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Export offers

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New export offers available to BizEurope members:

Last update 10 july 2003

Full details of these offers, click here

Country: China
Description: We are exporter of turning parts, stamping parts and
plastic products.

Country: China
Description: We are one of leading manufacturers of biscuits in China.
Our product range include crackers, cookies, puff, oat, sandwiches,
soda, cakes. Our export markets included Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan,
Korea, Malaysia, Canada, US. All our products are able to manufacture
under private brand in various sizes and flavor. We are looking for
importers, distributors or agents in various part of the world.

Country: China
Description: We are a private corporation, handling in Flashlight bulb
and all kinds of miniature bulb. In order to acquaint you with our
business lines, We give you a flashlight bulb list as the following:
G11x23mm, clear, screw cap E10
2.5V 200mA
2.5V 500mA
3.5V 300mA
3.8V 300mA
6.0V 350mA
12.0V 250mA
24.0V 125mA
Halogen torch lamps T9.3 x 31mm, clear, screw cap E10
2.8V 850mA
4.0V 850mA
5.2V 850mA
5.5V 1.00A
6.0V 400mA
Halogen torch lamps T9.3 x 31mm, clear, base PX13.5S
2.8V 850mA
4.0V 850mA
5.2V 850mA
5.5V 1.00A
6.0V 400mA
Lensend Torch lamps 9.5X24mm, clear, screw cap E10
1.1v 300mA
2.2V 250mA
Krypton torch lamp 11.5 x 30.5 mm, oliva shape, clear, cap P13.5S
2.4V 700mA
3.6V 800mA
4.8V 750mA
5.2V 850mA
7.2V 550mA
Krypton torch lamp 11.5 x 30.5 mm, oliva shape, clear, screw cap E10
2.4V 700mA
3.6V 800mA
4.8V 750mA
5.2V 850mA
7.2V 550mA
Signal lamps T6.8x20mm, cap Ba7S, clear
24.0V 80mA
Signal lamps T10x28mm, clear, cap Ba9S
24.0V 85mA
24.0V 125mA
28.0V 85mA
130.0V 20mA
240.0V 12, 5mA
Signal lamps G11x23mm, clear, Ba9S
24.0V 80mA
240V 12, 5mA
Signal lamps G11x23mm, clear, screw cap E10
2.5V 100mA
3.8V 300mA
6.0V 350mA
Signal lamps T10x28mm, clear, screw cap E10
24.0V 85mA
24.0V 125mA
28.0V 85mA
30.0V 50mA
36.0V 50mA
130.0V 20mA
240.0V 12, 5mA
Signal lamps T9x23mm, clear, screw cap E10
24.0V 80mA
30.0V 66mA
130.0V 20ma
Should be any of the items be of interest to you please let us know.

Country: China
Description: We are a professional fire-fighting equipment
manufacturer in China mainland. Our main products are BC dry chemical
fire extinguishers, halon 1211 fire extinguishers, ABC dry chemical
fire extinguishers and other relevant accessories. Our extinguishers
range from 1KG to 35KG.

Country: China
Description: We are producer of chitosan and relative products,
chitosan is used in many commercial, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and
food applications. We main manufacture D-Glucosamine HCl and high
density food grade chitosan, Hyaluronic acid chitosan, chitosan
hydrochloride and N-acetyl-D-Glucosamine HCl. Our chitosan products
are white powder or white crystal, contains no calcium, and the
contents of iron is less than 40ppm, the former three kinds of
chitosan has no smell and the moisture less than 10%. If you are
interested in our products, please contact us then we will reply as
soon as possible.

Country: Turkey
Description: We're a manufacturer and exporter company of towel
radiators (electric-hydronic chrome, gold plated in different models)
aluminum radiators and radiator valves(luxury chrome plated, standart)
located in Turkey. We're looking for serious distributors and

Country: China
Description: Our company can offer various kinds of waterproof
rainwear, working gloves, working wear, please feel free to contact
us, we will provide competitive prices for you markets.

Country: China
Description: We are a big manufacturer in China, have near 20 years
experience in providing all kinds of refractories.
1) Insulation firebricks (clay/high alumina/magnesite-----cabon etc.)
2) Tundish refractories (Magnesia/Silica Insulation Board etc.)
3) Zirconia Sizing Nozzles (Homogeneous/Inlaid/nonswirl/composit etc.)
4) Unshaped refractories (Castables/Coating/ramming mixture/etc.)
Details please come to our website: Our Qcsystem is
approved ISO9002-1994 Standard, products are welcome by more than 10
countries such as U.K., U.S.A. Egypt, Japan, Phillipines etc.
Also we can provide refractories according to specifications required
by customers.

Country: India
Description: an export house established in 1963 engaged in, innovative
Hand-made products like Glass Tiles, Glass borders/concepts as well as
Ceramic Tiles. We also develop custom made items as per individual
buyer's requirements & schedules. WE have reputation in executing export
orders which are most complex and demanding in terms of workmanship
and scheduling.

We are dealing in architectural glasses like
Fusion glass
Glass furniture
Bead work
Imitation stained glass
Real stained glass
Beveled clusters
Air brushing
Sand carving
Acid etching
Our competitive price schedule bundled with most creative range of
products makes us leaders in our category of products in India with
growing demand for our designer Glass Tiles, borders, concepts. We are
now presenting complete range of selected designer tiles, borders,
concepts, on a single platform. We have dedicated team of visualizes
to innovate, combine glass processes to create new concepts every time
to make each of our product unique.

Country: India
Description: Manufacturers and exporters of industrial, automotive
fasteners, forgings, machined components automobile, two three wheeler
parts, pins, bushes, nuts, screws, studs tractor parts, scaffoldings,
harvesting machinery spares, fingers, spikes, foundation anchor bolts.

Country: Malaysia
Description: We would like to introduce ourselves and recommend our
products to you. We produce good quality of active carbon granular and
powder made by coconut shell and palm shell charcoal which is suitable
for water treatment, purification, food & brewery, pharmaceutical, gas
mask and many other chemical industries use.

Country: Bangladesh
Description: We are a Leather Buying Agent working on behalf of all
foreign Leather Buyers, desiring to build up positive business
relationship with your esteemed company. Please feel free to contact
us if you need any types of crust, finished, split, wet blue split &
lining leather of cow, goat & buffalo from our country at a
competitive price. And don't hesitate to ask us for cost free leather
swatch or samples.

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturers & exporters of Indian Handmade
woollen carpets, dhurries, including hand tufted and handloom rugs. we
can supply you the rugs of your interest. We can also supply custom
area rugs.

Country: Iran
Description: We are the main producer of autoradiator in Iran since
1975, we produce copper/brass & aluminium radiator.
Armco is the main supplier to OEM and also AM in Iran.

Country: Hong Kong
Description: We are wholesaling company located in Hong Kong we do
import & export to various countries. we are looking for new, second-
hand, & 14days stocks and we can also provide all kind of refurbish
phones in any quantity.

Country: India
Description: We would like to exports raw rubber to China and
Malaysia. Interested persons/companies/importers contact.

Country: Russian Federation
Description: We have the pleasure to offer you mountain mineral
drinking water. High Quality: 12 Medals Prizer Winner.
Packing:1.5 LIT and 5LIT PET bottles
Quantity: up to 30 000 000 bottles per month
Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Country: India
Description: We can offer you all types of chemicals from India.
Please contact us for more details.

Country: Libya
Description: We are a Libyan co. Export Import for food and
beverage. Kindly from you we are looking for a co. producing corn.

Country: India
Description: It is my pleasure to introduce myself as a manufacturer
of Alphabets, carved, plain beads & jewelry and articles. plain &
satted with colored stones etc. in starlings silver & gold.
We also supply you all type of plain, faceted, carved beads, chips and
cut stones & fancy in precious & semi-precious stones in very
reasonable prices.
Presently I supply the goods in local market those (who are exporting
in USA &. Europe )in very reasonable prices.
Our manufacturing products:
- All type of alphabets, plain & carved Bali beads in sterling silver.
-Gold beads in 18kt to 22kt. Purity (plain, carved & hooks etc.)
-Cut, cabs, beads, chips, &fancy cut in all type of precious &
semiprecious stones.
-Articles of jewellery;
- all small objects of personal adornment (gem set or not) for examples
rings, bracelets, necklaces, brouches, earrings, watchchains.pendants,
tiepins, cufflings.
-Articles of personal use of cigarette case, powder boxes, chain purse
-Gem stone paintings.

All design as per your requirements.

Country: Bulgaria
Description: I am looking for West European Companies who are working
or who would like to work on East European Market. I would like to
work for West European Companies like their representative in my
country-Bulgaria. Also I can offer you all kinds of wares from
Bulgarian on much lower prices. So, if you want to buy or sell all
kind of wares on East European Market I am ready to start to work for
your company.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We feel great pleasure in introducing our Company to the
stones world. Ahmed Traders is a leading processing and exporting
Company of Marble and Onyx from Pakistan. We are leading exporter of
following products:
-- Marble and onyx (in the forms of blocks, slabs, tiles, khapaccha,
stone crush, kitchen tops, stairs, handicrafts etc.).

Country: Taiwan
Description: manufacturer of peripheral equipment for switching systems.
The main product lines including Main Distribution Frames (MDF); Digital
Distribution Frames (DDF); all kinds of protection modules with a protector
(either a Gas Tube Arrester or a Solid State Arrester).

Country: Taiwan
Description: An export agent for a large number of manufacturers in Taiwan
and mainland China, focusing on general merchandises and other competitive
new products. We also have our own factory; in fact, we are the supplier
for mouse in Mainland China.

Country: Taiwan
Description: company has been manufacturing first-rate Car Antennas in
Taiwan for over 24 years. Our main products are all kinds of Car Antennas
for AM/FM Radios, TVs and CBs. The factory occupies a land of 33, 325 sq.
ft. in Taoyuan County and employs over 110 production staff.

Country: Taiwan
Description: We are a professional manufacturer of side channel blower
for over 15 years in Taiwan. To provide customers with high quality &
competitive price is our principle all the way!

Country: Taiwan
Description: It has a various permanent assets valued over 3 of
millions in U.S. dollar and an annual production capacity exceeding
1.5 million units specializing in sports clock, wildlife collection,
hourly sound effects clock, sports neon and neon clock Japan, U.S.,
European is our main market.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our main products are: AC/DC gear reducer motor, D.C.
permanent magnet motor, induction motor, brushless D.C. motor, A.C.
commutator motor, reduction gear head, hollow shaft worm gear reducer,
electromagnetic brake, motor speed controller & drives, motor parts &

Country: Taiwan
Description: We developed linear toroidal adapters for cellular phone
charger and other mobile instrument and equipment. At the same time, a
series of PCB mount encapsulated transformer both with EI type and
toroidal type were also developed.

Country: Taiwan
Description: company is a leading manufacturer & supplier of beauty /
hair salon equipment and accessories in Taiwan as well as the
attached 5 photos. We welcome you to contactus anytime.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our company is a leading manufacturer of permanent
magnets and ferrite cores in Taiwan. The permanent magnets that we
produce include ferrite magnets, flexible rubber magnets, rare earth
magnets, alnico magnets, bio-magnets, magnetic holders, magnetic
applications & energy transmitters etc.

Country: Taiwan
Description: professional manufacturer of various electronic products.
Our product lines include reminder alarms, mobile phone flashing
sensors, novelty pens and the revolutionary MR-16 LED lamps.

Country: Taiwan
Description: specializes in mechanical and electronic
component manufacturing. This requires expertise in the fields of
injection molding, metal stamping, die casting, and automatic
assembly. Our major services include: Molding and stamping tooling,
Supplier souring of component assembly, QC implementation,
Logistic support.

Last update 09 july 2003

Full details of these offers, click here

Country: Russian Federation
Description: Our trading company is the official dealer of Samara
Cable Company. We offer a wide range of cables and wires for various
applications incl. motor vehicles. SCC is ISO 9002 and IQNet
certified. We would be delighted to send you their product catalogs
and samples.

Country: Peru
Description: We are a large manufacturer of dried products. We offer
all kinds of egg powders:
Egg whole powder, Egg yolk powder and Egg white powder (albumin),
Also we are able to increase or to decrease the fat and protein
content. According to application we can add sugar, salt or different
flavors. For more information, technical specs or quotation, please
don't hesitate to contact us.

Country: Peru
Description: We offer a large number of all kinds of flavors, powdered
or liquid, for food & beverages. Please feel free to contact us.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Company has his first B/U-Precision Stamping, providing
varies of metal stamping parts for connectors in computer and motor
applications. After years, we succeed to integrate the complete
process as a connector manufacture that enables us to sever the
biggest PC market which is domestic area in Taiwan.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Taiwan based company and established in 1987. We design,
manufacture and supply ergonomic computer accessories and office
products, such as keyboard drawer, keyboard support mechanism,
organizer drawer, LCD arm, monitor arm, telephone stand, mouse stage,
foot rest, gel filled mouse pad and wrist rest, green anti-static dust
cover and copy holder etc.

Country: Turkey
1-Fresh and Dry Fruits
2-Foods(tinned/canned food)
5-Hotel reservation

Country: Taiwan
Description: ISO 9002 certified & ISO13485 EN46001 applied, company
was founded in 1989. Through stringent manufacturing standards &
rigorous quality control, Company has earned excellent reputation
from customers worldwide and has become one of leading manufacturer
& exporter of medical device & accessory in Taiwan.

Country: Taiwan
Description: long established manufacturer & exporter of a series of
Blood Pressure Monitor and Gauge as of the year 1975 with strong
circulation over 30 countries worldwide.

Country: Taiwan
Description: As a switch manufacturer for over 22 years, we know what
you are looking for: large production capacity, quality products you
can rely on, hassle free deliveries and the most competitive price.

Country: Taiwan
Description: We are a manufacturer of health instruments in Taiwan.
For the past 30 years, we have been supplying all kinds of health
instruments to our domestic market and also to various markets abroad
and enjoying a good reputation. We always emphasize manufacturing, and
designing high quality products for our clients.

Country: Taiwan
Description: leading company of manufacturing powered and manual
operated material handling equipment in Taiwan since 1990.
Company supplies all series of those models and also manufacture
products to customers' special requirement specifications.

Country: Taiwan
Description: The manufacture in the company is characterized by its
automation system. The entire manufacturing process are planned to
apply the FMSFA system with an attempt to created the maximum
production capacity and effectively lower the cost and human power,
thus enhancing the quality and efficiency of our manufacturing.

Country: Taiwan
Description: specializes in manufacturing cross cone winders and
combiners that produce tailoring and industrial threads.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our major products are woven paper roll up blinds, AC
motors, vegetable shredders, paper cane art wall scroll calendars,
paper jacket of tissue paper box, key chains, beach chairs, industrial
chemicals - MOCA as polyurethane (PU) elastomer, far infrared rays
health care heater,. ..etc.

Country: Taiwan
Description: professional manufacturer and exporter of bicycles and parts,
trolleys, electronic and promotional products. We have factories located
both in Taiwan and Mainland China.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our major export products are Oil free mini air
compressors, magnetic diaphragm air pumps, blowers, jet aerator,
membrane diffusers, submersible vortex sewage pumps, magnetic drive
pump, coaxial vacuum acid / alkaline - resist pump, connecting and
self-priming chemical pump, vertical acid / alakline resistant pump,
deep well pumps.

