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Export offers

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New export offers available to BizEurope members:

Last update 3 dec 2003

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We are of the largest manufacturer & exporter of lifting slings in India. So we request you to send us your valued enquiries to quote our best

Description: We are one of the biggest manufacturer and exporter of
fabrics in China, we can supply various kinds of fabrics to you as
1. 100% polyester printed or dyed fabrics 2.100% spun rayon printed
or dyed shirting 3.100% cotton, t/c, cvc, t/r printed or dyed or
yarn dyed fabrics including their stretch fabrics 4.various kinds of
flocking fabrics.
5. 100% linen, linen/rayon, linen/cotton, ramie printed or dyed
6. Some other fabrics such as cotton/nylon, etc.

Description: We are in a very good position to supply you:
Textile fabrics grey/bleached/dyed/printed
Terry towels (dish/face/bath/kitchen
Textile madeups
Bed sheets/t-shirts
-------------& Various Other Related Items---------
Please send us your enquires with complete details of specification,
quantity, packing, delivery period, payment terms etc.

Description: We are marketing sweet apricot kernel and bitter
apricot kernel. If you interested it, please contact us.
Quality of bitter and sweet kernel;
Impurities 1%, broken 3%, humidity 6%
Please inform us
We wait your urgent indication.

Slovak Republic
Description: We are a large sorting center situated in Slovakia
close to Hungarian and Austrian border. We import second hand
clothes /as Original – unsorted/ from various countries of Western
Europe, such as Austria, Holland, Germany, Belgium, Italy, USA. We
grade them into many different categories, must be around 60,
according to the quality and style. Sorted clothes are sent to our
customers in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Romania,
Ukraine and Africa. We have been involved in the clothes recycling
industry for 7 years now.
We are looking for new clients who would be interested to buy sorted
or unsorted clothes from us on regular basis.
We employ 20 graders who are experienced and our sorting systems
improves every year. This also depends on the wish of our client.
Therefore we will be happy to receive letter from you about your
criteria and what category you are particulary interested in. At the
moment we have especial offer for House hold items and Original

Description: Every kind of switsirts and pants.

Description: We set up trading contacts in the international markets
for Turkish companies. Our main goal is to create export & import
deals for our customers. We have extensive range of companies which
have competitive prices and quality approval certifications for
international markets in different sectors in our portfolio such as;
* Electrical & LPG type appliences (minibars, lighting equipments,
decorative lamps, lampshades, table lambs, ovens, table top cookers,
heaters, air curtains, combi boilers)
* Mechanic & Digital safes (strongboxes for hotels, rooms, office,
banks etc.)
* Plastic materials (installation pipes & fittings, garden hoses,
tool boxes & storage equipments, home appliences, nylon sacks etc.)
* Cosmetics (colognes, liquid soaps, wet wipes, after shaves,
sprays, acetone etc.)
* Paper cleanings (toilet papers, serviettes, kitchen rolls etc.)
* Bathroom materials (bath curtains, accesories, furnitures etc.)
* Textile (Every kinds of men, women, kids socks, jeans, 0-14 aged
kids clothes)
We have contacts ın other sectors also and it's a fact that the
low cost of production and the logistic situation of Turkey has many
advantages in trading that's because we can supply alternative
products and materials to your considerations.

Description: We are manufactures and exporters of all kinds of
fabrics such as 100% cotton/ cotton blended/ viscose -
grey/bleached/printed/dyed fabrics and made-ups (woven & knitted).
Our special fabrics are tubular woven fabrics, duck (mat weave)
fabric, sateen (satin), twill and dosuthi fabric.
We have our own manufacturing and processing unit so that we can
commit ourselves to suit any bulk orders and over quote would be
much competitive than traders. Our overseas customer base is
Our Current Productions are for overseas customers:
20x20/60x60/59" 200 gms
20x20/52x52/59" 160 gms
20x20/60x52/63" 200 gms
30x20/60x52/50" 140 gms
30x34/68x68/50" 140 gms
20x20/68x52/50" <Drill Weave>
10x10/32x34/63" 265 gms
16x16/60x54/58" 275 gms <Dosuthi>

Description: We are mfrs of following items till 1990.
T-shirts, polo shirts, tracking suits, hooded jackets, pyjama set,
nightwear, boxer shorts etc.
Fancy tank tops, printed tops, lingeries, 3/4 pants etc.,
Boys & Girls 3/4 pant, Kids hooded, jumpsuits, romper etc.,
Interested importers/buyers pls contact.

Description: We are processors and exporters of all kind of fresh
and frozen seafood since 1988 having processing plant at Main Fish
Harbour, just 1000 meters away from the main landing point of fish
/shrimp. We process shrimp, Fish and Crab (whole and meat, cut Crab)
At present we have our main Shrimp Season whereas our
Fish Season will be started by end August.
Awaiting your prompt reply.

Description: Exporter of brass nautical instruments.

Description: Manufacturers n exporters:
Biscuit making machinery n plant as under:
Horizontal dough mixer 100/200/300/400kg/batch,
Rotary moulding n cutting unit, cooling/stacking/
Packing table/conveyor, oil sprey machine, automatic biscuit cream
sandwiching machine, automatic double color/double deposite cream &
fruit jam sandwiching machine, ac cooling tunnel n all other
machinery/equipments related to biscuit making line.

Description: We are an International Distributor of some of the best
Colombian products, now specially offering our 100% natural frozen
tropical fruit pulp, produced in our plant in Bogota, which has more
than 14 years of experience in handeling and commercializing this
product all over the country. This plant has high quality and
hygienic facilities, and the best expirience in handeling human
consumption products, all of this allows us to offer and excellent
quality product with very affordable prices and the best service.

Description: Custom and stock security holograms for document
security, brand protection and packaging authentication. Solutions
for long and short run projects.
Custom Security Holograms
Custom holography involves the design and creation of unique images.
This is the cost associated with making the first “Master” hologram
from which all the other will be duplicated.
Hologram descriptions
2D/3D – holograms contain several image planes, which are visually
placed one behind another and produce an effect of three-dimensional
Dot-matrix – a computer generated hologram in which the image is
optically written dot by dot to construct the final image.

Description: Brand offers Power control equipments such as Voltage
Stabilizers with a wide input range from 70v-310v max.
The stabilizers are available from a capacity rating of 0.5 Kva to a
maximum of 25 Kva, with features such as Intelligent Time-delay &
Auto cut-off (High/Low). These are available in single and 3-phase
These capabilities have been aptly demonstrated by 23 years of
existence and growth in the Indian market-a country well known to
suffer from the vagaries of erratic voltage fluctuations.
We our the approved OEM's for Airconditioning & Refrigeration majors
in the Indian market.

Description: Dear all, we can export first class cement from India
at competitive rates.

