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Export offers

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New export offers available to BizEurope members:

Last update 06 july 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: Products name: Underwater light(HT001S) Feather: 1. Hue
color, can change color automatically; 16 kinds of working state 2.
Save energy, long use life 3. Safely to use; 4. Widely use in
swimming room and public square fountain etc.

Description: Products name: Intelligent electronic lock (MS2110)
Feather: 1.Electric mechanics integration, highly integrate
2.Inductive, untouched, prevent wear out, long service life
3.Controlled by electricity, open very quickly 4.With triple
password, user password, card password and the confirmation function
of report loss black list, it can completely avoid and stop the
breaking of the invalid card. 5.Manage conveniently, with inquiry,
report loss, delete black list print, statistics functions etc.
6.Great amount of storage, every lock has 1000 users, can save 500
records. 7.It keeps the unlocked function of the spare mechanical
key. 8.Can choose the remote control and quantity of it. 9.Suit to
environment rainproof, waterproof; defend the sunshine direct

Description: Products name: Intelligent access controller (HT2110)
Feather: 1.Support password certification, it can completely avoid
and stop the breaking of the invalid card. 2.Support sleep operation
mode. 3.When the inductive card passes the controller, the
controller will automatic checkout, LED checks lights indicate
detecting state. 4.External can permissive program to direct
controll the states of LED check light and buzzer. 5.Provide the
method of various communications with complete read and write
function to use son the procedure and communication son procedure.
6.It can single machine independence circulate, and also can network
use (controller hair card and backstage hair card).

Description: Products name: electronic drop bolt feather: l. Set up
an electric circuit to close, cut off the power supply to open. 2.
Have electrodynamics induction type and touch pearl orientates
function 3. Functions can be adjusted for 0-9 seconds to delay time
4. Control by microprocessor, unlock at once. 5. Doors switch over
locking location switches over for switches location switch, door
magnetism /LED indicator lamp 6.Suitable for the revolving door,
plate chain door or push and pull door. 7.Necessary

Description: Products name: Magnetic lock Feather: 1. Unlock way:
Unlock without electricity. 2. Standard voltage: 12DCV 3. Operation
carrent: 500mA 4. Pull power: 280kg 5. Installation way: Install
outside 6. LED clue: Show the open or close state of the lock 7.
Sensor: Check the close or open state.

Description: We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters
of Taiwan sexy adult toy & erotic toys and are enjoying an excellent
reputation through eighteen year business experience. Especially
welcome OEM & ODM service. If you are interested in the
abovementioned product and would like to have more information
please visit our website.

Description: We are all types of finished Leather exporter of
Bangladesh, and exporting good quality of finished leather since
1996 to different countries of the World. We are interested to
appoint regular basis as a foreign leather companies buying agent in
Bangladesh. Our price is very competitive. We are waiting for early

Description: Manufacturers and exporters of all kind of knives,
swords, daggers, axes, scissors, lance blades, arrowheads, wooden
products, leather goods, horn & bone beads, custom jewelry, hand &
machine embroidery. If you have any inquiry, please dont hesitate to
contact us.

Description: Leading low voltage electric manufacturers and
exporters in China. Specialized in developing, manufacturing and
exporting low voltage electric and components, building electrics,
communication electrics, switches, instruments and meters, power
supply, lightings and other electrical accessories. We invite you to
visit our web site get details information of us, and please enquiry
us without any hesitation if you are interested in our products.

Description: We offer a complete service for registration/formation
and establishment of companies LLC or any kind of new business in
UAE as well in Middle East countries.

Description: Xanthan Gum USP (food or Cosmetic grade) CAS Number:
11138-66-2 Appearance: cream colored powder PH (1% solution): 6-8.0
Moisture: 13% Ash: 13% Particle size: 100% 60mesh (250micron), 95%
80mesh (180micro) V1/V2: 1.02-1.45 Pyruvic Acid: 1.5% Heavy Metal:
20ppm Lead: 5ppm Arsenic: 3ppm Microbiological: Total plate count:
500cfu/g Yeast/mould: 100cfu/g E.coli: absent/25g Salmonella:
absent/25g Packing: 25kg CTN Xanthan Gum is normal powder produced
by fermentation of carbohydrate with xanthomonas campestris,
specially used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications as
stabilizer, thickener or emulsifier. We can offer 200mesh as well.

Description: It is one of the largest cocoa powder manufactures in
China. We have engaged in cocoa powder for more than 10 years. With
advanced mechanism and sanitary facilities, we can supply kinds of
cocoa powder to you with satisfied quality and competitive price in
large quantity. We have exported to more than 30 countries in the
world. We'd like to establish a long term and stable business
relationships with your trade company.

Description: 1, 2, 4-Butanetriol CAS Number: 3068-00-6 Appearance:
colorless transparence oil liquid Assay(GC): 98.2% Cl: 0.0003%
Ash:0.01% Package??200 kg Drum. 1, 2, 4-butanetriol is a kind of
typical fine chemicals. It is widely applied in high-technical
fields and used as an important intermediate of high performance
products: Important intermediates of medicine preparation, Accessory
ingredient of tobacco to reduce tar harm, Accessory ingredient of
photo developer to increase color degree and adhesive force power,
Accessory ingredient of high-grade ink, Surface process agent of
high-grade of cloths, Process agent of ceramics, Cross linking agent
of polymer materials.

Description: Specialized in manufacturing and distributing NdFeB,
Ferrite, AlNiCo, SmCo etc. With more than seven years development,
we've accumulated rich human and technological resources in R&D,
production and services. Now, Our magnets are available in a variety
of shapes and sizes including block, ring, arc segment, disk,
cylinder, rotor, etc., widely used in electronics, HDD, micro
electronics, magnetic separators, audio equipment, imagery resonant
of nuclear magnetism and instruments. All the products are
manufactured according to the state technical standards and IEC
international standards. We also have an advantage in developing
applied products using permanent magnets. Our R&D teams are always
ready to provide aids to you. We has a significant market in Europe,
America, Asia and Africa. We are committed to providing the best
possible customer service, maintaining consistent quality and
effecting continuous product upgrade through R&D. It values
close and long-term relations with customers.

Description: We would like to sell our broaching m/c brand: Apex
(USA) Type: Surface/Internal Capacity: 6 Tons & 36" stroke In
perfect working condition. Currently in use to produce automotive
parts. Available: end Dec 2003/Jan 2004 Digital pictures available
on request.

Description: We are a main manufacturer and seller of beauty care
implements, scissors and some other products for 12 years in China.
We supply various eyelash curlers at very reasonable price. And you
will find that "made in China" not only means lowest price but also
means high quality from us.

Description: PVP-I USP24 Appearance: red-brown, crystalline powder
Loss On Drying: 5.5% Nitrogen: 10.6 Heavy Metals: 20ppm Available
Iodine: 10.9% Residue on Ignition: 0.001% Iodine Ion: 4.5 Packing:
25kgs Drum PVP-I (PVP-IODINE) is used as bactericide, virucide,
fungicide for local antiseptic in surgical scrubs or for other
rapeutical purposes and protect patient from infection. It is also
used as microbicide for kitchen utensils in family and in
antidandruff shampoo. In addition, it is also used as good
microbicide in food and feed industry. Special Recommending: PVP K-
30 USP24 and industry grade PVP VA-64 USP24 and industry grade.