Country: Taiwan
Description: professional spring manufacturer with excellent R&D

Country: Taiwan
Description: We never deviate from our principle of providing the best
products and services. A full line of sporting goods like bicycles,
sports, fitness and out door equipment. We hope we may have your
inquiries and then I will do my best for you.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our main products include OPP laminating tape, PET
electrical tape, decoration tape, solar window film, PE foam tape, PE
protection tape, clean tape, OPP application tape, photo splicing
tape, PEN electrical tape, double side tape, Kapton tape with acrylic

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our rapidly growing organization was founded in 1981 to
offer clients like you, a unique combination of innovative trade/DIY
products with a quality service. Amline is striving to be the leader
in design and manufacture of high quality hand tools, hardware & Auto

Country: Taiwan
Description: manufacturer of golf club head which specialize in forged
titanium wood and iron head, stainless wood and iron head. We are
small company, so the best quality products and services is the only
weapon we have.

Country: Taiwan
Description: manufacturer of Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) and Nickel-Metal
Hydride (NiMH) battery cells. The rechargeable battery cells can
be assmebled in the battery packs of mobile phones, notebook
computers, electrical vehicles, and power hand tools etc.

Country: Taiwan
Description: specialized in the manufacturing of wooden and plastic
storage racks, carrying cases and multimedia audio/video compact discs
organizer, computer tables, handbags, sports bags, and luggage in
different series.

Country: Brazil
Description: We will provide full corporate offers and contracts for
qualified buyers to supply following sugar types:
Refined Cane Sugar Icumsa 45, Raw Brown Sugar Icumsa 1000 – 3000
and Beet Sugar Icumsa 45. Min. Quantity: 12, 500 tm.
No Tenders, to proceed with any deal, please send LOI / ICPO.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Funded in 1992, Our are specializing in high quality,
cost-effective CCTV products. With expertise in electronics,
communications and all aspects of computer technology, we provide
digital camera, quad, multiplexer, system, CCTV system and other
related products for the CCTV industry.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Manufacturer/exporter of refrigeration equipment which
has devoted years of experience to improving the quality of our
products through technological advancements.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Solar wheel means bikes. For more than 15 years we have
been exporting all styles of BIKES all over the world from our
factories in Taiwan, China, Viet Nam and Thailand.

Country: Brazil
Description: Urea 46 % granular & prilled
We will provide full corporate offers and contracts for qualified
buyers to supply urea with competitive prices. No Tender.
To proceed with any deal, please send LOI / ICPO.

Country: Taiwan
Description: professional fastener maker. The major products are spring
pin, retaining ring, plate nut, clip, washer, coil spring, snap pin,
split pin, and stamping parts of auto bike, computer... etc.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our main products are screwed end ball valve, flanged end
valve and fittings.

Country: Brazil
Description: High quality Brazilian instant coffee. We are Brazilian
international trader dealing with high quality Brazilian instant
coffee, Agglomerated, Spray dried and Freeze dried.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our company has been established since 1982, We are one
of the leading manufacturers and exporters of various Auto Parts &
Accessories in Taiwan. Our products are suitable for Japanese,
European, American, Korean, and Russian cars. While making your
inquiry, please be sure to state car/engine models, name of parts & O.
E. No. you want.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our high quality and competitive products are being
successfully promoted worldwide. There are clients from more than 45
countries which spread all over the world buying from Jenxer. Quality,
on-time delivery and service are our most important concerns to

Country: Brazil
Description: Frozen meat & chicken. We offer with competitive prices:
- Fresh and frozen beef.
- Frozen chicken and chicken parts Halal slaughtering and normal.
Min. Quantity: 01 x 40' FCL
We would appreciate your enquiry.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our major export products are hair ornaments, gifts
and jewelry.

Country: Taiwan
Description: specifically making high quality wide range bits and
accessories for all kind of screws, power tools, machines, hand tools.
"GFB" bit at Taiwan price, meet DIN Standard, match any screw heads
perfectly is long life bits.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our company was set up in 1985 manufacturing rubber
insulated products. For 15 years, all of us are persisting the concept
of high quality, responsibility, creation and good reputation. The
technique in our factory is advanced without stopping. We are
researching and developing excellent products continuously.

Country: Taiwan
Description: leading company for Pair Gain system, and is still trying
every effort to keep advanced in this market not only with existing
product line but also potential communication products.

Country: Taiwan
Description: specialist in manufacturing all types of top quality,
exquisite and novel rattan & wicker furniture which includes sofa
sets, bed room sets, arm chairs, rocking beds, rocking chairs,
baskets, lamp sets and other modern rattan house ware products.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our main products are Plastic Injection Molds,
Investment Casting Parts, Die Casting Parts...etc.

Country: Taiwan
Description: manufacturer & Exporter for kinds of auto parts and

Country: Taiwan
Description: specialized in production of carriage bolts, special
fasteners and fasteners for the auto & bike industry.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Founded in 1993, we are one of the leading manufacturers
of car seat covers in Taiwan. We have been working on the improvement
of car seating for 10 years and have received very good reputation
from supplying high quality seat covers to the local market. Recently,
we started to promote our products to foreign markets, and have proven
to be affirmative by customers over the world.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Company has been a trusted name throughout Asia for over
17 years. We are the leading custom drum company in our home country
of Taiwan. In 1998, we introduced ourselves to the USA and European

Country: Taiwan
Description: major products of the company are starter motor for both
motorcycle and automobile, electric parts & power system for motorcycles.

Country: Taiwan
Description: company is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of high
quality, precision digital scales. Company tries to distinguish itself
from the competition by producing scales with high quality image and
reasonable pricing. We have been improving ourselves by constantly developing
new products to satisfy rapidly changing needs.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are the manufacturers and exporters of all kind of
soccerballs, volleyballs, miniballs, promotional balls etc. Please do
contact with us for your needs of sports balls of all sorts.

Country: Libya
Iron oxide filtering from(DRI PLANT MIDREX type), the percent of Fe
more than 66%, loading in jambo bag, we have a full chemical analysis
of the pellets and the distribution size, also we have a sludge the Fe
is more than 70% and the are under. 5 micron.

Country: China
Description: one of the biggest producing base of electron & electric
appliance, Our company is specialized in the lamp product. Such as
grid lamp, crystal lattice light. purification light, as well
as the daylight lamp bracket. etc, since it’s establishment for more
than ten years, Our product enjoyed good reputation among our
clients with it’s excellent quality, competitive price and
sales-after service.

The products we produced are sold to the major city in China, and 80%
of our products are sold to the market of the Europe, the Middle East.

Country: China
Description: Our factory are now putting out our latest fashionable
sunglasses for 2003&2004. High quality, but competitive in price.
Welcome sunglasses buyers abroad send inquiry on them. Pictures with
detailed quotation will be forwarded immediately upon receipt of

Country: China
Description: Our products
1.Metal sunglasses;
2.Acetate sunglasses;
3.Injection(plastic) sunglasses---(sports glasses, labor protection
glasses, driving glasses, ski glasses, swimming glasses, kids glasses.
Promotional glasses)
B.-Optical frames
1.Metal Optical frames;
2.Acetate Optical frames;
3.Titanium Optical frames;(Pure and Beta tita.)
4.Memory alloy frames;
C.-Reading glasses
1.Metal Reading glasses;
2.Acetate Reading glasses;
3.Injection(Plastic) reading glasses;
4.Fold-up reading glasses;(Slim frames with aluminium cases)
5.Solar reading glasses.
D.-Magnetic combination frames
A.Metal spectacle case covered by leather
Materials:1.Imitation Leather Covering;
2.PU high-quality imitation leather covering;
3.Cartoon print PU leather covering;
4.Star print PU leather covering;
6.Sandy PU leather covering;
7.Spray PU Leather covering;
8.Spray painting surface;
9.Coating surface;
B.Plastic spectacle case
C.Soft case
A.Fiber pouch;
B.Umbrella cloth pouch;
Parts of eyeglasses
A.Lens (all kinds)
B.Parts of frames (temples, tips, wires...).

Country: China
Description: We are specialized in manufacturing seashore leisure and
products of camping & traveling such as tents, sleeping bags,
rucksacks, ice bags, etc.. Characterized by superior quality standards
and attractive designs under ISO9001 quality control, our products are
available at very competitive prices. All of our series are being
exported to buyers overseas, covering the markets of United States,
West Europe, South Korea and Japan. Furthermore, we also process with
supplied sample or appointed material and offer OEM or ODM service.
We are looking forward to having the chance of cooperating with you on
the basis of equality and mutual benefit. Any your future
correspondence, inquiries, orders will receive our most carefully
attention and will be replied by us within 24 hours.

Country: China
Description: We are a company specialized in exporting fruit and
vegetable, including apple, pear, cherry, strawberry, onion, potato,
ginger and so on. Now we can supply Fuji apple, cherry and strawberry,
if anyone want to buy the above, please contact us.

Country: China
Description: We are dealing with mouth-blow and machine-made
glassware. It is including: Different kinds of vase, Floating candle
holders, Hurricane wind light, Candle sticks, Water candle holders,
Candle sticks with stem, votive, Candle holders with stand, Wine
glass, Beer mugs, Pressed candle sticks, glass drinkware, glass
serveware, glass stemware, salad bowls, Sugar & creamer set. and so
on. We can provide good service, good quality and exact delivery time.
In one word, we can do the things just as your requirement.

Country: China
Description: one of the leading manufacturers & exporters for dry-cell
battery in China and have obtained ISO9002 certification. Our factory
is engaging in producing quality battery for more than 20 years.
With this years' development, we have own advanced technology to
mainly supply zinc-manganese (model-C & P) and alkaline battery
with various kinds, such as R20(UM-1, D), R14(UM-2, C), R6(UM-3,
AA), R03(UM-4, AAA) and other special size 3R12, 4R25, 6F22.

Last update 08 july 2003

Full details of these offers, click here

Country: Lebanon
Description: Machine / power stretch film. Top-quality LLDPE Master-Wrap
Power Stretch Film. High clarity, transparency and puncture resistance.
Options include color (transparent, white, or black), UV, and stretch
ratio beyond 250%.

Country: Lebanon
Description: Power pre-stretch film
Clear or colored, transparent, and puncture-resistant. Perfect for
palletizing goods and promoting products. Options and features are:
• Roll length: 1000 - 2000 meters
• Film thickness: 20 - 27 microns
• Cling: Inside or both sides
• UV option
We invite serious parties interested in at least one 40' container to
submit an online Request for Quotation (RFQ) at

Country: Lebanon
Description: PE greenhouse film up to 14 meters
Master-Agri PE greenhouse film (one, two or three seasons) protects
and optimizes crop yield. Regular or thermal / thermic, nickel
quencher or HALS UV. Besides extra wide width, advantages include:
• Protection from frost
• Early harvesting
• Higher night temperatures
For quantities of at least one 20' container, submit an online Request
For Quotation (RFQ) at

Country: Lebanon
Description: Thermal / thermic pe greenhouse film
Multi-season Master-Agri greenhouse film comes in up to 14-meter width
and with nickel quencher or HALS UV. Optimizes crop yield, especially
when used in conjunction with mulch film. Protects from frost and
allows for early harvesting.
For quantities of at least one 20' container, submit an online Request
For Quotation (RFQ) at

Country: Lebanon
Description: LDPE shrink wrap
Economical and efficient in protecting goods during handling and
transport, Master-Wrap Shrink Rolls are commonly used for the
beverage, food, and dairy industries. Features available:
• High clarity
• Printed or non-printed
• Roll Type: Shrink Wrap Sheet or Shrink Wrap U-Film
For quantities of at least one 40' container, submit an online Request
For Quotation (RFQ) at

Country: Turkey
Description: We offer textile product which produce from china,
endonisia, and some big manufactures in turkey called berdan textiel,
bossa textile, ozbucak textile, akkin textile they are cotton,
poly/vis, velvet, denim, gabardina etc.

Country: Lebanon
Description: Tire (tyre) release film
Used in the production of tires and retreads. Protects rolled
synthetic and natural rubber sheets by preventing contamination,
premature adhesion, and exposure during the curing process. Offers
superb release. Embossed and plain film available. Indevco Group
affiliates supply manufacturers of some of the world's top brand-name

Country: Lebanon
Description: PE valve-type bags for packing fertilizer
If your company is a fertilizer manufacturer, we invite you to submit
an online Request for Quotation (RFQ) at
bags.asp. Our strong and versatile bags may be monolayer or co-
extruded, clear or colored, printed or plain. Produced for material
weights of 10, 15, 20, & 25 kilograms. Serious requests only - for
quantities of at least one 40' container.

Country: Indonesia
Description: company offers a vast selection of high quality furniture
made from solid teak and mahogany wood. Our product are varied
from Indonesian antiques, French /English reproductions,
Classical, Garden Furniture and Home accessories. We have been
producing Beds, Cabinets, Chairs, sofas, Book cases, tables, etc for
world market. We have an extensive line over 500 different standard
styles, and furniture can be made to accommodate any specification at
the highest quality and reasonable prices. If you are looking for a
source of high quality furniture direct from our manufacturing
facilities, please do not hesitate to contact us any time.

Country: Taiwan
Description: We are a professional auto electrical accessories
provider. We have both factories in Taiwan & China to produce car
siren, horn, flasher, lamp, neon light, neon license frame,.
electrical accessories. We are also a exporter to purchase the other
auto parts & accessories for our customers from Taiwan or China as
request. We deal with all kinds of auto parts. If there is any help we
can do, please feel free to contact with me.

Country: China
Description: As a manufacturer and trading co., specialize in
manufacturing and exporting various kind of gifts and crafts,
such as Christmas decorations, wooden crafts, paper crafts,
poly crafts, resinic crafts, plastic crafts, metal crafts, etc.

Country: Thailand
Description: Products offered: floating candles, pewter and rodium
elephant collection, lacquerware, ceramic vase, aromatic gift sets:
soap, incense, wooden products, silk cushion, rattan products.

Country: China
Description: We are a leading enterprise to produce clutch facing,
clutch disc, clutch cover, brake shoe, brake lining, brake pad and
C.V. joint and engine bearing for Japanese vehicles, European &
American automotive, most of our products are exported to overseas.
quality systems of our goods were both certificated to be in
conformity with ISO9002.

Country: India
Description: We are dealing in special paints like anticorrosive,
epoxy for metal / flooring / waterproofing / underwater curing /
crackfillers, PU indoor/outdoor, STOVING, HEAT Resistant up to 600
deg, machine paint, auto paint, all thinners and primers unirichter
rust converter, rust remover etc. And are supplying these products to
various well known companies like cummins power, sandvik, ksb etc to
name a few.

Country: Lebanon
Description: company is the manufacturer of coffee grinders machines in
Lebanon for about 50 years, and exports its products to middle east
and others. If you are interested give us your email add.

Country: India
Description: We have developed many items for export at the specific
request of our clients worldwide. Here is a basic listing of products
we are doing currently.
Ceiling fans - 36/48/56 inches - white/coloured/decorative
Switches and switch gear controls
Cosumer units / dol starters / changeover switches
Light fittings
Earth rods
PVC trunkings
PVC wires & cables
Consumer products
Stainless steel utensils (various)
Steel cutlery
PUF casseroles (hot pot)
Safety matches
Metal folding chairs
Coir mats
Ss shaving blades
Vacuum flasks
Sanitaryware: p/s type ewc, wash basin and more
Kerosene stoves
Agricultural implements: shovels / hoes / picks and more

Country: Thailand
Description: We are one of the well established Thai producer of
canned food. We take 21 years experience in exporting and approach to
HACCP, ISO 9002 and ISO 14001. Our main customers are in Europe Area
and America. The person who interested in our product and company,
please don't hesitate to contact us.

