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New export offers available to BizEurope members:

Update - 6.12.2002

Click here for full details of these export offers

Country: India
Description: We are offset printers located in India. We are expert
manufacturers of self-adhesive stickers and labels for corporate
uses and publicity purposes. We manufacture all kinds of stickers
and labels like computer labels, digital printed labels, multi-color
stickers, hot foil stamped stickers, textile tags, paper labels,
domed stickers etc., We are also distributors for barcode labels,
holograms and impressa replicas of world reputed companies. Any
enquiry about our products can be mailed us.

Country: China
Description: comprehensive stock enterprise gathered scientific
research, production and market. Its institute has a complete
production technique of nano-powder, Siping nano-material device
ltd. Corp., a specialist group of nano-material application research
related widely to trade, and relative research project. Production
process----application research----specialist group-----market
development consists of the substantial base and prosperous future
of the institute development.

2.Production technique and devices of pure metal nano-powder,
where devices of SNB-2A, SNB-3 and SNH-3 styles are available.

3.Various pure metal nano-powder.
For example, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Al, Mg, Au, Ag, Pt, W, Mo, Ti, Mn, Pd,
Bi, Cr, V, Zn, Fe-Ni alloy, Fe-Co alloy 1Cr18Ni9Ti (Stainless
steel), W-Ni-Fe alloy and W-Cu alloy etc. The average particle size
is 30-70nm, and the purity is more than 99.9%, where the metal nano-
powder of Al and Mg etc. is the high property materials necessary
for missile and rocket combustion-aided agent; nano-powder of metal
Ti is the high property anti-corrosion material, especially being
used broadly in the field of high property anti-corrosion paint.

4.Metal oxide nano-powder with high purity
For example, Fe3O4, Fe2O3, FeO, ZrO2, ZnO, Bi2O3(5N), CuO, SiO2,
TiO2, NiO2, Al2O3, CoO, LiMnO2, LiCoO2, LiMn2O4, CoOOH enwrap,
Ni(OH)2, AlN, B2O3, BN, TiN etc. The average particle size is 10-
40nm, and the purity is more than 99.5%.

5.Production of non-metal nano-powder with high property
For example, S, P, Si, C, graphite and revised graphite etc., the
average particle size is 30-50nm, and the purity is more than 99.9%;
the inner diameter of carbon nano-tube is 2-30nm, and its outer
diameter is 5-60nm, the intuitionistic congregate size is several
tens of micron, the purity is more than 85%, the production is
advanced in the country and reaches the international level.

6.Production technique and devices of various plant super fine
powder and nano-powder Chinese traditional medicine such as ginseng,
liquorice and lingzi etc. The average particle size is 20-100nm,
100nm-1μm and 1-10μm.

7.We expect cooperation:
Besides saling the production devices of pure metal nano-powder, our
company can also produce nano-powder of various pure metal, nonmetal
and compound according to the needs of enterprises. In order to
extend the application market of nano-meter technique, our institute
will provide a full set of production technique terrace of nano-
powder for the cooperation with foreign enterprises, and take up the
application project of nano-powder of pure metal, non-metal and
compounds used in various fields, especially the development and
cooperation in the field of wave absorbed materials, high property
magnet materials, alloy materials revision, lubricant materials,
high effective combustion-aided agent, high property battery,
nonmetal surface coating, super hardness, and high temperature
endurable cutting tool materials. And we also take up the
development and production of the nano-powder of various metal,
nonmetal and compound.

Country: China
Description: TELEWAY INDUSTRIAL LTD is one of leading manufacturers
and exporter of mobile phone accessories and novelty products.
Please kindly visit our website to get
more information

Country: India
Description: leading manufacturer and exporter of Indian Handicrafts
etc. We are currently supplying our products to major importers from
more than 6 countries worldwide. We are specialist in Hand Bags,
photo frames,Jewellery boxes, Candle Stands, Kitchenwares,
Planters, Wall hangings, Wall Brackets, Imitation jewellery,door
handles, door locks, door knobs ,Nautical Instruments, Trophies,
Momentoes curtain stands, Purses, etc

Country: Ukraine
Description: Private firm has a possibility to supply big wholesale
lots of pumpkin seeds to You. Seeds are ground Our seeds are used
for medicine, roasting, eating. Seeds have passed
high-quality clearing and seeds are packed into polypropylen sacks,
25 kg each. Quality of seeds is confirmed by certificate (CERTEX
4-13-49 on 09.10.02), copy of which we can send to you
Moisture is 8-9%

Country: Brazil
Description: one of the largest producers of chrysotile asbestos in
the world, offers good quality chrysotile asbestos, steady supply
and good terms. We have certificates ISO 9001/2000 and ISO 14001.
We are commited to provide our clients with quality products that
meet their needs and an exclusive service aimed at turning business
relations into partnerships.

Country: USA
Description: The Universal Counterfeit Detector Pen INSTANTLY
identifies fake from real money. It works on EURO, US$ and 150+
types of currencies. It gives protection from the growing global
counterfeiting problem. It is a necessity for every business and
individual on the planet Earth. The tester is universal,
inexpensive, small, simple to use, maintenance free, more than 5
years of shelf life, it will not dry up, if left open for 24 hours
and lasts up to 8000 tests. It can be sold worldwide to big
customers such as banks, casinos, trade companies, bars,
supermarkets, restaurant, hotels, any cash handling business.

Country: USA
Description: laptop computers, modems and nic cards, desktop
computers memory, harddrives, monitors, computer cases,
motherboards, intel amd amd processors and video processors more.
Items also available in large quantities, 500, 1000, 10000 and more.
todays special Offering is a New laptop computer the CSM Platinum
3800 14.1" tft, Pentium iv 1.7 Ghz Processor, 256mb ddr Ram, 20gb
Hdd, 24x CD-Rom, 56k Modem, 10/100 lan, ieee Firewire, 1.44 Fdd.
contact Mr. R. Burnett for further details.

Country: Poland
Description: Ink jet inks in bulk for plotters and office printers.
Dye - several kinds of pigmented - dye solvent - mild Solvent
Pigmented for coated media's - Mild Solvent Pigment for non coated
media's. 20 micron PP coated media's for dye solvent and MSP
Special waterproof inks for Epson office printers, bulk, cartridges,
bulk systems. Soon available for HP and Canon. Sublimable inks, 3
ranges, two ranges 3 years UV resistance, one range at 8 months.
Pre-coat to transfer on cotton. Avaolable for piezo plotters, Epson
printers, Encad and HP bulk, cartridges, bulk systems. Soon
available for HP and Canon

Country: USA
Description: Herbal Blood Sugar Regulator
A unique herbal blend manufactured by a patented process to exacting
quality standards designed to helps lower blood glucose levels in
type II diabetics and mitigate the underlying pathologies and
developed complications associated with this condition. May also,
improve the pancreas/spleen functions & metabolism; purify the
blood; strengthen digestion; reduce fat & tiredness, as well as
dissolve tumors. Other Products: Arthritis Pain Relief, Type II
Diabetes Fighter, Regulate Bad Cholesterol Levels, Natural Way to
Lose Weight, Fight Colon Cancer, Hair Loss Prevention Formula,
Reverse Liver Damage Due to Alcoholism, Fight Hepatitis C, Insomnia
Fighter, PMS & Menopause Fighter, Sex Enhancer for Men, Fight
Prostate Cancer, Energy Booster, Depression Fighter, and Sex
Enhancer for Women.

Country: Jordan
Description: we can offer the following mobile phones to sell:
Ericsson A3618, 600 unit, 62 Euro FOB, sim-locked with software
Alcatel OT 311, 1000- 10000, price 78 Euro FOB, 1 week from order
15% dep and the rest after inspection in
jordan - Amman or by ordering A sample.

Country: Indonesia
Description: We offer fine quality furniture and handy crafts. We
are direct source. With very competitive prices.

Country: Iran
Description: we are exporter of followings items.
1-amonium nitrate fertilizer
2-beet and can molasses.
4-textile engraving chemicals
5-carpet (tableau)
7-dryed fruits.

Country: China
Description: specialty manufacturer of bicycle freewheel,high-grade
cold extruded freewheel,Head Parts and multifunctional Head Lock.The
company`s registered trademark "ATA"enjoys a high reputation both at
home and abroad.The major products are made with advanced Japanese
technology in accordance with JIS standard.The product quality ranks
the leading position at home.The company is equipped with advanced
production equipment and perfect inspection facilities.There is a
team of high quality talents with strong power in R&D.The company is
ISO 9000 certified.Under the purpose of "Science and Technology
being in the lead,Quality First,Customer the Highest and Sincere
Service",the company will provide customers with top quality
products and best service.Warmly welcome you yourself see and
appreciate "Active Kangdi and Sincere Kangdi"!

Country: China
Description: specializing in manufacturing all kinds of umbrella for
seventeen yrears. We produce all sorts of umbrella of different

Country: China
Description: We are the biggest professional manufacturer of
Automobile and Motorcycle Rubber Brake Hose and assembly to SAE
J1401, SAE J1402 in China. Established on 1996, our main products
are “QDGY” Brand (Unique Chinese Brand) Rubber Brake Hose of 3.2 mm
X 10.5 mm (1/8”) produced according to American SAE J1401 and SAE
J 1402 standards and also Passed The Quality Control Of China
National Auto Testing Center.