Description: We are a professional manufacturer & leading exporter
for PC products in Mainland China. Its main products are SCSI card,
29160, 39160, 2940UW, 29320etc. LAN card, including 3Com, Intel,
RTL, D-LINK. As far as quality is concerned, our prices and quality
can compare favorably with those of other suppliers, And we provide
best service, Both large and small order are welcome. If you
interested in any of them, please do not hesitate to contact with

Description: Kamhmiri shawls (all types), perician art comodities
like papermachi, khatmband sealing, kashmiri dry fruits, kashmiri
embroudary work, kashmiri carpets.

Description: Group of companies located in Izmir, Turkey. It's a
manufacturer and processor of organic dried fruits, nuts, pulses,
fruit juice concentrates & purees and IQF fruit & vegetables. We
make our sells are mainly to European countries and USA. All of our
products are certified by Eco-Cert. We are also able to provide
conventional goods beside organics. We have our own plant for
freezing and drying and have a wide range of products. We are able
to prepare private labels.

Description: We are a joint venture company of Hong Kong and
Singapore investors and we are a leading manufacturer and exporter
of quality gearbox. Our own manufacturing plant in Mainland China
consist of more than 250 elite workers. We specialize in making all
ratio of gearboxes. All the worm gears are manufactured under
Italian technical background to provide premium quality and maximum
durability. We guarantee excellent workmanship, competitive price,
and prompt delivery. Trying to further develop our sales net over
the world, we are searching for reliable retailers who can
commercialize our products in different industrial sectors.

New Zealand
Description: We doing export prime and supreme quality New Zealand
frozen halal lamb and mutton, if any meat importer interest about
frozen halal lamb or mutton from new zealand pleas do not hesitate
to send us your quarry.

Description: Organization of dedicated professionals from fashion,
textile arts and marketing, dedicated to the revival of traditional
hand-embroidery craft from India adapted to very contemporary
product-range of life-style and fashion accessories products using
very innovative stitches, founded and headed by mr. r. s. shehrawat,
a fashion and textile consultant and trends analyst. Our present
product-range include: 1. Wall frames which are inspired by
various themes depicting nature. flora, fauna, animals, motifs all
come alive in a vibrant, colorful mode. Each of the masterpieces
involve continuous work from a minimum of 4 members working 10 hours
a day for 3 to 4 months. These make wonderful D?cor pieces,
Lifestyle products, Gifts (personal as well as corporate),
Collectors Items or just Lifestyle Status symbols. 2. Shawls &
Stoles 3. Belts 4. Badges 5. Motifs such as Butterflies (which
can be framed as wall decorations or individually can be used as
appliques on garments or fashion accessories as danglors) Your own
designs also can be made as per your specification.

Description: We are manufacturing LED traffic signal lights. Please
contact with us in order to have a deep acknowledge.

Description: We are manufacturers of 100% eco-friendly disposable
tableware (plates, trays, bowls, cups, etc.) Made of areca palm
sheaths. Features: bio-degradable, wood free, chemical free,
pollution free, replaces paper, polystyrene and plastic, buffet
friendly, thicker than plastic, traditional Indian product, and much
more. We can serve for your trade enquiries on import requirements
from India especially: printing & publishing, garments, tableware,
spices, etc.

Description: We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as
representatives and exporters of pharmaceuticals (APIs and
intermediates) based in India. We are equipped with the necessary
expertise, infrastructure and contacts to help you find the right
supplier. We can deliver customized material to suit your needs,
from accredited sources. We request you to forward your
requirements/enquiries of pharmaceutical raw materials and
intermediates to us and we assure you of our prompt and personalized
services. You can save time incurred in contacting a number of
suppliers in India for sourcing your requirements. We welcome
representation /Liason work in India. We hope to be associated with
you for our mutual benefit and look forward to your positive
feedback at an earliest.

Description: We are specialized in making mockup, RT, mold, rapid-
tooling, surfacial design.

Description: Aosalge electric bicycles: 1, Standard Load: 75KGS; 2,
Max Speed: 20KM/H; 3, Distance Per Charge: 45KM; 4, Motor Output
Power: 180W-240W; 5, Battery Voltage: 36V; 6, Charging Time: 3-8
Hour; 7, Input Voltage: AC110-240V/50Hz/60Hz; 8, Non-Graded
Accelerator; Packing: S.K.D. Carton: 165*34*105CM H.S Code: 87119000
Delivery Terms: FOB, CFR, CIF Payment Terms: T/T, L/C.

Description: We are specialized in tungsten carbide screw drawing
tubing dies, extraordinary inner & outer drawing tubing dies,
extraordinary hot extrusion dies, variety of extraordinary cold
drawing dies, variety of extraordinary drawing dies.

Description: We are specialized in 3D design, mold designing,
product development, specialized in R&D.

Description: We are specialized in injection molds & MFG, mold,
mould, plastic mold.

Description: We are specialized in precision mold design &
manufacturing plastic injection product assembly.

Description: We are specialized in plastic, plastic injection mold,
injection, mold, CAD, CAM, CAD/CAM, CNC, CNC machining, casting, die
casting, prototype, mockup.

Description: We are specialized in gear plastic gear JGMA AGMA gear.

Description: We are specialized in plastic mold, mould, gear.

Description: We are specialized in airplane parts, medical parts,
electronics parts, auto parts, pool parts, office machinery,
sporting goods, telecommunications, packing vessels, toys & gifts,
computer & peripherals, household goods, stationery article, motor
accessories, audio & video.

Description: We are specialized in heaters, heating tube, heater

Description: We are specialized in motor, reducer, gear, GORP, PMDC,
motor, hollow, shaft, worm, controller, pouer, transmission,

Description: We are specialized in plastic mold, tooling, computer,
mouse, mould, steel, 3D.

Description: We are specialized in mold, shoe mold, injection,
rubber outsoles, EVA injection.

Description: We are specialized in large size mold design and
development, beach chair series. Beach table series. Household

Description: We are specialized in plastic injection mold.

Description: We are specialized in mold mould tooling tool injection
plastic 3d proecad cam.

Description: We are specialized in label, injection, key chain.

Description: We are specialized in dies molds manufactory precision
floppy motor industries progressive core.

Description: We are specialized in CNC, machine tool designer,
computer hardware & software engineer, machining expert and
international marketing engineer.

Description: We are specialized in extruder, extrusion, blowing film
machine, co-extrusion, PE wrapping/stretch film making machine,
PE/PVC shrink film making machine, zipper bag whole plant, PP pearl
ribbon making machine, flexographic printing machine, rotogravure
printing machine.

Description: We are specialized in opto-electronics product, CNC
grinding, mirror steel treatment.

Description: We are specialized in injection mold.