Country: India
Description: company offers good creation & optimum special effects and
gives an idea for specific & better presentable. RMS have consciously
worked towards bringing the right blend of man & machine to make this
amazing world of special effects even more breathtaking. RMS as a
post facility will comprise of people & equipment. Hence, we have put
together a pool of artists, animators & creative editors who will go
all out to make your dreams real.

Country: Hong Kong
Description: We are over twenty years experience in dealing with
autoparts. We can supply auto parts and accessories for Japanese cars
such as Brake Pads, Clutch Facing, Ball bearing, Universal Joints,
Glow Plug, Oil Pumps and Rivets on Parts is brand new, genuine or non-
genuine, and meet to Japanese cars like Toyota, Nissan, Honda, to
Korea cars like Kia, Daewoo and Hyundai, Daw and other brands.
Now, we have a list attached (SPECIAL OFFER) which is optional parts
for Integra, Civic, Accord, Odyssey, Cr-V, Stepwgn.
Radio Cassette (Pioneer) USD26
Speaker (Pioneer) USD16
Fog Light USD71
Mudguard - Front / Rear USD16
Spoiler USD85
* Attachment will be sent on request by return mail.

Country: Turkey
Description: We have all kinds of ready made garments of casual wear
for men and women to select from our spring-summer collection of 2003.
The production can be made of your own design and inquiries in both
woven and knitted wear.

We also have stock lots/export surplus of all kinds of casual wear for
men, women, and children. Our stock lot items are made for EU and USA
chain stores. Please contact us for your inquires in men's and
women's wear.

Country: India
Description: We have sole distribution rights (worldwide) to
sell/market our prestigious product called "Brilliant Brain Memory
Power" developed and patented by Central Drug Research Institute
(CDRI), India. This is a herbal product made out of Bacopa Monniera
(English name is Thyme-Leaved Gratiola) without side effects.
"Brilliant Brain Memory Power" has proven following results: -
1. Enhances memory
2. Improves learning
3. Reduce anxiety & stress
4. Aids recall
5. Helps concentration
6. Acts as an antioxidant
7. Helps to ease age related memory loss
8. Maintains general wellbeing
"Brilliant Brain Memory Power" is a natural memory enhancement and
which is safe & non- toxic tested and proven by: Central Drug Research
Institute (CDRI), India, 2. Swinburne University Australia, published
in sychopharmacology, 2001, 3. University of Wollongong, Australia,
published in Neuropsychopharmacology, 2002.

Country: Tunisia
Description: Our manufacturer offers high quality extra virgin,
virgin, pure and organic olive oil in glass bottles (0.25l---->1l)
and in metallic cans (1L---->5L). Perfect taste, color, flavor
and good quotation / service.

Country: India
Description: We are in the business of exporting handcrafts to various
countries for the past 5 years. We can arrange large variety of
handicrafts, of high quality, at reasonable rates at a short notice.
Our motive is to become the most trusted export house dealing in
handcrafts in our country. We solicit your trade enquiry for any
kind of handcrafts for any quantity.

Country: Netherlands
Description: company is searching for reliable partners to
increase our mutual business in Christmas and Party articles.

Country: China
Description: We are a company based in China. We have plants in
China(thousand of workers) that engaged in manufacturing various
shirt, T-shirt, polo T-shirt, underwear, panty, boxer short and
briefs. Most of our product are exported to Europe, American and Asia
countries. Presently we are looking for buyer around the world. We can
make product according to your Design and requirement, if you
interested in our product, please contact us. We will send more
information to you.

Country: Turkey
Description: List of PVC Window & Door Profiles under the brand name
1000 Lux Series 1300 Economics Series
9000 Super Series 1500 Sliding Series
.Aliminy?m Profil
List of Pipe Kinds under the brand name “KALYON”
PVC Pressure Pipes for Drinking Water
PVC Pressure Pipes for sewage disposal
PE (Polyethylene) Pressure Pipes for Drinking Water & Natural Gas.
PE (Polyethylene) Pressure Pipes for Natural Gas.

Country: Italy
Description: We are a fast growing company located just outside of
Rome in the center of Italy, and are now looking to broaden our
horizens by making our granite and marble available abroad. We
deal many in slabs however we always try to work with our customers
to supply them with whatever they need for any project. Along with
manufacturing our marble and granite, we supply numerous fireplace
surrounds, each hand-made with superior craftsmanship using the
finest quality to ensure the satisfaction of not only our clients,
but yours as well.

Country: Brazil
Description: We are a Brazilian producer of 100.000 t shirt/daily and
a stock of shoes and clothes first quality exporter. At the moment we
can offer: 40.000 swimsuits (including bikinis) for women, men and
children; 200.000 children & teenager shoes;17.000 tenis; 20.000
children & teenager clothes; 1400 fashion women shoes; 3500 jeans
shorts; 10.000 men leather shoes; 10.000 leather and syntetic women
shoes; 6400 polo shirt and lingerie(underwear) - prices fob from 1, 00
to 24 euros.

Country: China
Description: manufacturer and exporter of safety boots made of
genuine leather in general.

Upper: Oily grain leather, water resistant
Lining: Campela
Manufacturing: Goodyear welt
Sole: Rubber, oil resistant, any design available
Package: With color box, 12prs/ctn
Weight: 1.3-1.7kg/pr
*** 1) shoes with metatarsus protection; 2) heat-resistant shoes;
3) shoes made of materials that can be recycled; 4)shoe vailable in
men's and women's versions.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are manufacturers & exporters of quality instruments
of veterinary, surgical, dental, manicure & pedicure in Pakistan and
have been exporting to Africa for a number of years. We, however,
intend to diversify our export markets.

Country: India
Description: We are the one of the leading manufacturers & exporters
of 100% cotton grey gauze cloth and cotton bleached cloth & bandage
cloth (surgical dressings). We are owning 500 modern powerlooms for
manufacturing of above our products. Our production is 3 million
meters per month. Interested Parties may inquire / Contact us for
Mutual Business relationship.

Country: Russia
Description: Stainless steel kitchen sinks with competitive prices
from a newly established factory in Nalchik, South Russia. Please
contact us for further details.

Country: Paraguay
Description: We are a tannery and exporter company established here in
Paraguay, South America.
Our main exports item is
- Wet blue cow leather
- Wet blue Iguana leather
- Wet blue Anaconda leather

These items quotation has a visible advantage than that the rest of
the world because of its low labor cost.

Country: India
Description: We take great pleasure to introduce our company as a
leading manufacturer and exporter of wooden & brass handicrafts
established 1975. We are committed to provide you with the best of
products. Our uncompromising standards ensure quality, competitive
prices and timely delivery.

1. Partition Screens
2. Jewell Boxes
3. Photo & mirror frames
4. Desk Accessories
5. Toys
6. Kitchen Accessories
7. Decoration items
8. Service trolly
9. Mini bar & Cabinet

Rosewood, Seahem wood, Sandal wood, white wood
Brass and copper fittings & decrotive pieces

Moghul and Kashmiri Carvings
Brass and copper inlay works
Paintings and wax puffings
Wood Knitting and jolly cuttings.

Last update 07 july 2003

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Country: Malaysia
Description: We are a leading manufacturer f road marking machines in
Malaysia. Looking for potential buyers or importers to market our
products world-wide. Products range are road marking machines, emulsion
sprayer, bitumen distributor, concrete batching plant, aerial work
platform and other small size machines.

Country: Singapore
Description: We offer high quality of copper sulfate covering
agricultural grade, electroplating grade, and feed grade.

Country: UK
Description: Supermarket Trolleys for sale. Fully refurbished shopping
trolleys from all the leading European Manufacturers. All types and
sizes, over 50, 000 units in stock and available for dispatch. We can
personalize all handles end caps etc to your own corporate
specification. Baby seats, specialist trolleys anything for the
Retailer. All trolleys conform to current EU and BS standards.

Country: China
Description: We are an supplier of Chinese Granite Marble Slate Pebble.
The products have tile, slab, countertop, vanity, sink, tombstone,
pattern, border, mosanic and paving stone, garden desk, and chair etc.
All prices are lowest and quality are first.
Now let me take example for granite tile 12"x12"x3/8" polished,
1. Almond Mauve 12x12 USD11.20/M2
2. Maple Red 12x12 USD17.30/M2
3. Padang Light 12x12 USD8.30/M2
4. ShangXi Black 12x12 USD23.00/M2
5. Tiger Skin (LIGHT) 12x12 USD12.00/M2 FOB CHINA PORT
If you need more information, pls let me know.

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturer and exporter of c s flanages din
flanges and bs flanges from India. We are interested to export it and
if you have any requirement pl do call to USA.

Country: USA
Description: For immediate sale! Brand new! Compaq Presario 1516
Notebook Computer/Pentium 4/2.0 GHz/256MB 30G Hard drive/14" color
display/DVD/CDRW Combo Drive/56K Modem/NIC Card/
XP Home - $1030.00each (US dollars)
Brand New! Compaq Presario Notebook Computer/906US XP1500/256MB; 20G
HD 14" Color Display/DVD/CDRW Combo Drive/56K modem/Nic Card -
$825.00each (US dollars). Must be volume purchaser, minimun order
of 50 units.

Country: Pakistan
Description: leading manufacturers & famous suppliers of all sorts of
all kind of working gloves, industrial gloves, sports gloves,
fashion gloves, fancy gloves, sport swears, leather & split leather
jackets & protective wears, martial arts & ladies bags in Sialkot
Pakistan and are supplying our products to global market with
quite satisfaction.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our line of products including ball pen, fountain pen,
roller pen, mechanical pencil with material of metal, aluminum, wooden
and many others with various finishing.

Country: Taiwan
Description: company is a professional producer in manufacturing
Regenerative blowers (side channel blowers). Turbo blowers and
multistage blowers. We also produce dust collector for industrial used
which was equipped which chuan fan blower.

Country: Taiwan
Description: company established for the purpose of serving new
demands for electronics connectivity in the modern Age. For the
past two years, we have concentrated on developing Hi-end A/V
cables in our own R&D department. We work with numerous partners in
Taiwan and China, and have great confidence in our ability to help you
produce exceptional cable products.

Country: Taiwan
Description: We are a manufacturer of sanitary stainless steel
fittings and valves. We provide a complete line of quality products
that are authorized by USA 3A standards council. Our quality system
was audited and meets requirements of ISO-9002. Our products are
mostly used in food processing, chemical processing and pharmaceutical
industries where sanitary flow controls are necessary.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Professional manufacturer of metal badges, medals, key
chains, embroidery patches, fashion jewelry, belts, tie clips, cuff
links, caps, promotional items and novelties.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Auto Lamps from DENJI are unique in quality, design, and
function. Our main products are halogen lamps, fog lamps, rear lamp
for automobile, spot lamps, head lamp for automobile.

Country: Taiwan
Description: professional manufactory group of martial arts.
We can provide our customers various kinds of martial arts
products. And get very nice reaction from them.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Since established in 1980, company has passed her way
from simply an electric fan manufacturer to a specialty of air care
products with a full product range of electric fan, humidifier, room
heater, air cleaner and dehumidifier.

Country: Taiwan
Description: company has been supplying highest quality aluminum,
Brass and zinc parts castings of all configurations directly
to the manufacturer. Exporters of die-casting, tooling, mould,
aluminum, brass, zinc, cast, lighting, heat-sink, auto-parts,
motorcover, hardware, electric, electronic, tools.

Country: Taiwan
Description: company is Taiwan's largest plastic pail manufacturer,
often referred to as the "Pail King". We are also into plastic
injection molding, experienced in the used of various engineering
plastics for molding products with stringent requirements.

Country: Taiwan
Description: with 16 years experience company is a rapidly growing
company and regarded as one of leading Taiwanese manufactures of high
quality test and measurements. Our product lines include power
supplies, oscilloscopes, electronics & electrical meters and testers,
and more.

Country: UK
Description: UK based Import/Export/Purchasing Agency. We are currently
seeking to form mutually beneficial trading relationships with similar
agents throughout the world. Our aim is to form an alliance of trading
agents, each providing the others with trading opportunities, if this
is of interest to you and you would like to discuss this concept
further, please contact us for further discussions.

Country: Taiwan
Description: We are a pioneer inventor, manufacturer & exporter of
office property security, notebook security, luggage alarm, child
guard, RF detector and cellular jammer, etc. since 1980.

Country: Taiwan
Description: company was founded in 1977 by Mr. Tony Huang to manufacture
wire forming machines. Such as wire hanger making machines and spring
coiling machines. The CYC will keep improving its technology to serve
all customers.

Country: USA
Description: We focus on cutting-edge technology for the water
treatment industry, serving the specialized needs of water treatment
formulators and service companies. Our complete product line also
includes 1) both branded and private label acrylic and maleic
polymers, phosphonates, phosphates, defoamers and a comprehensive line
of corrosion inhibitors; 2) an every-expanding line of innovative
odor-elimination technology that is vastly superior to everything else
on the market today; 3) a full line of bacteria that can be utilized
in all aspects of the waste water treatment market.

Country: Portugal
Description: We are experts in natural stones (granites, marbles,
national and import, etc.) We can do almost everything in natural
stone: Stairs, floors, Kithens and WC's tops, columns, etc. We have
also formed personnel to apply all these materials.

Country: Brazil
Description: We have stevia and would like to find a buyer, in Japan,
China, India, Canada Europe or USA. Or any other country.
We have stevia leaves, powder, estract and steviosid in powder.
We are ready to export 50 to 100 MT per month has a very good price.

Country: USA
Description: Farmers of Hardshell Clams from 7/8" up to 1 1/2" fresh
or frozen, we also supply clam seed for Hatcherys. We are the largest
clam farm in the USA. Excellent prices for wholesale, distributors,
hotels & restaurants, call today for the tastiest clams in the USA.
Export opportunities.

Country: China
1. Latex exam gloves size large middle small
2. Surgical gloves sterile size 6, 5 to 8, 5
3 Condom latex
4 Vaginal speculum size: l m s
5. Blood bags single, double, triple layers
6. I.d. Bracelet for infant or adult use
7. Umbilical cord clamps
8. Colostomy bag size 25cm*15cm
9. Disposable sryinges with plastic packing & with needle
10. Disposable hyp. Needles
11. Disposable scalp vein sets
12. I.v-catheters
13. Disposable infusion sets w/needle & w/"y" injection valve
14. Dentle needle size 25g 27g & 28g
15. Surgical blade, size no. 10 - 36, 100pcs/box.
16. Suture nylon( or polypropylene) with needle, 12pcs/box.
17. Suture silk ( or polyester) with needle, 12pcs/box
18. Suture catgut(plain or chromic) with needle, 12pcs/box
19. Suture vicrile (absorbable pga) with needle, 12pcs/box;
20. Mercury clinical thermometer
21. New super urine bag, fob china port usd0.21/pce;
22. Stainless steel blood lancet, 200pcs/box

Country: China
Description: We are the manufacturer of processed food in china, we
like to contact the company who has interesting in it. this is some
products list following: yellow peaches/white peaches, can/glass, in
syrup, mushroom, can/glass, in brine, slices/whole, candy haw slices,
candy haw cream, candy haw jelly, and so on.

Country: China
Description: we are a professional manufacturer for the below items:
1.Window sprayer/washer
2.Floor squeegee
3.Toilet brush
4.PP Duster
5.Snap hook
6.Microfiber cloth/wiper and its finished products
7.Hand-operated mechanical sweeper with microfiber cloth mop and pure
cotton mop.

