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Export offers

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New export offers available to BizEurope members:

Last update 20 july 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We are one of the largest producers of construction
stone in Iran. We produce marble, limestone, travertine, and onyx.
Also we can supply all kind of Iranian stone (marble, travertine,
onyx,) tile, slab, block, with best price and quality. So; we are
looking for good and honest agents. We are ready to give you
wonderful services. We are waiting for your good reply, we remain.

Description: Cookies line vainilla/chocolate cookies 420 gr 16 u
pionono 200 gr 16 u puddings, several tastes 250 gr 16 u gluten diet
noodles classic, spinach, basil 12 u cookies half with chocolate
cover 250 gr 24 u cookies 400 gr 14 u cookies covered with chocolate
250 gr 24 u sweet biscuits with filling 60 u cookies line fairy
cakes with milk jam filling 250 gr 10 u fairy cakes without filling
250 gr 10 u vainillas x 12 u 24 u for more details about prices,
packaging, supervision, etc.

Description: We are specialized on laundry soap and detergent
powder. We have 22 items of laundry soap of different price and
quality. So it is easy find you required quality and price. We are
very well known brand for 30 years in Bangladesh. Find your choice
and ask for your information through mail.

Description: We have a manufacturing company import raw materials
from overseas.

Description: We manufacture and export cocoamine, tallowamine,
dodecyl amine, octadecyl amine, dialkyl dimethyl ammonium chloride,
ethoxylated amines, glycerine, oleic acid, etc.

Description: Computer speakers are available at the lowest prices in
the whole market. With ISO9001, FCC, CE & UL certificates, we have
180 models (2.0, 2.1, 4.1, 5.1 ch) for you to choose. Reliable
quality, elegant designs & eye catching color packing, our products
are best applied to any audio sources like PC, Notebook, DVD/VCD/MP3
Player. As a leading professional manufacturer of hi-end AV
products, we produce 300 models of MPEG4 DVD players (DivX DVD
players), portable DVD player and DVD Recorders.

Description: Foreign invested tie factory in China, established by
publisher and founder of necktie history in China. We are
specialized in making high-quality neckties suitable for 21st
century. Our policy is making the best quality at the most
competitive price, depend on your quantity, quality requirement and
your target price.

Description: Grocery bag paper attention paper industry!! High
quality grocery bag paper ready to ship different weights: 30, 33,
35 & 40 lb. Presently it is important to count with alternative high
quality and reliable suppliers. If you have a real interest, please
forward your needs and delivery schedule.

Description: Tequila. Attention beverages and spirits industry!! In
order to maintain your company's market share, it is vital to count
with the best Tequila supplier in the market. We offer 100% agave
tequila produced in Jalisco, Mexico. Please forward your needs and
delivery schedule.

Description: Sell luxurious hotel lock Products features: A.
Attractive in appearance, luxurious and durable. Different model,
different feature. B. Controlled by electricity, the door can be
opened very quickly. C. The inside-set controlled-circuit can
efficiently avoid the man-made damage and being unlocked by the
outside power-supply. D. To unlock with the mechanical structure
driven by the micro-electronics machine, instead of being driven by
electrical magnetic, overcomes the shortcomings and makes the lock
have a longer service-life. E. The unique design of the inside-set
card-reader is not only safe and reliable, but also convenient. F.
It keeps the unlocked function of the spare mechanical key. G. Wide
applicable to free house, commercial club, villa and luxurious
residence, etc.

Description: Sell electronic strike Products features: Choose high
quality professional electromagnetic craft and material to make the
electromagnetic part. Technical parameter: 1.Uulock way: Close
without electricity. 2.Standard voltage: 12DCV 3.Carrent: 800mA
4.Sepcification: 12-15mm width 5.Installation way: install secretly
sope of application: 1.Glass door, stainless steel door, wood door
etc. 2.Control way: building access control system, entrance switch.

Description: Manufacturer and exporter of sealing material, gasket,
graphite, asbestos, non-asbestos, rubber, etc sealing material of in
china. Our company main product: Spiral wound gasket. Flexible
(expanded)graphite sheet(rolls). Reinforced graphite composite
sheet, Flexible graphite packing ring. Reinforced graphite gasket.
Reinforced asbestos sheet, reinforced non-asbestos sheet, rubber
sheet, asbestos rubber sheet, non-asbestos rubber sheet, PTFE sheet
etc. The all products are extensively applied in petroleum, chemical
industry, electrical power, metallurgy, automobiles, ship building,
food, paper, mining, steel and pharmacy etc. Our product have been
sold far to Europe. America and Southeast, Japan, Germany, Taiwan

Description: It offers a large variety of cast stone, GRC, GRG
decorative pieces such as columns, balusters, fountains, bird baths,
sculptures, planters and urns, fireplaces, quoins, cultured stones,
keystones in different colors, textures, shapes and sizes of both
standard and custom-made (bespoke) items.

Description: A complex of pesticide, chemical products and sports
products. Located in Shenzhen city, China. We have highly quality
sport products to offer, such as synthetic grass, plastic cushion.
We can offer the grass from 20mm to 60mm and different cartoon
cushion. We have the right to import & export and we had established
a branch in Hong Kong. Our service will make you satisfaction. We
are waiting for service for you.

Description: Joint venture hardware factory, which is professional
to manufacture grills, patio heaters, gaslights, stoves, portable
folding tables, kitchenware, stainless steel cookware and BBQ
appliance etc. Our products are popular sold to the USA, Canada,
Europe, Australia, Japan, Southeast Asia and Middle East.

Description: The company specializes in mechanical sealing material
and complete mechanical seals, the sealing material are as
following: silicon carbide seals, tungsten carbide seals, graphite,
99%, 97%, 95% alumina products. Meanwhile, the range of complete
seals is very wide.

Description: 100% natural mud pack - no chemicals whatsoever. Anti
acne, anti pimple, anti wrinkle, skin conditioner and cleanser.
Product is a naturopathy cosmetic application for the face and skin.

Description: I would like to introduce ourselves as India's first
integrated food factory. We are manufacturers of ready to eat shelf
stable Indian and Thai vegetarian entrees and frozen vegetables.
Tbel has a frozen vegetables line of 10, 000 tones per annum, rts
facility of 5000 tones per annum, a cold storage facility of 200,
000 cubic feet and 35 acres of arable land, which is used for
producing raw materials used in- house. Our frozen infrastructure
includes a fully automatic depodder and freezing line which has
latest state of the art IQF plant supported by APV screw
compressors. We also have a complete setup of Pulpers and Urschel
Cutting and Dicing Machines. Our setup allows us the flexibility to
freeze almost all the vegetables and fruits (from peas to papayas)
according to our customers requirement.

Description: We are furniture factory specialized in wooden carved
table and chair, funny sofa, leather, fabric and wooden sofa. If you
are interested in them, please feel free to contact me.

Description: Food grade DAC85%, 90%, 95%min off-white flake or
powder Packing: 10kg, 20kg/carton, 25kg/drum. We can supply
different kind of Chiotsan, eg: high density, different viscosity.

Description: Potassium sorbate, FCCIV white granular, powder
packing: 25kg/carton Sorbic Acid, FCC IV white crystalline powder
Packing: 25kg/bag.

Description: Professional manufacturer of home theater system and
multi media loud- speakers. We have advantages stipulated below: 1.
Advanced equipments and 11-year experience in producing amplifier
circuit. Our advanced equipments, including SMT (YAMAHA), Universal
brand AI from America, computer on line detector. We have 11-year
experience in producing electronic and circuit board like amplifier
circuit board and PC main board for both overseas and domestic
customers as well. 2. Great technical capacity for developing new
products to meets the client’s different requirements. 3. Strong R &
D department. We can design and bring out products under the
requirements of the clients in very short time.

Korea (South)
Description: Callrun3000 & Callrun 4000 system is a multi-purpose
(Contact to 6 spots or sorts or more by only system) auto-dialler
security and alarm system based on phone line(PSTN), it taken to
two-ways communication between main and local or via PC to
monitoring, controlling and reports together in any time thru mobile
or cable-phone and via a PC. It make to no hire a safety person or
caretakers and limitless restruction charger who keep safety. I.e,
it can inspect to Burglar trespass, Fire, Gas leakaging, Overflowing
water in bathtub and remaind 2 more watching port if apply to common
homes with this auto-Dialler Callrun3000 security system. In case of
applicationed it to the factory facilities with our Callrun3000
security system that 1st port link up to be watching energy pipeline
control, 2nd port link up to the humidity control panel for keep
optimum level, made 3rd port to link up with the water supplying
tank (Reservoir) for anti overflowing or scantiness watching, 4th
port for keep heating to everlastingly, 5th port for keep supplying
gas energe to supply constantly and last of 6th port for keep Fire
surveillance ?by a Callrun auto-dialler security system. If
necessary for more sport, management then, add to one more
Callrun3000 auto-dialler security system is ok. If anyone who desire
to monitoring and controlling at one place thru a PC, then we ready
a program for the PC accessing control-able. If you prepare a PC and
a line of phone only two, solve and become a boss of the local
security guard firm.