Description: Technology and equipment for production of different
sorts of basalt fibres used for heat and sound insulation. Made of
cheap raw materials, basalt fibres have higher physic-chemical
characteristics in comparison to traditional fibres. We build mini-
factories for manufacture of different kinds of production of the
basalt fibres. For more information give us you e-mail.

Description: Plasma device for welding
1. The portable plasma device for welding, cutting and soldering of
metals and non-metal materials, which work on water and 40 %
solution of any spirits.
2. The devices for plasma cutting/welding, which allow to carry out
serially air-plasma cutting of metals, electroarc welding by piece
melting electrodes and argon-arc welding by non-melting electrode.
3. The device for air-plasma cutting, which has the basic purpose to
cut for scrap of large-sized structures and engineering.

Description: Cool operating cracking of oil.
The technology of production of engine fuels with adjusted
characteristics from oil of different oilfield (dirigible organic
synthesis). This technology let to increase the depth of treatment
of oil to 90-95%, desulfurization and reforming of oil.

Description: 1. Orthopedic Items like Belts, Braces, Collars,
callipers, Orthotic components, Prosthetic components, splints,
dyanamic splints for physio, Leather shoes for children and any
other as per the requirment of the buyer.
2. Leather footwears and other footwears for Men, Women and kids
including specialty shoes for army etc..
3. Ready made garments like Jeans, T shirts, Shirts, Cotton shirts,
Trousers, Ladies skirts, Dresses for Ladies, Tie and Dye type of
fabric and srees, and many items in garments.
4. Investment casting components as per the drawing of the buyer
5. The place where I live is the centre for Brass Industry. 70% of
Brass components of the world are being manufactured here. So I can
supply to U, the brass building hardware-Hinges, stoppers etc..,
Battery terminals, Cable Glands, Nuts-Boldts-Screws, Bearing Cages
for bearing Industry, and any other precision brass component as per
the drawing and specification of the buyer.

Description: Professional antenna manufacturer with strong design
capability and good productivity. Our products lines range from base
station antennas to full-range wireless LAN (WLAN) antennas in
compliance with IEEE802.11x (2.4GHZ~2.485GHZ). Include Flat Panel,
Grid / Parabolic, Omni- Directional, (Dipole) Directional (YAGI).

Description: We manufacture terracotta tiles with Italian quality.
Our factory based in Viet Nam. We would like in look for
distributors/importers worldwide.

Description: We are leading manufacturer of herbicide EPTC. We can
supply 1000mt annual. CAS:759-94-4
Synonyms: S-Ethyl dipropylthiocarbamate; S-Ethyl
Use: Herbicide.

Description: We are makers/exporters of cable assembly, wiring
harness assembly, plastic moldings etc with factories in China.

Description: We are specialized at supplying Sheepskin products and
handmade Silk Carpets.
Cushion, carpet, mat, slipers, gloves and so on made of sheepskin
and silk with variable kinds of sizes and designs.
New design and sizes products by order is available.

Description: We can supply variety of cases, including spectacle
cases, and jewelry cases in different material. We assure you of our
prompt delivery, reasonable price, and good quality.

Description: We are manufacturers and exporters of field hockey &
accessories, boxing gloves & equipment, martial art uniforms &
equipment and cricket bats & accessories and equipment since 1942.we
are getting business from all-over the world, and with strong and
big brands.
We are looking strong and interested importers from all-over the
world to expand our business.

Description: We manufacture and supply pharmaceutical raw materials,
nutritional additive, dyestuffs and some botanical extract. If you
are interested, please contact us soon.

Description: We would like to introduce ourselves as manufacturers
and exporters of everything in sewing machines and spare parts in
We mainly export all kinds of household (domestic) and industrial
sewing machines and their parts, overlock machines, round knife
cutting machines, zigzag sewing machines, bag closing sewing
machines, button covering machines, all types of sewing machine
motors, stand and table, and all types of household and industrial
sewing machine parts like shuttle hook, bobbin, bobbin case, bobbin
caps, presser foot, sewing thread, cutter, tweezers, sewing
scissors, sewing tool, thread stand, sewing tape, knife, looper,
belt, winder, tension clamp, needle plate, screw, knitting machine

Description: We offer cosmetic and herbal gel products for the
personal care market. Also offer consulting help in formulation,
testing, manufacture and labeling for third party companies.

Description: Our factory producing all kind of the light timers.
Such as oven timers and 24hour timers, pill timers. If you are
interested our product please contact me in time. So that I will
give you good price for you.

Description: We are exporter of various fabrics, in flocking
fabrics, artifical fabrics, bonding fabrics. Welcome to contact us.

Description: Our company is able to offer you the following
Rauwolfia V. (root bark) Chinchona bark, Annato seed, Griffonia,
Pinneapple stem powder, and much more products wich does not appear
on this list.

Description: We are the leading furniture manufacturer and exporter
since 5 years ago, we specializing in wooden dining set, due to the
demanding from my existing customer, we had expanded our products to
all range of furniture.
For your information, we had exporting to many country, like USA,
South America, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Philippines,
Singapore, India, Saudi Arabia and many others countries.

Description: Our company is an exporter of Chinese agriculture
products and foods. We can supply many kinds of dehydrated
vegetables such as garlic/ginger/onion (slice, granules, powder),
red(green) bell pepper, leek, celery, etc. And we are exporting many
kinds of Chinese beans that including red kidney beans, white kidney
beans, light speckled kidney beans, green mung beans and so on. At
present, we have about 300mts(2002 crop) apple juice concentrate(low
acid) in stock for export. If you are interested, please contact us.

Description: We are manufacturer's and exporters of textile fabrics
and made-ups. We can produce and kind of fabrics according to
customer's requirement. We are dealing in this field from 15 years.

Description: We are special in pure human hair product, we can
provide you top quality human hair product with reasonable price,
such as weaving, bulk/braiding hairpieces and so on.

Description: We are the professional factory in manufacturing
various kinds of wire mesh in China's wire mesh hometown.
We make the aluminum alloy wire mesh, magnalium alloy wire mesh,
stainless steel wire mesh, square hole wire mesh, galvanized wire
mesh, galvanized welded wire mesh, link fence and razor barbed wire
Especially the razor barbed wire, razor barbed wire has have the
authority of China's patent, the NO. is 02233128.X, razor barbed
wire has two types, +the crossed one and the stright one. It is
widely used for Protecting you from Aggressive Unwanted Perimeter

Description: As one of our main products abrasive sand screen is not
only suitable for plaster, metal, woodworking, plastic and enamel
surface. And also for sanding rusty spots of metal materials and
making grinding and polishing treatment. It's flexible, can be used
for sanding contoured and irregular surfaces and fully Waterproof
can be rinsed to allow for reuse. Because of the open screen design,
it resists clogging and both sides coated with abrasive grinds of
the screen. The grinding and cutting efficiency and durability is
far beyond the conventional abrasive material. It can be finished as
sheets, discs, rolls and so on.Sheets: 3-2/3" x 9", 3-2/3" x 11", 3-
5/16" x 11", 4-3/16" x 11", 9" x 11".Discs: Diameter 15", 16", 17",
18", 19".Available grit sizes: #40, #60, #80, #100, #120, #150,
#180, #220, #240, #320, #400, #600
Abrasive grinds: Aluminum oxide / Silicon carbide.