Country: Malaysia
Description: We custom made rubber products / parts for our customers.
Some of the products are rubber bathmat, lining, gasket, grommet,
stopper, tubing, O ring.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We sell terry towel, kitchen towel, baby dypers, dish
cloth, ever best quality.

Country: India
Description: Cotton Stockinette in various count and various packs.
Count no. 6’s, 8’s, 10’s, 12’s, 14’s & 20’s. and packing 100Gms.,
200Gms., 400Gms., 800Gms and 2 Kgs. or as desired by buyer.

Country: Lebanon
Description: Sanita Aluminium Foil - for institutions, foodservice
catering and household use - is ideal for cooking and oven use, cold
food storage and freezing. Packaging styles include solid duplex box
dispensers with metallic cutting blade, as well as strong, heavy-duty
E-flute carton dispensers with serrated cutting edge.
We are interested in requests for at least one 40’ container (1520+
cases). Containers may also be mixed with Sanita-brand PVC Cling Film.
Samples are sent during quote process.

Country: Lebanon
Description: Foodservice Catering Disposables. Pizza boxes. Aluminium
(aluminum) foil. PVC cling film food wrap. We appreciate serious
requests for at least one 40' container. Containers can be mixed.
Samples are sent during the quotation process.

Country: India
Description: We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of
coir door mats, wall-to-wall floorings, area rugs and coir geo-
textiles. If you are interested in any of these items, please contact

Country: Lebanon
Description: Sanita PVC Cling Film is designed for institutions,
foodservice catering and household use. Available in solid duplex box
dispensers with metallic cutting blade or heavy-duty E-flute carton
dispensers with serrated cutting edge.
We are interested in requests for at least one 40’ container (2745+
cases). Containers may also be mixed with Sanita-brand Aluminium Foil.
Samples are sent during quote process.

Country: India
Description: We are young professionals and help set-up business deals
from India for "Anything to Anywhere". Help importers from other
countries to buy Indian goods at reasonable rates. From handicrafts,
to leather items, raw herbs and herbal products. We can help import
all Indian manufactured goods.

Country: Lebanon
Description: Ideal cladding materials for greenhouses and low tunnels,
these horticultural films enhance the production of vegetables,
mushrooms, fruits, roses, flowers, and ornamental plants. They are
suitable for a wide array of structures and support frames, as well as
climatic conditions. We appreciate requests for at least one 20'
container (10 MT). Samples can be sent during the quotation process.

Country: Lebanon
Description: Personal Care Hygiene Disposable Products.
Elegance adult diapers / nappies
Private feminine napkins / sanitary towels
Freshdays panty shields / liners
We appreciate serious requests for at least one 40' container.
Containers can be mixed. Samples are sent during the quotation

Country: Lebanon
Description: Pizza Boxes - Plain or Printed
Submit an online Request For Quotation (RFQ) for top quality 7-16"
Pizza Boxes at
• Color: White and/or Brown
• E-Flute
• Printing (optional): Flexo
Indevco Group affiliates currently supply wholesalers / distributors
of food service disposable, as well as such Middle Eastern fast food
chains as Pizza Hut, Domino's, California Pizza, and others.
Please note that we are interested in serious requests for quantities
of at least one 40' container (i.e. 100, 000 boxes).

Country: Lebanon
Description: Master-wrap stretch film. Distributors and wholesalers,
if you're in need of large quantities (40' containers), we invite you
to submit online Requests for Quotation (RFQs) for high-quality
machine (power) stretch, film, power pre-stretch film, and manual
stretch film.

Country: Lebanon
Description: Manual stretch film.
Palletize your goods with top quality Master-Wrap Manual Stretch
Rolls. High clarity, transparency and puncture resistance. Ideal for
inspection of goods and promotion of products.
Features include:
• Cling: Inside or both sides
• Film Color: Transparent, White, Black, or Other
• UV option
We invite serious parties interested in at least one 40' container to
submit an online Request for Quotation (RFQ).

Last update 04 july 2003

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Country: Bangladesh
Description: We are manufacturer & exporter of basic t-shirt, polo
shirt, tank top etc. We are having two garment factories in
Bangladesh. Our export volume is U.S.$1 Million/Year. We have been
exporting to Canada & Europe for the last three years. Our main
products are Basic T-Shirt, Polo Shirt, Tank Top etc. We are assuring
you the best price, Quality & Prompt shipment. Pls. send your spec
sheet along with all technical information. We shall highly glad if we
are favored with a kind reply.

Country: USA
Description: We have an exiting new product concept that can help
change the consumption of water drastically. Its operation is totally
simple yet always rewarding. This new system can help save hundreds of
dollars in water costs a year per household consumer. It can be of
high interest if introduced primarily to contractors for installation
in newly built homes. Upon its installation it is almost unseen and
makes no unwanted noise.

Plans for the system have already been drawn to specific detail and
have been reviewed by certified engineers in Juarez, Chihuahua in
Mexico. Exact measurements and even materials cost are ready if you
are interested in our system. We have much faith in our invention and
hope you will share in that faith. Primarily we are seeking to sell
the plans to a manufacturer for future production. Details for price
can be negotiated upon further contact with one another. Plans on the
introduced system are legally registered in Mexico and are pending the
issuance of a patent in the United States.

Country: Taiwan
Description: company was originally established in knitting industry
over 40 years ago. Afterwards, expands its business to include the
manufacturing of the circular knitting machine.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our product range includes solder paste, electroplating
solder ball, lead free solder, solder bar, solder wire, and fluxes are
used by a wide range of electronic manufacturing industries such as
telecommunications, computer, consumer and industrial electronics

Country: Taiwan
Description: We are a well-experienced and major ladies knitted/woven
wear of designer labels in Taiwan. Main products: ladies's knitted/
woven causal wear, jackets, blouses, t-shirts, pants, dresses & skirts.

Country: Taiwan
Description: We are a professional spray gun designer & manufacturer.
During the past years, we have accumulated a lot of experience, have
improved our equipment, expanded our production lines.

Country: Taiwan
Description: professional manufacture of shell moulding & core making
machine and has accumulated about ten years of manufacture experience.
Now, we will accompany with the timely trend & practical economy
advantages, therefor, we have developed & manufactured.

Country: Taiwan
Description: leading manufacturer of sanitary stainless steel fittings
in Taiwan. Our mission is provide our valued customers with the
highest quality product available with a fast delivery, all the
competitive price.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our lines include various mechanical rollers such as the
rollers for making plastic products, metallic products as well as
paper products. From pattern's design to finished roller, we can
totally meet the customers' requirements.

Country: Taiwan
Description: We have specialized in manufacturing various kinds of
Leather Belts for men, ladies and children, since 1979 and enjoy high
reputation among our customers.

Country: Taiwan
Description: professional manufacturer supplying Chinese and Japanese
decoration as well as equipment for restaurants. Our main products
include: tables, chairs, lanterns, screens, doors, ceiling boards,
windows, partitions, counters, pictures, kitchen ware, china ware, etc.

Country: Taiwan
Description: major products are tailor scissors, paper scissors, flower
scissors, kitchen shears, barber scissors, stainless steel scissors,
household shears, nail clippers, garden shears, office scissors, wall
paper scissors and leather scissors.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Established in 1992, company is one of the largest and
professional manufacturers of traverse rod and drapery hardware in
Asia, with headquarter in Taipei and factory in China. We are well
equipped with innovative facilities from the States, Japan and Taiwan.
Over the last few years we have been launching into first class
technology, workshops, engineering and managerial systems.

Country: Taiwan
Description: was established in 1983 as a professional manufacturer
of metal grinding/polishing machines. They believe that a whole
new space of art, using technology and creativity to decorate metal
surfaces, making your space more brilliant and sparkling.

Country: Taiwan
Description: We have over 18 years of experience in manufacturing
various truck and trailer equipment. This includes cargo tie down
straps and hardware, cargo stay bars, truck winches, marine/chain
hardware, forged hooks, lifting/sling equipment, trailer hitches and
couplers/tow balls.

Country: Taiwan
Description: We cooperate with other manufacturers in machinery &
tools industry to provide the best quality complete range products in
this field and offer most competitive price to our customers.

Country: Taiwan
Description: offers products that are both for industrial and home
use. The range of professional tools and equipment available are: air
tools, air accessories, hand tools, automotive, wood & metal working,
power tools & rechargeable tools, hardware, hydraulic equipment,
sanding equipment, other newly developed & promotion items.

Country: Taiwan
Description: company was established in 1988 and is specialized
in manufacturing PET reclaimed fiber and dope dyed coloured staple.
Its main business is to manufacture reclaimed staple from PET
recycling for down stream manufactures.

Country: Taiwan
Description: main business is in the field of Aquaculture Equipment.
Our staffs possess solid professional backgrounds, including
aquacultural, mechanical engineering and geotechnical specialists
with over 12 years experiences.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Founded in 1949, our plant is located in San-Chih Hsiang
professionally producing aluminum impact extrusion products as well as
top of the line metal press buckles.

Country: Taiwan
Description: We specialized in manufacturing Nylon 6 & 66 staple fiber
for textile, non-woven, flocking & carpet usage. Production range:
Diameter: 1 den ~ 70 den; Length: 1" ~ 272"; Luster: Bright, Semi-Dull,
Full-Dull, Sporking.

Country: Taiwan
Description: company was established in 1970. Our major export products
are car security locks, car accessories, car covers, hardware kits.

Country: Taiwan
Description: group machinery company in Taiwan specialized in manufacturing
blow molding machines, plastic processing machines, coating machines,
labeling machines, packaging machines and tissue paper converting machines.

Country: Turkey
Description: Wooden Trays FOB Istanbul: Usd 4, 70(FOB)
Stainless steel cookers: Usd 43/set (FOB)
Shopping trolley bag: Usd 5, 95(FOB)
Ceramic plate set: Usd 5, 95(FOB).

Country: South Africa
Description: Shilon double 2ply blankets.

Country: Brazil
Description: High Quality Brazilian instant coffee. We are Brazilian
international trader dealing with high quality Brazilian instant coffee,
Agglomerated, Spray dried and Freeze dried.
Packing: Glass jars, Metallic tins and bulk.

Country: Brazil
Description: Urea 46 % granular & prilled.
We will provide full corporate offers and contracts for qualified
buyers to supply urea with competitive prices.
No Tender. To proceed with any deal, please send LOI / ICPO.

Country: Brazil
Description: Grains. We will provide full corporate offers and
contracts for qualified buyers to supply: feed barley, corn, rice,
soybean, wheat. Min. Quantity: 12, 500 tm. No Tenders, to proceed
with any deal, please send LOI / ICPO.

Country: India
Description: We are buying house. We can undertake / source your
purchases from India on exclusive basis competitive price, quality &
promptness, are assured please e-mail for your regular buying from
this region.

Country: UAE
Description: We are seeking marketing agents to sell our range of
manhole covers & frames (ductile & cast) required for the construction
& building industry and the oil, gas & energy sector.

Country: Indonesia
Description: We are manufacturing and exporting rattan & wooden
furniture mixed with other natural fiber such as Abaca (banana fiber),
waterhyacinth, seagrass, croco nest, red pulut and so on. We are
experience in producing rattan furniture for 16 years, mainly to
Europe. Our specialized are Dining Chair, Sofa, and Individual Chair.

Country: Canada
Description: Used clothing ready for shipping to different areas of
the world. All types of clothing and grades. Mens, woman, children.

Country: Vietnam
Description: We are an exporter of Vietnamese Rice Paper (Galletes De
Riz): 31cm, 28cm, 22cm, 18cm, 16cm, Triangle; with White & black
sesame, Net Spring Roll Wrapper, Vermicelli, Noodle. Our markets are:
France, Hong Kong, USA, Cote D'Ivore, Senegal, etc.

Country: India
Description: We are a leading dental products manufacturer in India
and is an ISO 9001:2000 company which includes all types of Acrylic
Denture Material and Artificial Acrylic Teeth. We are also expert in
manufacturing carrom powder grade which is used in the disco powder
for carrom. We have a capacity of manufacturing around 5000 kg of
Acrylic Powder per month.

Country: India
Description: We are exporters of bed skirts, cushion covers, curtains,
duvet, shams, bolster neckrole, scarf etc. Exporting in countries like
USA, Germany, France etc.

Country: Kenya
Description: Authentic hand made beaded art crafts and batik African
paintings. Items include coasters / table mats, fruit containers, sets
of round / oval jewellery containers, belts, bead adorned gourds etc.

Country: Romania
Description: Portable plasma machine for Welding/Cutting/Brazing for
up to 10mm. It needs ONLY plain water and 220 V power supply and it
weights ONLY 7 kg.

Country: India
Description: We are a manufacturer exporter of textile & home
furnishing products from India. We are looking for buyers & buying
agents to promote our products in overseas market. Our main products
are bath mats, rugs(in cotton, chenille, chindi & jute), C.Covers, Bed
sets, Throws(cotton & chenille). We are manufacturing these items in
regular from last 15 years.

Country: China
Description: We specialize in the exportation of Chinese underwear,
DVDs, having business relation with more than 20 countries in the
world. If you are interested in establishing business relations with
us in this line, pls let us know your specific requirement.

Country: Korea (South)
Description: We would like to introduce ourselves as a manufacturer
and exporter in Korea producing many kinds of Impulse Sealing machine
and Portable heat sealer(direct sealer for hand type), vacuum sealer,
hand wrapper, twist tying machine, hand sealer with cutter for 5mm
width and so on. With CE approval and S mark and long term experience
we are enjoying ourselves from our distributor in the world market.
We make sure that we gladly help you in your business with our good
quality and best price.

Country: Romania
Description: Total recall: a compact, cost-effective and self-
contained voice-logging unit, providing secure recording, storage and
playback of telephone calls (or any audio signal). Up to 1600 hours of
recordings can be stored on an internal database (archieved on a CD
with the internal CD-Writer or transfered on a computer - WAV format),
for instant retrieval and playback.

Country: China
Description: We are a professional shoes manufacturer for sport shoes,
Soccer shoes, Skateboard shoes and casual shoes, etc in Jinjiang,
Fujian, China.

Country: Czech Republic
Description: Recycling of active coal at temperatures around 850C for
twenty minutes in an atmosphere of smoke and steam. With this cleaning
method, active coal is produced with renewed high absorption
capability, comparable in value to new, active coal. The quality of
reactivation is controlled by set values of absorbed isotherm and the
iodine number. The sorbents are collected and handled in large-volume
sacks of about 1m3). The equipment is operated with no affect on
workers. The desorbed material is removed with coke-oven gas and
further chemically processed before being incinerated in the coke

Several practical tests confirm the reliability of this technology
for processing sorbents used for cleaning gas and liquids, for
example, regenerating filters out of varnish or cleaned waste water.
Our equipment does not process sorbents with saturated halogen
derivatives. In the past, this equipment was successfully used to
regenerate products for mostly European suppliers like Silcarbon,
Chemviron Carbon, etc.

Country: China
Description: Scandinavian company based in Mainland China. We have the
ability to follow the market trends closely, and have a knowledge
of the cross-cultural differences that often causes problem.
We are specialized in wood related products such as, wood
chairs and wooden blinds Wooden Blinds:
Material: Basswod, Slatdimension: 25mm&50mm*21mm, Packing: PET Plastic
Box Colors: According to request in both stain and pigment,
Containerload: Approx 7500 M2/40? FCL, Incl. multi pack
Terms of Delivery: 1?st order - FOB = 22 days, cont order = 2
containers/week. Price: 8,9 USD/SQM FOB Chinese Port (both dimensions).

