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Export offers

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Update : 29.8.2002

Click here for full details of these export offers

Title: Agro/dairy/poultry machines & equipment [India]
Title: All kinds of embroidery thread and sewing thread [China]
Title: All kinds of rice [Pakistan]
Title: Aluminum honeycomb core [Korea]
Title: Apparel and home textile [India]
Title: Art clocks, glass photo frame, wooden/resin/plastic picture [China]
Title: Brass building hardware, brass gifts items, X-mas items [India]
Title: Brazilian fruits [Brazil]
Title: Brazilian refined cane sugar/icumsa [Turkey]
Title: C.P. & colored sanitary fittings [India]
Title: Cedar wooden doors [Colombia]
Title: Chili, pepper (white and black), cardomom, clove, cinamon [Sri Lanka]
Title: Collared T shirt [Malaysia]
Title: Color TV, LCD TV, TV, color monitor, LCD monitor, etc [Taiwan]
Title: Condoms [Malaysia]
Title: Consulting, representing foreign firms and trading [Croatia]
Title: Cooker hoods and aspirators, all kinds of mail boxes [Turkey]
Title: Corn starch, glucose syrup, corn oil, maltodextrin [Indonesia]
Title: Crystal crafts [China]
Title: Dark-Free car number plate recognition camera [Korea]
Title: Electric golf trolley, scooters and other sport products [Hong Kong]
Title: Equipment, high frequency-related machines, for cookware [Korea]
Title: Food and beverages [Indonesia]
Title: Freight forwarder and logistics service provider [China]
Title: Frozen and slaughtered lamb [Argentina]
Title: Frozen dehydrated fresh vegetable, canned products, dried fruit [China]
Title: Furniture [Malaysia]
Title: General purpose adhesives [Pakistan]
Title: Glass products [India]
Title: Gloves, aprons, sleeves, welding jacket, caps, leg guard [Pakistan]
Title: Grains [Russia]
Title: Granite blocks, slabs, tiles, monuments and crafts [India]
Title: Indian accessories [India]
Title: Internet marketing solution [Pakistan]
Title: Jasmine rice, personal care products, cosmetics, bags [Thailand]
Title: KD metal furniture manufacturer [China]
Title: Leather garments and we also have a large units of T-shirts [Pakistan]
Title: Live tropical fishes [Nigeria]
Title: Marble [Turkey]
Title: Marble, granite and travertine and onyx stone products [Iran]
Title: Men, ladies and children wears [Indonesia]
Title: Metal hardware [China]
Title: Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries [China]
Title: Non programmable and fully programmable RWG thermostats [Australia]
Title: Nylon/polyester mono-filament yarns [Korea]
Title: Permanent magnetic materials [China]
Title: Powder detergents "DEVI" [Romania]
Title: Precious glass stones, Eco-candle [Hong Kong]
Title: Radiator thermostat (valves) [China]
Title: Regenerated polyester staple fiber [Turkey]
Title: Sealed valve-regulated lead acid battery [China]
Title: Sex toys [China]
Title: Spanish young wine [Spain]
Title: Sporting goods, martial arts, gloves and footballs [Pakistan]
Title: Stainless steel forged fasteners [India]
Title: Stainless steel products [India]
Title: Stainless steel utensils, kitchenware, cookware & giftware [India]
Title: Surgical instruments [Pakistan]
Title: Telescopes on stand and hand held, binoculars, compasses
Title: Terry towels [India]
Title: Volkswagen golf mk1 & mk2 spares [South Africa]
Title: Warning sign boards [France]
Title: White Verdeca, Red Sangiovese, Rose' Malvasia, table wines [Italy]
Title: Wooden, iron wire, bamboo, rattan, fern products [China]

