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Export offers

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New export offers available to BizEurope members:

Last update 14 july 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We are a leading manufacturer of beddings and down
products in China. We have over 10 years of exporting experience. We
have got Oeko-Tex certificate and we can comply with international
standard of ISO9002. And we also got ITS certification. We produce
all kinds of beddings (quilts, mattresses, sleeping bags, blankets,
throws, pillows, cushions, etc.) with feather/ down/ cotton/ silk/
wool/ polyester materials. We welcome your inquiries and visit at
any time.

Description: Our company mainly product plant hormones and it's
intermediates. I take this opportunity to introduce our company to
you and enclose our product list No. Product name CAS No. 001 6-
Benzylaminopurine (6-BA) [1214-39-7] 002 Kinetin (6-
Furfurylaminopurine) [525-79-1] 003 Adenine [73-24-5] 004
Forchlorfenuron (KT-30) [68157-60-8] 005 Pyranyl Benzyladenine
[2312-73-4] 006 Inositol 007 24-Epibrassinolide [78821-43-9] 008 a-
Naphthylacetic acid (NAA) [86-87-3] 009 Naphthylacetamide(NAD) [86-
86-2] 010 B -Naphthoxyacetic acid(BNOA) [120-23-0] 011 4-
Chlorophenoxyacetic acid(4-CPA) [122-88-3] 012 4-Bromophenoxyacetic
acid [1878-91-7] 013 4-Iodophenoxyacetic acid [1878-94-0] 014 3-
Indoleacetic acid(IAA) [87-51-4] 015 3-Indolebutyric acid(IBA) [133-
32-4] 016 Gibberellic acid(GA3) [77-06-5] 017 Gibberellin
A4+7(GA4+7) GA4: [468-44-0];GA7: [510-75-8] 018 Maleic hydrazide
(MH) [123-33-1] 019 Daminozide (B9) [1596-84-5] 020 Ethephon [16672-
87-0] 021 Glyphosine [2439-99-8] 022 Paclobutrazol(PP333) [76738-62-
0] 023 Mepiquat chloride(Px) [24307-26-4] 024 Triacontanol [593-50-
0] 025 3-(2-pyridyl)propanol [2859-68-9] 026 Biotin(Vitamin H) 027
Zeatin [1637-39-4] 028 (+)-cis, rans-Abscisic Acid [21293-29-8] We
look forward to building a strong and long lasting relationship with
you. Please let us know the items of your interest given below with
their respective quantity to enable us to submit you a competitive
offer. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon.

Description: The company with a total investment of USD 10 million
specializes in producing and manufacturing aluminum-plastic
composite panel. The company imported a whole advanced production
line of painting dressing with the patent of America and complex
line with the latest techniques of Germany. Its main products marked
*** brand are aluminum composite panel of 1 million square meters
and aluminum coil coated finishes of 2 million square meters per
year. The company introduced ISO 9001 and its product is recommended
by the National building Material Bureau. It has been managed in
modern and normal ways according to the requirement of modern
enterprise and listed company. In the marketing strategies, our
company emphasizes on the points of market orientation, humanization
and simplification, all of which made the strategies flexible,
exercisable and controllable. By absorbing the sprits of those
successful classical marketing cases at home and abroad, our company
expands the market shares and enhances the peculiarity of HuaYuan
brand. We have 4 series: 1.Exterior panel (Kynar500 PVDF) 2.
Interior panel (polyester) 3. Granite grain panel 4. fireproof panel
with many kinds of colors and specifications for your choice.

Trinidad And Tobago
Description: For Caribbean and international accommodation rentals
service and international sale of property.

Trinidad And Tobago
Description: International employment opportunities. Find employment
opportunities within the Caribbean, USA, Venezuela and Latin
America. Visit our web site to register.

Description: We supply top quality magnets and magnet materials in
low price. The magnets various from ferrite magnet, flexible magnet,
NDFEB magnet, alnico magnet, SMCO magnet, ferrite cores, rubber
magnet, refrigerator magnet magnet powder etc. The magnetic powders
for loudspeaker magnet, motor magnet, and refrigerator gasket etc.
We are specialized in supplying best Chinese magnets to the world
market since 1991. Highest magnetic properties materials and
components are carefully inspected in each stage of production. Our
qc team does random checking in each stage, and a more thorough
inspection of the finished product before and after packaging.

Description: We are one of leading manufacturer of DVD player, Home
theatre, MP3 and DVD recorder. With 4 years manufacture experience,
we have established strict quality control system to guarantee all
our products with high quality before delivering to our customer.
Our products with CE/UL approvals, we have passed ISO9000-
2000version. We are selling well our products to all around the
world with most competitive price based on the high quality.