Country: Czech Republic
Description: Our client offer to sell block machines. We supply
equipment and systems for production of block, retaining wall,
landscape, and specialty products. Economical and Dependable Low
maintenance cost Simple to operate, simple to service Top and
bottom vibration for high density products Four post height control
system for exacting and reliable height control Finger agitation
system for consistent fast filling of the mold box Composition - 14,
5 kg cement - 46, 2 kg fly-ash - 11, 6 kg sawdust - 33, 0 kg water
Available in three sizes: (600mm X 300mm x 150mm), (300mm X 300mm x
150mm), (300mmx150mmx150mm) Specifications Model TVZ -1 TVZ -2 TVZ -3
Weight 22 kg 11 kg 4, 95 kg Consumptionper 1m3 Masonry 37 Pieces 74
Pieces 146 Pieces On Pallet 36 Pieces 72 Pieces 140 Pieces * uses wood
pallets Output Levels 2, 71 m3 Masonry Dry per hour.

Country: UAE
Description: We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a leading
garment manufacturer & exporter in United Arab Emirates. Product range
includes cushion covers, bed spread, table covers

Country: India
Description: May I take this opportunity to introduce myself as one of
mastercrafts men successfully growing small sized handicrafts
manufacturers situated in Jaipur, India. The vast range of our
products includes All kind of Wooden figures, Animals, under cut
animals, indian god goddess, decorative gift items, showpieces,
wall hangings, mirror & photo frames, candle stands, flowers vase,
hangers, and lots more which is extremely difficult to be listed

Country: India
Description: We are the manufacturers and exporters of Incense Sticks
named Divine Incense Sticks. We already exports our products in 11
countries, and also want that the business relation with you.

Country: India
Description: We are leading manufacturer and exporter of high pressure
decorative laminated sheets, cabinet liner, backer sheets, Industrial
sheet, post-forming laminate sheet used for furniture. we manufacture
1220 mm x2440 mm size laminate sheet in various colours designs and
finishes in various thickness up to 0.5mm to 20mm.We also manufacture
both side decorative laminate sheet. Our company Esquire D?cor Pvt.
Ltd. is Selected for "ISO-9001" by SGS. We got "ISO-9001`"Certificate
through SGS.We also got a registration in "INDIAN RAILWAY" for supply
of decorative laminate sheet of 3MM.

Country: Turkey
Description: We are the manufacturers of high quality rugs & carpets,
of almost any size up to 400 cms width. We use the latest technology
looms- van de wiele. Customer designs, logos and brand names are

Last update 03 july 2003

Full details of these offers, click here

Country: UK
Description: we would like to offer the chance to market our watches
and make large profits. We are Offering a Special Offer BUMPER PACK:
Invest ?200.00 including VAT.
5 x Watches of your choice
30 x Large Carrier bags
30 x Small Gift Bags
20 x Brochures
2 x Glossy Magazines with Full Page Adverts
RRP prices on watches range from ?225 - ?850 depending on the model

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are largest private sector Rice Exporter of long grain
basmati rice, and the pioneer of bringing modern technology into the
field of rice milling & processing. Our facilities are established
both in United States of America and Pakistan. We are an ISO9002
certified company. We have been awarded multiple export performance
trophies both in United States of America and in Pakistan.
Currently we are have customers in USA, UK and Australia. We are also
exporting in UK to TRS whole Sale Company Limited and Basmati rice
(U.K) Limited. We trade and produce Super basmati Kernel Rice under
the brand name “DOABA”. Our brand has gained above average recognition
in the minds of American consumers in New York and Canadian consumers.
We also Export super quality brown rice which can be further processed
into Super Basmati Kernel Rice. This proposition is well suited for
the interest of rice mill owners.

Country: Bangladesh
Description: We take the opportunity of introducing ourselves as one
of the exporter of jute goods in Bangladesh. We don't want to say very
much about us but to prove ourselves would request you kindly give me
some of your inquiries.

Country: China
Description: specializing in processing, manufacturing & selling
feather, down & relative finished products such as down quilts,
garments & sleeping bags, etc. Excellent quality, reasonable price and
reliable credit.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We introduce ourselves as leading exporter of tractors,
spare parts, farm machinery, agricultural implements from Pakistan to
Middle East/Ireland/United Kingdom/East African countries.
All model of Massey Ferguson/Ford/Fiat.

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturers and exporters of readymade woven
garments. Our quality management system has been certified for
compliance as per ISO 9002 standards. Our major export markets include
Europe and USA. We have specialized in manufacture of high quality
men's and women's garments - tops and bottoms. We are fully equipped
with the latest high - tech machinery.
Our factory has been audited for compliance for social responsibility
by leading buying houses like Kellwood International, USA and Columbia
Sportswear Company, USA. We are looking forward to expand our market
in the Europe.

Country: Turkey
Description: We are manufacturer of cleaning items in Turkey.
We can offer best prices and quality. Pls visit our web site.

Country: Indonesia
Description: We supply specialty pigments for ink an paint industry.
also deal in reactive dyes and raw material.

Country: Bulgaria
Description: Bulgarian feta cheese, Bulgarian wine.

Country: China
Description: We are the professional manufacturer for FLASH USB DRIVE
In China:
1. Flash USB Drive 64MB: US$14.80
2. Flash USB Drive 128MB: US$24.80
3. Flash USB Drive 256MB: US$44.80
4. Flash USB Drive 512MB: US$89.80
5. Flash USB Drive 64MB + MP3: US$30.30
6. Flash USB Drive 128MB+MP3: US$42.30
7. Chipset: 3S/OTI/PoneChip / SAMSUNG or Toshiba flash memory
8. Lead time: 2-5 days / Ex-works HongKong / T/T in advance
9. Package: Gift box / Warranty: 12 months / Standard: ISO9001&CE&FCC.

Country: India
Description: We can genuinely offer the "worlds cheapest & finest
qualiy of xanthan gum [also known as x.c.polymer] both techical grade
for crude oil drilling use & also food grade for use in many eatable
products. It is of Chinese origin but we beat to Chinese suppliers as
well. We solicit all genuine enquiry & assure of full satisfaction.

Country: Turkey
Description: We are looking for buyers from all over the world in
order to present and sell our high quality leather belts and wallets.
If you are interested in our products please get in touch with me.

Country: India
Description: We introduce ourselves as India based electrical panel
manufacture (power & control)& lookup for expend my business.
Waiting for your reply if you have such type of requirement for your
esteemed organization.

Country: Pakistan
Description: Manufacturers, importers and exporters of soccer balls,
volley balls, hand balls, rugby balls, beach balls, mini balls, goal
keeping gloves and accessories.

Country: South Africa
Description: We are exporters of High quality beef, mutton, goat, lamb
and ostrich meat. All our meat is slaughtered Halaal. Our prices are
competitive and we are looking at companies in your country to conduct
serious business with.

Country: USA
Description: Scientific-based, high quality nutritional products:
vitamins, skin care, and weight management.
Available ONLY at these following sites: USA, Canada, Australia, New
Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea (by September 2003),
United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Caribbe.

Country: Indonesia
Description: We are tradtional garment manufacturer, we offer for sell
as below:
100% cotton knitted T-shirt (color white, yellow & orange) price/pcs
100% rayon woven sarong/scarves for ladies size 90cm x 120cm
100% polyester soccer t-shirt lega calcio serie-a Italy price
Belt sheell with beaded and coconut buttons width 5 cm, lenght 100
Swan eggs painting(us$.15.00)
Rayon tanks top(us$.5.00)
Cotton batik cushion cover size 25cmx25cm, 50cmx50cm, 70cmx70cm.

Country: China
Description: Supply all kinds of anchor chain/anchor/wirerope/rubber
fender/and other accessories.

Country: China
Description: We can supply plywood poplar "LVL" and "MDF".

Our products:
1.shuttering plywood
Size:(8.5mm, 11.5mm, 14.5mm, 17.5mm)x1220mmx2440mm
Core: poplar
Face and back: phenolic film (glossy brown color or glossy black
color) of 125grams/M2(Origin Holland)
phenolic film (glossy brown color or glossy black color ) of
160grams/M2(Origin Holland)
Glue: WBP Glue or MR glue.
Grade: BB/CC.
2. "MDF" sheets
Size: (12mm, 15mm)x1220mmx2440mm
Density: medium(700kgs/M3)
Core: poplar and shaw
Glue: MR glue.
3. Plywood
Size is: 1220x2440x(8.5mm, 11.5mm, 14.5mm, 17.5mm, 20.5mm, 23.5mm)
910x1820x(8.5mm, 11.5mm, 14.5mm, 17.5mm, 20.5mm, 23.5mm)
Face and back is: Okume
Core is: poplar core
Glue is: MR glue or WBP glue or T2-Fc0 glue or T2-Fc1 glue or T2-Fc2
Grade is: BB/CC
Moisture contents is:14% and down
4.Poplar "LVL"
Size is:
Core is: poplar core
Glue is: MR glue or WBP glue or T2-Fc0 glue or T2-Fc1 glue or T2-Fc2 glue
Moisture contents is:14% and down
I think it is necessary and important to establish trading business.

Country: Korea (South)
Description: We are a new leading Korean manufacturer of hot ink rolls
for coding & marking. We currently seek for importers/distributors to
handle our ink rolls.

Country: Indonesia
Description: We are a trading company from Indonesia seeking
buyer/importer who is interesting to purchase wooden products:
furniture, handy craft, housing components, building material,
flooring, etc.

Country: China
Description: We provide all kinds of garments: ie, T shirts, polo
shirts, boxers short, singlet, vest, men's shirt, babies wears and
handkerchiefs in good prices.

Country: China
Description: We produce and sell motorcycle and parts (as staple are
meter, shock-absorber and so forth). In motorcycle aspect, we mainly
design and develop special motorcycle, such as mini-bike; for the
parts we have bold capability to design and develop. Our parts
products are sold to not only domestic motorcycle factories but also
markets abroad. Besides, we are willing to build any custom designed
products by your request.

Country: USA
Description: company is a multi-level marketing international
nutritional company with operation in USA, Mexico, PR, and
Canada and over 10, 000 independent distributors. Our flagship
products are in the weightloss category and general health category.
Along with several products for weight loss, our line also includes
products for general health, anti-aging, performance and personal
care. Currently Pro Star has over 25 product brands with new formulas
being introduced regularly. We are looking into entering the European
Market through Italy and are looking for serious partners and
potential distributors.

Country: China
Description: We are one of the leading international trading company
mainly handle in exporting various kind of hardware, our exporting
products including hand tool, lock, accessory of bike and door etc. If
you are interested in these commodity, please don't hesitate to
contact with us, we can supply picture or sample to you for your

Country: China
Description: We export 1-10 ton all kinds of Heli brand forklift to
South America.

Country: China
Description: 1)Construction material: Plywood, Flooring (parquet),
Lumber, Windows and Doors (shutter), Paneling and Board, Furniture
and parts, Ceramic Tiles, Metal tube for furniture and construction,
and Stone construction material.
2) Automobile and Motor Components: Steel Plate Spring for auto and
motor, PVC and PU material, Trailer and truck components, Auto-
bicycle, Metal hinge and so on.
3) Home and Hotel supplies article: Bed Cover, Bed Sheet, Towel for
bathroom in the home and hotel, Curtain and other textile for
household and wooden article.

Country: Russian Federation
Description: company sells timber (pine, larch, cedar), sawn
timber, plywood, elite wood from Brasil and Colombia. Also we offer
cedar nut: cleared (without nut-shell)and not cleared. And cedar oil
(heals stomach ulcer, stimulates the working of bowels). And drinking
deep water of lake of Baikal. And Tailand Rice.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We export surgical instruments of very high quality and
we also deal in the manufacturing of the leather wear according to the
wish of the customers.

Country: China
Description: We are a clothing factory in Ningbo, China, main produce
woven clothing like men's and women's trousers and pants and children
clothing(not knitted). There are long and short, western style
trousers and leisure trousers. Fabric for t/r, t/c, t/w, 100% cotton.
There are different fabric design and suit for all season to wear and
enjoy good work craft and reasonable price.

Country: China
Description: We are the largest manufacturer in Asia of PE(X)-AL-PE(X)
composite pipe and faucet (47 production lines) which is the most
advanced pipe system in the world. With the advantages of both plastic
and metal pipe, its simple to install, hygienic, corrosive-free, non-
toxic, hi-temperature & pressure resistant with a very long working
life (more than 50 years).

Country: India
Description: provides intranet, internet, e-business, b2b, b2c web
development solutions, in India. Is positioned today as a leading
e-business solution provider, offering integrated services. They
comprise software development services, multi-networking technology
services and education services to global as well as domestic
customers. For more details please visit our website.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are the leading manufacturer and exporters of quality
hairdressing scissors, manicure implements and pet grooming products.

Country: Indonesia
Description: Our factory is using all brand new machinery and well
equipped with high technology laboratory instruments. Our Spinning
Mill have a total capacity of 80, 640 spindles, producing 7, 500 bales
(1, 360, 800 kgs) of yarn per month and produces: PE, TR, RT, Rayon,
TC, CVC, Cotton. All of products are single yarn, raw white for
knitting and weaving purpose. We are using 1st quality of raw
materials in order to produce prime quality of yarn.
Our product have been sold to both overseas and local market. We have
been exporting our product to many continent, such as: ASIA, EUROPE,
U.S.A, and Middle East countries.

Country: Indonesia
Description: We are one of the biggest regenerated open-end yarn
manufacturer in Asia. We can produce any kind of yarn like as P/C,
100%cotton, etc. Our yarn can be used for any applications such as
knitted working glove, sock, towel, blanket, carpet, mop etc. We've
exported to over 20 countries in the world. If you have any inquiries
don't hesitate to contact us.

Country: India
Description: We are one of the leading exporters in India having been
recognised as EXPORT HOUSE by GOVT>of INDIA. We have two garment units
in Bangalore and at present exporting to countries like Italy, USA,
Chile etc. We are also into the exports of gifts and handicraft items
like jute / silk and cotton bags gift articles and products.

Country: India
Description: We have started to manufacture Reserpine BP98 (the one
extracted from Rauwolfia Serpentina-a common Indian shrub)
We are a 20 year old concern with diversified business interest. We
have an active market in the Indian sub-continent(especially Nepal)
for various Industrial and Pharmaceutical chemicals and ingredients;
our own plant manufacturing varied Industrial and Laboratical
Equipment; a history of importing Ball-Bearings from various Eastern
European countries. We would be delighted to answer any queries that
you might have regarding Resprine BP98.

Country: China
Description: We take the pleasure to introduce ourselves as
manufacture and exporter of scooter. It is one of the earliest
enterprise to produce electric vehicle, now its monthly output has up
to 10, 000sets, its produce are sold well to all over the country, and
exported to Europe, America, Korea, Germany etc more than 30 countries
and regions.

Country: India
Description: We are one of the reputed manufacture and exporters of
Packaging materials such as, T shirts bag. Shopping bags, garbage
bags. We are in a position to manufacture as per specification of our

Country: Latvia
Description: We make baby bed"s and Play pen for baby.
150 - 450 pcs per month
Price 36 EUR/pcs FCA Riga, Latvija
We have delivery to Sweden and Danmark.
And we make lamber from any wood and any colour
We have not claim"s more 10 year
We ready to give photo and information to E-mail.