Description: We are specialized in pens, medical appliances, mold,

Last update 05 july 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We are manufacturers of canned and bottled processed
foods. We have our own processing and packing facilities near Delhi,
capital of India. We specialises in canned indina delicacies such
as: canned sarson ka saag, dal makhani, shahi paneer, moong dal
halwa, rasgoolas, pickles, karela juice etc. We intend to export our
products from India to major cities of Europe and USA.

Description: High-tech corporation dedicated in research,
development, production and sales of new type of luminescent
products. All the products have been exported to more than 10
countries and regions, such as U.S., Japan, Europe and so on. Our
headquarters is located in Lanxi Zhengjiang High-tech Industrial
Zone, production and our annual output can reach 100 tons of
photoluminescent pigment and luminescent film.

Description: Kindly quote for the ff: C&F Tema Port Paracetamol
crystals 6tons bulk density 1.0-1.2gm/ml ibuprofen crystals 2tons
bulk density 0.8-0.9gm/ml.

Description: Full colored cards for all occasions {Xmas, new year,
birthdays, etc} packages of not less than 10000 {tenthousand} units.

Description: We are leading manufacturer of liquid bromine or all
types of bromine compound and bromine base bulk drug.

Description: We are a leading manufacturer of zinc ingot and sheet,
lead ingot and sheet, copper ingot and sheet, zinc alloys, zamac,
zinc sulphate heptahydrate in Turkey. Our policy is to provide the
highest products, fill all order on time, and offer excellent
service to all customers. We have advanced processing machinery and
facilities This can be guarantee us to provide high quality product
with competitive price. If you are interested in this items, please
contact us promptly or visit our web site and send your mail.

Description: Mexican silver with prehispanic designs. Mexican Indian
handmade crafts. Mexican design wood furniture.

Description: We can offer you PVC rigid film for confectionery for
book cover lamination or print lamination and PVC cling film
(stretch film) for food wrapping and industrial use. Kindly contact
us for detail.

Description: If you are interested in towels, bathrobes, home
textiles or yarns from turkey denizli who is famous with its quality
contact us. We would like to introduce our prices and quality. Let
us give a few examples of our roducts and prices, but they are just
a few of them, you can offer many kinds; 160x200 %100 cotton linen
for 3, 40 usd, 135x200 duvet coverings for 6, 62 usd, 35x45 silicone
pillow, 200 grifor 1, 23 usd, classic bathrobe sets (towels
50x90(2), and 100x150(2) for 16, 91 usd, baby bathrobe set
(bathrobe, towel (45x75), coarse glove 15x21, 25x30apron, toy for
12, 51 usd, 50x100 jaquard terry towel, single yarn, pastel color
450gr/m2 1, 46 euro.

Description: We are manufacturer, suppliers, exporters & importers
of: dyes, pigments, rubber chemicals & other chemicals no. Pigment
name colour index name colour index no. 01. Pig. Alpha blue blue 15:
1 74160 02. Pig. Beta blue blue 15:3 74160 :3 03. Pig. Green - 7
green-7 74260 04. Pig. Green b green-8 807 / 811 05. Pig. Rubine
toner red 57:1 15850:1 06 rhodamine basic violet-10 45170 07.

Description: We are manufacturers of shirts for men and women in
Turkey. Apart from our domestic and export market, we also can
provide solutions to promotional market. If you are interested in,
feel free to contact us.

Description: We are manufacturer and supplier of all kind of brass
components. We produce fasteners, inserts, battery terminals, brass
door hardware, door handles, door hinges, plumbing fittings, nuts &
bolts, electrical parts, imitation parts, sanitary parts, brass
contacts. We also produce all kinds of buttons such as metal,
wooden, coconut (natural), brass, plastic. Moreover we also can
arrange anything you require.

Description: We are a well-experienced manufacturer and exporter of
all kinds of bags, made from different kinds of materials, our
product includes: CD bags, CD wallet, auto parts bags, PVC bags,
briefcase, schoolbags, document bags, Nylon bags, travel bags,
cooler bags, ice bag, waist bags, travel bags, backpack, sport bag,
tool bags, denim bags, golf bags, cosmetic bags, picnic bag, lady
bags, lady handbag, leisure bags, lady accessories, evening bags,
shoulder bags, executive bags, tote bag, leather bags, wallet,
pockets, packing bagsЈpurse, pack, spectacle cases, gym bags,
leisure bag, knapsack, cellular phone bag, phone case, mobile phone
case etc. Guaranteed quality and competitive price. Customers' own
designs are welcome. If I personally or my company can be of
assistance to you or your company, please do not hesitate to let me
know. The products catalogue of my company has been sent for you.

Description: 1. We are manufacturers and exporters of 925 silverware
(utencils) in latest Indian designs. 2. Also we are dealing in 916
hallmark handmade gold jewelry. 3. For trade-enquiries you are

Description: We produce and export products as: AC contactor,
thermal overload relay, electronic thermal relay, MCB, RCCB, RCBO,
circuit breaker with shunt release, household circuit breaker, ELCB,
disconnector, surge protector, household AC contactor, electronic
timing relay, modulus terminal box, Relay: time relay, miniature
electromagnetic relay, relay sockets, pushbutton, limit switch,
micro switch, foot switch, rocket, toggle switch, multimeter, panel
meter, TVtelephone accessories, extension cables, reel cables, plug,
adaptor, lamp holder, timer, mulitple socket, cable ties, cable
clips, cable glands, terminal blocks, halogen floodlights, H.I.D.
floodlights, water-proof lights, in-ground lights, classic palace
lights, lamps and LED lights.

Description: Beginning with shuttlecocks since 1980, now we have
expanded lines to rackets and pertinent accessories for distributing
to global markets with TRUMP as well as OEM.

Description: Established in 1984. Our major export products are
automatic cereals popping-press machine, rice crackers snack line,
corn puff snack line, cracker containing shrimps line, automatic
fryer line, potato chips line, peanut cracker plant.

Description: We manufacture and export various kinds of electronic
cables including CATV/CCTV coaxial cable, RG type coaxial cable,
cat.5 LAN cable, computer cable, ultra audio/video cable, rainbow
flat cable, multi-core control cable, optic fiber cable, coiled cord

Description: The largest integrated engineering and construction
firm in Taiwan, with around 2, 100 employees. In addition to
designing and building plants for Taiwan's major corporations and
many firm overseas, CTCI has also worked together with virtually
every major engineering firm in the world.

Description: We has since been extended to a full range of high-tech
food processing machinery including automatic spring roll, dumpling,
ravioli, samosa, meat bun, shu mai, won ton, empanada and other
kinds of encrusted ethnic foods making machine etc.

Description: There are multifarious choices of knitted and woven
fabrics used in men's and women's garments with competitive prices -
including polar fleece, velour, yarn dyed t/r for shirting and
suiting, suede, waterproof and breathable microfibre with peach and
moss, boucle, polyester stretch matt and melange slub etc.

Description: We are fitness clothes manufactory from Rio De Janeiro
brazil. We looking for small partners especially in Europe. You can
see our catalog in. My production about 700 per week.