Description: We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a manufactures
& exporter of all range of western garments, leather glover & horse
riding goods. We are exporting these goods to various countries of
Europe in bulk quantities. All of our customers are well satisfied
with our quality process. You should give a chance to us to prove
ourselves in the right way & direction. If you are interested in our
products we can provide you our catalogs & samples for your further
approval & examination. We are looking forward to serve your
esteemed company.

Description: I can offer you deep groove ball bearing, self-aligning
ball bearing, spherical roller bearing, taper roller bearing, thrust
ball bearing, needle bearing, car bearing, pillow bearing.

Description: 1. Climbazole 2. Octopirox 3. Triclosan 4. Triclocarban
(TCC) 5. Chloro ether ketone 6. Arbutin Synthenic 7. Kojic Acid 8.
KOJIC ACID DIPALMITATE 9. Polyquaternium - 6 10. Polyquaternium - 7
11. Polyquaternium - 11 12. Polyquaternium- 22 13. Polyquaternium-
28 14. Polyquaternium - 39 15. Polyquaternium - 44 16.
Polyquaternium - 47 17. Polyquaternium - 10 18. Cationic Guar Gum
19. Cationic Panthenol 20. D-Panthenol 21. Silicon Emulsion 22. UV-9
23. UV-284 24. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate 25. Sodium Polyoxyethylene
Fatty Alcohol Sulfate 26. Cocamidopropyl Betaine 27. Stearic
ethylene glycol 28. 1, 2-Benzisothiazoline-3-One (BIT) 29. 5-chloro-
30. 2-N-Octyl-4-Isothiazolin-3-One (OIT) 31. Bronopol (BNP) 32. 2,
2-Dibromo-3-Nitrilopropion Amide (DBNPA) 33. 2, 2-Dibromo-2-
Nitroethanol (DBNE) 34. Coumarin 35. Salicylaldehyde 36. Sodium
Pyrithione 37. Zinc Pyrithione 38. Copper Pyrithione 39. PVP K-30
(Cosmetic Grade) 40. PVP / VA64 41. Chloramine T BP98 42. Lanoline
Anhydrous 43. Optical Brightening Agent CXT 44. Optical Brightening
Agent CBS-X 45. Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 95% 46. Magnesium
Ascorbyl Phosphate 98.5% 47. Sodium L-Ascorbic-acid-2-phosphate 48.
Natural Camphor Oil 49. Natural Cinnamaldehyde 50. Natural
Benzaldehyde 51. Litsea Cubeba Oil 52. Natural Citral 53. Sodium
Nitrate Cosmetic grade.

Description: We are group of companies having our own processing
center for raw jute, jute spinning, weaving and textile mills,
backed by our international trading concerns. We are one of the
leading jute goods manufactures and exporter in Bangladesh and are
engaged in the Jute industry for more than 30 years. We are capable
and normally do produce goods as per buyer's specification and
requirements. Please feel free to send your inquiry for Jute goods
of any kind, which will be attended with great care.

Description: We are the manufacturer of industrial AC/DC motors,
AC/DC variable speed frequency controller, motor soft-starters and
energy saving devices. Established since 1995 in UK, we had grown
into a multinational company with offices in UK and Malaysia. 1.
Alpha AC Drives: 0.18kW to 18.5 kW 2. Delta DC Drives: 7.5kW to 750
kW 3. MX3 AC Drives: 11kW to 1000kW 4. Motors: 0.18 kW to 1000kW 5.
Softstarter: 2.2 kW to 1000kW 6. E-saver: Home, office, shops use
energy saving devices.

Description: We are supplier crocodile skin and timber from

Description: We are specialized in manufacturing of stainless steel
cookware & electrical appliances (pots & pans, stockpots, pressure
cooker sets and sandwich maker, barbecue grill, kettle, and multi-
cooker, and deep fat fryer etc.) since 1972. Our products can be
found in more than 40 different countries all over the world. As
well as doing OEM manufacturing, we market our products under its
own brand name throughout world which is fully ‘International’
packaging. All our products hold CE & GS approvals from SLG Germany.

Description: We pack and export canned white asparagus crop 2004: In
jars, 12 jars per carton: 12x212ml (11cm) spears, counts 5-8, 9-12,
13-16, 17-21 and 22-28 12x212ml (7cm) all tips, counts 5-8, 9-12,
13-16 and 17-24 12x314ml spears, counts 20-28 12x314ml t+c,
tips>15%, length 3cm, L and M size. 12x370ml (14cm, 16cm and 17cm))
spears, counts 5-8, 9-12, 10-14 and 15-20 12x580ml (16cm and 17cm)
spears, counts 5-8 9-12, 10-14 and 15-22 12x720ml (17cm) spears,
counts 8-13, 10-15 and 16- We also pack asparagus in round tins,
rectangular tins and.

Description: Happy Toy Umbrella! On the top is a beautiful and
lovely color light, such as cartoon-like light, logo-like light,
etc, which can spark with sweet music; on the cover there are
different kinds of fine pictures that show pretty cheerful and
interesting sight or scenery. All this adds more beauty and more
happiness to people’ life.

Description: We are introduce ourselves as a leading exporter of
engine parts, such as cylinder head, piston, piston ring, sleve,
valve, liner connecting road etc. We are able to supply all kind of
engine parts. We prefer to purchase from only ISO certified company.
If you have any requirement, please just write us we will give you
best quality with competitive price.

Description: Proficiency in the production of high quality plastic
packaging products, it gives rise to a wide array of PP, LDPE, HDPE,
material items. We offer: carrier bags, shopping & fashion bags,
pillows & diaper bags, courier bags, garbage bags, tablecloth etc.
Multi-layer composite laminating bags: food bags, beverage bag,
vacuum bags, stand-up pouch with zipper bags, metalized /al bags,
twisted candy wrap paper, cosmetic bags, bottle labels. Poly films,
packaging accessories etc.

Description: We are a legal adviser/consulting firm specializing in
advising foreign companies on the investment / market entry
possibilities for the Hungarian / Central European market, assisting
Hungarian companies to enter the international markets. Apart from
our legal practice we have our affiliated auditor company and
customs agency in house. We are setting up international business
structures for investment, wealth management and asset protection
purposes for our clients and we are also offering the following
services: international tax advice; international legal advice;
accounting / auditing; full company management and domicile
services; provision of nominee shareholders/directors; bank account
opening (corporate and personal).

Description: US cigarette and cigar manufacturer is looking for
European distributors. Good quality and modest price. Exclusive
rights granted.

Description: US natural fruit juice manufacturer is looking for
European distributors. Full product line is carbonation-free and
available in reduced calories also. Top quality with attractive
price. Exclusive rights granted.

Description: We are a manufacturer and exporter of rehabilitation
proudcts, include wheelchairs, wheel walkers, wheel sticks, shower
chairs, bath chairs, commode chairs, etc. and O.E.M. products.

Description: Energy saving lamp: Delivery: FOB Shanghai 2U 9W
3000h US$0.580 2U 11W 3000h US$0.592 2U 15W 3000h US$0.623
3U 15W 3000h US$0.910 3U 20W 3000h US$0.929 3U 30W 3000h
US$1.335 Circle 32W 3000h US$1.147 Spiral 25W 3000h

Description: We are the leading manufacturer of disposable medical
products in China. Our products include syringe, i.v. Set, scalp
vein sets, blood transfusion set, surgical glove, blood bags,
surgical blade, sucture cat cut, hypodermic needles, anesthesia
kits, blood line, dialyzers, hamonetics, blood collection tubes,
urine drainage bags, vaginal speculum, alcoholic swab, and
intravenous injection bags, burette administration set, bulb
irrigation syringe and pregnancy test strip. If you are interested
in our products, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Description: We are synthetic leather producers in Egypt If you
interests for importing direct from our factory with * New designs:
(due to wide selection of our new embossing & printing pattern). *
Good quality: (due to our new coating line and Italian
collaboration). * Fast delivery: (due to our annual productivity
approach to 8 million meters). *Competitive prices: (due to our
closed connection to the far east ). * reliable service: (due to our
previous exportation business worldwide) kindly don’t hesitate to
contact us.

Description: one of the leading exporters of cotton yarn dyed
fabrics & made-ups, in the District of Karur, Tamilnadu, India. We
have been in this field for the past twenty five years. We are in
the export fray for more than a decade. Our products match the best
in the world market for quality at competitive rates.

Description: We are exporters of fish and meat from Namibia.