Description: We produce and export mobile phone accessories (made in
China) to world market every month, including faceplates, car
charger, travel charger, desktop charger, leather cases, hansfree,
battery, holder, car kit, booster, etc. Best quality, price, fast
delivery (7--10 days).

Description: We are primarily suppliers of a vast range of food
products ambient/chilled & frozen to the cruise & ferry sector. We
are however looking to diversify into the export market place and
are looking for contacts in Europe/middle east & far east for maybe
expat communities etc looking for UK branded goods etc.
We have a very large supplier base and are suppliers to the biggest
cruise companies in the world.

Description: Exporter & manufacturer of seashell costume jewellery,
pendant, bread, button and gift items.

Description: We manufacture butyl inner tube for the full range.
We are looking for the bulk buyer all over the world. We can offer
best quality tubes at the rate 2000 nos. Per day. Do mention the
prices expected and the terms and condition of payment.

Description: We can offer regularly big quantities of used oil of

Description: Direct manufacturer of stainless steel drums, in 30 and
55 gallons. Tighthead and full openhead design. Also, in minimum
quantities of 24-30 units, of five gallon pails.

Description: We are manufacturer exporters, of cocopeat, an ideal
substitute for peat moss, used as an organic soil conditioner and
aerator for planting purposes. We also supply coir pith, cold
pressed neem oil, neem cake, organic manure, vermicompost and
landscaping material like plants, trees, shrubs and river washed
stones or pebbles.

Description: We are exporters of rice, seeds, spices, dried red
chillies, lentils, onions, potatoes, mangoes, kinno, dried fruits,
liquorice roots & all kinds of foodstuffs from Pakistan.

Description: We are an an established textile trading company, we
have exclusively close connection with many suppliers in the world,
namely China, Taiwan, Malaysia and so on.
Our product list is as follows
100% polyester filament yarn
100% polyester fully drawn yarn
100% polyester woven fabric in Greige & Plain Dyed (Taffeta, Satin,
Pongee, Microfiber, Mechanical stretch, Melange, etc)
Payment terms: L/C at sight, advanced T/T, some are negotiable.
Delivery: For yarn, 2 weeks after L/C receiving date. For Fabric, 2
to 4 weeks after L/C receiving date depending on production

Description: We are the professional manufacturer of wing glider.
Our company Long Kai have been established in the 1980, and the
production be sell over the world by our agent group very well. And
this kind glider is different from the traditional style. It major
operating method is drive from two line. Therefore, it can show any
special motion on the sky. We believe that it must be attractive and
new over the market. Now we want invite you to attend our member

Description: We offer metallurgical grade bauxite having Al2O3 52%.
Quantity available till March 2004 is 300, 000 MT. Looking for long
term contract only. Can supply on C & F basis.

Last update 2 dec 2003

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We avail this opportunity to introduce ourselves "OM
INTERNATIONAL" Who caters its buyer for sourcing and supplying of
Indian handmade art, textiles, crafts and home furnishing.

Description: Printed fabrics on roll ready for cutting and sewing to
be used for bed sheet, curtain or mattress...etc.
50% polyester x 50% cotton
Width 180 cm
Weight 165 gram/meter
Hundred of design available in our show room (especially for
children room)
Price: USd 0.68 FOB Lattakia –Syria.

Description: Air oil filters, seperators, compressor parts,
precleaner assembly filter paper, suction air filters we r looking

Description: We are the leading pen manufacturers in India producing
quality pens since last twenty five years. We are looking for
importers in USA, UK Europe for our economical range pens.

Description: MPG-4/8/12 is a MSDL (Multi-Rate Digital Subscriber
Line) Digital Pair Gain System, conveying uncompressed PCM voice
channels in it. This system provides 4/8/12 voice channels over a
single twisted pair subscriber line. Without digging ground or
placing cable, it immediately solves subscriber line shortage

Description: Specifications/Features:
1. Quality product.
2. Techinical service.
3. Continuously provide the top quality and the most reliable
products in the market.
4. Multi-layer printed circuit board of communications and computer
accessories, RAM module P.C.B, mother board for computer &
industrial computer, interface cards, CPU cards, network cards,
modem cards & control cards.
5. 4layer, 6layer, 8layer.

Description: 1.Miniature Size
2.High Temperature 105?XC
3.Low E.S.R.
4.Low Leakage Current
5.Non Polarity
6.Axial Type
8.High Ripple
Voltage range: 6.3v to 450v
Capacitance: 0.47uf to 15, 000uf
Temperature: -40 to 105?XC
Torrance: ??20%, ??10%
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: (50) Tested Working PII-400 / 128MB RAM / 10GB HDD / CD
ROM / charged battery / AC adapter - $350.00
100%CD-ROM. Charged battery & Adapter
Total Lot Price $17500.00 (Plus Freight and Insurance) USD
Warranty: 90% Working 10 Day DOA
Packing: 1 pallet origin: NA CIF: Destination Port
Reference Number: 5469D.

Description: Company has developed an innovative home healthcare
instrument. The Personal-Colposcope allows women to complete regular
2 minute cervical self-exams from the privacy of their own home.
As you are interested, please visit our website and contact us for

Description: Size: 119 x 119 x 38mm (4.69" x 4.69" x 1.50").
*Die-cost aluminum housing.
*Metal impeller or Glass fiber reinforced plastic: Impeller are UL
94V-0 rating.
*Shaded pole motor.
*Impedance protected.
*Leader wire or terminal is ovailable.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Isotropic rubber magnet can be made by sheet, roll,
strip etc. Anisotropic rubber magnet can be made by sheet, strip
One side glossy coated.
Easy to cut.
Clean surface.
Printing allowance.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: L-603 / L-608 / L-610 2V Screw Type LED Indicator Lamps
without Resistor:
LED indicator: Without resistor: 2V (below 5V available).
LED colors: Red, orange, green (blue, purple are available for
special type).
Materials: Housing: bronze; Nut: bronze; Washer: iron hoop; Holder:
Lamp: 3mm (dia.) LED for N-603; 5mm (dia.) LED for N-608, N-610.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: We are professional terminal blocks manufacture and
produce a complete series of high quality terminal blocks, under the
ISO 9002 quality standards, all products have UL and CSA approved.
Our main products are "PCB Terminal Blocks", "Mini Terminal Blocks",
"Two Rows PCB Terminal Blocks", "Fixed Terminal Blocks", "Din Rail
Type Terminal Blocks", "Single Bakelite Base", "Fuse Holders",
"European Type Terminal Blocks", "Bus Bar Insulator" and "Copper

Description: Supports Max. 115.2 kbps, Dedicated low-cost model for
Asynchronous is possible to be monitored up to a max 115.2 kbps in
PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol), which can be monitored, is frequently
used for the internet connection between PC and modem.
High-performance communications analyzer capable of monitoring,
simulation and BERT.