Description: We are one of the biggest professional manufacturer and
exporter of button cell battery and dry battery in China for 10
years. Our types are: 1) Alkaline button battery: AG0, AG1, AG2,
AG3.AG13; 2) Lithium button battery: CR2032, 2025, 2016,. 2450,
2477, etc. 3) Zinc air button cells: ZA2330, ZA10/13/675/312 4)
Cylindrical alkaline/heavy duty AA, AAA, 9V, 12V batteries 5)
CR123A, CR-2, CR-P2, 2CR5 lithium photo battery 6) NIMH, NICD
rechargeable battery.

Description: We are professionally manufacturer in digital camera
battery and camcorder battery. Products are sold worldwide and are
highly appreciated in international market for it's high quality and
reasonable price and good service.

Description: As a leading manufacturer of PVC floor tile in china
and backed by more than 10 years of manufacturing experience, we
have various designs and colors \ sufficient supplies and on-time
delivery are guaranteed. Our products main size include:
12”x12”/18”x18”/4”x36”/6”x36”/24”x24” with different thickness and
wearlayer, also we have been exporting to many foreign countries and
received a highly popularity. We are developing new products in
order to meet the requirement of environmental protection, and we
are strictly with the quality during the production. We would like
to work with you to market them in your domain by offering you a
very competitive price.

Description: We are professional manufacturer for epoxy resin,
polyester resin and epoxy curing agent (TGIC, M68 as gloss reducing
agent) which are raw material to produce many kinds of powder
coating and paint. Please be free to contact me for further

Description: We are a manufacturer and also a exporter of all kinks
of electric scooter, gas scooter, electric bike, our product have a
good quality system, and have a professional technology teams, so
that promote our products are very popular in Europe can U.S.A
market, and have a good sales in every year, we can believe it also
can open your market, and suitable any country market. You can visit
our websites and select the best suitable for your market! We are
very hope our good service and good products quality can satisfy
you, if you are interested in our products, please tell me, we can
supply the detailed information about the scooter to you for your
reference, we can believe our scooter price is very competitive in
the world. We are very hope can avail of this opportunity to
establish relations with you!

Description: Our corporation is appointed manufacturer of Swiss
sunrise watch., watch type have: amatory watch, lady watch, sport
watch, gift watch, Price is favorable, guarantee quality and offer
promptly delivery If you want to understand our company and our
products detailed please contact us.

Description: The corporation which Integrating manufacture and
export high quality daily-use porcelain. It has more than 300
varieties products, the famous products brand including: western
style dinnerware; oriental style dinnerware; tea set; hotel &
restaurant ware; gift ware and family microware.

Description: PCI tuner is installed inside computer that the monitor
can receive TV channels, it can also connect with DVD, VCR, VCD, and
it can record down TV channels and VCD DVD programs. It is mutil-
function high quality digital audio and video system, it adopts
complete decord, pre-record, remote controlling record and infrared
remote control device and it also adopts soft decord and catchs the
video picture MPEG-1/MPEG2. Feature: 1. Can store up to cable and
wireless 160 TV channels. 2. With AV and S terminal, can cooent with
DVD, VCD, VCR, camcorder, recorder and recor down the programs. 3.
Can pre-viewing TV channels with 4-25 4. With infrared remote
control. 5. With high auto scan and memorizing functions. 6. Can
catch 30 pieces of AVI moving pictures per second, combiming with
WIN-DCR, it can catch 30 pieces of MPEG1/MPEG2 moving pictures per

Description: Chinese iron balls have long been famed as one of the
"three treasures" of Baoding, China. First produced during the Ming
Dynasty (1368-1644), iron balls have often been improved through the
ages by skilled Chinese handicraftsmen. Originally, these balls were
simple, solid, cylindrical objects. Later, handicraftsmen began
designing hollow balls and inserting sounding plates that produce
high and low tones when used. These lighter balls are easier to
handle and the musical tones contribute to the relaxation process
that results from exercising with them. Directions: The balls are
placed in one's hand and with the muscles in one's fingers and
forearms contracting and relaxing hamoniously. Beginners should
select balls of a smaller size and them, over time, increase ball
size as one's proficiency improves. Ultimately, one can exercise
both hands alternately or simultaneously and may even choose to use
three or four balls in one hand. Maintenance: The balls are made of
metal and, hence, should be kept dry and clean. Although the balls
are strong and durable, owners should avoid violently knocking them
against each other and against other solid objects andsurfaces. If
the balll is not used for a long period of time, it is advisable to
coat the balls with wax or grease for maintenance and preservation.
Please feel free to let me know if you need my service.