Description: Offer for sweaters & knit items dear sir, we take the
opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the sweater-
manufacturing unit in Bangladesh having 3g, 5g, 7g & 10g knitting
machines as well as washing facilities under the one roof. The
production capacity of the sweater is 110, 000 pcs per month
(including 2 units). Our factory is well set up/organized, which is
located at Savar, Dhaka (adjacent to Dhaka Export Processing Zone).
We maintain strict Quality Management, thus we got very good
response from some of our valued buyers who are placing us order
continuously. We started our business on knit and woven business in
the year 1991 and years of experience & reputations, we are capable
to providing you the best services and most competitive price as to
reduce your cost and increase your competitiveness in the global
market. As a part of practice we provide trade promotion samples
free of cost, therefore, please contact us for your any
requirements. We are committed to feed back within one working day.
An acknowledgement/reply is highly appreciated.

Description: We produce wide range of textile products especially
shirt, blouse, t-shirt (with special designs of emriodery). We
satisfy customer demands in quality quantity any terms with stable
relationships in the long run. We would be glad to start business
relationship with you.

Description: We are large steel manufacturers' group holding many
famous factories. Our products covers carbon, stainless, alloy
coils, plate, normal and precision strip, bar, wire rod, wire, tube
& pipe, nut, bolt, fittings etc. I am the marketing manager taking
charge of stainless and alloy tube/pipe, spring and tool steel, HGI,
CGI, Al-Zinc items. Should you have any interest, please feel free
to contact us for details.

Description: We produce wide range of textile products especially
shirt, blouse, t-shirt (with special designs of embroidery). We
satisfy customer demands in quality quantity any terms with stable
relationships in the long run. We would be glad to start business
relationship with you.

Description: As one of a biggest manufacturer of disposable vinyl
gloves in China, we'd like to recommend our products to you. Our
vinyl gloves have many kinds such as powdered and powder-free;
industrial grade and medical grade;4mil, 5mil, 6.5mil;XS, S, M, L,
XL size; the color is available in clear, blue, green, red, yellow,
black and so on. We also specialized in stretch vinyl gloves, they
look more like latex gloves, but price is cheaper than that. We can
produce disposable PE gloves, PE apron also. With several year's
experience in exporting, we have gained our ISO9001 quality system,
CE and FDA certificate. If you are interested in our products, pls
feel free to contact us, we can provide you best quality goods with
very competitive price. Looking forward to your kind reply!

Description: Hi quality shear lings. We specialized in Australian,
Spanish Entrefino, American, German, French origin lamb skins.
Agents, importers wanted!

Description: Our company is a high tech company from Israel produces
AC4G, the world's first and only smart thermo-electric cooling
system for PC CPUs. Very big companies use our technology, for
example Thermaltake, Akasa etc…. We started to sell our products in
2003 and we already sold 30, 000 units. Important magazines from all
over the world gave compliments to our product. Mentioned that our
product is probably the most advanced technology in the Cooling area
of CPUs.

Last update 19 july 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We are globally acknowledged quality producers and
exporters of sporting goods, especially, Rugby balls, soccer balls,
beach balls. We have a glittering feather of FIFA approved, in our
crown for our ball GBI-825. If range of our merchandise does match
your interest just drop us some words to get all further
information, catalogues and samples.

Description: We're manufacturer and exporter of best quality towel
warmers in different styles, finishing and sizes. Looking for
distributors or wholesalers worldwide. Pls. contact us if you're
interested, we'll be glad to inform you about our products by our
catalogs and free samples.

Description: We are a public listed company currently marketing and
distributing consumer products under our own brand in Singapore, our
product group includes corded and cordless telephones, digital
telephones, portable compact disc players, desktop DVD/VCD players,
mini compos, multimedia speakers, radio cassette recorder and home
theatre system etc. We offered clean stylish design, quality
products at affordable prices.

Description: We can supply; 1)Item: second-hand electric home
appliance –television (various inches, colour or uncolour) –Air
conditioner (split/window type) –Refrigerator (various sizes) -
Washing machine (various capacity) -Other home electricals 2) Make:
well-known Japanese brands such as Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, Hitachi,
Sanyo, Toshiba etc, mixed shipment. 3) Specification and photos are
available upon your request. Any interested parties please feel free
to contact us by email. Thanks Regards

Description: Leading Chinese processor, manufacturer and exporter of
peanut, including all grades of HPS peanut in inshells: 7/9, 9/11,
11/13 count; HPS Virginia kernels: 24/28, 28/32, 34/38, 38/42, 45/55
count; HPS HSUJI type kernels 25/35, 35/40, 40/50, 50/60, 60/70;
blanched Virginia: 25/29, 29/33, 35/39; blanched hsuji kernels
26/36, 36/41, 41/51. The annual turnover is 8000 mt.

Description: We serve as a consultant and research company for
foreigner investors who want to develop commercial relations in
Turkey. We can, a) Supply any Turkish product for the optimum prices
and quality b) Serve as a distributor of your products to be
exported to Turkey, and perform the necessary market research for
you, c) Supply logistics for your in-market products d) Form
international trade consortiums e) Build an Office for you in Turkey
and make it ready to use.

South Africa
Description: Company established in South Africa. We are
manufacturers and distributors of exclusive lamp shades and related
products. We are currently seeking a sole agent to distribute one of
our products namely the Medinah lamp. The Medinah lamp is a hand
crafted lamp made with granite, the design of which is based on the
lamps in Medinah. The lamp is an indoor lamp that can be placed in
homes, offices, hotels, etc.

Description: We are the professional manufacture/export specializing
in car power amplifier, equalizer pre-amp, electronics crossover,
car TV tuner/TFT-LCD monitor, and accessories for car audio/video

Description: We would like to have the pleasure to introduce our
self as a manufacturer/exporter of flexible packaging material. We
are associated with the leading manufacturer of India like parle g.
We have fully automatic multi color printing with lamination plant,
side-center seal, pouch making machine, film extruder and many more
machines which enable us to deliver the best service to our
customer. We are also interested for reliable peoples who can market
our product over there as well as present our company on behalf of
us. If you are interested please let us know at the earliest.

Description: Manufacturer/exporter of packaging resins / adhesives /
additives / printing ink. We are associated with the leading
manufacturer of India we manufacture roto/flexo/gravure printing
inks, synthetic resin like polyamide resins, alkyd resin, phenolic
resins, maleic resins, amino resins, polyurethane resins, titanate
chelate. Lamination adhesives, cold seal adhesive and many more
tailor made products. We are also interested for reliable peoples
who can market our product over there as well as present our company
on behalf of us. If you are interested please let us know at the

Description: We are manufacturing diodes, power diodes, thyristors,
bridge rectifiers, in various packages of DO 4, DO5, D)21, DO8, DO9,
TO48, TO65, TO83 etc. And are looking for Distributors of electronic
components. We can also manufacture these items as required.

Description: We are the exclusive distributor of Techni Ice for
France and Holland. For further information about this product have
a look on their website.

Description: We are pleased to introduce as a manufacturer and
exporter of textile, clothing, apparels, garments and made-ups. We
also specialized in Golf dress and Racewear garments. We deal in
very specialized labels of USA and Canada and having 111 years
experience in this field.

Description: We are glade to introduce ourselves as Outerwear
Specialist and ISO 9001: 2000 certified apparel manufacturer and
supplier. We are offering collection of outerwear for fall 04/winter
04/05. So if you like our style or you have your own program, do not
hesitate and provide detail in order to start sampling and costing
for you.

Description: We are exporter and manufacturer of fabrics and bed
sheets. We need inquiries from Importers of fabrics.

Description: A joint venture partnership, produces PVC stabilizers
and polymer additives. Pls visit our web site for more info. Our
Products: profile stabilisers pipe stabilisers injection moulding
stabilisers cable/flexible stabilisers liquid stabilisers
plasticizers masterbatchs for polyolephines lead stabilisers
metallic soaps lubricants. If you are interested in to our products,
pls do not hesitate to contact us.

Description: We has been the market leader in heating, cooling and
water technology systems in Turkey since 1967, being the first
company to produce several products in the country.

Description: We are manufacturer and exporter company of lanyard in
China. Good quality and incredible visual effect including
preferential price will be of interest to you. We will do our utmost
to meet your requirements. Writing to you with a view to enter into
good relationship with you. Our products are as follows: Lanyards
Neck straps Mobile phone straps Glass straps ID pouches, products of
accessories & more with innovative ideas.

Description: We been one of the leading manufacturers serving the
construction industry since 1985. When it comes to scaffolding,
shoring, forming and related products, we proudly mentions that its
products and services have gained reputation not in only in the
Turkish local market but also in many countries worldwide. By its
extensive infrastructure for production and experienced team
dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction, we are always ready
to support its customers with its high quality products and services
with very reasonable prices. Its wide range of products which
complies with the international quality standards includes:
scaffolding systems, formwork systems (modular, heavy duty, tunnel
and special type) and slab formworks, precast moulds, steel tubes
and profiles, advertisement and lighting poles, steel door frames,
highway barriers hot dip galvanizing and galvanized products. We
welcome the interested parties to contact us.