At present, we can supply you the products (High Quality, Low Price)
as follows:
1. Motorcycle Hydraulic Brake Hose (GSG-001) To SAE J1401;
2. Automobile Hydraulic Brake Hose (GSG-003A, GSG-003B) To SAE
3. Air, Water, Oil Hose;
4. Brake Line(Bundy Tube, Single Wall);
5. Hose And Fittings.

Country: China
Description: Our company deal in various industriy used cloth
mainly,Our products product belt filter cloth, case filter cloth,
trunk filter cloth, disk filter cloth ect mainly,Our company product
various fabrics for judo garment, kendo garment, karate garment,
taekwondo garment ect at the same time .

Country: China
Description: We mainly manufacture water filter elements, such as
True Coconut shell Activated Carbon Cartridge, PP sediment
cartridge, PP wound Cartridge, Faucet for R.O. units. We also make
Filter Housing (plastic and Stainless Steel). Customized designs
are welcomed. We make the air filter bag and air filte carbon
fiber(ACF),too. We assure the quality of our products is one of the
best of China. And if you give us the chances, we can prove we are
reliable supplier.

Country: China
Description: We offer Non-woven (PP sponbond material) medical
disposable products such as: Face mask,Dust mask,Bouffant caps,Space
caps,Doctor caps,Snood caps,Peaked caps,Mob caps,Nylon hairnet,Beard
cover,Shoe cover,Sleeve cover,pillow cover, CPE Shoe
cover,Coveralls, Surgical gown,Lab coat, CPEsurgical gown...

Country: Indonesia
Description: We export hand made products from Bali, Indonesia, such
as; bed covers, wood carvings, pottery, table ware, Celadon,
artifacts, furniture (classic, contemporary, rattan, bamboo and
garden), handbags, ceramics, home accessories, limestone products,
lamps, baskets, candle holders & candles, natural oils & soaps, etc.
We also export Balinese roasted coffee and raw timber (teak, merbau,
Bangkirai, Mahogany, Bilai, Meranti and more).

Country: Taiwan
Description: I am Rosa Weng, the business representive.We have much
experiences for producing metallized film capacitors, film
capacitor, polyester film capacitor, polypropylene film capacitor,
and electrolytic capacitors and also make ceramic capacitors,
resistor, tanatalum capacitor and many electronics accessory. We
also produce conduction cooled capacitor and electronics ballasts.

Country: China
Description: We offer a couping agent works excellently with rubber.
It has the same property as Degussa's Si-69. Great price.

Country: Indonesia
Description: I look for buyer (end user & wholeseller) wish to buy
our product: BENZOIN GUM SUMATRA (Styrax Benzoin)
Quality : Grade-1, Grade-2, Grade-3 ---- ORIGINAL PRODUCT ----
Type : Lumps Form and Powder Form
Quantity : 1 M/T min, available for continous supply
Origin : Sumatra Indonesia
Price : Negotiable on FOB Basis

Country: Bangladesh
Description: we are a leading group of companies readymade garments.
Manufacturer & exporter in bangladesh. Our exportable items;-
Swearter,T & polo Shirt,Pant's & Jackets etc.

Country: China
Description: We has been exporting following products:
- Corundum, SiC
- Steel shot/grit, chilled iron grit
- Alumina grinding ball, silica pebbles, ceramic beads

Country: Korea (South)
Description: We have manufactured the medical equipment as follows.
A.Add On Ultrasound 3D Converting System
B.All kind of transducers - probes (and repair service)
C.All kind of X-ray films
D.Developer and Fixer for X-ray film

Country: China
Description: We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters
of following items:
- titanium dioxide anatase ba01-01
- titanium dioxide anatase enamel grade
- sodium silicofluoride 99 pct min.
- ferrous sulphate
- silane coupling agent

Country: China
Description: manufactures various kinds of permanent magnet
materials, such as : NdFeB, bonded NdFeB, SmCo,Alnico; bonded
Alnico, rubber magnet.

Country: China
Description: We are the manufacturer and exporter of MAGIC Magnetic
Plasters which are used for the treatment of Ache,,Mammary disease,
Hypertension and Asthma; We also produce Plaster of Paris bandage;
Orthopaedic casting tape; Ultrasonic coupling agent; Calculus-
discharging Instrument and Industrial permanent magnet. Our Magic
magnetic plasters are the creative integration of traditional
Chinese acupuncture therapy and modern magnetic technology, and have
proven good medical effectiveness worldwide. The plaster is pasted
on acupuncture points or painful area. This is called painless
acupuncture therapy.

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturers of rail-based material handling
equipments. We provide tailor made equipment as per the customers
requirements through an active combination of technical know-how and
proven expertise. We are specialist in manufacturing of locomotives,
trollies / transfer cars suitable for transport of any load such as
steel billets, bars, large pipes, plates, weldments, sub-assemblies,
laddles, buckets, transformers machinery.

Country: China
Description: . China professional supplier in copier spare parts.
Our main items are (HALOGEN) Exposure lamps,(HALOGEN) Heater lamps,
Drum clearing blades,Upper fuse ( TEFLON) rollers, Lower press
(SILICONE) rollers, Oil/web rollers, Thermistor,End blocks, Gears,
Pick up(low) fingers and etc

Country: China
Description: We are leading manufacturers for a wide range of air
conditioners in China. We use famous Mitsubishi technology and
Mitsubishi (or Hitachi, Toshiba) compressors to make our reliable
products, which will be guaranteed for 3 years. Lead time will be in
2 or 3 weeks. We already exported our air conditioners to France,
Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and USA. OEM, 220V,
110V, 50Hz, 60Hz, T3 condition are available.

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturer of chain sprockets by the brand
name "AMAR" in India. Our products currently used in
according to the client specification and drawings.

Country: Poland
Description: We are Polish garden candles and firelog manufacturer,
present on the market since 1986. We ezport our products to
Scandinavia. Our main product is garden candle: wax wieght from 170
to 1000 gramms, metal tin with the lid or not. Currently four
different tin patterns available. Burning time from 5-6 hours up to
9-10 hours. Apart from candles we introduced high quality firelog on
the market. Packed in an ecological paper bag. Burning time 2-2,5

Country: India
Description: we take pleasure in introducing Global Elecom as a
company that markets and services CDMA and GSM Handset. We have
branches in Russia, Vietnam, China, Brazil, Venenezulia, Singapore,
Australia, Peru, USA etc. We have recently started our office in
India presently located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Global Elecom has
five brands in the CDMA Model range like LG, Samsung, Sky Phone,
Hundai and Motorola. Global Elecom also has GSM Models like LG,
Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Erickson and Seimens. In Chennai, We have
our own service center. We are also dealing in IP Phones in the
brand name Polestar, Korea. Thanking you and assuring you of our
best services at all times.

Country: China
Description: all kinds of natural crystal products such as necklaces
\bracelets\hanging pieces\carved online sale

Country: Iran
Description: we have 5000mt of tomato paste in 28*30 brix

Update - 5.12.2002

Click here for full details of these export offers

Country: India
Description: manufacturer of standardised herbal extracts, fine chemicals,probiotics,spice oils and nutraceuticals etc, based in Bangalore India . We are looking for genuine buyers for high quality products in the international market especially Europe.Sami is a part of a multi-national business conglomerate Sami Group of Companies with operations in USA as Sabinsa,Japan,China,UAE as Hanbury FZE and in India Sami Labs Ltd. We are an extremely research focussed company with a host of international patents in our name.

Country: India
Description: manufacturers of plants for combustible cartridge cases in the world. Mas prides in being a pioneer to design, develop, fabricate, test and standardize each and every one of the machine moulds, tooling etc. We manufacture products including 120 HESH, FSAPDS & 125mm combustible cartridges and accessories, also manufacture other accessories like N.C.Coated Discs, Tubes and Sleeves used in battle fields. We also manufacture egg trays and other packaging supplies for industrial usages. Do contact us, if you have requirement for the above said products.

Country: Taiwan
Description: We supply high quality battery for digital camera and cellphone with competitive price. Product range :
*Battery packs for cellular phone (Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson, Siemens,….)
*Battery packs for digital camera [Sony, Nikon, canon, fujifilm,…]
*Nickel Hydride rechargeable battery

Country: Vietnam
Description: We are Producer, Exporter, Wholesaler, Retailer all kind of Vietnam Silk products.

- Silk Fashion Handbag and with embroidery
- Silk Fashion clothing
- Silk Cushion
- Silk Scarves and accessories.

Country: Taiwan
Description: We are the specialist manufacturer in complete series of Decorative trimmings. Devoted in fabricating the Decorative Trimmings over 10 years experience. All our products are in-house fabricated from dyeing the yarn to knit or weave until the finished products. Our products have two kinds of trimming; one is decorative trimming are apply from furniture, Draperies, Pillows, Cushions, Bed canopies, Table Skirts and runners, Lampshades. Another is cloth trimming for garment.

Country: Spain
Description: We act into the Spanish food market as agent of purchases for some importers around the world. We have a wide knowledge about the Spanish food market and we are able to represent your interest in Spain. We are able to offer our services of placing any product from Spain.

