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Export offers

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New export offers available to BizEurope members:

Last update 25 aug 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Description: We are one of manufacturers of chemical products. We
can supply you

Description: We feel pleasure to avail this opportunity to introduce
ourselves as the real manufacturer of quality surgical, dental,
manicure instruments and all sorts of scissors. We have vast
experience as working under join venture with almost all well known
instruments exporting companies here in Sialkot. And now we have
just intended ourselves to export our best quality products. If you
are looking for best quality instruments then don't waste your
precious time any more and contact us as soon as possible. We are
sure that we can provide you our best Quality instruments with
competitive prices and fast delivery.

Description: We are food distributor & manufacturer from Viet Nam.
Specializing in processing & supplying canned fruits, frozen and
fresh fruit, frozen vegetables for export. *baby sliced pineapple,
rambuttan stuffed with pineapple, mushroom, baby corn, aloe vera,
lychees, pieces mango, papaya...*beverages: 100% puree fruit juices.
*vegatable: IQF taro, shallot, IQF yam, green bean, cassava, okra,
ginger, chilli, IQF sweet potato. Pls do not hesitate to contact
with us if you have any further information.

Description: We provide China business directories in English and in
Chinese (CD/book), classified by categories and provinces, and they
cover all categories of China enterprises and organizations.

Description: Company exporting the brand new harvest of extra virgin
olive oil.
Acidity: 0.1-1.00.
Standards: European’s Union
Available in: Glass bottle (250ml, 500ml, 1lt), Tin Can (500ml, 1lt,
3lt, 5lt).
Packing: In carton boxes.

Description: We are supplying coniferous larch & spruce softwood
logs to customers in Canada and USA.

Description: We are exporting from the US since 1983 and are
currently offering folger's instant coffee all sizes (2z, 4z, 8z,
12z) and singles.
Also we have a full line of restaurant supplies including our own
line of fresh spices.

Description: Company presented its abilities in the field of metal
processing of sheet metal. Produced in accordance with the specific
customer orders and drawings. Could be finished and semi-finished
products and details.
The two main prerequisites for the vast range of metal products that
can be produced are the team of engineers and specialists working in
the plant, as well as the modern technological equipment in the
field of metal processing of sheet metal.
We plan to continue using this flexible approach to supply new
solutions to meet the varied needs of our customers in the years

Description: Manufacturers of leather shoes from Pakistan, working
in this business from last 20 Years, we can offer you best quality
on minumum price, but here again i'd like to say that quality is
guaranteed, all kind of casual and formal men shoes.

Description: Professional producer in manufacturing regenerative
blowers (side channel blowers). Turbo blowers and multistage

Description: Professional manufactory group of martial arts. We can
provide our customers various kinds of martial arts products. And
get very nice reaction from them.

Description: We are a manufacturer of sanitary stainless steel
fittings and valves. We provide a complete line of quality products
that are authorized by USA 3A standards council. Our quality system
was audited and meets requirements of ISO-9002. Our products are
mostly used in food processing, chemical processing and
pharmaceutical industries where sanitary flow controls are

Description: Base on relatively higher technique than other and
prove our new electroplating / chemical chillers and make them
Our main products are microprocesser/full function chiller machines
for electroplating/chemistry fields, chiller machines.

Description: We has been supplying highest quality aluminum, brass
and zinc parts castings of all configurations directly to the
manufacturer. exporters of die-casting, tooling, mould, aluminum,
brass, zinc, cast, lighting, heat-sink, auto-parts, motor-cover,
hardware, electric, electronic, tools.

Description: Taiwan's largest plastic pail manufacturer, often
referred to as the "Pail King". We are also into plastic injection
molding, experienced in the used of various engineering plastics for
molding products with stringent requirements.

Description: We are an expert supplier of all kinds of precision
sanitary fittings such as faucets, shower heads, shower hoses,
acrylic handles, parts and accessories to be made by hand, drop
forged brass, die-casted zinc and plastic injection. We welcome OEM
orders and buyer's samples or specifications for manufacturing.

Description: 1.Popular item, fashion style
2.Fit for chain store, gift, and promotion.
3.Long-lasting, easy install.
4.Export over 15 x 40'container per month.
5.Welcome OEM/ODM order!!