Description: Anti gray hair oil. Made of 100 % natural herbs
according to ancient Indian medicinal formula No side effects
removes grayness on continuous use.

Description: Tinidazole IP/BP/JP Quantity: 1 MT Price & Payment
Terms: 7.75 $ CIF Sea MEP Packaging: Drums Specification:

Description: Subject: Ornidazole Quantity: 500 Kg Price & Payment
Terms: 29 $/Kg CIF Sea MEP Packaging: Drums Details: Pharmaceutical
bulk drug 16773-42-5 C7 H10 N3 O3 CI.

Description: Subject: Cetrizine Di Hydrochloride Quantity: 500 Kg
Price & Payment Terms: 55 $/Kg CIF Sea MEP Packaging: Drums
Specification: 83881-52-1 Details: White to off white crystalline

Description: We are the manufacturer & exporter of kapok cushion &
garments in woven cotton/polyester men’s & ladies garments.

Description: The Maximus II Computing Scale is ideal for automated
use in all types of outlets, from small businesses to large
supermarket chains. Allows customer self-service, operator or PC
programming, and an alphanumeric display for publicity messages and
texts. Prints receipts, nutritional facts, and barcodes. Low
maintenance, maximum economy. No-break system and external battery
guaranteeing usability during power failures. Available in two
models: Maximus II 30kg x 2g and Maximus II 15kg x 1g.

Description: Leading company specialized in manufacturing ferrous
and non-ferrous castings and steel construction products, provides
sub-contract services and finished products across a wide range of
industries and applications in Turkey and overseas. With the
capability to manufacture products precisely to customer
specifications, our range has diversified from storage and material
handling equipment such as pallets, stillages, racking and shelving
etc. to various sheet metal and stamped steel parts and assemblies.
The wide range of variety also exists in cast parts. Casting
materials are grey iron, nodular cast iron, steel, stainless steel
and high alloy steel with the size range from 50 kg up to to 20 000
kg. The main export markets are USA, Germany and France. Our
flexible and dynamic structure allows us to respond any small and/or
specific order; ensuring our clients the required quality and on
time delivery with very competitive prices. We invite the interested
parties to contact us to get more detailed information about the
scope of our capabilities and extended services. If you have a
project or drawing you would like us to quote on please contact us.

Description: We fabricate & manufacture engineering products,
especially equipments relating to agriculture, irrigation poultry
farms, horticulture and for automobiles (o rings, oil seals, wall
seals, diaphragm, screws, nut & bolts, camshafts, hoses & other
accessories). Major equipments we supply are SS Filters, Strainers,
Pressure Tanks, Sprinklers, Drippers, Sprayers, Submersible Pumps,
Pressure Gauges, PVC Pipes & fittings, PVC Glue, Motor Starters,
Agriculture implements, garden tools & accessories, Poultry Dressing
Unit equipments and several fittings & accessories in the electro
mechanical range. More than two decades exposure to mechanical
fabrication and gaving base in Indian subcontinent would enable us
to provide quality products at a very competitive price.

Description: We are producing and exporting: beauty and toilet soaps
soap noodles our products are colorful and quality. From our own

Description: View our online catalog of over 400 chemical products.
We ship everywhere. Cleaners, degreasers, fire fighting, ice
control, waste water treatment and much more.

Description: I offer: granule from a peel of sunflower (diameter 8-
10mm, is long 15-35mm, density 540-650kG/m3). 2. Standard item from
up to 20000 tons and more per one month. Port of sending of. Liepaj
3. Condition of delivery SIF port the states by the Baltic sea-
long-term the contract. 4. Price of 1 ton on conditions SIF in port
by the Baltic Sea - 86Eur. / ton. 5. Term of payment (letter of
credit in bank of the seller) 6. Your offers will be closely
investigated. But I ask to take into account, that Calorific value
granule from a peel of sunflower on 30-40 % of above similar
parameter for granule from sawdust tree (pine breeds).

Description: We are manufacturing different types of handmade paper
bags. Colors are design we can develop customized. Just cheek your
requirements with our price.

Description: We are manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter & importer
of components and spare parts for household white appliances. Our
production program include washing machine spare parts made from
plastic, rubber and metal as follows: water inlet hose, water drain
hose, timer spool, pump coil, gasket, door handles, door hinges,
seals etc.

South Africa
Description: We are sole export agent of a South African Factory
making gas/electric and gas/paraffin fridges and freezers. We are
also agent of South African Factories specializing in electric home

Description: Offering container shipments of electronics from China.
We currently specialize in Plasma Televisions but offer a wide range
of products. We have our own factory, warehouse and quality control
set up in China. You specify your product and delivery requirements
and we manage the rest.

Description: Anti bald removes baldness in men 100 % natural no side
effects made of ancient Indian formula.

Description: We are producer of Bonnel spring units, mini-Bonnell
sprinng units and mattresses. Please contact us in order to offer
you specifics.

Description: 1 display stand, roll up stand, banner stand 2
breakfast maker, toaster 3 construction machinery, wheel loader.

Description: We would like to introduce ourselves as a leading
garments manufacturer and exporter in Bangladesh. We have been
working with the Europe, France, Canada, Germany and USA buyers
since 1995. For your kind information we have our own composite
project; in details: knitting, dyeing, garments and printing for our
production. It will be great if you please send us any enquiry along
with sketches, measurements & necessary information, so that we can
offer you a very competitive price. Our usual products are: t-shirt,
polo shirt, tank top, vest, tops, underwear, boxer, zipper polo,
rugby polo, sweat shirt, hooded shirt, trouser, jacket, pajama set

Description: Prostatin – new years special – buy 2 get 1 free.
Prostatien is a gift to any man over 35. All men are going to
develop some sort of prostate problem, some later in life, others
earlier. It is the leading male health risk after heart disease.
"Discover how a breakthrough combination of 7 powerful healing herbs
can flush prostate disorders out of your body!" Prostatien helps to
End frequent middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom. Relieve pain
and discomfort associated with an enlarged prostate. Reverse
dignity-robbing incontinence. Restore your sexual functioning.

Description: We are manufacturer and exporter of handmade oak garden
and home furniture in Lithuania. We are really very professional in
our job. We would be glad to receive new orders, make new contacts
with import agents, wholesalers, garden centers. Please visit our
new website with photos.

Description: Origin Argentina - kosher chocolate. Chocolate box x
240 gr orange peel covered with chocolate 100 gr.x30 u chocolate
ball with liquor filling 100gr.x40 u banana paste covered with
chocolate 33gr.x30 u mascardi 35 gr.x28 u marroc 20 gr.x64 u
chocolate x 26 gr.x36 u chocolate with crunchy x 30 u vainilla
nougat x 50 u strawberry nougat x 50 u chocolate david's star
shaped x60 u chocolate tora shaped x 60 u chocolate lujot shaped x60
u chcolate rhombus shapedx30 u cereal barx30 u cereal bar covered in
chocolatex30 u chocolate with mint fillingx20 u chocolate with
strawberry fillingx20 u chocolate with milk jam fillingx 20 u
chocolate hazelnut filling x 20 u.

Description: Origin Argentina - kosher soup vegetables stock soup x
20 u chicken stock soup x 12 u meat stock soup x 12 u for info
about other packaging, supervision, prices, etc.

Description: Bottle water - natural spring water in PET formats from
0, 15 up to 10 liters, various dispensers.

Description: Indian fragrances and fragrant specialties.

Description: As a manufacturer of complete bicycle for children,
also including some of parts and accessories. We also as a
manufacture of sporting goods such as inline skate, roller skate,
skateboard & protection gear Etc., also parts and accessories.

South Africa
Description: We can produce and supply high quality male latex
condoms to governments, donor agencies, ngo’s or any private label
buyers/commercial importers/distributors any where in the world, at
competitive prices. Our product meets complete world health
organization (WHO)/ UNAIDS specifications and EEC standards. The
condoms are manufactured under a total documented quality system
procedures (DQSP) and tested according to the stringent
international standard EN ISO 4074: 2002.

Description: Universal brand, 12cm CD-r disc with capacity: 80
minutes/700mb. Specifications: brand: universal capacity: 80
minutes/700mb color: silver/silver or diamond speed: 24x a grade
quality. 12cm diameter. Write once only. High standard of data
integrity and reliability. Broad compatibility. Easy data retrieval.
Great value cost per megabyte. As you are interested, please contact

Description: Specifications: SF-1005: Type: 26" MTB suspension
frame. Material: #7005 seamless aluminum. Size: 17", 18", 20" (C-T).
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Manufacture wire forming machines. Such as wire hanger
making machines and spring coiling machines.