Description: As one of main manufacturing factory in China, we
produce wheels and tyres of 20 millions sets, and hand trucks, wheel
barrows of over 3 millions, we also produce other rubber and metal
products (such as rubber mat, tools) according to inquiry and

Description: Key Specifications: * Meats are quickly cooked on
ridged surface to retain natureal juices. * Excess oil will flow
into reservoir. * Heavy duty, die-cast cooking pans. * See-through,
tempered glass lid. * Premium, nonstick surface. * Cool-touch base
and handles. * Removable, full-range adjustable temperature control.
* Fully-immersible cooking pans, dishwasher safe. * Quick-release
cooking pans for easy cleaning.

Description: We has become a major company offering one-stop
services including mining processing and design of stone products,
installment, technical consulting service and after-sales service.
Our company is proud to have recruited a team of management experts
and history specialists. In addition, our company is equipped with
world-leading high and new equipment and scientific management
system. Our company mainly deals in granite and marble business
including European fireplaces, counter-tops, palisades, irregular
slabs, super-large and thin slabs, pavement etc. All the stone arts
and crafts and decorating materials are produced to meet demands of
various construction tastes. The products sell well in Japan,
Europe, America, Taiwan, major cities and regions of the Mainland
China and have won appraisals from various circles. We bear the
concept that*quality and reputation are the basic rules of
survival*. We seek for a higher, newer and quicker star and a
broader market. We are sure to create a more splendid future with
our partners from home and abroad.

Description: Established in 1972, we are a professional manufacturer
and exporter, one of the 500 top international company of China,
passed iso9001 in 1999. Our clients come from all over the world. We
manufacture and export portable metal cutter with CE & GS & EMC & UL

Description: Professional stone manufacturer (granite, marble and
serpentine) in Taiwan for years. Our manufacturing units are located
in Hualien (Taiwan), Fujian (China). Our sources of supply are
regular and have the full range domestic stone, and raw blocks
imported from other countries. Wide range stones are available in
various colors, thickness, and products such as, Thin tile, Slab,
Paving stone, Counter top, Carving and Tombstone etc. We also can
process according to customers’ requirement. Customers who are
interested in Taiwan Stone are welcome to visit our factory.

Description: Nutrient plus skin care system: *acid cleaning bar
(Gold Medal Winner Of Iena2002) *anti-aging, anti-oxidant, remove
makeup, lighten skin discoloration. *no mercury, no hydroquinone, no
peroxide and no harmful chemicals. *with botanical essence, pleant
extract and skin friendly natural materials.

Description: For Japan, USA, Korea, Taiwan, China brands Autoscan
(Autosearch) setup Function 10 in 1 designed circuit For TV, VCR,
CD/LD, satellite receiver, cable tv converter, airconditioner almost
famous brands like SONY PANASONIC SHARP. Over 100 brands can be
controlled, at the first time had to setup automatic scanning one
time. It is very easy for bonding process ST2088--For USA/North
America market ST3088--For Japan/Taiwan market ST5088--For China
mainland market ST6088--For Europe Market.

Description: Dice format universal remote control IC For Japan, USA,
Korea, Taiwan, China brands AUTOSCAN (AUTOSEARCH) SETUP Function 10
in 1 designed circuit For TV, VCR, CD/LD, satellite receiver, cable
TV converter, airconditioner almost famous brands like SONY
PANASONIC SHARP. Over 100 brands can be controlled, at the first
time had to setup automatic scanning one time. It is very easy for
bonding process ST2088--For USA/North America market ST3088--For
Japan/Taiwan market ST5088--For China mainland market ST6088--For
Europe Market.

Description: We are dealing in designer ladies tops in a variety of
fabrics like cotton silk, silk, jute cottons, chiffons and
georgettes amongst others. These shirts are worked with sequins,
beads, stones, thread work. They are finished in the latest trends
and can be worn over pants as daywear or eveningwear to the disco
etc. We also deal in Indian style ladies dresses similarly finished.
We assure you of the highest quality at competitive prices. Please
get back to us if you are interested in any of these products and we
will send you further details.

Description: We are dealing in beautiful glass and crystal jewelry
like bracelets and bangles. These are made of high quality glass
crystal embedded in lac and given a fine finish. They are made in a
variety of colors and designs. Your own designs can also be
incorporated if you wish. This kind of jewelry is the first of its
kind in South Eastern Asia and a handcrafted specialty made only in
our region and nowhere else in the world. We assure you of the
highest quality at competitive prices. Please get back to us if you
are interested in any of these products and we will send you images
of our designs for selection.