Description: Manufacturer of transformer bobbins, mainly made from
phenolic materials, they are ranging from EE, EI, EC, EP, ETD, ER,
RM, PQ, LP, UU etc., the production capability is 800, 000 up to 2,
500, 000 nos monthly per item, delivery prompt and very competitive
price, catalog and samples are available and will be sent upon your
request, any interested parties please do not hesitate to contact to
our e-mail address.

Description: Origin Argentina - Black and Green organic olives, in
jars or bulk, pitted too.

Description: We are a foreign trade exporter with our own
manufactory, enjoys the good reputation in the same line,
experienced in the quality products such as: the knife set,
kitchenware, kitchen tools, houseware, wire products, wooden kitchen
products, multi-tools, wine/tin opener), garden tools, barbecue set,
& manicure set, & stationery etc. For years of experiences, with a
wide selection in species, the attraction in design, and the
excellent quality together with the most competitive price, which
are the advantages our products enjoys and our service will let you
stay ahead of your competition.

Description: Product birds - pajaros origin argentina - cacatua
galerita eleonora - canario isabella rojo mosaico aurora de lomo
rojo / red canary isabela mosaic aurora with a red back - canario de
mozambique / mozambique canary cantor de africa / african singer -
capuchino cabeza negra / black headed capuchino ( sporofila
bouvreuil) - cotorra de alexandri india / alexandri india's "cotorra
(psitacula eupatria) diamantes de goul / goul's diamonds - diamantes
mandarines guacamayos azules y amarillos / blue and yellow
guacamayos - loro eclectus, hembra / female eclectus parrot /
(eclectus roratus) - loro eclectus, macho / male ecle.

Description: Malbec Wine Origin Argentina - Our Malbec is a great
red wine from noble soil. The grapes used for this wine were grown
in our Maip? vineyards 800 meters above sea level. These grapes,
hand harvested in April 2003, are the source of an excellent 100%
Malbec wine. Perfect for those who want to rejoice with the virtues
of this varietal, Malbec is the wine for which Mendoza is known
worldwide. Its bouquet and intense plum and red fruit flavor is
ideal for beef, pasta and strong cheeses.

Description: We are reliable exporters of all type of woolen shawls,
stole, and chess of all kind. We also deal in woolen cloth of all
kind. We ensure you for competitive rates prevailing in the market
and our product will be of superior quality.

Description: CG9800 (V2) Style wireless home security system is a
new warning system which adopt the technology of controllable
microcomputer SCM and the advanced SMT. It be applicable at home,
shops, offices, storages and so on. When the above-mentioned places
are stolen, the system is about to auto-dial nine numbers that have
been seted and play leave words clear, at the same time, the alarm
whistle will alarm. The system can add the defense areas at any

Description: We introduce our selves as a manufacturer of crystal
rock salt lamp.

Description: Logistics and management consultants: our services are
focussed on the overseas investor intending to penetrate the markets
of the Middle East and Indian sub continent. Scope of Work: -
Setting up the office & warehouse - inbound and outbound
distribution through a local logistics service provider. - inventory
and warehouse management. - recruitment - logistics and supply chain
management - identifying distributors - market intelligence &
research one source! Multiple solutions!! We set-up and execute as
per your vision and strategy.

Description: We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of exclusive
ladies garments in India. We are specialize in exclusive traditional
wedding sarees, dresses, sararas, cholies, etc. We are also known
for exclusive zardosi work on any fabric.

Description: We feel much pleased to introduce our selves as
specialist manufacturer& exporters of high standard quality sporting
goods, winter jackets and rain jackets, martial arts, boxing gloves
equipments, summer/winter, ski/motor bike, golf gloves, weight
lifting belts/gloves, cycle gloves since 1990. We have our own
stitching center in perfect working condition, where no child labor
occur. Our business established in USA and all over the Europe. Our
office also working in Norway for Europe. Our goods are high
standard of quality is maintained by our most qualified, well
experienced, expert persons by using top class raw material,
inspecting each item at each stage of its manufacturing process. Our
motto is full satisfaction of our client with Guarantee of quality
goods. We believe in business based on confidence of providing
highest possible quality client in reasonable price. Please let me
know if you need any samples or info.

Description: Nickel wire, nickel-chrome alloy wire, thermocouple
wire, aluminum bar, rod, wire, tube. Aluminum rivet wire, aluminum
welding wire, coaxial cable, galvanized steel wire, stainless steel
welding wire.

Description: Our company have a lot of unprocessed eucalyptus trees,
so any interested importer can contact the above address.

Description: We are traders and exporters of herbs, essential oils,
dry flowers, purified shilajeet, & corn silk in nepal. We can supply
best quality produces from Nepal. Please kindly contact us for
further details. We assure you to supply best quality products and
excellent services. Looking for your kind cooperation and inquiry.

Description: We want to export hand made biri (smoking) & dry
flowers & artificial flowers from India. If you have any
requirements pl.feel free to contact us.

Description: We are based in India and are dealing in variety of
products made from coconut shell such as goblets, pots, bowls,
dessert cups, coffee cups, etc. If you are interested, we will be
able to supply these products in bulk quantities on regular basis.
Average price of most of these products will be around US$1 (FOB
Indian port).

Description: ISO 9001 certificated company, specialized in
manufacturing all kinds of testing machines and corrugated cardboard
& carton box making machines.

Description: Mexican archaeology on artistic candles. We are
introducing an interesting catalogue of artistic handcrafted candles
with wax reproductions of a great variety of Mexican archaeological
pieces, specially, those of the Mayan and Aztec cultures. We
cordially invite you to browse through our catalogue. We surely
believe that you will find a number of pieces with a captivating
beauty, and a great business opportunity as well.

Description: We export hand knotted carpets/rugs in wool and silk
from Pakistan. Qualities 1. Single knot 9x16 quality woolen
caucasian designs 2. single knot 9x14 quality silk ground Persian
designs 3. single knot 9x14 quality silk touch medallian designs 4.
single knot 9x9 quality zeiggler designs in handspun wool.

Description: We are a seed and table potato company, we export seed
and table potatoes to the central and south America and the
Caribean. We have a wide range of varieties of both seed and table
potatoes, to offer for offshore markets.

Description: Manufactures and exporters of: promotional product like
pens, handmade paper stationery, leather goods, eco friendly cotton,
jute, bags and products, we make customized designs for our buyers.
We have a reputed buyers in Spain Portugal, UK.

Description: We are an ISO-9001:2000 certified manufacturer in
northern China for skin care, body care and hair care, as well as
cosmetics, specialized for private labeling, contracting
manufacturing and filling service in China. More than 1000 companies
are selling the products manufactured by us under their private
labels. We manufacture serum, butter, cream, lotion, gel, wet facial
mask sheet, bath salt, massage oils, essence, for overseas
distributors, importers and dealers in skin care and cosmetic
business. For companies who want to come into China quickly, we
provide filling service so foreign companies could use our
facilities and license to sell their products in the huge Chinese
market immediately. Welcome to contact for further details.

Description: Chrome oxide green/chromium oxide green supplier,
including chrome oxide green chrome oxide green common grade chrome
oxide green grinding grade chrome oxide green ceramics grade chrome
oxide green low hexavanlent chrome grade chrome oxide green high
purity grade chrome oxide green metallurgical grade.