Country: Cyprus
Description: We are a public company listed in the Cyprus Stock Exchange. We offer an unique herbal line of cosmetics with a full retail and professional lines of active ingredients. Our philosophy is based on pure herbs, without any chemical, harmful substances and side effects, which are suitable for all kinds of skins. Moreover, some of our strongest strengths are the high quality products, excellent service, professional training, competitive prices and promotional support, which make us one of the important players in the market of beauty.

Country: Korea (South)
Description: We manufacture and export electronic device, household goods, hats, accessories and natural herb soap. Household goods include, blankets, blinds, curtains, baskets, mats, slippers and etc. They are designed by our professional designers to meet today's fashion. Electronic device includes MMC card for computer and Red Warming bag for deliverying hot food(bag will warm the food for more than 3 hours). Our natural beauty soap contains the best quality herbs and other natural ingredients for domestic, business and promotional purpose.

Country: India
Description: We are International traders and Indenting agents, representing some of the best companies from all over the globe in the diverse fields of Agricultural products ,Textiles, Glass (Sheet & Float) figured and plain ,Chemicals and stationaries products. We are always open to represent large manufacturers from all over the globe. we also source goods for buyers from around the world, with our connections in China, India ,Africa and USA.

Country: Kenya
Description: We are a company based in Kenya and involved in production of many types of horticultural products including, fruits,vegetables and cut flowers. We can send our products to any part of the world. We have a large irrigated land for production.

Country: Finland
Description: We are looking for cars from Old Stock/Sleeping Stock. New cars unsold from previous years.

Country: Pakistan
Description: with its inception in 1973 starts emerging as dynamic, progressive and well managed organization in manufacturing Hospital Wares,Surgical, Dental, Bons Instruments and Scissors of all sorts We are also specialized in top quality Tailor / Barber / Utility Scissors. ( we have our special arrangements to make RAZOR EDGE cutting blades on different Cutting Edge Radios 35 / 45 / 55 and 60 Degrees). In 1987 Corporation in order to open new vistas for promotion & progress starts connecting Trade relation in International market by introducing quality products up to the maximum level of valuable customers.

Country: Argentina
Description: trading company based in Buenos Aires with almost 30 years of experience in trading of agrocommodities from Argentina (extensive natural pastures and cattle with premium traceability) to the rest of the world. We are specializing in fresh, chilled, or frozen organic patagonian lamb meat and, organic and traced cow meat (beef). Other products: Ostrich meat, white alubias, black beans, carioca beans, pop corn, honey, garlic, raisins, prunes, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

Country: Canada
Description: High Speed Cable Modems Aastra PipeRider Model HM200 C. Plug and Play USB or Ethernet Connection, DOCISIS Certified min ord 5000, new 90 day warranty, all deals FOB our dock prepaid in U.S. Funds asking $38.00 EA

Country: France
Description: WE ARE OFFERING LOG HOUSES AND WOODEN HOUSES. we produce canadian style;milled logs, glued milled logs, NORVEGIAn style, panelhouses. We are french but we may speak good english. our technician is an Icelandic man. You may be surprise of our prices!! to keep such level of price, we do not send 36 millions documentations to curious, but take project from you, and make an offer.thank you for your interest.

Country: Russian Federation
Description: The OMT HIV-1/2 test designed for detection of the antibodies HIV analysis. Pursuant to the WHO (the World Health Organization) recommendations, this high quality fast and simple tests may be successfully applied along with the traditional immune-enzyme analysis in the first screening of the human blood serum. The use of the test is expedient in any laboratories with small quantity of analysis, especially in absence of special equipment (washers and readers). It was approved in the scientific and methodic center of the Russian Chief Military clinical hospital named after Academician N.N. Burdenko, Central HIV infection diagnostics laboratory of ministry of public health, Leading sanitary-and-epidemiologic supervision center of the Federal directorate of medicobiological and extremal problems of Ministry of public health of the Russian Federation, in medical institutions of Asia, Western Africa, North America. The tester has patent and registered in Germany, manufactured pursuant to the GMP conditions of the World Health Organization and is compatible with the EN 375/376 European standard. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Country: China
Description: We are a factory manufacturing all kinds of sporting goods. Our products include Push scooter, Electric Scooter, gas powered scooter, stepper, and etc.

Country: Taiwan
Description: Our electronic products do not need any battery or solar energy . They are energized by Water , and 5 c.c. is quite enough . The company is based in Taiwan , proficient in manufacturing and designing all kinds of water-powered electronic consumption products. Their remarkable features are :

1. Environment Friendly - Absolutely no poisonous substance contained
2. Recycle Available
3. Free Energy
4. Absolutely Unique Around The World

Country: Pakistan
Description: we are the manufactures and exporters of beauty care instruments,manicure,pedicure instruments

Country: Egypt
Description: We are working in the filed of Credit cards Industry production,ID cards, Hotel Key cards, Loyalty cards,Fidelty cards, etc. Pos machines that accept credit cards. Software Solutions, In Human Resources, Access control Systems, Security products.

Country: China
Description: We are a Chinese company situated in Xiamen specialized in manufacturing natural stone & stone products. Our products include:granite,tombstone,countertop,slabs,kerbstone,sculpture, columns,cubes,paving tile,granite wall & floor, stone building material etc, our prices are competitive because our quarries are located in the hometown of Chinese stone,especially rich in granite resources, moreover, the labor cost in China is much lower than many other countries.

Country: China
Description: wall clock & alarm clock, unit price: 1.50USD~10.00USD
M.O.Q.: 1000pcs per item, price term: FOB HK
payment: L/C at sight or T/T before delivery
lead time: 30-40 days

Country: China
Description: We can supply: Acitretin, Actarit, Alacepril, Alprazolam, Amifostine, Aminoglutethimide, Amprolium, Amrinone, Anastrozole, Aniraacetam, Azaperone, Betamethasone, Biotin, Carboplatin, L-Carnitine Base, Carvedilol, Cialis, Cilostazole, Cisplatin, Clobetasol Propionate, Clonazepam, Clopidogrel, Cyromazine, Diclazuril, Dideoxyinosine (DDI), Docetaxel, Doxapram Hcl, Doxifluridine, Droperidol, Edaravone, Epalrestat, Esmolol Hcl, Etodolac, Exemestane, Fenofibrate, Fexofenadine, Floxuridine, Fluvastatin, Formestane, Gemfibrozil, Glimepiride, Huperzine A, Idebenone, Indolapril, Irbesartan, Isotretinoin USP24, Itopride Hcl BP98, Itraconazole, Lamivudine, Lamotrigine, Leflunomide, Letrozole, alpha-Lipoic acid (Thicotic acid), Lorazepam USP23,

Country: Singapore
Description: We are distributor of electronics components with more than 10 years of experience.

Country: India
Description: We offer Motorcycles of below mentioned brands:
A) Bajaj
B) Kawasaki bajaj
C) Hero Honda
D) Yamaha

Country: China
Description: we sell "Little safe guard" wireless security alarm system(Components): Main Unit;Wireless PIR Detector;Wireless Curtain PIR Detector(Selected);Wireless Door Gap Detector; Remote Controller;Alarm Siren;Wireless flammable gas Detector(Selected) ;Wireless Smoke Detector( Selected)

Country: China
Description: We are one of leading manufacturers of various toaster ovens, exhaust fan and industrial fan in China. 90% of our products are for exporting, some are pass the relative inspection and received GS, CE, CB, UL certificate.

Country: China
Description: I am glad to introduce you some useful sport-tool for you ,in another say,e-scooter,scooter and surfing scooter. Foldable and surfing-scooter.They are very useful to the fat and lover of sport.You could reduce your waste fat and build your health

Country: China
Description: We are the sole agent of a famous gas spring manufacturer in China. Their gas spring are for vehicle use, including airplanes,buses,wagons,cars,trucks and everywhere which needs gas springs.Quality is unique in Whole China.Price is quite competitive.The factory can offer different sizes and specifications of gas springs at the request of customers.The factory has passed ISO 9002 certification and has offered quality products to most vehicle manufacturers in China and Volvo in the world.

Country: Russian Federation
Description: Our company supplies mineral raw materials from Russia.
1.a) Facing marble slabs - semi - finished, colours are red-brown, grey
b) Facing granite slabs - grey colour
2. Natural crushed stones, 1st class, various marks
3. Brown coal
4. Limestone flour, reduced limestone
5. Magnesite for producing ferro-magnesium and powder for fire-resistance
6. The sulphur acid sulphate of aluminium, refined. It is used for purification of drinking and industrial waters.

Country: China
Description: We can supply PP shopping bags/Printed logo bags. We are specializing in producing PP shopping bags, Printed-logo bags, sand mat with polypropylene(PP), also producing Non-woven bags, garment cover, shoe bags for customers.

Country: Russian Federation
Description: The plant is offering some carbonated low alcoholic drinks (long drinks) under the "Molotov Cocktail" trademark. Alcohol content: 5,5%, 8,5%,9%. Packaging: 0,33 liter bottles in PVC-sleeves. The line consists of seven different flavours: Peach, Cranberry, Grapefruit & Tequila, Cola & Rum, Jin - Tonic, Jin - Lemon, Jin - Pink Grapefruit. During last years the "Molotov Cocktail" mark has been taking leading positions in "Low alcoholic drinks Russian Top Ten". After SEAL-2000 International Exhibition in Paris, we are promoting the product to European and other foreign markets. The product's features: natural components, design made in a fashion "neo-soviet" style; to be promoted to young "party-people".