Country: China
Description: Reliable exporter from China in mobile phone housing
faceplate, data cable, mobile phone LCD, LCD display, mobile phone
battery, mobile phone spare parts, speaker, PA, IC, mobile phone
unlock clip, Dct4, Ira usb adapter, SMD rework station, hands free
kit, visit our website.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are manufacturing a wide range of Home-Furnishing
Textile made ups including printed, dyed, plain weave, sateen weave,
crushed sateen, crushed polyester voile, yarn dyed in poly/cotton,
heat transfer prints on polyester and cotton, lace, 100% cotton as
well as cotton rich jacquard fabric and made-ups.

Country: Czech Republic
Description: I am pleased to introduce you one of the finest furniture
manufacturers in the Czech Republic and invite you to co-operate.
I would like to offer you following high quality massive pine wood
ANTIQUA is a luxury furniture with romantic metal ornaments. Its
difficult 7-step surface finish gives Antigua its antique character.
Collection MONTEREY is suitable for furnishing exclusive interiors in
Romanic style.

Country: Taiwan
Description: We are a professional auto electrical accessories
manufacturer, we accept your OEM order, and arrange shipment from
Taiwan or China as your request.
Our main products as below:
flasher / light / siren / stop, brake lamp/
horn/ car interior light / strobe light / pedal /
car side lamp /neon light/ neon license frame /
side marker / neon shift knob / under car kit /
washer nozzle/. .....
We also can purchase the other auto parts & accessories for you (from
Taiwan or China) we can gather all the goods you need and arrange
shipment in once. That will save your time and cost.
We expect to cooperate with you and offer you more service.

Country: China
Description: Our factory is specialized in making ceramics table
wares, including bowls, plates, mugs, cups, soup sets, coffee sets,
etc. And We are also making flowerpot now. Bing of high quality and
reasonable price, our goods enjoy a high reputation domestic and

Country: India
Description: We are the manufactures of cinni electrical fans like
table fans, ceiling fans and pedastal fans and we are know for
creating one of the worlds most finest and sturdy looking fans in the
world. We are exporting our fans to UK, US, Australia, Japan, Holland,
Italy, Spain, Sweden Switzerland they keep this fans as an antique as
we know they are harldy going to switch on there fans because of
chilled weather out there in Switzerland. We bagged lots of export
Awards back in India. Once we have exported 50000 nos fans across the
globe.. You can see our fans in Selfridges and Harrods in London which
are know to be one of the best and costliest Departmental Stores in
the world. Please do indicate if your interested to import our fans as
they are really made for different segment of Customers. Unfortunately
we never put emphasis in Asian Markets which is developing fast and
Asian people's purchasing power is also increasing as European and US
do, So we think this is the rite time to penetrate into the market We
can assure you one thing if you can sell these typical and common
looking fans then you can definitely export our good and sturdy
looking fans which is recognized and got a very reputable position in
European and US markets.

Country: UK
Description: We have the following top brands of alcohol at very good
Smirnoff Ice
Vodkas: Stolichanaya, Wiborowa, Finland, Danzka,
Rum: Bacardi
Tequila: Camino Real, Jose Cuervo
Beer: Corona
WHiskey: Clan Mc. Gregor, Highland Reserve, Haig, Mansion House,
Grant`s, SandyMac, J&B, Dewar?s, Royal Salute, Dimple, Old Parr,
Chivas Regal.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Country: Lebanon
Description: Designed for medium to severe incontinence, Elegance
adult diapers are composed of non-allergic cotton-feel cover sheet,
ultra absorbent pad, micro-embossed waterproof plastic back sheet,
leak-proof barriers, and double re-fastenable tapes.
We are interested in serious requests for at least one 40’ container
(i.e. 900+ cases). Samples are sent during quote process.
Our affiliates also produce such hygiene disposable as feminine
napkins and panty liners.

Country: Lebanon
Description: "Private"-brand Clip Extra Thin and Clip Regular sizes
are distinguished by a soft and non-allergic cotton-feel coversheet,
adhesive backing, and side-clip panty guards that offer maximum
protection and extreme comfort.
Clip Extra Thin feminine napkins are individually wrapped. All Private
brand products are packaged in regular or giant-size PE bags with
transport / disposal bags included.
We are interested in requests for at least one 40' container (1800+
cases). Samples are sent during quote process.

Country: Lebanon
Description: Freshdays panty shields come in anatomic and G-string
shapes, with an adhesive strip on waterproof plastic backing to keep
liners securely in place. These products are ideal for minor
discharge, light feminine incontinence, and extra protection with
Anatomic shape panty liners are available straight or folded /
individually wrapped. All Freshdays products are packed in attractive
duplex boxes.
We are interested in minimum requests of at least one 40' container
(2020+ cases). Samples are sent during quote process.

Country: China
Description: We take the liberty of introducing ourselves as one of
exporter of fermented black bean and soy sauce in Yangjiang,
Guangdong, china and we always adhere to the principle of equality and
mutual benefit in our trade. We sincerely hope that we could establish
business relations with you.

Country: India
Description: We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of
100% cotton knitted hosiery garments for men, women and children.
We are well-versed in children and ladies garments. Our products are
exported to France, Germany, Swiss and Canada.
We offer you samples according to your design and measurement.

Country: Syria
Description: We are specialized in manufacturing hi quality instant
beverages such as 3in1 coffee mix, 2in1 coffee mix, cappuccino mix,
hot chocolate mix filled in fancy sachets.

Country: India
Description: Processed mango pulp in 3.1kgs cans available for bulk
importers gherkins preserved in acetic acid, brine and veniger also

Country: France
Description: Sell cement at ISO 9000 approval.
Package is: 25-35 or 50 kgs bags on sling bags or pallets
Minimum is: 12500 mt contract
Specifications are: CPA 425 see by attached file at ISO 9002 EC
Price depends of the discharge port.
Payment by LC back to back or transferable
Delivery is 35 - 45 days after confirmation LC
If you are interested, send an LOI.

Country: India
Description: brings you a new range of products that captures the
variued and viobrant taste of INDIA. A list of our products reads:
1. Partition Screens
2. Jewell Boxes
3. Photo & mirror frames
4. Desk Accessories
5. Toys
6. Kitchen Accessories
7. Decoration items
8. Service trolly
9. Mini bar & Cabinet
Rosewood, Seahem wood, Sandal wood, white wood
Brass and copper fittings & decrotive pieces
Moghul and Kashmiri Carvings
Brass and copper inlay works
Paintings and wax puffings
Wood Knitting and jolly cuttings.

Country: India
Description: We are interested in export of the following materials:
1. Shark fish jaws
2. Shark fish back bones
3. Dried flowers and pot pourri
4. Spices - red chilly, coriandar, cardamom, etc.
5. Dried crab shell and dried prawn heads.

Last update 02.july 2003

Full details of these offers, click here

Country: China
Description: We are the Nanjing sales office of Shanghai Jiusheng
Special Steel Co Ltd which is one of the leading Stainless Seamless
Pipe manufacturers in China. With a business background of 10 years,
we have been exporting pipes to many areas such as West America,
Europe, South Asia and Mideast. Our product enjoys high reputation in
the overseas market for its satisfactory quality and favorable price.
We have established and applied a ISO9001(cert. No.04100 22095,
approved by TUV) quality system for manufacturing stainless seamless
pipes. The details are as follows: Standard: ASTM DIN JIS,
ISO;Grade:304, 304L, 304H, 316, 316L, 316Ti, 310, 310S, 321 Outside
diameter: 10mm to 503mm, 1/8 inch to 20 inch; Thickness:1mm to 32mm,
SCH 5 to SCH 80; Length:0.5mm to 11000mm.

Country: Canada
Description: Boost your immune system now with Immunocal. With a
healthier and stronger immune system, your body can fight off such
viruses as the simple cold and flu. With amount of deadly viruses out
there, one must not live with out Immunocal in their lives.

Country: India
Description: 100 % cotton shirts offered. Mens shirts. Made to
specifications of the buyer. Only against letter of credit.

Country: Bahrain
Description: We represent a leading manufacturer of "Wheel Alloy
Ingots ( GAlSi 7 Mg Sr/A 356.2)" and "Blank wheels castings". We are
the suppliers of blank wheels for well known brand car makers, to name
a few BMW, Opel (GM), Proton, Rover, Volkswagen, Volvo, GM,
Chrysler, Fiat, Citroen, Peugeot, Honda, Daihatsu, etc.

Country: Mexico
Description: We are a Foreign Trade Broker, and are looking for buyers
of frozen shrimp, on 41.50 and 21.25 sizes, in 6.5 Lb. packages; from
Cancun, Mexico.

Country: Canada
Description: Le Patch is a cutting-edge, advanced appetite
suppressant, metabolism booster, and energy enhancer...all in one!
With Le Patch, there are no more starvation diets and no difficult and
dangerous exercises! It works all day & all night long!
Just place a new adhesive skin patch anywhere on your body, each day
for continuous, safe, and effective weight loss. Much like a Nicotine
Patch takes away your craving for cigarettes, Le Patch drastically
reduces your cravings for food, so you naturally do not want to over-
eat. While at the same time, Le Patch is boosting your energy level,
and jump-starting your metabolism to burn maximum body fat.
Le Patch is 100% all natural and is made with fucus vesiculosus, an
extract of sea kelp.

Country: Canada
Description: TanTowel contains a revolutionary formula that reacts
with the amino acids in your skin to create a natural, sun-kissed tan
that develops in only 2 hours after application. Simply wipe this
citrus-scented wet-wipe towelette over your face and body for an even,
consistent tan that dries in seconds. For a darker tan, just apply
another TanTowel. To maintain your tan, simply reapply TanTowel every
5-7 days.

Country: India
Description: We would like to introduce our self as one of the leading
manufacturer & of detergent powder, dhoop, candle & also manufacture
wall finishing materials named super sandla, chem-paste & heritage

Country: South Africa
Description: We are based in South African. Our fruit is from the best
in the world.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Beginning the manufacture of coffee / tea maker is since
1985, Yukawa has been engaged in bringing top-grade quality to the
market for 16 years and was approved ISO9001 by international
institute. With capacity of 120000pcs monthly, we can guarantee to
offer our customers lower cost, high quality, and punctual delivery.
To expand our overseas market and offer our clients an easier way of
purchase, we, at present, set up offices in Hong Kong, Vietnam, and
then, in China. We have many different categories of products ex:
dining set, houseware, glassware, porcelain, metal, plastic, cookware,
wooden articles etc. The target of our effort is to assure our
customer of the best products from the best manufacturer.
What we offer is not only a wide range of products, but also
consolidation of delivery of various items. Efficiency is the
essential element to win in the commercial world.

Country: China
Description: We are a professional lamp exporter for over two decades.
Our products are well-known for their high quality and variety, longer
life hours and competitive price at home and abroad. The
representatives of ours are as following: energy saving lamp, halogen
lamp, fluorescent lamp, led lamp, electronic ballast, signal
introduction, base list, high intensity mercury lamp, metal halide
lamp, incandescent lamp, candle, and the like.
If anyone is interested in our products, please do not hesitate to
contact us, and then we will be delighted to provide more details
about the products, including their pictures.
We shall be pleased to establish business relations with those who
would like to enter into trade relations with us !

Country: China
Description: We are the biggest Chinese manufacturers in the industry
of paper products for the purpose of environmental protection, which
mainly used in the party goods industry including tableware, giftware
and articles of festivals for home, office and wedding. We have rich
experience in processing various kinds of paper products according to
customers' samples and designs.

Product List
1. Napkin 400*400, 330*330, 245*245, 210*210
2. Paper Cup 4oz, 6.5oz, 7oz, 9oz, 12oz, 16oz, 22oz, 32oz
3. Paper Plate 7”, 9”
4. Gift Set: Cup, Plate and Napkin /set
5. Non-wave cloth series
6. Paper Decorations for Party and Festival.

Country: Indonesia
Description: We are manufacturer & exporter different type of
handicraft made from capiz shell such as lampshade, candleholder,
tray, bowl, photo frame, etc.

Country: Hong Kong
Description: We are the mfg and exporter from china all kinds of
mobile phone accessories. If interested pls contact us for details.

Country: Singapore
Description: We would like to introduce our company, incAsia Trading,
a Singapore based distributor of medical consumables for your
consideration. We would like to establish a mutually beneficial
business relations with your esteemed company. Our factories are able
to provide a constant reliable supply of the following products in
large quantities on a monthly basis.
- Pen-like digital thermometer
- Nipple-like digital thermometer
- Multi-use infrared ear thermometer
- Disposable Hypodermic needles
- Disposable Scalp Vein Set
- Disposable Syringes (1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 5ml)
- Suture Needles
- Blood Lancets
- Disposable Vaginal Speculum
- Disposable Infusion set
- Disposable Transfusion set
- Stainless Steel Surgical Blades and Scalpels
- Latex Exam Gloves
- Surgical Gloves
- Surgical gown (pe-coated/spunlace/SMS)
- ID Braclet
- Umbilical Cord clamp
- Infusion Bag
- Nasal Tube
- Feeding Tube
- Rectal Tube
- Stomach Tube
- Foley catheter
- Nelaton Catheter
- Suction Cathether
- Endotracheal Tube
- Catheters, 3-way Stopcock
- Heparin Cap
- Bandage (Paris/Adhesive/Self-adhesive)
- Pediatric Urine Collector

Country: China
Description: We produce various shoes for men, women and children,
slippers and sandals, beach and sports sandals, PVC slippers etc. And
we also have a good start in the field of producing bags.

Country: China
Description: We are the leading exporter of processed fruits and
vegetable and now in the position to supply you Various Processed
Fruits and vegetables as followings:
dried applerings, dried apple cubes, dried peach halves, dried pear
halves, dried strawberry, dried apricot halves, dried segments 1/6;
dehydrated garlic powder/flake/cubes, dehydrated ginger powder/cubes,
dehydrated onion powder/slice etc.

FD Products:
Freeze dried pleurotus nebrodensis, freeze dried white scallion,
freeze dried kiwifruit, freeze dried strawberry, freeze dried double
spore mushroom, freeze dried garlic flake/cubes, freeze dried ginger
flake/cubes, freeze dried onion cubes/slice, freeze dried chinese
green onion, freeze dried chive, freeze dried broccli, and so on.

Country: China
Description: professional wiper blade maker and supplier from China.
Till now, we can make most of the wiper blade which is popular in
the market.Our main products is universal wiper blade, such as AB-405,
Ab-808, AB-149, which is suitable for most kinds of car, bus and
truck. And at the same time, the above universal wiper blade is very
popular in the market. In fact, we make some special wiper blade for
some car, bus and truck too. Such as our wiper blade, AB-155, which
is for Toyota car, AB-148, which is for Nissan Car.
Each year, we design and develop some new item, such as AB-801s, which
is the wiper blade with spoiler and very hot in the USA and Europe
market. And we have double refill wiper blade too, which is not only
fashionable but also clear cleaner all the time.

Country: Hong Kong
Description: Sea Freight Service
Air Freight Service
Warehousing Service
Trucking Service
Customs Declaration and clearance Service.

Country: Hong Kong
Description: Garments and textiles.

Country: China
Description: We are the leading Chinese manufacturer of Cerium misch
metal, Cerium metal, Lanthanum metal, dedicating to supply the raw
materials to the steel making, foundries, S.G. iron & ductile iron
foundry industry.
Mischmetal ( Cerium rich grade)
Grade A: TREM 98%min
Ce/REM 48-52%
La/REM 30%min
Pr/REM 3-10%
Nd/REM 0-8%max
Fe 1.0%max
Grade B: TREM 98%min
Ce/REM 50%min
La/REM 35%min
Pr/REM 5-10%
Nd/REM 1-10%
Fe 1.0%max
Mg 0.8%max
Si 0.2%max
Size: Piglet or trapezoids of 500gram, 2kgs or at buyer's option.
Usage: Cerium mischmetall = employment as refinement means for cast
irons. Cerium and other rare earth elements effectively eliminate the
harmful effects of other components.