Hong Kong
Description: I am interested in the product listed below and would
like to view the product, although I am not a member of BizEurope.
New "CliP & Flip" Cap SunGlasses Eyewear!
Just Clip them on to any sports hat and flip them up or down. Ideal
for general outdoor use while you're wearing a hat, Sun shaydes'
flip-down This The lenses feature a patented "Clip and Flip" design
that makes sunglasses available with just a "flip" while allowing
them to be "removed" instantly.
Cap Glasses "Clip and Flip" Sun shaydes are revolutionary new
sunglasses that clip on the brim of any sports cap. They are easy to
clip on and a simple hinge allows them to flip-up when not in use.
?100% UV Protection
?Patented "Clip & Flip" Nylon Frame
?Shatter and Scratch Resistant Lenses
?Made in the USA.

Description: Our company was established in 1988 and is specialized
in making industrial pneumatic tools, pneumatic screw drivers,
pneumatic impact wrenches. Now, our main market is in Asia and the
customers are the assembly & machinery plants.

Description: Hydraulic workstand for repairing motorcycles, bikes
and scooters
*Hydraulic workstand.
*Ideal for motorcycles, scooters, bikes and others.
*Can support a load of 880lbs/400kg.
*Makes repairing easy and quick.
*A safety locking pin is provided to locked the workstand.
*With an automatic valve to prevent from overloading.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Specifications:
Any capacity and accuracy ar available upon the customers' request.
(external display: 1/30, 000)
*High precision load cell.
*Stand by function to keep the scale more stable & accurate.
*External display: 1/30, 000
*Counting by sample or unit weight setting.
*Pre-tare function or push button tare key.
*Check alarm system, fast for re-pack.
*Backlighting facility.
*Built in battery.
*Preset 10 memories of unit weight.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Selling CDMa phones to Europe, Carribean, Asia (world
market) specials: sanyo scp-8100 camera phone. Unlocked Price: $170
1000's available.

Description: Funded in 1992, Our are specializing in high quality,
cost-effective CCTV products. With expertise in electronics,
communications and all aspects of computer technology, we provide
digital camera, quad, multiplexer, system, CCTV system and other
related products for the CCTV industry.

Description: We are a Trading Company located in Brazil, and we are
looking for new business partners around the world. We export
several kind of products like biscuits, tea, organic coffee, ground
coffee, natural honey, nuts, soyabeans, frozen chicken, bovine meat,
frozen juice, marbles, granites, stones, wooden furniture,
cosmetics, etc. If you are interested in make a business proposal,
please do not hesitate in calling us. It will be a plesure having
you as our new business partner.

Description: We offer unique oil candles. Decorative refillable oil
candles. Refillable eternal wax candles.

Description: We are manufacturers rep. we represent many cigarette
and cigar manufactures in many countries. We sell outside of the USA
only. We sell quality non-branded cigarettes(taste like Marlboro,
kent, 555) we sell flavored cigars, flavored bidis/beedis and bulk
and roll your own tobacco.
We also offer exclusive marketing territory(no one will be able to
sell it unless they buy from you) we can custom/private label
cigarettes too.

Description: Because there is kinds of goods, we can not offer
together, if you are interest in hardware, garments, chemical, crop
and so on, please contact us directly, and will make you a best

Description: We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the
leading manufactures of various types of machinery parts such v_belt
pulleys 1.5&#8221; to 24&#8221; 6 groove, shafts brackets and
various other such allied parts in standard size and against your
own specifications, through graded casting in c.i.& malleable. C.i.
Casting in fully & all type. Finished/semi finished/raw casting as
per your requirement at competitive prices. Have spare capacity of
above. We are in the line for the last more than 3 decades and our
products are highly recommended all over in the Indian market. We
shall be grateful if you kindly send us your trade enquires and we
shall be pleased to attend to them very efficiently and properly
please. Thanking you and assuring you of our best services and full
cooperation at all times please contact us for your requirement.

Description: Norson trade is a mobile original accessories trading
company. All our products are new and original. Welcome your
inquiries and trial order.

Description: We would like to offer you our «ELEA» products as
1. «ELEA» Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Collections of Sparta &
2. «ELEA» Extra Virgin Olive Oil Natural Luxury Soaps
3. «ELEA» Olive Tree Leaves. Shredded or whole.
4. «ENOS» WINES. Red, rose, white, in glass bottles of 750ml each.
If you would be interested to import and distribute these products
in your markets, please send your inquiry to us at the above address
for further details.

Description: As we are importing from U.S.A and China, interested to
import 100mt garlic, 100mt ginger, 2000mt maize, 500mt soybean meal,
100mt de oiled mustard cake, dicalcium phosphate-22mt, myco toxin
binder-22mt, meat and fish meal-60mt (60%protein concentrate), meat
bone meal-40mt, fish meal-(60%protein concentrate), dl-methoinine-
20mt, (99%min feed grate), layer premixes-22mt.
Please make offer CNF Chittagong Bangladesh in USd including details
specification, H.S. code and packing condition.

Description: Louis Vuitton, Coach, Burberry, Tiffany (all real
silver). Comes with dust bags, tags, key or lock, serial # and
plastic on handels. No marks inside or out. Grade a++++replica.
Wholesale prices. I can send catalog or photos of merchandise and
prices. Prices may vary from country or state.
In business for 4 yrs---we are the best.

Description: PE Greenhouse Covers. Ideal cladding materials for
greenhouses and low tunnels, these horticultural films enhance the
production of vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, roses, flowers, and
ornamental plants. They are suitable for a wide array of structures
and support frames, as well as climatic conditions.
We appreciate requests for at least one 20' container (10 MT).
Samples can be sent during the quotation process.

Description: Elegance Brand Adult Diapers / Nappies
Designed for medium to severe incontinence, Elegance adult diapers
are composed of non-allergic cotton-feel cover sheet, ultra
absorbent pad, micro-embossed waterproof plastic back sheet, leak-
proof barriers, and double re-fastenable tapes.
We are interested in serious requests for at least one 40’ container
(i.e. 900+ cases). Samples are sent during quote process.
Our affiliates also produce such hygiene disposables as feminine
napkins and panty liners.

