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Export offers

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New export offers available to BizEurope members:

Last update 05 feb 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We are the marketing arm of a leading manufacturer
exporter of a wide range of synthetic dyes (food colours) conforming
to strict eu norms. We seek reputed customers/importers of these
products which include tartrazine, sunset yellow, carmoisine ponceau
4r, amaranth, brilliant blue FCF, etc. including blended food
colours. We shall be happy to respond to specific queries and assure our
customers of our prompt attention at all times.

Description: We are specialized in making injection molds & MFG,
mold, mould, plastic mold.

Description: We are specialized in making precision mold design &
manufacturing plastic injection product assembly.

Description: We are specialized in making plastic, plastic injection
mold, injection, mold, CAD, CAM, CAD/CAM, CNC, CNC machining,
casting, die casting, prototype, mockup.

Description: We are specialized in making gear plastic gear JGMA
AGMA gear.

Description: We are specialized in making plastic mold, mould, gear.

Description: We are specialized in making airplane parts, medical
parts, electronics parts, auto parts, pool parts, office machinery,
sporting goods, telecommunications, packing vessels, toys & gifts,
computer & peripherals, household goods, stationery article, motor
accessories, audio & video.

Description: We are specialized in making heaters, heating tube,
heater tube.

Description: We are specialized in making motor, reducer, gear,
gorp, PMDC, motor, hollow, shaft, worm, controller, pouer,
transmission, vibration.

Description: We are specialized in making mold, shoe mold,
injection, rubber outsoles, EVA injection.

Description: We are specialized in making mold mould tooling tool
injection plastic 3d proecad cam.

Description: We are specialized in making "high-frequency machine,
press, day machine, starage equipment, finishing equipment.

Description: We are specialized in making plastic mold components,
ejector pin, dual-head eject pin, rectangular eject pin, guide
bushings, mold spring, leader pin.

Description: We are specialized in making mold, plastic mold,
molding, tool, steel tool, injection tool.

Description: We are specialized in making diecast, diecasting,
diecasting mold, zinc alloys, aluminum alloys, fiber optic part,
parts, connector, adaptor.

Description: We are specialized in making shrinking packing machine,
heated shrinking packing machine, PVC, PP, PE, POF.

Description: We are specialized in making accelerator, quick-power,
furnace implement, fuel gas furnace, brass die-casting, atuminum
die-casting, reduce contamination machinery device san yei, hot
water utensil.

Description: We are specialized in making opp, pvc, pe, shrink,
packing machine, anti-strip, label, packing bag, industry safety
appliance, high frequency.

Description: We are specialized in making carton making machine,
flexo printer sloter, corrugate, cardboard, paper board, folder
gluer, ceramic roll, printing machine.

Description: We are specialized in making health food, health care
medicines, slim food, respiratory system medicine, circulatoy system
medicine, urinary system medicine.

Description: We are specialized in making motoring hotel, a guest
house, travel & pleasure.

Description: We are specialized in making dust collected, dust
collecting, dust-collected equipment, vacuum cleaning equipment,
vacuum blower, exhaust purified, air-pollution preventing equipment.

Description: We are specialized in making label printing, label,
printing machine, printing press, gear, flexo plate macking,
slitting machine, hot stamping, laminating, UV drying machine.

Description: We are specialized in making woven bag, jumbo bag,
container bag, flexible intermediate bulk containers, fibc,
container bag, laminated bag, woven sack, tarpaulin, tent, garden
cover, truck cover, timber hood, tarps, canvas, pipe, oil, gas,
water, cable, plastic pipe main product.

Description: We are specialized in making Hydraulic machines,
hydraulic shaping machines, punching machines, stamping, deepdrawing
presses, SMC.

Description: We are specialized in making "knitting, knitting
machine, circular knitting, parts for knitting, interlock, P.K, RIB,
fleece, terry.

Description: We are specialized in making meatless, yellow seed skin
and yellow seed food, maigre food.

Description: We are specialized in making photomask, anti-static,

Description: We are specialized in making various plastic products,
such as plastic bags, plastic bottle and plastic tub etc.

Description: We are specialized in making packing machine,
transporting machine, beverage packing, automatic packing, beverage

Description: We are specialized in making filters, chemical plant,
heat exchanger, kneaders.

Description: We are specialized in making tire mold professional,
segmented mold, two-piece mold, bladder mold, all stell mold.

Description: We are specialized in making special-purpose machines,
single-purpose machines, multi-spindle drilling machines, tapping
machines, and NC special-purpose machines.

Description: We are specialized in making besma group, cup making
plant, pulp forming molds, paper recycle machine.

Description: We are specialized in making inverters, mobile phone
accessory, battery checker, auto-parts, electronic products.

Description: We are specialized in making food machine, baking,
bakery, oven, furnace, stove, mixer, ferment, bread, NCT, punching,
sheet metal, laser cutting.

Description: We are specialized in making glass lined, pressure
casting, sanitaryware, pump, crush, mixing, cutting, well mixed.

Description: We are specialized in making mold, molding, injection
molding, precise molding, painting.

Description: We are specialized in making riveting machine,
hydraulic punching machine, copper sheet slitting machine, automatic
pin insertion machine, steel stamping equipment, multi-layer PCB.

Description: We are specialized in making automatic empty bottle
rinser/cleaner, stainless steel barrel, the pallet empty can
discharge machine.

Description: We are specialized in making IR, UV, INK mixer.

Description: We are specialized in making plastic mold, injection
mold, mold design, plastic injection steel mold, Jig, Fixture,
computer peripherals, telecommuniations, office machinery.

Description: We are specialized in making wires, cables, plug and
extension wire.

Description: We are specialized in making expanded metal, machine,

Description: We are specialized in making powder brakes,
electromagnetic brakes.

Description: We are specialized in making SC-MILL, cartridges,
cauldrons, grinding machine, grinding pot, sc-mill.

Description: We are specialized in making automatic assembler,
vibration conveyor, placer.

Description: We are specialized in making mold, plastic injection
mold, die casting mold, mold design, mold construction.

Description: We are specialized in making fishing tackle, anti-knot
products, key ring, jiff gumwater, rippable velamen, washable paper

Description: We are specialized in making screws, rivets, eyelets,
screw, sets, rivet nuts, pin, split rivets.

Last update 04 feb 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: Electric car. Zero Pollution, whisper quiet, stylish
compact two door hatchback. With top speed of 65km/hr and a range of
80km. Ideal for city driving conditions. Can accomodate 2 adults + 2
Absence of clutch and gearshift. compact size and small turning
radius. Easy to maneuvere and park. Dent proof body panels.
With unique air-conditioning system. consumes 9 units of electricity
for full charge that gives 80 km range in city driving conditions.
I am a marketing consultant tied up with a professional car company
with a brief to scout for serious dealers who want to give volumes
in their respective countries. In short, i am spearheading the
export thrust.

Description: Our company makes casting products like urns and lamps.
Those who are interested please e-mail me.

Description: Large leading ceramics manufacturer, located in
Nanzhuang of Foshan City—the Chinese most famous ceramics city. With
the advanced machinery and full set of production line assembled in
Germany and Italy, we purpose to produce various kinds of GRIFINE
brand superior quality products.
Welcome to OEM and ODM. If you are interested in our products,
please feel free to contact with us.

Description: We offer for sale strong and healthy goats that can
stand any weather or condition. Our goats are fleshy (meat-filled),
fed with a well-nurished meal combination. They also are given
regular grazing for fitness. We assure you that you will never
regret doing business with us as our goats are up to the task. A 20-
23kg goat costs $200. Rush in your order today, whatever be the size
our company can handle and deliver and on time. We also offer for
sale all type of agricultural products. Just tell us which one and
we shall be glad to send you a quotation.

Description: We export tea with type Japanese tea, Taiwan type tea,
othodox black tea, and CTC Black tea. We also exporting Photo copy
paper A4, brightness 94 %. For more information pls don't hesitate
to contact us.

Description: We manufacture all LED flashing products, including
flashing mobile antenna, flashing mobile sticker (call alert),
flashing button (badge) for premium. We have strong professional R&D
group for OEM & ODM projects. Let Honey Tech takes your idea to
perfect work.

Description: Container PCS weightKG Price/unit Total
20" 114 3417 $85 $9.714
40" 232 6926 $85 $19.694
40"HC 263 7868 $85 $22.372
Price FOB Semarang Indonesia incl Packaging (carton box).
Tropical Hardwood (white or with dark finishing on request)
Machine made
D4 Glue
Finishing: NC-clear (stain on request)
Construction: knock down.

Description: We supply high qualitified agrochemicals at competitive
price, maining dealing with pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.
products include: herbicides: aciflrofen, amitrole, desmedipham,
fluometuron, fomeasfen: 95%tc, glyphosate, glufosinate, lactonfen,
paraquat, phenmedipham, triasulfuron.
Insecticides:bifenthrin, chlorfenvinphos, cyromazine, cyfluthrin,
β- Cyfluthrin,
λ- Cyhalothrin, diazinon, methidathion, pirimiphos-methyl,
profenofos, propargite
Fungicides: dithianon, propiconazole, procymidone, tricyclazole.

Description: Dear, sir manufacturer of dyes intermediate 1.meta
uriedo aniline2.k acid3.k salt 3.paabsa 4.b.d.s.a 5.

