia, South east
Asia, etc. Whatever you need, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Description: Rim motor, segway, mini bike, motor kit, motor system,
hub motor, controller electric bike, electric bicycle, scooter.

Description: One of professional manufacturers of specialist
instruments in China. Our main products are photo type tachometer,
touch type tachometer, photo/touch type tachometer, laser type
tachometer, multifunctional tachometer, stroboscope, anemometer,
sound level meter, moisture meter?thickness meter, lux meter,
temperature meter, stroboscope, coating thickness meter etc.

South Africa
Description: We have an offer of 3000m3 panga panga, chanfuthi and
umbila. Quality sawn timber (wet off saw) from South Africa
available. Our supplier acts in conjunction with several independent
sawmills in five provinces of Mocambique, East Africa and exports
via the harbours of Beira, Quelimane, Nacala and Pemba. Current
facilities enables them to handle orders up to 3000m3 per annum.
Panga Panga Partridge wood Chanfuthi Pod Mahogany Umbila Teak(Kiaat)
Quality: Virtually free of sapwood, wormholes and foreign bodies.
Cut: Squarely with parallel side. Sizes ordered should indicate two
sizes: ·Actual size ·Invoice size Origin: Mozambique Price: $ 536.25
per cubic metre FOB Beira. Please note this price is only valid for
large orders. Prices will be much higher for smaller orders.
PAYMENT: LC - London Shortfall.

Description: We are an professional manufacturer of DC power
supplies and power inverters. Depending on strong technical support
and outstanding after service, we have established business
relationship with customers around the world. We have passed
ISO9001: 2000 and the product is CE approved. If you interest in it,
please contact us. We will be glad to receive your any messages.

Description: One of the leading pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and
herbal products manufactures.

Description: 1. All spices 2. Spice oleoresins 3. Natural colors 4.
Essential oils 5. Jute bags 6. Tarpaulins 7. HDPE polybags.

Description: We are specialized in nail art kit. Nail art kit is a
new nail-imprinting kit that lets you put designs by stamping pre-
designed images on your nails in minutes. No more spending time and
money at nail salons or beauty shop. Apply or change designs any
time you want, change designs weekly, daily, as many times as you
want. We sure that the products will fascinate all of young lady in
your market.

Last update 21 july 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We are producer and exporter of handmade table covers,
pillows, throws, curtains and bed covers made by 100%cotton
traditional cloth "Bodrum". Beside our standard items we are also
producing up to demand. For the year 2004 we added 5500
pieces/monthly to our production to increase our export capacity. We
are looking for reliable importers in U.S, U.K, France and Italy.

Description: Natural face shiner made of orange peels, natural herbs
removes oily surface from face gives natural shining and glow.

Description: We are a Swedish company specialized in casing
processing machinery. Our new generation machines are based on our
many years of worldwide experiences in combination with latest
technique concerning design, material as well as manufacturing. The
machines are designed to fulfill the highest demands on top quality:
excellent hygienic, low noise, easy repairs and first class cleaned
casing. Seeking new business partners. Get in touch with us. We are
no further away than the nearest telephone!

Description: UHT milk whole milk 3% in tetrapack x 1 L 0.395
US$/liter FOB Buenos Aires.

Description: Skimmed Milk 1, 5% in tetrapack x 1 L 0.41 US$/liter
FOB Buenos Aires.

Description: A company that, among other activities, is the Agent of
Internationally recognized food companies in the worldwide market.
If you are interested in importing: soya beans, rice, wheat, wheat
flour, corn, sugar which we are in the position to offer you in the
best prices and the highest quality worldwide, please let us know
details about the exact specifications of the product you need, the
quantity, the delivery date and the terms of payment.

Description: Manufacturers / exporter ceramic sanitary ware.

Description: We sell gold bullion commodity: gold bullion quantity:
up to 2.000 t. (12.5kgr bars) procedures: Swiss (bank to bank) the
transaction is to be a bank to bank transaction between seller's
banker and buyer's banker after proof of the metal & funds. The
seller's bank officer will prove / verify the au metal existence,
quantity, quality, transferability, and exportability to the buyer's
bank officer under full banking responsibility. And, on buyer's
side, buyer's bank officer must confirm / prove at the same time the
buyer's funds for the purchase amount or tranche to be lifted, as
per seller's and buyer's signed contract tranche amount agreed to be
transacted. If you are interested please send us: a) Your official
LOI with full details. B) Proof of funds (POF) from your bank. C)
Final buyer's company registration (public information, copy of this
registration must not be notarized.) D) An enlarged copy of (the
person legally authorized to sign over the bank account) passport
(must be notarized) these procedures are non - negotiable, and must
be followed as set forth herein.