Description: Our products: SDS-plus shank electric hammer drill. Hex
shank model II electric hammer drill four-hollow square shank
electric hammer drill YCS impact drill SDS-MAX shank electric hammer
drill Duall-arc long round shank hammer drill chisel point chisel
flat conversion shank router bit set straight bit, core box bit,
mortising bit diamond circular saw blade, etc. All the products have
been approved by ISO9001. You can visit our webpage. If you find the
above products in demand or be interested to you, please tell me the
detail information including Art no, length and blade length. We
shall be glad to give you our lowest quotations upon received of
your detail requirements.

Description: D-Salicin(138-52-3?© Appearance: white powder assay:
98% heavy metal: 10ppm odor: characteristic ordor particle size:
80mesh(100%) moisture: 0.35% melting point: 200'c /a/20: -63 tcl:
red pesticides: negative solution: colorless clear microbiological:
total of bacteria: 1000/g fungi: 100/g salmonella: nagative coli:
nagative packing: 10kg drum.

Description: We are the manufacturer for the decorative wireless
doorbell chime, we also have 1) decorative clock, 2) decor lamp, 3)
keybox and 4) fancy night-light, all item are very attractive in
term of design and price. We are looking for distributors worldwide.

Description: Fluorescent brightener OB-1 (O.B.393) Chemical name:
2.2'-(4.4'-diphenol vinyl)dibenzoxazol Molecular formula: C28H18N2O2
Molecular weight: 414 Properties: Fluorescent brightener is yellow
crystals. Its melting point is 351-353, and it is not-water-soluble,
and odorless, enjoying stable performance and strong fluorescence.
Its maximum wavelength of absorption spectrum is 374 and its
emitting wavelength of fluorescence is 434 nm. Appearance: Yellow
crystal powder Melting point: 351-353 Solid Content 99.5% volatile:
0.5% Abroad main products name 120 meshes Package: 10kgs Drum
Fluorescent brightener ob-1 (o.b.393) is used in increasing
whiteness of original polyester.

Description: We are a leading manufacturer of electrical switches
and sockets in China. Our main products are European style wall
switches and sockets, extension outlet (16A 250V). Our products have
approved CE, ISO9001, CCEE, CCC. Our price is quite competitive. Our
products are exported to East Europe, West Europe, Russia, etc. They
are well received wherever they go. The client's satisfaction is our
everlasting purpose.

Last update 02 july 2004

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Description: We are specialized in bag making machine, sewing
machine, printing machine, seal machine.

Description: We are specialized in submersible pumps.

Description: We are specialized in bakery roast food, food
machinery, oven, automatic computer hot air rotary oven, tunnel
oven, computer electric oven.

Description: We are specialized in centrifugal separator.

Description: We are specialized in marking, handle machine, tapping,

Description: We are specialized in NC brush, hairbrush, toothbrush,
whole plant equipment, round-head toilet brush NC making machine, NC
brush hole punching and flock adhering machine.

Description: We are specialized in embossing rollers for toilet
paper, aluminum foil, paper production machinery, embossing, mould.

Description: We are specialized in medical treatment, rehabilitation
equipment, hospital facilities stainless steel engineering

Description: We are specialized in copper heat sink, copper cooler,
skive heat sink.

Description: We are specialized in non-woven fabric machine, whole
plant facility, drying, carding.

Description: We are specialized in copper heat sink, copper cooler,
skive heat sink.

Description: We are specialized in low frequency stimulator,
transcutaneour electric nerve stimulator, acupuncture therapy unit,
medium frequency therapy unit, muscle exerciser, beauty slimmer
unit, self-adhering conductive electrodes, lead wire, jelly,

Description: We are specialized in professional manufacture auto
single-purpose machine, auto threading and single-purpose machine,
HD high-speed automatic threading machine, hydraulic slid.

Description: We are specialized in plastic covers for toys.
Motorcar, sporting equipments, plastic covers for household items.

Description: We are specialized in hot springs, restaurants,
banquets, conferences, accommodations.

Description: We are specialized in products design, reverce
engineering, mock-up (working sample), steel mold, plastic
injection, specialize in development USB Flash Disk, PC CAM, LCD
monitor product design, reverce engineering, Mock-up, flash disk,
cardreader, LCD monitor.

Description: We are specialized in professional manufacturer of
mold, large size plastic molds, motorcars and motorcycles.

Description: We are specialized in whole plant for polypropylene
woven bag, PP/kraft paper bag, jumbo bag (500kgs, 1000kgs), onion
bag, polythene tarpaulin making M/C, PP/PE woven bag, PP/HDPE sack,
pp/paper cement bag, PE tarpaulin, and container bag (big bag)
turnkey plant equipment.

Description: We are manufacturer and exporters of lab and ophthalmic
instruments like: pathological microscope, industrial microscope,
over head projector, micro tome, ophthalmic microscope, E.N.T.
microscope, slit lamp, kerto meter, lens meter etc.

Description: Please find our offer concerning soft drink Red Bull
bulk qty and aggressive prices contact us for more details.

Description: New price Samsung V200: 293 euros exworks Paris 2000
units available, eurospecs & original brand new P400: 302 euros
exworks Paris 1000 units available, euro specs & original brand new.

Description: Manufacturers and exporters of flanges, bright bars,
forging, angle, wires, outsourcing, leather goods, stainless steel

Description: Main products: light pen, light ice cube, flash light
necklace, flash beer cup, 7 color light coaster, flashing light
stick?light stirrer, flashing light cup, flash key chain, flash
bracelet, radio pen, plastic namecase, metal namecase, jump rope,
cartoon cup and so on.

Description: Manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler from Egypt our
company was established in 1995 our main products lines spices,
seeds, herbs, and vegetables: such as basil leaves, parsley flakes,
dill weed, spearmint mint, peppermint, marjoram, fennel seeds, anis
seeds, cumin seeds, caraway seeds, sesame seeds, safflower seeds,
sunflower seeds, fenugreek, calendula flowers, chile, coriander
leaves, coriander seeds.

Description: We are a professional manufacturer in oxygen cosmetics
& healthy products. Looking for distributor or OEM your Brand.
Oxygen spray medical oxygen spray suitable skin care include
cosmetic ingredient Medical Oxygen Volume (500 c.c) large volume &
price lowest in the world Promotion size: 200ml, 70ml Material:
aluminum aerosol can Oxygen needed to store into aerosol can, then
oxygen won't be lost. Most of skin care products emphasize contains
oxygen, for which are use chemical action to produce very few
oxygen. "La Vim" spraying extremely tiny oxygen water particles for
skin to absorb exactly & effectivel. Benefit: moisturizes, skin
metabolism, clean, energy, balance ph, refreshes, rejuvenator,
prevent-acne, prevent-wrinkles, calm skin, tones, prevent-
inflammation. Product developed from France authorized manufactured
in Taiwan. Please visit our web site for more information, or tell
your email address. We will attach relation oxygen and products data
to you. Any questions please contact us.