Update : 26.8.2002

Click here for full details of these export offers

Title: 100% cotton fabrics in Handloom, all home textiles made ups [India]
Title: Alaskan Pollack fillet and yellow fin sole fillet [China]
Title: All kinds knitwear [Bangladesh]
Title: All kinds of dinner set, coffee set, tea set, milk cup, etc [China]
Title: Commodities (including fresh, dried, canned, fruit/nuts) [South Africa]
Title: Anchor bolts, zamac expansion anchors, pipe connections
Title: Babycare products [South Africa]
Title: Bicycle chain [China]
Title: Chinese groundnuts and garlic [China]
Title: Computer components and hardware [UAE]
Title: Computers [USA]
Title: Cow liver gravel all dried, entire and pieces [Ecuador]
Title: Crab meat frozen, cold smoked salmon/rainbow trout fillets sliced [Chile]
Title: Cubic zirconia, synthetic stones [Thailand]
Title: Decor stones [Singapore]
Title: Food and packing [Turkey]
Title: Frozen dehydrated fresh vegetable, canned products, dried fruit 
Title: Herbal viagra [China]
Title: High quality stainless steel products [Pakistan]
Title: High quality switches [Hong Kong]
Title: Home furnishings, madeups and readymades [India]
Title: Home textiles [Korea]
Title: Knit, woven & sweaters [Bangladesh]
Title: Manwell capsule [China]
Title: Market investigation, trade design, trade registration, product begin
Title: Paper products [India]
Title: PET resin for bottle grade [Korea]
Title: Pharmaceutical, fine chemical, intermediate, cosmetic ingredient [China]
Title: Producing paper shredders [China]
Title: Quality knitted garments [India]
Title: Resin casted exclusive gifts and utility products [India]
Title: Saddlery, brided items & dog accessories [India]
Title: Sanitary wares, faucets marble & granite, bathroom accessories [China]
Title: Scientific instrument and ophtalmic instruments [India]
Title: Series metal iron wire [China]
Title: Stainless steel products [India]
Title: Surgical and medical instruments [Pakistan]
Title: Technical grade of pesticides [India]
Title: Titanium sponge fines 0-2mm, 1-3mm, etc [Ukraine]
Title: Trizine herbicides [China]
Title: Various designs of vases, candleholders, jewelry box, table lamps, etc Title: Various kinds of rice [Thailand]
Title: Working gloves (cotton, PVC, nitrile and latex) [Hong Kong]

Update : 22.8.2002

Click here for full details of these export offers

Title: 50-500kv straight, curved, baton, pen type
Title: All kinds of boxing equipment, martial arts [Pakistan]
Title: All types of Chinese fabrics [China]
Title: Aluminum honeycomb core [Korea]
Title: Aquarium colorful decorative light [Hong Kong]
Title: Black and galvanized pipes [India]
Title: Cardanol (phenol) [India]
Title: Chemicals and welding electrodes [China]
Title: Construction tools & materials [China]
Title: Cotton and polycotton yarns [Israel]
Title: Crystal crafts [China]
Title: Dehydrated vegetables, nut and fruits [China]
Title: Egyptian perfume glass bottles, candle holders, etc [Egypt]
Title: Electrical components [China]
Title: Food products [India]
Title: Friction dust (friction particles) [India]
Title: Hair clipper, manicure/pedicure, elec. toothbrush, etc [China]
Title: Handloom and power loom cotton fabrics and made-ups [India]
Title: Handy craft made from natural materials especially wooden
Title: Health care, hotel, outdoors, bags, promotional and gifts series
Title: Heavy-sized, normal-sized pipe wrenches, alloy pipe wrenches
Title: High quality Yixing tea pot [China]
Title: Hologram label [China]
Title: Indian sandstones [India]
Title: Innovative car cleaning product [Singapore]
Title: IT components and PCs [UAE]
Title: Knitted garments: T-shirts, night wears, pajamas [India]
Title: Men’s accessories [Japan]
Title: Neobite’s Raptor PC [USA]
Title: New energy drinks, soft drinks, wellness drinks and the first
Title: Non GMO soy products [India]
Title: Plywood, melamine coated particle board, medium density fiber
Title: Products from Argentina sea, however too wines, fruits &
Title: Professional audio equipment [China]
Title: Reconditioned equipment for PET bottles and preforms producing
Title: Sanitary napkins [China]
Title: Slaughter plant and refrigeration systems [Korea]
Title: Soex handcrafted filter cigarettes [India]
Title: Super bonsai, mainly ficus, zelkova, carmona and serissa [China]
Title: The Black Dragon PC gamers solution [USA]
Title: Urine bags [Iran]