Description: We can supply you with rough and polished diamonds
certified by the world's leading gemological laboratories: GIA, HRD,
AGS, IGI, EGL, Gubelin. There is available a full range of white
stones from 1.00 to 100.00 carats or larger, in both round and fancy
shapes. A full spectrum of natural vivid, intense, fancy and light
fancy colors are also available. Procedures: Swiss. If you are
interested please send us: A) Your official LOI with full details.
B) Proof of Funds (POF) from your Bank. C) Final buyer's Company
Registration (Public information, copy of this registration must not
be notarized.) D) An enlarged copy of (the person legally authorized
to sign over the bank account) Passport (must be notarized) these
procedures are non - negotiable, and must be followed as set forth
herein. Please do not ask for other procedures.

Description: Commodity: Portland cement 32.5 Origin: China
Specifications: Chemical Properties: Loss Of Ignition (L.O.I): 5.0%
Max actually 3.07 magnesium oxide (MGO): 2.39% max sulphur trioxide
(so3): 1.94 max physical properties: fineness: 4.2 (0.080 mm)
setting time: initial: not less than 45 mn (5 hrs & 14 mns) final:
not more than 10 hours for all grades (6 hrs and 27 mns) set: max
375 minutes compressive strength: 3 days: 16.7 mph, 28 days: 37.4
mph intensive anti-pressure (mpa): 32.5 packing: 50kg brown bags
kraft + 1 liner polypropylene bag. Delivery: one load vessel price:
c&f 12, 500mt, price 40usd, 25.000mt or 37, 500mt, price 39usd, 50,
000mt, price 38usd, l/c confirmed from top bank, irrevocable and
transferable, payable at sight.
_____________________________________________ Commodity: Portland
Cement Grade 1 /Type 1 / 42.5 Compressive Strength: 42.5 Origin:
China Specifications: Chemical Properties: Loss Of Ignition (L.O.I):
3.5 % Max Magnesium Oxide (MgO): 6.0% Max Sulphur Trioxide (SO3):
3.5% Max Physical Properties: Fineness-Specific Surface: Min 280
m2/kg Soundness: Max 10mm (Le chatelier Test) Setting Time (Vicat
Test): Initial Set: Min 45 minutes Final Set: Max 375 minutes
Compressive Strength: 3 days: min 21 Mpa, 28 days: min 42.5 Mpa
Packing: 50kg brown bags Kraft + 1 liner Polypropylene bag.
Delivery: One Load Vessel shipment Price: / C&F / 12, 500Mt, price
42USD, 25.000Mt or 37, 500Mt, price 41USD, 50, 000Mt, price 40USD,
L/C confirmed from Top Bank, Irrevocable and transferable, payable
at sight.

Description: Sup of minerals: feldspar, quartz for ceramic, glass

Description: We are a basic producer and own two factories of
producing paper cane art wall scroll calendar for promotion /
advertisement purpose and diy paper cane blind for interior
decoration / design fitting in Taiwan. As you are interested, please
contact us.

Description: We has been proudly manufacturing and exporting both
glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced plastic tubes, solid rods
and related products for the following industries worldwide: kite,
boat and yacht, camping, chemical, farming and fishing, furniture,
machinery, ski, umbrella, wind surfing, hockey, etc.

Description: We are a professional manufacturer of polyurethane
finished products in Taiwan and we specialize in making all kinds of
Polyurethane items according to our customers' requirements.

Description: We are able to arrange and place financial assistance
on a global scale for sound and viable transactions for all types of
financial requests. Do you need a financial insurance guarantee? Or
other trade related instruments, including documentary credits,
letters of credit, bank guarantees, forfeiting, credit facility
agreements, etc.

Description: Dear sirs, we have several items of CK Versace Marlboro
Deli men’s jackets and trousers (GZ01351 52N), total 10000item, each
brand is about 2500 item.

Description: We are major in stock garments. If it falls within the
scope of your business. Pls kindly visit our website. Maybe you can
find something satisfied.