Description: Noiseless acoustic wave earphone utilizes acoustic
vibration to pass messages when it touches your skin; therefore all
background noise will be eliminated completely when you are on
phone. Wherever you are (in KTV or noisy street), the friend whom
you are talking to just can hear your voice, without the song or the
loudspeaker around you.

Description: As a professional maker and supplier of insulating
material, we understand user's requirement. Having dealing in
international trade for many years, we know how to serve customers.
For your reference, below is some product we are supplying:
1. Film
Polyimide film (similar to Dupont's Kapton), Polyester film (PET),
Polycarbonate film (PC), Polypropylene film (BOPP), PTFE
2. Flexible laminates
DM, DMD, F*DMD, Prepreg., NHN, NMN, PET/Insulating paper(Mylar
3. Mica products
Paper, Plate, Tape, Tube, and so on.
4.Rigid laminates
Epoxy glass fiber cloth sheet & tube & rod, Phenolic cotton cloth
sheet & tube & rod, Epoxy phenolic glass fiber cloth sheet & tube &
rod, Phenolic paper sheet & tube
5.Paper products
Insulating paper (fish paper), dielectric paper board (transformer
paper board), vulcanized paper board (&tube), red paper sheet, kraft
paper (cable paper), phone paper and so on.
Fiberglass sleeving coated with acrylic resin, fiberglass sleeving
coated with silicone rubber, extinguishable fiberglass sleeving,
heat-treated fiberglass sleeving, ag fiberglass sleeving for carbon
brush, vg fiberglass sleeving coated with polyvinyl chloride resin,
and etc.

Description: We offer:
Portland cement in 50 Kg bags
L.O.I. is required, by fax or e-mail.

Description: We offer:
Urea 46.
L.O.I. is required, by fax or e-mail.

Description: 2, 3, 4, 4'-Tetrahydroxybenzophenone
Synonyms: 4-(4-Hydroxybenzoyl)-1, 2, 3-trihydroxybenzene; 4-(4-
Hydroxybenzoyl) pyrogllol
CAS No.: 31127-54-5
Molecular Weight: 246.219
Molecular Formula: C13H10O5
Appearance:light yellow powder
Assay: 99%(HPLC)
Moisture: 0.5%
Ash: 0.3%
M.P.: 219-220'C
Package: 20kgs Plastic Drum
2, 3, 4, 4'-Tetrahydroxybenzophenone is used as ultraviolet light
absorber. Intermediate of ultraviolet positive photoresist in IC
industry cosmetic.
Special Recommending:
Ultraviolet Light Absorber UV-214
Ultraviolet Light Absorber UV-234
Ultraviolet Light Absorber UV-326
Ultraviolet Light Absorber UV-327
Ultraviolet Light Absorber UV-328
Ultraviolet Light Absorber UV-329.

Description: We can manufacture:
1) A complete range of nylon, plastic and metal (brass, antique
brass, aluminum and nickel brass etc), invisible, rhinestones,
polyster zippers, long chain, slider.
2) All kind of sliders and pullers with fashionable types.
3) All accessories and machinery needed for zipper production.
4) Hook and loop of different quality and sizes 5, 10, 20, 25, 30,
50, 100 mm.
To extend our markets, we are interested in dealing with potential
customers from around of the world. Please contact us for any
further information.

Description: Main manufacturer and seller of beauty care implements,
scissors and some other products in China. Professional quality our
Products are sold worldwide at the completely competitive prices and
prestigious. We can supply personal care kits/manicure sets, nail
files nail clippers, artificial nails, eyelash curlers, blackhead
extractors, eyebrow styles, electric toothbrushes, razors / shavers,
combs, tweezers, scissors.

Hong Kong
Description: Solar car ventilator
1. Solar car ventilator with integral solar cell
2. 2 tapered strips
3. 2 straight extension strips
4. 3-meter cable with cigarette lighter plug
- Removes hot and stuffy air inside your car with its unique method
of ventilation
- No wiring or batteries; Works with Solar Energy
- Does not let temperature build up in your car while parked under
- Protects car upholstery from heat breakdown
- Fits in any Car/Van window.