Description: Private Brand Sanitary Towels / Feminine Napkins
"Private"-brand Clip Extra Thin and Clip Regular sizes are
distinguished by a soft and non-allergic cotton-feel coversheet,
adhesive backing, and side-clip panty guards that offer maximum
protection and extreme comfort.
Clip Extra Thin feminine napkins are individually wrapped. All
Private brand products are packaged in regular or giant-size PE bags
with transport / disposal bags included.
We are interested in requests for at least one 40' container (1800+

Description: Freshdays Panty Shields / Liners
Freshdays panty shields come in anatomic and G-string shapes, with
an adhesive strip on waterproof plastic backing to keep liners
securely in place. These products are ideal for minor discharge,
light feminine incontinence, and extra protection with tampons.
Anatomic shape panty liners are available straight or folded /
individually wrapped. All Freshdays products are packed in
attractive duplex boxes.

Description: Pizza Boxes – Plain or Printed
• Color: White and/or Brown
• E-Flute
• Printing (optional): Flexo
We affiliate currently supply wholesalers / distributors of food
service disposables, as well as such Middle Eastern fast food chains
as Pizza Hut, Domino's, California Pizza, and others.

Description: Sanita Brand Aluminum / Aluminium Foil
Sanita Aluminium Foil - for institutions, foodservice catering and
household use - is ideal for cooking and oven use, cold food storage
and freezing. Packaging styles include solid duplex box dispensers
with metallic cutting blade, as well as strong, heavy-duty E-flute
carton dispensers with serrated cutting edge.
We are interested in requests for at least one 40’ container (1520+

Description: Sanita Brand PVC Cling Film
Sanita PVC Cling Film is designed for institutions, foodservice
catering and household use. Available in solid duplex box dispensers
with metallic cutting blade or heavy-duty E-flute carton dispensers
with serrated cutting edge.
We are interested in requests for at least one 40’ container (2745+
cases). Containers may also be mixed with Sanita-brand Aluminium
Foil. Samples are sent during quote process.

Description: Manual Stretch Film
Palletize your goods with top quality Master-Wrap Manual Stretch
Rolls. High clarity, transparency and puncture resistance. Ideal for
inspection of goods and promotion of products.
Features include:
• Cling: Inside or both sides
• Film Color: Transparent, White, Black, or Other
• UV option
We invite serious parties interested in at least one 40' container.

Description: Machine / Power Stretch Film
Top-quality LLDPE Master-Wrap Power Stretch Film. High clarity,
transparency and puncture resistance. Options include color
(transparent, white, or black), UV, and stretch ratio beyond 250%.

Description: Power Pre-Stretch Film
Clear or colored, transparent, and puncture-resistant. Perfect for
palletizing goods and promoting products. Options and features are:
• Roll length: 1000 - 2000 meters
• Film thickness: 20 - 27 microns
• Cling: Inside or both sides
• UV option.

Description: We are the one of leading manufacturer in Taiwan and
China. We have two factories one in Taiwan and one in China.
We exporting to the global markets more than 20years.
We producing all kind of
(Plastic Zip(Delrin), Nylon zip(Polyester), Invisible zip.
METAL zIPPERS: (Aluminium Zip, Brass Zip, Antique Zip,
Nickel Brass zip, Zipper for JEANS.
3. Hook&Loop (Velcro)
4. Garment Accessories.
5. Bag & Luggage Accessories.
6. All Kind of Fabric (Use for Bag & Luggage Manufacturing)
If there is any thing you need, please feel free and contact me at
any time.

Description: We are the leading manufacturers & exporters of
superior most quality baby feeders, nipples, & pacifiers & sippers.
All our products are hygeinic as they are manufactured in accordance
with International standards under strict quality control. Our
catalog can be viewed at our website. Please contact for further
queries and orders.

Description: We are manufacturer and exporter for coconut powder,
non dairy creamer, ginger beverage, coffee mix, cacoa mix, coconut
products, i.e. coconut milk in can and uht-packs. Available in all
sizes, retails and industrial.

Description: Manufacturers and exporters of reciprocating, air and
fluid gas compressors for air-conditioning, refrigeration and
coolers from Hyderabad. Our range of compressors is widely used in
air conditioners, refrigerators, and commercial refrigeration
Today we are the largest independent manufacturer of both Air
Conditioner and Refrigerator compressors in India.
Computer aided design & computer aided engineering services (cadem)
has a well-qualified and highly motivated team. These professionals
who have had hands on experience in various CAD, CAE, CAM packages
are from eclectic backgrounds. Thus we have created an exceptional
talent pool to cater to all design, analysis and manufacturing

Description: We supply composite reinforcements (textile yarns,
glass fibres) used in fabrics and plastics: electricity/electronics,
construction, infrastructure, transportation, corrosion-resistance,
Our textile and reinforcement glass strands are used in technical
fabrics and in plastic parts manufactured in short or long
production runs, with multiple sizes and shapes, light (up to 30%
lighter than steel), insulating, corrosion-resistant, impact- and
heat-resistant, to replace steel, wood, cardboard, etc. in high
performance applications: electricity (optical cable or central
strength members) and electronics (printed circuit boards), energy
(wind turbines), building and infrastructure (building fa?ades,
bridges, road pavement), and also consumer goods (casings for
household appliances and computers). And transportation (car body
panels, lorry cabs).
- Our engineered glass strands: Cem-FIL® (alkali-resistant glass),
TWINTEX® (co-mingled glass/thermoplastic) and Glass Mat (non-woven
glass fabric) are used respectively in the reinforcement of cements
and mortars, for the manufacture of high performance composite parts
(automotive panels or structural parts) and waterproofing, anti-
corrosion and fire protection applications.
We have 60 years' experience in the reinforcement of composites.
- We are a world leader and present in more than 20 countries.
- We sell the equivalent of 155, 000 Euros per person per year.
- We produce 590, 000 tons of glass strands annually.

Description: We introduce ourselves as one of the exporters in all
types of knitwear (woolen, acrylic, cotton), t-shirts, fabrics, home
furnishing items, yarns, etc. Our detailed company profile is
attached with mail. We welcome any query from you. Please mail us
the items you are interested in importing. Please do not hesitate in
contacting us. We mean serious business and hope for a quick
response. Waiting for your mail.

Description: We are one of the leading manufacturer & exporter in
the business of rubber and PVC goods especially all kind of rubber
hoses e.g. rubber water hoses, rubber air hoses, rubber pneumatic
hoses, rubber welding hoses, suction and discharge hoses, rubber
sheets, neoprene bridge bearing Pad, PVC tubings, PVC suction hoses,
PVC expansion and contraction joints and any other rubber & PVC

Description: We print beautiful greeting cards, birthday, valentine
etc and we are looking for exporting opportunities abroad.