Update : 19.8.2002

Click here for full details of these export offers

Title: 2-chloronicotinic acid, nicotinic acid/niacin, nicotinamide [China]
Title: All kinds of bags [China]
Title: Aluminum composite panel production line [Korea]
Title: Aluminum composite pipe production line [Korea]
Title: Aluminum powder [China]
Title: Chinese antique furniture [China]
Title: Color coating line [Korea]
Title: Continuous galvanizing line [Korea]
Title: CPP film production line [Korea]
Title: Denim, various kinds of stretch fabrics, and high-grade fabrics [China]
Title: Dicalcium phosphate [China]
Title: Exquisite handcrafted mirror [Malaysia]
Title: Fabrics [China]
Title: Garments and textiles [Bangladesh]
Title: Ilmenite and rutile sand [China]
Title: Lamps and lanterns [China]
Title: Magnesium sulfate granular [China]
Title: Magnets and related magnetic items [China]
Title: MAP, MKP and DAP [China]
Title: Orthopedic casting tape [China]
Title: Permanent magnets NdFeB, ferrite [China]
Title: Petro additive products [China]
Title: Philippine made handcrafted quality items [Philippines]
Title: Plaster of Paris bandage [China]
Title: Plastic pipe production line [Korea]
Title: Plastic sheet production line [Korea]
Title: Production of tropical food crops [Cameroon]
Title: Products under $0.30 each [China]
Title: Rubber products [China]
Title: Sebacic acid, diocthel sebacate, dibutyl sebacate, etc [China]
Title: Sodium fluosilicate [China]
Title: Stainless steel wire mesh,expanded wire mesh,copper wire mesh [China]
Title: Stamping foil of textile application [Korea]
Title: Tung oil [China]
Title: Ultrasonic coupling agent [China]
Title: White barite powder [China]
Title: Woodworking equipment [Czech Republic]
Title: Zinc sulfate monohydrate [China]

Click here for full details of these export offers

Update : 15.8.2002

Title: 2nd hand full reconditioned equipment for PET bottles producing [Slovak]
Title: Adipic acid, acetic acid, pentaerythritol, p-nitrotoluene [Ukraine]
Title: Bathing utensils, water nozzle, shower room, bathtub [China]
Title: Building materials [Korea-South]
Title: Cables, electronic wire, telephone cord [China]
Title: Caper [Turkey]
Title: Chandeliers, pendants, floor and table lamps [China]
Title: Chinese antique furniture
Title: Cork granule raw material and cork products [China]
Title: Crawfish, silver fish [China]
Title: Door locks, lever locks [China]
Title: Heat shrinkable products [Korea-South]
Title: Hydrofluoric Acid,Anhydrous Hydrofluoric Acid,Ammonium Fluoride [China]
Title: Knit items [Bangladesh]
Title: Linux-based powerful chip for Server functions [Taiwan]
Title: Organic and inorganic chemicals [China]
Title: Packaging material, plastic bags such as HDPE, LDPE and PP [China]
Title: Paper shredders [China]
Title: Round latex inflatable balloon [UK]
Title: Sourcing french made hospital equipment [UK]
Title: Soybean directly from farmers [India]
Title: Sunglasses [China]
Title: Switches ISO 9001:2000 [Hong Kong]