Hong Kong
Description: Voice remote control, a voice-activated remote control,
allows users to give voice commands to most home appliances, such as
TV, air conditioners, Hi-Fi stereos and Set Top Box. Each Voice Me
is equipped with the capacity of 30 voice commands. The user needs
to name the device as he likes before launching out the voice
command function. The device is always alert to the owner's voice.
Whenever named, he is immediately ready for the execution of voice

Description: Are you looking for a reliable mould maker who can
fabricate good quality & low cost injection moulds for your company?
We specialized in design & fabricate of all kind of UPVC pipe
fitting injection moulds, household product moulds & all kind of
electronic product casing moulds with ISO standard and competitive
If you have any enquiries, please reply and we can have a good start
in business.

Description: Tretinoin USP26
CAS Noumber: 302-79-4
Synonyms: Retinoic acid, Vitamin A acid, all-trans retinoic acid,
trans-retionic acid, vitamin A formic acid
Appearance: yellow crystalline powder
Assay: 99%miin.
Loss on Drying: 0.25%
Residue on ignition: 0.05%
Heavy Metals: 0.002%
Isotretinoin Acid: 0.9%
Package: 10KG/Tin
Applications: Tretinoin (Retinoic Acid) is a kind of drug to resist
skin cornification abnormity and induce cell divided.
Special Recommending:
Tretinoin USP26

Description: We are manufacturers of mosquito repellent coils based
in India. We are interested to export our coils which burns for
about 8 hours at a stretch and repels mosquitoes effectively. We can
offer very attractive prices and are looking for importers in south
Africa and other African countries as well as other countries which
has a requirement of mosquito repellents. Please contact us for
details of price, packing etc.

Description: Crystallized ginger
Prepared from sound fresh young ginger. Dusted with caster sugar.
Even, golden yellow colour. Tender, spicy, sweet, with fresh and
pleasant ginger flavor; available in three styles: slice, bar or

Description: Well established distributor and exporter of clothing
and accessories. Our huge inventory and product assortment enable us
to ship almost any order within 2-4 days. Our already excellent
prices are currently further enhanced by the favorable dollar-euro
exchange rate.
We currently ship to several customers in Europe. Very inexpensive
shipping by fedex air getting your order to you in a matter of days.
Please look at our website and contact us for further info.
Clothing for men, women & children as well as hats, handbags and

Description: We are the trader for Indian essential oils & aromatic
chemicals. We also undertake sourcing of any product from India as
per buyer's specification.

Description: We are pleasure to introduce ourselves as manufacturer
and exporter of all kinds of wire mesh, We mainly produce galvanized
and PVC coated welded wire mesh, hex. wire mesh, glass fibre plain
mesh, square wire mesh, rhombus wire mesh; meanwhile, we also
produce stainless steel wire mesh and various of window screening
etc. Our products are sold well in the world market, you can see our
products are of good quality and our prices are most competitive.
One of our principle is that contract is honored, that commercial
integrity is maintained.

Description: Isotretinoin USP
CAS Noumber: 4759-48-2
Synonyms: 13-cis-Retinoic acid
Appearance: yellow crystalline powder
Assay: 99%miin.
Loss on Drying: 0.5%
Residue on ignition: 0.1%
Heavy Metals: 0.002%
Package: 10KG/Tin
Special Recommending:
Tretinoin USP26
Acitretin (Intermediate)
Tetramethylbenzidine (TMB)

Description: We are manufacturers of all type of sheet metal
components like automobile parts, electronic energy meter parts and
handicraft items made from steel/metal. We are an ISO certified
company and have more than 10 years of experience in this field. All
enquiries for customized sheet metal components manufacturing are