Description: We are a professional manufacturer of downlight and
metal-halide lamp with 11 years. Our products are CE approval and
our enterprise is ISO 9001 certified. Our monthly sale is over 200,
000 pcs. Our products branded Yimeng have won the favour among the
customers at home and abroad.

Description: We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters
of Taiwan sexy adult toy & erotic toys and are enjoying an excellent
reputation through eighteen years business experience. Especially
welcome OEM & ODM service. Our goods are the best quality goods, the
beauty, the exciting and elegance of our designs coupled with the
unique, romantic & sexual should appeal to the discriminating
We are sure that you will not only be quite satisfied with our
services and the excellent qualities of our goods but the
competitive price.
By the way, you will be interested to hear that we have recently
developed a lot of new products (as we always keep developing new
Products) those are selling very strongly on the home market.
Because of its success in this country, we thought there might be
have sales potential abroad.

Description: We are leading manufacturer of one cylinder diesel
engine with anual capacity 800, 000 sets. Main products include
water cooled diesel engine(3hp-28hp), air cooled diesel engine(4hp-
10hp), generator sets(2kw-5kw), water pump(2inch, and 3inch)and
walking tractor(8hp, 12hp and 15hp). All products have been obtained
ISO9001 certification. We have established long and mutual business
relationship with customers from over 40 countries with our quality

Last update 1 dec 2003

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: Glass fuses for Japanes car & American car.
Ceramic fuses for European car.
Plug in fuses for new all type car.
Fire extinguisher for automobile, kitchen.
As you are interested, please contact us.

Description: Spray Dryer converts liquid feed into a uniform powder
in a continuous operation. Spray Drying start with atomization of
liquid into spray of fine droplets as it is fed into drying chamber.
The fine droplets sprayed into the chamber become suspended in
heated gas stream. Then droplets are evaporated and dried to
spherical powder. Dried powder is separated from the gas stream and
connected in the base of the drying chamber of cyclone.

Description: Apart from this benefit, SRI Cable does have the
capability of working with our customer from the conceptual phase to
enable you to attain the optimum cost not only in its design but
also the product cost.
This facility has a built-up capacity of up to an estimated 6
million pieces of assemblies! We are both UL and CUL recognised and
will be ISO-certified by the end of Year 2000.
With such capability and capacity, we invite you today to call, fax
or e-mail us for a comparison.

Description: API8108A/API8208A/API840N are high quality voice
synthesizer capable of varying playback duration A proprietary ADPCM
algorithm is used. API8108A/API8208A/API840N, the audio message are
stored in 256k/512k/1024k bits on-chip EPROM which can store up to
10/20/40 seconds of voice date at 6 KHz sample rate.

Description: The USB Milti-Functional Hub are including one or two
RS-232 port, which to provide excellant serial I/O performance, a
printer port or other standard IEEE-1284 peripheral and with two
ports VGA splitter supports VGA/SVGA Multisync, one PC-link USB
2.0/1.1 bridge system is you fast solution to peer to peer through
the USB port between link two computer, with two to four downstream
USB ports to meet user's USB device reqiurement. 5 ports USB 2.0
Hub+CF/SD/MMC card reader/writer provide you the easiest way to
transfer files from the flash memory card to the computer.

Description: To continually raising technique, operating serious
business, we are pleased to provide more contribution and service
for our customer.
Our main products: PVC compounding pelletizing machine, PS/ABS sheet
extrustion lines PMMA/PC sheet, corrugated board extrusion lines,
Plastic coloring pelletizer...etc.

Description: Superabrasive Grinding Wheels(Diamond & CBN)
- Electroplated with Diamond & CBN
- Resin bonded with Diamond & CBN
- Vitrified bonded with Diamond & CBN
- Metal bonded with Diamond & CBN.

Description: Electrode for resistance welding. We offer you high
quality and reasonably priced Welding Electrodes. The
competitiveness of these products is verified by many clients in
Korean market. I believe these products would be of help to your
esteemed company in enhancing cost competitiveness compared to
quality under these tough business circumstances.
We cover almost all materials for resistance spot welding from
processed material to complete products.

Description: Copper alloy bars and rods. We offer you high quality
and reasonably priced Copper alloy products. The competitiveness of
these products is verified by many clients in Korean market. I
believe these products would be of help to your esteemed company in
enhancing cost competitiveness compared to quality under these tough
business circumstances.
We cover almost all materials for Copper alloy bars and rods from
processed material to complete products.

Description: Connection parts for electric machinery. We produce
various kinds of connection parts for electric connections.
- Flexible Links
- Flexible Tinned Copper Braids
- Annealed Copper Stranding Wires
- Laminated Shunts
- Prefabricated Braids
- Others.

Description: Targets and backing plates. We supply AL and AL Bronze
targets, and copper backing plates which are used for electronic
I believe our cost competitive products would satisfy clients'
requirements under these cost stiff business situations.

Description: Controllers for elevator industry. We supply various
controllers for elevator or lift industries. I believe our cost
competitive products would satisfy clients' requirements under these
cost stiff business situations.

Description: I have worked for overseas business for 10 years, and
this year established a private company at Incheon near Seoul,
dealing with industrial goods. I am interested in being agents /
distributors for high quality Industrial Goods / Equipments. Below
are outlines for my work experience.
Work experience
Marketing of Japanese industrial goods / equipments to Korean market
Much experience in overseas business
International Trade Specialist certificate
Fluent in English and Japanese, speaking and writing
If you have a plan to market your products to emerging Korean
market, please do not hesitate to contact. I believe your products
combined with our service can satisfy Korean clients, thus leading
to mutual business benefits.

Description: Deae sers, our company is a professional manufacture in
china. It specializes in sanitary wares, such as shower head, hand
shower, sliding rail, flexible hose, bidet, wall bracket as well as
other plastic products.

Description: We are pleased to introduce our company to you, one of
the leading footwear manufacturer-exporter in Indonesia. We work on
shoes, sandals, slippers for ladies, men and children. We would be
pleased to work with you and satisfy your need of high quality
footwear. We will provide you with our catalogue.