Description: Exporters & manufacture of all types of high fashioned
silk scarves, shawls, stoles, pareos, bandana & fashion accessories
items (including silk, cdc, satin, viscose, pashmina shawls, cotton
& polyester etc) imitation jewellery, home furnishing textiles &
many embroidered items.

Description: We are a molding company out here in Tainan, Taiwan. We
produce molds for cameras, camera parts, camera lens, computer
shells to computer related items such as ink cartridges etc., gas
regulators, clocks to clock gears, electrical switches, electronic
appliances, house appliances, parts to chairs (seat pans, legs and
wheels), bathroom products (soap dispensers and much more), plumbing
device parts to pipes etc., our capabilities are of double injection
molds, welding, 3d modeling, cad/cam product engineering support;
autocad 14 & 2000, cimatron designing. Accepting file formats of:
IGES, IGS, DXF, DWG, etc. We are very interested in knowing what
kind of products you have designed that are in need of these molds.
Please include your detailed drawing or a sample of your product (if
possible) for detailed quotation today!

Description: We manufacture and export surface protection films
(lamination film) for the stainless steel, aluminium, flooring,
automotive, acrylic, fibreglass, flat sheet glass, electronics and
wood products industries.

Description: Electronics: mouse, connector, microphone, telephone,
computer front panel. Sporting goods: tennis, shoes, ski,
protector(in-line skate), bike. Others: sanitary facilities, wheels,
handle,. Etc. Main customers: Japan: Japana, Yonex, Bridgestone
U.S.A.: UMC, Prince Europe: Laguelle S.A., Babolat, Spanninga.

Description: Claimed to be the only ISO 9002 certified maker of DC
to AC power inverters in Taiwan, we focuse highly on research and
development, which brings about stable growth for the company. Our
products include: 1. DC to AC power inverters 2. Battery
checkers/testers, 3. Ceramic heater fan 4. Hands free car kits,
universal celluar phone holders 5. Transforming DC power from cars,
boats, R.V.'s into AC output. 6. Warming for bodies, cars, rooms and
etc. (CE, Semko, Finko, Nemko certified) 7. Easily check the
alterator battery level & battery charger.

Description: We were established in 1992. We are specialized in food
enclosure tailormade machine, french-bread machine, bread-machine
machinery, steamed pie machine, bun-machine, crisp-skin bread
machine, cutted-bun machine, moon-cake machine. To welcome domestic
and foreign trader, purchasing merchant develop market together. We
will develop, improve and manufacture our product incessabtly for
furnishing market's demand.

Description: We started as a designer and manufacturer of medical
equipment accessories including electro-pads, conductive adhesives,
gels and wires. After years of development, we now also produce
unique TENS units, EMS and medium frequency therapy units which have
widely been acknowledged by all of our customers in the fields of
professional medical care, beauty treatment and home health care.

Description: We can supply block of travertine & marble from Iran.
Travertine (red, yellow, white, light beige, beige, brown, grey,
classic) marble (cream, pink, black).

Description: Plastic and metal manufacturer and owns factories both
in Taiwan and China. Furthermore, we are capable its R & D dept. to
support customized items OEM / ODM and satisfy client's costs-
reduction need.

Description: Established in 1985, and it specializes in
manufacturing circular knitting machine. We have always hold the
beliefs of producing high quality products and serving our clients
first. Today our main products pattern wheel jacquard, double rib,
single and loop pile knitting machine, have a well reputation among
our customers.

Description: We introduce ourselves as a leading exporters in India.
Our product is senna leaves, senna pods, senna stems and all types
of medicinal herbals. Interested importers feel free to contact us
with your specifications, requirements and payment terms.

Description: Household/decor Specifications: *Steel rods covered
with plastic sheet: R001-dark wooden color, R002-light wooden color,
R003-golden color. As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Provides e-publishing and marketing services for
innovations, market oriented projects, research and development,
investment projects, joint ventures, strategic alliances,

Description: As one of the professional digital camera producer in
Taiwan's electronics industry, founded in 1998.05.13, we are one of
the popular electronics products brand entered into international
market and also cooperate with Well-Known Brand of electronics
industry "Panda" in China. We produce perfect digital camera to
mainland China which are mostly welcomed by Chinese people. At
present, The company is trying to establish marketing network
spreading over nationwide. In present years, the capability of
development of the company has been enhanced and technical level has
been increasing continuously. The company believes the digital
products will continue increasing to the international market, and
provides best service and support to the customers. We are looking
forward to hearing from you soon. Welcome to contact us.

Sri Lanka
Description: We are a leading exporter of the following items to
USA, Europe, Australia, Japan, Middle East and the African
Continent. Potting soil and peat moss. Please mail us back your
interest and inquiries and we assure you that we would respond per
return. Product information coco husk chips this is an ideal
substitute for wood bark in flowerpots and flowerbed decorations
with Ideal soil aeration which helps micro-organism activity and
Improves water holding capacity. We are looking for agents.

Description: Established in 2000 specializes in manufacturing and
exporting various mobile components, auto accessories, household
low-voltage mini appliances, smoking sets, etc. With high quality
and specialized novelty designs, it’s general company & factory has
gain ISO9001 certification, some products have nation patents, CE
certification, S- JET and E-mark approval.

Description: Founded in 1993, we specialize in the development and
manufacturing of security products. Having grown rapidly, our series
are being used in thousands of projects, and we have won praise both
from customers, and other suppliers. Now our products cover four
major series: 1) Video and audio door phone systems 2) Intelligent
district LAN administration systems 3) Burglar alarm systems 4)
Locks Striving to develop and manufacture high quality security
products, we have implemented a flat management system consisting of
12 departments. Due to this organic organization, we are able to
form the best relationships with both customers and partners. With
more than 40% of our 200 employees holding bachelor's and Master's
degrees, we have built up a highly efficient workforce responsible
for outputting 20, 000 sets of video door phones and 200, 000 audio
door phones every month. 15 carefully selected experts comprise our
strong R&D team, which combined with our streamlined management
system, guarantee the provision of top quality products to clients.
One of the earliest manufacturers to receive ISO9001:2000
certification in the domestic security industry, we have also
obtained European 'CE' and 'GS' authorizations for our various
series. Moreover, all products have passed quality and safety
evaluation conducted by the state Security Product Testing Center of
the National Public Security Ministry. Sincerely welcoming customers
from home and abroad to do business with us, we are sure that our
cooperation will prove successful and profitable. In order to offer
complete manufacturing services, we also accept ODM and OEM orders
for completion according to buyers' specific requirements.

Description: Leading manufacture producing high quality video and
audio door phones in China. Our products have got ISO9001:2000, CE,
GS, FAA etc certification. Please visit our website to see our
products on line. Your further inquiry and sample order are welcome.
If you have any requirement, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Description: We are a manufacturer and exporter of * guar gum *
glycolic acid (hydroxy acetic acid) 70% liquid and 99% crystal for
cosmetics and pharma inds. * glycine * sodium starch glycoloate *
spin finish oil * cross carmellose sodium * chemicals for textiles,
paper, leather, oil-field, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, metal
treatment, industrial cleaning etc.