Description: Origin Argentina - table cookies line clasic toast 160
gr x 12 u light toast 160 gr x 12 u saltless toast 160 gr x 12 u
bran toast 160 gr x 12 u multicereal toast 120 gr x 12 u multicereal
toast (table toast) x 12 u milky toast 220 gr x 12 u saltless toast
220 gr x12 u gluten diet toast 220 gr x 12 u rye bread 300 gr x 20
u saltless rye bread 220 gr x 20 u for prices, packaging,
supervision, etc.

Last update 16 july 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a processors,
stockiest and exporters of various types of cotton wiping cloths and
clips such as below. We have obtained your good name through
extensive search over the Internet. Below are some of the items we
can offer you: A. 100% cotton bleached white unstitched knitted
hosiery rags / wipers. b. 100% cotton bleached white knitted hosiery
rags / wipers with 2-5 pieces stitched. c. 100% cotton mixed
coloured / dyed unstitched knitted hosiery rags / wipers. d. 100%
cotton white bar mop / car wash / polishing cloths size 16x19,
15x18, 14x17 inches. e. 100% cotton white duster size 14x14 &
14x15 inches. f. 100% cotton white wash cloths / face towels
bleached white size 11x11 & 12x12 g. 100% cotton flannel yellow
duster size 14x24, 16x20 & 20x20 inches. h. 100% cotton
unbleached (grey) knitted hosiery wipers / rags. i. 100% cotton dish
cloths (waffle) size 13x13 inches. j. 100% cotton kitchen towel
size 14x25 & 15x25 inches k. 100% cotton white huck towel size
14x19 & 15x30 inches. l. 100% cotton white momie napkins size
19x19 & 20x20. m. 100% cotton glass towels size 15x30 &
16x30 inches. n. 100% cotton white apron. o. 100% cotton bathrobes
in any style, any colour, any size, any quantity. p. 100% cotton
white half towel size about 20x20, 22x22, 24x24 q. 100% cotton
bleached white terry towel size about 12x12, 16x19, 15x18,
14x17, 12x20, and 14x24 r. 100% cotton & pc yarn waste /
thread waste. s. 100% cotton or pc knitted hosiery clips white,
black, yellow & other colours. t. 100% cotton dyed / coloured towel
rags / wipers from 6 to 16 inches. u. baby cotton diaper.

Description: Jet boat. Seadoo challenger 1998, single 720cc rotax
engine, in perfect condition, just did the pump, runs great.48mph.
$3800 incl. trailer.

Description: First class foam mattresses with a choice of towel
cover. All sized mattresses in cylindrical P.V.C bag. (100x200=0,

Description: We look to buy natural rubber type SMR CV60, for our
production of Rubber Boots. Monthly consumption: 20 ton. We are
looking forward to receiving your offer.

Description: We look to buy pure bee honey. Advantage; offers from
Bulgaria and Romania.

Description: Professional manufacturer of high frequency plastic
welding machine and was established in 1988. Our Products are highly
stable, reliable, strong output power, secure and durable design. We
not only offer quickly after service, but also meet with whole world
customer's affirmation. In the future, we will continue to improve
and innovate our products through learning form customer suggestions
& feed back, and develop the new series machine service customers.

Description: Isotropic ferrite magnet (barium): equip ceramic 1, dry
pressed. Anisotropic barium ferrite magnet, dry pressed: ceramic 6.
Anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet, dry pressed: ceramic 6.
Anisotropic barium ferrite magnet, wet pressed: ceramic 5, 7.
Anisotropic strontium ferrite magnet, wet pressed: ceramic 5, 7.

Description: Hand-mixer 220V ~240V, 50Hz, 200W or 150W optional
Powerful motor for faster, more thorough mixing and heavy duty
mixing performance Well balanced, convenient & safety heel rest for
in-between mixing 5 distinctive speed settings(0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
with burst of power Ejector for releasing beaters & dough hooks.
Plastic housing One pair chrome-plated for eggs and creams One pair
chrome-plated for mixing dough-hooks.

Description: Key specifications: Cordless, easy to use Max capacity:
1.7L 3 level safety: automatic boiling shut-off, boil-dry protection
and one shot thermal fuse. Safety locking lid Dual external water
level windows Automatic shut-off after the water boils Overheating
protection Stainless steel heating element are optional Heat-
resistant, easy-to-care plastic housing Rating: 230V, 50Hz, 2000W.

Description: Enjoy delicious air-popped popcorn in about three
minutes with this powerful 1100 watt air popper. It is for making
healthy instant food for leisure moment. With this magic corn
popper, Put capacity of 30g dry corn, after 2-3minutes it begins to
pop and the indoor air is always so fragrant. Model: HL-A Power:
1100W/Voltage: 230V Quality: SGS CE Approvals.

Description: Sandwich-toaster. Key Specifications and Special
Features: 1.Optional Non-stick Cooking Plate(Sandwich/Grill/Waffle)
for easy cleaning 2.Power: 700W AC230V-50Hz 3.Metal housing and
Convenient grip handle 4.Stand upright for compact storage and
saving space 5.Skid-resistant feet 6.Overheat safety protection and
Thermostatic control 7.Power light and ready light 8.GS/CE/ISO9001

Description: Toaster key specifications/special features: 1.Two-
slice toaster with automatic and manual switch off 2.A tray placed
for bread crumbs 3.Output power: 600W 4.Variable crust control
5.Small and exquisite design 6.Good quality 7.Plastic body with nice
texture 8.Roll top function 9.Automatic pop-up and shut-off

Description: We are a Taiwan professional manufacture of baby
stroller, baby pram, baby jogger, baby shopper, baby buggy, baby
walker, baby bouncer, high chair which provide superior quality
products, on-time delivery and manager an excellent after service.
As our sales turn around the world, wish you take the chance to
joint with us.

Description: One of the leading manufacturers and exporter of
processed foodstuffs in Thailand. We have exported various kinds of
product ranges with more than hundred items, mainly in sauce and
condiment products such as Sweet Chili Sauce for chicken, Sweet &
Sour Sauce, Light Soy Sauce, Coconut Milk & etc. Our products have
been exported to world wide markets such as Europe, USA, Canada,
Asia, and Australia, under our own brand and also customer brand.
Our company has been already certified ISO 9001: 2000, HACCP and GMP
by SGS. Moreover, we are in the process of applying the BRC
certification which we hope to get them in beginning of next year.

Description: Our company mainly export PU/PVC artificial leather,
PVC flooring tiles, PVC flooring and building material (PVC
flooring) such as aluminum-plastic composite panel(ACP). For having
owned a big aluminium-plastic composite panel mill and a synthetic
leather plant and Enjoying good relations with some major
manufacturers in China, we guarantee good quality, sufficient supply
and timely delivery. Our annual export volume amounts to 2 million
US dollars. Aluminium-plastic composite panel (Chinese Customers
Code: 7606-1220) is a new construction decoration material, which
are composite designed with a thermoplastic core laminated in two
sheets of Aluminium alloy skins (Aluminium alloy skins thickness are
from 0.1mm to 0.5mm). It’s exterior surface is coated in PVDF (KYNAR
500) or PE (POLYESTER) resin providing a durable finish that is
resistant to corrosion, chalking, fading, color changes and weather
damage as extensively tested according to ASTM standard. We are
looking for an agency for saling this kind of product in aboard. At
the same time, We will offer you competitive price and highly
quality really, because we have owned a big synthetic leather mill
in Jiangyin town ourselves. We hope we will have a fine business
relationship in the near future. Best regards! Steven

Description: We are a professional manufacturer of lighting,
especially in incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tube, mercury vapour
lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp and halogen lamp
etc. As a company with more than 10 years experience in exporting
lighting, we have got a good reputation on international markets for
not only the best quality but also the competitive price, and the
knight services. Please tell us what items you are interested in. If
you require more details, please feel free to contact us.

Description: We are a company manufacturing and exporting merbau
wood for flooring, decking and T&G. Please feel free to contact us
via phone or fax above for enquiries or request.

Description: Specializing in making PVA water soluble film and the
bags based on PVA water soluble film, which is located in China. Our
film and bags could be designated to dissolve in hot water and cold
water according to your requirement. Our film and bags are
extensively being used for embroidery, water-transferred printing
and the water-soluble packing bags for various uses.

Description: Our company is a large-scale Sino-US joint venture. We
manufacture different kinds of high-efficient water treatment
chemicals. Our main product is polymeric aluminum ferric chloride
sulfate (PAFCS). It is a new product invented in recent years. It is
a high-efficient, fast rate, low cost, no poison and safe inorganic
high-efficient water treatment chemical. It can widely used in the
treatment of industrial sewage, urban foul water and drinking water.
At the same time, we supply PAC also. For more information about our
products and our company, welcome to visit our websites. No matter
what problem or requirement you have, please contact us ASAP.