Country: Philippines
Description: We are a manufacturer and distributors of Medical
Cosumables products. Our products includes patient apparels, hospital
linens (sheets & Blankets), Doctors Uniform, scrub suits, infants
wear, Disposable items and other related medical products.
We have 5 manufacturing site namely; Cambodia, Philippines, China,
Taiwan & Africa. Quota free & duty free shipments to USA and Europe.

Country: Korea
Description: We started metallic yarn & glitter powder business for
the first time in Korea in 1975. And we have the most reliable 3
factories that produce various kinds of subject products. All factory
processing is automation and our crafts are specialized in dealing
with production over several decades. If you are interested in our
products we are willing to send you our color card immediately.

Country: Indonesia
Description: We can supply Routin Red Meranti Wood: 3 layer, Door Jamb
& architraves, Door Components. Merbau Wood: Decking, Tounge & Grove,
antislip board, Yellow balau Wood: fencing, Garden tiles, Rail reeded
and Etc (Rain Forest Wood).

Country: India
Description: Export of Satellite receiving equipment.
1. Digital Satellite Receivers.
2. Dish ANtennas.
3. Cable Accessories.
4. Cable.

Country: Korea
Description: KIA Pride Brake Pads (Use for KK150-33-28Z of Kia Pride)
Brake Pads (Use for KK150-33-28Z of Kia Pride)
Q'ty: 500 sets - 6, 000 sets.
If you are interested about the stock, please feel free to contact us.

Country: China
Description: We are one of Advanced pharmaceutical industries factory,
it was established in 1978 and promoted its first produce in 1990.In a
changing economical environment, we have successfully obtained
ISO9002/EN46002 and CE0434 to meet international standards.
Our products: Medical bandage: zinc oxide plaster/cotton cloth, non-
woven surgical paper tape, silk tape; wound pads; Surgical gauze: Eye
pad, face mask; Hospital non-woven fabric: operating caps paper face

Country: India
Description: We are introducing a range of imported microscopes
required by hospitals and jewelers.

Country: India
Description: Manufacturers and exporters of industrial fasteners such
as threaded rods, stud bolts, hex bolts, nuts conforming to

Country: China
Description: We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our
company as one of the leading import /export companies mainly handling
the field of chemical, metal and minerals. Our company is certified by
ISO9002. We are a reliable Chinese supplier and we can supply cutlery
series, pocket knife series, scissors, multi-function tools, manicure
set and kitchen ware series to you with high quality and competitive
price. Also acting as manufacturer, we hope that you could find some
items for your interest. We are also in a position to meet your
requirements according to your ideas, designs, or samples

Country: Turkey
Description: We are an export / import / producing company based on
Izmir/Turkey. We professionally produce and export beauty soap,
antiseptic soap, olive oil soap, handmade soap and plastic toolbox in
different size with good quality and competitive prices in the market.
We are also openminded to produce under OEM basis. We can also provide
goods in wide range examples; bathmat, paper tissue, glassware,
stretch film, aluminium folio, frozen bags, crumb dustpan, pumice
stone, and so on. Please don't hesitate to contact us for any of your

Country: China
Description: specialized in producing different kinds of standard
wires, power cords, plug, socket and Rechargeable Spotlight. Our main
products, AC and DC connector series, can be widely used in PC
computers, electronic products, electric appliance, power tools, etc.
In our industry, we are the largest manufacturer and exporter in East
China and our products have been exported to many countries. Our sales
value for 2001 reached 60 million US dollar. Our company is first to
pass the ISO9002 quality systems certification. The productions has
gained more than 200 safety approval of UL in USA, CSA in Canada, GS
in European, VDEin Germany, NF in France, IMQ in Italy, KEMA in
Holland, EDMKO in Denmark, SEMKO in Sweden, OVE in Austria, FI in
Finland, NEMKO in Norway, SEV in Switzerland, CEBEC in Belgium, BSI in
United kingdom, SAA in Australia, IRMA in Argentina, CCEE in china.We
have won our reputation for our high quality, competitive price and
best service for many years. New business partners from all over the
world are warmly welcomed. Please feel free to contact us for more
information of our company and products.

Country: Taiwan
Description: specialized manufacturer in stationery and office supply
in Taiwan for more than 27 years. Our major product includes stapler,
heavy duty stapler, electric stapler, punch, heavy duty punch, power
punch, auto numbering machine, tally counter, paper trimmer & guillotine,
pencil sharpener, pen stand, tape dispenser, tacker, compass, bookends,
and office chairs etc.

Country: Thailand
Description: We are grower and exporter of fresh cut orchids, tropical
flowers, foliages and live orchid plants from Thailand.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are a trading company located in Burma and Pakistan,
with experience in the seafood business. We have our own large
processing. We specialize in shrimp for Europe and the American
market. We also sell large quality of cuttlefish, crocker, butterfish,
black and sliver pimpheltes, and ribbonfish for china. We have our own
inspection lab, with 12 qualified technicians to supervise production
at each plant.

We supply premium quality seafood and gourmet food products to
customers globally. We are constantly searching throughout the world
for new products. Our current products include: lobster, shrimp,
scallop, crab, smoked seafood, specialty seafood, fish, oyster,
mussel, clam, caviar, gourmet products.

Country: Taiwan
Description: We offer variable kinds of carpets, chusion, and rattan
furniture. Wide range of the products with beautiful design, high
quality, and reasonable price. Different material of carpets and
chusion we offer: sheepskin carpet, hand made silk carpet, cotton
carpet, rattan carpet, wood carpet. Rattan furniture: we offer
full range of size and design. Accept inquiries for new design.

Country: India
Description: We can offer attractive prices for t-shirts, ladies tops,
pajama sets etc in FCL only either from Dubai or Mumbai.
Jacquard and terry towels, imitation jewellery including one gram GOLD
jewellery, leather items, dupioni silk and organza(also embroidered),
man made fabrics, textile accessories like trimmings, buttons, zips,
laces, bands, ribbons. And spices from India in retail box packing or
bulk as per buyers requirements.

Country: China
Description: We are leading expoters of medical equipments, such as
wheelchairs, scales, pipettes, stainless steel instrument tray, etc in
China. We hope to find importers for future cooperation.

Country: India
Description: We would like to introduce ourselves as the leading
manufacturers and exporters in India of Petroleum Jelly (BP/USP/IP),
white oil, mineral oil, transformer oil and other specialty oils. We
have a 3 manufacturing plants in India with a monthly capacity of
about 500 MT for each of our products.

Country: Pakistan
Description: It is our honor to introduce ourselves as manufacturer
and exporters of all kind of textile goods. We are exporting all kind
of fabrics, embroidery fabrics, canvas fabrics, yarn, made-ups,
curtains, t-shirts, towels, yellow dusters, & many more items all over
the world. The company enjoys a great reputation and has earned a name
and place in textile world.

Country: Spain
Description: Trading company leader in used machinery solutions for
the plastics industry. Machinery consultants, specialized by machinery
types, MachinePoint’s sales personnel can provide technical and
commercial consultancy and also services to complete the transaction:
certification, financial, appraisals, overhauling, engineering,
transport, … The mission of MachinePoint is to help sellers sell their
machines and buyers to find the machines they need, shorting searching
time, reducing transaction costs and providing a global market.

Country: Ukraine
Description: we can offer you sweetened condensed milk of highest
quality and of 10 types.

Country: Egypt
Description: Leading Manufacturers of Spunlace non-woven fabrics. Pure
cotton (normal & organic), pure viscose, pure polyester, and poly
propylene or any fiber blend you require. Plain fabrics as well as
aperture fabrics in differnt styles available on request. All fabrics
are tested in accordance with EDANA test and procedures.
Specifications: Weight Range: 30 gm/m2 -120 gm/m2, Width range: 10 cm
-320 cm, Diameter: 50 cm - 115 cm.

Country: India
Description: We are exporters of herbs and medicinal plants & digital
thermometers from India. If you need any of the above mentioned items
please don't hesitate to contact us.

Last update 01.july 2003

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Country: India
Description: Available zinc sulfates all grades and ferrous sulfate
all grades.

Country: China
Description: The company 's main business includes: industry, trade,
manufacture, supply and sale. It mainly fabricates SKG series CNC
equipment, SKHG total automatic CNC H(T) steel manufacturing line,
automatic CNC cutting, welding and drilling line of pipes type SKZM,
SKDD total automatic CNC electroplate line, automatic cutting, welding
and drilling ling of steel plate SKGP etc.

Country: Egypt
Description: We sell toothbrushes of very good quality and reasonable
prices, we can export world wide.

Country: India
Description: We would like to introduce ourselves as a leading
manufacturers and exporters of the brass builder hardware. Our company
entitled "SGE EXPORTERS" was established in 1980's with the corporate
vision to foster and fortify relationship with the customers through
high standards of quality. Our products are of export quality.
We want to develop business relationship with you. So, please feel
free to contact us for more details.

Country: Singapore
Description: We sell lucent utp networking-cable cat5e as follows:
Brand & type: lucent cat5e
Part number: 1061C+
Packaging: original lucent
Date of manufacture: April 2000
Stock qty: 1200 reels, minimum order qty: 150 reels, 305 meter EA
Price: FOB Singapore usd 39.- EA.

Country: Pakistan
Description: Marble and granite
Marble and granite fireplace
Random sheet of marble and granite
Size 30cm X 30cm, 30cm X 60cm, 60cm X 60cm
Thickness 2cm or 1cm and we can provide as per your requirements.

Country: India
Description: We are one of the oem manufacturers of auto
lights/tractor lights in India. Our range of products includes head
lamps/tail lamps/front lamps/blinker lamps/indicator lamps/off road
lamps/fog lamps etc for trucks, tractors and cars. Our product range
also includes Mercedes Benz truck head lamp LP.
We are presently exporting to Middle East, UK, Kenya, Nigeria,
Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Poland etc.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are manufacturers and exporters of sports balls,
sportswear of all sorts, we have a close out of about 5000 basketballs
size # 7 in orange color for rapid sale/export on very reasonable
price. Only interested parties may contact immediately.

Country: India
Description: I take great pleasure in introducing myself as the
manufacture of India ethnic wear salwar suits and sarees --georgettes,
chiffon, tissue, dani, rasgulla, crush, shella and more kind of
materials. I would like to expand my business by supplying the above
mentions varieties overseas. I would like to have a tie up with you as
my client which would further grow to be a beneficial one. Your
appreciation and feedback to this proposal will be a source of
inspiration. Looking forward for a positive response from your firm.

Country: Singapore
Description: We are a manufacturer of smart switch, an energy-saving
light dimmer with memory. The smart switch enables the
halogen/incandescent lamps to become brighter or dimmer automatically
depending on the amount of natural light.
We are currently looking for distributors/partners to promote this
product in your country. Please kindly contact us if your company is
interested in this new generation of patent-pending light dimmer

Country: Bangladesh
Description: We are buying house dealing with garment export from
Bangladesh. We are keen to build business with new prospect in EEC

Country: India
Description: We are exporters of Intra Ocular Lenses(ISO 9002 CERTIFIED)
Sterile disposable eye drpaes with drainage bag, plain drapes, trolley
drapes, slit lamp, keratometer, lensmeter, trial frames. And many
other ophthalmic & optical products.

Country: Solomon Islands
Description: We are divers and exporters of quality dried sea
cucumbers in this part of the South Pacific region. We've been in
business for the past two years, but only in the domestic market. As
we foresee increased production, we are seeking potential buyers
overseas with whom we could work with under any competitive export
price. Contact us on the above address should you require detail
information about our business.

Country: India
Description: We are in the business of manufacturing and supplying
quality surgical instruments, equipment and hospital furniture. We
manufacture instruments and equipment for various specialization like
Ophthalmic, E.N.T., Ortho, Gynae, General etc. We also manufacture
items like needle and syringe destroyer, disposable paper face masks,
swab sticks, all kinds of bulbs(laryngoscope etc.) etc.
Over the years of its existence (about 4 decades) our company has
earned a very good reputation in medical field. We render it to the
extremely good quality products, prompt service, reasonable pricing
policy etc as some attributes that have helped us to build good
reputation. All our products pass through very stringent quality
checks, only then they are dispatched to our customers. These policies
have helped us to add reputed names to the list of our clients.

Country: Netherlands
Description: leading manufacturer of tag pins, tag guns, security ties,
cable ties, etc. You can call, e-mail or fax us for your price list.

Country: India
Description: G. M. P. Certified Company having state-of-the-art manufacturing
facilities in Pune, Maharashtra, India. We are looking for importers /
distributors for the herbal products and ayurvedic food supplements
manufactured by us. Products available:
Pure herbal extracts in capsule form of 250 mg of following:
1) Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera). 2) Brahmi ( Bacopa Monnieri
elinn). 3) Gokharu (Tribulus Terrestris Linn). 4) Neem (Azadirachta
Indica). 5) Karela (Momordica Charantia Linn). 6) Triphala.
Products scientifically tested, very attractive priced.

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturers and exporters of brass art wares,
E.P.N.S. Wares, aluminum art ware and iron crafts. Our specialties of
products are candleholders, lanterns, lamps, garden accessories, tea-
lights, Christmas items, planters and several other decorative and
household items. We are in the line of exporting for the last 22 years
and have a good number of buyers in Europe and USA who are fully
satisfied with us in regard to excellent quality and delivery of goods
because buyer, s satisfaction is our company, s top priority.
We hope buyers of our category will consider us and give an
opportunity to start business.

Country: Italy
Description: Steel din mounting rails at competitive prices.
We are manufacturers and exporters of zinc plated steel mounting rails
and related accessories for electrical equipments in compliance with
CENELEC EN 500035, CENELEC EN 50022, CENELEC EN500045 & DIN 46277
standards. We are expanding our sales network and we are looking for
worldwide distributors, importers and customers. We guarantee prompt
deliveries and competitive prices.

Country: Israel
Description: private company growing and exporting fresh vegetables,
sweet potatoes, exotic citrus (kumquat & limquat) and strawberries
from Israel.All of the produce is grown and packed in our farm, under
strict quality standards and the whole operation is certified for
ISO-9001: 2000, BRC & EUREPGAP. We are currently expanding our produce
line and adding fresh cut herbs (by air) and season (new)
potatoes (seafreighted).

Country: Portugal
Description: Trade Company ofers Portuguese finest Wine. We represent
several producers from all over Portugal and can suply from small to
large quantities.

Country: Czech Republic
Description: 1.58000 Pieces of white basic t shirt.
2.125-130 GSM
3.100 Percent cotton
4.Indian origin
5.Available in Rotterdam port for immediate delivery
6.Price 0.75 USD per piece
Each in a polybag.

Country: South Africa
Description: We have a truly remarkable product available for export.
Timjan is a mixture of fermented Wine and Aloe Ferox Juice. This
combination has created a product that has helped thousands of people
with various ailments to live a better and healthier life.

Country: Argentina
Description: Fresh fine herbs (basil, French tarragon, rosemary)from
December to end of April. Dried leaves of basil, french tarragon from
december to july; rosemary the year round.
Basil, french tarragon and rosemary essential oil.
Fresh melons from December up to the end of March.

Country: China
Description: We're specialized in exporting fruit business, and could
supply you various fruits round the whole year, they are pears,
apples, golden small dates and so on. Especially Chinese ya pear,
there are large quantity Chinese ya pear could be available. You
know, we have rich exporting experience for Chinese ya pear. Otherwise,
we're located in Botou City of Hebei Province, the main region where
is producing good quality Chinese ya pear.