Description: We are specialized in mockup, RT, mold, rapid-tooling,
surface design.

Description: We are specialized in mold, mould, die, plastic,
injection, bi-injection, computer, electronics, sporting goods,
shoe, telephone.

Description: We are specialized in forging mold, forging mould,
injection mold, injection mould, pree mold.

Description: We are specialized in electric chain hoist, lever hist,
winch, trolley, lifting.

Description: We are specialized in die casting, mold, mould.

Description: We can supply pomice stones for using jean denims.
price: 70 Usd/mt FOB Mersin/Turkey(negotiable depending on amount)
sizes: 3-5 cm, 1-3 cm, 2-4 cm package: 25 kg. bags or any you want.

Korea (South)
Description: We are company export auto spare parts all Korean cars
Kia Daewoo Hyundai Sangyoung Samsong Asia we best work for export to
buyer what he ask for have nice day.

Description: My company represents manufacturers from China for
mobile phones and related accessories, ink cartridges of brand
printers, garments/textiles, stuff toys. I would like to connect
with companies who are in this relevant industry and who are
interested to be sole-distributors for mobile phones manufactured in
China and also for related products or to make an offer to purchase
the above mentioned products.

Description: Export banana, oranges, pomegranates etc. & all kinds
of quality fruits.

Description: Destinations in Europe, Russia, Turkish republics and
Far East. Our vision is to give best service with best price which
has to have quality, fastest time, and used experience whole of the
world for export, import, inland, full and partial shipments,
hanging shipments and also door to door shipments. For your all
logistics needs to and from Turkey.

Description: We offer the products below: 1)- household linen; bed
sheets, bed covers, curtains, blankets, tablecloths, and products in
this nature. 2)- explosion proof electrical equipments. 3)- carbage
cans with photocell opening mechanisms; mostly used in rush areas
like hospitals and offices, and enables the users to save time with
its automatic photocell opening mechanism. Not touching. 4)- air
freshners, liquid soaps, hair sprays. 5)- fertilizers, and different
agricultural products.

Description: One of our sister companies offers real wild pork meat
(hunted on mountains of Turkey) row or processed can be exported.

Description: One of our sister companies has brown travertine &
marble with fossils owner & exporter firm in Turkey. We can supply
blocks & slabs & cut-to-size tiles with very competitive prices. We
can produce 5000 Sqm Tiles, 7.000 Sqm Slabs Per month. If you
interest more detail information, Please contact us.

Description: We are manufacturers of sequin garments and
accessories. If you are looking for stoles or scarves in large
quantities, we can offer you at any given point of time. But apart
from these we are also into manufacturing of evening dresses, tops &
skirts, parellels, bags, bustiers etc etc.

Description: UK leading manufacturer, importer and exporter of
ladies wear, men’s wear and children wear ie. Classic & sexy
lingerie, basque, nightwear, fashionwear, tops, t-shirt, trouser,
jeans, clubwear, partywear etc. *.we can export any products from UK
*.We can manufacture to customer specification and design, packed
under own labels if required *.Wanted freelance commission bases
agents, reps, import-export executive, email marketing and web
designer. *.We welcome inquiry for CMT & Sub-Contract work. * Our
brand jeans at unbeatable price from ?4.50p.

Description: Our company sells & exports polypropylene pipes &
fittings, polyethylene pipes & fittings, waste water pipes &
fittings, pex pipes & fittings, valves, radiators, etc. from
Istanbul / Turkey.

Description: Here is our offer: hCG-pregnancy Test Stripe 1.22. $
hCG-pregnancy Test Device 1.52. $ hCG-pregnancy Test Stick 3.68. $
IHI-302 HIV Test Serum / Plasma 4.90. $ IHI-402 HIV Test Kit Whole
Blood / Serum Plasma 9.82. $ to use in a house and it is allowed to
sell in pharmacies HBsAg 301 Test StripSerum Plasma 3.71. $ HbsAg
401 Test Strip Whole Blood / Ser./Plas. 4.05. $ HbsAg 402 Test
Device Whole Blood / Ser./ Plas 4.97. $ HCV ihc 301 Test Strip Serum
/ Plasma 3.91. $ HCG ihc 401 Test Strip Whole / Blood / Ser./ Plas.
4.21. $ HCG ihc 402 Test Device Whole Blood / Ser./ Plas. 5.12. $ if
offer is 50 000 then these tests will arrive in 6 to 8 weeks These
tests are originally from Germany, Ulm. If you are interested in
these tests and you decide to order the items above then after
receiving proof of purchase you are suppose to pay 40% in advance
and 60% after you receive the items with the bank guaranty. If you
chose to pay in advance we give 8% off the price. In addition, we
also have 30 infective quick tests. If you are interested we can
send you a detail description. If you have any concerns or questions
please fell free to contact us.