Click here for full details of these export offers

Update : 12.8.2002

Title: Acid dyes, leather goods [India]
Title: Architectural ornamental cast stone [China]
Title: Car alarm [China]
Title: Clothes hanger [China]
Title: Coffee creamer (powder) [Netherlands]
Title: Consultancy [Estonia]
Title: Cosmetics case, travel case, medical aid case etc [China]
Title: DVD player, VCD player, Mini VCD music component, amplifier [China]
Title: Embroidery thread
Title: Flatware, dishes, pans, swords and manicure items [Pakistan]
Title: Granite blocks, slabs, tiles, monuments and crafts [India]
Title: Handicrafts of wood and iron [India]
Title: Herbal Viagra capsule [China]
Title: Home textile, fabrics, towels, napkins [Pakistan]
Title: Import/export to Brazil [Brazil]
Title: Knit products [Bangladesh]
Title: Knitted items [Pakistan]
Title: Linen and semi-linen yarns and fabrics [Russia]
Title: Lowcost items suitable for convenience stores [China]
Title: Natural stone products [China]
Title: Office furniture [Estonia]
Title: Peas, wheat, barley [Ukraine]
Title: Photoluminescent pigment [China]
Title: Polyester resin and powder coatings [India]
Title: Roses and carnations [Colombia]
Title: Rucksacks, travel bags [China]
Title: Sanitaryware, faucets, bathroom accessories [China]
Title: Security products [Korea-South]
Title: Solar lights, solar radio [China]
Title: Spring water [USA]
Title: Surgical and medical instruments [Pakistan]
Title: Surgical, Dental & Veterinary Instruments [Pakistan]
Title: Terry towel, bathrobe [Pakistan]
Title: Triethyl phosphate,1-Phenyl-3-Methyl-5-Pyrazolone [China]
Title: Upholstered furniture [Turkey]
Title: Videophone [Singapore]
Title: Water heathers, footwear, chemicals, yarns, food [Oman]
Title: Wooden carving, stone sculptures, bamboo steamer [China]

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Update : 07.8.2002

Title: 3-Nitro (Roxarsone) 1000 Kgs [India]
Title: Aminotrimethylene phosphonic Acid [China]
Title: Bottled premium spring water [USA]
Title: Business consulting, representation [Argentina]
Title: Calcium Formate, Potassium Formate, Formic Acid [China]
Title: Caper [Turkey]
Title: Cigarettes [India]
Title: Crystal rocksalt lamps [Pakistan]
Title: Full automatic car antenna [China]
Title: Gas regulators and appiances [China]
Title: Granite products [China]
Title: High quality open frame crt/lcd monitors with touch screen
Title: Horse Riding Equipment and Veterinary Items [Pakistan]
Title: Horse saddlery, dog accessories [India]
Title: Knitted garments and fabrics [India]
Title: MAP, MKP and DAP [China]
Title: Metal furniture [China]
Title: Phosphorous Acid 99%min [China]
Title: Plywood of different sizes and thickness [Russia]
Title: Printed beach towels [China]
Title: Resistance welding equipments and microwelders [Germany]
Title: Software solution provider of application software [Argentina]
Title: Sports goods [Pakistan]
Title: Toshiba Satellite Laptop [USA]
Title: Trellis panels of solid wood with overlaid rods [Argentina]
Title: Wooden and iron furniture, handicrafts [India]
Title: Wound dressing [Korea South]
Title: Zinc Sulfate Monohydrate [China]
Title; Spirally reinforced flexible pvc hoses for Agriculture/Industry [Turkey]

Click here for full details of these export offers

Update : 05.8.2002

Title: Air conditioners [China]
Title: Aromatic decorative candles [Thailand]
Title: Cambodian Black Pepper [Cambodia]
Title: Colour flame candles [Malaysia]
Title: Detergents, soaps [India]
Title: DVD Player, VCD Player, Mini VCD Music Component [Hong Kong]
Title: Embroidery thread and sewing thread [China]
Title: Energy meter and meter reading system [China]
Title: Giftware, promotional items [China]
Title: Home textile commodities [China]
Title: Italian color glass photo frames and clocks [Thailand]
Title: Kettles, Irons, Deep Fryers, Steam Vacuum Cleaners, Hair Dryers [UK]
Title: LCD TV, removable TV tuner [Netherlands]
Title: Lithopone [China]
Title: Log homes, commercial buildings, cabins [Korea-South]
Title: Magic Sky Fountains & Mist Makers [China]
Title: Magnesium metals, cobalt powder, chemicals [China]
Title: Maruti Suzuki parts [India]
Title: Mongolian scoured wool [Mongolia]
Title: Omega-3 health oil [Canada]
Title: POF shrink film [China]
Title: Precious metals [Colombia]
Title: Pvc floor coverings and dotp for the plastic industry [Turkey]
Title: Refined sparkling White Cane Sugar [USA]
Title: Sealed lead-acid rechargeable batteries [China]
Title: Spices, curry powders, masalas [India]
Title: Table/floor lamps,terracotta pottery, paintings, gifts [India]
Title: Womens wholesale lingerie, sleepwear [USA]
Title: Wooden and rattan furniture [Indonesia]
Title: Wooden toys, office furniture, hand-craft [China]