Description: Established in 1971, is today’s the largest producer of
ductile iron pipes and fittings in China. As one of the biggest 200
enterprises in China, the annual turnover was more than 480 million
USD in the year 2002. In 1996, we are public listed in China’s stock
exchange. After rapid progress in these years, now the total asset
is about 1.5 billion usd in securities business.
We are national-owned company which belongs to China’s Big Industry
Enterprises Committee. Xinxing has passed successively the national
and Lloyd’s ISO9001 Quality certification, French BV quality
certification, and obtained PSB certification recognized by 15
countries of EU. 40% of Xinxing pipes are exported to 53 countries
and areas including Germany, Italy, Swiss, Cyprus, Egypt, Syria,
Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Singapore, Hong Kong etc.
Before you submit your data please read these important submission
rules: We only process complete forms, incomplete forms will not be
processed. Don't use capitals only, they are hard to read and to
much work for us to make them readable for our database users. Don't
submit your data many times, if you spam our registration forms your
company will be banned from our service. Keep your export offer
short and professional, our users are professional Ductile iron
pipes possessing the nature of iron and the performance of steel,
having the characteristics of high strength, high elongation, and
corrosion resistance, is the best choice for conveying water safely
and reliably.

Description: We are one of the oldest quality exporter of seafood
from India since 1976. We are in an excellent position to offer
dried jelly fish, please contact for more details.

Description: Convectors feature a high performance fan to quickly
provide an even distribution of heat to all parts of the room.
adjustable thermostat control three heat settings 750w/1250w/2000w
overheat thermal control directional outlet grilles wall mounting
option packing size: 62x13.5x44cm 1560pcs/40'.

Description: We produce and export natural extracted rose powder,
green tea powder, black tea powder, lemon powder, ect. These
products can be widely used in the industry of food, drinks,
alcohol, health stuff, cosmetics, etc. To improve color, fragrance
and taste as well as add nutrient. The price list can be seen at our
web site
We have a rose plantation base and a botanic drugs factory, which
purifies and extracts Yunnan's edible flowers, fruit, leaves and
roots. Welcome to visit us and do business with us, thank you!

Description: We are interested in seeking to create beneficial
business opportunities with potential companies. We welcome your
inquiries and questions you may have. Your valuable comments and
suggestions would help us to improve to serve you better. Drop in
our website or email us anytime for newer products update.
Experience brings about confidence, with time comes trust. Diversity
is our strength.

Description: We are manufacture and exporters of paper & packaging
material. Posters, danglers, corrugated boxes, cartons, fliers,

Description: We are a molding company out here in Tainan, Taiwan. We
produce molds for cameras, camera parts, camera lens, computer
shells to computer related items such as ink cartridges etc.., gas
regulators, clocks to clock gears, electrical switches, electronic
appliances, house appliances, parts to chairs (seat pans, legs and
wheels), bathroom products (soap dispensers and much more), plumbing
device parts to pipes etc.

Description: Product range:
Electronics: mouse, connector, microphone, telephone, computer front
Sporting goods: tennis, shoes, ski, protector(in-line skate), bike.
Others: sanitary facilities, wheels, handle,. ....etc.
Main customers: Japan: Japana, Yonex, Bridgestone
U.S.A.: UMC, Prince
Europe: Laguelle s.a., Babolat, Spanninga
Other Areas: H.R.D. Singapore Pte Ltd.

Description: Claimed to be the only ISO 9002 certified maker of DC
to AC power inverters in Taiwan, we focuse highly on research and
development, which brings about stable growth for the company.
Our products include: 1. DC to AC Power Inverters2. Battery
Checkers/Testers, 3. Ceramic Heater Fan4. Hands Free Car Kits,
Universal Celluar Phone Holders5. Transforming DC power from cars,
boats, R.V.'s into AC output.6. Warming for bodies, cars, rooms and
etc. (CE, Semko, Finko, Nemko certified)7. Easily check the
alterator battery level & battery charger.

Description: We are specialized in food enclosure tailormade
machine, french-bread machine, bread-machine machinery, steamed pie
machine, bun-machine, crisp-skin bread machine, cutted-bun machine,
moon-cake machine. To welcome domestic and foreign trader,
purchasing merchant develop market together. We will develop,
improve and manufacture our product incessantly for furnishing
market's demand. To welcome domestic and foreign trader, purchasing
merchant develop market together.

Description: Established in year 1985 in Taiwan, we started as a
designer and manufacturer of medical equipment accessories including
electro-pads, conductive adhesives, gels and wires.
After years of development, we now also produce unique TENS units,
EMS and Medium Frequency Therapy units which have widely been
acknowledged by all of our customers in the fields of professional
medical care, beauty treatment and home health care.