Description: We staring to production of lathe machining, press tool
mold, kitchen ware items, auto parts, pressure cooking pots and
microwave oven. We will keep improving our quality to serve all

Description: We are the manufacturer of medical disposable items,
our main production line are: PE disposable glove, Suction catheter
kit, Heated moisture exchanger (artificial nose).

Description: We are a professional screws manufacturer. We have been
manufacturing in the field of screws for over 20 years. We pursue
high quality and supply customers satisfactory service.

Description: Base on relatively higher technique than other and
prove our new electroplating / chemical chillers and make them
standardize. Our main products are microprocessor/full function
chiller machines for electroplating/chemistry fields, chiller

Description: We were founded in January 1992. Owing to our interest
in wire materials, we provide high quality products and satisfying
service to customers by adhering a "warm, honest, remarkable and
growing" operational concept.

Description: In the early stages, the company's main products were
horizontal and low-speed mixers. our main products are semiautomatic
feeder, PVC & TPR pelletizing whole-plant equipment, high speed
mixer, vertical cooling & blending machine, vertical mixer etc.

Description: We are a manufacturer and exporter and we are over 15
years of experience in the various kind of disposable non-woven
products. Our products can for medical, industrial and personal use.

Last update 13 july 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: Our company is a factory in China, especially
manufactures all sorts of glass thermometers, bimetal thermometers,
and hydrometers for industry and home etc. The products of our
company are primarily useful for exporting, for example America,
Germany, England, some Asia and Africa countries etc. We hope to
supply these products to you, and have a success in business with
you. If having any questions, don’t hesitate to contact with us.

Description: We offer twin screw extruder lines for capacities up to
150 kg/hr and 250 kg/hr. Designed for best dispersion and mixing of
master batches and compounding. Please call for detailed

Description: We export all kinds of furniture, art crafts, luggage,
bags, glassware, home decor, etc.

Description: We sell kinds of expanded perlite. Break up acidity
volcanic glassiness lava perlite, screening into a definite size,
warming-up, then instantly roast them in high temperature, to crank
out expanded perlite.

Description: Peat moss is also called turf, formed by dried up
plants on downfold since 5, 000 to 10, 000 years ago, they
accumulated year by year, and finally became an organic ore. Our
products contains 48.8% humic acid, 83.2% organic matter and plenty
of microelement.

Description: Rotten leaves is a nutrient soil, made from oak leaves,
by decompose and ferment the microbe.

Description: Our Lime products can effectually improve the basicity
of soil, to construct a comfortable circumstance for the growth of
crops and plants. Hydrated lime, contains more than 85% alkali and
25% or so soluble magnesia. Magnesian lime contains more than 60
percent alkali, 35percent soluble magnesia and so on. Organic lime
contains 45percent more alkali. T he particle size is 80-100mesh.

Description: Zeolite is a floorboard of zeolum group, a hydrous
alkali or alkali earth metal aluminium silicate mineral, with
beehive or cage like configuration. Actived zeolite is made from
natural zeolite, calcined in high temperature. Having stronger
absorption and cation exchange capacity.

Description: We are a manufacturer of Range hoods in Ningbo, China.
Our product are novel in design, good in quality and competitive in
price. Please see our web for our product, if interesting, feel free
to contact us.

Description: We can now turn out much better economic and social
efficiency. We unite together, respect jobs and keep innovative,
which, through years' efforts, have resulted in a foreign exchange
earning enterprise by exporting, who owns powerful economic basis.
Our marketing nets spread out Japan, U.S.A., Germany, France,
Switzerland, Mid-E AST and other countries and districts.