Country: Lithuania
Description: Custom and Stock Security Holograms for Document Security, Brand Protection and Packaging Authentication.
Solutions for long and short run projects.

Update - 4.12.2002

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Country: Ukraine
- Power transformers 0.05 to 1250 MVA, voltage 6 to 1150 kV
- Special & distribution transformers
- Electric reactors
- Bus-ducts
- Supervision of erection, installation, pre-commissioning testing &
commissioning of the a.m. equipment

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturers and exporters of engineering goods and we offer the following items to serious importers.
-Complete range of bicycles/tricycles and bicycle parts.
-All types of fastners/nuts & bolts.
-Hand tools.

Country: Greece
Description: We are manufacturers of cheese alternatives such as Gouda, Edam, SLICES, PIZZA CHEESE, GRATED. Cheese alternatives are free of animal fat (which is substituted by vegetable),which minimizes their cholesterol content. Most of our products are Lactose free. Our products are available in different sizes and packages. Due to pasteurization the products have a shelf life of 12 months. Private labeling is a part of our service.

Country: South Africa
Description: Quality supply of clothing,gifts,leather,soaps,scents and candles all manufactured in South Africa. We are also serious about our business and only cater for top companies in South Africa and throughout Africa, with the exchange rate in the favour of companies in Europe the oppurtunity to export unique product is very much an oppurtunity for us. We have a consistent and gaurenteed supply of many different products and are looking at orders on a medium to large scale.

Country: USA
Description: We are seeking European distributors for our Hokey Spokes product. Hokey spokes are illuminated blades that attach to your bicycle wheels and display computer-generated designs and custom text messages.

Country: Romania
Description: one of the most important Romanian producer of:
1.gas cooking machines
2.electronic products and equipments
- coiled products, such as :
- lamellar transformers
- toroidal transformers
· products used in railway transportation
· portable welding equipment swiss licence - spark 200 model
· air disinfection equipment with concentrated flux of radiation
3. industrial services

Country: Ukraine
Description: Our company is manufacturer of Methyl Bromide, Bromine, Cresol, Paradichlorobenzene, Neonol from Ukraine. Our prices for chemicals from C.I.S. compete favourably in Asian market.

Country: Lebanon
Description: Extra Virgin, Virgin Olive Oil for Sale, Bulk Lots
We have a very high quality, excellent flavored edible oil, our prices are competitive. Packaged: 2 liter tins, 12 tins per case. Please contact us by email or fax for current market prices, FOB shipping, and terms of payment.

Country: Mexico
Description: we offer juice oranges and navel oranges.,price varies depending on port and season.,from 190 dollars us to 360 dollars us per metric ton..,FOB Tampico.,gulf of mexico or vallarta.,pacific.

Country: India
Description: Gold, urea and oil for sales, We're direct to the suppliers of Gold, urea and oil. If you have enquiry please send it to us with complete details of buyer, contact numbers and requirements.We're here to sell you the products at most competitive prices.

Country: Portugal
Description: Leatherland is the most recent and innovative agency promoting Portuguese Shoes & Leather articles worldwide. Representing several Portuguese companies, products and brands, we also take the risponsability to ensure the full respect for our customers' interests who source these items in our factories network.

Country: Bangladesh
Description: We are introducing ourselves a renowned trading house involved with export import, commission Agents/Representation & manufacturing agents, suppliers and international trade etc. We're member of Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industry(DCCI) and Co-convenor of DCCI. We are dealing Bangladeshi Readymade Garments and Apparel (knit & oven) products as well as T-shirts, Shirts, Polo shirts.

Country: Iran
Description: our group is one of largest and major advance manufacturing,exporting ,importing & distributior of plastic industries in iran ,we are exporter of plastic finished products ,and importer of raw materials ,moulds,machineries,tools and equipments.

Country: USA
Description: We carry excellent handmade indoor teak furniture. There is a variety of wardrobes, console and dining tables, armchairs, chairs, sofas, side tables, cabinets, etc. The style is rustic or chineese reproduction, but we can do anything you want.
We also can offer a variety of gifts. A beautiful line handmade in bone and white silver like lamps, magnifying glasses, nutcrackers, jugs, bowls, letter openers, etc. Also a genuine leather line of wallets, palm cases, agendas and game sets. A very exotic variety of African accesories like candles, masks, ebony articles, walking sticks, statues picked from all over the continent.

Country: Argentina
Description: company that comercialices first brand products in Argentina. We have over 10 years of successful experience representing multinational companies such as Telefónica of Spain, Prosegur Alarms and Palm of Argentina. The Mission of the Foreign Trade Division of our company is to become a lasting commercial nexus between the supplier and the importer of the argentine products that our company represents. To that end our professional staff eases the way to close the business through their work and specific know how. Our large contact network both domestic and international allow us to access to a wide variety of opportunities that we offer to you.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are one of the reputable and experienced manufacturers for the sports and allied parts, such as Soccer balls, Volleyballs, Rugbyballs, Handballs and Cricket equipments of all kinds. We have been in export of such products to different parts around the globe and enjoy very sound comfort and confidence of various established organization houses. Besides manufacturing and supplying sports items, our product range covers promotional products like all sizes of Soccerballs, Caps, Soccer and Rugby Key chains and many other items for advertisement and promotional purposes.

Country: China
Description: I am glad to introduce our company to you as one of the largest producers of Xanthan gum. Our company is specialized in producing food Grade Xanthan gum. We know your company is a large food company. We are not sure if you are using Xanthen gum as stabilizer. We can offer you our food grade Xanthan with various viscosities, and high temperature stabilities. We also supply dispersible grade (60mesh, 80mesh) product. If you are interested in this product Or if you need some small samples, please feel free to contact me at any email address.

Country: France
Description: Looking for buyers Brazilian soybean, min 100,000MT, delivery March/April 2003. Payment irrevocable, confirmed, transferable LC or ICPO. Send us LOI with target price and company history. Quotation only to importers.

Country: Canada
Description: We now have large volume supply of Sweetened Condensed Milk, Milk Powder, Evaporated milk, and other consumer goods. Since we will be purchasing mass volumes, we will sell product to multiple buyers. Therefore, we are able to secure best pricing for our products.

Country: China
Description: specializes in manufacture and sales of such pharmaceutical machines as high-efficiency film coating machine series, three-dimensional fixer series, lifter series, capsule filling machine series and aluminium-plastic blister packing machine series, etc.

Country: Korea (South)
Description: We have some stocks for the LCD Modules details as following: Part mumbers : LMD1011-2, Q'ty : 9,500pcs
Payment : By T/T

Country: China
Description: We are a garment factory. We can produce trouser have western style trouser and casual trouser.fabric has 100% polyester,100% cotton, t/c,t/r,poly/wool,100% wool.there is good workcraft and different fabric design and europe and asia size.suit for all kinds of season to wear. Look forward to entering business relations with you.

Country: China
Description: We are the professional soy isoflavone manufacturer in China, supplying various kinds of soy isoflavone such as 20%, 30%, 40%, 60% soy isoflavone, water-soluble isoflavone and Genistein. Characteristics: 1.naturally extracted from soybean, 2. Non-GMO, 3. Light yellow powder, 4. Reasonable ratio of Daidzin/Genistin as it is in soybean.

Country: Nepal
Description: We are group of companies in Nepal, mainly manufacturing the Pashmina Shawls, Silver Jwellery, Woolen Sweater, Handmade Paper & Paper products, British Gurkha Knives, Hand painted Silk products, Glass Bead Jewelry.

Country: China
Description: We are manufacturer and trader for international market. We can supply the following quality products with competitive prices:
1.Automotive accessories: car winch, high pressure cleaner, car alarm system, car speaker, car locks and electrical wrench kit.
2.electrical bicycles

Country: Indonesia
Description: We're manufacturer and exporter of rattan seagrass furniture. Please visit our web

Country: India
Description: We're direct to the manufacturer of Agricultural products.We can supply all Agricultural products viz., Sugar, Rice, Sorghum,Wheat, Yellow Corn, Barley, Soyabean, Skimmed Milk Powder, Chillies, Natural essential Oils, Indian Spices and Pulses. Please send complete details to us to quote most competitive prices.

All Enquiries must have
1. Quantity Required
2. Port of Shipment
3. Mode of Payment
4. Target Price ( Realistic Price)
5. Other Details

Country: China
Description: We offer a wide range of foldable camping cookware sets and household utensils, including normal anodized items, hard anodized items, non-stick items, color painted items, barbecue, turkey pot sets, etc. All our products are of high quality and exported to Europe and US.

Country: China
Description: supply straw christmas decoration, inside painting christmas ball, gift basket, metal crafts and gardon decoration, various shape and size, high quanlity and competive price.

Country: China
Description: We are a professional & largest ramie/linen textile & garment enterprise in China. Our main products are garments (including shirt,blouse,skirt,camisole,Jeans,pant,jacket,
Uniform,dress etc) of pure ramie/linen and some blend/interwoven with cotton,silk,wool,polyester,viscose,nylon,lycra,etc.
We also may provide the garments with fine embroidery.