Description: Electric bicycles: 1, Standard load: 75kgs; 2, max
speed: 20km/h; 3, distance per charge: 45km; 4, motor output power:
180w-240w; 5, battery voltage: 36v; 6, charging time: 3-8 hour; 7,
input voltage: ac110-240v/50hz/60hz; 8, non-graded accelerator;
contact me for more information.

Description: Second-hand car tire currently all kind of second-hand
tires for motor vehicles (car, truck, bus) are available for export
from Japan, including major brands of the world, most size/evenly
worn/no cracking. The shipment of mixed tire by tread depth range is
also acceptable. Full details and pictures on request.

Description: We are pleasure to introduce ourselves as manufacturer
and exporter of all kinds of wire mesh, We mainly produce galvanized
and PVC coated welded wire mesh, hex. wire mesh, glass fibre plain
mesh, square wire mesh, rhombus wire mesh; meanwhile, We also
produce stainless steel wire mesh and various of window screening
etc. Our products are sold well in the world market, you can see our
products are of good quality and our prices are most competitive.
One of our principle is that contract is honored, that commercial
integrity is maintained.

Description: Specialized manufacturer of electric knife sharpener.
Approved by CE & German's GS. Also patent registered in Germany &
Taiwan & China. We also supply stainless steel knives, 3 layers
complex stainless steel knives, knife sharpener & knife shelf,
magnetic bar stick etc.

Description: We are professional manufacturer in cosmetic brush. We
can supply all kinds of cosmetic brushes and applicators. Our
products are shipped all over the world. We are looking forward to
cooperating with you. For more details about us.

Description: Offer to sell fresh mangoes from the Philippines.
Export-grade Philippine mangoes follow physical appearance
standards: • Fresh mangoes are mature, clean, well-formed,
well-trimmed, and free from any damage or defect that materially
affects appearance of the fruit. • Fruit is fleshy and sweet
(widely accepted in Japan and the US) • Sizes and corresponding
weights: XL 350 g - up, L 300g - 349g, M 250g - 299g, S 200g - 249g.

Description: Specialized manufacturer of electrical components in
China, mainly produces and exports frequency control products,
including quartz crystal resonator, monolithic crystal filter,
ceramic resonator/filter, ceramic discriminator/trap, clock
oscillator, saw resonator/filter, etc. Especially the monolithic
crystal filter, this item production capacity is about 2000000 pcs
per month, it is one of the largest crystal filter manufacturers in

Description: We are manufacturers and exporters of writting

Description: The carbon molecular sieve (CMS) is a new-type non
polarity absorbent, its main function is to separate air in order to
enrichment the nitrogen under normal temperature transformation, Its
quality had reached even exceeded the international level. Apply to
chemical industry extensively, Trades, such as petrochemical
industry, chemical fibre, medicine, electron, glass products, coal,
heat treatment, metallurgy, storing and transport, refrigeration and
air conditioner, beer and food fresh keeping, etc.

Description: We are pleased to offer a unique gift article. We have
photographs of Indian and Christian Gods etched in Glass and colored
with fiber optic lightings. The picture is framed in a Teak wood. It
is a elegant gift item and a hot selling product for any store.

Description: We introduce ourselves as an organized company engaged
in development, manufacturing, exporting and marketing herbal
products of good quality. We are a WHO GMP certified and ISO 9000
company, with two state of the art manufacturing units and a R&D
facility in India. Our product portfolio consists of herbal
products, which are effective, body friendly & safe. Our product
range comprises of products for skin care, eye care, hair care, pain
care, and health care products including herbal dietary supplements,
anti-stress & rejuvenators etc. You may learn more about us through
our web page. We are glad to inform you that our pioneer product
Nomarks cream has been nominated as one of the most trusted brands
by a survey done by Economic Times in December 2003 and we are also
the finalists of the Entrepreneur of the year award 2003 by Ernst &
Young. Our interest lies in making a relationship with a company
that can import and distribute our products. Should your company’s
business interests be aligned to our needs, please let us know.

Description: Oakley Gucci sunglasses $1.90/pc selling for 2004 1) I
am a manufacturer of AAAAA replica designer sunglasses like Oakley
Gucci.Chanel. Rayban. 2) We offer all kind reading glasses and
optical frame. Please give me your email for sending sunglasses
images. Please respond straightly to my email address.

Description: We are the manufacturer and exporter of various types
of readymade and industrial garments. We have our won factory fully
equipped with hi-tech modern machines capable of producing top class
quality items. Apart from the garments we are also manufacturing and
exporting canvas bags and nylon bags in various styles and designs.
We have received international gold star award in quality from bid,
Madrid Spain. Our main hallmark is to produce best quality products
and absolutely timely shipment of the consignment we are pleased to
receive valued inquiry from customers so that we can submit samples
and can quote our best prices.

Description: We are the manufacturer and exporter of various types
of handicrafts items. Our main products are: tray, tea and coffee
cup, beer mug, astray, candle stand, wall hanging, models, flower
verse, utensils, basket, pots, magazine rack and various other items
(all made with pure bamboo and cane) terracotta items: wall
decorative and models, flower verse, gaedn pots, ladies ornaments
etc (all are original terracotta) apart from these we also produces
various types ceramics products, wood products metallic products for
decorative purpose we have received international gold star award in
quality from bid, Madrid Spain. Year 2003 our main hallmark is to
produce best quality products and absolutely timely shipment of the
consignment we are pleased to receive valued inquiry from customers
so that we can submit samples and can quote our best prices.

Description: We have been manufacturing of panel meters of all sizes
and ranges since 1981. We are also manufacturing servo motor control
voltage regulators with output voltage 110v~220V. We have also UPS
for emergency lighting & computer networks. Interested companies can
contact for detail information.

Description: Professional wooden products manufacturer for more than
20 years. Our management members have been in the wood products
industry for over 30 years. We produce all kinds of small to medium
size wooden products including wooden boxes, trays, photo frames,
stationary, wall decoration and furniture. Our main market is in USA
and we also export to some European countries. Now, we had our own
factory located in southern part of China. We sell not only our
products but also service. Our main goal is to serve our customer
and reach all their requirements. I believe if you cooperate with
us, we can reach the win-win situation.

Description: Our company trade is indenting importer marketing also
construction. We are leading trading company in our country and
looking medical surgical items which are not our locally product
Fully we depend on foreign items. These item are highly demanded in
Bangladeshi market as you may know that Bangladesh is crowded

Description: I want to export many items of sports. We will wait for
your reply.

Description: We are Indian frozen and chilled food and pickles
manufacturer. We are also make products to your specification for
export or for local market. Our specialty is vegetarian food. Our
main customer are supermarkets, three and five star hotels. We also
run a restaurant so we can stay in touch with market tests and
demands. Please don't hesitate to contact about more information.

Description: We are one of the main source as a exporter in Pakistan
& we are one of the leading manufacturer of all kinds of sports
goods, leather fashion products, track suits, martial arts uniform,
weight lifting accessories and all sorts of gloves. We've been
exporting our quality products all over Europe, Gulf and America.
New clients will be highly Solicited, we are just away for prompt
action. Contact us for further information or if you need

Description: Established in 1988, we produce the stearate products
mainly. Our products mainly include: magnesium stearate; zinc
stearate; calcium stearate; lead stearate; barium stearate; cadmium
stearate; calium stearatd; aluminium bis-stearate; dibasic lead
stearate; compound lead stabilizing agent; stearate; titanium leuco;
chlorination stone; antimonous acid anhydride; tribasic lead
sulfate; polyethylene cere; cpe; zinc oxide; please feel free to
contact us if you’re interested in our products.

Description: Specialized in manufacturing hair brush. It was founded
in 2001 and has taken up the area of 3000 square meters. Our factory
has more than 200 skilled technical workers. And we have the most
advanced facilities for the brush. We adhere to the policy of
superior quality and best service.

Description: We are one of leading manufacturer specialized in
researching and producing mobile batteries and chargers in China
mainland with ISO approval founded by Taiwanese. Nokia, Motorola,
Samsung, Philips, Ericsson, Siemens, Sony, Bosch, Nec, Panasonic,
Sagem, Mitsubishi, LG, Alcatel, Maxon, Sendo. Ni-mh, Li-ion,
different capacity depend on customers need, travel chargers, heavy
chargers, car chargers (normal, gun shape). High quality, Excellent
service, Competitive price, Large models available. OEM are welcomed
by us! We also can design packing for our customers. Since you are
dealer of mobile accessories, we are just producer of mobile
batteries and chargers. We know there is much room for our
cooperation. Partnership directly with factory would do good to you
both in service, technical support and price. Please feel free to
contact us.

Description: Our company’s main products: coffee maker toaster/
sandwich toaster mini refrigerator audio/ video products for more
information, please visit our website.