Description: Our specialties include manufacturing moulds for
automotive parts, electronic components, houseware, trowel, dustpan
and various plastic products.

Description: We are specialized in tungsten carbide screw drawing
tubing dies, extraordinary inner & outer drawing tubing dies,
extraordinary hot extrusion dies, variety of extraordinary cold
drawing dies, variety of extraordinary drawing dies.

Description: We are specialized in 3D design, old designing, product
development, specialized in R&D.

Description: We are specialized in injection molds & MFG, mold,
mould, plastic mold.

Last update 24 aug 2004

Full details of these offers, click here

Yellow fin tuna (thunnus albacares)
Bigeye tuna (thunnus obesus)
Skipjack tuna
Frozen, loins, flake and canned.

Description: New Cisco VCO 4K Switches for Sale
We have 10 Cisco (Summa) VCO 4K switches available for sale. They
are presently in a temp. control warehouse and are still in original
packaging and available for inspection.
We are Est since 1999 and have contracts/relations with all key
operators in UK/Germany and Benelux.

Description: We are shea butter exporter from Africa. Top quality
shea butter. We need whole sale buyers with regular supply.

Description: We are a branded zipper manufacturer from Republic of
Korea. Our Canada office operates as a service center.
Zipper manufactured by us:
Plastic zipper #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10 (open, close, 2-way)
Polyester/coil zipper #3, #4, #5, #8 (open, close, 2-way)
Metal zipper (brass, aluminum, nickel) #3, #5, #7, #10 (open, close,
Pre-formed brass zipper for jeans and high quality trousers: #4.5,
Sliders: regular, special, OEM
Manufacturing units:
Republic of Korea --- 2 nos. (will cater to USA and Canada)
Bangladesh ------------ 1 nos.

Description: Supply holographic stickers, Lenticular, hologram
machines, hologram masters.

Description: I want to make enquiries on how to get your products
and your mode of payment. Unfortunately my company only issue bank-
draft, cheque and money order so if there is any other mode of
payment apart from that please tell me because my company is
interested in your products which are needed urgently due to the
demand in market. Looking forward to build a GOOD business

Description: High-tech enterprise in China, specializing in Chinese
herbal products, we are very happy that we can supply the acarus-
removing moisten & whitten film. This product not only can relieve
acarus, but also can whiten, moistens, comfort the skin. It is
refined form natural herbs so without side effects and toxicity and
is new multifunctional film. The specification is: 4 tissues + a
bottle of film/ Box.
Please inform us if you have something interested or have specific
requirements, we will send you the details for your reference. and
welcome to visit our net site to get more details: www.***.com
Looking forward to your early reply, and hope to establish a
profitable business relations with you.

Description: Weight loss product - Sumei body beauty plaster.
- Soft plaster, external application (stick to navel each night)
- Contains pure Chinese herbal medicines
- SLiming at women's fat. Can eliminate fat.
- Non rebound, no side-effect.
Exported to Singapore, Malaysia, etc. Looking for distributors or
agents worldwide.
Please inform us if you have something interested or have specific
requirements, we will send you the details for your reference. and
welcome to visit our net site to get more details: www.***.com
Looking forward to your early reply, and hope to establish a
profitable business relations with you.

Description: We produce woven elastic webbing and woven pp webbing,
the woven elastic webbing is used for garments and furniture, the
woven pp webbing is used for luggage and hoisting, if you need them,
pls contact us for further information.

Description: Our experienced workers produce stainless steel woven
wire mesh in materials of stainless steel 304, 304L, 316 and 316L.
In two weaving patterns: plain weave and twill weave.
Stainless steel woven wire mesh is ideal sieve and filter material
in the acid and alkali environment, in petroleum industry and
chemical industry.
Processing at customers specific requirements or with customer
supplied material is also cordially welcome.

Description: We are professional company engaged in research,
development, manufacture and distribution of exhibition equipment.
Our products mainly include popup stands, banner stands, truss,
fetlock, light boxes and sales promotion appliance. Under our
scientific management, we make it possible to provide products to
our clients with better quality in very competitive price and to
keep developing dynamic new display equipments.