Country: China
Description: We are a leading manufacturer of footwear products. We can supply all kinds of sport shoes, soccer shoes, flying shoes. There are women, men and children sizes available. All our product are for export.

Country: China
Description: We are one of the leading manufacturer of producing jar fruits and vegetables Ornamental in China. Our large range of beautiful decorative preserves as timeless decorating items.
We have 18 different jar shapes, available in 82 sizes and a range of over 100 fillings. Our Artificial Preserves are the perfect
solution for the Food and Hospitality industry and corporate environment and they look terrific in your home too.

Country: Poland
Description: Our offer includes designing and manufacture various types of machines and equipments as well complete lines for:
- industrial material and product manipulation
- food processing industry
- central feeding systems
- automatic assembling lines
- hydraulic presses for plastic forming of metals

Country: Turkey
Description: We wanted to introduce our company has been representing in Turkey in food and packing sector according the national and international standarts in foreign and local market since 1989 and applies a quality system for Automatic Wafer Lines and Horizontal Flow Pack Packing Machine.

Update - 3.12.2002

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Description: Lead Manufacturer of Capacitor Since 1968,now we also supply Inverter ,Potentiometer, and Resistor for the world Markets,Now we have stable sales Network for Series of our Products, we would invite more business partners for business visit of our factory and join our splendid Future!

Czech Republic
Description: I am looking for corporate with companies or dealers with gemstones all types.

Description: We specialize in manufacturing energy saving lamps and other lighting prducts.OEM manufacturing of lighting components are warmly welcomed.

*Energy Saving lamps (Compact Fluorescent)
*Fluorescent Lamps
*Electronic Ballasts
*Lighting Fixtures
*Electronic Transformers
*Halogen Lamps
*OEM Lighting Products Design & Manufacture

Description: we export sport goods, surgical instruments,leather goods, towels, hosiery.

Description: Best Quality Producers of Lubrication Equipment, Garden Tools, Small Agricultural equipment & parts. Keen Pricing inspite of European quality standards. We are exporting to Chani stores, Specialized distibutors, Agriclutural equipment sstores. We are interested in expanding our Market to Canada, Finland, Denmark & Sweden.

Hong Kong
Description: We are an export company based in Hong Kong for the last 25 years. We are a general merchandising company, but specialize in all types of batteries, fireworks, refurbished mobile phones, solar energy products, hardware, fishing equipments, sports equipments, kitchenware and numerous other related and non-related items.

Description: Our company deals only with banner stands and exhibition equipment. We have large range of high quality products with very competitive prices.

Description: The Lubricants and Specialty Products Division of the American Refining Group. Located in Bradford, Pennsylvania, ARG's Refinery has a rich tradition of refining 100% pure, high quality Penn-Grade Crude Oil for more than 120 years. ARG's Bradford refinery is the longest continuously operating oil refinery in the world and was the first U.S. refinery to be ISO 9002 Certified! ARG's Refinery is the only remaining U.S. refinery which exclusively refines 100% pure Pennsylvania Grade Crude Oil, a naturally more thermally stable paraffinic crude which makes an excellent choice for being refined into a lubricating base stock.

Description: We are looking for international importers/traders who are interested in importing pre-owned or unused (inventory) cars, around the world.

Description: We are an ISO 9002 certifyed manufacturing unit in INDIA, we can develop any type of component in very comperative price our main product are air flow measuring valve ,pressure gauge, vacuum gauge ,temperature gauge, quick coupling, thermo couple, etc.

Description: We are specialized in manufacturing and exporting silica series products, such as silica stone, silica sand , fused silica , fused silica powder and Micro-silica Powder . All these are the main materials for glass, optic,electronic,chemical , ceramic ,chemical and refractory products industries.

The details of our products are as followings:
1. Quartz(Silica)Sand
high purity grade: SiO2:99.60%min-99.9%min ; Fe2O3 :1-35ppm Max.; size:2-200 mesh . refined grade: SiO2 :99.50%min-99.80% min ; Fe2O3 : 50-300ppm Max.; size:2-325 mesh
General grade:SiO2 :98.00%min-99.50% min ; Fe2O3 : 400 -1200ppm Max.; size:2-400 mesh

2. Natural Crystal Powder
SiO2:99.90%min-99.99%min , Fe: 5-60ppm; size:10-160 mesh
3. Fused Quartz(Silica)
1st grade: SiO2:99.9% min ; Fe2O3: 30ppm Max..
2nd grade: SiO2:99.8% min; Fe2O3: 60ppm Max..
3rd grade: SiO2:99.5% min ; Fe2O3: 100ppm Max..
4. Quartz(Silica) Stone
special grade: SiO2:99.96%min; Fe2O3: 40ppm Max.
1st grade: SiO2:99.90%min; Fe2O3: 40ppm Max.
2nd grade: SiO2:99.80%min; Fe2O3:100ppm Max.
3rd grade: SiO2:99.60%min; Fe2O3:300ppm Max.

5. Micro-silica Powder
(1) SiO2:99.90%min; Fe2O3: 8ppm Max.; Al2O3 :50ppm Max; size:300 mesh
(2) SiO2:99.80%min; Fe2O3: 8ppm Max.;Al2O3 :50ppm Max;size:400 mesh
(3) SiO2:99.70%min; Fe2O3:9ppm Max.;Al2O3 :60ppm Max;size :600 mesh
(4) SiO2:99.60%min; Fe2O3:30ppm Max.;Al2O3 :200ppm Max;size:300 mesh

6.Fused Quartz(Silica) Powder
SiO2:98.0-99.9% Max.; Fe2O3 : 3-180ppm Max.; size:4-600mesh.

Description: one of Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA) storage battery manufacturers in China. The company has main products of three series that includes automobile sealed lead-acid storage batteries, UPS storage batteries and electric vehicle & electromotive tool storage batteries, which are top products in storage battery applied fields in china. All these products have high-tech, reliable quality and have been appreciated by our customers. Because received the ISO 9001:2000,the USA UL Certification from Underwriters Laboratories Inc. All these can sure that our customers will be given top product and good service.

Czech Republic
Description: The electric scooter is ideal for people who would like to use a bicycle or small motorcycle, but for some reason they do not want to pedal (it is too hot, older people, slightly handicaped people but also professionals: shop and warehouse assistants, trade fair builders, factory employees). The advantages of the electric scooter are:· ZERO AIR POLLUTION· Low running costs· 35-40 km range on one charge· Maintenance free batteries· Built in charger· Simple charging from the nearest 220 V (110 V) outlet.

Description: Welcome to Invest in Natural Gas Downstream Development
Bohai Bay Natural Gas Fields is under development now, and the natural gas pipeline will be laid in Zhaoyuan City-Gold Capital in China. Bohai Bay natural gas reaches the national quality standard. Its offering point pressure is higher than 0.3Mpa and high heat value is more than 8400 kcal/m3 in the normal state. Natural gas as the feedstock for chemical products and the fuel for the generation of electricity, it has various advantages as follows: low energy consumption, low total costs, short construction period, low pollution, strong anti-risk capability, assured market, etc..
Welcome the friends both at home and abroad to cooperate in the natural gas downstream developments. In order to make a scientific plan for the city's natural gas development, the investors are expected to contact us before Dec. 10, 2002, and the project is valid till Dec. 10, 2002.

Description: Please feel free to contact me if you would like to have the famous Sydney Rock Oysters on your menu. The above can be supplied Un shucked, Fresh , frozen or meat only. Currently we alos have South australian pacific oysters which are in season now and are available. Pls contact me for further infomation.

Description: We are manufacturers of hand knitted garments - women's and men's sweaters and baby blankets. Visit our web site to have a look at some of our designs. We are looking for agents / representatives. Contact us for more information.

Description: From producers stock!!!! More then 500 different titles of european hardcore DVDs in large quantities available directly from the production facility! All items packed and with colour sleeves, all regular titles, no pirated goods. All tastes and fetishes. Minimum DVD-purchase 1.000 pieces DVDs mixed for US$ 2.00 per piece fob Munich. Around 50 titels VHS (PAL) available. Minimum VHS-purchase 500 pieces VHS mixed for 3.- US$ per piece fob Munich.

Description: leading manufacture exporter of white oils & petroleum jelly in Maoming,China,we could provide the top specific quality cargo,white oils grade A and BP98 Petroleum jelly are variety use in cosmetics and toilets products as bases and carrier,such as hair care & skin care products,nail care products and so on,also use in pharmaceutical as medicated lotions and creams.message oils. etc. welcome to contact us for more info.

Description: we are exporters of terry towels and cotton fabrics.we deals in hometextiles.

Description: We are the wholesaler and dixtributors for many highly reputed world class companies. We supply the following products world over:

* Natural Mixed carotenoids derived from Marine Algae Dunaliella Salina and Spirulina in Vegitable oil in bulk and soft gel capsules.
* Spray dried Algal Powder containing 1 to 2 % Beta carotene
* Spray dried Spirulina Plantensis
* Mixed Spray dried Spirulina and Dunaliella Salina
* Nutraceuticals and many other formulations.

Description: Our specialization is Nanotechnolgy in the skin care field. We have custom Spa procedures for our skin care line. Everything is 100% guaranteed. We will have our aestheticians to go to you to educate your people. Currently, we are looking for investors, buyers and proposals for investment opportunities on our health and beauty line of products. This is the twenty-fifth year of research and the third year of the testing phase of our products. Our most profitable products are: QurNail Tm, BioDefender Tm, and IMPACT Silver Nano-Care Tm skin care treatment. These products are based on revolutionary technology(Nanotechnology-moving molecules on an atomic level).