Description: Our company is a Japanese company which is located in
Thailand. We are an exporter of Tropical Fishes, Aquatic Plants,
Water lily, lotus, Tropical Marginal Plants and Nature Driftwoods
with reasonable price. We export our products all over the world and
always have steady long-term relationship with our customers. It is
our aim to provide the best service from Thailand by keeping
Japanese quality. Please feel free to contact us if you need further

Description: We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one
of the best mfrs and exporters of natural essential oils who possess
good rapport and reputation with affiliates scattered in India and
aboard we give below our product list with prices for your kind
No.S Product Name Price/kg (US-$) CIF /SEA
1 PALMAROSA OIL (Free Geraniol 78 to 80 %) 013.500
3 PALMAROSA OIL (Free Geraniol 82% above) 014.000
4 PALMAROSA OIL (Free Geraniol 85% above) 014.500
5 PALMAROSA OIL (Free Geraniol 90% above) 015.750
8 CITRIDORA OIL 80% above 010.250
10 LEMON GRASS OIL 75% 012.500
11 DAVANA OIL. 50% ABOVE 260.000
15 GERANIUM OIL 118.000
17 CARDAMOM OIL 235.500
18 GINGER OIL 87.750
19 NUTMEG OIL 44.00
Packing: Epoxy Coated M.S. Barrels 180kg Net, HDPE carboy and
aluminum Containers.
Payment: T/T or Irrevocable letter of Credit at sight from a prime
bank or 100% irrevocable letter of Credit at 30 days after receiving
the documentation or 100% irrevocable letter of Credit at 30 days
date of shipment of goods.
Delivery schedule: Within 15 days on receipt of your confirmation
purchase order.
Quantity: As per your requirements.
Minimum Order:-180X2 Barrels (Item No.1 to 10 and 16).
Quality: As per the G.L.C report, Specification and lot sample.
Material 100% pure natural without sediments, moisture, and
If lot sample is required for analysis please inform us the same so
as to enable us to forward the same to you wide courier or EMS

Description: Our company can offer all kinds of lightings.

Description: Manufacturers and exporters of paper conversion
machinery for paper cones, tubes, cores, fibre drums, composite
cans, edge protectors, pulp moulded products like egg trays, fruit
trays, plant pots, paper bags and hydraulic baling press.

Description: Paper cones exporter from India manufacturing plain
paper cones, printed paper cones, tipped paper cones, recycled paper
products, folded paper cones, textile paper cones, paper crafts,
packaging cones, paper tubes, edgeboard protectors, fibre drums,
conical bolt box etc.

Description: Here is a brief on our leathers:
1.Artificial Leather for Dress
Manufactured with calender and release paper processes, keeping up
with the fashion, comparable with genuine leather products, varied
decorative patterns, and thickness optional.
2.Artificial Leather for Cases and Bags
Adopting internationally advanced processes, rich in variety,
thickness optional, wear-and scratching-resistant, good elasticity,
feeling comfortable by hands; suitable for making cases. Our company
has a variety of such products, including printing mirror face
leather, wrinkle pattern and snake skin pattern leather, and cloth
surface frothing leather.
3.Artificial Leather for Shoes
Composed of the PU layer, adhesive layer and base cloth layer;
overcoming the shortcomings of genuine leather products, rich in
variety; finished products are characterized by softness,
smoothness, high-reflection, good-tensile strength, wear resistance
and scratching resistance; suitable for making a variety of leather
4.Artificial Leather for Sofa and Automobile Cushion
Manufactured with internationally advanced frothing processes, rich
in variety, thickness optional, wear-resistant and scratching-
resistant, good elasticity, feeling comfortable by hands, refined,
elegant; suitable for making sofa and automobile cushion products.

Description: We are manufacturer of several kind of house hold
appliances. We are interested to export washing machine, and spin
dryers having international quality standards with minimum price and
also iso9001 certified.

Description: Our products include street furniture, garden
furniture, cast iron furniture series, cast aluminium furniture
series, beach chair series, metal furniture series, wrought iron
furniture, desk base, sun shade base, Christmas tree base, dustbin
series, aluminium table and chairs, high bar stool and table, high
bar chairs, mail box series etc. Park bench series, ect.

Description: We are the manufacturer and exporter of Indian
handicrafts. We are quality and price conscious in our products.
So please send your requirement details.

Description: We are a ISO9001 and ISO14001 accredited manufacturer,
we mainly deal with car CD/VCD/MP3/DVD players. We have more than
ten yeas of experience of R&D, production and sales of car A/V
products, and run the Japanese-mode production and management style.
Our products are well-reputed for its appealing appearance and fine
quality in South-east Asia. We welcome the opportunity to the OEM
service, and also be your manufacturing partner around the world.

Description: We introduce ourselves as one of the manufacturer &
exporter of guar gum powder, guar splits, textile printing
thickeners and textile auxilliaries. We manufacture medium as well
as high viscosity Guar Gum Powder Food Grade. We are exporting our
products to various countries such as U.K., Thailand, China,
Germany, Israel etc. We are an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company.
Products manufactured and Exported by us are as follows:
Supercol Guar Gum powder 200 mesh 5000/5500 CPS
Supercol Guar Gum powder 200 mesh 6000 CPS
Supercol Guar Gum powder 200 mesh 3500/4000 CPS
Supercol Guar Gum powder 100 mesh 3500 CPS
Textile printing thickeners and textile auxilliaries.
We also deal in herbal extracts.

Description: We are specialized manufacturers mainly engaged in the
international business for industrial valves, fittings and flanges.
We have been in this line for more than 20 years and have
established a stable sub-contractors’ network and exported our
products on large scale abroad. At the same time, we also supply
valve component parts and OEM products to foreign manufacturers as
Please find the following production range of our company and
attached our price list then send us your soonest inquiry without
hesitation. Hope that we can become one of your regular suppliers in
the near future.
Products Range
1.Ball Valve
2.Gate valve (including through conduit gate valve)
4.Globe Valve
5.Plug Valve
6.Check Valve
7.Butterfly Valve
8.Teflon lined Valve
9.Diaphragm Valve
10.Needle Valve
11.Y Strainers
Steel BW/SW Fittings
Malleable Iron Fittings
Lost Wax Stainless Steel Fittings
Brass Fittings
Teflon Lined Fittings
Forged Carbon Steel Flanges
Stainless Steel Flanges
Ductile Iron Flanges
OEM products.

Description: We have stock of kidney beans and we would like to
offer you the new price (FOB Dalian):
Small white kidney beans (Baishake) 250-270 usd250/mt
Small white kidney beans (Japan white) 300-330 usd282/mt
Large white kidey beans160-180 usd415/mt
Medium white kidney beans210-230 usd275/mt
Medium white kidney beans190-200 usd325/mt
(HPS, moisture: 15% max.; admixture:0.5% max.; imperfect and other
colour: 3% max. promptly shipment)
If you need further information or help from me, please feel free to
contact me.