Description: Dear sirs, we have women’s jeans (ZS02671), total
20000item, Asia size(27-32#), min. quantities: 1000item. We also
have an item(ZS02658) BAMBOO, Euro-size(3/4-13/14) total 2000pcs.

Description: Fashion jewelry, imitation jewelry, body jewelry,
costume jewelry, custom jewelry, custom made jewelry- sterling
silver/ cross/ heart/ star/ flower/ bridal/ wedding/ butterfly/
bead/ beaded personalized rings, earring, bracelet, the necklace,
pendant, charms, brooch, pins, bangles.

Description: Our main products cover: stainless steel wire mesh in
special thickness, special wire dia and special width, Dutch weave
type stainless steel wire mesh in special mesh and special
specifications, black wire cloth, welded wire mesh, window screen,
fencing netting, conveyor belt mesh, brass wire mesh, crimped wire
mesh, hexagonal wire mesh, all kinds of metal wire and other
hardware products which are widely used in oil, chemical, mine,
building and food fields.

Description: Professional company engaged in research, development,
manufacture and distribution of exhibition equipment. Our products
mainly include popup stands, banner stands, truss, fetlock, light
boxes and sales promotion appliance. Under our scientific
management, we make it possible to provide products to our clients
with better quality in very competitive price and to keep developing
dynamic new display equipments.

Description: We have good engineers, and strong r/d for shoes
materials. We are professional sales for Japan shoes medium base
board, and red board, grey board, green board, and guang bao
products, popular use for skin shoes, sport shoes, sandals, skates,
and also suitable forlady's handbags, brief cases, document bags,
school bags, and notebook covers etc. We offer reasonable?price
with good quality. We have passed the iso9002 on 2001, and obtain
the international technical services report quality assurance.

Description: Our company have achieved ISO9001-2000 certification.
(Audited by SGS United Kingdom Ltd. ) 1) A complete range of nylon,
plastic, Rhinestones and metal zippers, long chain, slider. 4) Hook
and loop of different quality and sizes 5, 10, 20, 25, 30, 50, 100
mm. 5) Decoration and ornament accessories, flowers, tapes, satin.
6) Buttons and interlinings of different qualities and types. 7)
Sewing needles, and tailoring accessories.

Description: Please kindly update our recent product lines and
please revert us for your activated carbon requirement. We
manufacture 360 tons coconut shell and 185 tons wood base activated
carbon per month. We can manufacture at your specifications. Please
kindly contact us for your high quality at very competitive price
activated carbon supply.

Description: We can supply you all type of spices and agriculture
products from India. Products like: red maize, rice, spices and
allied products from India.

Description: The highway traffic safety rubber buffer cushion is
refined from rubber. It is elastic, arch-shape, skid-proof, original
and practical. It is used in the locations where motor vehicles
should decelerate, such as urban roads, railway crossings,
enterprises, schools, hospitals, residential areas, arking lots,
toll-gates and checkpoints. The triking alternate black and yellow
strip and the unique reflective device can give pedestrians and
drivers a caution. It can effectively control the speed of the car
and avoid traffic accidents. It has got a good reputation of
"Noiseless Police" and is good for the warning product of traffic

Description: Hermetically sealed electromagnetic relay: 1.
Microminiature Hermetically Sealed Relay: JRW-3MA, JRW-4M, JRW-6M,
JRW-8MA, JRW-130M, JRW-130MT, JRW-210/211M, JRW-221MC 2.
Microminiature Hermetically Sealed Relay: JRC-1M(G), JRC-5M, JRC-
7M(G), JRC-9M, JRC-10M(G), JRC-10MA, JRC-20MA, JRC-25M, JRC-26M,
JRC-26MA, JRC-071M, JRC-105M, JRC-200M, JRC-200MA. 3. Miniature
Hermetically Sealed Relay: JRX-31M; 4. Microminiature Hermetically
Sealed Relay: JZC-1M(G), JZC-1MA, JZC-20M, KJZC-30M, JZC-40M, JZC-
46M, JZC-078M, JZC-090M, JZC-102M, JZC-200M, JZC-200MB, KJZC-200MC,
JZC-200MD, JZC-200MT, JZC-200MY.

Description: Sale shopping cart, folding chair, luggage carriers,
shelf series.