Description: We manufacture mini brass ball valves with a production of more than 300,000 sets per month including specs of 1/2", 3/4", 1", 3/8", 1-1/2", 2".2-1/2".3".4" and customer spread nationwide and Europe, Middle-east, Asia. We mainly process brass or bronze material and surface treatment with chrome plating, casting, or original. The valve handle are mainly plastic or horniness material.

Description: Chinese focus pesticides product enterprise which professionally manufactures high quality Inseticides,Herbicides and Fungicides.We hope to have a good chance to establish a good business cooperation with you.

Our strong products as follows:

Our company is the sole manufacturer of this product which get registration in ICAMA with registration certificate No.LS 20001400 in China. Annual output:150MT.

Our company occupies the first position of acetamiprid production ,it is designated as the sole formulating unit of industry standards in China. Registration certificate No.:LS20021090.

Our company is one of the earliest producer of this product in China. Registration certificate No.:LS20011795.

OMETHOATE(70-80Technical,40 EC,50SL)
Our company is the largest producer and distributor of this product in China. Registration certificate No.:PD 85142-10.

Our company is the earliest developer of this product in China. Registration certificate No.:LS99546.

Our company is the first-rate supplier among the manufacturers of this product in China. Registration certificate No.:LS20020980.

We have passed ISO9002 International Quality System Certificate in 1998.And we have our principia as customers needs comes first. So we can offer you the best quality,price and timely delivery.

Description: best raw spice and herbs from china for your grinding, blending. We are the leader of spice and herbs producers and provincial level exporters in guangdong province,china. We have three cassia-processing factories Locate in sikiang area,they are the biggest factories in this field In guangdong you know sikiang is the famous chinese cassia produce area.we collect cassia directly from the trees locally and Make it into different specificaions as the buyer request.

Description: We are a leading company in China in exportation of footwear, caps and hats, and textiles. We could supply you the products with high quality and competitive price. Also we can make the products according to your design and pictures with your own brand.

Description: We are a trading seafood company in Viet Nam. We supply dried & frozen seafoods from Viet Nam such as black tiger HOSO,HLSO,PTO,PDTO Stretched, Cooked PDTO, CAT TIGER PD PUD, sea shrimp; kinds of fishes such as mackerel, grouper, tuna, catfish, baby octopus, squid, scallop, swimming crab. Most products are frozen and packing upon customers' requests . We are sure you will be satisfy with high quality of seafoods from Viet Nam. We are expanding our market worldwide based on our good service and quality. If you should need any further information about Viet Nam seafoods, please contact with us freely.

Description: specialized in caps, hats, sunvisor, knit hats, scarves, gloves,ect.,located in the suburb of shanghai,China, factory occupies 20000 square meters,with 300 workers and 30000 dozen monthly production capacity, we provide you high quality caps and hats as well as a good service.

Description: 1. PCCHIPS motherboard. 2. ADSL modem(PCI,USB and Ethernet port). 3. TV receiver, connected with CRT, LCD and PDP monitors as TVs. 4. other computer products such as pc camera,speakers, set top box. We offer best price and warranty, our OEM customers are Alcatel, Sprinte, Lucent, Legend, TCL, Ovislink.

Description: we are a professional manufacturer specializes in curtain making,transfer printing paper,cushion etc for more than 12 years.we can provide thousands of styles with the best quality and price,also we can produce the styles as you can know more about us from viewing our website forward to our long term cooperation in the future.

Description: Product: Knitted Garments (eg. Tracksuits, Pullovers, Polar-fleece Jackets, Pique polo shirts, T -shirt, Hogging Pants, etc.) (Pigment Dye, Silicon Dye, Enzyme Dye, Bio-Wash, Sand-Wash, Printing, Embroidering…)The factory has a complete production line that handles processes such as knitting, bleaching and dyeing, finishing, washing, printing, embroidery, sewing, ect.

Description: produces 10 categories, 220 kinds and 14,000 different products. The 10 categories of products are: All Aluminum Conductor and Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced, XLPE Insulated Power Cable, Paper Insulated Power Cable, PVC Insulated Power Cable, Rubber Sheathed Flexible Cable, Electro-Mechanical Cable for Oil and Geological Exploration, Control Cable, Ship Cable, Long-distance Symmetrical Cable, Optical fiber cable and Optical Fiber-Electrical Composite Cable. They are widely used in various fields of civil economy. The main target market is the industry like power, coal, petroleum, railway, traffic and communications.The products of the company are selled well at home and abroad.

Description: We are one famous and experienced crystal arts and crafts manufacturer in China.Now we have more than 10000 kinds products available with high quality and novel designs,these are the best choice at opening celebrations,souvenirs and house hold decorations etc.

Description: We are Egyptian marble quarry & factory. We export Sunny & Silvia marble, in blocks, slabs,and tiles(standard,and cut 2 size) Colors are yellow, cream/beige.

I would like to inform you that we are presenting a special offer as follows: Blocks: 195 US$. Slabs:polished 2cm 12.5 US$ unpolished 2cm 10 US$ ( for each 1cm thickness add 4 US$ ) Tiles: polished 15.0 US$ unpolished 13.0 US$ ( standard sizes 30*30 , 30*60 , 40*40 ) cut to size polished 16 US$ .We can do any surface and edge finishes needed. all prices are in US$ F.O.B any Egyptian port.

Description: We are dealers and contractors for air conditioners, central air conditioning systems, Voltas window air-conditioners, split type air-conditioners, packaged air-conditioners, centralized air-conditioners plants, water coolers and other cooling equipments from Chennai. We also undertake consultancy in the area of service operation.

Description: We are one famous and experienced crystal arts and crafts manufacturer in China.Now we have more than 10000 kinds products available with high quality and novel designs,these are the best choice at opening celebrations,souvenirs and house hold decorations etc.

Description: We are company of produce baby apparel (we have moderate product as price USD 1.5-2.5). For seriously, we look for distributor to develop our products.

Update - 2.12.2002

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Country: China
Description: We are pleased to introduce ourselves as an exporter of
all kinds of fabrics from China with more than 15 years' experience.
Our range of exportation covers: denim, techical fabrics, corduory,
cotton, poly, nylon, elastane, etc. Serious inquiry and business
partners are sincerely welcome to build business relation on a long
term basis.

Country: Vietnam
Description: company has produced many kinds of products for outer
and interior decoration, for the home needs, hotel, and restaurant.
High aesthetic as technological quality and plentiful adornment of
the companys products are attracting users as in the domestic as
foreign countries handicraft, ceramic, Vietnam, gom su, porcelain,
Battrang ceramic, Thanh Cong, products, export, handmade

Country: India
Description: We want to offer for export of TMT Bar, Scaffolding and
Stainless steel Flexible hoses in bulk basis.

Country: China
Description: specialized in manucfcaturing nopoisonous oragnic
pigment,hight molecule chloride and plastic foaning agent and
cysteamine hcl,ect.we have established a complete set of sevice
system all over china and all over the world.30% of our products are
exported to europe,america,south korea,viet nam, india and the other
regions and countries.

Country: China
Description: We are one of the leading velcro manufacturer in China.
Establised in 1993,we offer full range of velcro products as your
demands.Soonest delivery and good quality will be guarenteed.

Country: Ukraine
Description: is involved in international trade with dairy products.
- condensed sweetened milk 1.5 %, 5%, 8.5 % milkfat, -boiled
condensed milk,
- condensed milk filled with coffe or cacao.

Country: Korea (South)
Description: we have many years of experience in exporting plastic
tables and chairs. In order to diversify our present market, we are
interested in supplying our high quality products to you on
favorable terms. If you are interested in, it will be highly
appreciated that you contact us. We can give you our newly
attractive products.

Country: India
Description: We're direct to the exporters of Aluminium, Iron and
Steel, Cement and other industrial products.We can help you to
import the needed products at most competitive prices.We're in the
business of cost cutting. Send all your enquiries to us.Our
corporate goal is to exceed all your expectations.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are Manufacturers and Exporters of all kind of
Leather Gloves, Working Gloves, Sports Goods, Martial Art items. We
offer very best services, delivery time and produce quality products
with reasonable prices.

Country: China
Description: now we can supply white kidney bean.
packed:50kgs polywoven bags

Country: Korea (South)
Description: Robust-bult, easy-to-operate, trouble-free, cost-
efficient flat knitting machines:
model GB-628 computerized for accessories,
model GB-628 electronic for body, sleeve, and accessories,
model GB-628II computerized for body, sleeve, and accessories,
model GB-630T computerized for transfer, body, sleeve, and

Country: Slovenia
Description: We are an export-import co. from Slovenia and we're
looking for the new buyers of our meat and different meat products.

Country: South Africa
Description: Comfi Towel - The only Towel with super size, super
legnth and a built in inflatable pillow for added head support.
Pillow can also be used for watersports and pool/beach fun. Range of
vibrant colors and packaging. Internationaly patented. Comfi Sports
Towel - The only towel with secure sealable pockets too carry those
important items like phone, keys etc whilst jyming or playing
sports. Towel is egonomicaly designed so that it wont slide off if
only one pocket is used and unevenly weighed.