Click here for full details of these export offers

Update : 01.8.2002

Title: Activated carbon and raw material [Malaysia]
Title: Advertising objects, company gifts [Germany]
Title: Agrochemicals,pesticides,include insecticides, herbicides [China]
Title: Air-conditioner, freezing cabinet, mini-refrigerator [China]
Title: Apparel [India]
Title: Bag clip [Taiwan]
Title: Binocular,Calculator,Camera,Clock,Computer accessories [Korea-South]
Title: Camera tripod and video tripod, photography equipment [China]
Title: Capacitors [China]
Title: Chemical products and raw material of pharmaceuticals [China]
Title: Chinese antique furniture [China]
Title: Chinese granite,marble, slate, pebble [China]
Title: Coconut fiber [Bangladesh]
Title: Condoms, babycare products, toiletries [Malaysia]
Title: Corn, corn starch, sugar, syrup, corn oil [China]
Title: Cotton bags [Pakistan]
Title: cotton handloom homefurnishings, madeups, cotton apparels [India]
Title: Disposable razors [USA]
Title: Fertilizers, pigments, chemicals [Romania]
Title: French perfumes [Italy]
Title: Glass perfume bottles, essence, jewellery, leather, woodwork [Egypt]
Title: Grease and washed wool [Turkey]
Title: Hand made statues, lights and gift items [UAE]
Title: Italian furniture [Italy]
Title: Italian shoes [Italy]
Title: Jute and jute products [Belgium]
Title: Lighting, lamps, torches [China]
Title: Metal halide lamps,high-pressure sodium/mercury lamps [China]
Title: Mobile phone and auto accessories [Taiwan]
Title: OEM batteries [Brazil]
Title: Orchids cutflower and plants with flowers [Thailand]
Title: Pain relief pen [UK]
Title: Phosphate of STTP,DSP,TSP,MSP,SAAP,DCP,MCP,MAP,DAP [China]
Title: Pipes, bolts, nuts, hand tools, pumps [Taiwan]
Title: Potassium carbonate, tung oil, gum rosin, biocides, copper foils [Taiwan]
Title: pre-rinse units, service sink faucets, commercial faucets [Taiwan]
Title: Promotion gifts and stationery [Syria]
Title: Red Chilli [India]
Title: Rosenthal and Bulgari porcelain tableware [Germany]
Title: Solar garden lamp [Hong Kong]
Title: Souring agent [India]
Title: Sports wear, footballs, gloves, work wear [Pakistan]
Title: Square steel billets 3SP/PS&5SP/PS, GOST 380-94 [Russia]
Title: Structured cabling system products [China]
Title: Universal remote control for TV VCR CD LD VCD DVD [Taiwan]
Title: USB flash disk, flash memory card [China]
Title: Wild mushroom and truffle indicum [China]

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Update : 29.7.2002

Title: Brand new sony playstation PS1 [Egypt]
Title: Canvas Cotton Grey & Dyed Waterproof, Tents,Tarpaulins [Pakistan]
Title: Car power antenna, car parking pole and accessories [Turkey]
Title: CCTV products [Korea-South]
Title: CFCs substitute and Halon alternative [China]
Title: Computer systems [USA]
Title: Decorative vases and colourful garden pots [Malaysia]
Title: Disposable/Compressed towel, airo bed(new), foldable bicycle [China]
Title: Dried figs [Turkey]
Title: Dvd copy software [Austalia]
Title: Electronic calculators, currency convertors, electronic calendars [China]
Title: Electronics, electronic components and materials [Korea-South]
Title: Hand knotted carpets and rugs [Pakistan]
Title: Indian rice [India]
Title: Inflatable toys with mini FM/AM radio {Taiwan]
Title: Mexican crafts [Mexico]
Title: Motorbike gloves,Ski gloves and Cycle gloves [Pakistan]
Title: New energy drinks, soft drinks, wellness drinks [Germany]
Title: Oil Painting Reproductions [Thailand]
Title: Paints, varnishes and special coats [Bulgaria]
Title: Plastic insulated wares [India]
Title: Plywood, block board [China]
Title: Silver jewellery [Turkey]
Title: Telephone products [Brazil]
Title: Top quality extra virgin olive oil [Turkey]
Title: Travel and outdoor goods [China]
Title: White willow bark [China]