Description: ***Silicone bra (nubra made in China***
***nubra, nudy bra, silicone bra, nudey bra
We has been specializing in the silicon gel product for many years.
Bearing "honsety, innovation, efficiency, quality" in mind, and with
"for the people, production in accordance with green audit" as
motto, it has produced many kinds of silicon products in the demand
of the socity, such as: brassiere, siwmming cap, diving glasses,
nipple, and signboard.

Description: Kirara Fuji is newly developed and launched, which is
Corpuscle Spreader aiming at
1) Taking bad smell
2) Removing fungus and mold
3) Taking relux with minus ion, etc.
Patented and great effectiveness in hotel, VIP saloon, pet house,
beauty and hair saloon, este saloon, karaoke house, hospitals,
homes, etc, etc.
This has light and sprayed with corpuscle.
Now we started to seek the Agent, Importer, etc in the world because
this must be sellable.
First comers is most welcomed who has strong sales channels in the
above fields.
We could offer spreader + liquid.
Get it and take the aromatic, skin, relaxed, etc and have good

Description: The greatest things in this world is not so much where
we are but in which direction we are moving, either towards "quality
or bauble reputation" we wish you to know that quality is not
inherited it is the cons tent struggles of human feelings which we
have for human being.
We are basically manufacturer of "surgical, dental hollow are,
manicure & all sorts of scissors" which are being manufactured in
luxury halls with skillful hands of our forefathers who used to
perform this duty for the satisfaction of all "living beings".
Now this art has been transferred to us, and we R keeping this art
like worshiping.
So we do offer you the hand of business friendship as a real

Description: Yacon Properties - Effective antidiabetic, by its
active hipoglyc?mica power to reduce the sugar level in the blood. -
Produced according to norms IFOAM for organic products. Fertilizing
&pesticides are not used nor. - Products with sweet flavor thanks to
the high content of FOS (Oligofructosa) which are not digested by
the human intestine in addition serve as noncaloric sweeteners (in
addition the present sugars are not cariog?nicos). -Avoids the
dental decay. The increase of FOS ingestion improves the intestinal
functions and prevents the constipation since it works like a smooth
laxative. - The vitamin synthesis of the complex B Stimulates. -
Additionally aid to the development of bifidobacterias and bacillus
subtilis (beneficial Bacteria in the colon), which helps to reduce
lipids in the blood, like triglic?ridos and cholesterol (against the
artereoesclerosis). - The growth of the microorganisms Avoids that
tend to cause diarreas. - Aid to the reabsorci?n of calcium Contains
f?lico acid which helping to the prevention of the osteoporosis. -
Bifidobacterias also acts like immunomoduladores, since in c?lon
they absorb procargin?genos that contribute to the prevention of
c?lon cancer.

Description: Exporters of various Indian handicrafts along with a
vast range of other gift articles offering a wide range right from
small gift novelties to entire recreated antique authentic and
modern furniture for an entire household.

Description: Torque rod bush, engine mounting, center bearing,
suspension bush, other rubber, rubber to metal bonded for automotive
vehicles... produced in Thailand...welcome the associate and

Description: The southwestern Pearl River delta, near Zhongshan,
Foshan, Hong Kong, and Macao. There are many alien here. There is a
long history of engaging business here. Our company was founded in
1986. We can offer to sell all kinds of antique furniture.

Description: Specialized in series of perlite filter aid
manufacturing. We can offer to sell swell perlite, metallurgy swell
perlite, perlite filter aid, waterproof and heat preservation board.

Description: We are the group & manufacturer and specialize in
mobile phone products, automotive performance parts, molds tooling,
plastic & rubber injecting, new products developing, and
incorporated with the mission of providing the superior quality and
competitive price.
Please visit our websites to know more about us. Our businesses are
as following;
1.Mobile phone products, new products developing including PCB
designing & manufacturing.
2.Automotive performance products, car cooler, mirrors, LCD monitor,
TV tuner etc.
3.Mold tooling, plastic & rubber injecting.