Description: Manufacturer & exporter of Indian, mughal, Persian -
arms, armours, swords, daggers, knives, helmets, shields, Damascus
bars-billets etc. specialize in antique reproduction & re-enactment
we also produce wanted items of customers at reasonable prices. I
will do my best to provide a goods that lives up to your
expectations. Looking forward to a favorable reply hope for good

Description: We are an leading exporter of home furnishing items ie.
carpets (tufted & knotted), Flat woven rugs, punja rugs, chindi
rugs, jacquard rugs, bath rugs, throws, cushions, cushion
covers(with embroidery), curtains, table mats, bed cover and other
made ups. We have our own manufacturing facilities at Panipat.

Description: As a company specializing in fabric, we can supplying
the goods according the following terms: commodity: fabric
composition: polyester, cotton, viscose, spantex with different
proportion quality: first class price: given in 1 or 2 days on
detailed specification quantity: 1 million yd / month payment: t/t,
l/c packing: plastic bag shipment: within 15days on receipt of order
origin: China sample: free sample to serious buyer for more
information, please refer to our website or contact us. We are
pleased to serve you.

Description: We are a leading manufacturer specializing in producing
heating elements in China. For more information of our products,
please take a few minutes to review our website. Please note that
all heating elements are always customized and manufactured
completely according to customer specifications. If you need our
help regarding heating elements, please feel free to contact us.

Description: We would like to introduce ourselves the leading
manufacturer & exporter of food products specially pickle which is a
world fame product along with Petha, Murabbas, Chutney & Sarson Ka
Saag. Over the years we worked hard & have succeeded in creating a
niche market for our product in India & all these countries that
include Canada, U.S.A., U.K., Italy, Germany, Philippines etc. We
are exporting all our products in PIP brand. Now we are going to
introduce our new brands Gazab / Ghar Se / Realfresh. We are sending
you our Export Price List along with Catalogue. Please send your
valuable order at the earliest. We assure you that with our quality,
pricing & co-operation we would be to explore the huge market
potential that would benefit both of us. Looking forward to a close
business relationship.

Description: We are a trading company locating in Shenzhen China
since 1998, we aim at to be a perfect worldwide wholesaler and
supplier with over 30, 000 items. Wholesale gifts online, main item:
gift, wholesale promotional gift, advertising gift, cup, ashtray,
pen, key chain, watch, toy, opener, TV game, consumer electronics,
gift, crafts, health, beauty, home supplies, office supplies, sports
entertainment, toys etc.

Last update 01 july 2004

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Description: Food-grade carrageenan is a purified extract from red
seaweed. It is used as a thickener and stabilizer in a wide range of
food products including frozen yogurt and reduced-fat ice cream.
Please find the specification of our product kappa carrageenan as
follows: Appearance: can provide in 80 - 120 mesh Moisture: <11%
Arsenic: < 0.1ppm Zinc: < 4.8ppm Ash: 20 % Acid insoluble: 0.1%
Transparency: >65% Sodium sulfate: 16% Water gel-strength (1.5%,
20oC): 1000g/cm2 KCL gel-strength (1.5%, 0.2%KCL, 20oC): 1400g/cm2
Viscosity: 150cps (1.5%, 75C) PH: 7.5 &#8211; 8.5ph.

Description: We are exporter in the field of wooden handicrafts as
we have our own manufacturing unit. Our major covering areas are
wooden inlay and wooden carving and rosewood inlay pictures these
picture have their specialty as these are made of wood only as no
colors are used. The work done is totally handicrafts no machines
are used. We are also manufacturer of colored lighting pictures
frames with devotional music of different god goddess and guru's
also. We also manufacture our products as per our customer
requirement and offer these at very reasonable rates. The work is of
extra super fine quality.

Description: We are leading manufacturers and exporters of textile
softeners and silicon emulsions. All the efforts are made in our r/d
to make the products more competitive and best in terms of quality
and price. We will welcome your inquiry regarding the samples of
products and questions if u will have any.

Description: We are a trading company exporting Chinese industrial
products like bearings (OEM), castings (OEM) etc. to EU countries
and USA. Textile products, i.e. cotton shopping bags and Polo-shirt
are also fallen within our business scope. We hope those customers
who are interested in the above products can contact us directly
through the above contact information. We also import Machinery and
Plastic raw materials from EU countries into China market. Suppliers
of these goods are welcome to contact us.

Description: We are manufacturer of steel windows & doors, fire
doors, hollow metal doors & frames, all products can be offered as
per custom design & sizes. Products: hardware for windows steel
furniture pressed metal doors & frames aluminium louvers.

Description: We are manufacturer of Wrought Iron gates, balusters,
furniture, accessories, & other custom made wrought iron products.
Products: wrought iron lamps, railings, curtain poles, iron

Description: We combine the activity of several Romanian - Swedish
private companies involved in the food and drink industry field.
Some of the best known are: European drinks, European food, Scandic
distilleries and Transylvania general import export. European drinks
group is one of the biggest consumer goods production companies in
eastern Europe. All the products are registered trademarks, created
along the years of existence. The fame of all products (more than
150) is due to an excellent quality, which is offered at accessible
prices. This has been made possible by the latest high-technology
equipment with which these companies have been endowed, provided by
the most renowned profile companies in the world: Husky (Canada),
Krones (Germany), Sidel (France), York (Austria), Tetra Pak, Alfa
Laval (Sweden), etc. The exceptional quality of the European drinks
group products brought this firm the honor of being one of the first
Romanian companies which got, in 1999, the international attestation
of the quality system - the ISO 9001:1994, this certificate being
renewed in 2002 according to the new ISO 9001:2000 standard, awarded
by the TUV cert organism of TUV rheinland intercert. Our activity is
the production of following goods: - mineral water - fruit juices
(different aromas) - alcoholic drinks (vodka, liquors, specific
Romanian drinks), beer - pastas - tomato sauces - wafers (simple and
chocolate covered) - snacks, chips - biscuits. We are interested in
increasing our business abroad. We already are successfully doing
business in several east-European markets (Hungary, Slovakia, Czech
Republic, Moldavia). In the foreign markets, we have our products
sold in chains of supermarkets such as: Kaufland (Slovakia), Norma,
Tesco, Billa, De Vita (Czech Republic) and we look forward to sell
our products in Kaufland Poland and Norma Germany. If you are
interested in doing business with us, do not hesitate to contact us
at addresses given below. I will immediately send you any
information you may require.

Description: Our main is focus on agriculture net and garden tool.
For agriculture net is included shading net, insect net (the max.
width is 15m), vegetable net (the max. width is 15m), weed barrier
net, PE mulch film, construction net. The net can be used in the
vegetable and flower. For Garden tool is included flower cut, Grass
Cut, Tree cut and water spray sysem. We do have traditional design
and ratchet pruning design for saving power and easy to use.
Otherwise, I am also interesting to trade electric product and
computer product because I worked in software company before.