Country: India
Description: We are manufacturer & exporter of wooden handicrafts &
furnitures. We are produce Almira, TV cabinate, side board, drawer
chest, bed side, candle holders, boxes, lamps, clocks, mirror frame,
photo frame, decoretive articles, wall hanging, etc. Our product
with different finish, painting, metal fitting, iron fitting, etc.

Country: Austria
Description: We would like to introduce and offer you our brand new
inspiring item named "memorycap" for distribution. This unique new
invention is the answer to the life long question - "Have I locked
the door?" memorycap will be available to consumers, and the
corporate advertising world in January 2003. Memorycap recieved the
Award Winner "I.D.2001" (the best idea of the year).

Country: Indonesia
Description: We are the manufacturer and exporter of Cotton Puffs
with various sizes and type. Our cotton puffs have been exported to
USA. And for the local market, many leading cosmetic brands (compact
powder) have been ordering from our factory. We could make your own
brand printed on the cotton puffs under a minimum order of 1 x 20 ft
container. Genuine buyers and serious inquiries are welcomed.

Country: Indonesia
Description: We are currently in the position to offer HOTEL SOAP
for export markets worldwide. The soaps are Square and Round, with
or without pillow packs. The colors are mostly white. But we can
make the soap with 5 different colors, i.e.: White, Green, Pink,
Purple and Yellow. The weights are varies from 15 grams up to 45
grams. The prices are very COMPETITIVE compared to the QUALITY
standards that we can OFFER. Our factory located in Jakarta, the
capital city of Indonesia, and have been serving the export cargoes
of more than 300 containers per month.

Country: China
Description: Anping Wire and Wire Mesh Factory is a big enterprise
specializing in wire and wire mesh products founded in the year
1982;the surface area is 18000 square meters;enroling capital is
880,0000 Yuan;capital asserts is 2200,0000 Yuan. We have now 195
employees, 200 sets of production and inspection equipment, first-
rate raw materials and strict management method to produce Ruilida
series wire and wire mesh products. Our products fall in three major
varieties, metal wire, wire mesh, wire mesh processed items;more
than 80 breeds mainly used in petroleum, chemistry industry,
construction, weaving, medicine, aviation, spaceflight, aerodrome,
speedway, railway, gardens defence, aquiculture, metallurgy,
mechanism etc. The wire production reach 30000000t per year and the
mesh production reach 2800000 square meters. The production value is
46000000 Yuan and the exprot total value is 4000000$.The products
are all accordant to the ISO international standard and 90% of our
product are for export, well sold in the USA, Germany, Japan,
Canada, South Korea and other countries and regions. Our technicians
and engineers have recently developed some new products, like wire
netting for battery use, wire mesh for air conditioners, stranded
mesh, wire cloth Dutch woven with extra width, extra gauge and
extra fineness.

Country: China
Description: We are leading manufacture and distributor specialized
in Titanium material and products in China. Our capabilities include
the manufacturing, machining and distribution of quality Titanium
and titanium alloy tube, bar, blade, knife and clubhead (golf) other
titanium hardware.

Country: Pakistan
Description: CNG feuling station equipment Refurbrished for sale
Sulzer,Compair,Ingersol comperssors , cascades and fuel dispencers

Country: Australia
Description: Printed Nylon Stretch Fabris with Wonderful Australain
designs. We offer a Stock range of fabrics suitable for U.V 50+
sunprotection garments.

Country: USA
Description: We have great prices on sugar and wheat!!!!!! WE NEED
LOI with complete details and BCL to proceed and conclude the deal
in a timely manner.Offer only good for 2 weeks. NO NEGOTIATIONS.

White Refined Sugar,Beet Sugar,"Raw" Brown Sugar,MINIMUM ORDER:
25,000 MT,ORIGIN: Brazil / S. America - Seller`s option.PAYMENT:
100% FFDL/C at sight.

25,000 MT - 162 USD /MT CIF, 50kg bags
50,000 MT - 157 USD /MT CIF, 50kg bags
75,000 MT - 155 USD /MT CIF, 50kg bags
100,000 MT - 152 USD /MT CIF, 50kg bags
200,000 MT -1459 USD /MT CIF, 50kg bags
300,000 MT -147 USD /MT CIF, 50kg bags

ORDER: 100,000 MT
FFDL/C at sight.
100,000 MT - 123 USD /MT CIF, 50kg bags
200,000 MT - 120 USD /MT CIF, 50kg bags
300,000 MT - 118 USD /MT CIF, 50kg bags
400,000 MT - 116 USD /MT CIF, 50kg bags
500,000 MT - 114 USD /MT CIF, 50kg bags

Country: USA
Description: Quality guest room hotel furnishings from 4 star
resorts nationwide. Also have light fixtures, kitchen equipment, bar
equipment and building salvage, televisions. etc.

Country: China
Description: We are one of leading importers and exporters
specialized in wire, cable and M/S. And we could supply all kinds of
wire, cable and motor(UL).If you need anything in China, please
don't hesitate to contact us.

Country: China
Description: Our company specializes in the making of high quality,
effective massage products. It is now one of the largest
manufacturers and exporters of massage products in China with its
annual turnover of more than $20,000,000. We operate over 20
branches in China and set up an international network covering the
United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy,
Sweden, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and other regions. Our products
have been selling well and met warm reception abroad.

Country: Turkey
Description: We are producers and exporters of wrought iron
furniture, accessories, lightings and components in Turkey. We treat
our products with Zincphosphate aganist rust. All our products can
be finished powder coated black and other colors with any of the
handmade painting antique color and powder coated varnish.
Most of our products are own design but custumers design are also
manufactured.Our main market is U.K, Holland and Israel.

Country: China
Description: Our Dept. mainly export DIY series metalworking machine
such as variable speed mini lathe(7"X10"or7"X12"mini lathe),bench
lathe,mini drilling & milling machine/drilling & milling
machine,multi function machine(3 in 1)series,combination shear,brake
& roll etc.Welcome to visit our temporary URL;

Country: India
Description: We export all kind of agriculture and food grains
enclosed please find a list of specification of the following
commodities. We also exports chemical, fertilizers, marbles,
granites and other marvelous Indian stones.

1)Indian long grain Raw Rice (According specification)
2)Indian long Grain Basmati/Non Basmati P/B Rice (According
5)White Maze
7)Rose Coco beans
8)Millet Red
9)Spices (in powder forms)
10)Milk Powder
11)Cooking Oils
12)Medicines - Herbal/Antibiotics - on Request
13)Marbles, Jeslemar Stones (Indian Marvelous stones)

Country: Nepal
Description: We would like to export FRP products basically in
Construction and architecture lines like FRP : GI-Sheets, Plain
Sheets, Colapsable house, portable toilet, doors and windows, tables
and other decorative items as per your offer and need. We also
manufacture FRP Tabla Case, guitar case, sitar case and other
instrumental case. If any specific order for body parts of vehicals
will also be made as per your specification.

Country: USA
Description: we offer a variety of computer hardware,wireless

Country: China
Description: leading manufacturer and important export specialized
in mini-type DEK-F series of super-light single-phase air-cooled and
direct-spraying diesel engines, single-phase portable diesel/
gasoline generators, water pumps, fire pumps, miniature tillers,
horticultural machines and power sprayers, which pass CE and ISO
9002 attestation. It locates at Fuzhou City, the main seaport in
China and is very convenient for transport -action and the
arrangement of shipment. With advanced assembly line and test line,
Dek now reaches an annual production capability more than 80,000
sets, most of which are sold in over 50 countries and regions in the
international market, including North and South America, Europe,
Southeast Asia, Middle East, Australia, etc."Dek" brand products are
loaded with excellent features. Compact, lightweight and low noise.
Not to mention the low fuel consumption.

Country: Nepal
Description: We would like to export FRP products basically in
Construction and architecture lines like FRP : GI-Sheets, Plain
Sheets, Colapsable house, portable toilet, doors and windows, tables
and other decorative items as per your offer and need. We also
manufacture FRP Tabla Case, guitar case, sitar case and other
instrumental case. If any specific order for body parts of vehicals
will also be made as per your specification.

Country: China
Description: We are representing one of the biggest and reliable
manufacturer of its titanium dioxide anatase and rutile in
China.PTA120,PTA121 are the tio2 anatase we can offer.They are
characterized by good whiteness,narrow size distribution,good hiding
power,strong tinting-reducing power.CR501 is another chlorine
process rutile tio2 we proud of. Superior optical characteristics
and good weatherablity are their advantages.we take ISO9002 standard
system certificated by CQC in China and AOQC in Britain.Interested
buyers welcome to contact us for more information.