Description: The newly-developed rubber piston rings are made from
imported raw material and by the latest formula. It has high
resistance to abrsion, oil and alkali, and is with strong lash
resistance strength high hardness and elastics, too. It has been
proved that the newly-developed rubber piston ring can be used to
convey materials to the height of 250m or as far as 2000m at level
distance. When the pressure of concrete pump goes up to 20MPa, the
transporting amount can reach more than 10000m3.For the sake of such
excellence performance, the product has enjoyed a good reputation
among users. It has been used instead of the imported rubber piston
ring with cloth as framework.

Description: We take the pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of
the leading manufacturer and exporter of India, dealing in leather
We are manufacturing ladies, men’s and children’s vest, jacket,
coat, blazer, pant, skirt, shorts etc. We are also manufacturing
large quantity varsity jackets and woolen jacket. We are making
garments in different type of leather skins like sheep / lamb nappa,
goat, cow & buff in various colors and quality as per our customers

Description: Polyester
Curtain fabric
Shower curtain fabric

Description: We are manufacture and exporter from two types of
products from textile and paper products, for Gifts, Christmas
decorative items from textile, Christmas ornaments, Kitchen
accessories such as fancy ovenmitts, pot holders, bag holders.
Aprons, slippers, bath puppets, children toys, wall hanging, card
holders and mulberly paper products such as gifts bags, wine bags,
greeting cards, Holidays cards ect. We would like to joy with buyer
and distributor in America, Europe, Australia and others market in

Description: We are manufacturer and exporters of chessmen pieces,
chess boards, chess sets made of Rose wood, sheesham wood, Ebony
wood and Box wood combination of various designs and in different
patterns. All this at competitive wholesale rates for only bulk
order exports.
If you are looking for some of the above items, then you are viewing
a right company details.

Description: Established in 1988, our company is producing high-
quality swimwear and fitness suits. We are looking for new business
partners (agents, distributors, retail chains, shopping malls, etc.)
in the world. Our company has a registered trade-mark.

Description: We are professional fastener maker. The major products
are spring pin, retaining ring, plate nut, clip, washer, coil
spring, snap pin, split pin, and stamping parts of auto bike,
computer... etc.

Description: 1. These are latest two shapes of Handy Compatible
controller for using with newly released gaming systems of X-Box &
Game Cube.
2. Standard color for XB-205 is Black.
3. Standard color for GC-001 is purple or black.
4. With vibration feedback function.
5. With Turbo function (one button).

Description: We were originally established in knitting industry
over 40 years ago. Afterwards, expands its business to include the
manufacturing of the circular knitting machine.

Description: We are a well-experienced and major ladies'
knitted/woven wear of designer labels in Taiwan. Main products:
lady’s knitted/woven causal wear, jackets, blouses, t-shirts, pants,
dresses & skirts.

Description: Our lines include various mechanical rollers such as
the rollers for making plastic products, metallic products as well
as paper products. From pattern's design to finished roller, we can
totally meet the customers' requirements.

Description: Founded in 1949, our plant is located in San-Chih
Hsiang professionally producing aluminum impact extrusion products
as well as top of the line metal press buckles.

Description: We has since been extended to a full range of high-tech
food processing machinery including automatic spring roll, dumpling,
ravioli, samosa, meat bun, shu mai, won ton, empanada and other
kinds of encrusted ethnic foods making machine...etc.

Description: Bar transfer magazine is a ideal machine for chamfering
the double end of the tube. It allow for complete automatic
operation from the material bin, through the feeding slide and de-
burring process to unloading to raise the level of efficiency and
maximize your production capabilities.

Description: We have our own machines and produce embroidered
badges, woven badges, metal pins, key chains, baseball caps,
embroidered banners, printed flags, lanyards, T-shirts, Polo-shirts
and wallets etc.

Description: Manufactures of semi-auto miter cutting band saws,
automatic miter cutting band saws, automatic column type band saws,
semi-auto column type band saws, special equipments.

Description: We specialized in manufacturing nylon 6 & 66 staple
fiber for textile, non-woven, flocking & carpet usages.
Production range: Diameter: 1 den ~ 70 den; Length: 1" ~ 272";
Luster: Bright, Semi-Dull, Full-Dull, Sporking.

Description: Established in 1992, we are one of the largest and
professional manufacturers of traverse rod and drapery hardware in
Asia, with headquarter in Taipei and factory in China. We are well
equipped with innovative facilities from the States, Japan and
Taiwan. Over the last few years we have been launching into first
class technology, workshops, engineering and managerial systems.