Description: Our company is a major manufacturer of silica (quartz)
products such as high purity silica sand, silica powder, micro-
silica powder, (crystal) powder and fused silica lump and powder,
etc. These products are widely used as materials for (optic)glass,
optical fiber, electrical, electronic, semiconductor, epoxy molding
compound (emc), paint, coating, ceramic, chemical, building,
foundry, precision casting, refractory and abrasives industries etc.
The detail specification as follows: 1. Quartz sands (silicasands)
High purity grade: Sio2: 99.95%min-99.8%min fe2o3: 3ppm max-30ppm
max, size: 2-200 mesh high purity silica sand, quartz stone
Deliberated grade: Sio2: 99.8%min-99.0%min fe2o3: 50ppm max-0.03%
max, size: 2-325 mesh 2. Natural crystal powder Sio2: 99.90%min-
99.99%min, size: 2-300 mesh 3. Fused quartz ingot Sio2: 99.9%min
fe2o3: 50ppm max, al2o3: 0.03% max, size: 5-100 mesh 4. Quartz in
lump Special grade: Sio2: 99.9%min, 1st grade: Sio2: 99.8%min fe2o3:
0.004%max 2nd grade: Sio2: 99.7%min fe2o3: 0.008%min 3rd grade:
Sio2: 99.5%min fe2o3: 0.03%min. 5. Micro-silica powder Sio2:
99.5%min-99.0% min, fe2o3: 0.02%max, al2o3: 0.3% max, size: 200-800
mesh 6. Fused quartz powder Sio2: 99.9%max, fe2o3: 50ppm max, size:
2-325 mesh.

Description: We aim at providing good quality products to our
customers with the most competitive prices. we offer flash memory
pen, VCD player, DVD player, Vehicle Audio System, MP3 Player and so
on. We are not only supply the products we made, but also search new
items for our customers. We supply printer parts such as toner
cartridge, fuser film and other consumable products.

Description: Our company is major in manufacturing coaxial cable.
For example, computer cable, telephone cable, etc. If you are
interested in our products, please e-mail me.

Description: We are manufactory and special to produce all kinds of
diamond tools such as diamond segment, blade for cutting granite and
marble, polishing pad, and so on. Now, we are exporting our goods to
all over the world and good reputation for our good quality and
service. We hope to enter into good relationship with you in the
near future. Don't hesitate any more, and let us know each other. If
you have any question or request, pls feel free to contact with us.

Description: Special company in the field of welding in China. We
have experts who have been in the welding field for many year. We
have our own factory to produce all kinds of Tungsten electrode for
TIG welding. We are sure of supplying you with good quality and
competitive prices of all kinds of Tungsten electrodes such as WTh,
Wce, Wla, WP etc. Please note our detailed specification of the
tungsten electrodes as follows: Diameter: from 1.0mm to 10.0mm
Length: 150.0mm, 175.0mm, 178.0mm Surface: Ground Package: Plastic
case.10 Pieces in one plastic case. Outside package: Paper cases.

Korea (South)
Description: We'd like to offer TFT-LCD module, monitor & TV
receiver for car entertainment system. Available sizes are from 2.5"
to 17" for worldwide PAL & NTSC color system and we've been exported
our products to Germany, Australia, Spain, Finland, Sweden & Canada
since 1997. We also have new developed 6.5" touch screen TFT/LCD
monitor with in-dash size DVD player, which is gearing each other.
The function of DVD player is designed to be controlled by both
touch screen monitor and remote controller. We always believe the
product's quality tells everything to consumer.

Description: Granite tiles and slabs of standard or required sizes
and granite blocks.

Description: Our company relies on modern science and technology,
devotes herself to developing diverse high grades household
electrical appliances and environment-protection related products,
which are suitable used in hotel, restaurant, hospital, office and
household and so on. Our range include water purifier, filter cup,
filter cartridge, automatic hand dryer, automatic soap dripper,
automatic perfume sprayer, etc.Featuring design and outstanding
function, our products are really good companions to your modern
life. We adhere to the operation concept of making prestige by
quality, regarding sincerity as the foundation of success.

Description: A series of radios, "best quality, low price".

Description: As one of the leading exporter and manufacture of
Vietnam Chuongmy's rattan & vicker products, We are looking for
potential importers and wholesalers from all over the world. We
guarantee to delivery to you only the finest handmade products at
the most competive price. Our products: - rattan and vicker
furniture: table, chair, walldrop, stool, foldscreen, basket, etc -
ceramic and rattan plates, picture we are pleased to receive any of
your request for information and quotation.

Description: Manufacture and exporter of ribbons such as polyester
ribbon, velvet ribbon and rainbow ribbons etc., and all kinds of
ribbon bows & trimmings in China. Produces various types of high
quality polyester satin ribbon, nylon velvet ribbon. Our polyester
ribbon is made out of imported yarns and dyes, it is dyed at high
temperature on our own, and it meets all the standard of
environmental protection in Europe, America and Japan etc. We have
more than 100 colors of polyester ribbon in more than one dozen of
width. Most of them are available all the time. We makes all kinds
of quality ribbon bows, flowers, rosettes, roses and rosebuds. All
items are individually handcrafted using nylon, polyester,
grosgrain, sheer ribbons etc. In assorted pretty colors. These
little darling articles are great for that added touch on little
girl's clothing, lingerie, toys, hair barrettes, ornaments, crafts,
and holiday wrap etc.