Description: We provide very large quantities of refractory ceramic
fiber products for furnace lining, thermal insulation, heat
protection, fireproofing and high temperature sealing. In the form
of bulk fiber, yarn, cloth, rope, packing, blanket, board, modules,
castable, paper, veneer, cement, emissive paint, vanadium alloy and
decorating materials.

Description: I am a translator, I can help you in China. I know lots
of companies and factories in ZHONGSHAN. So just tell me what you
want to import, I can find it for you in China.

Description: Similar to dupont's kapton. Property Type A film Range
of temperature -269-250℃ Appearance: Transparent of semi-
transparent golden film with smooth and flat surface and without any
needles, bubbles or electrically conductive impurities.
Packing: one roll /carton with pp inner Core material: paper/plastic
Core Size: 76mm/(152mm).
We can also supply other thickness polyimide film and pretreatment
polyimide film We are glad to send your samples-A4 size for quality
test, or 100m for your try product.

Description: Our company is the manufacturer of sterling silver
chains with competitive prices. If you are interested we will be
happy to send you any further information about our products.
Thanking for your kind interest we look forward your early reply.

South Africa
Description: Do you want to import/export to South Africa/Africa? Do
you want to invest in South Africa/Africa? Are you looking for a
agent to market and sell your products in South Africa/Africa.
Speak to us and watch your business grow in Africa.

Description: We are into manufacture & exports of designer
traditional indian wear, like salwarsuits, sarees lengha etc. Right
now we are using latest fabrics i.e crepe, georgette, viscose all
process form dyeing, printing, embroidering (hand & machine both)
and stiching are done in house. We are intrested to sel our product
range overseas in wholesale quantity at extremely competitive

Description: I am looking at importing a variety of quality African
beauty products such as shea butter products and cocoa butter
products ect. I am based in Australia.

Description: We are a small importer and we are looking for Sony and
Toshiba notebooks.

Description: ISO 9001 certificated company, specialized in
manufacturing all kinds of testing machines and corrugated cardboard
& carton box making machines.

Description: Product ID: PZA1202
*Material: PS; Thickness: 0.4mm
*Size: 4 x 5 cm
*One Card = 12 Different Styles
*Packing: 48 cards/Inner Box/288 cards/CTN
As you are interested, please visit our website and contact us for

Description: Dental laboratory products:
Metal-free ceramic 75 US$,
Metal-ceramic ivoclar 30 US$,
Metal-ceramic vita 30 US$...
Contact US.

Description: We need to buy blanks bifocals round segment and flat
semi finish white and photogray extra, mineral and CR39 and finish
bifocals. We are wholesaler from optic in Uruguay.

Description: Brazilian tropical woods (282 species)+ pinus elliottii
+ eucalyptus globulus globulus and globulus maideni in huge
quantities for export. Quotations on firm basis FOB Brazilian port
of Itaja? or other Atlantic ports and Manaos/Amazonas.

Description: We are Mexican company and we offer the Mexican market
leathers and shoes are you interesting send my mail.

Description: Special company in the field of tarpaulins in China. We
have some experts who have been in the tarpaulins field for many
years. We have our own factory to produce all kinds of tarpaulins.
We have obtained ISO9001 certificate and we sure of supplying you
with good quality and competitive prices of all kinds of tarpaulins
and canvas.
We have also been in the field of tungsten elec rode for above
eight years in China. We have advanced technology and good
experience in this field
We have our own factory to produce all kinds of tungsten electrodes
such WTh, Wce, Wla, WZr, Wp etc. We are sure of supplying you with
fine quality and competitive prices of the tungsten electrodes.

Description: Company presents the one of largest production of
natural stone in China, More and more kinds Chinese stone we ate
offering. Our Company would try our best to offer out best service
for you! We own processing factories and more long-more apply and
cooperation factories in China, All goods’ price competitive and
quality are first!
I am able to supply you all stone like marble, granite, slate,
pebble, quartzite, sandstone, etc.
Please visit my site and send your requirements and soon reply.

Description: We produce and export:
1) Furfural; furfuryl alcohol; acrylamide;
2) PU leather;
3) API Monogram Certified Oil well cement.
4) Xanthan gum
5) Medical Packing Materials: Aluminium Foil, plastic compound
film bags.
6) PP woven bags, for bulk materials.
You are welcomed to send your enquiry.

Description: We are a exporter specializing in jeans business. We
have our own factory producing various jeans.

Description: Looking to export unique hand crafted, limited
production sauces. Looking to introduce to upscale Asian Markets.
Taste proven and accepted in the market. Limited quantities.

Description: We are an exporter of tropical fishes e.g.koi, discus,
aquatic plants, water lily, lotus, tropical marginal plants and
nature driftwoods with reasonable price. We export only quality
products to customers worldwide. Please do not hesitate to contact
us if you need further information.

Description: Largest manufacturer of buiscuits, candy & dry cell
battery. We serve our customers by quality products with competitive

Description: Member of Shandong international trading group, is one
of the shareholding companies operating under the bureau of foreign
trade and economic cooperation in Shandong province.
We are specialized in manufacting and exporting home textile
products. Our main products are tablecloth, patchwork quilts,
carpet, curtains, pillow, cushion and so on. These products are made
of various kind of materials, such as cotton, polyester, linen,
ramie, and other fabrics.
We are very glad to establish business relationship with your firm.

Description: We are one of the best exporters of various best
quality ayurvedic & herbal products. We are marketing our products
among our clients in various countries such as US, Europe, London,
Philipines, African Countries, Malaysia, Singapore etc.

Description: We specialize in manufacturing and selling sex toys and
have a 10-year history in the business.
We are the only professional manufacturer in this industry legally
registered and approved by the Chinese government to manufacture,
sell, and export sex toys.
We possess a first-rate production base consisting of two automated
manufacturing facilities with a combined daily production capacity
of over 10, 000 units.
Our designs labs are staffed with experts in a variety of hi-tech
fields and are capable of rapid and innovative product development,
allowing us to introduce up to 2 new products per day.
Our bargain basement priced sex toys met all international standards
of quality and we offer customers the opportunity to purchase
exclusive ownership of unique products.

Description: Industrial fasteners bolts, nuts, washers, studs,
screws, steel hinges, fully threaded rods in any dia/length
specification, grade, finish and non standard fasteners as per
drawing /samples and various other products.

Description: We supply cost savings high grade gum rubber that can
substitute natural rubber as raw material with up to 30% cheaper
than NR price. We also supply RPO, silica, etc. It has high polymer
content (80%) compare with other recycle rubber(60%).Please write to
me for further information.

Description: We Supply many new designs of eyelash curlers, and
professional quality our products are sold well worldwide for12
years at the completely competitive prices and prestigious, so if
you are interested in eyelash curlers, please contact us at any

Description: We offer cadmium, tungsten, nickel products from China.

Description: May we take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as
a leading manufacturer of ophthalmic consumables, instruments,
medicines and hospital equipments. Our team, which comprises of
techno-medical experts, realize the importance of high quality
medical products as well as these products being economical and
assessable to far-flung regions. It is this endeavors of our that we
are presently exporting to more than 100 countries, including
destinations as Afghanistan, and have been awarded by various
governments for our high quality products and services. our
instruments, medicines are already included in the who supply list
for ophthalmology; standard list of instruments published by
international center of eye health, UK; and many more organizations
of international repute. We have known about the extensive network
of your firm and wish to be a premier supplier of our product range
to you.
Product offering in all our products categories:
Optical consumables
Optical Workshop equipments
Ophthalmic consumables
Sutures and Disposables
Ophthalmic Medicines
Ophthalmic Equipments
Operation Theater equipments
Surgical Instruments (Stainless Steel and Titanium)
We are attaching herewith our Standard International Price List in
Excel format. Kindly note that for MOST of the products, the Prices
are FOB, Delhi.
If you require details in any of these products areas, kindly let us
know. Upon receipt of your specific requirements, we would be
providing our best possible discounts.

Description: It's our pleasure to introduce ourselves as a leading
manufacturer and exporter of skincare products in Taiwan since 1979.
Our three main products<shirley/top shirley/new shirley>medicated
cream/beauty cream have built a good reputation worldwide,
especially in Middle East, Africa and Asia.
Today we are intending to expand our business and looking for Agent
worldwide. If you are interested in our products, please feel free
to contact us immediately and we are very pleased to supply you
further information and discuss more on mutual cooperation.

Description: We would like to bring your kind attention that we are
one of the manufacturer's representative & exporter of home textiles
and handicraft headed by a group of expert technicians and
In order to develop high range business we are very much interested
to work as a buying representative on behalf of your company.

Description: We are specialized in leather dyestuff, textile
dyestuff, as well as intermediate: 1, 5-dihydroxhnaphthalene. If you
are interested in anyone of them, please contact with us.

Description: We are the manufacturer and exporter of top quality
dental and surgical instruments and very especially we are the
manufacturer of tooth extracting forceps and their growing needs and
many other instruments please and kindly feel free to contact us we
will appreciate the way of touching corresponding each other.

Description: The leading manufacturers of security products, which
mainly consist of CCTV lens in China. We offer high quality products
at competitive price.
Our main products includes five types of cctv lenses as follows:
*Monofocal & Fixed -iris lens;
*Monofocal & Vari-iris lens;
*Auto-iris Monofocal lens(D:DC control, V:Video control);
*Motorized zoom lens (vari-iris, vari-focal lens);
*Manual & Auto vari-iris, Manual vari-focal lens.
For the above-mentioned products, If you are interested in any of
the items, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Description: Looking for distributors all over the world.
We manufacture manual/ electrical food choppers and grinders. They
can be used to: making tomato jam, pepper jam, meat mash, potato
mash, cutting soft vegetables, cutting meat slices/ strips/ minces;
making sausages. Capacity: From 30---320Kg/hour; the thickness is
adjustable; They are widely applicable to supermarkets, restaurant,
schools, hotels, food processing manufacturers, houses. Actually,
these products have large potential market.
Besides food choppers/grinders, we manufacture over 150 items of
stainless steel hotel supermarket, kitchen facilities.