Country: China
Description: We are a professional exporter of various relays. The
relays is consisted of 9 classifications, more than 70 series, more
than 14, 000 specifications, including general purpose relays, power
relays, automotive relays, telecom relays, solid state relays, timer
relays, latching relays, PCB relays, Compressor relays and sockets.
Besides the aboves, about 5-8 series of new products are developed
every year. Our products are UL & CUR, VDE, TUV, CCEE approved. The
relays are extensively used in home appliances, office equipment,
automobiles, telecom equipment, automatic control systems and
machinery equipment, etc.

Country: Singapore
Description: We have a Toyota Camry 2.2 auto 1999, white, one owner,
done 85, ooo km execellent conditions for export. Interested parties
pls contact.

Country: China
Description: professional manufacturer and exporter of surgical implement
in China. The main products are covering Surgical Suture, Surgical Needle,
Surgical Blade, Syringe.. We hope to be your best suppliers in this field
with best price and stable quality.

Country: China
Description: Our foundry can supply:
A: Municipal castings (manhole covers, gully gratings, meter boxes,
step iron and so on)
B: Ornamental castings (tree grates, bench ends and so on)
C: Agricultural castings (flywheel)
D: Conduit fittings
E: Auto fittings
We also accept challenge to cast as per drawings and specifications
provided by the clients. We also can design drawings for clients. We
manufacture our products in full conformance with BS, ASTM or DIN as
per the different requirements of customers.

Country: China
Description: We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you as a large
and professional lights manufacturer in China for more than 10 years.
We are able to provide you any kind of decorative lights, such as LED
series, Christmas lights, Grass lamp, Net lights, Neno lights...
Best quality, Best price, Best serves are our constant spirit.

Country: China
Description: We have been manufacturing and exporting various working
gloves, such as nitrile, latex, neoprene coated gloves, leather
gloves, etc. They are high quality, most of them have been tested by
the rheinland company, Germany. They meet the "ce" standards and
Germany standards. We have been manufacturing and exporting these
working gloves and other knitted gloves etc. To Europe, north
american, mid-south America, southeast Asia, Australia and Africa for
many years. The price is competitively, and we deliver without delay.
I send you some pics, if you are interested and have any questions,
pls do not hesitate to contact me. Let me introduce myself to you.

Country: China
Description: We are a electric appliance manufacture in China,
specialized in producing vacuum cleaner, water kettles etc. All
products are CE, GS and EMC approval.
Welcome to cooperate with us. We could offer you good service and
competitive price with qualified products.

Country: China
Description: professional silane coupling agent and silane cross-
linker manufacturer in the silicone industry for the past 20 years
in China. The following is our main product list:
Product No./Name/CAS No.
JH-20:3- Chloropropyltrichlorosilane / 2550-06-3
JH-30:3- Chloropropytriethoxysilane / 5089-70-3
JH-31:3- Chloropropyltrimethoxysilane / (A-143, Y-4351, Z-6076) 2530-
JH-33:3- Chloropropylmethyldimethoxysilane / (KBE-702) 7787-93-1
JH-37:3- Chloropropylmethyldiethoxysilane
JH-38:Vinyltriethoxysilane (A-151) / 78-08-0
JH-39: Vinyltrimethoxysilane / (A-171) 2768-02-7
JH-40:Bis-(triethoxysilylpropyl) tetrasulphide / (Si-69, Y-6194)
JH-40-B: The Mixture Of JH-40(50%) And Carbon Black (50%)
JH-40-C: Bis-(triethoxysilylpropyl)disulphide
JH-50: 3-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane / (KH-550, A-1100) 919-30-2
JH-53: N-(β-aminoethyl)-
gamma–aminopropylmethyldimethoxysilane / (KBM-602) 3069-29-2
JH-56: 3-Aminopropyltrimethoxysilane (A-1110) / 13822-56-5
JH-57: 3-Aminopropylmethyldiethoxysilane / (KBE-902) 3179-76-8
JH-60: 3-(2, 3-Epoxy propoxyl)propyltrimethoxysilane / 2530-83-8
(KH-560, A-187, Z-6040, FinishGF31, KBM-403)
JH-70: 3-(Methylacryloxyl)propyltrimethoxylsilane / 2530-85-0
(KH-570, A-174, KBM-503).

Country: Indonesia
Description: We are worldwide seller for consumer goods, such as,
confectionery, health or antiseptic product, toiletries, cooking or
palm oil, relaxation or therapy oil. We also can help customer needs
to buy textiles or other product.

Country: Pakistan
Description: Manufacturers & exporters of quality sportswear, sports
goods, sports gloves, leather garments, martial arts uniforms &
accessories etc. Our main policy is to provide our products to the
clients in accordance with their entire satisfaction, best quality and
competitive prices with prompt delivery.

Country: USA
Description: offers new technology for crown moulding, polyurethane
crown moulding for decorative architectural.

Country: Japan
Description: We are one of the most powerful Japanese exporter of
confectionery products such as rice crackers, candies, marshmallows,
snacks, lollipops, Japanese tea and also all other Japanese-make
products. We are very interested in your channel of sales, and hope
that we could offer you our large selection of products if it suit on
your line. We highly recommend our finest Rice Crackers which are more
than 50 types, salt, chilli, wasabi, sesame, laver and so on. We
believe our Rice Crackers will please your taste buds.

Country: China
Description: We are specialized in a great variety of hardware, such as
wire foaming, stamping, die casting, etc. Our products mainly include
fishing swivel, snap, snap hook, and other accessories, dog chains,
lead, collar and accessories. Also we can do good quality manual chain
for chain hoist. We feel confident that we could offer you very
competitive prices on the same quality level, which should be lower
than your own production costs.

Country: China
Description: We are one of the leading solar water heating system
manufacturer based our production plant in Jiangsu province of China.
With close cooperation with Consol energy of Great Britain, we have
built up a solar-energy products manufacturing base that integrates
multiple functions of research, development, production, marketing and
sales. The core part of its “direct-plug” solar energy
water heater utilize the newest all glass “SUNPAK”
technology patented by Mr.YuKun Pei, who is a graduate of MIT and has
over 45 years of experience in glass and ceramics and one of the most
world famous scientist of solar energy utilization.

Country: Hong Kong
Description: specializing in Clothing Hanger such as Wooden, Laminated,
Aluminium, Metal & Plastic Hanger. Our fty located in China-Dongguan
and main office in Hong Kong. Please feel free to contact and welcome
for your enquiry and your own design!

Country: Korea
Description: SPIO, portable storage device, will be a next generation
personal information storage solution with USB 2.0(480Mbps)&
IEEE1394(400Mbps), auto backup software, and slim design using 2.5
inch hard disk for laptop computer.
You can go anywhere with your valuble data in your pocket.

Country: Indonesia
Description: Eyelashes Manufacturer and Exporter placed in Indonesia.
We have more than 30 years experiences and expertise on Eyelashes
business. We have developed thousand styles of eyelashes for fulfilling
our customer demand on quality and style. We have exported our eyelashes
to Japan, USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, France, UK, Germany, Australia,
Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, U.A.E.
Beside that we are flexible to arrange the eyelashes style / packaging
according to customer’s Idea. We sell our product for world famous
brand Cosmetic, such as: Kryolan, Boots, Fing’rs, MAC, Jerome Russel,
Maybelline, Shu Uemura, Marks & Spencer, Urban Decay, Make Up Forever,
Max Factor etc.

Country: China
Description: Specializing in manufacturing disposable medical
instrument for many years. Our products are CE&ISO9002 approved and
they are exported to Europe, America, South Asia, Africa and so on.
Our products include infusion series, disposable syringe, scalp vein
set, Injection needles, transfusion series and so on. Welcome to
purchase goods from our company.

Country: China
Description: We are one of largest leading manufactures and
specialized exporters of low voltage electrical equipment, PVC, pump,
valve, electronic products, motor & motor part in China.
Based on the principle of honesty and sincerity, we have been making
friend and developing cooperation all over the world. We have already
provided and will continuously provide superior quality products,
competitive prices and excellent services. We would like to share with
our friends and partners the happiness of development and success.

Country: Latvia
Description: Leader company in production of domestic ventilation
systems, located in Baltics. Main products: decorative grilles
(plaastic, metal), diffusers, flexible air ducts, monitoring
hatches. Exelent quality and new design.

Country: Italy
Description: Peeled tomatoes, concentrated and double concentrate
paste, mashed tomatoes, borlotti beans, butter beans, white beans,
lentils, chick peas, peas, fruit cocktail.

Country: Thailand
Description: company has been a specialist in rice manufacturing and
trading for more than 30 years with two rice mill factories producing
over 165, 000 tones per year. We give only the best quality and best
prices. We offer different varieties of high quality Thai rice such
as Thai Hom Mali rice, broken rice, and parboiled rice etc. Besides
that, we also have a selection of canned fruit and vegetables,
rice bran oil and instant rice.

Country: Taiwan
Description: We are a leading Taiwanese maker and supplier of
Decorative Lighting and Lamp from our factories in Taiwan or China.

Country: China
Description: We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of bamboo
flooring, bamboo veneer, bamboo furniture etc. Our machines are
imported from Germany, Italy and Taiwan.
We use all the bamboo materials from our local area which is the sixth
biggest Bamboo Hometown in China. Our products have been widely
recognized by Germany, USA, England, Japan etc.
Due to location of our factory, we have enough bamboo materials for
production. Our monthly output is more than 10x20'FCL and now we are
building another assembly line to enlarge the output into reaching
18x20' containers per month.

Country: China
Description: Our company introduced advanced technique from home and
abroad, our company has developed, researched and produced first class
electric scooter, electric bicycle, scooter, spare parts, etc
products. Various products are all organized to produce according to
ISO9002 standard. The products are designed novelly, beautiful and
dignified, good performance, comfortable and reliable, good quality.

Country: China
Description: Our company was located in east of china, Ningbo city,
Zhejiang, We have more then ten years experience in manufacturing and
developing relays and switches, 15 million relays and 20 million
switches were exported to all over the world last year. Because of our
reasonable price, good quality and good service, our products are
welcomed by our customers.
We have following products:
Relay:4088, T70, 200F, H22F, 4123(T71), JQC-3F(T73), JZC-22F, JZC-
6F(4098), JQX-76F(13F), JZX-22F, JZX-18F, JQX-15F(T90, T91, T92),
4120, 4141, 4117, 4100, 4078 etc.
SWITCH: mini-rocker switch series, rocker switches series, super-mini-
toggle switch series, mini toggle switch series, small toggle switch
series, push button switch series, slide switch series, rotary switch
series, automotive switch series etc.

Country: Papua New Guinea
Description: We offer: black or red ebony wood, sawn to your
Balsawood, log or sawn to your spec
Tropical Hardwood: Kwila(merbau), Rosewood, Red Cedar, Walnut, Vitex
Nad many others.

Country: Bulgaria
Description: The products we are exporting now is beer and instant
drink. Beer name "zagorka" is renamed and made by well-known Heineken
brewery, Holland in Bulgaria. Instant drink are made by Swiss formula
and raw material imported from BASF-Germany. enriched with Vitamine C.
All has passed quality certificate and acceptance of SGS inspection.

Country: India
Description: Exports the Incense Sticks in very low price US $2 for 1
cartons of 12 packets. We have three categories and 12 different

Country: Turkey
Description: We are one of most important manufacturer of men's wear
in Turkey. Particularly, wedding suits and tuxedos are among our
products are most popular. Also, our prices is quite low. Our low
price is to introduce our product. If any company interesting in this
offer, we can another knowledge about us.

Country: Poland
Description: We are a producer of lighting devices for houses,
offices, hotels, etc. As a family company we have been producing since
1969. Our assortment consists of more than 3000 different patterns. In
our offer You may find a variety of colorful items including lamps,
wall lamps, chandeliers and many more. We cover almost whole local
market as well as we export to England, Sweden, Latvia, Lituhania,
Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, etc. We negotiate with USA, Canada too. Our
products have got a polish, Russian certificates and CE sign. The
lamps we produce have received a lot of awards on numerous shows and

Country: Hong Kong
Description: We are pleased to introduce our company to you in few
words. We are one of the importer & exporter of all kinds of goods for
china, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Dubai, Pakistan, India & Europe
market. We deal in electronic components, home appliances, toys, games,
musical chips, VCD/DVD, car audio, car speakers & computer parts for
more then 9-10 years. We are also, handling the shipment from all
these countries and take care the goods.

Country: Croatia (Hrvatska)
Description: I am working for firm in Split, Croatia. We produce and
sell female slippers, children slippers, and medical, anatomic shaped
slippers named "Dr. Luigi". We want to extend selling of our products
to your market place and we need addresses of the firms who trade with
similar products in your country.

Country: India
Description: Exporter of industrial fasteners-nuts, bolts, screw,
threaded rod/stud, rivet; electrical products - HRC fuse link, fuse
holders, motor starter, contactors, overload relay; dyes,
intermediates, acids etc.; submersible pumps; insulation refractors &
allied products; single core unsheathed housewires & industrial
cables; steel(all types) including tool steel.

Country: India
Description: We are leading exporters of various engineering products
- castings, forgings, precision machined components etc. In both
ferrous and non ferrous metals. Seek import enquiries from prospective

Country: France
Description: We can supply you regularly with the following re-
distributed articles manufactured by ARC International: Luminarc,
Arcopal, Arcoroc, Arcuisine, Cristal d'Arques. We sell these dishes,
glass by the kilo. Should you wish further details do not hesitate to
contact us by e-mail.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Mosaics Mirror (for upholstery-Interior decoration-wall
cladding). Specification:
Dimensions: 30cmX30cm, 30cmX60cm
Mirror thickness: 2mm
Cutting Process:3cmX3cm, 3cmX1.5cm, 3cmX6cm, 6cmX6cm, 3cmX30cm,
Mirror Colour: Black, Silver, Copper (Bronze)
Packing: 1 paper carton=25pieces, one wooden case =20 paper carton,
one 20ft container=84 wooden cases
Reprocess: Sand blasting
If you are interesting in our product please contact us.
All kinds of glass and mirror also available from us.

Country: China
Description: As manufacturer and exporter, we supply engineered
flooring/parquet, floating floor, sawn veneer lamellas to be used as
face layer of engineered flooring or floating floor. The sizes and
structure of our engineered flooring/parquet are:
1) 13*76*900(mm), 3mm oak face layer, plywood base(float base)
2) 14*233*900/1200/1800, 3mm oak face layer, 3-strip multi-ply
3) 14*190*1830, 3mm oak face layer, 1-strip multi-ply.

Country: USA
Description: (74) P2 266 with 32-64MB/2-4GB...$34
(27) P2 300/333 with 32-128MB/2-6GB...$45
(13) P2 350 with 64-512MB/2-6GB.....$47
(41) P2 400 with 64-256MB/4-6GB....$58
(138) P2/3 450 with 64-128MB/3-20GB....$74
(51) P3 500 with 64-128MB/5-13GB....$85
(8) P3 550 with 64-128MB/9-13GB.....$95
(30)P3 650 with 256MB/10GB.....$110
(47) P3 733 with 128-1024MB/18GB.....$125
(3) P3 800 with 128MB/20GB....$135
(1) P3 866 with 256MB/20GB.....$145
(2) P3 1Ghz with 128MB/20GB.....170
(1) P4 2Ghz with 512MB/40GB....$315.

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