Description: We had also our own foundry in India were we are
manufacturing malleable cast iron pipe fittings. We got the
capability to manufacture all kinds of black and galvanized
malleable fittings with American and British standard. As all our
manufacturing are in India we can offer you the best service and
quality in pipe fittings and being based our manufacturing in India
were the cost of production is very low we can offer you the best
price as well. Interested to import high quality pipe fittings at
the most competitive price please do let us know.

Description: Wholesale by silica fume, volcanic ash, fly ash, copper
ash, blast furnace slag, bauxite and other minerals.

Description: We are an experienced Lock manufacturers in China. We
produce high quality door locks (cylindrical door locks, mortise
locks, entrance handles, lever locks etc) and high security padlocks
for different purpose. We have our own registered famous brand name
YETI, EPO and SOBO, it ensures our products in finest states so as
to prolong customer loyalty. We are looking for sole agent in
different countries.

Description: We are manufacturer of tube expander and auxiliary
equipment for boilers, condensers heat exchangers. We are looking
for distributors in North and Central America, Europe and Asia.

Description: We are mainly dealing with computer consumable
products: ink, ink cartridge for all kinds of brand: EPSON, CANNON,
HP, LEXMARK etc. also toner cartridge and other related products.
warmly welcome out customers from abroad to cooperate with us and go
to win-win game.

Description: A man looks forward to explore the business
opportunities with any large organization and partnering with the
same. Kindly allow me to take this opportunity in updating you
regarding our services and growth of our company. With a large pool
of engineers in varied technical domains, we aim to become a single
stop for all IT related solutions for our clients. Our latest set of
services now include, software development business process re-
engineering analysis & study project management intranet/internet
applications quality testing & consultancy embedded and real time
engineers business process outsourcing we believe in providing
quality services to our clients with our unique approach of least
cost and high quality matrix. Our corporate governance has been
designed to greater agility and market focus in the new globally
competitive environment. We continue to build our business with all
our approaches focusing focus on "Customer" and "Quality"

Description: Our company has been producing quality personal care
implements, scissors and other products in china since 1992. We have
an excellent reputation for quality and good services throughout
worldwide. We supply various electric toothbrushes at the completely
competitive price. Such as oscillation massage toothbrushes,
electric revolve toothbrushes, water-jet toothbrush, rechargeable
power electric toothbrushes.

Last update 15 july 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: Outstanding manufacturer & exporter for kinds of auto
parts and accessories. Since years of experience, our professional
staff had successfully open up to international market in the field
of auto ignition & electrical parts.

Description: Professional manufacturer of testing machines in Taiwan
with over 20 years experience. Our main products are computer servo
type universal testing machine, type universal testing machine, die
cutter, tensile strength tester etc.

Description: Established in 1992. We are the professional
manufacturer of remote controllers for security system. Our
reasonable prices and prompt delivery means bigger profits for you.
OEM and ODM orders are welcome. We await your reply.

Description: Our company is the foremost specialist manufacturer of
automatic lathes in Taiwan. Our management concept which we adhere
to is quality, service, and value.

Description: We are a professional manufacturer of CD box, cassettes
product and produce a wide choice of CD box including CD jewel box,
single and double CD Box, slim CD box, thick 2/4/6pc, Pudding box,
DIGI tray, 3.5" Floppy, Calendar box and 10pcs box packed with ten-
piece CD.

Description: Long established producer, processor and exporter of
I.Q.F. frozen exotic vegetables and fruit. Product range includes;
cassava(manioc) taro, breadfruit, jackfruit, long beans, tahitian
chestnuts, cow peas. Diced sunrise solo papaya, diced super sweet
pineapple, diced mango, mango cheeks. Single product and or mixed
product 20 ft FCL orders welcome.

Description: We are a young Peruvian company recently engaged in the
snail-breeding business. We would like to acknowledge whether your
company may be interested in importing fresh snails from Peru. If
yes, please indicate characteristics, monthly demand (in Tons or
kgs) and FOB price, in order for our company to be able both to
evaluate our capacity to supply your requirements and to send you a
quotation in the very near future.

Description: Subject: Used and Reconditioned Japanese Car(RHD) We
can supply; 1) Item: Used and Reconditioned Japanese Car - Right
hand drive (RHD) 2) Make: TOYOTA (Corolla, Landcruiser, Prado, Hilux
Surf, Hiace etc), NISSAN (Sunny, Silvia, Skyline, Patrol, Primera,
Terrano, etc), HONDA (Civic, Accord, Prelude, Integra, CRV, etc),
MITUSBISHI (Pajero, Lancer, Galant, FTO, etc). SUBARU (Legacy, etc)
3) SUV, 4WD and Sedan/Wagon/Van etc 4) Condition: All good condition
in running condition. 5)Source: from domestic car Auctions & current
stocks 6) Manufactured Year: 1995 up (within 5 years mainly) 7)
Origin: Japan, 8) The stock list and photoes are available upon your

Description: Readymade shirts for men and women, trousers, Jean
pants (Both embroidered and plain) etc. Fashion garments:
Embroidered garments both hand and machine embroidered Like Vests,
skirts, tops, shirts etc. Ethnic Embroidery such as chicken
embroidery, luknow embroidery and Naqqashi etc. Sourcing products
for overseas buyers.

Description: Our factory is specializing in producing household
wears, knitting gloves, If interested pls let us know to discuss
further steps.

Description: 100% cotton home furnishings such as tableclths,
placemats, napkins, tablerunner, kitchen towels, aprons, mittens,
potholders, chair pads, sofa covers, furniture covers, shower
curtains, tapestry curtains, roller blinds, pelmet curtains, beard
basket, tea cozy, laundry bags, handicrafts, bags etc.

Description: We are the manufacturers of facial wet wipes and
disposable towels. We have a clean and hygienic factory situated in
Coibatore, India. We are ready to dispatch at the competitive prices
with good quality.

Description: Chinese leading manufacturers of gauze sponges, gauze
bandages, gauze rolls, laparotomy sponges and so on. We have got
ISO9002 issued by TUV Germany and have got CE certificate issued by

Description: Proficiency in the production of high quality plastic
packaging products, it gives rise to a wide array of PP, LDPE, HDPE,
material items. We offer: Carrier bags, Shopping & Fashion bags,
Pillows & diaper bags, Courier bags, Garbage bags, Tablecloth etc.
Multi-layer composite laminating bags: Food bags, Beverage
bag, Vacuum bags, Stand-up pouch with zipper bags, Metalized /AL
bags, Twisted candy wrap paper, Cosmetic bags, Bottle labels.
Poly films, packaging accessories etc.

Description: We are professional manufacturer and IC designer of
universal remote control for TV VCR CD LD VCD DVD amplifier
Satellite receiver Cable TV converter and Air-conditioner. Almost
all famous brands like SONY TOSHIBA PANASONIC SHARP JVC. Over 100
brands included. It is all in one products.

Description: As a Chinese supplier of tyres, our company has been in
this line for years with wide experience. Including radial and bias
tyres, our products cover full range of tyres and they are all
produced by famous factories in China. Bias tyres: 1200-24-18, 1200-
20-18, 1100-20-16, 1000-20-16, 900-20-14, 825-20-14, 650-14-8. OTR:
1400-24, 1300-24, 20.5-25, 23.5-25, 26.5-25, 17.5-25, 15.5-25, 1400-
24,. Agricultural tyres: 16/70-20-10, 18.4-30-10, 18.4-26 12, 14.9-
30-8, 12.4-26-6? ** ISO 9001, E-mark and DOT have been obtained.
Competitive prices are ready for checking and will be e-mailed to
you upon receiving your inquiry.

Description: We like to introduce our selves we are leading
manufacturers & suppliers of 100% cotton textiles fabrics, made ups,
and home furnishings items for the past 15 years. We supply the
cotton made ups like table cloth, napkin, kitchen towel, pot holder,
apron, gloves, dish cloth, kitchen towel, tea towel, terry towels,
oven mitt, curtains, voile, window curtains, shower curtains, duvets
bed sheets, place mats, runner, shop towels, and all handloom/ power
loom and mill made home textiles items. We assure to supply quality
products, timely delivery, with competitive price. We are always
work for you in 24 hours in 365 days & maintain the long term
business relationship.

Description: Specialized in manufacturing and exporting PVC/vinyl
floor tiles for 15 years in China. With production capacity of
300x20Ft/month and annual revenue of more than USD 30 millions, 95%
of the products were exported to overseas markets. We has two main
products ranged from PVC/vinyl printed tile to PVC homogeneous and
conductive tile. Products size: 12"x12", 18"x18", 24"x24", 3"x36",
4"x36", 6"x36". Thickness from 1.0mm to 3.0mm.