Description: Established in 1983. Our company has more than 20 years
of production experience in stationery lines. Becomes a great modern
enterprise and leading stationery manufacturer which engages in a
broad range of famous "AP" brand stationery including all kinds of
notebook, photo album, calendar, organizer, portfolio, greeting
card, music card, paper bags and so on. This season we have a lot of
new product comes up, I am sure that our products will sell very
well in your market and also all of the World.
We have set up a complete international sales network in American,
Europe, Africa, Asia and Mid-East. Our perfect service and network
system won a great reputation among many foreign customers.

Description: Pipe wrench (American type, Swedish type pipe, double-
vertical handles. German type, British type.)
Size: 8", 10", 12", 14", 18", 24", 36", 48"
Material: drop forged carbon steel. Heat treatment jaw nuts.
Supply abiltity: 200, 000pcs/month.
Min order quantity: 600pcs.

Description: Wiring accessories manufacturer/exporter based in
Ningbo, China. Our products are including
(1) Cable ties (2) Nail clips (3) Cable tie mounts (4) Spiral
wrapping bands (5) Cable clamps (6) Wiring terminals.
If you are interested in our offer, please contact with me freely
for further information. We always welcome you any inquiries.

Description: High quality railway track relaying equipment available
for sale now. Location: Thailand.
Machinery includes:
Harsco pony express track relaying machine.
With 12 wagons and gantry, gauge adjustable from 1m (current) to
1.432m (can further be adjusted to 1.676m with modifications) (1993)
Japanese railways dd51 locomotives (4 units)
Gauge adjustable from 1m (current) to 1.432m (1970 refurbished 1998)
Shunting locomotives gm 750hp (2 units)
Gauge adjustable from 1m (current) to 1.432m (1971 refurbished 1998)
Plasser & theurer rm62 ballast undercutter
1m Gauge not adjustable (1983)
Self driving rail bus with flat wagon (2 units)
Gauge adjustable from 1m (current) to 1.067m
Plus related machinery, accessories and parts.

Description: A dynamic relationship for sourcing / buying goods from
India. We are aware that you are a apparel and clothing Importer. We
are a professionally managed company involved in Sourcing of goods
manufactured in India. We would like to work as a Sourcing / buying
agency for your esteemed organization to assist you in buying
Our sourcing expertise for products includes:
Knitted garments
Woven garments
Denim garments
Home textiles &#8211; Apron, mitten, napkin, towel, mat etc
Carry bags in Cotton fabric and Jute.
Our strength includes
Well-experienced and well-qualified manpower, a well equipped and
furnished office.
Our duties and responsibilities includes:
Provide updated information on products
Identify reliable and good manufacturer according to their expertise
Day to Day follow-up of sampling, production & provide feed back
Take care of quality control and inspection of goods in process and
finished goods.
From Sourcing till Shipping we take the responsibility.
We assure to work for our importer’s ultimate satisfaction. We
request you to give us an opportunity to serve your esteemed
organization as a sourcing / buying channel partner. We assure you
the best results by getting you the best quality product at right
Kindly feel free to contact us any time for any information. Looking
forward for your kind reply.

Last update 03 feb 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We offer fresh dates from Iran at an unbelievable price
and quality. Contact us for more info.

Description: Penta 98% standard Penta 90% standard. Appearance white
crystalline powder white crystalline powder. Mono pentaerythritol
98.0%min 90.00%min. Moisture: 0.10%Max 0.3%max. Hydroxyl content:
49.0%Min 47.0%min. Ash: 0.005%Max 0.1%max. Melting point: 250.0
deg.C.Min 210.0 deg.C.Min. Phthalate ester chroma(Pt Co Apha
standard colorimetry number).
60 Max 150max
Mono penta 98% fob china main port usd 1060/mt, 90% usd930/mt.

Description: We are exporter of mainly in agriculture field.
Especially we export Fruits like orange, apple n' spices like ginger
etc. We also export raw Coffee we are also now looking for herbal
products. So please give us chance to show our products.

Description: E-Link is a plastic and metal manufacturer and owns
factories both in Taiwan and China. Furthermore, E-Link is capable
its R & D dept. to support customized items OEM / ODM and satisfy
client's costs-reduction need.

Description: Was established in 1985, and it specializes in
manufacturing circular knitting machine. We have always hold the
beliefs of producing high quality products and serving our clients
first. Today our main products Pattern Wheel Jacquard, Double Rib,
Single and Loop Pile knitting machine, have a well reputation among
our customers.

Description: Scafolding & formwork accessories.

Description: Specifications:
*Steel rods covered with plastic sheet: R001-dark wooden color,
R002-light wooden color, R003-golden color.

Description: 6" x 500' lay flat discharge hose with victraulic
couplings (upto 1000 assemblies).
4" x 1000' lay flat discharge hose with victraulic couplings (upto
1000 assemblies).
6" suction/discharge hose assemblies with your choice of couplings.
Available 'new' or like new surplus condition.

Description: Our company exports new and used medical equipment from
USA to all the countries of the planet. We operate in these steps:
1. The customer informs us about the need for equipment: type of
medical equipment that they need, used or new, approximate
availability of funds (if applicable), the location where they want
it delivered, if they need a specific brand, etc.
2. We work with our connections in the USA, in order to find the
best offer for our customer: best quality with the best possible
3. We inform the client about the offer(s). If the client likes the
offers, then he/she must send the payment to us in the form of check
or money orders, or any other appropriate form.
4. Once we receive the payment, we ship the product to the
Optional: In some cases, the client may require signing of a
contract before payment. This is OK, but may delay some good offers
which are time-limited, especially for used medical equipment.
In other cases, if the client wants us to find some used equipment
in a desired price, we can receive the payment first and keep it
ready in our accounts. If we find the product, we buy it immediately
and ship it. If we do not find it within a certain amount of time,
then we return the money to the customer. This method makes it
possible to find products that are offered very quickly, within a
few days, in extremely good prices. Payment must be made immediately
in order to secure these exceptional offers. So, this last method
has shown to be good in that particular case.
We find all types of medical equipment and instruments: for
physicians, nurses, MRI, CT-scanners, ultrasounds, ECG machines,
EEG, etc, etc. Also, medications for patients of certain countries,
as well as other equipment: oxygen, beds, chairs, etc, etc.
The way we work is with low prices and with very small commissions.
We are open to customers who need other products of industry, foods,
and everything else. We like to export as many products as possible.
In each case, we find the best offers available.

Description: We are a wholesaler & exporter of fine handicraft
(Lombok/Indonesia handicraft), such as: terracotta (pottery),
handwoven, and other handicraft that made from: wood, stone, rattan,
bamboo, grass (ate), lidi, banana & palm leaf, silver, and pearl. We
give a best quality of product and with very competitive price.

Description: We offer the latest GSM dual/triband mobile phones such
as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Alcatel from official and authorized
distributor. Physical stock daily 1-20k mixed models, contact us for
the latest pricing. All models are t1 status, no operator, standard
original box, brand new, etc.
Complete terms, stock, and pricing will be given to qualified
buyers. We welcome inquiries from networks, wholesalers and

Bosnia And Herzegovina
Description: We can supply Viagra for women and men! Natural Viagra
3, 00 EURO/capsule! 1 to 2 capsules guarantee instant explosion of
erection and potency, libido and sexual endurance, energy and
strength (for women and men) that lasts 72 hours! No side effects!!!
Effective for men with erectile disfunction too!
Penis enlargement systems (even over 36 cm) and breast enlargement!
Potency and fertility boost! Cure of impotence and all including
conventionally 'incurable' diseases!
Bodybuilding, fitness and sports special natural formulas!
Rejuvenation (10 to 70 years) and life extention (120 up to 200
years) special natural formulas and systems!
We also have a special and exclusive line of natural body cleansing
formulas that restore the health!!!
We can also supply you various pine and fir cones, beechnuts,
acorns, juniper berry, birch leaves, oak leaves and bark and various
medicinal herbs and teas and natural first class honey and cheese.

Bosnia And Herzegovina
Description: We look for providers of self-insured loans (insurer is
to repay the loan if the borrower fails to do so) for establishing
of production, distribution and exports of exclusive World Top Brand
cure all, rejuvenation and life extention natural formulas
(preparates and therapies), sexual enhancers (aphrodisiacs) and
bodybuilding, fitness and sports premium World Top brand Natural

Description: One of the biggest manufactures and exporters for
surgical suture. We hope we have more opportunities to cooperation
with you.

Description: We produce and export natural extracted rose powder,
green tea powder, black tea powder, lemon powder, jasmine powder,
pseudo-ginseng powder, yunnan olive powder ect. These products can
be widely used in the industry of food, drinks, alcohol, health
stuff, cosmetics, etc. to improve color, fragrance and taste as well
as add nutrient. These products' purity are much purer than Japanese
customers' requiring, so they import our products a large quantity
each year, the price list can be seen at our web site. We have a
rose plantation base and a botanic drugs factory, which purifies and
extracts Yunnan's edible flowers, fruit, leaves and roots. Welcome
to visit us and do business with us, thank you!