Description: Our company is a high-tech enterprise in China,
specializing in Chinese herbal medicines, for years research we have
developed Sumei slimming plaster, this product is refined and
concentrated from natural herbs and plants. It is adopted modern
skin-permeation and is in form of soft-plaster so as to make the
medicines permeate into focus directly. Stick it to navel at each
night and remove it in the next morning to get weight-loss. This
product has exported to Singapore, Malaysia and received good
reputation. Now we are looking for distributors and importers around
worldwide to represent our product. Please contact us if you have
something interested, we will send you the details for your
reference. Looking forward to your early reply, hope to establish
profitable business relations with serious distributors and

Description: Our campaign annually produces by the booking of the
Ministry of Defense for ours military and soldier the upper
regimentals (clothes(clothing) flight and winter). For this purpose
is annually purchased from miscellaneous countries (Russia, Turkey)
tissue: - For winter clothes(clothing) (structure: 50 % cotton, 50 %
polyester. Weight one meter a square not less 310-315gr/m2. Quantity
annually till 650 thousand running metres, width 150sm. For
years(summer) clothes(clothing) (structure: 63 % cotton, 37 %
polyester. Weight one meter a square not less 200-210gr/m2. Quantity
annually till 650 thousand running metres, width 150sm. The tissues
are processed(treated) by water-repellent elemental compositions
with the purposes of a non-admission of passing of a moisture and
water. The figure for deposition on a tissue will be shipped by us
to you after obtaining from you The consent and endorsement of
readiness on its(her) manufacturing and submission(representation)
to us of the price for an off-the shelf tissue. Samples of a tissue
we under your requirement will be shipped. Colour of a tissue of
olive colour.

Description: Manufacturer & supplier of dental/surgical instruments
to hospitals, clinics, medical centers, distributors, wholesalers,
importers throughout the world. We are provider of innovative
products and services. We supply products at very reasonable and
competitive prices. We produce instruments using high quality
stainless steel according to customers requirements. We have great
experience of manufacturing custom made instruments against
customers designs.

Description: We are one of the leading manufacturers of stone
products in China. We supply granite, marble, travertine, basalt,
crystallized glass panel, limestone and slate which are polished,
honed, bush hammered and so on at competitive prices.

Description: We are major suppliers of dried figs and dried organic
dried figs(organic products have certificate by IMO international
certificate company) from Izmir which is the biggest center of
export in TURKEY. We produce many varieties like lerida, protoben,
pulled, natural. Our packing types changed order made. But we
generally use;3, 5 kg, 10 kg bulk size and 250gr, 500gr, 1000gr
packing size. Our package types are cartoon box, cello box, wooden
box and cotton bags. If you indicate your terms and condition of
supply, quality, destination port and packaging criteria so that we
can quote you our C&F rates for your kind consideration. We solemnly
assure you the quality of dried figs analyzed in laboratory with
sanitary certificate.

Description: A metallic items 1 medals and pins, key-chains, tie
clips, bottle-openers, buckles tags, picture frames, badges,
plaques, trophies, bookmarks, table-top ornaments, etc. 2 High-
quality metal ornaments, labels and tags for clothing, leather
goods, shoes and hats, scarf pins, necklaces, rings. B PVC Items
Metals and pins, key-chains, photo frames, bracelets, coasters,
white-board magnets, fridge-magnets, tags, and various fine
ornaments. The items maybe made in two or three-dimensional forms.
Choice of metals include brass, iron, aluminum, zinc alloy, Pewter
and other alloys, which may undergo different types of processing to
produce various innovative items. Your enquiry is welcome anytime.

Description: More than 30 years of experience in Turkey, we produces
thermoforming plastic cups, disposables and plates, printed or
unprinted, for dairy, water, chocolate, detergent, ice cream
industries. our company offers you cups, made of polypropylen,
polystren and PVC, with the highest quality meeting ISO 9001 and
HACCP Standards. Please visit our web site for more information and
contact us.

Description: We are specialized in expanded metal, machine, mesh.

Description: We are specialized in powder brakes, electromagnetic

Description: All kinds of DVD loader PN Usable Mechanism RT301-01
Sanyo DV34 RT302-01 Samsung S71 RT302-02 Samsung S71
RT305-01 Sony KSM-213, Samsung, Sanyo series RT305-02 Sony KSM-
213, Samsung, Sanyo series RT307-01 Sony KSM-213 RT307-02 Sony KSM-
213 RT307-03 Sony KSM-213 RT606-01 Samsung S71.