Description: We are associated with the supply and manufacturing of
temperature measuring instruments, sensors, cables for all T/C
inputs, RTD cables and thermocouple extension wires.
We export the below mentioned wide rage of products to different
South Asian countries.
&#8226; K type (CR/AL) Thermocouples
&#8226; J type (FE/K) Thermocouples
&#8226; T type (COPPER/CONSTANTAN) Thermocouples
&#8226; E type (CHROMEL/CONSTANTAN) Thermocouples
&#8226; R type (PT/PT/RH) Thermocouples
&#8226; W type tungsten
Mineral insulated thermocouples
&#8226; Mineral insulated Thermocouples
PT-100 RTD’s
&#8226; Weather proof RTD’s
&#8226; Flame proof RTD’s
Mineral insulated RTD’s
&#8226; Mineral insulated RTD’s
Temperature controllers
&#8226; K type (CR/AL) temperature controllers
&#8226; J type (FE/K) temperature controllers
&#8226; RTD temperature controllers
Temparature indicators
&#8226; K type (CR/AL) Temperature indicators
&#8226; J type (FE/K) Temperature indicators
&#8226; RTD Temperature indicators
All type of FLP
&#8226; All type of FLP temperature controllers
&#8226; All type of FLP temperature indicators.

Description: We are a dominant manufacturer of ladies panty hose,
computer jacquard lace, cotton tights and children’s tights in
Taiwan. Our company has been in business for thirty- seven years,
and exporting our product to well- known franchise store over the
world, such as, Wall-Mart and Target store. For your reference
please see following products are available now:
Glitter / lace / fishnet / jacquard panty hose
body-stocking (sexy wear) halloween stockings
tights (for ladies & children) magic gloves & toe socks
socks (for men, ladies and children)
foot cover (footlet).

Description: We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a leading
Manufactures & Exporters of all kind of CERAMIC SANITARYWARES from
INDIA Since-1995.
Presentaly, we are manufacturing & exporting our products like:-
*Wash Basin sizes: 14X11”, 18X12”, 18x13”, 18x15”, 16X16”, 20X16”.
*Wash Basin with Pedestals sizes: 22X16”, 26X18”, 25x20”, 21x17”,
*Orissa Pan – 20” & 23”, Indian Water Closet – 18”, 20” & 23”. ‘P’ &
‘S’ Traps.
*Medium Deep Pan-20x16x8”, Eastern Pan-21x17x5”, Taiwan Wash Basin-
*European WC - ‘P’ & ‘S’ Type, with L.L.C. (Tank), Anglo Indian ‘P’
& ‘S’ Type.
*Italian Model European Consealed Coupled Cistern Sets., Capri W/B +
*Flat Back Wall Urinal (Gents), Corner Urinal, Squatting Urinal
(Ladies), Bidets,
*Kitchen & Lab Sinks, Soap Dish, Toilet Paper Holder, Footrest &
Shelf etc.,
We are keen interested to supply our Products into International
Market through you.

Description: We are Manufacturers and a Trading Division of an ISO
9001 Co. We introduce ourselves as one of the exporters to various
countries and are based in Mumbai (India). We can offer branded
products and are on the panel of preferred outlets of the
manufacturers. Among the list of Branded Products, we can offer
Toned Milk, (Nestle)
Milk Products,
Fruit Drinks,
Chocolate and all other Products of Nestle
Skimmed Milk Powder (Consumer & Bulk Packing)
Butter Oil (Ghee)
Tomato Ketchup,
Nescafe etc.
Also we are manufacturers of bio degradable, herbal pests repellents
and pestisides and bio-fertilizers / plants food supplements.
For any information / clarification in reference to your Import
enquiries please feel free to contact us.

Description: Mud for face and skin care cosmetics is available.
Dead sea mud is famouse but this is not. Origin in Japan. Bulk is
available and our original ingrediants to be produced as facial mud
is developped by adding several herbs extract. Of cource on your own
ingredients under your own bland is available.

Description: We are one of leading manufacturers of lighting and
lamps, such as energy saving lamp, LED, Christmas light, wall light,
table light. We have exported to many counties around world, and
provide our customers on finest quality and competitive prices.
Please feel free to contact me for further information.

Description: High speed burning tools:
High speed burning tools
Superlink technology
Double-suspension technology
Interlock Mechanism
Bundle Veritas Record Now DX
RMA rate: 0.5%&#8595;
If you have any questions, please contact us without hesitation.

Description: Manufacturers and Exporters of Leather belts, bags and
wallets (select styles of cotton nylon belts). Based in Istanbul
Turkey. Current production 100, 000 peices per month. Extensive
catalogue of styles as well as designing to customer brief.

Description: We have been noted for our ability to import and
distribute your kind of products for many years through our
excellent distributive channels and sales network. We import in a
very large quantity and at competitive prices as to meet the demands
of our customers. Will you kindly revert back to us and give us more
Detail about your products as regars to the quotation, your
conditions of sales etc.

Description: We would like to offer Gaharu, also known as:
Aloeswood, Agarwood, etc:
from Papua New Guinea. We have various types, qualities and to
Please contact us if you interested or able to assist us in finding
businesses looking for our product.

Description: Boswellia extract 400mg each tablet, 10tablet in a
blister packing, Anti Rumatc.

Description: We have available for sale 6700m3 of Burmese Teak being
logged in Papua New Guinea. If this is of interest please contact us
via email.

Description: Ready to Supply all kind of fruit juices, tomato paste,
fresh dairy product, all grade of lubricants, with special sells

Description: We are premier Australian manufacturers of High Quality
* MCHA. Calcium Hydroxyapatite (30% plus Calcium Content)
* Shark cartilage powder.
Seeking buyers.

Description: We manufacture and export Indian wooden handicraft
Like wooden furniture, clock, mirror frames, candle stands, Panels
etc with antique as well as simple finishing. We can also send u the
photograph of our products after getting response from u. Or u can
also send your samples.

Description: Our specialties include manufacturing moulds for
automotive parts, electronic components, houseware, trowel, dustpan
and various plastic products.
Please contact us immediately as we can offer you very competitive

Description: We are looking for serious suppliers for syrup
concentrates we will like you to send your quotes and the prices.
We are looking for reliable European suppliers only. We are waiting
for response.

Description: We can provide large quantities of medicinal alcohol
"MONA", of a very good quality and attractive prices, packed in 0.5l
and 1l pet bottles.
This offer is available for all hospitals, medical institutions,
centres and cliniques.
Thank you for contacting us in the shortest time possible, in case
you are interested in this product made in our own distillery
located in Transilvania, and which is the best on the Romanian

Description: We are exporter of ready-made garments and have
supplied to various countries in middle east and South- East Asia.
Now, we are interested to expand our market presence to other parts
of the globe. Hence we are looking for good buyer who are interested
to work with us on long term basis. We are offering very attractive
payments terms only with real buyers. Upon receipt of your positive
response we will be pleased to assist you with all the information.

Description: We are exporter teak and rattan furniture for indoor
and outdoor, also basket. Our product have process by hand made and
machine. We offer with good quality and best pricing.

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