Description: We are a wooden furniture manufacturer. Using dried
wood, there are teakwood, mahoganywood, pinewood and falcatawood.
All process using machine. We do with the buyer design. We have
exported to Japan, Germany, France, Finland and Nederland.

Description: We are exporter and manufacturer of cotton/mixed woven
fabrics for bed sheet, pillow case from our sulzer projectile looms
since 1993. We are able to supply dyed, bleached or printed fabrics
width up to 130 inches.
We have well reported garments industries at Dhaka. We also produce
fabrics for fashion garments.
We have long experienced technologist and professional work force.

Description: Our company is specialized in producing deep groove
ball bearing. It is widely used for automobile electrical machinery,
electrical power tools, household appliance, office automation, etc.
We have various ball bearings.605-6003, 624-6204, 696-6903, 686-
6802, R3, R4, R6, R8, etc and some non-standard bearings. They all
feature high quality and competitive price. Our product are export
directly to USA, Germany, France, Korean, Japan and Taiwan etc.

Description: We want to sell our pp (polypropylene) ball valves.
that is meant for agriculture & irrigation purpose. We also supply
flanged type pp ball valves for chemical zone. All this valves are
single piece design.

Description: We, a five years operating company, 1000 square metre
factory, high tech individual component testing equipment and
component renew machine. We can offer new mould series,
remanufacture series toner cartridge to you. We can take Best
quality, Best price and Best service to you. Welcome to order
free sample!

Description: We manufacturer headwear and other accessories
including: baseball caps, buckets hats, visors & bandanas. Our
factory is located in Dongguan, China which is only 2 hours from
Hong Kong.
We presently employ more than 600 workers in our sewing, embroidery
and silk screen facilities. Although we are not a large company, we
pride ourselves in being one of the better factories that will give
you that personal service. Our pricing is competitive and we pride
ourselves on shipping out samples within 3 - 5 days from receipt of
design and cap specifications.
Our quality control system is 2nd to none and we take pride in this
fact. We inspect your order in all stages of production.
Production lead time is normally 30 days from receipt of your
acceptance of counter sample and approval of payment method. We
accept most normal payment terms including both letter of credit and
T.T. with security deposit of 30%. We can discuss further credit
arrangements once we have established a working relationship.

Description: We are manufacturer of tahini, halawa and sesame,
sesame oil. Production 10 tons/day.

Description: We would like to take this opportunity to introduce
ourselves, as a manufacturer in cellular phone accessories in China.
Our lines include mobile phone housing, battery pack, charger,
flashing, antenna and etc.
Strong R&D ability, mass production, assuring quality and attractive
price are available.
If you are interested in working with us in this field, please don't
hesitate to contact us for further information.
We are always here to be at your service.

Description: We are in pursuit of a resource to market our products
in the category of Shiny Brass Gift and Decorative wares and all of
these manufactured under One roof of our factory equipped with
complete infrastructure ranging from process A to Z.
However, our main interest lies in materializing your abstract
ideas, drawings and sketches in accordance with your specifications.
We would maintain the confidence reposed in us as we believe there
remains no taste if an article becomes a common stuff to be marketed
by every Tom, Dick & Harry. Everything under one roof right from
pattern-making to the last process we enjoy an added advantage of
confining your products to our four wall. We also have UL & CE
certificate for our Lamps, Chandelier & Wall Sconces.
May we request you to give us just a trial no matter how small it is
and You would surely find us better-off in many respects. You will
find in us a trust-worthy source of maintaining your exclusivity as
our faith.
Should you have anything in any category to get us started feeling
in the Spirit of a real Counterpart, please feel absolutely
unhesitant to write to us.

Description: We are manufacturers and exporters of fromal and casual
shirts in various fabrics and in various sizes according to the
buyers requirement/specifications in the name RVR brand.
The price ranging from US$20 to US$50 per shirt. If we match your
requirements, then please feel free to contact us or mail us.

Description: One of the appointed motorcycle manufactories by State
Economy & Trade Committee. What’s more, SETC has proclaimed its main
The manufactory is located besides Xisha road and covers more than
460, 000sqm. Up to now, it has grown to possess of five assemblies
ans seven affiliated plants with an annual output to 300, 000 sets.
company insists on developing new products and produce five series,
over 50 type of motorcycle, including male and female used, dual-
cycle and tricycle.
Motorcycle has passed the appraisal of ISO9002 Quality System
because of its high quality and excellent performance. It has also
successively won kinds of honors, such as Gold Award of Chinese
Science and Technology Exposition, Green Environmental and
Economical Elaborate Motorcycle, Gold Award of Jiangsu Integration
Competitive Product and Best Unit for After Sale Service by china
Consumer Newspaper. It was awarded with State Exporting License by
the National Quality inspection and its products are exported to
many countries and districts, such as America, Thailand, Vietnam,
Indonesia and Southeast, etc.

Description: Manufacturer of variety of shade cloth, bird protection
net over 20 years, and supplier of silicate fertilizer(liquid),
sodium silicate corrosion inhibitor either in liquid or solid,
We are looking for importers and/or distributors of our quality
Upon request, some samples be ready to dispatch.

Description: Please we need prices CNF C2 Dubai for the grades
available with you, e.g. W180, W210, W240, W320 etc. indicating
packing, shipment and quantity in 20' FCL. Also advise if the
cashews are Quilon or Madras or Mangalorian quality. Usually we buy
in 10 Kgs. x 2 tins and approx. 750 in one full 20' FCL.
Final port of discharge for all our orders is always JEBEL
ALI/Dubai. Also quote C&F (Our Commission of 2% to be included in
your price).

Description: We are a leading manufacturer of footwear products. We
can supply all kinds of sport shoes, soccer shoes, flying shoes,
skateboard shoes, golf shoes, cricket shoes, taekwondo shoes, and
etc. There are women, men and children sizes available. All our
product are for export. If interested, please contact us for more

Description: We are maker from China, we mainly export to European
marketing and U.S.A. we are exporter of mobile phone accessories,
such as fascias for Nokia, keypad for mobile phone, leather pouch,
battery, hands free, charger and the tooling of the phone.
Our mission: provide you high quality(the same as orignal quality)
and competitive price products and best service for our customer.
Price Term: T/T remittance or L/C.

Description: We are reputed mfgs. of lubricating and automotive oils
and another unit with phthalocyanine green 7 pigment.
We have a good reputation in the domestic and the international

Description: We have been in this garments products exporting
business for ten years. We have winter garments like sweater,
trousers, pants, polar shirt, philis blazers also ladies and menz
jacket. We also deal on Ghani Bag. Please contact us if you need any
of the Items mentioned above.

Description: We are manufacturer and exporters of the neem oil, neem
fertilizer, neem cake, aloe vera juice, aloe vera gel, aloe vera
powder, Turmeric finger, Centella asiatica and other herbal items.
We want to have reputed buyer of the above items. Since, we are
direct exporters we can give you in best competitive price

Description: I know that you are gloves importer, and I'm glad to
tell you that we can provide all kinds of PVC PE gloves as well as
latex household gloves. Having 18 producing lines and 9 years of
experience, we can assure the high-quality products as well as best
service and competitive price. If interested, please feel free to
contact me.

Description: We are exporters of following types of cotton
waste/yarn waste from Pakistan.
1) Hosiery/Towel Clips 2) Comber Noil 3) Linters 1st and 2nd cut
4) Shoddy 100%Cotton 5) Yarn Waste Cotton/Synthetic 6) Willow
Droppings 7) Carded Dropping 8) Yarn Waste Teased 9) P.C.Waste
10) Card fly 11) Rags (Wipers) 12) Cotton Waste for Mushroom 13)
Denim Clips and many other items.
Kindly let us know the items of your interest so that we send you
our samples and prices.
We offer reasonable prices and the Quality of our goods is
guaranteed. We also assure you of quick processing of goods and
prompt shipment without delay.

Description: We can supply 3d Egyptian golden foil paintings. (The
picture is about the king Tutankhaman and his wife. The material
used is golden foil as the base figures are made of special marble
powder which is upraised 3d embossed about 2-3 inches. The out lines
are also upraised embossed, colors which are used are the unique
colors of India which is very expensive, meena colors and above all
jewels are used. The fine workmanship the simplicity and traditional
aspects of the composition reveal the liveliness of the painting.)

Description: We are producer of professional hair cosmetics as well
as the end consumer cosmetics. Our main product are hair colorants.
We also produce products for permanent wave, hair bleaching,
shampoos, conditioners...products for shiny and glitter look, sun
care, deodorants, and eau de perfume.
We are looking for the importers all around the Europe and other
countries which would represent our company in specified markets.

Description: We are an ISO 9002 manufacturing co manufacturing quick
connect camlock & self sealing couplings in sizes 1/8" - 6" in
aluminium, brass, steel & stainless steel. We also manufacture
reducers, combination camlock couplings, bends, hose / pipe fittings
to any specifications.
We also manufacture ferrous / non-ferrous raw & machined castings /
forgings. We also produce precision machined components.

Description: Offering original Toyota parts, to all level wholesale
buyers, along with daily export parts service, can also supply all
brands and makes, send your quotations via email or fax.

Description: We are the manf. and exporter for the cotton cord(wax
polished)leather cord (round, woven, flat & swead) stone beads,
glass beads, wood beads and many kinds of imitation jewelry and
fashion accessories.