Description: Weight management complementary herbal gel generative
movable energy formulation, an organic & vegetarian oils blend
traditionally used to supportbones & in kneeagony, shouldergrief,
plumpness, etc. We joint active, effective & quick absorbing herbal
gel. Toxicologically proven & endorsed by practitioners of ayurveda,
acupuncture, rehabilitation, useful for athletic & seated people. *
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is
not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Also
mfg. personalcare, bodycare, haircare&skincare natural herbal

Description: We are manufacturer of denim fabric from basic to
fancy, rigid to stretch in 4oz to 14.5 oz indigo in our rope dyed
latest air jets machines. We are looking for partners in Europe like
turkey, Bulgaria, Hungary and Czech Republic who are interested to
import denim fabric from Pakistan. We offer excellent quality and
competitive prices.

Description: We are one of the leading manufactory in China
specialized in exportation of gifts, such as T-shirt, umbrella, cap,
etc. Please contact us for more details and enjoy our best services.

Description: We are now supplying following GSM international
standard unlocked full set of European style mobile phones. Looking
forward to hearing from you again soon. Model Quantity FOB
Guangzhou/Hongkong Nokia 8310 Sample US$119 Nokia 8310 50 set
US$115.50 Nokia 8310 100set US$113 Nokia 8310 200-above US$110.50
Nokia 8250 Sample US$88.50 Nokia 8250 50 US$85 Nokia 8250 100 US$83
Nokia 8250 200-above US$80 Nokia 3310 Sample US$68 Nokia 3310 50
US$64.50 Nokia 3310 100 US$63 Nokia 3310 200-above US$62 Motorola
T189 Sample US$55 Motorola T189 50 US$51 Motorola T189 100 US$50
Motorola T189 200-abvoe US$49 Samsung A300 US$106 Best Regards!

Description: Supply of safe material handling conveyor belts, mfd.
In nylon / EP/cotton fabric with rubber grades for abrasive
fertilizer & coal, hot alloy hr, hygienic food, bag diverter rough
top up to 1200mm width. Ideal for cement clinker, coal, iron ore,
paper pulp, foundry sand, fertilizer as per is: 1891 & bs stds.,
trusted by OEMs of bulk systems & consultants (projects). Also
manufacture material handling, power transmission, hydraulic &
pneumatic and machinery rubber and engineering goods.

Description: Universal material handling rollers supply of conveyor
operational success rollers, mfd. In steel with bright bar shaft,
single piece frame fitted with bearings for carrying, impact, return
idlers up to 2000mm belt widths. Ideal for carrying idlers, impact,
return in conveyor indl. Belts installations. As per is: 8598 & bs
stds., trusted by OEMs of bulk systems & consultants (projects).
Also manufacture belt conveyor, power transmission, hydraulic &
pneumatic and Machinery rubber and engineering goods.

Description: Universal power transmission vbelts – supply of
trouble-free power transmission v belts, mfd. In classical sections,
wedge, hexagonal, harvester combine, variable speed, poly rib,
banded, etc. Up to 10, 000mm pitch lengths. Ideal for agitators,
centrifugal pumps, compressors, textile mach., ceramics. As per is:
2494 & bs stds., trusted by OEMs of power transmission mach. &
consultants. Also manufacture belt conveyor, material handling,
hydraulic & pneumatic and machinery rubber and engineering goods.

Description: Supply of high speed torque transmission couplings,
mfd. In C.I. And aluminum material of types like star, pin bush,
tyre & gear upto 1250mm o.d. Sizes & up to 310mm bore size handling
capacity. Ideal for high speed pumps, engines, generator sets,
motors, etc. As per H.I.C.S own stds., trusted by OEMs of
crane/foundry and mining mach. & consultants. Also manufacture belt
conveyor, material handling, hydraulic & pneumatic and machinery
rubber and engineering goods.

Description: This is to introduce a company specialized in ready-
made garments exports which have a vast history in the textile
industry. We gained competitive advantages in more than 3 foreign
markets. We have 3 factories equipped with modern machines in order
to provide our customers with high quality products (according to
the worlds highest standards of quality) at very good prices. We are
having purchase orders from international brand names in USA and
Europe like Levi's, GAP, GUESS, JCPenny, K-Mart, Gloria Venderbilt,
Kids Intl, Dockers, Compagniet, Regatta, Walmart, Groupe Zannier,
Mervyns and Target. We won the best supplier award several times
from many of our customers. We would like to enlarge our business
and expand our products worldwide and we are qualified to do so
because of the modern technology we are using.

Description: We would like to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer
& supplier of cotton knitted garments. We are a leading producers of
knitted t-shirts, polo shirts, sweat shirts, sports wear, casual
wear, night wear, fancy tops, blouse, towels, terry robes pajama
sets and excellent inner garments for men, women & children. We can
produce & design the products as per your wish, Please send us some
pictures or specification which you need.

Description: We are an India based company manufacturing-exporting
sodium CMC-detergent grades. We are supplying our CMC to MNCs like
Hindustan Lever Limited and Nirma Limited. We are looking for
consumers/importers/agents for export markets.

Description: Enlarge Natural penis enlarger Made of single element's
extraction naturally.

Description: We are India's largest manufacturer & exporters of
dehydrated onions, garlic and vegetables. Kindly contact us for your

Description: It is mainly the installation of the central air
conditioner and central air conditioner Production and sales of the
end: Refrigeration fittings, air conditioner warm device, cold air
blower, production and sales of ice crusher. Situation of the brand:
"China Thai" central air conditioner end equipment, cold air blower,
ice crusher of brand, air conditioner heating device Shandong famous
products brand trade mark.

Description: We are one of the leading exporters of industrial
forklift tyres. We sell solid and pneumatic tyres in many types at
very cheap price.

Description: Second hand and brand new computers and cars.

Description: Hello i'm a money manager who is seeking clients for
managed accounts for TFG.

Description: We are a leading exporter of high quality Iranian food
stuff such as tomato paste, dried fruit, pickle, juice and many

Description: The forefront of the manufacture industry in bags and
cases with over 600 workers factory, lies in South China, Dongguan
city. Servicing all worldwide bags and cases traders, distributors,
retailers and also for the famous brand OEM orders. Like organizer,
agenda, diary, portfolios, pencil case, name card cases, coin purse,
key chain, CD case, cosmetic bag, school bag, rucksack, handbag.

Description: We are a manufacturer specialized in producing all
kinds of leisure products. Such as beach chair, rattan stack chair,
complete set furniture including table and chair, tents, camp bed,
etc. We also have a strong capacity of production developing and
design. Welcome all customers' enquiry also your new style of these
items' pics or samples for your customized production.

Description: We are a USA based manufacturer of potato chips. We
offer our quality USA potato chips for export throughout the world.
Contact us for quotations.

Description: We are manufacturer, processor & exporter of dried
seafood items from Mumbai India. We can supply you fish meal,
sterilized fish meal, fish oil, dried Bombay duck fish, dried
prawns, jawala, anchovy, river prawns, dried salted ribbon fish,
dried salted leather skin fish, tuna, shark, cat fish, dried shark
fin, dried fish maw, shark cartilage, dried shrimp, other dried &
salted fish. We are looking for regular importer.

Description: We have yellowfin tuna to sell in deferent sizes frozen
or fresh. Regarding fresh fish already we export to Europe (UK,
France, Spain) in good quality.

Description: We offer generic viagra, cialis, propecia, prozac,
levitra, xenical, vioxx, celebrex, zoloft and other speciality
harmone preparations. Our products are of absolute right quality and
offer the most competitive prices and offer the quickest delivery.
Our products quality are well accepted by many of our European

Description: I want to buy any things used in plumbing for ex:

Description: 50000 disposable operating theare gowns and 11000
disposable table drapes made to mod spec 4 forty foot container

Description: Manufacturers, dealers & exporters firearms, replicas
of antique guns/pistols, sharp edged weapons, armour, handicrafts,
damascus steel, curios, fine arts, objects d’ arts, koft gari arts,
jewelry, gold/silver articles etc.

Description: A userful website for the business of chemical and
pharmaceutical raw material and intermediates trade. Mainly for
polyurethane catalyst and pharmaceutical intermediates. Especially
for polyurethane catalyst and pharmaceutical raw material and

Description: We are manufacturing phenyl acetic acid, pivolyl
chloride and activated charcoal. Any order with regard to above
products may be mailed to us.

Description: We manufacture oilfield grade xanthan gum or XC-
ploymer. Details would be provided against request.

Description: We can supply Japan "Akai" brand DVD player, CD player,
VCD player, MP3 Player and etc at very competitive prices. Those who
are interested, please kindly contact me. We also have our own/OEM
brand DVD player, VCD player and etc at very good price/quality.
Those who are interested, pls contact me.

Description: We are manufacturers and exporters of oyster shell grit
which is used as poultry feed supplement in Poultry farms and
hatcheries worldwide.

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