Country: India
Description: manufactures of thermal solar systems like sunbasket,
small solar- thermal water pump, small solar-thermal cooling
systems, pneumatic reciprocating motors, special purpose machines

Country: Turkey
Description: Man, woman and child wool-acryl, linen, cotton, wool,
mercerise and yarn socks in 14-18 gauges (single and double
cylinder) on mechanical and computer machines with and without
lycra. (1)Sizes: for man, woman, child or customer-tailored sizes
(2) Composition: decided by customer (3)Packing: 1pr/polybag, about
12dz/carton (4)Suitable for daily use. Accessories(hooks, labels
etc): design is customers' choice. Can be made in our factory, or
supplied by customers We also accept customers' detailed
requirements on size, colour, design and label. Supply ability:
414,000 pairs per month. Delivery time: 25-40 days after order
confirmed.Quantity: min 5000 pairs

Country: Turkey
Description: We are one of the biggest producer and exporter of
herbs (including medicinal herbs),spices, essential oils, seeds,
dried fruits and vegetables and pulses in Turkey. Our wide range of
products include : Oregano, sage leaves, laurel leaves, rosemary,
basil, marjoram, thyme, linden, anise seed, cumin seed, fennel
seed, nigella seed, marjoram, walnut, pinenut kernels, hazelnuts,
white & blue poppy seed, pumpkin seed, fenugreek seed, basil,
rosehip shell, chamomille, chickpeas, beans, lentils, dried
apricots, raisin sultanas, sundried tomatoes. We export to many
countries such as Japan, U.S.A, Netherlands, Korea, Germany, France,
Austria, Australia, Greece, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Israel, Hong
Kong, Belgium, Spain etc. Our name Tamsan corresponds to the image
of a promising and respectable partner in the world. If you have
interest or any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

Country: Turkey
Description: We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of
household kitchen tools/gadgets in Turkey. Our production range
covers 45 different articles including strainers, graters, whisks,
peelers, frying baskets, pastry tools, citrus juicers, potato
mashers, etc. Our capacity is more than 6 000 000 pcs per year. Due
to our competitive prices and good quality, our products have been
preferred by the famous supermarket chains in our country. Our price
range is 0.07 USD –1.75 USD per piece FOB Istanbul -Turkey. We
also apply discounts according to customer order quantities.

Country: Cyprus
Description: Our company is the leading provider of custom printed
ID cards badge accessories such as strap clips and lanyards, ID Card
Printers and software in the Middle East. Our minimum quantities for
ordering custom printed cards is lower than most, allowing us to
cater to the needs of smaller institutions.In Order to become a
dealer please visit our website and complete the application form
with your details.

Country: Turkey
Description: largest distributor of various types of home textiles
such as towels , bed sheets,sleeping sets ,blankets,toilet sets
,bedspreads ,floor/door mats and also we produce many well-known
brands in Turkey . We also market low-price range products by
labelling or by buying. Being one of the major suppliers in our
local market we offer our clients good quality with very competitive
prices. We now seek new market worldwide .

Country: USA
Description: We offer stakles at 1,8 Euro/kilo price! We offer
premium quality stakles with Yugoslavian parity at an excellent 1,8
Euro per kilo price. We can supply an annual amount of 600,000 kgs.
If needed we are able to double this amount with little effort. In
case of interest please contact us for details.

Country: Turkey
Description: manufacturer and exporter company in Turkey with strong
process capabilities, specialized in manufacturing metal parts and
components for the automative sector and many other industries. Our
wide range of production also includes cutting, bending, forming,
deep drawing trimming tools and special purpose machines and machine
parts. We are a specialist manufacturer for many well known
companies including OEMs both in the domestic and international
markets. Some of our production references are as follows:

1. Parts for commercial vehicles such as :
Axle housing rings ( M-Benz, Iveco, Mack,Volvo, Isuzu, Ford,
Chassis suspension brackets ( Iveco, Isuzu, Vamco)
Brake Shoes ( M-Benz,Dupillier, Temsa, Vamco)
Front axle I-Beam (M-Benz, Temsa, Vamco)
Air suspension parts (M-Benz)
Front axle king-pins ( M-Benz, Meritor)
Forklift rear dead axles (Yale )
Tag axle lifting device (M-Benz)
2. Various aluminum parts such as engine supports and covers,
gearbox case , flywheel
Cover ( Fiat, Renault, Opel,GM )
3. Cutting, bending, forming, deep drawing trimming tools and
special purpose machines
4. Support stands, lift parts for auto services ( Hetra)
5. Various fastening (anchorage ) parts for the construction
6. Various mechanical parts for railway installations

Our technical staff is capable of producing parts in accordance with
your customized requirements and as an ISO 9001 certified (by BVQI)
company, we assure our clients the highest quality standarts and on
time delivery. If you are interested in our manufacturing services,
please feel free to contact us.

Country: Turkey
Description: Offer high quality custom manufacturing services with
very competitive prices. We are a professional in the manufacturing
of machined parts for the automative and many other industries in
Turkey. Specialized in gears production, we have been the reliable
supplier of the automative aftermarket for more than 30 We are a
professional in the manufacturing of machined parts for the
automative and many other industries in Turkey. Specialized in gears
production, we have been the reliable supplier of the automative
aftermarket for more than 30 yearsyears. In addition to our standart
production, we also offer our high quality manufacturing services
with very competitive prices. Whatever your production requirements,
Cena is equipped to perform with its equipment ranges from
conventional types to the modern CNC machinery. Due to our flexible
and dynamic structure we are able to respond any small and/or
specific orders and our highly skilled and dedicated employees are
our customers assurance.

Country: Turkey
Description: hot and cold water pressure washers with very
competitive prices. Our company is a manufacturer of pressure
washers and wet and dry vacuum cleaners in Turkey. Our production
line consists of Hot and cold water pressure washers available in 3
different models with adjustable pump pressures up to 150, 200, 250
bars and Cold water pressure washers available in 3 different models
with adjustable pump pressures up to 150, 200, 250 bars.

Our portable models carry the features what our customers look for;
reliability, efficiency, safety and ease of use and are ideal for
cleaning many areas such as service stations, industrial plants
especially food and beverage production plants, construction areas
and equipment, military equipment, animal farms, marinas,
buildings,statues, monuments, etc.

We seek new clients, agents and distributers worldwide.

Country: Cameroon
Description: We export cocoa and coffee products to Europe,
N.America, Asia and the rest of the world.We are looking for
partners from Asia and the Middle East.Our partners should be able
to provide the necessary fianacial resources and we,our expertise
and Human resources.Cameroon will provide a good market because of
the peace and economy properity it is currently enjoying and also
possess a good sea port.

Country: USA
Description: We are a new computer manufacturer in New York looking
to expand our export market all systems are built to the customers
request we do offer preconfigured systems at prices starting at
under $500.00 USD so if you are interested in any computers or just
parts contact me.

Country: UK
Description: We are a London based firm of international physical
commodity brokers dealing mainly n sugar, cement, urea, rice,
wheat,edible oil etc.

Country: Indonesia
Description: Bali handicraft gift souvenir wholesale and trade
information, we able to export to your country. please visit our
website and browse the completed catalouges with images for each
items offerred.

Country: China
Description: one of specialist relay manufacturer in design,scinetic
and reseach in China. We mainly produce mini large power relay-WJQX
series,the specs are:1C/1A-100A,2C/20A-60A,3C/10A-40A.They have the
following advantages:long life,larger currnet and low
consumption(40% lower than the same factory's product).Their main
techcial data conforms to IEC standard.They have been granted
Chinese National Patent Certificate, NationalPatentCertificate,
National excellent product a ward,European Market recommended
product Certificate IECC and ISO9001 Quality assuance.CE
authentication.They are widely sold over Korea,Middle east
,Europe,America etc,and take a high appraisal among the clients.

Country: China
Description: We manufacture & export: Hand rotary pump, Pitcher
pump, Barrel pump, Garden pump, Semi rotary pump, Air piston oil
pump, Drum pump, Battery pump, Dolphin pump, Siphon pump, etc.

Country: China
Description: We are the biggest chemical manufacturers of Urea
Molding Compound in China and we can supply high quality UF Power to
true buyers. Welcome you contact me for the specification of our
Urea Molding Compound. Any inquiry will be welcome and we will try
our best to cooperate with you. Your early reply will be highly

Country: China
Description: We are the biggest chemical manufacturers of Urea
Molding Compound in China and we can supply high quality UF Power to
true buyers. Welcome you contact me for the specification of our
Urea Molding Compound. Any inquiry will be welcome and we will try
our best to cooperate with you. Your early reply will be highly

Country: Pakistan
Description: Looking fo buyer for our hand stitched Soccer balls all
sorts with any kind printing, such as , logo, sign, player photo
etc, also buyers for Leather and synthetic leather Gloves all type.
Leather Garments only in Cowhide and Sheep Leather any type. Our
qualities are best but rates are competitive, you can inspect by
sending your inquiries for your interested items.

Country: China
Description: We manufacture and export wooden mdf furniture,wooden
housewares,wooden partition,bamboo roman shade blinds,bamboo roll-up
blinds,bamboo placemat.

Country: Pakistan
Description: We are looking to introduce ourselves now in
international market as a Web and Software Developers.

Country: China
Description: We are a special producer of rubber powder and their
extend products,such as rubber mat/flooring etc.. We can produce and
supply all kinds of rubber powder,crumb rubber and rubber mat etc.
with high quality and low price.

Country: India
Description: this is a pharmaceutical company manufacturing bulk
drugs as well as finished products like medicines, tablets,
capsules, syrups both kind dry as well as liquid, also injections.
so we manufacture a lot of products and already doing lot of exports
in middle east countries and almost whole of africa. want to export
at any part of the world and can do that. company has a website
address and just check-in a long list of products. give us a chance
to deal with.

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