Description: We are processors and exporters of fresh chilled fihs
and fish fillets. Red mullet, red snapper, red grouper, parrot fish,
mahi mahi, barracuda, babay shark, emperor, coral trout, yellow
snapper, snapper, sail fish, marlin, yellow fin tuna and many fish
varieties. We can supply WR, G&G, fillets and loins of above fishes.

Description: We are Doing regular basis with EEC countries all types
of woven garment's like all type of pants, shirt's & trouser. If you
feel easy about us then you can send us yr current order query.

Description: Essential oil from Vietnam is available in wholesale
quantity. We have basil, cajeput, camphor, cinnamon, citronella,
eucalyptus, ginger, lemongrass, litsea cubeba, menthol, peppermint,
sassafras, star aniseed, tumeric, tung & turpentine oil.

Description: Established in 1984. Our major export products are
automatic cereals popping-press machine, rice crackers snack line,
corn puff snack line, cracker containing shrimps line, automatic
fryer line, potato chips line, peanut cracker plant...etc.

Description: Beginning with shuttlecocks since 1980, now Trump have
expanded lines to rackets and pertinent accessories for distributing
to global markets with TRUMP as well as OEM.

Description: We manufacture and export various kinds of electronic
cables including CATV/CCTV coaxial cable, RG type coaxial cable,
Cat.5 LAN cable, computer cable, ultra audio/video cable, rainbow
flat cable, multi-core control cable, optic fiber cable, coiled

Description: The largest integrated engineering and construction
firm in Taiwan, with around 2, 100 employees. In addition to
designing and building plants for Taiwan's major corporations and
many firm overseas, CTCI has also worked together with virtually
every major engineering firm in the world.

Description: 100-Hour Pill Reminder with friendly key operation.
Case in pocket size is good for personal carry. An idea gift for
patient to avoid missing take pill.

Description: We export following items:
1. Brass handicraft
2. Stainless steel cuttlery and other items.
3. Plastic bags (printed on demands) and other moulding items of
plastic like hangers etc.

Description: Leading Canadian exporter of the health & food
supplements is seeking buyers worldwide. Some of our products are:
Shark cartilage, vitamin A, B, D, C, E, halibut liver oil, calcium
pantothenate, folic acid, niacinamide, biotin, pantothenic acid,
niacinamide, tocopherol acetate and concentrate, multivitamins,
thiamine nitrate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, skin care -
capsules, wheat germ oil, safflower oil, extracts of carrots,
lecithin, beta-carotene, carotenoids, antioxidants, coenzyme,
minerals, fish oils, gla-rich vegetable oils, wheat germ oil, herbal
extracts, crataegus, royal jelly, ginseng, slimming capsules, dry
extract of cascarae sagr. Bark, dry extract of buckthorn bark, aloes
dry extract, dry water extract of woodspider root, saw palmetto
iipophilic extract, dry water extract of leaves of artichokes,
garlic, mistletoe, hawthorn, eucalyptus oil, dry extract of tea
leaves, red wine proanthocyanidines, elderberry extract, aronia
fruit extract, bilberry, cranberry, asparagus.

Last update 02 feb 2004

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Description: We are specialized in making P.E. shrink fabric
wrapper, PE, winding, inspection, fabric cutting, fabric opening,
measureing, platting, beaterless scutcher, auto. edge control, cloth
automatic package, cloth rolling, cloth inspection, slitting
scutcher, cloth folding, edge aligning.

Description: We are specialized in making mold, plastic mold, mould,
plastic injection mold, plastic product, household appliances,
plastic mold design & manufacture, ISO 9001 certified.

Description: We are specialized in making lkm, jersey, knit,
knitting, textile, circule knitting machine.

Description: We are specialized in making Dry Coil, Air Condition,
Chiller, FCU, AHU, Air Clearing, FFU.

Description: We are specialized in making aluminium ingot, magnesium

Description: We are specialized in making automatic blade feeding
heavy-duty leather cutting machine (full tungsten steel sutter
blade). Roller coating machine. Automatic hydraulic precision feed-
ilo shaving machine. Hydraulic fleshing machine. Continuous
hydraulic sammying machine. Leather measuring.

Description: We are specialized in making motorcycle parts, scooter
parts, engine, clutch, clutch plates, gears, bearing.

Description: We are specialized in making temp. & humi. testing
chamber precise oven, vacuum oven, testing room, convective
ventilation aging tester, thermal shock tester.

Description: We are specialized in making automatic plating
equipment, fully automatic post treatment equipment, barrel, surface
treatment, waste-gas treatment.

Description: We are specialized in making panic/fire exit hardware,
mortise locks.

Description: We are specialized in making boiler, heat exchanger,
pressurized container, water tank, oil tank, Taiwan boiler.

Description: we are specialized in making labeling machine, OPP
packer, bottle washing machine, bacteria reduction machine,
pasteurizer, rotary conveyor machine equipment, linear placement
machine, filling & capping machine.

Description: We are specialized in making delay lines, DC-DC
converters, pulse transformers, DC fan, lin filters.

Description: We are specialized in making stationery, paper, diary,
3 folds organizer, letter set, note book, memo pad, key chain memo,
memo box, magic block, 3 in 1 memo, address book, gift box, birthday
book, myfriend book, poesy book, photo album, calling card book.

Description: We are specialized in making Cutting machines, punching
machines, presses.

Description: We are specialized in making curtain component, hot
runner controller, food package, medical devices injection mold,
plastic injection mold, pet perform & blow mold.

Description: We are specialized in making Taiwan merchandise display
shelf, shelving storage equipment, storing shelves supplier
manufacturer exporter OEM ODM merchandise displaying & storing shelf
suitable for department store ang warehouse. Display & storage
equipment, shelving equipment, deco.

Description: We are specialized in making track lighting
accessories, light, track, accessories.

Description: We are specialized in making professional manufacturer
of roll feeder, NC roll feeder, auto press feeder, machines for auto
press system.

Description: We are specialized in making Continuous press mold,
press head, wire lead frame, plastic mold, connector components,
tungsten steel, ceramic material, grinding forming processing, etc.

Description: We are specialized in making plastic injection molding,
auto parts, electronic, computer parts, elevator parts, plastic
products, OEM, ODM.

Description: We are specialized in making Cam. Wesdon. Cam design.
Cam manufacturing.

Description: We are specialized in making melting, wandah, drying,
electric heating, heating, warmth keep stove, ceramics, electric
stove, process stove, stove.

Description: We are specialized in making injection molding machine,
probest, sale and purchase of secondhand injection molding machine,
kuowei, secondhand injection molding machine, injection molding
machine repair and maintenance, second hand machine.

Description: We are specialized in making production of whole
factory machine equipment, painting, gluing, pasting machine and
heating drier, can offer the total solution of machine research,
development and whole site plan for customers.

Description: We are specialized in making Vitesse, machines,
engravers, CAD/CAM, high-speed.

Description: We are specialized in making copper censer, copper
bell, candlestick, Buddhist lamp and religious appliance.

Description: We are specialized in making accounting, law.

Description: We are specialized in making vibratory grinding
machines, horizontal grinding machine, grindstone polishing
compound, centrifugal grinder, dry dehydrating machines, 3-dimension
vibratory grinding machines, automatic rollfow finsher machines,
horizontal grinding machines, steel boll grindst.

Description: We are specialized in making shampoo, liquid soap. Hair
treatment cream. Perm lotion, hair tonic, dyeing cream, skin care.

Description: We are specialized in making labelig, label, auto
labeling machine, labeler, bottle label, labelrex.

Description: We are specialized in making various safety helmets.

Description: We are specialized in making drying oven, full-auto
continnous drying oven, auto-iucinerator, tinplate printed drying

Description: We are specialized in making "sand blasting machine,
sand blast, blast media".

Description: We are specialized in making knitting machine, circular
knitting, weaving.

Description: We are specialized in making epoxy resin (modified),
epoxyresin (emulsion), polyamide (hardener), polyamine (modified
hardener), leather chemical finish agent.

Description: We are specialized in making food machine. The whole
packing facilities of drinks beverage, filling capping machine.

Description: We are specialized in making plastic, injection, mold,
design, R&D, bobbin, winder, optiolerss, stamping, machining,
tooling, meodical, lace grinding, chemex, progressive, die, CNC,
turning mold.

Description: Established in year 1985 in Taiwan, we started as a
designer and manufacturer of medical equipment accessories including
electro-pads, conductive adhesives, gels and wires.
After years of development, we now also produce unique TENS units,
EMS and Medium Frequency Therapy units which have widely been
acknowledged by all of our customers in the fields of professional
medical care, beauty treatment and home health care.

Description: We are a group of growers & exporters of fresh fruits
and vegetables whose cold storages and packaging houses are based in
the middle-north of Turkey. Having our own packaging factory,
enables us to supply the produce pack according to wholesale (in
bulks) or supermarket requirements.

Description: We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the
pioneer manufacturers and suppliers of marble, granite, slates and
sandstones in the country. We are in the business for more than 3
decades which makes us the best in the field and assure the best
quality stones to you. These stones can be supplied to you in any of
the required sizes.

Description: We are a leading manufacturer of bindis and temporary
body tattoos of all kinds of shapes and design. These bindis are
made using high quality velvet any PVC sheets, gums and other raw
material. The designs are numerous and the latest.