Description: Looks just like your mobile phone, allows you to carry
it anywhere without others aware: in class, in seminar, in shop,
place of worship, library, on train or bus during trip, etc.

Description: We offer you our transport service. We have low prices
and guaranteed quality. The firm is an transport-expedition company,
which works in Baltic countries, SNG, countries of Central and the
Western Europe, Scandinavia. We are making transportations of cargo
from 1 till 24 tones by our tracks - awnings and refrigerator cars
and container platforms. We use CMR, TIR, CEMT insurances. As
additional services we offer goods declarations, services of custom-
brokers and cargo insurance.

Description: One of the most important refinery in Europe. Olive
oil, private label, 1oo% virgin olive oil soap.

Description: We have organic, raw, guarantee high quality shebutter.
We need whole sale regular buyers. Product is from Africa.

Description: Offer Crimped Wire Mesh
Materials: black steel wire. White steel wire. lead wire. Stainless
steel wire etc. Weaving and characteristic: weaving after crimp. the
structure is strong.
Mesh: 0.7-21. wire diameter (mm):0.50-4.8
Uses: most used in mine. Coal factory. Construction etc professions.

Description: Offer square hole and lead wire cloth
Materials: high quality galvanized iron wire
Weaving and characteristic: plain weaving.
Uses: used wide in sieving of industry. Building. Coal carbon.
Mine's stone and sand, filter liquid and gas, machine ventilation
safeguard etc.

Description: Offer Paper-making meshes
Materials: phosphor bronze wire. Tin bronze wire, brass wire,
stainless steel wire, polyester wire.
Weaving and characteristics: the products include square hole mesh,
retangular hole poainmesh, twill mesh and three wire mesh. According
to the weaving, polyester forming fabrics can be divided into3, 4,
5, 7, or8 sbed fabrics. According to the use it can be divided into
joined or endless fabrics, thus possessing excellent corrosion
resistance and abrasion resistance.
Uses: they are applied as circular mesh and long mesh in papermaking
industry, as well as riddling and filtering mesh inlther industries

Description: Our corporation is appointed manufacturer of Swiss
sunrise watch, watch type have: amatory watch, lady watch, sport
watch, gift watch, Price is favorable, guarantee quality and offer
promptly delivery If you want to understand our company and our
products detailed please contact us.

Description: 100% natural 60% less sodium sea salt (worlds only).
100% natural sea salt 99% sodium. Both salts are very high in
natural minerals. Approved and supported by prevention magazine and
The British Medical Journal.

Description: We are mainly dealing with the sales of 100% spun
polyester yarn & sewing thread sorts. 100% cotton combed gazed
mercerized yarns and thread modal yarns, tencel yarns, soybean fiber
yarns, bamboo fiber yarns, coolplus yarns, maize yarns.
100% cotton yarns & threads, polyester/cotton yarns and cloth and
And we have been specializing in this line for more than 30 years,
and in the export of our products to many countries, such as Italy,
Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Greece, United Kingdom, the U.S,
South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and some other countries. Our
products are very popular with the customers from all these
countries. We sincerely welcome all that are interested in this line
to contact us in the near future for mutual benefit, and are ready
for your good partner.
Besides the above-mentioned products, we can supply you the unlisted
products as you requested. Please contact us whenever and whatever
you need without any hesitations, and we will make you our best and
favorable offers.

Description: We are a manufacturer specialized in producing all
kinds of leisure products. Such as beach chair, rattan stack chair,
complete set furniture including table and chair, tents, camp bed,
etc. We also have a strong capacity of production developing and
design. Welcome all customers' enquiry also your new style of these
items' pics or samples for your customized production.

Description: We can supply pantothenic acid sodium, 4-
methoxyacetophenone, phloroglucinol dihydrate/anhydrous, 1, 3, 5-
trimethoxy benzene, ATMP, tetrabutyl ammonium bromide,
spironolactone, 2-aminoimidazole sulfate and its intermediates,
granistron, gentamycin sulfate, tobramycin sulfate, o-anisidine,
cialis and PT141.
For more details, please contact with me by email or fax.

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