Click here for full details of these export offers

Update : 24.7.2002

Title: Abrasive products [China]
Title: Automatic sensor [China]
Title: Bee's wax [Kenya]
Title: Cables, phone cables [China]
Title: Chairs and parts [Ukraine]
Title: Cobalt products, titanium dioxide 98%min [China]
Title: Coffee [Ethiopia]
Title: Detergent powder [Iran]
Title: Diesel engines [China]
Title: Dinner sets,tea set and coffee set and all kinds of ceramic sets [China]
Title: Disposable vinyl and pe gloves [China]
Title: Engineering precision brass items [India]
Title: High quality Yixing teapot [China]
Title: Marble gift articles [India]
Title: Motorcycle parts [China]
Title: Motors [China]
Title: Mountain Bike, Children's BMX, Folding bike [China]
Title: Multi-layer PCB (up to 10 layers) [Taiwan]
Title: Oil paintings [China]
Title: PEX-AL-PEX multilayer pipes, brass fittings, valves and faucets [China]
Title: Pliers, wrenches and many kinds of hardware tools [China]
Title: Plush toys [China]
Title: PP-R pipe & fittings [China]
Title: Quality knitted garments [India]
Title: Red rubber crumb, rubber compounds, reclaimed rubber [Poland]
Title: Rubber products which cover hydraulic hoses [China]
Title: Sanitaryware products [China]
Title: Silver jewelry, precious colour stones [India]
Title: Sodium sulphide flake 60% [Iran]
Title: Supply facility, water disposing facility, and water tank [China]
Title: Terry towel & textile made-ups [Pakistan]
Title: Titanium dioxide, adipic acid, acetic acid, PNT [Ukraine]
Title: Tyres, inner tubes, rubber wheels, trolley [China]
Title: Ventilation systems [Ukraine]
Title: Welding consumables [China]
Title: Whiting chalk powder and Dry oxine Colour [Pakistan]

Click here for full details of these export offers

Update : 21.7.2002

Title: Acesulfame K FCC IV [China]
Title: Acrylic & Nylon [Turkey]
Title: Ammonium Phosphate Powder [China]
Title: Bags and cases [Korea, South]
Title: Boric Acid 99% [China]
Title: Calcium Sennocides of wide range 3.5% to 60% (A&B powder) [India]
Title: Composted, Destoned, Pasteaurized coir pith brick [India]
Title: Fabric, t-shirt, polo shirt [India]
Title: Frozen dough products [Greece]
Title: Furfural 98.5% min [China]
Title: Game products for Xbox, Sony PS2, Dreamcast [China]
Title: Garlic, groundnuts, ginger, chili, dates, asparagus, taro [China]
Title: Glas and plastic beads [China]
Title: Living Service in Shanghai [China]
Title: Marine anchor windlass [China]
Title: Men's, Women's & Children's apparel [Bangladesh]
Title: Mushroom and truffle Indicum [China]
Title: Ni-MH and Ni-Cd chargeable battery [China]
Title: Outdoor and indoor furniture [Indonesia]
Title: Raisins, sultanas, dried apricots, dried fruit [Iran]
Title: Rubber soling sheets [Indonesia]
Title: Sodium Tetraborate decahydrate 95%/99.5% min. [China]
Title: Sourcing, product development & manfuacturing in China [Hong Kong]
Title: Stainless steel wire mesh,expanded wire mesh,copper wire mesh [China]
Title: Surgical / medical insturments [Pakistan]
Title: Surgical disposables [India]
Title: Towels [China]
Title: Zinc oxide, soda ash, citric acid, STPP [China]

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