Russian Federation
Description: We have been located in auto spare part and industry
components since 1993. We export spare parts for different kind of
vehicles, offer additional equipment: winches and trailer-hitches
for SUV, trucks, light-trucks etc. For manufacturers we offer wide
choice of various purpose bearings. Quality our partner's products
are approved by QS, such as ISO 9000, 9001, 9002 etc. Long work time
our company guarantee you fulfillment of our obligations and quick
response to your query.

Description: We are manufacturer exporter for: home furnishings.
Floor coverings. Garments. Fabrics we are serving to hole of U.S,
Canada & many of the European countries.

Description: We are manufacturing hand painted porcelain door
handles, knobs for furniture, bathroom accessories, lightings and
many other decorative articles. We are looking for agents/
distributors in many countries.

Description: Our company is a Turkish manufacturer and exporter of
household textiles, such as bedspreads, draperies, cushion covers
and shams, all having unique designs and quality. Located in 3 500
m2 closed area, our integrated manufacturing facilities consist of
modern technology weaving and broidery machines. Our team of
qualified designers continuously developed for the best to suite the
latest trends that our collections reflect elegance as well as high
quality. We can also produce new designs in accordance with clients'
requirements. As an ISO 9001: 2000 Certified Company, we provide
products with stable quality, superior service to you. And we hope
to cooperate with clients from all over the world on the basis of
mutual benefit. Looking for agents, representatives, wholesalers

Description: Hologram mall supply holographic stickers, hologram
machines, hologram masters, hologram cards.

Description: Natural face shiner made of orange peels and natural
herbs no chemicals, no side effects.

Description: Arthritis is one of the most painful disease and in
uncontrolled conditions, it leads to deformity, we offer
consultation for treatment and prevention for the particular
disease. We have the distinction to develop one of the most
effective herbal drug under the name of S.Compound.

Description: We are leading manufacturer of Indonesia wood products.
Our wood products made from indonesia species such as: yellow balau,
bangkirai, merbau, etc. We could supply for the commodity Sawn
Timber and Flooring Products, S2S, S4S, Anti Slip/Antiskid Decking +
Under construction, BEAMS, Garden Tile. We produce 2, 000-2, 500
M3/per month.

Description: We are in position to supply you wood elements oak and
others (timbers, lumbers, parquet elements, boards.) upon your
order. Origin Ukraine. Please contact with your inquiries.

Description: We are one of the leading formulators, manufacture &
exporters of ayurvedic, herbals & surgical products. We want to
expand of markets further. Also, we need a "bandage stripping
machine", "adhesive tape coating machine" for our plant.

Description: Carbon black different grades, carbon black LDPE
masterbatch (30% carbon).

Description: We manufacture nutrient rich herbal bio fertilizer for
indoor potted plants. Each pack is with 500 grams costing US$1-00c.
Each plant requires about 2-3 teaspoons a week. Please send in your

Description: Leading Turkish company specialized in production and
supplying of hardware for furniture industry as handles, knobs, coat
stand hangers, hooks and base furniture feet. Large variety of
models and production of articles following original samples of
customers. High level of customer service, professional experience
in international markets. Big production capacity and delivery on
time. Quality according of the international standards and
competitive prices.

Description: Our main emphasis is on "excellent quality, best
servie, reasonable price and rapid delivery". We are making every
endeavor on R&D continuously to upgrade and also to innovate our
products or OEM items to be consistent with the requirements of all
worldwide customers. To deal with our company, it will be your best
choice and a profitable business.

Description: Established in 1978, and has always devoted itself to
developing and manufacturing the pleating machines. In addition to
this, we also offer clothing, hair garments, leather lamp shades and
so on.

Description: In 1990, company was established. She immediately
conduct her business operations by designing & manufacturing
switching power supplies. In 1992, the development and production of
a full series of standard power was realized, and the publication of
its first catalog completed. The company's yearly income increased
by up to 70%. In 1996, true to its goal of developing products that
are relevant to the modern world, Reign Power started the mass
production of lead acid battery chargers, eurocard series and a 500
watts full range power supply. In 1997, in continuance of its goal,
currently, we are in the process of developing Ni-Cad battery
chargers and power for PC/104; and other products relating to
industrial automation purposes and bigger watts of power supplies.

Dominican Republic
Description: We are manufacturers & exporters of pure noni & aloe
vera juice made in Dominican Republic.

Description: China folk artificial painting crafts-inside painting,
silk painting, ink painting, straw painting, corn painting, paper-
cut, embroidery, fashion woven bag etc.

Description: We can supply all kinds of wire mesh: stainless steel
wire mesh, brass wire mesh, Dutch wire mesh, black wire cloth elt.

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