Description: We export unique and precious handcrafted products from
Minas Gerais/Brazil. The products are made of wood (including
miniatures, vegetable fiber, paper march?, cotton, ceramics, crystal
sets, etc.

Description: We glad to introduce as a manufacturer of lab
instrument and ophthalmic instruments such as microscopes. Stereo
microscopes, stereo-zoom microscope, e.n.t. Microscope, slit lamp,
lens meter, keratometer etc.

Description: We are manufacturer and exporter of sports goods like
soccer, hurling balls, base ball, exercise ball, cricket ball, hand
ball, foot bags balls, dog balls, judo karate suits, karate belts
and sports uniforms and lots more.

Description: We got your name from the internet and we would like to
know if you produce russian tank batteries size 12v/140a.
Please send us all info.

Description: Sell shirts t-shirts labels socks hats caps.
The business scope includes but not limited to the import and export
of all kinds of garment, garment accessories, socks, hats & caps,
decoration materials, polypropylene woven bags, and other related

Description: Sell marbles granites tiles. The business scope
includes but not limited to the import and export of all kinds of
garment, garment accessories, socks, hats & caps, decoration
materials, polypropylene woven bags, and other related products.

Description: Sell polypropylene woven bags P.P. P.E. The business
scope includes but not limited to the import and export of all kinds
of garment, garment accessories, socks, hats & caps, decoration
materials, polypropylene woven bags, and other related products.

Description: Stock lot available of single and double bed sheets.

Last update 30 jan 2004

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Description: Plz. contact for purchase badges with lowest rates.

Description: One of the manufacturer bases specialized in tungsten
alloy in China. We offers customers various carbide products based
on good quality competitive price and good service, such as, mining
bits, drill bits, saw tips, indexable inserts for metalworking,
welding blanks for turning tool, rods, bars and so on.

Description: "Dpower" batteries from China are waiting for your kind
Our main products are including Alkaline/silver oxide button cells,
lithium coins and batteries, alkaline battery pack, dry batteries
and rechargeable batteries.
Here below is some of our hot items:
FOB HK, in bulk pack
23A: US$0.107/PC (based on 20, 000pcs)
CR123A: US$0.646/PC (based on 5, 000pcs)
CR2: US$0.646/PC (based on 5, 000pcs)
Ni-mh AA2000: US$0.82 (based on 5, 000pcs)
Our button cells has competitive price too. Should you have any
inquiry, please feel free to contact me.

Description: We are an experienced international supplier for the
following items:
1) Fabrics -- various cotton/blended woven and knitted fabrics
2) Garment -- knitted underwear, T-shirt, sportswear, casual wear
and kidswear etc.
3) Fur products -- various processed skins, trimmings, collars and
wrist cuffs made of mink, raccoon, fox and rabbit.
Please feel free to contact us for details and prices.

Description: Our factory sites at the outskirts of Yangzhou,
Jiangsu, China, which is nearby Shanghai, a beautiful city. We
specialized in cutting tools, such as taps and dies. We have engaged
in this field for more than 20 years. The products are mainly sold
to Europe, Japan and Middle East. Our customers have a high praise
on our products. And the customers complaint is zero nearly.
If you need this kind of goods and is interested in our products,
please let us know. We would like to send you our samples and give
you our offer. Your response will be appreciated.

Description: Nutri-Dri Foods is your source for the freshest dried
fruits and vegetables! Our crops come straight from the fields and
brought to our licensed commercial kitchen, where they are
Our products are worth buying!
Each of our products has good texture, long shelf-life, and has no
chemical residue or any preservatives.
Nutri-dri: natural solar dried products
Dried naturally by the energy from the sun
100% natural, healthy, and in most cases are medically beneficial
Available in variety of flavors and ready-to-use
BFAD Certified and recognized
Termed “CLEAN” in the industry because of our high hygiene
We do not add anything in the processing of our products.
Advantages of nutri-dri foods:
Increase Nutritional Value by 5 – 8%
More concentrated flavor, texture and aroma
Retains the natural color of its fresh version
Clean hygienic preparation
No spoilage and wastage
100% Natural and Organic
Longer shelf life thus economical
Ready-to use, thus reduces preparation time in the kitchen.

Description: We specialize in manufacturing & exporting fine
ceramic, porcelain and stoneware productions, including daily-used
western dinner set, vase, cartoon, hand-painted, various range of
decal and glazed, X'mas gift, arts, crafts and so on. Also buyer's
requirements or promotional items, client's design are all welcome.
We sincerely welcome friends from all over the world to establish
business relationships with us for mutual benefits and development
for long-term.

Description: Software, electronics designer & development company.
Our business focuses on transforming ideas and inventions into high
quality Industrial and consumer products.
We design, develop and export consumer goods found in retail
channels such as, remote controllers, calculators, counters,
transmitter/receivers, signal capture, door bells, electronic toys,
giftware, game controllers, massagers, etc.
Industrial Export products: Software, IC, PCB, SMT, MCU.
Our goal is to serve mini-middle electronics companies. Our services
Concept & product development
Preliminary product evaluation
Prototype creation & molding
Intellectual property protection

Description: We can offer kinds of neckties just for export, if
anyone want to import neckties from China, welcome to contact with

Description: Specialties of wood drying equipment by the impulse
pressing method - ISP Today you dry as much as you will need
Wood drying equipment using the Impulse Pressing Method is a
perspective joint engineering design of Russian-Korean laboratories.
The equipment can provide daily productivity from 11m3 up to 60m3.
Minimal energy consumption
Highest quality of final product
Wood conditioning inside of chamber
Round log drying
Unlimited types and sizes of wood
Wood juice and other remains can be used after gathering in
100% ecologically safe process
Easy transportation and installation
Pay-back period is 6 months
Peculiarities of impulse pressing.
In this process, impulse removes most of the moisture from the wood
capillaries. The moisture is extracted from the wood in the form of
small droplets without evaporating. Movement of the moisture results
from the short, repeating impact of a low-pressure impulse. The
physical law of impulse movement is the basis for impulse
The impulse process has 3 stages:
Cycle heating of wood by the saturated wood juice steam
without removing it from the chamber;
Impulse water pressing - removing free water without phase
transition from 60-80% water content down to 25-27%.
Impulse drying - removing bound water by pressing and partial
phase transition from 25-27% down to 5-6%.
Since May 2000, the patents are pending for the technology and
impulse wood drying equipment in Korea, Canada, USA, Russia, Europe,
Ukraine, Asia countries and Kazakhstan.

Description: Established in 2000, CCGS designs, manufactures and
markets cash register, receipt printer and POS peripheral products
for the worldwide market. Moreover, we provide with Fiber optic
connector, network and communication products in large volume. The
company has been recognized as a leading supplier of China.
We welcome worldwide OEM/ODM businesses. With a team of over 50
engineers and technicians by over 10 years?? experience working in
this field, we are able to prototype your specifications and
eventually deliver production-quality products in a reasonably short
period of time.

Description: We are mfg. and exporter of hand woven woolen Oriental
rugs, producing (all in double weft construction) in 9/9, 11/11,
10/12 & 10/14 (hand spun), 10/14 & 14/14 (vegetable dye) and still
finer qualities. We may email you digital images. We are also mfg.
as per the specification of buyers on regular programming basis.

Description: Fastener manufacturer and exporter.

Description: We export deformed bars, wire rods, billets. Blooms,
marbles, ceramic, hazelnuts, dried apricots, PVC conveyor belts.

Description: We are mfg. and exporter of hand woven woolen oriental
rugs, producing (all in double weft construction) in 9/9, 11/11,
10/12 & 10/14 (hand spun), 10/14 & 14/14 (vegetable dye) and still
finer qualities. We may email you digital images. We are also mfg.
as per the specification of buyers on regular programming basis.

Description: We are dealing in precious & semi precious stone
studded 18k & 14k gold jewelry, silver jewelry, sterling silver
jewelry as well as gem stones, gem stone beads.

Description: We are one of the leading manufacturer, exporter from
Bangladesh. We are related in this trade from 1995. Though we are a
composite project, so we can give a very competitive price with a
nice quality. Now we looking for buyers and importers. If you are
interested, please contact us with your inquiry and sketches and
details. We assure you a best service with a good quality and timely

Description: PVC folding door made from durable PVC, no other type
of door saves as much space, or is easier to fit. Also, perfect as a
room divider and ideal to replace wardrobes or cupboard doors. Not
only the Ready-Made finished doors are provided but also the Knock-
Down profiles.

Description: We are quality-oriented manufacturers of reactive/
direct/ acid dyes from India. Our products are manufactured under
strict quality assurance systems. We solicit enquiries from
prospective buyers of these products.

Description: We specialized in producing cemented carbide The main
products are: braze blade, clamp blade, drill bits, saw tips,
wooding cutter blade, mining ball, mining gear, carbide rod, carbide
blank and other non-standard products, etc.

Czech Republic
Description: Our company works like exclusive representative several
society from Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk an Altai area in Siberia. We would
like zou offer the chances of regular supplies of first-rate of
Siberian larch and pine sawn timber according to your specification.
We are working usually on the basis of Russian GOST26002-83 sort1-3,
4. quantity up to 3000m3 monthly.
If you are interested in cooperation with us, please, you will send
us your exact specification for your requirement.