Description: Dedicated Memory-Media producer, covering production
scope of: CD-R/RW, DVD±R/RW, and Packing Case. We've been based in
China (Hong Kong) and serving our clients from Europe, USA and Asia-
Pacific since 1998, gained remarkable market growth and popular
reputation. The below is the quotation according to your request.
And please don't hesitate to contact us if you're interested in
other products, our service team will answer you ASAP upon receiving
your And now, we have the following special offer for CD-R(effective
from Dec.15, 03, we will take order based on first come first
serve.), leading time 7days 1/ No brand, A grade CD-R 80min/700mb,
16x speed, silver/blue(manufactured by Ritek) at US$0.125/pc (FOB
China ), MOQ 1X20’ container. 1x20' container accommodated 650, 000
pcs with 10 pallet 2/ Traxdata, A Grade CD-R, 40X speed,
silver/silver, bulk packing,. at US$0.160 FOB HK, Should you have
any other inquiry for our products, or any comments on our inquiry,
PLS let me know.

Description: We are manufacturers/dealers of gifts & handicrafts
items, interior decoration items, furnishing, upholstery, bed
sheets, table covers, brass items, cushion covers, fancy fabric. All
the items are exclusive and pure Indian and they find very good
response from the foreign buyers. We are looking for some wholesale
buyers/departmental chain in Europe to market our products. We are
also planning to participate in international trade fairs of our
interest in near future.

Description: Please offer your best prices for the supply of the
following 1. Rotory Drill Machine 800W- 16 mm= 20 Nos 2. Rotory
Drill Machine 550W-13mm= 25 Nos 3.Air Blower- 800 to 1000W= 5Nos.

Description: Supply the item hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose
(H.P.M.C) for pharmaceutical grade under FDA'S GMP, conform to USP,
BP & JP standards. The viscosity range from 3-100000 cps, any
interested buyer or marketing prompter should contact with us.

Description: We are manufacturer of tiger brand world hottest chilli
colorless and supply in all over India. We want to make business
contact with you. For this please send your full address and
details. We send you free samples of our products.

Description: Since it was founded in 1991 we have been producing
packaging materials and tools in Turkey. We offer the packing
industry a wide variety of Board and PVC edge protectors, tubes,
stretch films, polypropylene strappings and manual PP tensioners.
Our mission is to treat our customers as long-term partners and to
meet their needs and their expectations. So we advance to world
markets with our competitive power in quality and prices

Description: We are specialized in OPP, PVC, PE, shrink, packing
machine, anti-strip, label, packing bag, industry safety appliance,
high frequency.

Description: We are specialized in carton making machine, flexo
printer sloter, corrugate, cardboard, paper board, folder gluer,
ceramic roll, printing machine.

Description: We are specialized in health food, health care
medicines, slim food, respiratory system medicine, circulatory
system medicine, urinary system medicine.

Description: We are specialized in motoring hotel, a guest house,
travel & pleasure.

Description: We are specialized in dust collected, dust collecting,
dust-collected equipment, vacuum cleaning equipment, vacuum blower,
exhaust purified, air-pollution preventing equipment.

Description: We are specialized in label printing, label, printing
machine, printing press, gear, flexo plate making, slitting machine,
hot stamping, laminating, UV drying machine.

Description: We are specialized in woven bag, jumbo bag, container
bag, flexible intermediate bulk containers, FIBC, container bag,
laminated bag, woven sack, tarpaulin, tent, garden cover, truck
cover, timber hood, tarps, canvas, pipe, oil, gas, water, cable,
plastic pipe main product.

Description: We are specialized in hydraulic machines, hydraulic
shaping machines, punching machines, stamping, deepdrawing presses,

Description: We are specialized in knitting, knitting machine,
circular knitting, parts for knitting, interlock, P.K, RIB, fleece,

Description: We are specialized in meatless, yellow seed skin and
yellow seed food, maigre food.

Description: We are specialized in photomask, anti-static, CAD/CAM,

Description: We are specialized in various plastic products, such as
plastic bags, plastic bottle and plastic tub etc.

Description: We are specialized in packing machine, transporting
machine, beverage packing, automatic packing, beverage facility.

Description: We are specialized in filters, chemical plant, heat
exchanger, kneaders.

Description: We are specialized in tire mold professional, segmented
mold, two-piece mold, bladder mold, all stell mold.

Description: We are specialized in special-purpose machines, single-
purpose machines, multi-spindle drilling machines, tapping machines,
and NC special-purpose machines.

Description: We are specialized in cup making plant, pulp forming
molds, paper recycle machine.

Description: We are specialized in food machine, baking, bakery,
oven, furnace, stove, mixer, ferment, bread, NCT, punching, sheet
metal, laser cutting.

Description: We are specialized in glass lined, pressure casting,
sanitaryware, pump, crush, mixing, cutting, well mixed.

Description: We are specialized in mold, molding, injection molding,
precise molding, painting.

Description: We are specialized in riveting machine, hydraulic
punching machine, copper sheet slitting machine, automatic pin
insertion machine, steel stamping equipment, multi-layer PCB.

Description: We are specialized in automatic empty bottle
rinser/cleaner, stainless steel barrel, the pallet empty can
discharge machine.

Description: We are specialized in IR, UV, ink mixer.

Description: We are specialized in plastic mold, injection mold,
mold design, plastic injection steel mold, jig, fixture, computer
peripherals, telecommunications, office machinery.

Description: We are specialized in wires, cables, plug and extension

Description: We are specialized in cartridges, cauldrons, grinding
machine, grinding pot, sc-mill.

Description: We are specialized in automatic assembler, vibration
conveyor, placer.

Description: We are specialized in mold, plastic injection mold, die
casting mold, mold design, mold construction.

Description: We are manufacturers of small leather articles such as
wallet, purses, coin purses, credit card covers etc. We are
manufacturing it since last three years for Indian export houses. We
are registered small scale Industry registered with provincial
Government of West Bengal, India. We are also Member of Council for
Leather Exports, India (A nodal agency for development of Indian
Leather Exports Sponsored by Ministry Of commerce & Industry)
Although we manufacturer small leather articles we have expertise in
manufacturing ladies fashion Bag but we don’t have the set up. We
will have one in near future. We have vide range of product in
different, price, colour, leather& designs.

Description: We are specialized in fishing tackle, anti-knot
products, key ring, jiff gumwater, rippable velamen, washable paper

Description: We are specialized in screws, rivets, eyelets, screw,
sets, rivet nuts, pin, split rivets.

Description: We are specialized in bean curd, bean sprouts, soybean
milk, hard bean curd, food product machine, soybean processing,
packaging machine, bear curd mold.

Description: We are specialized in pen mold, plastic mold, core pin,
ejector pin, sprue bushing, slide lock, spring, bore hole bevel
polish (above 5.5?below 140m/m).

Description: We are specialized in Pipe expander, bending machine,
welding machine, freezing, air-conditioning, freezing and air-
conditioning equipment.

Description: We are specialized in filling machine, vacuum machine,
blister machine, shrink membrane, vacuum bag.

Description: We are specialized in printing ink, solution-type ink
board, blasting ink, environment-friendly solvent ink, blasting ink.

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