Description: Modern enterprise specializing in producing aluminium
profiles, architecture aluminium profiles, industry aluminium
profile, decorated aluminium profile, extrusion aluminium shape,
general shape section, and dealing with surface treatment. The main
products include: traditional architecture aluminium profiles, such
as sliding door & window, casement door & window, glass curtain wall
series with open frames, hidden frames and semi-hidden frames,
insulated and hollow series. Household appliances: radiator, machine
shell, panel. Advertising aluminium profiles: lighting box,
publicizing poster frame, item on display frame series. Decoration
for automobile: aluminium stairs, bathroom, ceiling shape and
louvers. Automobile decoration: footplate and industry aluminium
profiles. We have achieved International & National Quality System
Certificate ISO9001: 2000 and pass national product quality (square
& round) certification. The products sell well in civil market and
to Australia, Germany, England, Japan, Hong Kong and southwest
country area.

Description: We are leading exporter of textiles and manufactory of
towels, We produce and export all kinds of towel products, such as
bathrobe bath towel, beach towel, beach bag, bathmat, face towel,
bathrobe, slipper, bed sheet, babycap, baby bib and other goods
(fleece blanket, caps.).

Description: We are a manufacturer of a full range of electronic
kitchen and bathroom scales. We also produce our own patented food
waste disposer and microbe treater.

Description: We are the manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of
Most variety brooch and necklace designs in Thailand. We assure that
you will find fabulous products which will increase your sales and
profits tremendously because we sell in less price with premium
quality beyond Asia supplier you have ever seen!! (approximately
below 1USD per piece!!) Visit our website to see over 1, 000 designs
of online catalog with more category such as animal theme, flower
theme in gold plated, rhodium plated and color plated. all items are
below 1 USD per piece!!!!

Description: Various honey available. We are a real manufacturer of
honey product. We have handled the manufacturing of bee products
over 20 years. Few years ago, our products were issued of ISO9001
and HACCP, 2 major international certificates of Quality Assurance.
If you are interested in our products or if they are suitable for
your business partners and market, please let us know your demands.

Description: We are supply the plastic garbage bag and all kind of
plastic granulated.

Description: Various bee pollen available. We are a real
manufacturer of honey product. We have handled the manufacturing of
Bee products over 20 years. Few years ago, our products were issued
of ISO9001 and HACCP, 2 major international certificates of Quality
Assurance. If you are interested in our products or if they are
suitable for your business partners and market, please let us know
your demands.
We can supply various bee pollen based on the following description
and specification: Description Flora source: Core; Camellia; Lotus;
Watermelon; Corn; Mixed Annual output 50mt Packing 1kg/plastic bag
Specification Moisture% ≤8 Protein% ≥15 Vitamin C
≥4mg/100g Debris% ≤2 Ash% ≤4 Impurity% ≤0.5.

Description: Beeswax available. We are a real manufacturer of bee
product. We have handled the manufacturing of bee products over 20
years. Few years ago, our products were issued of ISO9001 and HACCP,
2 major international certificates of Quality Assurance. If you are
interested in our products or if they are suitable for your business
partners and market, please let us know your demands.
We can supply: 1. Crude raw beeswax 2. Refined beeswax 3. White
Decolored beeswax Specification: Relative density 0.954-0.964 Drop
point 62.0-67.0 Acid value 16.0-23.0 Ester value 8.0-13.0
Saponification value 75.0-110.0.

Description: Propolis products available. We are a real manufacturer
of Bee product. We have handled the manufacturing of Bee products
over 20 years. Few years ago, our products were issued of ISO9001
and HACCP, 2 major international certificates of Quality Assurance.
If you are interested in our products or if they are suitable for
your business partners and market, please let us know your demands.
We can supply: 1. 95% Refined Propolis 2. 40% Propolis tablet 3. 30%
Propolis soft capsule 4. 20% and 30% Liquid Propolis (water-

Description: Royal jelly available. We are a real manufacturer of
honey product. We have handled the manufacturing of Bee products
over 20 years. Few years ago, our products were issued of ISO9001
and HACCP, 2 major international certificates of Quality Assurance.
If you are interested in our products or if they are suitable for
your business partners and market, please let us know your demands.
We can supply: 1. 100% Fresh Royal jelly 2. 99% Lyophilized Royal
jelly powder 3. 30% Royal jelly soft capsule 4. 5% Propolis and 95%
Royal jelly tablet.