Description: We are a specialized Chinese producer of kappa
Carrageenan, and now we are exporting carrageenans to Canada, USA,
Europe and Southeast Asia. Carrageenan is utilized by various
companies around the world as a stabilizer, gelling, solidify for
products. Our main products are extra pure kappa carrageenan regular
mesh and fine mesh for Food trades, such as soft sweets, jelly, meat
products, dairy products, cans, fruit juice, ice cream, etc. Now,
our systematic products have been praised and approved by
international clients for our quality, stability, stock ability and
professional technique.

Description: Rio Santo offers selective tastes, flavors and natural
colors which provides to show your life style by adding to the
dinner tables exciting Rio Santo specialties.
We are at your disposal with our products' high quality and our good

Description: Our prices are the Lowest in the Industry!
Custom and stock security holograms for document security, brand
protection and packaging authentication. solutions for long and
short run projects.

Description: We are the leading manufacturer in China for many years
with the great reputation in super quality, low price and good
after-sale service (warranty). Our high quality ink cartridge and
toner for Hp, Canon, Lexmark, Canon are very popular in both foreign
and China markets. We believe that we can serve you the best.
Our inkjet cartridges are made from PP plastic and filled with
imported ink. The splice is performed using vibration welding, the
ink filling is conducted by vacuum filling machine. All the
processes are performed on imported advanced production lines in
non-dust workshops, which enable them to be stable in quality.

Description: We are a professional of high quality computers and
peripherals in China. Now I am offering our newest products which
has attractive extenier and reliable quality. They are:
Optical Mouse SD-3020, USB interface, 800 dpi, can work on almost
surface. $5.5 FOB Shenzhen.
Multimedia Keyboard SD-8003, fashional silver and black color. $4.6
FOB Shenzhen.
Hign quality headphone TS-VH830 with shock functions. $4.1 FOB
MP3 Player: SD-1211 128M $70 SD-1213 128M $53.

Description: We would like to offer to you our plywood, fancy panel
and veneer. (Made in China.)
- Fancy : Red Oak, Maple, Sapelli, Birch
- Plywood : Ayous(Obeche), Okoume, Birch.
- Veneer : Bamboo, Okoume, Ayous, Sapelli, Red Oak, Birch,
Ash, Reconstituted Veneer.
Rotary and sliced cut, whole piece and spliced
We are a Hong Kong based company with our wood manufacturing
factories in China (Our Suzhou plant has over 8, 000 staff) and
evolved directly in logging activity in Africa.
Please see attached the our specification leaflet for your
reference. We will give you quotation when you inform us your
interested items.

Description: We manufacture and export environmental friendly the
photo/biodegradation food boxes. The basic material is
Polypropylene. Degradation of the Polymer is triggered by UV light
and assisted by the presence of UV sensitizers. In this process the
Polymer is converted to low molecular weight material and in a
second phase converted to carbon dioxide and water by bacteria

Description: We manufacture and export all kinds of COAXIAL CABLES
more than 50 containers per month.
specifications: RG58, RG59, RG6, RG7, RG8, RG11, RG412, 500etc.
50OHMS&75OHMS: RG174, RG179etc.
Owned ISO9000 certificate
&UL No.E232606 for CATV, No.E234757 for CL2.
Pakage: wooden reel; plastic reel; paper spool
Easy pull-out box; export carton.
Delivery time(per 20Ft): 20days after confirmed the order.

Russian Federation
Description: We are the manufacture and exporter of cotton fabric
(gray cloth, bleached, dyed, printed sort) and also made ups like
bed linen.
So we also have interest to start business relation with your
company, we will feel pleasure if you contact us with all your
requirements and provide us complete detail for further negotiation.

Description: We would like to import Phenol/soda ash /SBR5102 from
Romania kindly offer at you earliest.

South Africa
Description: Exporter of soy milk powder to the European Union.
Interested parties please contact us. Thank you.

Description: A Grade 100% USA Cotton (Licenced by USA Cotton
council) carded open-end yarn the counts between NE 5/1 to NE 30/1
for knitting and weaving torsions.
A Grade 100% USA Cotton (Licenced by USA Cotton Council) Carded
Open-End SLUB (Flamme, Shantung) Yarn for DENIM the counts between
NE 5/1 to NE16/1.

Description: Headquarter is located in Istanbul and our factory is
very close to the ULUDA&#286; mountain in Bursa and we are the group
companies. We provide spring water and mineral water from natural
sources and produce our products by using latest technology with
high quality and unchangeable mineral structure.
In addition to this, our products are suitable with the health and
hygiene standards and offered to the consumers. We are developing
continual all the products with AR-GE Dep. For this reason, You can
supply superior competition with above-mentioned in market.

Description: Piston air compressors
Screw series
Silent "
Direct drive compressors.

Description: We would like to offer met. Coke (0-5mm) size, for
furnaces. Packed in bags or bulk.

Description: We are in good position to supply lead compounds,
disinfectants, pesticides, pigments, dyestuffs, more chemicals from

Description: We offer the finest selection of handicraft souvenirs
and household stuff made of juniper.
Items list:
Jewelry boxes, coffee filter holders, make-up boxes, heat resistant
underlays, candlesticks, underlays for cutting, picture frames,
napkin holders, salt tubs, sugar basins, butter vessels, piggins for
beer, beer tankards.
High quality with a reasonable price! Please contact us if you're

Description: We are a merchant exporter and we deal with handicraft
items, fashion garments, sanitary ware, agriculture equipments, food
items etc.

Description: Source provider for various automotive components like
engine parts, brake parts, rubber molded parts, automotive cables,
automotive halogen lamps, horns, especially for European and
Japanese cars and commercial vehicles. With in-house research and
development facility has undertaken product design and development
for cabin assembly repair kit, Center House bracket for European
trucks, engine parts like intake and exhaust valve seat inserts and
push rods, diesel fuel injection parts, gaskets, Liners for European
vehicles. Value added Services also include inspection at
subcontractor’s works, follow ups during development and production
stage, consolidation and dispatch.

South Africa
Description: The finest quality South African wine, both red and
white. The quality of our wines are proven by the national and
international awards they have won.

Description: Product name: Electronic HF Ballast
Payment terms: Prepayment 100 %
Interested in export to: France|United Kingdom
Model no. price in pound / unit
a) FI1L36 MOSFET IC K 1X36W FTL 22
b) FI2L36 MOSFET IC K 2X36W FTL 26
c) FI4L18 MOSFET IC K 4X18W FTL 30
01) 40 % Electrical energy saving,
02) No starter- reduced maintenance,
03) No heat generation- reduced load on airconditioners,
04) Fully EMI / RFI suppressed,
05) The active power factor corrected ballast- p.f.- 0.996,
06) Constant light out put for the voltage range of 145 to 280 v,
07) Totally free from stroboscopic effect,
08) Tube bar life increase to great extent,
09) Ballast life approx.40, 000 burnig hours,
10) It is repairable,
11) Total harmonic distoration < 10%.

Description: We are one of the pioneers of high quality concrete
paver blocks and chequered tiles. Our products have undergone
stringent tests in many labs across the country and passed them
well. We assure an Excellent product, service and on time delivery,
with a competitive price.
Any trade enquiries are welcome, we have already exported our
material to the middle-east.

Description: We are specialized in chemicals produce & exportation
with 12 years' experience. In/organic, pharms, food/feed additive,
dyestuff, pigment, fertilizer, and inse/pesticide are our business
Attached behind are parts of our strong items. To support your
business, we would offer you our cost prices. Awaiting your firm
MnSO4, MnO2, MgCL2, MgSO4, ZnSO4, ZnO, ZnCL2, K2CO3, BaCL2, Ba(OH)2,
MAP, MKP, PPP, Humic Acid, Humate Salts, Chelated-EDTA, Zinc Oxy
Sulfate, NPK+TE, iron oxide, melachite green, red lead, litharge,
ultramarine, tio2, lump sugar, vanillin, tartaric acid, citric acid,
hydroquinone, gum rosin.

Description: We are manufacturer and exporters of plastic woven
products (HDPE/PP). We manufacture tubular bags, box bags, postal
bags, leno bags fumbo bags etc.

Description: We are specialized in making precision oven, vacuum,
dryer, heating, curing, drying, UV, IR, LED, exposure.

Description: We are specialized in making PCB, printing circuit
board, transportation, SMT, Surface mount, BGA (tin ball mounting
machine), circuit board (loader unloader).

Description: We are specialized in making mold, lamp, model, car

Description: We are specialized in making knitting machine, yarn
stand, mold, yarn wheel, guiding hook, yarn compressor, hardware.

Description: We are specialized in making graphite, carbon, carbon
brush, pressure joint, semiconductor graphite, edm, continuous
casting, pump, mechanical, electronic.

Last update 29 jan 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We are specialized in making tungsten carbide screw
drawing tubing dies Extraordinary inner & outer drawing tubing dies
Extraordinary hot extrusion dies variety of extraordinary cold
drawing dies variety of extraordinary drawing dies.

Description: We are specialized in making injection molds, auto
parts, household appliances.

Description: We are specialized in making plastic injection steel
mold, mold design and manufacture.

Description: We are specialized in making cutting tools, high
accuracy, high strength, high quality, high-speed milling,
carbonized tungsten steel cutter, circular milling cutter, end mill,
cuttting tool, 5 axis grinding, carbon steel, die steel, tool steel,
stainless steel, titanium, high-speed.

Description: We are specialized in making Plastic injection mold for
TV set, Computer & OA, Home appliance, etc.

Description: We are specialized in making annsin. mold hand-made
sample CNC.

Description: We are specialized in making plastic mold, computer
electric equipment, automotive parts, OA equipment, strollers,
stationery mold, house hold appliances, bottle cap, PET mold.

Description: We are specialized in making 3D design. Mold designing.
Product development. Specialized in R&D.

Description: We are specialized in making Mold Polishing Stone,
Diamond grinding bat, Pneumatic tools, Polishing emery wheel, CBN

Description: We are specialized in making motorcycle engine parts
woodworking machine parts. Sewing machine part bicycle parts.
Automobile giant uion.

Description: We are specialized in making personal computer case
(tower, desk top) multi media, server, disk arrey, ups rack, ipc,
monitor, parts.

Description: We are specialized in making forge, forging, CAD, CAM,
CAD/CAM, automobile, military, aerospace, CNC, CNC machining.

Description: We are specialized in making precision plastic
injection molds, radio, tap recorder, telephone set, video,
televsion, computer monitor, oa equipment, sewing machine.

Description: We are specialized in making manufacture process,
molds, design.

Description: We are specialized in making die, casting, mold,

Description: We are specialized in making CD holder. CD box. Disc
holder. Mold. Injection. Plastic. Gift.

Description: We are specialized in making hoist. Rails. Cable. Push
button. Chain chist.

Description: We are specialized in making CAD, CAM, precise, mold,
camera, walkman, stereo, OA, pen.

Description: We are specialized in making bandsaw, cutting, tool,
machine, thread, rolling, sawing.

Description: We manufacture following API in our factory @ Kukumbh,
Pune, India. We are pleased to offer these products at International
competitive price. Dithranol IP/BP/ EP Grade.
Zolpidem Tartarate
Lithium antimony Thiomalate (Vetrnary drug)
For your requirement and free sample, COA, MSDS, kindly contact.

Description: We export and import a variety of products like silk
scarves, cushion covers, bed spreads, cane furniture and cashew nut,
sarees etc.

Description: We need the quotation to build CD manufacturing unit in
Chennai (India). Give us the price list of each equipment used in
this process. And also suppliers of your equip. in India.

Description: Ornamental products made of concrete designed, among
others, for furnishing gardens, recreational areas and also indoors.

Description: We manufacture high quality fabric in 100% cotton
polyester, and blends. We also manufacture casual apparels in both
knits and wovens for girls, ladies, boys and men.

Description: We will like to import computer accessories to Nigeria
for sale for the un-coming all african games that coming up in
Nigeria this month, so at this period of time we can be bale to make
enough sales in the general market.

Description: Manufacturer of Thai handicraft items and also a trader
who has been selected by the Department Of Export Promotion to take
care of the country’s OTOP products.
Our own manufacturing items included hand woven natural fiber, such
as jute, cotton with reed as major material. They are processed into
modern designed boxes, bags, cushions, carpets, walls and window
coverings, seat mats, sleeping mats, placemats, teamats, etc.
OTOP (One Tambon One Product) is the scheme launched by the Thai
government to generate income in urban area by having each provinces
manufacture each different products in their choice (Mostly
handicrafts). Therefore, the OTOP products that we are trading are
vary from wood carving, handicraft item, Pottery, Bronze product,
Gift & Decorative, etc.
Please contact for further detailed information.

Description: We are a Turkish Company specialized in manufacturing
almost all kinds of woven fabrics which covers 100 % Cotton, 100 %
Polyester, 100 % poly micro, various blends of Poly-cotton, Nylon-
cotton, Nylon- micro, Poly-viscose, Viscose-Cotton, etc. yarn dyed
or printed. Our production capacity is 68 000 meters per month. Our
production facilities are located in Bursa, the textile production
center of Turkey. We have an integrated structure with our weaving
plant equipped with high technology machinery together with our
affiliate partner Guclu G??l? Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. in
which the dyeing and painting operations are performed. We provide
our customers with a broad range of products to satisfy the dynamic
needs of the market. In addition to our regular production, we also
accept custom orders.
We want to establish long term and prosperous business cooperation
with interested importers, wholesalers, agents.

Description: We are specialized in making high precision steel mold,
plastic injection.

Description: We are specialized in making plastic, injection, mold,

Description: We are specialized in making otebook, translator,
computer monitor, fax machine, calculator, stereo, clock.

Description: We are specialized in making tumbeler dryer, washer,
centrifugal separator, boilers, ironing board, stfam iron, press.

Description: We are specialized in making UV&IR transportation dryer
equipment, UV tube, cooling & turning machine for PCB board, dryer,
pan chief.

Description: We are specialized in making measuring tape, fiberglass
tape, cutters, utility knife, blades, steel.

Description: We are specialized in making automatic pleating
machine, rotary screen printing machine.

Description: We are specialized in making High speed dyeing machine,
Automatic weight reduction machine.

Description: I deal in stationery items, printing items and hand
made paper items. I am manufacturer and supplier. I am interested to
do export business in this field. Those who want to do import

Description: Pyjamas for men, women and kids. We are looking for
importers and distributors interested on buying pajamas for men,
women and kids.

Description: We are the leading mfrs, processors, producers of all
types of Indian herbal products like herbal extractions, herbal
crude drugs, Indian spices oils, Indian perfumes and herbal
cosmetics like herbal skin care soap made of natural herbs namely
sandal and saffron toilet soaps, herbal tonics, herbal shampoo,
herbal pickles, herbal tablets like neem tablet, herbal medicines
like vinca rosea roots(raw) for cancer cure, withania somniferia,
andrographis peniculata, lepidium sativum, plantago ovata, musk
mellow, ambrette, lemon grass and other herbs used for ayurvedic
medicines only processed or raw material. We are looking forward for
the importers, buyers for our products in any form from India. If
interested in any item pl contact us.

Description: We introduce ourselves as manufacture and exports of
indian artistic handicrafts like incense sticks (nag champa)
oriented swords, armours, leather animals, chess-sets, wooden
screens etc.

Description: We want to buy 2 nos. of road roller. Kindly contact us
with your company's full profile and road rollers details technical
data including specifications. Also let us have your price on C&F
Chittagong by sea basis urgently.

Description: Enterprise for producing sanitarywares, faucets, shower
rooms, marble & granite, bathroom accessories and tiles in China.
The competitive price will meet your kind demanding. We would like
to cooperate with you for long-term business relationship.
Welcome you visit web site to find your interested products.

Description: Great offers on generics & branded drugs for the month
of September. We have great offers on Generics like Viagra, Cialis,
Vioxx, Lipitor, Celebrex, Evista & PLavix. Also we have great offers
on all of our antibiotics, injectibles, analgesics & painkillers. We
have a sale on all of Our pharmaceutical products for bulk orders.
Hurry!! Hurry!! Offer ends on 30th of September 2003.
For pricing send us your product specifications, Quantity & Shipping
terms. Contact us immediately offers ends soon.

Description: We are a buying house providing service to the foreign
buyers of Frozen Shrimps. We always welcome new buyers and inquiry.
We can supply you HLSO HOSO, HLTO Seawater Black Tiger, King Prawn
in Block Frozen and IQF packing. If you have any interest in us,
kindly let us know. We ensure 24 houres price offer.

Description: This company was established in 1989, a manufacturing
factory engaged in the production of rod ends bearings and spherical
bearings equipped with exclusive special processing machines and QC
test instruments of excellent function and sophisticated design.

Description: We supply all kinds of auto spare parts, such as body,
engine, electrical, rubber for most of Japanese, American and
European car. Welcome customer?s specific inquiry for pricing.

Description: We has been supplying highest quality aluminum, Brass
and zinc parts castings of all configurations directly to the
manufacturer. Exporters of die-casting, tooling, mould, aluminum,
brass, zinc, cast, lighting, heat-sink, auto-parts, motor-cover,
hardware, electric, electronic, tools.

Description: 3 In 1 Musical Potty Trainer, Ezfirst-Potty(2 In 1
*Melody starts as soon as child sits or stands on the backrest/lid.
*Potty can be placed on adult toilet for training.
*Function: (1) Baby Potty (2) Toilet Trainer (3) Step Stool & Chair.
*Packing: 8pc/ctn/5.93'(Color box is flat inside carton).
Origin: Taiwan.

Description: An ergonomic designed and durable constructing putty
Knife with two kinds of plastic material & dual color cushion
handle. Fully hardened & precision ground with mirror polish. Fully
hardened & precision ground with mirror polish.
03200 ~ 03355: High Carbon Steel Blade
04200 ~ 04340: Stainless Steel Blade
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: We are very pleased to introduce ourselves as one of
the largest exporter and manufacturer, from China, of a wide range
of paper bags and gift paper boxes. We specialize in paper products
for many years and enjoy great popularity in world market. We can
provide you various kinds of paper products and the range from
standardized designs to any kind of order designs. As a member of
Asia Pulp and Paper Group, the advanced manufacturing line can
assure our fine quality and the experience of many years in this
line can guarantee good after-service.

Description: We are the biggest choline chloride private enterprise
in China, we have self- import /export right. The main product in my
company is choline chloride, an animal feed additive, including 50%,
60% (purity) power, 70%, 75%(purity)liquid. After several years
developing, we have accumulated enough experience in this industry.
Our product has covered most provinces of China, and exported to
some other countries, such as Thailand, Singapore, and North
America, the good quality and attractive price won good reliance
among the client.
This year, we mainly put my eyes on international market, expand the
huge oversea market, especial North America, Pakistan, Syria, etc.
We look forward to cooperating with you, bringing our product into
your country's market.

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