Description: One of the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in
China. It has passed the certificate of ISO9001 and CCC. Brand
Summit motorcycle has been awarded one of ten most popular
motorcycles in China market in 2003.Our products are enjoying high
reputation for their top quality and stable performance. Any parties
who feel interested in our products, please visit our homepage.

Description: We manufacturer composite insulators & cable jointing
kits for jelly filled cables. Currently we make insulators 11kv,
25kv & 33kv for power utilities and 25KV (stayarm, bracket & 9 tonne
)both polluted & standard type for railway traction. We have been
approved by Research design & standards organization vide their
letter ref. no: T1/OHE/INSCOM/GTSL/03 Dated: 31-03-2003. Our prod.
have been tested at an Indian test lab-central power research
institute which has associations with CESI, Italy and KEMA,
Netherlands; the products conform to IEC61109, CEA-01 (91)&ANSI
C29.11-1989. We have a in-house testing facility, including thermal
mechanical Test (as per IEC 61109) and high voltage tests including
wet power frequency test.

Description: Our company is specialized in the design and
manufacturer of Epson ink cartridge chip resetter, auto-reset chips
as well as USB hubs. Please give me enquiries with all the necessary
particulars, with a view to getting the rock-bottom quotations for

Description: We have stock of CMO 15" TFT LCD monitor P/N 1512
10K/pcs. If you are interesting, please contact.

Description: We are 100% exporter & manufacturer of high quality
knit t-shirt, pique polo, polo shirt, shorts, sweater etc. We have a
composite knit garments. So our price is very competitive. Please
send your order to me.

Description: Export house exporting all types of readymade garments
from child wear to basic-t shirt, jackets, denim shirts, casual
trousers, pajama sets, sweater, pullover cardigan vest etc and from
to raw jute to all type of jute goods namely hessian cloth, jute
bag, jute yarn, soil saver, scream cloth, jute caddis, sliver all
over the globe. Shall be glad if you kindly circulate our name and
address among your valued members to contact us now or when they
desire. Your kind cooperation will be highly appreciated.

Description: Exports of 100% cotton fabrics, juice, jam, frozen
vegetables & zippers. Exports of 100% cotton fabrics, made up of
pure Egyptian cotton for shirts & t-shirts. Frozen vegetables, okra,
spinish, peas, carrots, vine leaves, moulokhia, kolkas.etc slide
fasteners (zippers) plastic & metal juice (35% concentration) mango,
guava, appricot, apple strawberry, cocktail, orange. In 1 liter &
250 ml 200ml due pack Jam, mixed strawberry apricot fig. 380g 450g
900g 30g portion.

Description: We are one of the leading exporters in spices & spices
powders. We are willing to supply in bulk quantities of the
following spices. Turmeric, chilly, cinnamon, cumin, coriander,
cardamom, fennel, fenugreek, garlic, ginger, nutmeg, black pepper,
white pepper, tea masala. Please send us your bulk enquiries with
required quantity & final port of destination.

Description: Here is introduction of a company which include in food
companies those are become worthy in very short period of time.
Company started business in 1989 as rice trading company and
supplied rice to every major wholesaler and exporter. Company is
located in middle of rice growing area in Pakistan. In very short
time company installed its rice reprocessing plant. Company has its
own total set up from purchasing raw rice directly from former to
packing processed rice. Company is ISO 9001 and 9002(BVQI)
certified. Company is currently exporting rice and spices to Canada,
Middle East, Europe. Company major achievement is customer
satisfaction. Company’s products are rice, spices and pulses. It is
hoped that you will provide us an opportunity to give you best
quality with the cheapest price and with better services. It is
assured that company will prove itself a trusted partner.

Description: 10 Nos. Sulzer F 2001 terry weaving loom with
electronic jacquard.

Description: Our factory deals in the gem, the spar, an indefinite
type mainly, the chain, the pearl angle of garden, the natural stone
carving looks like, the gem employs fashion ?M in more than 1, 000
kinds of type styles, such as the wealth tree, the gem globe, etc.
Since China bore the jewel ornaments factory of company of gem of
natural crystal firmly in mind and established, the energetically
support of the domestic and international traveling trader deeply,
turn over several to turn over the years in achievement, the aim in
line with the fashion, innovation, studied and made the gem, spar
and already occupied the leading position of the industry.

Description: We are manufacturer and exporter of dehydrated onion
and garlic. Exploring for global market esp: USA & Europe.

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